and i wanted to make a proper edit

Now I have Trickster the stage recorded form DMM. I can share it with you if you want. I’m too lazy to make a proper post so send me an off anon ask for the link and tell me you won’t hotlink and reupload. 

Anyway please purchase Bluray disc if you can.
edit: you can purchase from DMM too. It’s really cheap.


doods done between finals: zelda edition

Please respect creators

One of my followers messaged me today, saying that someone stole my fanart of Mark, Amy and Chica and it was shown on @markiplier‘s Charity livestream yesterday.

I watched the footage of the livestream on twitch and indeed, it was my fanart with a different watermark/signature on it. My watermark was removed. Removing it was easy because I added it in a corner. I did not want to put it right in the middle. I thought that wasn’t necessary.

Seeing this on the stream was hurtful. I saw that someone actively removed my name on my work and added another signature on top of it. I have to admit, this got to me in that moment. I teared up. This was on my mind all day.

This is the original drawing:

Do I really have to add a big watermark all over my drawings to make it harder for people to remove it? I hope not.

Come on. This is not needed. Is it?

What is needed is awareness that taking someones drawings/fanart and editing it. Changing how the creator wanted it to look like or reposting it without proper credit is not okay. It never will be. I still can’t understand why this happens so often. I want it to stop.

I am not making this post to put the blame on someone. I want to ask you all to look out for each other. Let’s calmly explain to the ones that take artworks without persmission of the artist and educate them. Sourcing and giving credit where credit is due, is very important for creators. Please be respectful.

Dear @markiplier,

I know this takes time and you are very busy, but could you please consider to address this issue? I would love for someone to step up for creators and teach others to treat their work with respect and kindness. I don’t want anyone to think that this behaviour is okay. Taking somones work and saying it is yours when it is not, is horrible. We all make mistakes, but everyone can learn.

I for myself will try to calmly explain people who repost others creations without permission, that this is not the right thing to do. I will never get tired of explaining this matter. It is important to me. I value this a lot. Hard work should always be treasured and valued.

Thank you for your time.

I am sorry if this post isn’t in the best english and all over the place, but I had a long day of studying to do (and this situation did not make it easier for me today). Thank you again. Have a great day everyone. Be kind.

Kaddy Heart Star


I could get a hold of the person who reposted my fanart (they told me a friend of them said it was their art and must have removed the watermark) and the repost is now down. We calmly talked and I am certain that we understood each other. And it makes me really happy that we could solve this. :D YAY!


POI Appreciation week // Day 2: Favourite Character Root

The universe is infinite and chaotic and cold. And there has never been a plan. At least not till now.

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do you like musicals or theatre?

I doooooo, I mean growing up with Disney movies, they’re all basically musicals anyway. But my dad was actually a theater actor for most of my childhood so we kinda grew up with the “backstage life” and went to a lot of shows locally and around Sweden. So I always liked that sort of world. I would love to go to a “proper” show at some point though, like a real Broadway kinda deal. I’m always so blown away by the set builds and how they make everything work, live, rather than having editing/vfx to rely on. With these big sets that roll around, and stuff that’s built to swivel and be one thing on one side, and another thing on the other side.

I think my first choice would be to see The Cursed Child, if I could. Even though I’ve read it, I just want to see how the hell they do all the magic on stage. I’d also love to see Book of Mormon at some point!

PS. Here’s my dad, at some show, in 1989, love this picture :D

ok ko: looks bad, ian.

ive been wanting to redesign Enid for the LONGEST time since words cannot fathom how much I loathe her current design. i had decided to redesign her entirely so: 

  • her ninja aesthetics are more clear, 
  • adding traits to make her resemble her parents, 
  • giving her a comfortable (and PROPER) uniform
  • she doesnt have that ridiculous body shape that many like to claim as natural

edit: now featuring her concept ninja attire!


Hello, Voltron Fandom! In honor of this blog reaching 1,000 followers (thank you so much for the support), I am hosting my second ever fandom week event!!

Do you love Lotor and his generals? Have you been DYING for a chance to show off your ~Galra side~? Feeling a little bit evil in this Chili’s tonight?

Then get HYPED for LOTOR’S GENERALS WEEK 2017!! :D


The first five days have a featured character and a choice of prompt, while the other days just have a choice of prompt, but no specific character!

