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“It’s very inconvenient, this caring stuff.”

“Wow. I’ve always wanted someone I love to tell me that. Thanks.”

“No - no!” Their face twisted. “I didn’t mean - crap. I just meant - I was going to say - It’s worth it, for you. It’s inconvenient, and annoying, and half the time I have a stomach ache in fear of losing you, but…” Their expression softened. “No inconvenience could make me stop.”

The silence stretched, stunned.

“I’ve made a mess of this,” they mumbled.

“What can I say.” A smile twitched at the other’s face. “You’re very inconvenient to me too.”

On Morally Gray Characters

missgoomba39 asked: “I wanted to ask you how to write a morally gray character and make them interesting but not seem completely evil?”

I won’t lie - I love morally gray characters. My favorite books are full of them - characters who are just not nice, characters who commit murder, who lie, who cheat, steal, say horrible horrible things to their own mothers - horrible people can be fascinating heroes. 

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Supernatural, No-Homo-Style (You’re welcome, SPN writers)

Okay, listen. I’m not someone who tries to tell other people how to go on with their creative stuff, but this is just – an idea. So the thing is, I understand how terribly hard it can be to write a story without homoerotic undertones. They just – happen, you know. All these parallels and carefully crafted scenery to underline a certain subtext, man, just – I know that feel, bro. All my stories? Never supposed to be Destiel. Dean just comes barking in, screams “I’m queer, dude” and then I just – well, anyway. Not that Dean is queer, of course, why would you ever think that.

So what I want to do is: I want to offer you guys, SPN writers, directors, producers, you name it, a way to no-homo your episodes efficiently so no one can tell you that you want us to ship Destiel because that wouldn’t be true, right, right? And man, I know a lot about bro friendships, I watched The Wild Soccer Bunch when I was ten.

Because I’ve noticed that some people – without any indication in the subtext or even text whatsoever – started picking up extremely on the romantic undertones in Dean and Cas’ relationship specifically in the last two seasons. So I’ve looked into this plot and I just found a few teeny tiny things that were of course completely unintentional but could make some weird lunatics think that this is something the writers actually think of.

So let’s start, shall we? Very important in every bro™ relationship: don’t make the entire plot of a season rest onto the special bond between you and your bro. I know this is an easy mistake to make because let’s face it, Cas is awesome, but some people might read into this and think “Man, if he can resist his strange ‘love’ for Amara by looking at Cas, maybe that means he loves him?” and hahaha, what a crazy thought, right? So yeah, rookie mistake no. 1 but man, that can happen to everyone. Instead, maybe make him have concern for his bro but at the same time not be able to overcome his mind control because of his lo broness with Cas. It’s really easy and then the director doesn’t have to put some suggestive shots into the episode where Amara figures out how much these two bros bro with each other and uses that revelation against them!

Also, speaking of this? I know, heart imagery is great and when you only have a cast of male white dudes it gets hard to portray it without homoerotic undertones, but yeah, it’s still a bad idea to have the main villain hover over the heart of one bro and then get a magical connection to the other bro through this heart. I mean, I get it, keep your friends close and your bros closer, but some people might think that the heart imagery connects to the feeling of love and that would be ludicrous, right?  A good alternative would be to simply scratch this whole plot line. Maybe make Dean doodle some hearts while talking to Amara if you want heart imagery so much because hey, she’s a FEMALE and she’s RIGHT THERE so by every television standard they HAVE to copulate!

Next – the pining and caring for Cas. I mean, is that really necessary? Cas is a big boy. He can take care of himself. And Dean, you should really just listen to Sam when he says that Cas will be okay and you should make the smart choice instead of the heart choice (and there it is, the heart imagery again! I KNOW heart rhymes with smart – but here are a lot of others things that you could have used instead: fart, cart, bard, pop tart – you’re welcome to use them! Let Dean make a fart choice next, guaranteed no homo™ and also fart jokes are awesome and funny and original!)

