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Dammek quirk prediction

Dammek likes guns and trash and rock music, right? So I’ve always thought of him as a rapid-fire pottymouth. But, the thing is, Hiveswap is E10+. So, unfortunately, no swears (which makes me intensely uncomfortable because what 14-year-old doesn’t swear?). So, sadly, we won’t get to see Dammek say fuck.


He can get by swearing if he just substitutes the word dammit with the word dammek. 

Dammek’s gonna get to swear a whole lot more than he’s allowed to by saying his name over and over and over again like a Pokemon whenever he wants to swear. It’s his quirk. 

What evidence I have for this? 

a) Hussie likes swearing.

b) Hussie likes loopholes.

Dammek’s quirk is turning into a fucking Pokemon when he wants to swear. If this doesn’t happen, I will be thoroughly disappointed.

She Knows - Part IV

Summary: I honestly don’t know what I’m doing lol  Daniel gives you a ride home and tries to explain things a little further. 

Requested by a couple of ppl lol

@larrystylionsonisbae24-1 asked me to tag her, and I said ‘I got you’ (help me it’s 1AM and I’m being weird again) 

I’m gonna label this as a mini series, so in my masterlist it will now being under series!

You sat in silence as Daniel drove you home. You could see him glancing at you every few seconds, irritating you a bit more every time he did.

“What?” You cried out, your voice cracking out half way through.

“Why do you keep glancing at me? Do you want to make sure I’m okay?” You laughed as Daniel pulled into your driveway.

“I’m fine, Daniel! I mean, who wouldn’t be after they just found out that the people they thought they could trust with their life have been lying to them for almost 2 years!” You sat in the car, tears falling down your face as Daniel stared at you.

“I’m sorry.” He looked down, not knowing what else to say.

“Sorry isn’t good enough.” You whispered, playing with your hands to keep you distracted.

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Aaron being fully affronted by Dr Mason's 'I see why you dumped him' is my literal fave. Like how very dare you speak ill of Robert Jacob Sugden. Only I, Aaron No Middle Name Dingle, the shag that changed his life am allowed to speak ill of him. (I just wanted to reminisce about how Aaron was such a good lay Robert risked everything he had worked for to keep banging him, only to accidentally fall in love. I miss AffairRobron sometimes.)





also if u ever speak an ill word about robert in front of aaron, he will cut u

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Watchu think about Ultron tho, BF material?

After some major behavior programming to accept “organic” feelings for him, sure. Wanting to exterminate the human race isn’t a great jumping-off point for a relationship; tends to send the wrong message.

Physically, tho… HOT DAMN. Just…unf. Those angles, and the smoldering eyes, the raw power of him. He’s like 8 feet tall. *sweats*


I’m not sure how long the relationship would last (I see him being an arrogant asshole, even if he loved you) but then again, I feel like the possibility would exist of him trying REALLY hard to change himself to be what you needed when he finally figured it out. Not saying he’d succeed, but he would try. 

And hey, if anybody ever pisses you off or hurts you outside of the relationship, he’d totally take them out for a friendly chat and lay down the law. (AKA take them out of sight and vaporize them. He may love you, but other humans? Not so much.)

I Won’t Fight You

Characters: Peter Parker, Y/N

Song: Let It All Go by Birdy, RHODES 

“Tony, I’m sorry.” Peter choked, feeling guilty he can no longer fight. Thanos had defiantly taken his toll on him. With the rest of the avengers struggling to fight around Peter and Tony, keeping them safe so Tony can say his goodbye before sending Peter back home. Not knowing if he would ever see Peter again.

“It’s okay, kid. We got this, you fought good. I’m proud of you.” Tony reassured him with a kind smile. “Go home to May and Y/n. They need you more than we do.”

6 Months Later, After Infinity War

“I don’t know, Peter. My head really hurts.” You told him, laying down on his small twin bed. Not wanting to go school that day.

“You can stay here all day if you want,” Peter said to you from the doorway. “I have to go over to Stark Industries after school, so I won’t be back until late.”

“I thought that was next week?”

“They moved the court date to today. I still can’t believe he left everything to me. I still can’t believe he’s gone..” Peter trailed, leaning against the door frame. He looked down to his hands and fiddled with his fingers.

You got up from the bed, ignoring the pounding in your head. “Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, no. I’ll be fine. Stay here and get some rest, God knows you won’t at your house.” Peter kissed your forehead and gave you a sympathetic smile before leaving for the day.

