and i want to tell everyone!!!!

I Have Something To Tell You...

After seeing how everyone is coming together and spreading so much love, especially in the Jacksepticeye community, I’ve decided that today is the day… 

I have something to tell you guys…

I’ve wanted to say it for a while but I was worried about doing it… 

But I’m not so worried now and you guys are my friends, and so I think you should know this… Here goes… 

I’m asexual. At least I’m like 99.9999999999 (etc) % sure that I am. Yes, I have done a lot of research and reading about it to be sure, I didn’t want to rush to label myself. And the great thing about labels is that they can change. But this is what I identify as right now. And I’m proud to say it. I. Am. Ace. :D

So if you don’t accept aces and think they are invalid, unfollow me now please. But if you do accept me, then yay!! Thank you and I love you! ❤

This was pretty hard to post, but I thought that you guys wouldn’t hate me for being ace. You all seem too sweet for that and you’ve been so kind to me this far, which I’m very grateful for by the way :3

Announcement post over. Thank you for reading ^_^ ❤


Idol: Jeon Jungkook

Word count: 1,774

Genre: Angst…?(idk you tell me)

Request:  Can I get first angst and then it turns into fluff scenario with jungkook (BTS) (I really really like school scenarios or when you are working with then or like he is an idol and you’re fan) 💕❤

A/N: I don’t know if you  could tell…. but i got a little too carried away. But i hope you like it! and sorry if there are any typos, its like 2 in the morning and i was too lazy to re-read everything.

Jeon Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him, even the teachers loved him. With his jet black hair and breath taking smile. He can sing, dance, and rap, what the hell can’t he do, he was perfect, not to mention that he was a mastermind with the ladies. Everyone loved him.






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marco: *doesn’t correct Ms. Heinous calling him a princess*

marco’s family: *doesn’t question why everyone is calling their son a princess*

star: *tells marco he looks “super pretty!” in makeup without even the slightest hint of mockery or sarcasm*

marco: *with enthusiasm* “Can I stay in this dress?”



I was on IG. I made the mistake of looking on MM’s IG. Yes, there are crazy people over there. Everyone wants to tell everybody else how to behave. We are all adults here. MM is an adult. This is solved in two seconds. She can become private for a few days and erase all the garbage and also report those responsible. If you don’t want this crap on your account you are responsible for managing it. You don’t have to endure the crazies. All platforms tell you how to delete, block and report so you don’t need this garbage. You can message the platform, like Instagram, and tell them your problem if you need to. This is solvable.

I get questions saying why should MM have to do this? This isn’t her fault. No the behavior isn’t her fault. What she does about it is.
If there were no guidelines on the IG platform that would be different, but there are. If you sit and watch people burning down your IG account and do nothing, who should be blamed? Your account, not theirs.

@markiplier Why are you telling Jewish people, Romani people, LGBT people, etc that they’re equal to their oppressors? (Literal Nazis.) This isn’t even about Kjellberg anymore, man, this is about you telling me personally that I’m no better than someone who wants me dead for my gender identity and for who I love. Someone who wants me and everyone like me literally exterminated.

Do you have any idea how hurtful that is? You’re espousing respect, but you’re disrespecting everyone in a marginalized group.

I don’t think you’re a bad person, Mark: I admire your charity work and your Make-a-Wish projects and your work ethic. I’m also deeply hurt that you seem to think I’m not a better person than someone who wants all people who aren’t white and straight and Christian dead.

I will continue to be a fan, and I will continue to admire you. I realize that text is a volatile and difficult medium, because you can’t interact with it–so I must ask for clarity, hope that I read your intentions wrongly, and hope that you think me better than those who wish me dead for how I was born.

I think my favorite V3 talent swap would have to be Maid!Momota. He wouldn’t be one of those formal ones like Toujou, though, probably? He’d be one of those café maids? With the petticoats and the singing and drawing cute things on ur omeletes in ketchup. People tell him he should get a different outfit but he says he wants to blend in with his fellow maids at the café and everyone just kinda rolls with the fact that this guy with the crazy hair is here in a maid outfit.