Why not have Dean have a roll in the hay with Mildred? Man, that woman was badass! But having her insist that Dean was already pining for someone else and watch the sunrise together, an imagery that has been associated with Cas consistently, that just was plain bad writing. I get that you wanted to write you out of a corner because Mildred was coming onto Dean and that it wasn’t supposed to make us think of Cas at all but next time just so the full route and let Dean have his way with the ladies, he loves it because he’s a LADIES man and he loves the LADIES or the fellas I don’t judge wait what Dean shut up!

And all these talk about Cas and Cas and where is he and Cas and Caaaaaaas (shut up Lucifer)? It’s great talk, really, but maybe replace it with a significantly less gay word: BRO! Why care for Cas when Dean can care for his BRO?! There’s no reason against it! And if it’s not necessary for the plot, maybe don’t make Dean talk about his bro at all. You gain precious minutes that you can instead use for the brother bond you value so much! (What, you say, you want to end this co-dependency? DON’T! Then you may have Dean ready to enter a healthy relationship and man, people could think this relationship could be gay, urgh)

Next mistake: the scene in that barn? Don’t get me started. You started so good, SPN writers! You had Dean say a really bro-like thing, “don’t worry, I’ve had worse” - good on you, Dean, that was very manly and very good at ignoring the glaring (and oozing) problem right in front of you. But then of course someone had to turn it around and put this silly “I love you” in there and repeat it. Your script probably just fell into a printer and got copied twice so they thought “ah, heck, now we’ve got to say it twice and make it sound like the first one was specifically for Dean, and let’s throw some suggestive camera angles in there while we’re at it” so maybe next time, I don’t know, try to keep these rogue scripts in check. You don’t want anyone to think that Cas actually loves Dean and only Dean.

And also, I know, bros love bros and they love their quality time with each other, but still, bros don’t just leave the room when they talk to their bro and the phone and then sound suspiciously like they forced themselves to have a completely different conversation when they re-enter the room. And maybe, because you all just love the Sam-and-Dean-codepency have Sam talk, too! Let him interact with his bro! People could think that the fact that Sam has a completely different dynamic with Cas means that Dean’s love for Cas is more than just family and that’s obviously not true *cough* who would think that *cough* Lucifer maybe *cough* and every other villain on the show and a few friends too *cough*

… I’m sorry, I got something stuck in my throat. So anyway, let’s get to the next point: I LOVED that scene in 11x23 where Dean told Cas that they’re such BROS and Cas means so much to them as BROS and I really hoped that means we could have some BRO action in Season 12 but no! Somehow Cas still didn’t feel like he belonged because apparently being a BRO wasn’t enough for him? He still wanted to prove himself to Dean specifically with no talk about Sam? I know, guys, guys, I know you want drama in your show, we all know this, this is SPN, but next time, tone it down a notch. You may just want to have drama where Cas is part of the family as a BRO and everyone accepts that and he too and he doesn’t have to get PERSONAL GIFTS by Dean to maybe show him that he belongs and still not getting it because something is still missing -  because then people might think that this something missing is something absurd like LOVE and not in a platonic way.

Oh and the last thing: 12x23. Boy where do I start. I mean I loved that you had separated them the last episodes (because people may think that they would start to kiss or something like that if you left them alone for a few minutes) but was it really necessary that Dean just stopped functioning as soon as Cas died? He could have instead, I don’t know, have a few pimples that he needs to squeeze and that’s the reason why he couldn’t face Jack with Sam together. I get that this was all great foreshadowing because Sam and Jack do have a weird connection but really, don’t make the mistake to pair Dean off with Cas again and make them look like they share a special connection! Pimples, man, I tell you. They’re almost as original as fart jokes and very heterosexual, trust me, I never had them and I’m as queer as can get. 

So please, enjoy this free advice on how to no homo your episodes efficiently because just throwing in a few hook-ups with waitresses now and then just isn’t the FULL no homo experience™ because some weird people still think that Dean could be something like, I don’t know, bisexual, and we all know that bisexuality doesn’t exist and even if it did, Dean couldn’t possible come out at this age because that’s just unrealistic, amirite???

