and i wanted to show my internet friends

im feeling real emo rn lets go 

i just wanted to show love for my friends on here, because you all really mean so much to me and i want you all to know you’re loved 

@cxrnys my internet friend but not internet friend, i’ve never really met someone I could connect with over things I love so much, you’re also so understanding of everything and i’m so thankful to have you on this crap website 

@miladyaelin you’re so motivated and inspiring, your love and devotion to the characters you love is beautiful and meeting you was a coincidence i guess but i would never want to change it 

@looonyluna you’re actually one of the nicest people i have ever met, i know we don’t talk much but the few times we have just made me smile so much. you bring so much joy and light to this world thank you 

@ohbrekker you’re so smart honestly?? your edits are perfect and you’re so hardworking and lovely and i can’t wait for our network and friendship to grow thank you for being such a wonderful human being 

@henryjones i’m so so grateful to have gotten to know you, you’re unbelievably sweet and so strong, i consider you one of my best friends and look up to you so much, you’re beautiful and intelligent and i love you

woW ok thats enough emotion for one year, hit my quota, love you all :) 

Hi my name is Hanna, I’m 16 from London and I am obsessed with indie music and I live vicariously through Conan Gray. I just remade tumblr today and would love to meet some internet friends. I love the show community and I live off of TV when I should be studying for my exams so whoops. The one thing I have going for me is that I’m not judgmental but I am honest to a point where it can come off as mean. I love art even though I don’t have a single artistic bone in my body so I use photography as my medium. I have a theory that no one is 100% gay or straight and irrational fear of rats and camels but that’s a story for another time. 

Tumblr : boxfulsoulful 


Whenever I’m alone…
Or if I’m feeling grey…
There’s one place I can go
To brighten up my day!

It makes me want to sing!
That’s how the show should end!
But wouldn’t it be good if I…
Could sing it with a friend?

Ok fine whatever I’ll join in too!

I might go outside
And feel more alive
Without Twitter,
Where would I be?

I guess I’d be fit
I’d stop posting shi-Rubbish!
But tumblr’s a part of me!

There’s so many websites! And so little time!
Plus one or two you should avoid…
Just don’t stop watching YouTube
Or we’ll be unemployed!

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

It might be anti social
But these days that is fine
Cause life is so much better
When you spend it all online!

A place where you can be yourself
No matter if your geeky
Find friends that share your hobbies
Even if they’re freaky!

Where any question in your head
Is answered in an instant!
Who cares if you procrastinate
Your one shot at existence!

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

Without the Internet…
We never would have met!
We’d never be here on a stage
Doing things we might regret!

DANCE BREAK! -music-

Who cares if your a loser,
And everybody knows it!
Or if you spend your life,
Drawing whiskers on your noses!

Even if your chances,
Of getting tanned are slim…
Or if you live vicariously,
Through the life of a sim…

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

It might be anti social…
But these days that is fine…

Cause life is so much better…
Life is so much better…
Life is so much better…

When you,

The Internet Is Here Lyrics
  • Phil: Whenever I’m alone, or if I’m feeling gray there’s one place I can go to brighten up my day. It makes me want to sing. That's how the show should end. But wouldn't it be good if I could sing it with a friend?
  • Dan: Phil, I think you should have asked before putting me on the spot like this.
  • Okay. Fine. Whatever. I'll join in too.
  • Phil: I might go outside and feel more alive. Without twitter where would I be?
  • Dan: I guess I'd be fit. I'd stop posting shi
  • Phil: -rubbish
  • Dan: But tumblr's a part of me.
  • Phil: So many websites and so little time. There's one or two you should avoid.
  • Dan: Just don't stop watching youtube, or we'll be unemployed.
  • Both: The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate? We might be antisocial, but these days, that is fine.
  • Dan: Because life is so much better when you spend it all online.
  • Phil: A place where you can be yourself, no matter if you're geeky.
  • Dan: Find friends that share your hobbies, even if they're creepy.
  • Phil: Where any question in your head is answered in an instant.
  • Dan: Who cares if you procrastinate your one shot at existence.
  • Both: The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers, who needs a real mate?
  • Phil: We'd never be here on a stage, doing things we might regret.
  • Dan: Dance break.
  • Phil: Who cares if you're a loser, and everybody knows it?
  • Dan: Or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses?
  • Phil: Even if your chances of getting tan are slim.
  • Dan: Or if you live vicariously through the life of a sim.
  • Dil: Chiltay zombo
  • Both: *music gets intense and beautiful* The internet is here. The internet is great. When you've got lots of followers who needs a real mate?
  • We might be antisocial, but these days that is fine.
  • Because life is so much better, life is so much better, life is so much better
  • When you spend
  • it
  • all
  • online
Internet friends??

