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For that, i’ve made a template if you want :

(you can find it : here).

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I hope you will enjoy this ! I really love make some characters template but it’s the first time that I post one here (because of my english, i hope there are not a lot of mistakes >.<)

Now let me show you my precious dork her name is Sugar Babe i love stupid names don’t judge me ^^ (best quality here)


Deap in the Meadow(also known as “Rue’s Lullaby”) is a song that is sung by Katniss to Rue, who was on her deathbed after Marvel speared her in the stomach. Rue’s last request was to hear Katniss sing. Upon hearing this, Katniss did not know what to sing. She remembered a lullaby that she would sing to Prim when she was ill.

The Hanging Tree - This song was taught to Katniss Everdeen by her father, Mr. Everdeen, when she was young. Her mother,Mrs. Everdeen heard her singing the song and watched Prim making necklaces of rope to go with it with Katniss. Fearful, Mrs. Everdeen yelled at Mr. Everdeen, who told Katniss to forget the song lyrics. This caused Katniss to run into the meadow under a tree crying, and of course remembered every word of the song. After Mr. Everdeen’s death, the song played itself over and over in Katniss’s head. When she was younger she didn’t know what it meant, but eventually she understood that the person singing the song was a dead man calling for his lover to come join him in death. Before her mother banned it, Katniss and Prim made rope necklaces like in the song. It meant that a life of torture must have not been worth living. At one point in revelation, Katniss really understands what this means, because she knows that being tortured by the Capitol is a much worse fate than death.

The Valley Song - is mentioned in the first Hunger Games book by Peeta in the caves, saying how he remembers Katniss singing this song at school. It is most likely a reference to an old folk song, “Down in the Valley.”  [x]


tags i | preview - code (raw)

a minimalistic and versatile tags page that features

  • dropdown subtags inside the main tag section
  • unlimited tag sections, tags and subtags. templates are included in the code.
  • 2-4 columns. 3 is the default. instructions on changing them are here.
  • custom number of and header links (suggested number is four)
  • custom colours for background, border, scrollbar and more
  • dropdown link tutorial by acuite

basic coding knowledge is required to use this page, especially if you want to change the number of columns. if you need help with anything at all, please send me an ask

thanks to jennifer for all the help!

reblog/like if using and please do not repost or steal!


get to know me meme: 1/5 non-human characters » grimmjow jaegerjaquez
“They’re all cowards, every damn one of them. Whatever. I’ll just consume them. As they become my flesh and blood, they will see beyond. I… I am the king!

Template #3 by joannalannister

I’m reluctantly trying out the wider dashboard dimensions (I know, I know, I’m a traitor) and I realized I didn’t even know where to begin, because I didn’t know what canvas size to use now. I tried heights of 140px, 150px, and 160px, and this is what I settled on.

The overall template is 540px wide by 480px high

See an example of how to use it

Post explaining new tumblr dashboard sizes

all my templates  |  all my resources



  • all the icon sizes are included in the file
  • the fonts used in this cpsd are times and rubik
  • this cpsd is super customizable– three ‘flavors’ are included in the file as well as a default of dark grey, but you can literally change any of the colors with good ol’ clipping masks.

feel free to do whatever you want with this, all i ask is that you don’t claim it as your own + like/reblog this post if you’re using it!

you can download the cpsd here.


Roleplay Main Moodboard

I was inspired by all the character moodboards I saw, but realized none of them really served for a roleplay main, so I decided to make my own. The top image is the basic template, while the bottom image is an example of a completed moodboard.

This PSD is pretty easy to use (clipping masks for the icon and inspiration, the “fill” option for the color scheme). Adjust font size, colors, etc as you need. I’ve grouped the really customizable stuff at the top, in the folders; everything else is dividers, etc and can be changed if you want.

The download can be found here. Please like or reblog if you use.


Useful resources thursday! I’m a liar, I don’t have a specific day for this stuff. :P

If you’re on Society6 you might be already familiar to the pain of having carefully positioned your designs on a product and put it up for sale only to discover that it’s weirdly cropped and there is an elusive phone camera right over a character’s face. If you’re not there yet but will join soon you might want to save yourself from such annoynance!

To avoid such situations I have created templates for some of these trickier products; now I’m sharing them with you! They have been personally tested by me as I uploaded everything in my shop.

Download the ZIP for free

This zip contains 2 PSD files, one with templates for smartphones cases, another for pillows, tote bags, clocks and mugs in their highest resolution. Enjoy!


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Hey all, I made this tutorial to for people working on valor-anthology and decided to adapt it to tumblr because there might be people here interested in doing this for their own wallpapers.

You can access all of my templates that are mentioned above here, and, like I mentioned at the end of the tutorial, here’s how you can get more free space on dropbox if you want to do that route for distribution.

This is the method I use for the wallpapers I distribute on my patreon, which is for my webcomic, which you can read here.