Thank you for listening.

I’m lovable. I’m soft and gentle and kind. I have a lot of love in my heart and I’m very affectionate. Im creative. Im intelligent. I’m passionate about things I like. Im young at heart; I like to have fun and watch cartoons and play video games and go to amusement parks. Im a good friend. I love my friends and I want them to be happy and I want to help them be happy. I’m funny. I love making people laugh. I’m sensitive and I feel a lot and openly. I blush when I’m embarrassed. I cry when I’m sad. I smile and I laugh when I’m happy. I spend most of my time snuggling with the kitten I raised to be just as loving as I am

One day, someone will love me for who I am

Write It Out

Request: *chanting* LONGER FICS, LONGER FICS (just cause i never want ur fics to end, they’re so cute) also since requests are open - can we get writer!reader who has writer’s block & is struggling to write a romantic scene. peter tries to help her get creative & fluff ensues!

Word Count: 1,269

A/N: hello hello! I’m sorry for the delay with this one, my summer has been a bit insane so far with camps and moving and things like that but I was so eager to return to this writing. Hope you enjoy!! -Claire xx

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You sighed, pressing the palm of your hand into your cheek. The coffee shop bustled with life around you, but somehow you still managed to feel like you were in the middle of a dead zone, like you were in the most drab and boring place imaginable- all because of some writer’s block.

You knew you had to get out of your bedroom after several hours of pounding away at the keyboard and finding nothing to write besides the gibberish that resulted, finally packing up your laptop and notes and heading to a nearby coffee shop for fresher surroundings.

You sighed, deleting yet another failed sentence. You were more frustrated with this piece than you could remember being with any other. But this scene was also more important than any other- your protagonist was falling desperately in love with the tall boy with the magic dimples and the quick laugh and this was the moment, the moment in which she looked at him while they were sitting on the roof at midnight, or swinging on a playground that was far too small for them, or driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, the moment in which she realized she was falling for him.

Your only issue was figuring out how it happened; you had run through every option you could think of.

At first, they had been sitting in her basement and he had swung his head into her lap and her hand fell into his hair and it was the way he smiled at her- wrong.

Then, you had tried to write about the bonfire party in the neighborhood, as she watched from afar while he swung little kids by their shoulders and played as if he was a child too- nope.

The next attempt had involved something about a state fair and the top of a Ferris wheel, but you’d deleted it before it could go too far.

You were jolted from your reverie by the scraping of the chair in front of you sliding away from the table. “Mind if I join you?”

Your eyes trailed upwards, soon lighting on a familiar face.

“Peter!” You sat up, your smile instantaneous. “Hi, what are you doing here?”

“You’ve been avoiding me.” You sighed, thinking guiltily about your powered off phone at the bottom of your bag.

“Sorry for not texting you back, I’m having some really bad writer’s block right now.”

“Writer’s block? I am the ultimate writer’s block crusher!” His boyish smile seemed as if it could light up the room. “Let me be your muse, dahling.” His face took on a serious charm as he started drawling out his words, looking up at you from beneath his eyelashes.

Despite your feelings of dread about writing, this was enough to crack through a little. “I don’t think that’s how this works.”
His expression dropped. “Well, have you ever tried it?”
You pinched your mouth to the side. “I guess not.”
You barely had time to move your fingers away from the keyboard before he was pressing the lid to your laptop down. Grabbing your coffee and his, he grinned at you. “We’re doing this then. Gather your things, chop chop.”

It took you a minute to reconnect with him outside, where he had his phone out for directions. “You’re coming with me.” His voice retained a joking huskiness as he handed you your coffee.

The path he set out for took you through many familiar streets, although you had no idea where he could be taking you. When you asked, he had just laughed and looped his arm through yours, clearly not willing to say a peep.

You ended up in front of a building you had looked at many a time but never actually entered- one of the only literary centers in New York. “When the words won’t come to you, you come to the words,” Peter told you.

