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YOU KNOW WHAT I WANTED TO SEE IN YOI, REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING ELSE, A LOVE STORY, a proper love story, with its proper build up, those dorky and realistic types of moments that you see or experience in real life, I want it to be this goofy kind of love that fills you with joy and makes you laugh, you know that deep belly laugh that fills your chest and makes your eyes crinkle. I wanted to see them turn away from one another so then they could come back stronger and understand each other better.

And yeah at the end i think that’s what YOI’s been doing so far, giving us little bits and pieces of the beginning of a story that deals with more things that you could hope for.

Late Kyouken birthday and the tiniest bit of BandAU! 
I actually have quite a bunch planned out and I’m excited for the break to get a bit of time to work on it! ^__^v 

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predictions for season 3

you can reblog if you want but this is more just for me to keep track of things so i can pull this post up later and be like “I FUCKING CALLED IT SEE I TOLD U AHA” if i’m right. will probably be edited as i analyze the episodes more, so make sure and check back in on the original post before reblogging it!

as of jan 24 2017:

  • alfor was red lion (basically already confirmed but i bet we’ll see a proper #confirmed moment in a flashback at some point)
  • keith’s mother is part of the resistance (probably not with mamora anymore, i’m guessing she started/joined a different resistance group AKA part of the group that saved matt *drops mic*)
  • gay gay gay none of ur favs are straight multiple #confirmed gay characters make it happen
  • haggar is prince lotor’s mom (which means that…..she and zarkon….*shudders*)
  • lotor was that Mystery Galra keith rescued
  • “so you’re just like the rest of them” was foreshadowing. lotor is definitely not like the rest of them somehow (part altean cause haggar is his mom? not a complete dickback and switches sides? does he end up being space zuko??? who knows, but my hopes are high)
  • if it isnt lotor, whoever that was is still defos making a reappearance and will not be the enemy we thought they were
  • (also, if it isn’t lotor then i’m convinced it’s keith’s mom)
  • shiro comes back at some point (he’s gotta, no way keith is gonna be black paladin forever, no way would they set shiro up so well just to use some cheap disappearing act to shove keith into his place as leader like nah they’re using this to explore more character points, not to make keith black paladin y’all)
  • a more open and accepted alliance of resistance begins to form with team voltron at its core
  • lance character arc! his insecurities finally all muhs together and make him explode at some point
  • haggar displayed some little moments of emotion and disapproval @ zarkon in s2 so - obviously since he used to be black paladin - he wasn’t always like this. we’ll probably finally find out more about what made him change so much in this upcoming season
  • allura being doubly conflicted about haggar being altean
  • zarkon probs blames the alteans for something bad that happened to him personally (maybe linked to the reason his home planet was destroyed when shiro saw it?) it was probably something that couldn’t be helped/stopped, but he needed someone to blame idk
  • on that same vein, we’ll probs find out what destroyed zarkons home planet (probs the reason the galra had to start expanding to other planets as well, so hey)
  • more garrison flashbacks from lance and hunk and flashbacks from keith about shiro and maybe more hints at keith’s past just overall more about their pasts
  • pidge will finally meet matt again, and find out where their father is
  • shiro is in an alternate timeline/dimension and has to somehow make contact/get back to his original timeline/dimension
  • the only way he can contact the others from his original dimension/timeline is through the black lion

Kageyama Tobio 「影山飛雄」|| 12.22 
Happy birthday you dork! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧

i know this isn’t a proper selfie but honestly though when do i ever take proper normal selfies lol and i was in the mood of making edits so here’s my face again. thank you @iluboo @wonwuo @pur-est @hoshinoyas and @junssi for tagging me like a long time ago and i’m sorry that i’m doing this so late

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Overwatch Aesthetic - Modern Pharah

I have a few requests for aesthetics, so the next one I wanted to make was Pharah! I’m not completely happy with it but its fine honestly

also I have like 3 asks from probably the same anon about a junkrat/tracer one and maybe one day but rn I’ve got no inspiration at all 

modern widowtracer {x} modern mchanzo {x} pharmercy in highschool {x}

modern roadhog and junkrat {x} modern {x} modern genyatta {x}  

modern mercy76 {x} modern symmetra {x} modern pharah/symmetra {x}

modern mercymaker {x} modern zarya/mei {x} modern reaper76 {x}

modern lúcio {x} modern widowmaker {x}


I wanted to make a book for storytellers. As I myself write stories from time to time. I actually hope to make the book ready to publish by the end of the year. I imagine a special edition only for myself bound exquisitely :) I think I understand the need for a proper vessel to carry your written words. I believe that for a writer,  a good journal is a show of respect to your personal work.

