and i wanted to make a joke about what he would sing next

Dating Tony Stark would include:

-telling him no when he wants to buy pointless things he entirely-completely does NOT need

-arguing over small things like what brand of wine to buy. “I’m an official wine taster y/n” “no your not you just drink a lot.”

-persuading him to bed by acting like you have a “surprise” *wink wink* for him. He knows your joking 9/10 times but just in case, he still goes with you.

-talking with Jarvis everyday about simple things like the weather, news, and plans for Tony’s and yours day.

-calming him down after or during a panic attack. He doesn’t like to be touched right after or during so sitting next to him and talking or singing softly to bring him out of it will work at first. Wait for him to show that he wants physical affection before making a move.

-helping him with his arc reactor

-going to parties and fundraisers with him. He buys you a new dress each time.

-him having a separate closet installed at his place just for you. So when u come over to “spend the night” *wink wink* you have somewhere to put your clothes.

-there’s always a clean outfit waiting each day.

-him knowing your measurements by heart

-him buying you pointless stuff you don’t need