It didn’t take long for the two of you to get lost amongst the shelves, joking around and pulling out the most amusing titles you could find. You almost lost it with laughter when Peter somehow discovered a book called “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”

At some point in your expedition, his hand found yours, tentatively curling his fingers around yours until you flipped your hand and fully intertwined them, offering him a reassuring smile at the contact.

By the time the two of you left the literary center, it was almost dinnertime. You decided to split a milkshake at the closest burger joint.

“So, what are you trying to write exactly?” Peter asked, swirling a fry in ketchup.

“It’s supposed to be this grand romantic scene, with, like, the whole shebang. You know, fireworks and sparks and lovey dovey stuff like that. Cassie’s going to realize she’s in love with Trevor. Trevor’s going to realize he’s in love with Cassie. My only issue is finding out where exactly you go to find love with someone.”
You looked up and find Peter staring at you more intently than you expected. “Well, isn’t that an easy one?”

You frowned. “Obviously not, considering it’s taken me days to figure it out. I have to have it finished by this weekend and I have nothing.”

Peter’s smile began to grow. “What about a burger place?”

Your stomach dropped as your eyes fixed on his. “What kind of burger place?”

He looked around. “The kind of burger place where two kids can go to split a milkshake and some fries and maybe one of them will get the nerve to kiss the other one.”
Your heart was beating faster and faster. Peter looked unfairly calm. “Well, this sounds like your story now. Does he ever get up the nerve?”
“I’ll let you know,” he smiled, that same earth-shattering smile that drove you crazy.

Your own smile began to grow like crazy as you felt yourself flush.

It could have been just your imagination, but the conversation felt like a live wire all through the rest of the milkshake, and paying the bill, and the walk back to your house. You had almost forgotten all about your writing deadline until your eyes fixed on your front door.

“Now it’s time to actually buckle down and write something.” You smiled softly, brushing your knuckles against his like Morse code. “Thank you for today. You were a great muse.”
His smile was like a wildfire. “What about one last piece of inspiration?” Suddenly he was close, so close, too close, as his hand pressed flat along your spine. You felt like your eyelashes should be tangling with his at this distance.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to one lasting image.”

When he kissed you, it was like every late night drive, every trip to the fair, every roof at midnight, every shared milkshake rolled into one. It was everything you could have wanted. It was everything you could have imagined.

You kissed and kissed until you felt senseless, until you were pressed against the front door.

“Peter,” you paused, pressing your hands against his toned shoulders.
“I know, you have to write.” He pressed a few more kisses to your cheeks and even one chaste one to your neck before he backed away. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“I’ll call you the second I finish,” you promised. He pressed one last kiss to your waiting smile before you fumbled to open the door, feeling like you were seconds from exploding. You dashed up the stairs and to your desk, opening your laptop immediately.

You began to type immediately, finding that you have all too much to say.

bts reacts; you're insecure

heeeeey, heeeey guys!
yes, im back again; 3 days in a row- oosh!
also, before I start this I wanted to say; you are beautiful and there is no need to be insecure because youre perfect, original, unique, gorgeous, amazing, intelligent, creative, wonderful, kind and every other positive adjective you can describe someone with. however, if anyone ever wants to talk, you know where I am :)

Rap Mon-
the moment he hears those negative words falling out his mouth he’d be there for you saying how beautiful you are and how he “doesn’t want anyone else but you, because you’re beautiful and kind. and just perfect in general.”.
this guy would suffocate you in hugs and kisses, and would refuse to let you go until you said you were beautiful and perfect in every single way.
whenever you mentioned how “ugly” or “fat/skinny” you are [bitch, you’re far from it] he’d feel so sad and upset that you can’t realise how beautiful and amazing you are.