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im really trying not to be mean.... it's just true lol. pale skin means everything cute (peaches, sakura blossoms, kawaii stuff like that) and dark skin just isn't. it's not racist if it's true, i just don't want to be mean loool xD =^-^= gomen

i can’t tell if you’re being serious anymore. you sure you ain’t trolling cause this sounds so unreal right now…………

i honest to god want you out my inbox unless you’re gonna show your pasty ass off anon

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I dont know what to do anymore. I feel like I have no future. Ive almost killed myself 3 times this year and I dont tell anybody out of fear that they will be angry. I try to pray every night , but it normally ends in me thinking that its useless because im worthless and I know that God cares about everyone. I just dont want to feel cared for or happy. Its just too hard for me to accept that, when all i really want to do is lay in bed and cry and I dont know whats wrong with me.

You are not worthless. You loved by God and He has great plans for you.
Please tell someone about this situation. If they get mad at you then they are stupid. People love you and care for you and they want the best for you and I bet they are willing to help if you just talk to them. Please go tell someone and get help. And always remember that God loves you and we will never leave you. I will be praying for you and if you would like to talk please message me. I am always willing to talk to anyone.


Chris’ birthday is in two days and he has asked if he can have Liana at his home, actually his new home he has rented. After the meet up Chris has been so quiet with everyone, texts me when he needs too. He told me that he is moving out of that old home and is moving to some rented place and I forgot where he said now, he keeps telling me what he does every day which he doesn’t need to do at all but he wants too, I think Chris is a little butt hurt about everything that went down. I personally feel a little free, I know the truth but now I am just still kind of numb to the situation. I am just happy things are back to normal, my family are back in Barbados and so is Mel so I am home alone, Liana is in Pre-K, she stays there for a few hours and then I pick her up. I know this whole set up will be changed soon, I am thinking of going back to work and I want to make the album in New York, my thought process will be so much better there. I feel so much stronger in myself, I do have that notion in the back of my mind about everything that happened but overall I am good, that is all I care about.

Rolling my eyes hearing the doorbell go off, this is going to be another thing Chris has sent me. Hearing her little feet scurry along, slowly getting off the couch. Seeing Coco run her little ass to the door, this is the dog Chris got me, delivered to my door with a sorry note and more flowers. I don’t know where to put these flowers anymore and I have told him to stop, this stupid dog is enough. Liana loves Coco so I guess the white French bulldog can stay. He now sends me a rose every day because I said stop doing flowers, walking by the dog because she can barely run with her little legs. Dragging open the door and seeing the same boy that delivers these flowers “hi” this little Mexican boy said “again” I said, he laughed “yes, these are for you” looking down at the roses “roses this time” I said, he bought a box forward “and this” taking the roses and square box from him “thank you, see you tomorrow then” shuffling back inside “yes you will” he said so confidently, what has Chris done, created a schedule.

Placing the roses on the kitchen counter, I want to know what is in this box. Opening the slim squared box with ease, my eyes widened seeing a round shaped cookie with a picture of me and Chris, placing the top lid on the side. My fingers lightly touching the top of the picture, this is a beautiful picture. Just because you can see the happiness in our eyes, so much happiness oozing out of this picture, it reminds me how love feels like. We was so young and fell in love, they said that we wasn’t in love, but I knew we was and I fell for him instantly. Even then I wouldn’t do an interview without him. I was so nervous because of my stupid accent, I was afraid nobody understood me. I clung to him back then too, and he was there for me. Why did he have to pick this picture, placing the cookie picture down and placing the lid on top. Looking at the roses and seeing the enveloped card, he keeps writing me love songs or poems or even drawing on them.

Hearing that ugly thing bark, looking down at her “what is wrong now? It took you that long to walk back huh?” she is actually a beautiful dog, Chris chose well “I think I need to buy you a bag so Liana can hold it, hmmmm I have an idea now” let me go back to what I was doing, I am getting side tracked here. Opening the envelope, pulling out the card. The air got caught in my throat, what is wrong with him. How and why does he still have this, I didn’t think he would have still had the first scan picture of Liana. Furrowing my eyebrows, he is a mess sending me all this every day and he always throws me off guard. Turning the scan picture around, reading what he wrote.

