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Griffin McElroy’s statement on the Awful Squad stream today

“Hey, before we get started, I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room real quick, if that’s okay with you all.

“So obviously, Nick is no longer employed here at Polygon. And I think there’s probably a lot of you who have been following this situation, and there’s probably also a lot of you who maybe haven’t, and this is the first that you are hearing about it. And I imagine both of those groups are going to be very frustrated about the fact that we just can’t comment on it right now. I know that sucks, and there are answers to questions you all probably want, and there are things that you want to hear us say, but we are just not permitted to comment on it right now.

“But before we get started, I wanted to say that—I don’t know, I’ve felt uncomfortable this whole past week or so with talking about it from our perspective, and how it affects us and our team, because obviously we were not the ones who were most directly affected by what happened. But I think it’s worth talking about because we did kind of go dark all last week. We were getting a lot of messages from folks who were like, “Hey… where’d you go?”

“So I think it’s worth talking about. We kinda took last week off. A lot of that was because everyone was traveling, we were all doing this all-hands get-together that was completely unrelated to what happened, that’s just how it timed out. But really, the biggest reason why we kinda went dark is we were working through this, and there is a lot of difficult stuff that we were going through, both professionally—a lot of this stuff that we have worked on, and all worked to make, just sort of disappeared overnight—and, I mean, the bigger thing was, personally, we had been working through this. I feel like we are all out of our depth a little bit. This is not something that I personally have ever had to deal with, in terms of, like, a breach of trust of this magnitude.

“And so we took some time off. And, um. I am nervous and excited to get started again. This is really the first thing that we have all done together since everything went down, and I want everybody to know that we are excited to get making stuff again. We’re going to be working on new stuff; we are going to be working to make the stuff that we make already even better; we are going to be working on becoming more thoughtful about the stuff that we make and how we make it. It’s probably going to be, you know, a tricky transition for a little while, but I am optimistic that we can do a good job by it.

“So again, I know it’s going to be kind of like a cloud hanging over things for a while, and I know that that is not going to be helped by the fact that we are not allowed to comment on it, but I just want everybody to know that we are gonna be working to make this thing, and this weird dumb stuff that we all make together, even better now, and we hope that you will bear with us as we get everything figured out.”


Sole: *appreciate companion* 

I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush



peaches: tom holland fluff

“hi peaches,” you laughed, approaching the hospital bed from its right side. your boyfriends eyes fluttered open drowsily and a soft smile set on his lips. “ready to go home?” you asked, pressing the back of your hand to his face, feeling the warmth under his cheeks.

“what time is it?” he asked, his mouth is full of cotton pads so his words are muffled.

“little after four, bub.” you tell him, brushing some hair off his forehead. he makes some incoherent replies and you look to his younger brother behind you to see if he can understand what’s happening. harry shrugs and you both laugh a little at tom’s delirioum.

a nurse pops in, giving you instructions on his medication and how to clean the wounds. she gives you a list of the soft foods that are ideal for your boyfriend to eat. she gives tom a pat on the shoulder with a sympathetic smile before leaving.

“hey! excuse me! wait!” he calls after her but it’s too late and she’s disappeared behind a heavy door. “ah man. i didn’t get to tell her about the transformers.”

“what transformers?” harry asks with an eyebrow quirked.

“in the other room she was talking like a transformer!” he reasons and you shake your head.

“alight, lets go. c'mon, peaches.” you say again, pulling his arm so he sits up. he stares at you for a minute before nodding and letting you help him into some shoes. he slides off the bed, going straight for you. his taunt body wraps around yours but his weight is unusually balanced and it sends you stumbling a little.

harry goes to take one of your boyfriend’s arms but tom waves him off before reattaching himself to you. walking is awkward at first but eventually you get it to work and head towards the car.

“excuse me, missy.” he says, tapping on your collarbone. you’re almost there and harry’s a little ahead of the two of you. “you’re using our secret nicknames.” he pouts and you avoid the urge to peck his swollen cheek.

“i’m sorry, baby. but i just saw you laying there helpless. i couldn’t not call you it.” you say, reaching across his face to anchor your hand on his ear and press a few kisses to his neck. “plus harry won’t say anything.”

“are you kidding me?? he’s already got at least four jokes about ‘peaches’.” he frowns.

“well do you not want me to call you that anymore?”

“no! no! i like it too much.” he mumbles and you two finally reach the car. you help him into the backseat and buckle his seatbelt. “just have to keep up my cool guy act when i’m around the lads.”

you couldn’t help but laugh and placed a firm kiss to his forehead. you make sure he’s correctly situated before pulling away. but toms hand catches your elbow.

“please don’t stop calling me that.” he frowns and you can tell he thinks that he’s upset you.

“alright, love. you’ll be my peaches forever.” you grin, kissing his forehead a couple times. he smiles contently, his head still in a dreamy state.

harry is a giggling mess as he climbs into the drivers seat as you get in the passenger’s.

“what are you laughing at, harry beary?!” tom hollers from the back and harry instantly turns red at the childhood nickname. tom laughs longer than he should have before settling himself down.

the car ride is mostly peaceful except for tom’s soft singing of “sweet home alabama” that harry can’t help but post on instagram with the caption “peaches is drunk”.

Tumblr has a new update that lets other see your availability on IM which I personally find stressful so here’s the option to turn it off for yourself. However you can’t turn it off for others which is so irritating.


As usual, I turned off the news about 60 seconds into their daily coverage of Trump press briefings. Basically when it’s obvious that there is no substance in what he’s saying or he starts talking about “fake news” and I doubt the press conference will produce any further meaningful material.

Well a little bit later I got on twitter and realized I missed a significant portion where this country’s president used a national stage to defend blatantly white supremacy our nations ugly history of racism and horror.

As a black person I’m obviously not surprised at the lengths Trump is capable of dragging down the office of the presidency - an office that tainted with the stain of systemic oppression slavery and black pain.

However what more needs to be said and done about this president before he is no longer allowed to use his platform as a literal white supremacy recruitment campaign?

On top of the everyday victims of anti-black hatred and white supremacists bigotry, all Trump is capable of doing is adding deadly amounts of fuel to an already abhorrent fire that has been burning from this nations birth.

So yeah. I happened to miss this happen live. Don’t know what place I would have been in mentally if I saw this live. But here are the tweets that caught me up to speed case any of you missed this as well

Okay so I think all the girls in the Love Yourself Highlight are gorgeous but like have y’all seen Taehyung’s girl