and i want to see him again


“So, what did you want to tell me?” You asked after he pulled you to a more secluded place. You could see his playing nervously with his hands. His eyes were traveling from yours to the ground.

“Uh… Ehm… Yeah well…” He tried to start passing one of his hands through his hair. “I don’t even know how to start”

You smiled leaning against the three you had at your back. It was funny to see this side of Bellamy when you were used to a very different one. 

“It’s just that” His dark eyes met with yours once again to keep them locked with yours. “I wanted to tell you that…” He caughed awkwardly “I like you” He said in such a low voice you couldn’t heard properly.

“What?” Actually you were just playing with him because besides his low tone of voice, you could imagine what he was trying to say thanks to someone’s hints.

“I… I like you” His statement made you bite your bottom lip, Bellamy was showing himself in an adorable way. “And I know that maybe you just don’t feel the same but… I needed to tell you or…” His words got interrupted when you stood on your tiptoes and crashed your lips to his, surprising the elder Blake who quickly kissed you back.

“Maybe I do feel the same way you do” 


TOM: wow these guys really what to see matt.

EDD: we should probably show him what we been doing for the last hour 

EDD: also i think he said that he wanted to join. Since it involved a camera.

EDD: come one tom. let’s go take it up to him

TOM: aw damn it.

TOM: now i have to set up this dumb camera again.

EDD: just take the bloody camera tom…

TOM: that’s probably a good idea.

EDD: did you get the camera?

TOM: yea i got it

EDD: come one then. Let’s go!

TOM: *whispering* we’ve spotted a wild edd and matt in their natural habits 

TOM: the living room.

TOM: the wild edd is approaching the rare ginger matt. He appears to be having a conversation with the majestic creature.

EDD: tom hurry up!

EDD: and stop being werid we can hear you ya know.

TOM: jeez…ok 

TOM: mr. ilikestoruintomsfun  

MATT: Oh wow! are we filming a movie again!?

MATT: can i be the leading star for this one?!

EDD: actually matt, we’re running a blog now.

EDD: and people are asking to see you.

MATT: really!!!? they want to see MEEEE!!

MATT: i mean who wouldn’t but i didn’t even know what you guys were doing and now people suddenly want to see my pretty face!!

MATT: what a dream!!

TOM: almost done….



TOM: you guys owe me a drink.

MATT: i thought you said you were going to try and give up drinking

TOM: yea…but i mean like an actually beverage that doesn’t get me drunk.

TOM: i think…

MATT: well, i hope you do finally give up that habit of yours. You know how bad alcohol is for your skin!!

EDD: yeah! i don’t think you would want terrible skin, right tom?

TOM: i guess so…

TOM: anyways, i think people wanted to ask matt questions and stuff.

EDD: Oh ya! i almost forgot! Matt say something to our audience :P 

MATT: ok!

MATT: hello! lovely people of the internet :) 

MATT: why don’t you guys ask me and my buddies some more questions?

((matt is now available to ask questions))

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How do you know borle and rannells are at disney?

I’m on my mobile so I can’t include anything but someone on twitter, who’s working at Disneyworld, said she saw Christian Borle there and realised only later that he was with Andrew and Andrew is definitely there; Carrie Hope Fletcher tweeted about him standing next to her at IllumiNation. Someone else tweeted that she saw Andrew being with friends but didn’t want to interrupt him, and I read somewhere here on tumblr today that someone’s friend confirmed it. I kinda stalked everything to make sure it’s really them but that’s all we got and I don’t see why anyone would lie about this so yeah. Andrew and Christian are on a ….. vacation? Together.

edit: someone just saw them again together so I’m pretty sure.

Send You Roses When They Think You Need To Smile

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:  Sequel to Someone Buy Me Roses (x). Request fic for @thedarkarrow. “I saw your post about desolation row!gerard making puns and can you actually write that I would be so happy”. 

Gerard had promised you he would buy all your roses. But, you were still surprised when, two days later, he showed up in front of the shop in a fast-looking black car.

“I wanted to ride my motorcycle, but I needed the trunk space to fit all these damn flowers,” the punk shrugged in greeting.

“You have a motorcycle?” you asked, still in disbelief that he’d actually kept his word. He was a riot-starting bad boy with a warrant. To be honest, you’d half expected to never see him again.

“Yeah, I’d love to take you for a ride sometime,” Gerard grinned, taking a drag on his cigarette as he hoisted the last flower arrangement into the back of the vehicle.

“Any other flowers you’d like to take off my hands?” you asked, happy to be seeing the last of your rose bouquets. They’d been on the shelf so long that they were starting to wilt.

“Well,” Gerard smirked, exhaling a cloud of smoke, “I would like to de-flower you.”