‘Thanks for the times that you’ve given me. The memories are all in my mind. And now that we’ve come to the end of our rainbow (our rainbow will never end). There’s something I must say out loud. You’re once, twice. Three times a lady. And I love you x’

I couldn’t help but smile, he is playing at my heart strings and he has to stop this. I didn’t say anything to him that night, I just walked out but I guess my silence spoke many words to him. He doesn’t need to do this at all, he can move on if he wants. Placing the picture down, he has flooded my home with gifts and creatures like that dog. But he has given me the best gift and that is Liana so he doesn’t need to do this, maybe he feels bad but I wouldn’t hold it against him. Just because I have freed my heart and I don’t feel like that black cloud is over my head, I had questions and he answered them. He confirmed and admitted that he did cheat, he got Ava’ number. Chris didn’t really say it was his fault before but he did now so I can accept it, he always tried to say he thought I cheated so he did it.

Pressing the buzzer as I waited outside the pre-k school to open the door, Liana has actually took to it quick. She loves it and I thought she would’ve been crying but no. She comes here for three hours max, just to ease her into it. The door unlocked, pulling open the door and walking inside. I hate leaving Liana here, I just want to keep her safe with me forever but I need to let go and let her live. The Kindergarten teacher smiled looking at me, I like the security here too actually but I still would want Liana with me “hello” the teachers are always happy to see me “hey, hope everything was ok today” walking behind her “oh yes, Liana is fine. She said she is a little sleepy but she was playing outside and running around, must have drained all of her energy” sounds like my bundle of joy.

“Mommy!!” Liana yelped running towards me “look at my princess with the dirty clothes” I need to never put nice clothes on this girl, she has been playing in dirt “I miss mommy” picking Liana up “I miss you too, was I on time today?” I asked, Liana nodded “I not wait long, where woof woof?” she is so adorable, I love my daughter “Coco is at home we will see her soon, say bye now” taking her jacket from the teacher “bye” she waved, turning around to leave “you need to be careful baby, look at your shoes, what you been doing?” pushing the door open “outside” she telling me outside like I can’t see the mess of her clothes “well you need to be more careful, don’t play with messy boys” they are a mess and making Liana one too.

Staring out of the car window as Rich drove by the sunset strip, I am taking Liana to see Chris and also I want to see Chris’ new place, just to see if it checks out to be child safe so I know she will be ok there. I didn’t say no to him with having her, I just want to see for myself if it is ok. Rich turned off and went up hill, Chris has really moved out of the way from that old place. He lives actually closer to me than I thought, unless he planned it that way “this looks like the place” Rich pointed out this corner home with Chris’ Lamborghini parked in the open garage at the side, looking around the neighbourhood, this looks very closed and very white neighbourhood so Chris better be good. Rich parked the SUV outside, the statue outside Chris’ home looks so pretty though, like an angel “we here to see your daddy baby” looking at Liana, she is confused on why we ain’t seeing the dog she loves so much “daddy?” she spat, I nodded “yes baby” unbuckling her car seat seatbelt.

Chris buzzed us in and said the door is unlocked, I am so glad to see the back of that home, to look at this new home for him, it’s a breath of fresh air “baby don’t run” I said to Liana ahead of me, looking around as I walked the path to the door. I am impressed already, I don’t think his trash friends are here either or they would have blocked the drive. Grabbing the door handle and pushing the heavy door open, opening the door wider. Seeing the stairs that led us down straight into the all black floored all white walled living room with a mint coloured rug and couch “watch the stairs” Chris said at the bottom, nice of him to warn us.

Liana held the side as she walked down the steps as fast as she could, her hair bouncing around “the hell you been doing girl?” Chris pointed at Liana’ clothes “I play daddy” Chris met Liana half way and picked her up, watching him hold Liana close and swing her around “I can see that messy, you need to not step on my new rug though” reaching the bottom of the steps, looking around the living area. The projector screen down, the fire lit in the corner. This is so cute and cosy “this is cute Chris, a downgrade but cute. How come? This is small for you” Chris turned around with Liana in his arms “two bedroom home, I am trying to stay lowkey. I still have my stuff at the old place but I am renting this place out” walking more into the living area looking around “I like this black and white theme, it’s cute” it leads to the kitchen from the living area “I see you are liking my place” Chris said behind me “I am, it’s a real blessing to see the back of that home. It looks peaceful and more where I don’t mind Liana coming” this home is so clean for him, I am waiting on someone stupid to come popping out.

