and i wanted to include a bunch of companions

IM DONE CLASSES NOW HURRAYYYY!! (Just exams now…. sigh)

ANYWAY I making a bunch of merch over the summer here, including some fallout stuff!! 

Above will be the three Fallout 4 keychains I will be making, right now they’re just sketches!! 
These keychains will be available for purchase in JULY 2017 after my convention!

Lemme know what you guys think, I’d love a bit of a critique before i finish these up.
Also did you guys want me to stream the process?

Hey guys, FYI there’s a couple of really flashy sequences in Ant Man, (a rave scene, some electrical effects, and “between the atoms” for trigger reference) and if you have problems with light sensitivity you may want to bring dark glasses to whatever viewing you choose to partake in. Speaking as someone with light sensitive epilepsy, it was kind of a problem for me and I don’t want anyone else to go in uninformed.