and i wanted to draw her god tier

holy shit this took like 2 days

anyway i’ve always wanted to make cool big refs for my ocs but this is the first time i’ve actually managed to go through with it! luxira happened to be the test subject since i was drawing a fullbody of her anyway and thought hey why not. there’s no guarantee i’ll ever make any more but maybe the mood will hit me again!

(the template was strongly inspired by the tribute cards in thg)

please look at it fullsize because it’s pretty huge!

anonymous asked:

okay so I know you're pals with Modmad and you like Homestuck so I was thinking what if you were her client or visa versa playing the game :O also love your Downtown Intregues(?) mafia people they look real cool

Oh boy, like I can’t remember exactly what type of god tier class I generated for myself back then (I think it was Knight of Light or something?) but honestly, I think a prototyped sprite suits me better, so I can tell shitty puns and be there for my pal whenever she wants to lmao

PS: (I’m a pterodactyl, because it’s an old joke between us)
PPS: Also thank you, I’m glad you like DownTown Intrigues! <33 Maybe I can draw them as god tiers? We will see (I’m sure I did that already back in my HS noob years, I just can’t seem to find that doodle right now)