This home is fine, Liana can stay with him now. Chris is staring at me so hard, he is making me nervous. Liana is busy exploring and I wish she would stay with me, keeps Chris from not saying anything “Liana’ catwalk tomorrow, are you coming? She should be walking about five in the afternoon” breaking Chris’ stare “yeah, for sure” he licked his lips after “you look really well Robyn, I am happy for you” smiling at him “I try but you need to stop sending flowers and gifts” Chris chuckled “wait for tomorrow then” he grinned, letting out a chuckle “you’re crazy, I don’t hate you so you can stop” Chris sighed leaning on the kitchen counter “I know you never do, I feel bad. I want you to know I am real about this, I need to spoil you. Things I should’ve done when I was with you, I been thinking you know. I been trying” nodding my head “I can see you have, I am happy for you” Liana ran back over at us “baby, you want to see your bedroom!? I done a cute bedroom for you, come let me show you” Chris picked her up.

“Close your eyes” Liana squeezed Chris’ neck tightly and squeezed her eyes shut, Chris opened the door. I am trying to see this myself like it is my room, shuffling into the bedroom “wow, Chris” stood in the middle of the bedroom looking around the My Little Pony themed room “did you do this yourself?” this is amazing “yeah” Chris placed Liana down on the ground “you can look now” Chris said biting his bottom lip stepping back, Liana opened her eyes slowly. She gasped in shock “Apple Jack!” She shouted running to the wall “you went through all this effort, it’s rented?” I asked “yeah, I asked permission. I would have to paint it back after but I wanted to do this, this is why I have been quiet. I was busy doing this” Liana ran back with a toy in hand “what do you say now?” she is so happy, my precious baby “love you” she mumbled giggling, Chris picked Liana up “it’s ok, you and I will be playing. I got all these new toys, daddy got a projector in his room so we can watch movies” why couldn’t he just be like this initially, because all this heartache could have been avoided.

It is cute to see what he has done for Liana, her bedroom is adorable and she is going to love it. I think this place is perfect, it is more family orientated and I would be more than happy for Chris to have Liana here actually. Sitting on the couch, that man upstairs just couldn’t remain faithful to me and it hurts, it really does. Chris hates that I don’t give much to him but normal and sharp answers, Chris knows how to break into my heart and he is slowly doing that, just that I am trying my hardest to not show it. I just need to concentrate on me, I will see how long he can last with being like this, he will get bored “what did you mean when you said I am happy for you earlier?” Chris creeped up on me out of nowhere “happy that you are changing for yourself” I shrugged “I can’t wait for you to run out of ideas, then you can stop sending me flowers” Chris sat down next to me, shuffling away from him “I’ll not stop, I will never run out of ideas. I will just have to step it up, I heard what Jay Z said about me, I hope they not in your ear about shit” looking away from Chris “they don’t run me” I said bluntly, they have been telling me to stay away, well away from Chris.

My mom wanted to come with me to see Liana’ first catwalk show, I am so excited to see my daughter do her thing. Big D came along with me, I always take a bodyguard. After this I get to take Liana with me, I get to have her for my birthday. Watching my mom get out of the range as I locked the doors “it’s very busy here” letting my mom walk ahead of me, seeing Julius outside and from then I knew Bey and Jay are here. Big D opened the door for my mom to let us walk in, I just want to see my baby, and I don’t care for other people. Seeing Jay walk out of the dressing room with Blue, I turned my head walking by him.