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Recently, I have started talking to my dad again. And it was over a package he is intending to send me. What that may be, your guess is mine. I haven’t really talked to him in 4 years. When I came out as trans he told me not to come around because he didn’t want my siblings to see me. I come to find out a few months ago that I also have an older brother who was made an outcast before I was born. I haven’t had a chance at a normal life; at least until recently. But now that I have started talking to him he won’t see me, only talks about work and my siblings archery. I’m a non entity to them. And it sucks but through all of this I have my chosen family.

My bio fam abandoned me and my chosen family well they never walked away. We take care of each other in every way we can, along as strive for a healthy independent life style. @spideygirl and @gwennspacey you are my family! Thank you so much! I love you both so much!

Oh and by the way; thank you all so much! Tumblr, you have helped me in more ways you could imagine and you helped my family come together. We are doing our best and haven’t been able to make it. But we have new job perspective and we are trying to go back to school. We want more from this life and we thank you.

Again if you missed my past posts my PayPal is and every dollar counts! Thank you all so much I cannot say thank you enough!

Mad Love Pt.2

admin k: might be cringe? Idk I’m just very critical about my own writing lol. please love it and read it? :) love u guyss (btw requests are open) 

genre: ex bf x reader 

word count: 1,519

Originally posted by sneezes

We stood there staring at each other for what felt like forever. I looked at all of his features, it felt so familiar and comfortable to see his face again. But I have to remember what happened between us.

“U-uh…I’m just going to get another drink. You two talk…” My friend mumbled leaving us alone.

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we better have more development for theo as a person in 6b, amirite ladies?? i feel like we only know him as this power hungry guy, i wanna see who he is; i can't be the only one??

i think we’re already seeing a lot more to theo than just the power hungry guy. he puts up a front as a very cold and tough person, but you could tell in the last episode that he’s really just trying to stay alive and that’s all he wants at the moment. he was negotiating with liam and wanted him to break the sword because all he wants to do is keep living. i mean he was in hell, and we all saw what he was going through while there. he was tortured over and over again and there’s no way he wants to go back there, so if he’s being a bit of a jerk to the pack and doing whatever it takes to stay above ground, i get it. i don’t think it’s for power anymore as much as it is to just continue living.

Goblin Finale

The amount of tears this last episode made me shed is absurd. It hurt me so much.

He had already been alone for so long, only to meet his first love, best friend, sister, all for them to leave him behind once more. 

The amount of years he waited yet again, to meet them in their next life, while he choose to keep his.

I can never forget this one line:

“On that desert, he was so lonely that sometimes he walked backwards. He wanted to see the footprints in front of him”

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[chihiro? a male? i only see a beautiful trans girl :^))))))))))))))))))) ]

(Well you are free to see him as you want ^^’

For me in the game it is told that he only dressed up as a girl because it gave him a reason to have a “weak physical” (a thing that he wanted to change before getting killed) but not because he felt that he was a girl. But again that’s only my interpretation and everyone is free to have their own ^^

-mod lili)

Yo so I know a lot of people are kinda hating on s2 and like I want people to just stop and think. This season was centered around Keith, therefor we got way more about him than anyone else. I definitely do agree that Hunk and Lance got sidelined and I’m upset about that. But let’s appreciate what we have! If we start to hate, we might not get a third seasons where we do actually get Hunk’s backstory, or Lance’s, we might not get to see Pidge see their family again. 

I’m a bit disappointed in a few things (Hunk being reduced to fat/food jokes once again) but the I really enjoyed that we got more developement for Keith. One of the most popular headcanons is now canon! Isn’t that cool? Let’s appreciate that and not hate.

21 Things I Want to See in VLD Season 3

1. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
2. Shiro still leading the Paladins (love you, Keith, and I think you’ll see major character growth as a substitute leader - but I seriously want Shiro back and leading)
3. A hug between Shiro and Keith when they see each other again (their embrace was one of my favorite parts of Season 2)
4. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
5. Shiro and Allura having a few moments together (Shallura, please.)
6. Sendak’s return! He’s still alive out there!
7. Why the Red Lion was on Sendak’s ship. How did it get there?
8. Why the Galra took Shiro’s arm (was it just to give him the coordinates to the outer base of the Blade of Marmora) and how Ulaz knew Shiro was a leader (and seemingly a paladin).
9. Matt and Pidge interactions - as long as Matt doesn’t become a paladin cuz I want to see -
10. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
11. How Shiro and Keith met/their time at the garrison (can you tell Shiro and Keith are my favorites?)
12. Why Keith got kicked out at the garrison (pretty safe to say it was because of the Kerberos mission but I still want to see it)
13. The back story of Keith and Lance’s rivalry
14. Others (especially Keith) realizing Lance is super awesome (cuz he is) and showing him the appreciation he deserves
15. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins
16. The team learning about their roles as guardians and training to master their powers (I’m assuming Shiro’s power is the ability to travel to/through the astral plane)
17. What being the Blue Paladin means
18. Hunk getting more lines/development than just his love for food (though calzones are yummy)
19. More Keith and Shiro bromancing
20. More Keith and Lance interactions
21. Shiro alive and back with the Paladins

I honestly cannot express how much I enjoyed Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2. Shiro and Keith are my BOTP, and I can’t wait to see more!

