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I’m sure you’ve seen me posting about it but the super cool @lesbianderolo and @trickfoot are putting together a critter animation project à la those done for TAZ, Game Grumps, and other shows. Unfortunately, they’re really hurting for both voice talent and artists, so if you’ve got a bit of time or interest, please don’t hesitate to check out the @nat20animation project! The script is wonderful, the people working on it are talented and lovely, and it’s a project designed for the community to get behind and participate in––our very own brand of communal storytelling.

If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 

Homecoming... With Me?

Request: Some peter angst that he doesn’t want people to know that he’s dating Y/n and some other guy asks her for homecoming in front of all the people in school so they (peter and reader) fight because she feels like the other boy is not “ashamed” of her, and Peter gets all jealous and the other day he’s like showing everyone that she’s his girl

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: So I got a bit confused on your request, I wasn’t sure if you wanted the reader to like say yes to the request or no? So, I thought it’d be better and fit with the story more (also because i’m evil) that she does say yes, but more to see if Peter does really like her.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: angsty?

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“Will you go to Homecoming with me?” 

His questioned stunned you, never in your life did you think that Flash, Flash of all people, would ask you to Homecoming. It hadn’t, also, really crossed your mind that you needed a date to Homecoming because despite not having a date, you had a boyfriend. And even if you weren’t going to publicly share your relationship or act like a couple on the night of Homecoming, in your mind you had a date. Even if no one else knew.

Didn’t mean it hurt any less though, or didn’t nag at the back of your mind that your own boyfriend wouldn’t even ask you to Homecoming.

Looking over at Peter, your boyfriend, for some kind of guidance, you found none. What had been a peaceful lunchtime, chewing on your sandwich as you sat with Michelle at a table, directly beside where Ned and Peter sat, had been ruined, or more messed with when Flash had made his way over. Surprisingly, he hadn’t even given Peter a glance, which seemed to be his number one target for his teases, and instead only focused on you.

And while you weren’t all that popular, you definitely had your fair share of friends. You just chose to stick with Michelle because she’s where you felt most at home, besides when with Peter. But you couldn’t be all that close with Peter in school because… he didn’t want anyone to know you were dating. You weren’t even sure yourself why the reason was, but you’d gone along with it because of the long time you’d pinned after his affections.

“Um…” You found yourself at a loss of what to say, and when looking at Michelle you found even she was shocked. It seemed Flashes unusual question had caught most of the cafeteria’s attention, much to your dislike. “I’m not sure… Flash. I think- I think i’m good but tha-”

“Come on, Y/N.” Flash interrupted your decline, no loss of confidence in his gaze. And while you’d never quite gone as far to say you hated Flash, you most definitely didn’t appreciate the way he treated Peter or the way he held his ego as if he was better than everyone. “You know no one else is gonna ask you, not two days before the actual dance, so why not?”

Okay. That hurt. Not only his comment, but even if you’d secretly been dating someone, no one had even taken the time to offer you or ask you. Flash was the first one. Again, Peter not even mentioning it when alone and if you brought up the topic of Homecoming he’d change the topic as soon as he could. 

But still, even if Peter was admit on not having your relationship out to the public, part of your hurt went to him, hoping he’d say something to defend your honour. But he only turned his head away from the both of you, sticking his nose back into his lunch tray. And that. That hurt more than anything else. 

“Listen here, you-” Standing up you held your hand to Michelle, stopping her from defending you. Smiling thankful at her, you nodded before turning back to Flash. “Sure.”


“Sure, i’ll go to Homecoming with you.” You repeated, clarifying. You heard the echo of gasp around the cafeteria, probably all expecting you to say the opposite of what you just had. Flash’s expression twisted into one of shock for just a second before he nodded; “great. I’ll pick you up at your house at seven.” You nodded in confirmation, watching his back as he walked away.

If Peter wasn’t going to show his true feelings for you on his own, you needed to give him a little push. You only hoped that he wouldn’t prove you wrong. But, your hopes dropped a bit when you turned in the direction Peter had been only to find him gone, no where in sight and only Ned was left. Before you could even react, a slim hand grabbed ahold of your wrist, yanking your attention back to Michelle. “What the hell were you thinking?” She asked incredulously.

Biting your lip, you shrugged; “honestly. I don’t know.”

For the rest of the day, you didn’t see Peter. Even in the one afternoon class you’d shared with him, he had failed to show up. You’d asked everywhere, anyone you thought could possibly know Peter and either they had no idea who you were referring to (which only lessened your like of the school) or had no idea where he’d gone. All saying the last time they’d seen him was at lunch or before.

