and i wanted to draw her god tier

Hey, remember that one time when I said I would stop doodling an unimportant regular enemy characters? …Yeah, me neigher.


Here’s some sketches I did of my idea for OK KO characters in potential god tier outfits, which I went into more detail on here.

Wanted to keep Dendy’s backpack due to it being a major part of her character, as her weapon source and all. Since the others fight without the use of weapons, I figured still having her weapon on her made sense. Also kept ARMS’ gem and gloves, since the gem is present even through his clothes in the show (see Plaza Prom) and…just figured drawing him with gloves would be easier than figuring out his hands.

One thing I completely forgot to mention is that I’d also specifically chosen and matched up their aspects in pairs according to the idea of inverted aspects. KO and Dendy are Heart and Mind, Enid and Rad are Time and Space, and Brandon and ARMS are Life and Doom, each respective pair of aspects being inverts of one another. With how the characters make up certain duos in the show, I figured this would be really fitting. The choices in aspects weren’t specifically picked around this idea, but it had been something I’d heavily kept in mind.

Will also be doing posts for stuff like their sprites and lands and such later on, really excited about this idea.

Also, does Plazastuck sound like a good name for this AU?
Me watching Fate/Apocrypha ep 9
  • Darnic this is the 9th episode we don’t need any grail exposition anymore
  • Use Nazi to rob a mythical object. Sounds rad.
  • Does Nazi even believe in occult things in the first place?
  • I mean, is there even a nazi magus? They must be a colossal asshole.
  • Wow Zouken bleeding and writhing amongst penis worms. A very nice and precious scene.
  • Woow who is that mysterious person staring between fire who nonchalantly stands behind the church statue- Ha as if the foreshadowing isn’t enough already.
  • Darnic’s motto: Backstab everybody until nobody’s left to backstab but me
  • Holy grail? More like “Einzbern ideal naked bodies”
  • Darnic gets hammy.
  • BERSERKER!! SMASH!!! *swings mace down*
  • Shirou: “Will you come to my side?” Fran: Nah my otaku master is way better than someone with Yu-Gi-Oh-inspired hairstyle
  • Shakespeare: *enters dramatically* Ohoho Don’t fight me I can’t fight lol *exits dramatically*
  • Shirou, no means fucking no.
  • Shakespeare should be a narrator for every battle scenes in fate universe I’d watch that
  • Shirou stop dramatically unsheathing your katana this ain’t Bleach
  • Wow wow leaping like a squirrel
  • LOOK AT THAT SMUG SMILE no wonder Semiramis falls hard for him
  • Such lightning much wow
  • Jeanne no the priest ain’t on the fortress you’re going the wrong way!
  • Seriously if I were to ever go into battle, all I’m gonna do is fighting while whining like Astolfo
  • He looks so proud of himself he’s so cute
  • The continuation of Bitchface Karna vs Uncle Drac
  • Karna apologizes for thinking Spartacus betrayed red faction. Karna understands Spartacus just goes back into his original rebel self. Karna is a fucking angel.
  • Karna-Atalanta teamwork is my new favorite thing
  • Atalanta the smug nee-san
  • Wow the animation of Phoebus Catastrophe is amazing
  • Atalanta: I love the smell of Trifas in the morning. Except it’s night.
  • Achilles: “Sensei” Chiron: “Rider of Red” Me: Ouch.
  • It just goes to show that Chiron is indeed very mature and Achilles for all his feats is still youthful SNIFF
  • Meanwhile, Sieg casually ‘robs’ his former house amidst the war. And inserts existential crisis to his friends.
  • Not that it could ever be called his house tho
  • And yeah can’t deny existential crisis is also a thing to do when living
  • I just love everybody just jumps into conclusion that Semiramis is Caster of Red while she herself is Assassin of Red and the real Caster of Red is an useless drama king
  • Semiramis: Oho I just know a little bit of magecraft-THAT TURNS OUT TO BE GOD-TIER
  • Well she must use some magic to hold her dress on her boobs.
  • Astolfo is so full of magical items in store he might as well be Fate/Apocrypha equivalent of Doraemon.