Walking into the room, seeing Liana in the mirror like a little princess she is “I hope you ain’t putting make up on girl” Liana turned in the chair to look at me “daddy!” she held her arms out “baby” walking over to her “I came to see you slay!” touching the top of Liana’ head “you got lip gloss on?” looking at her lips “I look pretty?” she asked, I nodded smiling “of course baby, you so beautiful” leaning down and pressing a kiss to her forehead “she’s uhm doing three outfits, we did a little run and Liana wouldn’t listen. So she is being paired up with Blue, we realized that she walks better and in one place like that” Robyn said stood at other side of the chair “sounds about right, are you staying behind here or do you want me too?” Robyn shook her head “I will stay here, I got you and your mom some good seats. Record it for me” I nodded my head, looking at Liana “you kill it out there baby, I am so proud of you. My baby a model now, slaying it for Burberry. You will see me act a fool out there for you, have fun and I love you pretty girl” I don’t think Liana cares but I know she will do well, she may act a fool because of me because I am a proud dad.

Sitting out front waiting for my daughter to walk out, I don’t care for these other kids that are walking out, they ugly anyways. Robyn had to put me across from Jay and Bey, not so much Bey because I don’t mind seeing her but Jay, he hates me so much. I won’t front, these kids are cute. Seeing the boy walk out on his own with his Burberry fit on, I really would want a son so I can dress him just like me. Furrowing my eyebrows, I’m thinking about another child already and I need to fix my relationship with Robyn, I really wouldn’t mind another baby with Robyn “look at her!” my mom slapped my arm, scared me out of my thoughts. Looking down the runway, Liana has her finger in her mouth, she is shy. Blue started walking and Liana walked along with her, I know Robyn said record but I can’t. My smile grew as Liana and Blue got closer to us “look at my baby!!” I shouted, I don’t care. Standing up clapping “come on baby!” Liana moved her hand from her mouth holding her arm out to me “look at the camera, go on baby” pointing ahead at the camera, Liana walked along to front.

I think I got some looks from these posh people but I do not care, that is my daughter there. Placing my shades back over my eyes waiting for Liana to come back out again, looking around the room and realizing I am pretty much hated by most of these people here. I know for a fact her people are working on not having me around but they are stuck with me, Liana will always keep that connection. My smile grew again seeing Liana with her Burberry trench coat and shades, she is on her own this time. Liana walked so slowly, I wonder why Blue didn’t come out with her again. I feel all nervous now for my baby, look at her walking slowly. My heart skipped a beat seeing Liana fall, I didn’t even think, I just shot up. Getting on to the runway and running over to Liana, picking up Liana’ shades. Liana let out a cry “it’s ok baby” picking Liana from the floor and bringing her up to her feet, she clung on to my arm so I picked Liana up instead “don’t cry” wiping Liana’ face with the back of my hand, placing the shades over her eyes “we do it together” walking with Liana in my arms, I didn’t expect it but hearing the crowd clapping made me laugh a little.

Walking backstage with Liana “oh my god, my poor daughter” Robyn rushed over, taking the shades off Liana “I was about to run on but you did it, you both looked so cute” Robyn took Liana from me “you ok now baby? So proud of you though” kissing the top of Liana’ head, I think she is over it “she was doing so well too” this white lady said out of nowhere, I think it’s the producer “she did great, so proud of you” she beamed, Liana smiled at her “awwww I think Liana is over the little fall, you both went running to the rescue. I goes to Rihanna stop, Chris is going” the lady laughed “oh it was cute” she clapped her hands together “I just want to say thank you, Liana was perfect” she said as she walked off, I have never been so proud of my daughter “quick picture” the photographer came out of nowhere, I was quick to put my arm around Robyn and Liana as the photographer took the picture, Robyn didn’t move away so that is a blessing.

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I'm really confused, what happened with Jack? Why is everyone messing with him? You can answer this privately if you want

A lot of people have been telling Jack that he’s so stupid for uploading his ‘Let’s Talk’ video. If you haven’t watched it, it’s about him defending Felix because of people telling Felix that he made a bad joke (which is true) such as antisemitic jokes. And apparently he apologized. 

Jack regret for uploading that video because he was so naive for it. For me, whatever they say, I don’t really care. It’s their opinion and their defending Felix because I believe he is a good person outside of Youtube. Though Jack’s intention is to defend Felix but in his video, it seemed that he is on the media’s side which I didn’t see. 