  • DAY 1 (November 5th):
    [NARTI DAY feat. Kova]
    Mind Control OR Bonding with Kova
  • DAY 2 (November 6th):
    [EZOR DAY]
    Deception OR Kitties!
  • DAY 3 (November 7th):
    Big Weapons OR Big Heart
  • DAY 4 (November 8th):
    [ACXA DAY]
    Right Hand Woman OR Vacation Day
  • DAY 5 (November 9th):
    Taking the Throne OR Taking a Selfie
  • DAY 6 (November 10th):
    Galra Empire OR Rebellion
  • DAY 7 (November 11th):
    Alien Rave OR At the Olympics
  • DAY 8 (November 12th):
    Bonus Day! Anything you like!


  • Must be following both this account (lotorsgenerals) & me, @justklance
  • Tag it “#lotors generals week 2017″ and “logenweek” in the first 5 tags!
  • If you did tag it, but you think I didn’t see it, you can send it to me on IM!
  • You can do art, fics, gifsets, poems, drabbles, videos, edits, cosplays, ANYTHING as long as you made it either all on your own or only from your work AND official art (ie: a screencap edit, an AMV, etc)
  • Any stolen fan art/fic etc from other voltron fans will be reported.
  • You can participate in any amount of the 8 days that you want, and you can also submit multiple posts for the same day, if you make multiple works for those prompts!
  • Try to spread this around as much as you can and I encourage all skill levels to participate!
  • Without a cut, all submissions should be of a PG-13 rating or lower.
  • R-Rated dark or suggestive pieces ARE allowed for this event, provided they are under the cut with proper warnings, but nothing explicit is allowed, THIS IS A SFW EVENT! (think 17+, but not 18+!)
  • You may also include other Voltron characters (or your Voltron OCs!) in your work, but at least one member of Team Lotor should be the main or equal focus of the work! (the one exception to this is if you have a Lotor’s General OC, in which, they alone would be allowed for days 6-8 if that is what you wish)
  • This is a general fandom event, but shippy works are totally allowed as well, as long as you can make it work with the prompts and the ship features at least one of the 5 Team Lotor members! (or between 2 Lotor’s Generals OCs for days 6-8)
  • Finally, HAVE FUN!! I hope everyone enjoys Lotor’s Generals Week! :D

Have additional questions about certain rules or a post you want to submit? Feel free to send me an IM to this blog if you want a private answer, or an ask to this blog if you want a public answer!


Is this your first fandom week? No problem! Here is the quick run down! You upload your posts on the proper day above, tagged as instructed and it will be reblogged to this account to be shared with everyone else who shares a love for lotor and his generals or wants to be a part of the event! Entries can be romantic or platonic, as long as they feature the character or fit the prompt for that day! And again, all skill levels and post types are welcome!


That’s fine! I will be accepting late entries as well! Please try your best to get them in on time, but if you can’t, a late entry is just as good! I will be accepting late entries officially for the week until November 26th! But if you post something after that, you can send it to my IMs and I’ll still reblog it, I just won’t be checking the tag after then!

…And that’s that! I look forward to everyone’s entries! :D


“Ooooh, a week all about us?! I love it!!” -Ezor, probably


Kageyama Tobio 「影山飛雄」|| 12.22 
Happy birthday you dork! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

Honest opinion on the episode?

Okay HONEST opinion.

Overall I loved it. Sam and Cait were incredible like they always are. That chemistry still hasn’t disappeared. It’s as electric as ever so I’d really appreciate if they could stop ramming it down people’s throats that they’re JUST friends. Embrace it ffs because it’s rare.

Cait is so beautiful I’ll never get over it. Sam is too but for the love of God someone get him a new wig.

The scene where she showed him the pictures of Brianna felt a bit off to me. Maybe because I don’t care about her at all I just couldn’t feel the emotions I was supposed to but it was far better in the book.

The scene with Fergus was perfect. PERFECT. Cesar sounds just like Romann does so it was actually a believable transition.

Some moments between them were slightly cheesy. I think both Sam and Cait have issues with certain lines and it showed. I’d sacrifice a few iconic book quotes for them to be more comfortable.