  • I have a lot of questions regarding the spike on Semiramis’s hands. Can it be undone? Is it sharp? How does it even work? If she wants to hold Shirou is it on the way? Real god tier magecraft indeed.
  • Falling in front of the moon, Astolfo-style
  • They have so many blankets inside the castle huh
  • Somebody draw Mordred driving a tank into battlefield it’s hilarious
  • So Kairi’s role is pretty much drop Mordred to the battlefield, much like how a dad would drop his kid to the school. A+ parenting.
  • Astolfo knowing full well he is fucked but still summoning his lance anyway is such a courageous thing
  • Semiramis: Oh so this saint ain’t running Naruto style 24/7
  • OK somebody in A-1 MUST have a fetish for tying up Jeanne in chains SHOW YOURSEEELFFFF
  • I believe this is just an excuse to focus on her boobs eehhhhh???? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Caules you should meet the other Kotomine boy, he is a fucking superhuman.
  • Ah, the fun music!! Imma dance
  • First Folio should be called Dick Move
  • I don’t know anything about the actual Frankenstein literature, and not much about typemoon version of Victor Frankenstein, but to beat her just because she’s emotionless is a shit thing to do
  • Well to be fair she turns out having lots of emotions
  • I like their approach to show Fran’s thought with written words. Fitting for a Berserker with high intelligent.
  • Did I say dick move? Yeah dick fucking move.
  • FRAN OH MY GOD :’’’’((((((( I wanna hug her :((((
  • Look at mom Caules, immediately uses one command seal just to calm her down
  • He doesn’t blame her. He doesn’t raise his voice. He doesn’t regret using such a precious command seal. He even praises her. THIS IS HOW A MASTER SHOULD BE!!
  • Wow Mordred using Clarent while still in her civilian outfit. So cool.
  • MORDRED YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON WHO SHOULD SAY THAT you led a war that ended up destroying a whole kingdom because you believed that you were qualified as king, that your father sucked and on top of that you just wanted so badly to be recognized by your father. IF SIEGFRIED IS AN IDIOT THEN SO ARE YOU.
  • Semiramis watching Jeanne: “Seriously why my master pays too much attention on this girl”
  • DISAPPEAR, HOLY MAIDEN OR WHATEVER is my new favorite trash talk.
  • Wow did she just full on nuke Jeanne hell hath no fury indeed
  • Semiramis: “How’s that, bitch?” Jeanne: “Ha, nice try, bitch.” Semiramis: “This bitch..!”
  • So the girlfriend tries to nuke Jeanne with ancient flying fortress and now the boyfriend tries to nuke Jeanne with servant bomb. Truly a match in heaven.
  • Darnic gets hammy, again.
  • I think they try hard to make awesome action scenes in this episode. Choreography is great. But in exchange, faces go ‘nyooomm’ a lot
  • So Jeanne suddenly stops doing naruto run and the main battle music isn’t played in this episode did someone from A-1 read my snarky comments last week???
  • NEXT: maybe some drama bomb will be dropped…

holy shit this took like 2 days

anyway i’ve always wanted to make cool big refs for my ocs but this is the first time i’ve actually managed to go through with it! luxira happened to be the test subject since i was drawing a fullbody of her anyway and thought hey why not. there’s no guarantee i’ll ever make any more but maybe the mood will hit me again!

(the template was strongly inspired by the tribute cards in thg)

please look at it fullsize because it’s pretty huge!

anonymous asked:

okay so I know you're pals with Modmad and you like Homestuck so I was thinking what if you were her client or visa versa playing the game :O also love your Downtown Intregues(?) mafia people they look real cool

Oh boy, like I can’t remember exactly what type of god tier class I generated for myself back then (I think it was Knight of Light or something?) but honestly, I think a prototyped sprite suits me better, so I can tell shitty puns and be there for my pal whenever she wants to lmao

PS: (I’m a pterodactyl, because it’s an old joke between us)
PPS: Also thank you, I’m glad you like DownTown Intrigues! <33 Maybe I can draw them as god tiers? We will see (I’m sure I did that already back in my HS noob years, I just can’t seem to find that doodle right now)