You felt like you could be doing more for Peter. He lost his third father figure in his life and he isn’t even sixteen yet. Peter feels responsible for losing him. It’s not his fault, not by a long shot. You’ve tried to tell him but he just gets fussy about it and goes quiet.

You went to the kitchen and searched for something for your head. You never really get migraines, so this was a little odd. Aunt May had left a note for Peter but he obviously hadn’t see it, she left early and wont be back until late. Looks like your home alone all day.

You laid back down in his bed and cuddled up in the blankets. Ready to take an all day nap.

But laying there made it worse. Seconds felt like hours as the pounding grew worse and worse. You closed your eyes tight as a few tears slipped out. The pain was excruciating like someone was banging on your skull with a hammer. The most you’ve ever felt for a margarin by far.

You lasted a couple minuets but ended up verbally groaning im pain. You clutched the hair on your head and rustled in the sheets wanting nothing but for this to stop. You considered calling 911 but before you could you got a feeling a sudden numbness. The pain was there but in the distance almost like it was fading away, you closed your eyes involuntarily and fell into a deep sleep.

Waking up wasn’t hard. Your eyes darted open, the pain in your head was gone. Completely gone and you felt so relieved. You couldn’t remember much from this morning at all besides the pain and a foggy conversation with Peter.

You looked out the window, it was dark outside. You had slept all day and Peter still wasn’t back. How long did he say he would he gone for?

You tried to sit up in the bed but couldn’t move your body. It was as if you were tied down or being held back by something. You tried to move your head to the side but to no avail, you couldn’t. Panic was setting in and you could feel your heart beating faster and faster in your chest.

Suddenly your legs whipped around the side of the bed and you stood up straight. You couldn’t help it, you couldn’t stop it, everything was numb. But you didn’t fall over, you were standing perfectly straight. As if you were some puppet on strings.

You tried to sit back down on the bed, fearing you would fall over and not be able to stop yourself from it. Only to fail again, your mind wasn’t in control over your body. You could practically hear your heart beating.

You began to hear a quiet, raspy voice in the back of your mind. It defiantly wasn’t your own. “….Kill…..Peter Parker…” The voice hissed at you, echoing in your mind. It began to repeat itself over and over like a broken record. “Kill…him.”

“What’s happening?” You breathlessly mutter to yourself. Your breath became hitched as the voice grew louder and louder inside your mind.

“…..Kill….Peter Parker….do it now!” It bellowed. It was a voice filled with resentment and hatred, and obviously set on one goal.

You couldn’t think to yourself without fearing they would hear it. Intruding your thoughts over and over again, you knew he could hear them, everything you knew, he knew.

You tried your hardest to not think, trying to remember a tune to sing in your mind. Maybe to outwit him or try to get him angry enough to leave. Anything that wouldn’t give away something to harm you or Peter.

As the voice was in the middle of another death threat, you heard the door to the apartment open and close. You shut your eyes tight, hoping to God it wasn’t Peter. You begged for an intruder, someone who wasn’t suppose to be here. They would leave and you could battle this out yourself.

“Babe! You still here?” Peter yelled from the living room, coming closer his bedroom. You could tell the voice was getting restless, it wanted what it wanted.

“Kill him! Or I’ll do it for you!” It roared.

“Peter stop.” You pled, trying to fight your legs from moving forward. Not being at all successful. The person in your head was becoming antsy, ready to get the job done. You found yourself walking to the door and opening it, revealing yourself to a quite sad looking Peter Parker. “Run, Peter.”

“What? Y/n what’s going on?” You were standing still, watching his every move trying to beg him with your eyes. Trying to tell him something was very wrong.

There was a moment before you started attacking him. A moment of silence, the calm before the storm. You could see the sadness in his eyes from being at Stark Industries, you hoped he saw the desperation in yours for him to flee. But before he could process anything and before you could warn him again, the lamp from the couch side table was thrown at his head in one swift movement.

Whatever possessed you had brought out some kind of inner strength because that lamp was thrown fast and hard. You could barley through a football on a good day.

He ducked in time, obviously because of his spidey senses. “Woah, hey! What’re you doing?” He put two hands in front of himself to block whatever you could dish out next.

“I’m not doing it!” You yelled as you rushed at Peter. He dipped and weaved right to avoid you, looking shocked. Your eyes darted towards the kitchen as you reached for the meat knife on the counter. You pleaded in your head, hoping the voice would hear you.