I was just observing yesterday that Jack isn’t active at all here on Tumblr.  He just responded to a few people on Twitter then *poof*

I just really hope he’s okay and I hope you understand any of what I said. 

Have a nice day ahead!!


I am a huge Caroline/Klaus person, I think their relationship was so well written and would love to see her crossover, but I think that everyone needs to keep in mind for the finale that Klaus CAN NOT make an appearance. 

The shows are linked, and currently, if you do not watch The Originals, I can tell you that Klaus is stuck behind a wall unable to function/frozen because of Marcel. So it is highly unlikely that he would be there in the flesh for the finale. 

So heres my theory: We know Alaric is headed to TO after the finale, right? And Caroline is the mother of his girls, so she’s probably going to want to go there, too. Also, the writers are going to want to tease a Caroline/Klaus reunion because that fandom is SO huge and they want all those people to tune in when TO comes back on the air to ensure more viewers. Plus, we got that little “moment” between Caroline and Alaric in the last episode where they clearly missed each other and Alaric clearly needed Caroline’s help with the kids. 

So my bet is on Alaric saying he is heading to NOLA and Caroline saying she is going to come with. And THAT will be the connection between her and Klaus, leaving the audience no choice but to tune in to TO to see the face to face reunion. 

Also, we know this will happen because obviously OBVIOUSLY Stefan is the one that’s going to die. 


having jaeyoon as your boyfriend:

  • very touchy-feely boy
  • would practically wake up in the morning just to touch ur butt (this boy is the definition of a butt guy i s2g)
  • booty pats whenever he walked past u
  • his hands would always find their way to ur butt when u two were hugging
  • staring at ur butt whenever he was behind u
  • but would always get lost looking at ur beautiful face when u were talking
  • “honey”
  • skinship in front of everyone? i think it’s a must
  • u two would make the guys want to throw up u were so cute and lovey-dovey
  • PET NAMES!!!!!!!
  • he would almost never call u by ur name unless he was mad at u or if he wanted to seduce u
  • he would include “my” before all of his pet names
  • sitting in ur lap and wanting to be held
  • weakest of the weak for ur aegyo
  • would never be able to tell u “no” if u batted ur eyelashes at him
  • squishing ur face with his hands when u were trying to look mad at him (lmaooooo)
  • would be v v v v good at cheering u up when u were sad
  • kisses on the cheek!!!!!!
  • spontaneous kisses in the middle of u talking
  • “sorry u just looked really kissable”
  • french-kissing enthusiast
  • seductive lip-biting
  • idk why but i get the sense that he likes thick thighs and would like hold them when he sat next to u ????????
  • big spoon most of the time, but would gladly be the little spoon if the opportunity presented itself
  • hugging u v tight
  • little sounds/sighs that showed his happiness to be so comfy
  • always always always falling asleep first bc he was just so comfy and relaxed with u
  • super duper cozy and just comfiness heaven

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Bucky: What makes you think that Kimberley would want you?
Ward: Well you mean aside from the obvious like I can protect her more than you?
Bucky: You don’t seem like her type?
Ward: I’m everyone’s type Winter Soldier.
Bucky: *grabs his throat* That’s not my name!
Ward: Oh did I hit a nerve?
Bucky: Kimberley would NEVER like you. You’re with Hydra. She knows what they’ve done, she’ll hate you.
Ward: You won’t tell her. I’ll stop you before then.
Bucky: I would watch what you’re saying. I can finish this right here, I could crush you’re throat.
Ward: Then do it. Just know that Kimberley would never forgive you for killing the man she loves.
Bucky: She would never love a pathetic person like you.
Ward: You’re one to talk. Aren’t you Hydra’s plaything? That means I own you Soldier.
Bucky: *squeezes his throat* I belong to no one!
Kimberley: *walks in* Bucky! Stop it!
Bucky: *lets go* Kimberley, you didn’t hear what he said.
Kimberley: I don’t need to! Will you both just stop the fighting?! I’m fed up with it! *walks out*
Ward: I told you she loves me.
Bucky: We’ll see.