Soon enough the end of the day arrived and you found yourself at your locker, packing up whatever you didn’t need. Looking up from the book you’d dropped off, you sighed, your hand coming out to grab ahold of your locker door. Shutting it close, you jumped in surprised when Flash appeared beside you. Holding a hand against your chest, you took a deep breath, turning to your new companion with a glare. “Jesus, Flash. You can’t just sneak up on people like that.” 

“So,” Flash started, ignoring what you’d previously said. “If you’re going to Homecoming with me… does that mean we’re dating?” 


“We’re dating.” Flash repeated, though this time the questioning tone lacked presence. Opening your mouth, you found yourself unsure of what to say. You mentally cursed yourself, you really hadn’t thought through your decision to say yes to Flash earlier. Even if he was a jerk, he didn’t deserve to be used, not like this. 

But still, his question or statement, brought a feeling within your stomach. Flash was so… forward with the idea of dating you. He wasn’t ashamed to ask you both times and certainly was shy or embarrassed to be dating you. Which at the moment seemed to be exactly what Peter felt in regards of your guys relationship. He wasn’t ashamed of you or the idea of him dating you. So, swallowing the lump in your throat, your hand unconsciously found each other, fiddling with nervousness. “Would you be… embarrassed to date me?”

And in a very Flash like way, he snorted, answering like it was the most obvious answer in the world. “No. Why would I? You’re like really hot.” He commented was anything but flattering but still, it meant more then he probably understood. 

Flash took your silence as a answer to step forward, his hand moving up to land on your arm. His hand was rough, way more rough than Peter’s had ever been. Anytime Peter ever placed his hand on you, touched you, he was gentle. Probably more gently than he ought to be, but it was sweet. It was calming. Flash was aggressive, quick, and before you knew it his face was nearing yours, dangerously fast and close. 

You couldn’t even move away, because even if Flash had flattered you with his denial of embarrassment, you definitely didn’t want to kiss him. Definitely didn’t want to cheat on Peter. But his grip was so tight, so forceful that before you knew it you back was against the back of your locker and you couldn’t get out. You braced yourself before the weight disappeared, the grip left as well and opening your eyes, you found Flash on the other side of the hall and Peter in front of you.

Your mouth opened in shock, stunned by the force it would’ve taken Peter to fling Flash that far. Force a normal teenage boy doesn’t have. 

“Peter?” You questioned hesitantly, pushing your back off the wall. Peter turned instantly, making you jump from the speed of it all. Peter wasted no time in grabbed your wrist and while you’d prepared yourself for a tight grip, it was nothing but gentle as usual, maybe a tad bit more tight. Then you were being dragged from Flash, who only stared at the both of you (mainly Peter) in absolute shock.

“She has a date to Homecoming.” Peter snapped before he led your through the hallways of the school. You both said nothing as you were dragged through the halls, still too stunned by what you’d just seen. Had Peter just asked you to Homecoming…? 

When you were far away from Flash and in an empty wall, which didn’t surprised you seeing as the bell had rung nearly a half hour ago, Peter was still dragging you. But your semi long walk had given you time to process everything, to think, and you felt anger burn within you. You were quick to halt your feet, stopping Peter from dragging you through the hall and ripping your hand from his grasp. He didn’t fight you, letting you go easy enough. But not without turning around to face you, a baffled expression on his own face. 


“How dare you?” You snapped, making Peter’s once frustrated gaze turn into only more confusion. You were quick to answer his questioning look. “How dare you come in here and act like some kind of hero? Especially after everything during lunch and then disappearing and not answering any of my calls or texts-” Throughout your rant, you’d begun beating on his chest repeatedly, leaving no room for a breath.

“Lunch?” Peter interrupted, his voice raising slightly. “You mean where you accepted Flash’s proposal?” You’d never seen Peter so angry, so frustrated. His nose was flaring, his cheeks tinted red and he was huffing and puffing. If you weren’t so angry yourself, you might have been a little scared. 

Peter stepped forward, shocking you once again and grabbing ahold of your hands. Effectively he paused the wounds you’d been inflecting on his chest, bringing you so close to him you could feel his breath on your cheeks. You found yourself unable to say anything as he opened his mouth again; “why the hell would you say yes? We’re dating, remember? You’re my girlfriend!” 

“Oh, am I?” You questioned, just as flared up as he. You fought his grip, trying to gain use of your own hands but he held fast. It wasn’t even a bruising grip, but for some reason you couldn’t wiggle your way out. And while the grip didn’t necessarily hurt, there was so much strength in his grasp, strength you didn’t even know he had. “I wasn’t too sure anymore since the only ones who know are you and me!”