Not Peter, please.

You looked back to him, standing in the living room, confused and scared. His eyes were wide at you as you turned around with the silver knife. You were slowly walking towards him, almost as if it wanted you to be afraid of yourself too. Which you were.

“Y/n,” Peter put forth a hand. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know,” You cried. “There-theres a voice in my head. He-he wants to kill you, Peter.”

Peter’s eyes narrowed in thought. Almost as if he knew what it was.

Before you could speak again, the knife was hurdled at Peter’s head, he moved sideways just barley missing him and wedging itself in the wall. Without hesitation you’re moving to extract it.

Taking it out of the wall and bring it back down to your side, your body turned towards him. You could feel the rage and anger that was boiling inside you from whatever this was that took you over.

You thrashed the knife sideways, barley missing his stomach as he bounced back. He looked up to you again before you swung the blade once more, just being out of reach. Feeling the anger again, your arm was now swiping the cutter left and right trying to slice Peter open. Thankfully, Peter dodging them every time.

You quickly stopped slicing and jabbed the tip meat knife into his chest without hesitation. Your mouth opened wide at the realization at what you had done.

“Peter!” You whimpered, bringing the knife back to your side.

Peter’s hand moved to his chest and he fell back onto the ground in shock. It wasn’t a big wound but it was enough to hurt badly. His mouth hung open at the wound and your possessor did not waste time in making sure to end this soon.

You climbed on top of him and took the knife in two hands, bring it back over your head.

Tears trickled down your cheeks as you tried to fight against whatever was taking over your body. Fighting with every ounce of your being to hold back, to drop the knife and to stop what you were about to do. To no avail, the blade was brought down.

It dug itself into the hardwood floors. Peter had  moved his head to the right to avoid being stabbed in the face. You let out a breath of thankfulness.

Peter wiggled out from under you and stood up, unaware of what to do. He did not want to fight you, he had no intention of hurting you in anyway, he couldn’t.

You pushed yourself up off your knees and stood tall. Looking him in the face before bending over to pull the knife from the ground.

You could feel every ounce of hatred for Peter that your possessor had but that didn’t make you want to kill Peter.

“Fight back!” You screamed at him, tears streaming down your face. “Don’t let me hurt you, please.”

Without speaking Peter fell to his knees in front of you. You moved swiftly and placed the blade to his throat. You looked to Peter’s eyes and he met your gaze. His eyes were filled with sorrow.

“Do it. I’m not going to fight you.” Peter clenched his fists at his sides. “You killed Tony, you can kill me too.”

Peter wasn’t talking to you. He was talking to whatever took over you. He never told you what he fought or what he had seen six months ago back when Tony died. He didn’t want you worrying about it or having the night terrors like he did.

“Peter, please.” You begged him, choking on your tears. He didn’t respond to you, his eyes closed softly and accepted his fate.

Please, not Peter. He doesn’t deserve to die.

You begged in your mind, the knife still firmly on his throat, ready to kill. Seconds felt like years before you heard the voice. With a raspy and stern vocalization, he spoke one word.


You weren’t able to be confused. You had no time to wonder what he had meant. You understood clearly when the blade was removed from Peter’s throat and thrashed jaggedly into your abdomen.

When you felt the first sharp sting of the pain in your skin, you knew that it was over and you fluttered your eyes. Your strength was faded. You wanted to scream, shout and yell out for Peter to save you but it was already to late. You parted your lips, but couldn’t find the right thing to say. Nothing was coming, and you didn’t have any time to figure it out.

He wanted Peter to suffer more loss.

You fell to the ground, feeling an out of body experience and you were able to move your own body again. You hit the floor with a loud thud and Peter snapped his head up, looking onto your blood stained body.

“No! No, no, no. Not you. Please.” Peter begged, coming at your side. Placing his hands over your wound to stop the blood desperately. You couldn’t blame Peter for trying to help you, he felt responsible once again. Another death on his belt that he couldn’t control.

“I-I can stop it. I can save-save you.” He stammered, placing a firm hold on the gaping hole in your stomach.

“Stop,” You croaked, gurgling up blood that was slowly filling your stomach. You were slowly suffocating to death.

Peter looked to you with pleading eyes. Pleading you not to close yours. Pleading you not to go, not to leave him. He couldn’t fathom what was happening. He couldn’t believe he let Thanos take another person from him.

Peter’s tears were trickling down his face quicker than yours were. Truthfully, seeing Peter in so much pain was worse than the pain you had.