First sex scene was funny, emotional, hot all at once. I loved when he kissed her nose. Then when she said “do it now and don’t be gentle” I was like YASSS GURL YASSS YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET IT!!! Loved all the pillow talk and then the second sex scene was just super hot and sensual. I love that they were facing each other the whole time and it was kind of a flashback to the wedding.

Don’t even talk to me about the breakfast scene getting cut because I’m about to riot over it. Once again, someone please get Ron out of the editing room. I’ll take over for him.

Speaking of editing, I thought the episode was a bit choppy and edited weird. I hate the way they use fading transitions. It doesn’t work for me and since my editor brain is especially critical, it makes it look cheap. Also TOO FUCKING DARK. Get Jamie some proper candles please I beg you. The whole time I was thinking “how the fuck am I going to make gifs for this??”. Too many random scenes that I didn’t really care about. I wanted more emotion, more crying, more “I can’t believe you’re really here” moments.

So while I really enjoyed it for the most part and was so happy to have our babies back together, it was missing something. I’m not sure what exactly but I do think it was slightly over hyped. Not comparable to the beauty of the wedding. I’m glad Jamie and Claire were the main focus because when they’re together it’s magic and there’s fireworks and nothing else matters in the world, but I’m selfish and wanted more.

Late Kyouken birthday and the tiniest bit of BandAU! 
I actually have quite a bunch planned out and I’m excited for the break to get a bit of time to work on it! ^__^v 

[Do not repost / edit / redistribute / etc]


♥ my first ever mutuals appreciation post ♥

i’ve never reached more than 600 followers on tumblr and now i have 1k. in return, this is my attempt at thanking the lovely people i’ve come across on here (literally ALL my mutuals), u all make my day whether it’s with ur pretty aesthetic, funny posts, or otherwise amiable content !! i’m so far up ur asses man i love my mutuals .

lemme also just say i hope u lot are feeling Gud and happy as u see this. i love you so much! never 4get i’ll always be around if u need anything (someone to rant/vent/talk to.. someone to send cat pictures… … . (i’m dropping hints i want my mutuals to show me their cats (i want my mutuals to show me their cats))) … also there will be a big block of text because i included EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of my mutuals which is Wild but i didn’t want to leave anyone out.

excuse my lack of effort in making a proper photo edit for this .. but hey at least u get some good quality doyoung next to a cake !


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It’s been a crazy couple of months.

EDIT: I lost this weight by working hard, counting calories/logging food, eating the right things and a lot of it, and EXERCISE. crossfit, running, and weightlifting. I lost weight the healthy and proper way, I just want to make that very clear. I love food, it is fuel for your body, and you have to eat to lose weight. Follow my fitness blog to see more about my workouts and meals!
The Charity Match

Cal and/or Simon x Reader

Request: “request where simon and calfreezy both like you so they make a bet whoever wins the sidemen soccer match gets to kiss you ? you can choose who”

Warning: There are like two bad words. And some cringey jokes. Yikes

Note: This was originally 2200 words but then I cut out like 400 of them (it was super angsty you should be thanking me). Big, huge, gigantic thanks to Ayu ( @sdmntokyo ) for making this gif for me even while she’s on hiatus. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. Happy reading :)

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Week 42: Artistic - Blue

A few shameless promotions of our photography as examples…your challenge this week is to capture something blue!  Will let you in on a secret though…there’s a hard way and an easy way to do this.  …but more on that below.

Try to make a statement with your image.  Don’t just capture something that happens to be blue.  Put some thought into the composition.  Make it unique…make it yours.  

Now what about that secret?  Most editing software packages include a feature to adjust the color temperature of your image.  Usually, if you move the slider to the left, it will make the overall color temperature of your image cooler.  If your image was captured with the proper color temperature to begin with, this change will make everything appear more blue.  You can do an internet search on terms like “white balance” or “photo color temperature” if you are interested in more details.  The very first example image above was edited this way.  I just wanted to try something different and the blue tone was kind of cool for this photo. The second example image is rendered in true color.  It’s your choice this week.  Find something naturally blue and do your best to capture it…or apply a blue tone in post processing.  Either way, let’s see your artistic best!  If you have any questions about color temperature editing, feel free to ask.  We’ll do our best to help!

Submissions due by the end of the day, your local time, Sunday October 22nd.