“Yeah, so what?”

“So what? So what is that I don’t want to be your girlfriend if I can’t even tell anyone!” You yelled, tears bursting from your eyes as all your pent up emotions flooded through you. Peter paused, his grip not slacking but his expression softening. Sniffling pathetically, you tried to hold yourself together but only failing tremendously. “At least Flash isn’t ashamed to date me. Not like you. He’s not embarrassed to date me, love me, like you are!” 

Peter said nothing. Nothing at all. Which only made your heart sting even further. So finally, shoving you managed to break one wrist free, pushing at his chest. All his strength seemed to disappear as an expression you couldn’t read washed over his face and he stumbled back. Grabbing your other wrist, you turned, walking away.

Then, something held fast on your sweater, swinging you back towards Peter. You opened your mouth, to say something as suddenly you found yourself back in Peter’s arms, them securely around your waist as he held you against his chest. You looked up at him and then his lips were against your own. Kissing you with such force, and holding your hand so tightly as if he was afraid to lose you. Panting, you pulled away and looked down. “What-?” You mumbled, staring down at the string like web connecting you to Peter’s writs. “H-How? I… don’t-”

“I’m not ashamed to date you, Y/N.” Peter interrupted your rambling, making you turn back to look at him. Still only inches apart, he smiled softly down at you. “I never have been.”

“You-…” You shook your head; “you’re Spider-Man?”

“Yes.” Peter nodded, “and that’s exactly why I thought no one could know. Y/N, I have a lot of enemies. If they knew how much I cared for you, then they’d use you against me. Hurt you.” It made sense. Perfect sense. Even if you didn’t like the fact of it making sense, it did.

Pulling at the webbing on your sweater, you ripped it off, bundling the rest up. Peter watched your face for a reaction but you only kept your head down. Even if there was now a valid reason for why you couldn’t share your relationship with anyone, it didn’t help. Because it’d only go back to being the same.

Hands grabbed ahold of your face, turning your gaze back at Peter. You pouted slightly as he smiled, shaking his head. Rubbing his thumb over your cheek, he chuckled; “but I know now… that that doesn’t help either. I want people to know your mine to, Y/N.”

Hope filled within you, and your lips immediately turned up at the corners into a smile. “You mean?”

Peter nodded, chuckling at your excitement. “Will you got to Homecoming with me?” You threw your hands around his neck in excitement, squeezing him tight as you squealed. “Yes!”

Needless to say, the next day Peter and you walked into school with his hand around your waist and a smile on both of your lips.

Finding Home - Epilogue



When two worlds collide and life is turned upside down, you’re faced with the reality that you may not be able to make it back home again to the one you love. But then a familiar face shows you that love can span more than just one universe, it can cross them all.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, AU Cas x Reader

Warning: There will be ANGST, but this is a love story told with the ups and downs of what two people have to go through to find each other again, and the love that could be lost along the way. There will also be some strong language and light sexual references. It’s a slow burn this time.

A/N: I just wanted to thank you guys. I’m sorry to see this story end, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. Thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged, sent replies, messages, asks, and played along with the whole Team shenanigans. Little things like that make life so much more fun. So thank you guys. Love you lots!

Word Count: 2,293


Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Epilogue


When Cas stepped outside the school, the silence hit him hard. It was odd to notice such a thing at all because he had spent so much of his time alone. For years he had taken his classes and gone home to study, and the quiet had never bothered him then. Why did it seem like such an ominous presence now?

He carried his briefcase, moving just a little bit slower that evening, as he made his way down the front steps and began his walk home. The sun had set and the sky grown dark, the stars just peeking out from the shroud of nightfall. Though there were a few other people milling about, he didn’t see them. His eyes were cast down, absentmindedly watching the sidewalk a few paces ahead.

It was the sound of your voice that he missed, the music of your laughter that he tried so hard to win. The sound of his footsteps on the pavement was a lonely sound. They stood out against the hum of crickets that sang beneath the shelter of their bushes and the occasional car rolling by. Absent was the comforting sound of your heels clicking alongside his.

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Okay dudes Phil cursing is not really a big deal . Cursing does not show signs of maturity. “Oh he’s 30 he can swear if he wants to. ” well he doesn’t want you guys to hear it out of respect, the way he was raised I guess. Just know that censorship isn’t a bad thing if it is his choice. Please let him be if he curses and censors it oh well there are actually babies watching my niece and nephew we’re watching over my shoulder and I see little kids watch phil all the time just a few y'know but let Phil do what he wants. It’s happening but you’re not gonna hear it. Deal with it.