Aye my name is chloe and I rlly want some internet friends. Stuff I mainly talk about are marked with *. I like:

• twenty øne pilots *
•panic! at the disco
•teen wolf *
• colliscool
•anthony amorim *
•waterparks (the band)
•the maze runner
•the mortal instruments and the shadowhunters show and the movie *
•the office *
•yuuri on ice *
•miraculous ladybug •one direction (kinda)
•the dolan twins *
•dan and phil
•jon bellion *
•shawn mendes *
•the gabbie show *
•troye sivan
•weston koury

•the 1975 *

and a lot more. message me plz i’m lonely. also i kinda don’t really like to call people on the phone or stuff cause I’m super socially awkward

Matt: Oh, Tord? He’s really swell, actually! Ever since he moved back in, he’s been very kind to me and helped me with multiple things. So I guess you could say I like the guy!

Matt: Huh? You guys saw… Oh!

Tord: Sorry to interrupt, my friend. I just wanted to ask you something. Also, who are you talking to?

Matt: The internet, actually! They ask me lovely questions about me and I get to answer them! It a perfect way to show off my face.

Tord: Of course it is.

Tord: Just gonna let you know I’m crashing on your bed. Tom is being his stupid self and chased me out of the living room.

Matt: No worries. Make yourself at home, buddy!

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one who considers CS as otps of all otps cause I watch other movies and shows, but I always come back to them! Ahhhh they ruined me and I don't know why 😩.I just don't want the writers to screw them up I want them to be left alone lol

I have had many an OTP throughout my life, as basically I am that girl who if she breathes, she ships. I have always been an (outwardly) secret hopeless romantic, I just want everyone to love and be loved. 

But no other OTP has had nearly the effect that Captain Swan has on my life. Because of these two losers who like to kiss, I have met some of my dearest friends, stretched myself creatively, GOTTEN A FUCKEN TATTOO, and spent wayyyyyy too much time on the internet. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Long after this show ends, I will still be trash for the pirate captain and the lost princess who fell in love, once upon a time.

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One of those AU masterposts

(You should totally show me the story if you use one of these)

I accidentally called you my boyfriend in front of my friends and they didn’t notice so I panicked and didn’t correct them and now I’m asking you out 4 realsies

Your friend and I have similar email addresses so once you sent me your selfies accidentally and oh wow you’re gorgeous

You keep checking out my favourite book from the library and I want to know you very badly

You’re a new kid and St OL E my napping spot in the football field

We’re classmates and kind of friends and I had a dream where we dated and now I’m very flustered around you???

We were internet friends and I didn’t realise you were this touchy feely but now I don’t want you to stop holding my hand

You have been my rival at a rocky horror picture show costume contest three years in a row AND I AM THE SUPREME DR. FRANKNFURTER-

You live in the apartment below me and your surround system is way too loud but its my favourite movie so I’ll leave you a disgruntled note but also invite you to talk about it with me

I am injured in a foreign country and you’re the only one who understood when I yelled “bandaids”

Our blog URLs accidentally match so our mutuals keep thinking we’re friends but I’ve never even met you

Both of our friends ditched us at a convention and we found each other loitering awkwardly alone but hey we’re cosplaying complimenting characters lets stick totogether

We’re on the same bus and I’m challenging you at Mario Kart but I can’t figure out what passenger you are and I want to throttle you for your continued use of blue shells

I sabotaged your art exhibit but I felt really bad so I went back in to fix it and you caught me

I part-time adopted your cat thinking it was a stray but you sent a note in the collar I gave it asking for equal shared custody and coffee

I literally bump into you on the street almost every day why can I never see you oh you’re a ghost whoops

We were urban exploring in the same location and you accidentally crept up on me so I hit you with my flashlight and you have a concussion im so sorry

You work as a line monster in a haunted house and you got in my face so I kissed you on impulse and now you’re too flustered to do your jjob

You saw me break this swing at a public park when I was drunk and I need you to never bring it up again

I could hear you passionately singing part of ‘A Little Fall Of Rain’ at two am so I picked up the duet and oh GOD you heard me

I was trying to teach you how to defend yourself and ended up punching you in the eye

I left a note in the bathroom stall for my drug dealer but you found it and replied and this is our correspondence now???