Peter wiped your forehead moved his hand to cup your face. Taking in every last detail about your face while he still could. “Please, don’t leave me.” Was all he kept saying.

He was holding your hand in his, kissing the back of your hand over and over as he spoke. Your eyes began to flutter shut and Peter protested.

“No, Y/n. Don’t you shut your eyes. Stay awake, stay with me.” Despite his protests and his endless tears, you shut your eyes. Feeling a sense of calmness and numbness, the pain stopped and you were gone.

And Peter was alone once again.

tianshan is abusive

I really wanted to be talking about 19 days update rn but I feel the need to clear some things.

First, I barely saw anyone of tianshan fandom romantizing the violent scenes envolving He Tian and Guan Shan (we romantize mostly Mo cooking, the jacket, the ‘his business is my business’, He Tian eye-fucking, ‘u r such a little red ball of fluff’ etc etc) the kiss scene and all the beat up IT’S NOT our base to start shipping this? I believe the kiss scene was an attempt of Old Xian to see how the fandom was going to react about the paring OR a warning like 'BE AWARE THIS TWO IS A THING’… So here is it: beyond this point tianshan fandom silent hopes that someday He Tian will kiss Mo with Guan Shan wanting him to. WE DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

I already read so many posts of tianshan fandom explain it that the beat up is one of Old Xian’s characteristics to create the stories and that guys are like this for real! (only yesterday in my class the boys 1. took pictures of each others balls 2. punched each other in some kind of game 3. called each other names for no reason fun) so it’s not like I need to explain myself any further right?

tianshan fandom likes to see He Tian being affectionate with Mo;

tianshan fandom wants to see redhead smiling/happy;

tianshan fandom wants mutual love and respect;

tianshan fandom wants to see He Tian melt in a puddle when Mo reciprocate Chicken Dick He Tian’s feelings;

so once more to the people in the back::::


Me: “When I leave for university I never want to see you again”

Him: “That makes me really sad. I’ve always cared about you”

Me: “Well if you care about me then act like it”

I guess he didn’t care after all.

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Oh! If requests are open, do you mind doing McCree and or Genji with a reader who had an emotionally manipulative ex so they're super anxious and don't really have many friends left? It's been a struggle and I'd really appreciate it if you got to it xx

I’m so sorry this happened to you, I know how it feels and I hope your are recovering <333

Jesse McCree

  • Jesse wants that person to never see the light of day again, this man is impulsive and you gotta hold him back if you want to.
  • Makes sure the creep is never following you around or near you, if he sees them he kindly guides you somewhere else without you knowing the reason, “What, you don’t trust me sweetheart?” 
  • In large crowds Jesse lets you cling on to him and he lets you wear his hat/ serape, hoping it gives you comfort.
  • If things get too much he has no problem interrupting something to pull you aside to somewhere more secluded for the two of you.
  • If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to be touched while anxious, make it clear to him, and he has no problem comforting you from a respectable distance.
  • However if you’re the opposite way his first instinct is to pull you into his chest, kissing the top of your head and rubbing your back, shushing you as the anxiety slowly ebbs away.
  • If you want new friends Jesse would love to introduce you to people and is very social, helping you find new friends or connect with his from Blackwatch. 
  • He is always beside you supporting you, and behind you ready to catch you if you fall. Honestly a ride or die.

Genji Shimada

  • Genjis main goal is to help you heal, and he knows doing something to the person who did horrible things to you will bring nothing in the end.
  • He also knows the struggle of anxiety as you do now, he used to have it after the incident with Hanzo, before he came to terms and accepted what has happened
  • He wants the best for you, and he wants you to have peace.
  • If you are willing, he would love to take you to Zenyatta. It would be better if you and Zenyatta were one on one but if you want him to stay as well, he is more than happy to oblige.
  • With their help you are taught meditation and shielding. These things help immensely with your anxiety.
  • They both teach you how it is okay to be on your own and to be independant, but will also help you make new friends.
  • It’s really cute when Zenyatta tries to help you make friends because he doesn’t understand why you don’t just ask to be friends, and then you are? So he will just go up to someone who everyone deems as looking like a nice person, and is just like, “Greetings, my fellow friends and I are looking for some partnership, would you like to be friends with us?”
  • If you are having anxiety in a situation Genji puts a stop to it immediately and pulls you away, you both getting to eat comfort food and cuddle at home.
Scarecrow in Gotham

Jonathan Crane is going to be so delightfully creepy. I adore the way they created this version of the character. Just the idea that he becomes the Scarecrow, the thing that has traumatized him for years now, the thing what is in his eyes the scariest thing ever, he literally crawls in it’s skin and doesn’t concider himself really ‘human’ anymore…

I mean, people get doused with the fear toxin, but the effects wade off. This poor boy knows exactly what pure terror looks and feels like and it’s his life now, and he comes now to teach everyone else… with a vengeance.

