and i wanted to kms


i remember watching this on tv this makes me want to kms they can all die

mymind1898  asked:

Aye so I'm a female who is about to turn 19 years old, I used to be a feminist like my whole life. It was when I became an adult like around my 18th birthday I realized how shitty feminism actually was. And I realized how much of a radfem I actually was and man I wanted to kms. But I get a lot of hate for being a female anti-feminist and it's funny to me because I see it as karma for all the anti-fem people I bullied. So don't stop being an ass to feminists, they seriously deserve it.

Thanks :D in all honesty though, if they were willing to listen, I wouldn’t be such an ass. But it’s because they aren’t willing to listen that makes this fun.