[PRINTABLE] SEVENTEEN OTP’S Floral Memo Pads! + Happy Birthday to me!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I’mma be singing 20 right now! This blog and project has been no more than a month but the love and support has been overwhelming! And I know this is one of the most anticipated printable so far so I’M going to give this present to you guys! Throw your scrap papers and swap them with your favorite Seventeen pairing memos!

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anonymous asked:

Hey do you watch Brooklyn 99? If you do, should I watch it? Is it how I met your mother and friends level funny?

I do indeed watch b99! I haven’t seen HIMYM or Friends (sorry!!) so I definitely can’t convince you by comparing to those two, but I genuinely want to tell you that you should watch it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of, if not the most diverse show I’ve ever seen on tv. 

  • the captain, Raymond Holt, is a gay black man over 40 in a healthy relationship, married to another man. that in and of itself shouldn’t be groundbreaking, but because of the world we live in, it is. which is wonderful.
  • now, onto Jake Peralta. at first, he looks like your Typical White Guy™ but he is a jewish self proclaimed feminist, and punched his childhood idol because he was homophobic. this guy doesn’t take that shit from no one, but he’s still my favourite character, and hilarious. a lot of his lines have me screaming.
  • don’t doubt Andy Samberg because of his previous SNL stuff, he’s the perfect Jake.
  • Amy and Rosa are both Latina women, who’s culture is certainly acknowledged, but not the big thing for their characters. basically, b99 nailed incorporating culture without rude stereotypes or erasure. that in and of itself is very beautiful. oh and, did I mention rosa’s a badass canon bisexual? because she is.
  • Charles is a man who is the exact opposite of the phrase “fragile masculinity.” that’s awesome.
  • Terry is the sweet strong guy in a committed relationship with his wife, and has two kids. he’s so wonderful as a character. I have no words.
  • And while you can’t play the diversity card with Gina, she’s definitely relatable and hilarious.

oh and, did I mention peraltiago? YEP, this show nailed not only diversity, but also healthy relationships!

not only did it have a perfect build up, since jake and amy are the rivals-to-lovers you read about in fanfic, their relationship is beautiful! jake trusts amy so much it’s beautiful. he never talks her down. 

an example — when Amy went undercover in a women’s prison, jake spent the whole time worrying about Amy, and instead of doubting her or making her get out of there because he couldn’t handle it, he shared his insecurities with Amy, then removed himself from the situation because he has 100% unwavering faith in her. it’s fantastic.

now, in terms of funny, I swear to you this show is hilarious. ANYONE who watches will agree.

even though it’s tackled some real serious stuff (racial profiling, for example) the show never lost it’s comedic tone. the episodes are 20 minutes long and perfect for binging. the one liners are gems. I promise you you will be clutching your stomach laughing in almost, if not every, single episode. 

so yes, I believe you should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Please do, actually.

So I just sent in a confession about this guy being like my whole heart and me ruining the relationship b/c of my insecurities. Well after I apologized he followed me on Snapchat. He’s currently in Texas with his gf posting all of these snaps and honestly I’m just like why would you follow me? I don’t want to see this and it makes me sick to my stomach to watch it. I feel like he did this to show me what I missed but it’s only making me hate him tbh.

Vikings / Sons of Anarchy Crossover Fic

So here it is! I didn’t come up with a fitting title so far but maybe next chapter. I already got the feeling that this will turn into a monster. I’m dying to throw an OC into this and see what happens, so this can be seen as a prologue. I really hope you guys like the idea because the next chapter is already in the making.

Naturally this is a bit off canon for both shows. Out of practical reasons the timelines are a bit different, also in this Ivar can walk and is a bit older then he currently is on the show. Later chapters might require more changes (I totally want Opie to be alive) but we will see.

I’m a bit nervous because this is so different from everything I have written before. I hope you guys like it.

@belle-scarre @nekodalolita


„Have you heared the news from Oaktown?“ Juice came running towards him as soon as he had pulled into the TM lot.

Jax took off this helmet and sunglasses. “Calm down, Juicy. What news are you talking about?”

“There’s a new crew in Oakland. They’ve taken over Lin’s territory.”

Jax narrowed his eyes. “Really? I suppose Lin’s not all too happy about that?”

“He was found dead yesterday morning.”

“Not too much of a loss for the world” Jax stated as they joined Chibs, who was sitting at the picnic table in front of the club house. “So what do we know about this new crew?”

“It’s an MC. They call themselves Vikings. No one knows where they came from, they seem to have appeared out of thin air.” Chibs said taking a long swig from his beer.