“[your name], you’re beautiful. there’s no need for you to be insecure.”

he’d get really emotional, he may even cry the moment he realises that you’d don’t think highly about the way you look. however, at first he’d think you were joking, he’d laugh and tease you but once he realises that you’re not joking and really think that badly about yourself he’d do anything- and I mean anything- to make you change your mind.
tae loves you, and he loves the way you are- inside and out. he’d try and make you laugh, whilst trying to make you feel more confident at the same time. [talk about multitasking]

“girl, you are gawgeous! slay my life.” [yes, gorgeous was supposed to slept like that, it’s supposed to be read with an accent]

suga wouldn’t really know what to do. he be so confused to why you think you’re ugly because he thinks you’re absolutely beautiful, and that’s there’s no one as perfect as you.
he’d sit there and tell you how beautiful you are, and that in his opinion it doesn’t matter how you look it’s about your personality- but your amazingly good looks are a bonus. suga thinks you’re beyond gorgeous and will say anything and do anything to make you see yourself the way he did. and he would say or do anything to make you love yourself the way he loves you.

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hoseok things you’re beautiful, and seriously would be speechless. he wouldn’t know what to say but he’d want to do something to make you feel better. for example; if you were going out he say something like “we don’t have to go if you’re not up to it, I think you look beautiful but if you’re not comfortable we don’t have to.”, or if you were just inside the house he’d hug you and squeeze you until you smiled.
he wouldn’t want to force his opinion on you, he’d want you to find out you’re gorgeous in your own time. not through him ramming it down your throat constantly.

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perfect. that’s what he thinks of you. to him you are the definition of perfection, and he would remind you of that every single day hoping that- in time- you would believe him and start to feel good about yourself.
he’d snuggle with you and kiss your cheek, whispering how adorable you are in your ear as you fall asleep. this little smol bean would do anything and everything to make you feel good about yourself.

“baby, have I told you that you look super cute today.”  

he literally wouldn’t say anything. he’d just hug you until you felt better, and if you didn’t end up feeling better he’d still hug you. either until you fall asleep or want to get some food.
after the hugging he’d say how beautiful you are and that you should never ever, ever have to feel bad about yourself because you’re amazing to him.

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he’d be a little irritated that you think that and that you endlessly compare yourself to other girls and idols. he’d say “why are you so insecure? it’s not like you’re actually ugly.” or “stop comparing yourself, it’s annoying. you can never look like them because they’re photo shopped, non of them is natural.”
but after realising that you were really upset about the way you are he’d hug you and apologise for his nasty and unneeded comments. he’d end up talking about how much he loved you, and how perfect you. jungkook would say you’re nothing but beautiful and you shouldn’t think anything different.

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- so, yeah. hope you enjoy this. and remember; you are beautiful, you are gorgeous and you are unique. there is no reason why you should think any different. thanks for reading! kála

“I went for a jog with Julien Harneis, who runs UNICEF in Guinea. It was very early in the morning and we ran along the river—it was absolutely beautiful, one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen. When you go for a run early in the morning and you’re half asleep, your mind is so open and you’re almost impolite in your lack of censorship because you just speak what’s in your heart. We started talking about this idea that every day in any life is a creative act—it’s one step closer to becoming the person you want to be. We’re all playing roles all the time. At the moment, I’m playing the role of the person being interviewed and you’re playing the role of the person interviewing me… But this guy, Julien, who was saying this to me, said, ‘This is who I want to be. I believe in public service. I believe in trying to leave a footprint that is positive and helpful even if it’s washed away by the tide when I’m gone.’ That single statement has rearranged my head in terms of how I think about acting, how I think about my personal relationships. It was an amazing thing.”
- Tom Hiddleston, FLAUNT Magazine

“the creative team really wanted wally and artemis together” pardon the pun but what a crock if you wanted them together so bad why’d you make him vanish into the speedforce—stop screaming greg i know that’s what it is—so artemis and dick could wear like matching stealth outfits in s3 ya dinguses

You have to churn out so much stuff creatively in order to get to the things that you actually want to share with people. But you got to get that engine going. You’ve got to get the machine working so something’ll come out of it. So then you can say, okay, I got this out of the way so I can get to the next thing and maybe the next thing or the thing after that’ll be the thing that I actually want to share.