Imagine writing your own tales of joy or sorrow, little by little filling the pages of this blank book. Maybe one day your children will continue it or your grandchildren will find it on the shelf and wonder how it came to be? 

Check out the Book of Immortal Tales on Etsy here and I thank all of you who appreciate the work I do:


So as we all know, Michael’s 21st birthday is on November 20th. 
Originally I was just going to make an edit collage thing to post on his birthday, but I decided to do something cooler that everyone can participate in!

Starting November 1st, we are going to take a trip through his hair colors! We are going to start with his natural hair and work our way through all of the colors up to his hair now, ending on his birthday with whatever you want. Everyday I am going to post an edit, and I would love if you guys would participate too!

What can you do?
Anything you want! So long as it deal with the hair color of the day. Things you can do:

  • make an edit
  • draw a picture
  • make a moodboard
  • write! (as long as the hair color is mentioned, it’s good!)
  • whatever you want, so long as the proper hair color is in!


  • Do whatever that day’s theme is. Some days have a few different hair colors, as long as it is right, it’s good. (Just don’t do things early, late things are fine)
  • Use the tag #20DaysofMichael. I’ll be following it and I’ll check it. Also tag me in the post so I know I see it (as sometimes the hashtags fail)
  • You can submit things to me too if you don’t want to post it yourself; I will give you credit.

Sidenote - you can submit photos to me to use in my edits! (I would actually appreciate it so I don’t have to find as much myself.) Just make sure to give me it a few days before the day of what you want it for! I’m also going to try to write some stuff as well, but making the edits are what I’m going to focus on myself. 


November 1st - Fetus/natural hair

November 2nd - Brown and brown with blue/green strip (2013)

November 3rd - Blond with blue strip 

November 4th - Galaxy/purple

November 5th - White (2013)

November 6th - Blue (2013)

November 7th - Pink

November 8th - Reverse skunk

November 9th - Brown with red/purple tips, brown, and light brown (early 2014 hair)

November 10th - Green and faded green/white

November 11th - Lilac

November 12th - Red/orange (2014)

November 13th  - White with blue “sneeze”, blue, and Japan and silverish hair

November 14th - Blond (early 2015) and black and black with feather

November 15th - Blond (late 2015)

November 16th - Red (2015-2016)

November 17th - Blue (2016)

November 18th - Brown (2016)

November 19th - Blond/now

November 20th - Whatever you want, just wish Michael a happy birthday or make it birthday themed! 

“Soon, when it’s proper for me to end the Selection, when I propose to you, I want it to be as easy as breathing for you to say yes. I promise to do everything in my power between now and that moment to make it that way. Anything you need, anything you want, say the words. I will do everything I can for you.” - ♕ Maxon Schreave

trans!Pidge apology commission for a friend who loves that headcanon.
•••Copic markers, 0.03 & 0.1 black LePen outlining pens, white 0.7 gel pen, Strathmore fine tooth recycled sketch paper, white Prismacolor colored pencil.


Don’t repost without permission and proper credit. I worked for 4 hours on this and really like it. Stealing is a dick move, so don’t be that guy. But it makes me really happy when people like and reblog my art, so that is highly encouraged.

 Also- if you’re going to leave hate and tell me how you hope I get violently raped, beaten, and killed (like that one nice anon who called me a tranny & messaged me twice saying those things) for drawing trans au art, I just want to let you know that I will publicly answer you so everyone can see the kind words you left in my ask box. 


Finally the last illustration of my “Bicycle Boy” series! This one was probably the most difficult to concept and to paint.

I wanted to keep it in the spirit of the series but also mark it as the last one, concluding the story in an nontrivial manner. Just meeting the girl was not enough - I had to figure out how to show why he was in such a hurry and how to make them equal.

Because of the lighting the painting was very difficult - I even had to use some tricks I used when I was painting proper backgrounds with poster colours. I’m quite satisfied because I managed to keep the Photoshop editing to minimum.

From now on I will post some details about this series - I’m planning to answer to some questions I got and maybe do some how-to posts. I’m also beginning to work on my new project - a short animation so there will be some concept arts and production elements appearing on the blog!