“They pop up out of nowhere, kill Lin and take over his territory? They must be more than bold to pull of such a thing. And smart if they’ve found a way of doing that without having to fear the retaliation of the Chinese.”

Chibs gave a shrug. “Or maybe they’re not so smart and the problem will solve itself soon.”

“There’s more. About Lin, how he was found.” Juice added.

Jax looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

“It’s just rumors so far but they say that his back was cut open and his lungs were pulled out. Then he was left like that to bleed out or suffocate or whatever. That is really brutal shit, man.”

“And it changes the whole dynamic in Oaktown. What does that mean for us, Jackieboy?” Chibs asked.

Jax rubbed his chin. “I don’t know yet. We’ll have to wait and see. But in the meantime I want you guys to find out everything you can about this MC. We’ll deal with this later. Nero is waiting for me in Stockton to talk about that Diosa expansion.”

On his way to Stockton the news about this new MC were going round and round in Jax’ head. The road was long and straight and there was not much to see besides slight hills and low bushes. Deep in his thoughts, he noticed the dark van that suddenly appeared next to him seconds too late. The side door slid open and Jax hit the brakes, just in time to fall behind as three masked men started to shoot. He managed to get behind the van and out of their sight but relief only lasted two seconds as the driver of the van hit the brakes and he had to take a fast swing to the left in order not to crash into the vehicle in front of him. He looked around for anything that could be helpful, but there was only the straight road ahead and the desert around him. That meant there was only one chance to get out of this alive. He turned the gas lever and accelerated his bike to maximum speed. By pure luck he dodged a few more bullets that came flying past him, but soon the shooters realized that at this speed their chances to hit their target were going towards zero and settled for just following him. For now.

Jax let out a relieved breath as the outskirts of Stockton came into sight. He barely slowed down his bike as he passed the first buildings, desperately trying to come up with a plan to get rid of his followers. Obviously he couldn’t show up at Diosa with them still in tow. He spotted a deserted looking factory hall to his right and managed to drift into the gateway at a deadly tempo, wheels smoking and brakes shrieking. A small smirk appeared on his face as he looked over his shoulder and saw that the van hadn’t made it and had to stop and reverse. He drove around the building and hid his bike behind a pile of scrap metal, although he knew it probably made no difference. Looking for a way in, he found a small dirty window just above his head. He smashed it with the handle of his gun and managed to pull himself up and inside.

Jax heard the van pull up outside and soon after there was a rattle on one of the doors. He found cover behind a rusting dumpster just next to that door. If they came through it and marched right in, he would be in their backs, maybe that would give him the advantage he needed.  A single shot echoed through the hall, followed by a loud crack as the door was kicked open. His plan seemed to work out, for the three men stepped in, totally unaware that he was that close. He waited until they had passed him before he left his covert, gun pointing straight at them as he flicked the safety off.

“Don’t move. Guns down. Don’t turn around. You can try and shoot me if you want but then at least one of you dies here.” He was almost surprised as they obeyed immediately, slowly bending down to place their guns on the ground. “Good. Now slowly turn around.”

The men did das they were told and slowly turned to face him. The moment he realized that all three were grinning through their masks it was already too late. He heard the metallic klick of a gun lock behind his back.

“Drop our weapon and raise your hands.” A voice commanded from behind him.

He had seen three men shooting from the van, of course there had to be at least one more. He cursed himself for his stupidity. He was screwed now. There was no way out of this one.

“What the hell do you want?” He asked as his gun landed on the floor with a clatter.

There was no answer, instead a shot rang out. Jax was startled and for a moment he was sure that this was the end. Surprisingly he didn’t feel anything. Then he heard the dull thud of a body hitting the ground.

The three men in front of him grabbed their guns from the ground and ran for cover. As more gunshots echoed through the factory, Jax decided that it probably was the smart move and followed suit. He found a place where he had good cover but was also able to see what was going on.

Three more men had entered the hall, unlike the first ones they weren’t masked. Two of them had bold heads and thick beards, the third one was dark haired and seemed to be younger than the others and even though they all were wearing cuts, he didn’t recognize any of them.

They were going to work expertly, giving each other cover while moving in on the masked men. It seemed as if the bullets flying towards them didn’t concern them in the slightest. Jax had to admit that he was impressed with their combat skills. He fired a few bullets as well but from his position he had a shitty angle at his former capturers and from what he saw these new arrivals weren’t in need for his aid. As soon as they were close enough one of the two bolds made a hand sign and the dark haired man started to move around the old truck the masked men had found cover behind. As he circled the truck, Jax could see the back of his cut. Vikings MC it said over some strange sign. The conversation with Chibs and Juice this morning came back to his mind. He obviously had found the new Oakland crew. The other two Vikings were keeping the men behind the truck down with steady fire and soon the dark haired one had reached them. No questions were being asked. Three quick shots and then in got quiet.