Rhett McLaughlin, Ear Biscuits episode 30: Our song writing process

Day 14: Rhett quote


favorite solos of the ‘16-’17 season by age

I’ve done this the last two years and people seemed to like it! So here goes again :) Youtube vidoes are linked for all! If you want, feel free to comment some of your favorites so I can watch them. 

age 8: Cameron Voorhees (Evolve Dance Complex) - The Way

age 9: Savannah Kristich (The Rock Center for Dance) - Dance in the Light

age 10: Brooklin Cooley (Club Dance Studio) - Solitude

age 11: Kiarra Waidelich (The Rock Center for Dance) - River

age 12: Ella Horan (Creative Arts Academy) - Risiko

age 13: Tate McRae (YYC Dance Project) - Stillness

age 14: Eva Igo (Larkin Dance Studio) - River

age 15: Talia Seitel (Murrieta Dance Project) - Natural Woman

age 16: Camryn Mandelbaum (Expressenz Dance Center) - The First Time

age 17: Justine Kaneda (West Coast School of the Arts) - Wild in the Wind

age 18: Simrin Player (Club Dance Studio) - Good Girl

bonus favorite groups:

mini: Landslide - Evolve Dance Complex

junior: Vibeology - Club Dance Studio

teen: Hideaway - Murrieta Dance Project

senior: La La Land - Larkin Dance Studio

In case you want to check the past years out:

Favorite Solos 2015 - 2016

Favorite Solos 2014 - 2015

emilyandsims  asked:

OH MY GOSH THE FINDING MARLEY CLIFF-HANGER IS KILLING ME! Also, (I know all the simblrs probably say this you) but I think you are so extremely talented and creative and SO very inspirational! I stayed up to about 2 in the morning just reading all of your amazing stories, and I am so incredibly inspired and just want to know how wonderful you are! You are probably the best simblr page out there, and I just want to thank you for all your amazing hard work and dedication, you are truly inspiring ♥

I honestly wish I could frame this ask and keep it forever?

I’m hoping it won’t be a cliffhanger for much longer! I’ve just been lacking inspiration I’m afraid! You honestly give me far too much credit?? But I am so flattered and just overwhelmed? I don’t think I’ve ever been referred to as ‘the best simblr page out there’ and God, I wish that was true :’) I’m so so glad you enjoy my stories and my blog, I love you so much right now?? ♥ I ♥ I am always so flattered when people say my blog inspires them and WOW, I just want you to know how wonderful you are? 

Thank you so much, seriously  ♥ ♥ ♥

roaaoife  asked:

Hey, I'm a fan of your work on Ao3, and I had some suggestions for rebelcaptain fics, if you're still taking them. My pervy suggestion is this: Cassian is at his sexiest when he is dangerous/murderous. My non-pervy suggestion is: Jyn is secretly as much a genius as her father, but didn't know it because she never had formal schooling. Cassian figures it out first.

This took a while because I especially wanted to do that first one the right way:

1. Cassian had two methods of killing. 

The first was detaching from all the things that made him himself. Emotionless; a destructive machine. Someone whose fake smile fell the minute it wasn’t needed anymore. He feared what that person was, feared what they could do. This was the part that was just following orders. 

The other was embracing the parts of himself that struggled under the surface. That was when he felt most alive. Like he wasn’t entirely sure what his body was for until it was put to use. He also feared this person, but he trusted them more. This was the part that was just trying to survive.

Jyn saw one; kept her judgements at bay after the understanding of what might have happened with her father. She didn’t want to think of it. He tried to hide the other, when the thoughts flowed freely, when he was just himself and the only thing he wanted was his next breath.

And her.

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anonymous asked:

I saw the post about criticism to a creative person, and wanted to inquire into what sort of critiquing process is helpful to you? I ask both as a creative person, but also as someone who has critiqued creative pieces of peers. I guess it's mostly curiosity in regards to hear what is beneficial to other creatives. What are your thoughts on giving constructive criticism that is presented in a way that doesn't destroy a person's creative confidence?