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Sir (since I do not have the formality of calling you Daddy) This page has a lot of positive insight to the subject, I feel as though if anybody wanted to know the type of guy to have as a Daddy then they should come here and look at the way you act.. both caring and mindful; I appreciate this page a lot so thank you for that. Also I hope everything in your life is going well as I can tell you're the type of guy to strive to achieve and work hard so well done, I'm sure everyone is proud. x

You are very kind and I appreciate what you said very much. 😊❤️ much love and happiness to you -Brandon (me)

Hey everyone i want to tell you all why deh means so much to me

Trigger warning (self harm suicide)

So I first heard/seen dear Evan Hansen about a 2 months ago and this showed saved my life the night I saw it I was about to kill my self I had given up on life for what ever reason and I was in really dark place and I don’t know what made me stop and watch deh instead but I am so thankful I did because I don’t know if i would be here if I didn’t it was the first time I felt completely understood and I saw myself on stage in Connor and Evan and the show gave me a sense of hope that I would be okay and I really needed that and that night I also stoped hurting myself and threw away my blades and I’m still in a bad place but I’m doing a lot better because of this show and I will be forever grateful that pask and Paul wrote such a great show that feels so real and that the cast portrays these characters so that they feel real and i just really love this show.

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I'm starting to feel like we're never going to actually win. When we finally get F/F representation, the relationship is typically sidelined. And then, when we complain that only 5 minutes of screen time isn't fair compared to what everyone else gets they tell us we should just be happy with what we've got.

And you know what the sickening thing is….that I don’t want to complain too much for fear of even less screen time. But, I do have to say the Sanvers storyline is BEAUTIFUL and good representation for the small amount of time we do see them. 

Hey Iuh…“found” this list of torture sentence starters that you can use in the future if you need it
Make them cry
“I never loved you.”
“You’re the reason they’re dead!”
“It’s all your fault!”
“Who could ever love you…?”
“You’re so stupid. So weak.”
“Just go away. I don’t want you here.”
Blackmail them
“Who would’ve thought a sweet thing like you would have such a secret?”
“I’ll tell everyone. Scream so loud the country will hear.”
“I have a friend with a radio station, you know. Broadcast it all over the city.”
“If you want this back, you’ll do whatever I say!”
“Be a good little slave, you don’t want your secret out, do you?”
“I know everything. I can ruin you.”
“Beg me, and I might consider keeping my mouth shut.”
Interrogate them
“Sing, birdie.”
“I know exactly how to make you talk.”
“You know some fascinating things, don’t you?”
“I’ll use your greatest weaknesses against you, and you know I know them all.”
“I have means of extracting information from you.”
“I might play with you a little longer after you’ve talked. You’re too cute.”
“You’re tough. But I’ll break you.”
Yell at them
“You idiot! You dumbass! You- you fucking moron!”
“You’re absolutely useless, aren’t you?!”
“What the fuck have you done this time!”
“You don’t care about anyone but yourself!”
“You’re not human! You’re a monster!”
“You’re a disgusting little rat!”
“You’ve fucked up for the last time!”
Physically hurt them
“What, can’t take a punch?”
“I’ll kill you!”
“It’s only a scratch, asshole!”
“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot you!”
“I’ll slit your damn throat!”
“Kiss my shoes or I’ll stomp your head in half.”
“I didn’t mean to draw blood, but oh well.”
“That’s going to bruise.”
Torture them… gently
“You want some of this cake? C’moooon, beg for it!”
“Tickle-tickle-tickle! Kitchy kitchy koo!”
“Whaaaat? Is this yours? You can’t have it back, it’s mine now!”
“I’ll stop singing when hell freezes over!”
“Get in the locker, shorty!”
“Annoying? Me? Annoying?”