This was probably the time to get out of here, but to reach any possible entrance he had to get past them. He wasn’t sure if they knew that he was still here until the dark haired one gestured into his direction, addressing the others in a strange sounding language.

Jax tightened his grip around his gun as they approached him. “Who are you?” He asked, raising his gun.

A split second later he was staring into the muzzles of two hand guns. Only the bold guy in the middle hadn’t raised his gun and Jax spotted a President’s patch on his chest.

The President clicked his tongue in disapproval. “Is that the way to treat the guys that just saved your ass?” He was talking with a slight accent Jax had never heard before. “You can put that gun away, we have no quarrel with you.” He gestured for his companions to do the same.

The other bold man slowly lowered his gun but the younger one didn’t move. He was watching Jax through narrowed eyes, his finger tense around the trigger.

The President nudged him with an elbow. “Ivar.”

Jax could see the hesitation in the other man’s eyes and slowly let his gun sink in de-escalation. Ivar followed suit, but he made sure to move just a little bit slower than Jax did and unlike everyone else he did not shove the weapon back into pants but kept it his hand, radiating an air of silent threat.

The President nodded. “Now that that’s settled, my name is Ragnar and this is Ivar, my VP and Floki, my Sergeant.” He said, introducing the group. “And you’re Jax Teller, President of the Sons of Anarchy.”

Jax narrowed his eyes. “You know who I am?”

The Sergeant gave a strange giggle. “Of course we do. We always do our homework, otherwise we wouldn’t be around anymore.”

“Then maybe you also know who these guys were.” Jax said, gesturing towards the four dead men. “And what they did want from me, because I seriously got no clue.”

“A crew of drug dealers from Oakland.” Ragnar explained. “Shitheads mainly, but they thought now that Lin is gone they could become all big and influential. And they don’t seem to like competition, killed one of my guys two day ago. I had someone following them around ever since then and this place seemed perfect to make our move.” He dramatically waved his hand around. “This is how we ended up here.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense. My club isn’t selling drugs.” Jax argued.

“Well then, maybe they just didn’t like your hair.” Floki said with another giggle.

Jax ignored him. “We are trying to keep drug out of Charming.”

“Ah.” Ivar made, tapping his temple with two fingers  and Jax knew what he meant, maybe that was the point.

“Well, maybe we should continue this conversation elsewhere.” Ragnar suggested. “If the people of Stockton aren’t deaf, the cops should be here soon.” He looked at Jax. “There’s a little party tonight at our clubhouse. Why don’t you and your crew show up? Maybe we can work together in some way to both of our benefit.”


So here’s the full recap of the concert I went to last night. 

So I went to see Palaye Royale at a place called the Cat’s Cradle in NC last night. The venue was really cute and super laid back (they allowed re-entry). The only problem was that there was not AC or ventilation so once the bands started playing it quickly turned into a sauna. 

A band called Out Came the Wolves was first and I’d never heard of them before but they were actually really good. I ended up talking with them for almost an hour later on in the show. They’re all really nice guys and I would recommend checking them out if you like music like Crown the Empire/I See Stars. They took turns working their merch tent to fill in for their normal merch guy and they were so nice to fans that wanted to talk/hang out. They stuck around the whole night taking photos and meeting fans. 

Then Palaye Royale came on and their set was amazing! They played all my favorite songs. Remington mentioned how hot it was and you could tell all the artists were dying on stage but they still gave a great show. They played their cover of ‘Teenagers’ by My Chemical Romance and they did it perfectly. After their set they came to their merch table and met fans. I showed them my plague doctor tattoo (seeing as how they sell merch with the plague doctor on it). They all gave actual real hugs to fans. I know a lot of artists just do the side hug, but these guys legit hug their fans. All three of them were super sweet and kind to everyone. They all signed my ticket and I got hugs and photos with them all. Emerson and Sebastian both complimented my outfit. I actually talked with Sebastian for a bit and he’s such a nice person! As long as it doesn’t interfere with school I will 100% be going to see them again in September when they come to Charlotte, NC. Seriously, these guys are easily in my top three sweetest bands I’ve ever met. 