That’s a really good question anon! (also forgive me for any mistakes I’m half asleep and have a whole day of moving and furniture assembly ahead of me heh but shhhh)

Now I’m also coming at this from a different angle. Because I’m a teacher I’ve been trained to give constructive criticism in a way that children can process it. As a result I often worry that the concrit I give to adults can come across too “teachery” so I don’t do it very often. I myself only offer concrit to my friends and fellow writers, those whom I specifically know want my concrit.

But I find that’s actually a really good rule to follow! A lot of people post fanfic online for fun. They aren’t doing to better themselves as writers or as practice before they start their original work. Unless specially stated- you have no idea if a person wants concrit or not. So err on the side of caution and ask if you don’t know.

In terms of actually giving creative criticism I tend to stick to one main rule: 

If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

(more under the cut)

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I love how that Jeff Lemire came back to DC Comics to creating his new superhero “family” titled The Terrifics as reimagine if Reed Richards just a scientist without his stretching powers, Johnny Storm was a stretching man, Ben Grimm being brute with physical disfiguation and Sue Storm can become intangible.

Lemire also said he wants to “recapture the feeling of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four”

What basically Jeff’s doing is he gives Ike Perlmutter a giant screw you for made Marvel cancelled the Fantastic Four comics and never bring them back.

Good for Jeff and the DC creative team.

So @bedeliainwonderland and I were kicking around the idea of having a weekly bedannibal prompt. Is that something people would be interested in? Basically we’d create a prompt blog (idk…”bedannibalprompts” or something more creative) and send out a weekly prompt and encourage people to create fic, art, meta, whatever on that theme. The prompts would be broad (i.e. a fic set during s1, post-canon, hurt/comfort, fluff, etc) and we would definitely welcome your suggestions for prompts. 

Basically we want to encourage people to write more bedannibal fic–even ficlets and drabbles–and figured a weekly prompt might be a good way to do that. What do you think? 

doobiddidydoo  asked:

I'm loving Swan so far and I don't want to tell you how to tell your story, but I hope you're not going to have Kiera keep lying about where she's from. Storylines like that make me extremely anxious. Sorry if that seems a bit intrusive on your creative process, and I'll keep reading regardless of what you do with it :D

Im…sorry if you dont like something about what Im doing but my story is my story and Im gonna write it the way I want to

I just realized Lance feeling like the seventh wheel is probably nothing new. Youngest siblings tend to have older siblings who already have a “thing” (the smart one, the athletic one, the creative one, etc) and he must have gone into the Garrison and into Voltron in general expecting to finally be recognized for something other than being the youngest only to find out that he’s still just a tag along, the seventh wheel ;_;

Phil Lester has been MURDERED!

There’s a murder mystery game/thing on twitter and I’m LIVING FOR IT
(Y’all are so creative and fun this reminds me of my middle & high school days playing mafia and fun ghost and murder mystery story games) 

Daniel Howell
Louise Pentland
Anthony Padilla
PJ Liguori 
Chris Kendall
Alfie Deyes
Zoe Sugg
Evan Edinger

Here’s the link if you want to catch up and follow along as it’s still currently in progress and there’s way too much info to even begin describing. 

I’m literally on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who murdered Phil Lester

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maxarmenta  asked:

Hey, I'm going through what must be my fifth read of W.A.R. and I was wondering if you were thinking about a specific episode of project runway when you wrote Eponine and Musichetta's conversation in chapter five. Thanks! :)

Haha, I’m afraid it was basically just my generic, overall memory of seasons one and two from many many moons ago. I feel pretty confident that Eponine and Musichetta’s grievances in that scene could safely apply to any season.

(Nothing against anyone who enjoys Project Runway! I used to really dig watching them solve design problems and create interesting clothes under tight constraints. My main complaint was that I secretly wanted it to be a totally different show, like, Project Everybody Makes the Coolest And Most Creative Stuff They Can While Also Being Super Nice and Supportive To Each Other And Maybe Developing Adorable Friendships Along The Way.) 

(That’s right, basically, I’ve always wanted every competition-based reality program to be The Great British Bake-off.)