Have fun~

Nalu Headcannons
  • Lucy admits that she likes natsu before he does
    • Natsu.exe has stopped working
    • Lucy thinks that he doesn’t like her back
      • So she runs away
        • cliche, i know
    • Natsu chases after her after hes out of his trance
    • And tells her that he likes/loves her too
  • They both blush a lot whenever they look at each other after that
    • And their friendship is different…
    • They try and be more romantic
      • And they don’t laugh around each other as much
    • Everyone in the guild is worried
  • Time for the first date
    • They go to see a movie
      • Natsu wants to see the comedy movie
      • Lucy wants to see the horror movie
    • But since it’s a date they both tell each other that they would prefer the romantic movie
      • That was a bad idea
    • They get bored of it so easily
    • And fall asleep
      • lucy leans onto natsu’s shoulder
      • And natsu on lucy’s head
    • They wake up after the credits when an employee tells the that the movie is over
    • They both get embarrassed and get their stuff and leave as soon as they can
    • Once they exit the theatre they both laugh
      • And don’t stop
        • Like there are tears in their eyes
        • And their holding their stomachs
    • They are finally having fun in front of each other after they started dating
    • They both agree that they have to be themselves from now on
    • And they go their separate ways
  • The next time they go out they go to a horror movie
    • Natsu hates horror movies
      • But lucy uses her puppy dog eyes
    • Natsu is scared the entire time
    • And he clings on to lucy
      • She doesn’t mind
      • And finds it really cute
    • The movie ends and natsu says that he’s never doing that again
      • Lucy laughs at how cute he is, he’s still attached to her arm when they exit the theatre
    • They go out to dinner
      • And natsu eats like a pig
    • Lucy remembers the first time they met
      • And gets all sentimental
      • Natsu acts indifferent
      • But inside he remembers it too and loves that the same thing is happening again
  • They keep on going on fun dates after that
    • Like going ice skating (natsu had to pay gray a lot to freeze magnolias pool)
    • And amusement parks (natsu hated that day, but he would go on the rides just for lucy)
    • sometimes(usually) they just go to each others houses and eat junk food while playing video games
    • Everyone in the guild is happy to see them being normal again
      • And happy has been following around on their dates the entire time
        • Natsu and lucy act like they don’t know
        • But it’s hard to miss him “aww”-ing whenever they hold hands or something
      • Miras shipper heart is happy
      • And reedus draws many pictures of them being happy together
  • They still do all of their jobs together
    • And feel more in sync when fighting enemies
  • One day they climb onto a roof and just look at the stars together
    • Lucy points out all the constellations
      • natsu is amazed by how much she knows about stars
      • She’s really excited to share her knowledge with someone
    • Once she finished hey gaze into each other’s eyes
    • They both lean in
      • And it’s their first kiss together
      • It isn’t the whole fireworks thing
      • But it’s still amazing, and the best kiss either of them had
        • And the first kiss
        • Excluding happy
  • A year later they move in together
    • And they don’t feel like they need to get married
    • but
      • Whenever they see kids without families on their missions they bring them home with them and adopt them
      • to adopt hem they need to get married
    • So they do, in city hall
      • And natsu takes lucy’s last name because its heartfillia tradition
    • They have/adopted a lot of kids
      • Like a lot
    • And the guild is full of life with all the kids running around
    • Everyone loves them
      • And all the kids love each other and their parents so much
    • And the other kids in the guild always wait for natsu and lucy the adopt more kids so that they have more people to play with
  • And they all live happily ever after, most probably

anonymous asked:

ok so the "protect moho squad" needs to stop like its a good idea BUT SOME OF YALL ARE HARASSING PEOPLE THAT ARE MAKING JOKES ABOUT THIS there not even bad just! i should know im one of the blogs and so do alot of people on here. moho honey i know there nothing you can do about this and its fine i just wanted to make this so maybe MAYBE some of them will stop i love this fandom to pieces and i love you but we all know that everyone needs chill pill

Yeah, I’ve noticed how they are going out of hand when certain accounts pm me, saying to tell my followers to stop harassing them. some of you even made suicide threats to them and that’s just uncalled for! I know I can’t control every individual that follows me but please, from the love of your bean king, STOP HARASSING OTHERS

To: @liubez , @historicalsimslife , @lifeasasim , @justanothersimsblog , @hevtions4ever , @charmedwiccawitch , @krazyangelkat81 , @ciarasia , @kittythesnowcat , @samikattsims , @thataintironic , @cat-and-shadow 🔮

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