They came back out after the show and signed more things and took more photos. They seriously make an effort to thank all of their fans for coming. They are so genuinely grateful that people came out to support them and that’s so nice to see in a band. Also their two merch girls are the sweetest merch workers I’ve ever met. I talked with them a bunch during the show and they’re awesome and if you go to their shows you should tip them!!! 

I See Stars and Crown the Empire both put on amazing shows. I don’t really listen to their stuff but they have great live shows. The power and stage lights kept malfunctioning during their sets but they still gave it their all. Crown the Empire legit shook the building with their base. 

Despite the heat I’m so glad I went to the show. I had a great time even though I only knew the one band. It was a pretty small venue (and probably 200+ people there) which made it the perfect size in my opinion to get that intimate concert vibe. 


look i have words to say:

the writers/producers/actors of a show owe you, a fan of their show, absolutely nothing.

you are not entitled to to tell people what to do with their ideas bc it’s what YOU want to happen. it’s not homophobic for someone to say, “that’s not what’s happening here.”

just because you (and i!!!) ship supercorp doesn’t mean it needs to be canon.

calling out or attacking actors for having opinions that are different than yours makes you a rude & entitled person, not a fan. i’m not offended by jeremy jordan (the guy whose JOB it is to play a character on a TV SHOW) saying supercorp isn’t canon. because guess what?

it’s not.

how he said it? yeah maybe not so cool. but he & his coworkers are constantly bombarded by y'all asking about things that aren’t happening on the show or things that have nothing to do with them. some things y'all say about these actors - personal things!! esp at chris wood - i’m not surprised they get fucking annoyed by it and maybe say something in a shitty way. they are real people w real feelings just trying to do their fucking jobs. don’t expect respect in return for how badly we as a fandom treat the cast. it’s so fucked up you guys.

if you have a problem with representation in the media, then create that representation yourself whether that be through fanfiction, fanart, w/e or maybe even try to work in that industry to be a creator of the kinds of media you want to see. there is a problem with representation in media, but crying about how your gay ship isn’t canon & how the cast doesn’t think it will ever be canon & said so on tv is not going to fix it. ‘become the change u wish to see’ & all that. yelling abt it on twitter isn’t going to do anything. sorry to break it to you.

tl;dr i have an issue with how fandom expects their every fantasy & idea to be catered to.

& for those quitting the fandom: don’t let the door hit y'all on the way out. stalking people’s families, defaming real people based on one uttered sentence, personal attacks on their appearances & moral character… take that with you, too.

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( PART 1) Hi I think you give great advice and was curious to here your insight. I have been in an on and off relationship with my ex for about 3 years. Right now we're off because of various reasons. When we were together our biggest issue was that he didn't have time to spend with me or just wasn't willing to. now he says he has too much going on to be in a relationship with me and can't do the long distance because we argue to much.

(PART 2) But at the same time he says he wants to marry me one day and still wants to have sex. I expressed to him I want to move on. But he said he can’t let me go. Now I feel stuck, because do I wait for him to be ready or just move on.

i hope you’re not falling for some guy saying he wants to marry you but literally taking no steps to show that he’s the marrying kind or that he’s committed to building a relationship with you

a lot of men will talk about marriage because they know it’s what you want to hear. you hear “marriage” and suddenly you stop looking at the man that’s in front of you, and start imagining this man as a husband, or the fantasy of a husband. of course he’s going to say he wants to marry you if saying that makes you open to having sex with him. he knows he’s not worth your time, so he’s trying to sell you on some fantasy.

how in the world is he talking about marriage but also not wanting to be in a relationship with you?

please hun. don’t be gullible. this has foolishness written all over it. 

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okay so since i hit 500 followers last night, i’ve decided to celebrate by creating some lil aesthetic photo grids for you guys.

if you’d like one, this is what you need to do:
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i did these 2 examples quickly to show you guys what i mean!


Viktor Nikiforov is like, the spitting image of, as I like to call him, Mystery Man X. The way their hair sweeps slightly to the right, just barely covering their almond-shaped eye. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming story ends up visualizing Viktor and Yuuri’s love story! (Not that I mind.)

All jokes aside, I really hope the other story ends up being Jihyun Kim’s (V), as I really want to show him what true love is, not Rika’s idea of love.

What ‘bout you guys?

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I would like to thank you for writing out that email and going through the trouble to send it to anyone and everyone. The Supergirl wlw fanbase loves and supports you. Thank you for standing up for us youngsters and giving details for people to understand the full extent of this horrid mess. I'm hoping they see your email and take action to pull out a nice apology and not some self victimizing apology like Jeremy's. We deserve better than what they gave us.