Character Sheet: Daenyara by Isriana

A new SWTOR character sheet, featuring my Sith warrior/juggernaut Daenyara. I’ve only completed the main story (plus Ilum, Makeb and Oricon) with her, so I might have to update this once I’ve played through SoR and KotFE, but I think it’s good enough for now. :)

germanwings crash and tumblr

there is a post that says something to the effect of “a brown person is immediately labeled a terrorist but when a white guy kills 150 people by crashing a plane he is just ‘depressed’” that had almost 100,00 notes the last time i checked. i wanted to write a short post that hopefully gives a reasonable summary of why reactions such as this has made quite a few of us here in europe feel uncomfortable.

firstly, i think is the timing of those posts made it seem like people had that basic template ready at hand as soon as the news broke about the co-pilot. 149 people died in the most tragic of circumstances and people were trying to cope with the sickening realisation that he had intentionally crashed the plane. before all of that had even begun to sink in, we got this flurry of posts that seemed to completely disregard the horror and sadness surrounding the events. it’s like people in the US just couldn’t wait to indulge in some european tragedy just to make a widely-circulated point about islamophobic media - all of this felt disrespectful and lacking in compassion for the victims and their families.

secondly, and with regards to the actual message behind those posts (that white people don’t get labelled terrorists as easily as POC), i won’t go into too much detail about why it is inappropriate to label andreas lubitz as a terrorist since stirringwind – and others – have already written a really good break down of this. in another post they explain why using term too loosely to describe every violent act is not necessarily progressive as it contributes to the post-9/11 american foreign policy narrative of ‘war on terror’. while it is obvious that the media has been infused in this racist discourse that labels all muslims as potential terrorists, i think it’s important to retain the specificity of the term and not throw it around even more than it already is – even if you feel (rightly) that muslims continue to suffer unfairly from the media bias.

thirdly, not labeling lubitz as a terrorist is not to say europe is some kind of post-racial paradise. europe is expert on oppressing others based on their race and ethnicity – i mean this is the continent where the holocaust took place only 60 years ago. however, i don’t think those american bloggers have any actual knowledge of race relations in europe, or the historical and social conjunctures in which racialisation takes place. lacking such knowledge, these bloggers just impose their own race relations as experienced in the US to other places; this is thoroughly unhelpful and helps to further a US-centric world view that sees americans as some kind of special snowflakes, or in other words just american cultural imperialism dressed up as progressive politics.

fourthly, there are actual, real life white terrorists in europe that have all been labelled as such by the media, and who have been convicted for terrorism charges in the relevant courts. ever heard of anders breivik who went on a kiling spree in a left-wing political youth camp? or maybe you want to talk about right-wing, nazi terrorists in germany? or perhaps the IRA, or basque separatists? there are literally hundreds of people who have been killed by white terrorists in europe in the last 50 years alone so yes, obviously someone who commits a violent crime in the name of religion, politics or ideology is a terrorist by european standards, and no, they are not always muslim. not every mass murderer is a terrorist and nor should we call them that just to fit into a us-centric narrative of terrorism that is highly problematic anyway.

overall, i think people who made those posts seem pretty hard-pressed about their own media’s racist treatment of terrorism. i can understand where the frustration comes from but i feel like it’s somewhat misplaced. not calling lubitz a terrorist doesn’t make him any less culpable for the horrible crimes he has committed – but i guess you don’t actually give a shit about the crash and the people who died, y’all just wanted to comment on the media’s reaction to what happened? that’s pretty low. i mean, would the immediate reaction to him been different had he been non-white? absolutely it had, and the media’s treatment of terrorism is highly problematic. is the media now trying to humanise him in a manner that would not have been allowed to a person of colour? 100 percent. however, that doesn’t mean we ought to label him anything else than what he is (a mass murderer) since it is the media and the general public’s reaction that is racially biased.

lastly, american media may be ignorant of white terrorist crimes in europe but that doesn’t mean you can come pissing on the victims of a horrible crime that happened here. the plane crash means you get to make a clever point about islamophobia and mainstream media? congrats. you’re also being a huge dick. it is insensitive and disrespectful to de-centre the suffering of the victims and their families just so you can further some ‘progressive’, us-centric discourse on race and media that is largely inappropriate in the european context anyway. this is a european tragedy, and just because you have a few clever ideas about islamophobia and the media doesn’t actually give you a free pass to be a be a horrible person, although y’all are making a pretty good attempt at that right now.

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Okay, I got a request for a tutorial on how to make gifs like this from this gifset here; and I didn’t come up with this idea, I simply took inspiration from this post here, anyway for this tutorial I will show you how to make a gif similar to the one above, it’s pretty simple, and to make it even simpler, I will include a download to the PSD I made as a template for my own gifs 

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  • the first one is more of a comic book theme. i swear, i struggled to see where i wanted to go with it but decided to keep it simple since it looked better than the complex ones i was drafting. there’s two background options, so enjoy!
  • i made the second first one from scratch and it was super fun. it honestly came out better than i thought it would. i wanted it to look like an app for marvel characters.
  • the font i used is arial regular and suicide squad. to get the skulls, type in caps. 
  • with this psd, ‘create clipping mask’ will be your best friend. it’s pretty easy to customize since i organized each section into groups. 

feel free to (download;onetwo), and make sure you like/reblog if you use. do not claim as your own.