We haven’t really seen a villain that far ‘gone’ from what I can remember and it’s just fascinating to me.

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have you read Carry On? because if you have only read Fangirl idk why are you so frustrated with Simon

No, I haven’t read it. But it’s not the point. I have a feeling you read my answer like this:

Ummmm, you know the answer to the first part of your question so maybe I’ll just skip it… xD I don’t mind Simon Snow, I don’t like people trying to convince me I drew him while it’s not true. I liked Fangirl, didn’t enjoy those fanfic fragments but it doesn’t even matter. I’m annoyed with this character, even if I don’t really know anything about him, because of stubbornness of some people. Yeah, I’m that bitter xD

Please read it again and understand what I’m saying. It’s not about the character himself. People see what they want to see, read what they want to read and understand stuff the way they want to understand it. But whatever, I’m not going to explain anything further because there’s honestly no point.

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Yeah, we had a date but it was not something that we could really control .. it was very short (I mean in real time bc it was dark when she went home) every time our boyfriend came to us we just talked for a little while I miss them;( I want to have a Episode more focused on our boyfriend .. like the double date with rosa (And I really want to visit the boy at their home ^^ or just have dinner with our parents or something .. MAKE IT OFFICIAL CANDY! Even to your parents)

you know this is probably because im with armin, but i feel like im seeing him a lot recently ahah but it’s true that i would rather like to spend time with him in another context…

could we pls have smth like ep 28 again where the ep is entirely focused on our crush

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I see that you're a strong supporter of W!Alistair (I totally get why), but I'm just wondering, do you have any reasons that WOULD make you crown him at the Landsmeet? Just curious~♡ @A-G-B

Short answer: No.

The longer one: No, not really. Unless I want to recruit Loghain and prevent him from becoming a wandering drunk, thus marrying him off to Anora. But then again, I haven’t recruited Loghain (just once for the achievement way back on console) and don’t plan to do this, so this point is moot too, I guess. 

Also I really have no qualms with leaving Hawke in the Fade when it saves Alistair, tbh. Though to this day I firmly believe this choice is badly written, contrived drama for drama’s sake bullshit and merely exists to punish players for not playing the game “right”. Yeah I know, bioware games are about choices, but they (bw) are also always pushing a certain narrative as the more valid one than the other. Because look how easy you can have it if you just make Alistair king in your prior games: You just have to sacrifice Stroud, not Alistair and get to keep your precious Hawke. And given how many players have changed their actual worldstate from warden alistair to king, to avoid having to make that shitty, underhanded/manipulative choice. it workedAlthough punish might be too strong a word, BW giving warden!alistair players the middle finger is probably more fitting here. But I digress.

And since I don’t share fandom’s irrational and overblown hate for Anora Mac Tir, who is (already) a competent ruler in her own right, I really see no good reason to subject Alistair to a life he doesn’t want.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Onision called transfolk freaks and forced his spouse into a "poly" relationship even though they didn't want to add another! He just wanted a new gf. He did blackface and made rape jokes and even though he apologizes and shit he'll end up doing it over and over again it doesn't matter to him. What does matter is his fans views of him. He thinks tall women are ugly and wearing makeup makes you fake. He's not one you'd want as an ally. There's si much proof of his ugliness it's unbelievable

Ah, yup, see, there it is. Several trusted followers have told me the same thing and I’ve found so much about him. 

He’s an ass.

Mod Bethany

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Do you think we'll ever see or hear from Terry ever again?

I have been wrestling with this for the past month or so… I feel like if they WANTED to bring him back, they easily could by now, but of course Terry has a long record so it’s equally possible he could just die in prison. I have a few ideas for how Terry’s return could initiate Mickey’s return and vice versa. So, I think it’s a possibility but if the writers will acknowledge the possibility??? It all comes down to if the writers want to acknowledge the Milkoviches or if they want to focus solely on the Gallaghers. And I have no answer to that, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the ask! <3


when the maknae decided to not follow the script ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side