I want to say that I love and support you guys too, so so so much, and this community has done a lot for me as far as getting more comfortable with my sexuality after I was under the impression I had a good handle on it. You’re absolutely welcome ANY time and I am so happy that my words meant something to so many people and I definitely wish for what you do in terms of an apology. Your messages and every single one like this confirm how much this show and this ship and these people mean to us, and we do deserve better. I love you ♡♡♡♡♡

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Can you please list all the things wrong with Raven and one with Elena? They seem fine on the show but I can't watch the live feeds

Well, listing all the things wrong with those two would take up my time, but someone asked me about Raven not too long ago and

She’s constantly mocking Josh’s accent

She did a “blackcent” and exaggerated the way Dominique talks.

Was a huge contributor to bashing and attacking Dominique, called her aggressive, hubris, and I want to say said something about putting her in her place among many other things

Lies about/mentions her disease constantly

Also is incredibly fake. Will have a convo with you and then go and bash you

As far as Elena goes

She said that black guys love her

is always making sex jokes about things that aren’t funny

Has no boundaries (she pulled down Ramses shorts when he told her to stop and she showed his ass to live feeders)

She was also a big contributor in bashing Dominique and showed a lot of micro-aggressions. She said she would beat Dominique with a hot curling iron, and also said that Dominique was rude, and passive aggressive when all she did was wash her hands

Encouraged Paul to do blackface

Encouraged Mark to throw pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face

I just saw that the supercop shippers got invalidated and mocked just like the sterek shippers got a few years back and continue to get, and to be honest I’m so sorry for you guys. 

I did watch the show, I ship sanvers( I also only now got to know the brownface thing about Floriana), I’m very anti K*ramel, and I wasn’t a supercorp shipper but I had nothing against it either, I actually would preffer then to be together 1000x more that the trash ship with the misoginistic tool.

I know how feeling invalidating it is to be threated like that, I know how is to be lgbtq+ and being mocked for seeing something there that heteronormativity doesn’t allow other people to see, and I know what is seeing and actor you love to be very unconfortable in the face of a stupid cast member. 

It is sad and disheartened, but even if it is not enough, remember: you have fandom, and fandom culture will always do us justice, in the great moments and even more in  all the moments canon will let us down.

When the canon shows that Tyrion is sitting there, on his own personal Dragon that Khalessi gave him and who respects him and so he can ride it around, and then he lands that dragon and jumps off of it to strut up to Sansa (HIS WIFE) and kiss her and then they walk back up to their castle with their beautiful children because they are mARRIED and iN LOVE i want you guys to know i was there from DAY ONE.

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Any advice for aspiring wrestlers? Especially how to work a mic

Firstly, immediately commit yourself to your craft. If you don’t believe in you, nobody else will. When you’re about to step through the curtain, get yourself in the right frame of mind to conquer the show or you’re not going very far. I, myself, will stop before stepping through, remember names and faces of people who’ve doubted me, who’ve bullied me, etc. and think of horrible things people say about me. It helps motivate me to be better. Because of that, people who doubted me now talk me up on their podcasts, and people who bullied me now want me to take pictures with their kids. It’s really rad, but I digress.

On the mic, you want a good flow of speech. Nobody… likes… a guy who… pauses… constantly. Or, someone who keeps the same pitch the entire time. Come up with some one-liners to shut obnoxious fans down, because trust me, they’ll be there. Also, think of something shitty you would say to a person like yourself if you weren’t a fan, and then write up about 20 comebacks for each of them. My notebooks are filled from top to bottom with one-liners because I sit in a car for 2-8 hours at a time (sometimes more) and just spout off comebacks.

What bothered me about the casts reaction to supercorp

They are only taking the piss because it’s two women.

If people wanted to ship Kara with any attractive man around her age on the show. It would not be a big deal. They would not be laughing about it.

How do I know this? Because every attractive man Karas age has been into her on the screen. They wrote that in. Now the lgbtq community comes along and wants to have their fun.

No that’s totally ridiculous. Guys, they’re just fucking friends, they’re just friends! Translation: that’s not normal, cut it out.

I’ll tell you what a pro lgbtq program does, it normalises queer relationships, they are no more a big deal than a straight one (see, Orphan Black, an amazingly inclusive TV show).

And as for that apology. Go stick it up your arse, it would of been better if you had said nothing, if you think we are that dumb to believe, honestly, one of the most un-heartfelt apologies ever, it just makes it worse. Don’t bother apologising again, because you don’t have a lgbtq fan base to apologise to anymore.

Well, you certainly don’t have me. Definitely boycotting. TBH the writing and plot just keeps going downhill anyway, this is just the cherry on top. My minds made up.