and i wanted to do smth for their comeback

Starship is gonna make me SNAP

“Comeback preparation”.Rest??? MX don’t know her.We’ve had two comebacks this year,a full album and a repacked album,a world tour,this schedule includes an award show and KCON.Listen I’m gonna hype this comeback because I love my boys BUT I will criticize starship for this because these boys deserve rest.Their health and happiness is more important and I hope to God they stay healthy through this.

EDIT:I just wanna add smth cookieangelwonho mentioned please don’t not support this comeback because of this.I don’t want them overworked but by supporting comebacks and making them successful it means in the future they don’t have to have three comebacks a year.So please DO support MX.

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should make a post about this. I am happy to see people supporting Kaistal rather than mindlessly bashing them. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that while I am doubtful about their relationship, I support the duo individually and if they are genuine and there’s no foul play, I wish them both the best of luck and happiness. Now, onto what I was trying to say.

The whole thing, to me, seems fake as fuck. They went on a date in the middle of EXO’s world wide tour and gotten together at the same time, when Kai was exhausted and busy as fuck. He had the time to go on a date with her, but not the time to be seen with Taemin or at least, publicly supporting him? That’s not like him at all, y’all.

And when they were on their date, neither wore any disguise and Krystal practically looked straight into the camera, despite the both of them being known as two of the most private idols who have avoided scandals their entire careers.

Please don’t forget that a lot people who have inside information have said that scandals usually arise when there’s a problem with sk’s government and given that there are elections going on, it’s very possible some dirt came to the surface and they want to bury it again. That, and EXO is probably going to have a comeback soon.

Another thing is that by doing this, they are keeping Krystal from leaving the company for a little while longer. Another person said it might be because somebody is trying to leave the company or a scandal within it will come to the surface and they are trying to divert the public’s attention from it. 

Anyways, this is just my genuine opinion. (I think if they’re not genuine or smth, they’re gonna last for a year, or six months like the other couples, mainly baekyeon, after going public.)

Exo reaction when they accidentally see you in your underwear

Xiumin: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’re here!”

Luhan: “Hehe, I didn’t see anything, I promise.”

Kris: “I said I need to take something  and I’ll go out, but no you had to throw pillows at me”

Suho:  “It’s ok if I see you in bikini but not in you underwear? What’s the difference?”

Lay: “Don’t throw thing on me I’m out I’m sorry!”

Baekhyun: “Girl, nice bra”

Chen: “You should have closed the door, I know you wanted me to see you like this.”

Chanyeol: *After walking into the room that  you were changing in*

*Good thing that she didn’t see me*

D.O: *Don’t look, Don’t look, oops I looked”




Okay sorry

Y/N: Go! Out! 

Sehun: “This is my room also I can stay if I want to”

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Do you think GOT7 changing their hairstyles has to do smth with a comeback?? Photoshoots and MV making for the new album? I WANT THEM TO REST, BUT TO BE HONEST I MISS THEM. MISS SEEING THEM ON ACTIVITIES, HEARING THEM SING AND WATCHING THEM PERFORM.

Junior said they’ll make a comeback some time after final concert in Seoul. JYPE said 2PM will be after Park Jimin in Sep, then probably GOT7. So yes they’re preparing for a comeback.