and i wanted to try out this photoset thing


SO I finally got myself together and wrote the SoC next-gen AU that I’ve been talking about. Yaay! 

Special thanks to @savagekaz , @henrymarsette , @dirtyhandsnet and everyone else who was passionately encouraging me to write this thing. It makes me really happy and I hope you like this. <3

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Six years after the events of Crooked Kingdom…

As Kaz Brekker stared out the fourth-floor window, he twirled the slim gold band around his ungloved finger, trying not to imagine it where it should be: on the slim dark finger of a girl who was most likely dead and gone.

He heard her voice in his head, a painful but welcome reminder. “Don’t be so dramatic, Kaz,” she’d say with that endearing eyeroll he had come to love.

“Then come home,” he’d say to her now.

He looked out his office window, moving until he could see Fifth Harbor, his eyes lingering on The Wraith ’s berth.  Through the dark night and pouring rain, he couldn’t see much, but it was the thought that counted.  That berth had been empty for three years, her captain and crew lost somewhere between Novyi Zem and Ketterdam.  Kaz had tried to bring her home, had deployed his every resource, even asked Nikolai for help at great (and often irritating) expense, but the ship had vanished.

And with it had been the girl he wanted to marry. [Read on Ao3]

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So last year I drew a short comic based off of the Stucky pic I made for the Brooklyn zine and I JUST got around to finishing it wow. After watching Ant-man I was like “…wait didn’t I want to draw that stucky thing???”

Here are the cover/inner color pages for the comic! I’m trying to figure out the best way to post the actual comic pages. It’s 13 pages long, which means it won’t fit into one photoset post– anyone who knows more about this drop me a line, I’d really appreciate it!

Anyway, planning to get this printed and ready for SPX 2015. Agghh busy busy.


OKAY I posted Part 1 of this comic! Split it into two parts– will post part 2 tomorrow to give you guys a break from all this posting spam :P

EDIT2: Part 2 is now up!



The two of them are used to Star Platinum getting random things out of nowhere by now, so they simply shrug and get to work putting it on him. Star is very cooperative, sitting still and letting them try and figure out how to make earrings go on his not-ears.

Kak: This style suits you, Star!

Pol: Thank you for letting us fancy you up!


Girlfriend & Muse

Courtney Love (Courtney Michelle Harrison) [09.07.64]

I want every girl in the world to pick up a guitar and start screaming.

I try to place beautiful imagery next to fucked up imagery, because that’s how I view things… I sometimes feel that no one’s taken the time to write about certain things in rock, that there’s a certain female point of view that’s never been given space.

Only dumb people are happy.

I’ll always prefer to play with women and hang out with women, and I’ll always be a feminist.

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How lovely! Do you have any tips for drawing on screenshots like that? My brain cannot figure out the sizing or how to make a character look like they fit!

you know there’s probably some valuable lesson about using a perspective grid for guidelines in positioning the characters but honestly I just slapped them right in while keeping in mind relative sizes of things. like, how big is someone normally compared to a chair? if this object goes up to my character model’s chest, then it’s a good frame of reference for the height of everything else, etc.

these were… a little bit of a rush job so i didnt do a GREAT job at integrating them. i could have made them look more organic with better lighting, and next time i’ll start more than 3 days in advance. but lighting helps a lot. a nice overlay and screen layer using the same tones as the light sources and a quick bit of shadow cast makes them look more a part of it.

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   I wanted to use the word tussocks for those pillowy moss clumps but it turns out that it’s only for grass :( but certainly good places for hobbit picnics!    

bamboo i googled around to try to find a moss word-equivalent, and i thought for a minute “sward” might work, but i think that’s also not the right usage


Day 7 Prompt: AU

[for @rocketangelweek]

Summary: It’s a circus AU. Angela is an acrobalance performer and Fareeha is an aerialist. Inspired by a combination of this photoset and this aerial silks duet. If you want a bonus visualize these two gay birds doing this duet together.

Notes: This didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I promise the idea is really good but I just had some weird fit trying to write the end of this. If I end up turning this into a multi-chapter thing I’ll definitely rewrite this scene. Unedited as hell, so be warned.

“I want to learn part of your act.”

The blonde acrobat’s request was met with a blank look in response. Panic quickly set in. Had she offended her? Had she impressed her? Had she embarrassed her? It was impossible to tell with the way the woman before her just…stared.

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Well I think there’s not necessarily one moment I can pinpoint. Putting out a debut album for me was a huge tick on my dream list of things that I wanted to accomplish. Once that happened I realized that every day, just getting to wake up and realize ‘Wow, I get to actually do what I love every single day, that’s always a pinch me moment. That’s what my life is.’ So I’m just trying to take it one step at a time. I wouldn’t say there was a defining moment. I think there’s just been little moments that have added up into where I’m at now.

ok i made the photoset of taylor talking about sexism in the media for my taylor blog so i’ve been seeing a lot of reblog comments saying things like ‘she doesn’t have the right to say this because she slut shames!!!’ and i just want to ask….

this is a genuine question, i’m not even trying to call people out or get angry, i’m genuinely asking….

what can she do to make people forgive her for that??? 

because right now it seems like no matter what she does, she’s never going to be taken seriously as a feminist because of views she held when she was 17 and i just don’t think that’s what feminism is about?? please correct me if i’m wrong because i’m actually posing a question, i genuinely do not understand

and i’m not saying that she should be the queen of all feminists and that everything she says is right because obviously she still has a lot to learn about feminism and i think that taylor would admit that herself, but how is what she said in that photoset not true???

she has come out and publicly acknowledged the problematic content of her old songs and explained that she was naive and didn’t understand what she was saying when she wrote them and i just feel like holding a grudge against a teenage girl for writing about her feelings in that way is not the right way to go about things. you’re just showing other teenage girls that if they have ever in their life had a problematic thought, they might as well not bother

we live in a society where we see girls tear each other town constantly and i don’t know many high schoolers who haven’t been influenced by that at some point. i slut shamed an embarrassing amount in high school before i knew better and i’m so ashamed of it and i’m always going to acknowledge that i was wrong then. but i don’t think it means that i can’t be a feminist now??? if you don’t let people grow and change and learn from their mistakes then what do you want them to do?? do you expect people to exit the womb with a 'fight the patriarchy’ flag in their tiny clenched baby fists??? 

i’m wondering if some of these people don’t realise how much taylor has changed and grown. i’m also wondering if some of these people are just determined to hate her and don’t really care to find out

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Now I’m trying to think of the weirdest thing Community HAS done and I don’t even know what it would be lol

Probably every time you decided, “Oh, THIS is it, I’ve figured out the weirdest thing,” you’d realize later that there was actually something weirder.

Welcome to Greendale!