We both shouted the same pun from across the room during a lecture and now our professor hates us

I found you dyeing your hair in the communal bathrooms and four in the morning and thought you were bleeding from the head

We’re college roommates and you disappeared for three weeks and came back engaged with a giant tattoo of Jackie Chan on your leg??

Tag Game

Thank you for tagging me @berryblissthefangirl !! Sorry that I haven’t gotten to this lol been pretty busy with life… (wow it’s been a while since I’ve done these)

relationship status: single 

lipstick or chapstick: I have this thing that’s a mix of both lol but tbh I don’t wear it often

last song i listened to: Fly by Got7 (was listening to it while writing this post lol)

movie i watched: Tarzan on Netflix (the disney one)

three tv shows: one piece, kuroko no basket, assassination classroom

three characters: trafalgar law, akashi seijuro, akabane karma

ships: tbh i like a lot of ships and i’m a multi-shipper…

Tagging (this was somewhat random and remember you don’t have to do this): @caeliciax, @vaso2otaku, @aokiseforlife, @kirisaki-daichi-scenarios, @knb-fluff, @primjackson, @kisexyfantasies, @kinbari14, @roronoazoroko, @mugiwaranoace

… And anyone else who wants to do it! (Sorry if I didn’t tag you, it’s nothing personal. I just couldn’t remember your tumblr name atm lmao)


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I’m Aweys/15/London
I’ve made some friends through tumblr and the internet in general but I’ve only got a special connection with 2 of them, so i’m interested in making new friends! 
I’d looove to have like a cool squad, and like have cool skype conversations/

So a few interests we should have in common (it’s ok if it’s not all of them, but at least a few, just to keep the conversations alive)
YouTube: like the most important thing for me tbh, I love KSI, Comedy short gamer, prank vs prank and roman atwood 
Netflix, and series like izombie, orange is the new black, how to get away with murder, Brooklyn nine-nine, stranger things and Disney movies! 
Music, lil wayne, migos, lil uzi vert, lil yachty and nicki minaj

I’m looking for people who text back, text me first sometimes, keeps up a good convo, like more than just a small talk. I’d love to have friends who are from the US, Canada or Europe but it’s ok if you’re from somewhere else hahah 
To join the squad you have to have skype, be open minded, respectful and have a fun personality, easy to get along. Please don’t be self absorbed😊 between 13-20 years is ok. Personally I prefer to talk to girls but if you’re a boy it’s ok too😊 
Just send me a message on these

Kik: eaglearrow6
Skype: eaglearrow6
Snapchat: sparkskoill
Instgram: official.king_sparkz
Facebook: Aweys Abdi

I want people in my life who i can facetime with the middle of the night and go on walks at 2am with to and spend hours not even talking just scrolling through tumblr together basically yeah

Here I am, too lazy to make an ace day card, yet drawing a picture about it. What do you know.

But my icon is a flag with a little ornament on my head and you expect me NOT to draw my ace of spades as a cute flag, too?

I needed this definition years ago. Growing up, I just figured I was a late bloomer or just different with no legit way to describe it. Now I can finally explain to myself how I feel as someone who doesn’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I’m a proud aromantic asexual. An aro ace ;)

Hello! My name is Peter, 19 years old and I am from Texas!

I am currently in college studying Film, so yes I make movies. I am also a photographer and writer. I love and enjoy movies (too many to list), tv shows (same problem), and dogs. Any kind of music is great music specially classic rock. I speak fluent Spanish. Space is fascinating, by the way.

I’m an outgoing guy. Always down for an adventure. I am down to snail mail, talk, message, work, with anyone from anywhere. Just shoot me a message. 


kik: ralfrik


This is probably the last time I will post here. So, i kept it short.


i’m not going to write about all the tv shows i’ve ever watched or about all the books i’ve read. to make a long story short:
my name is diana, i am 15, i live in estonia (and want to runaway sm) but my native language is russian. i love bbc sherlock, doctor who, anime, all kinds of music, deep conversations and rainy days. please text me if you are 14+ and ready to TALK, not just send “hello” and leave. the better way to text me is to write straightforward about smth you like or want to discuss, because boring and ordinary conversations are not for me. i’m sorry if i seem too serious, because i’m actually not! if you are interesting+talkative+love memes as much as i do I WILL LOVE U AND MARRY U (°◡°♡)
sooooo, message me. if you are not going to, just smile and continue doing your stuff :)

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Hey, look I know how feeling a class feels and I'm really sorry. I just want you to know that I'll be here for you and I hope that your spirits will be high in the future.

Thank you so much! You’re such a good friend to me (Especially right now when my “friend” at uni is being an asshole. Just goes to show that internet friends can be way better than irl people)