Oh, and did I mention I want to see Shiro alive and back with the Paladins?

(I’ll add more as I continue to rewatch.)

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I'm 1000% sure Harry's SM has a few reasons but I'm sure once the BS is over or he can be more free from whatever they are dealing with BS, we see him more again. But he is so MIA in general, pulling an Ed & I'm happy for him cause I always sensed he wanted a real break as well after 5 years madness x

I’m happy for him too, if this is what he wants. He deserves a break.

Ace Book Club - Chameleon Moon (1/21)

Hi again! We’re a week into #.AceBookClub now, and it looks like we might get some answers today…

As always, reminder of where we stopped yesterday: 

‘Before Liam leaves them, Evelyn asks him “One last thing! Mama - how is she?”His reply? “See for yourself”

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Goblin Episode 16 (the end)


It’s all over. I haven’t cried that much since Titanic. I’m satisfied with the ending except for Deok Hwa. I wanted to see him one last time… We didn’t get to see how the Goblin was affected by his death which made me sad. We also didn’t get to see if he was reborn again. But that was my only complaint. I feel sort of empty now, even though this show has only been a part of my life so the last nine days. I feel like I learned a lot about love and sacrifice.

Originally posted by dramatroll

I cried so hard when Eun Tak died, especially since the Grim Reaper was crying when he took her in. I cried even harder when the Grim Reaper and Sunny died because it meant the Goblin was truly alone. I didn’t start sobbing until the Goblin called the Grim Reaper a “good friend.” That bromance was amazing. I’m sad it’s all over, but I’m also so happy. The Grim Reaper finally got Sunny in the end. (He stole my heart too, btw). AND THOSE KISS SCENES! THANK YOU! I NEEDED THOSE!

Originally posted by musingsofagirl1

This was honestly such a great show. I can’t say it’s my favorite kdrama, because Weightlifting Fairy claimed that position, but it’s definitely my second favorite. Thank you to my best friend and my Psychology teacher who both urged me to watch the show. I have learned three things from it: 1. Live fully everyday: 2. Love unconditionally; 3. I have a gigantic crush on the Grim Reaper and will now go through withdrawal. Lee Hyuk looked so dang good. What a beautiful concept.

Originally posted by bo9um

Anyways, thanks to everyone who read this. I hope we find another great kdrama to watch. If you have any recommendations, let me know. Have a goodnight and I hope you enjoyed the finale!

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Do you have refs for you ocs that we can see? Heh sorry if this bothers you ;u;

omg omg I am so sorry that this took so long

Anyway… in order above we have Calligraphy (Calli), Luminescence (Lumie), Muffin (Sometimes we call him Muffie here), and Star Roller (But just Star is fine) 

I currently have two other designs of Muffin, such as Muffin wolf (Little Jammy Hood) and WC!Muffin (Welcoming Committee) (Nerd and Jock)

(Art by blogthegreatrougue)

The designs for the others in different AUs is in progress… 
(I am liking Fell!Lumie so far… and Swap!Calli is pretty cool.) 

If you want to see my persona…

Her name is Sheep Monster (yes that is actually her name).

And for more references I have these tags: #apple children #star roller #lumie #callie #muffin #sheep monster #meepmorp

Again sorry this took me all day to do…

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I have a boy issue. I have an almost-crush on a guy who i have only been chatting with for the past 5ys but get terrible feels for whenever he writes me. The thing is, he lives on the other side of the world so i cant really see him. Then theres a cutie boy who lives 5 houses away and is real gentleman and i want to get to know him more but im way too old for him. Now idk if i should wait to see the 1st one again when he maybe comes in summer or try and go for the one that would make me pedo..

why are u asking me abt love advice im 17 and the last time someone liked me back was in 2nd grade

hmm well thanks to Discourse we’re all pretty knowledgeable when it comes to pedophilia so chances are this isnt pedophilia at all (unless ur like. 18. and the guy you like is 13 in which case yea maybe dont do that) so u probably dont have to worry about it

but on the other hand theres really nothing wrong with long-distance relationships?? and this has been going on 5 mcfucking years man

its really your call man but imo maybe u can wait and get to know both of them more before making a move on either one? to see which one you really like more??

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i can't fucking wait for this to be over so they get what they deserve , and that is to fucking go back to the hole they crawled out off and never ever be allowed to speak about louis or anyone close to him, ever again

i never, ever, EVER, want to hear their names or see their faces ever again. i want them away from louis, from his family, i want them to d i s a p p e a r. i want to forget they ever existed but even if i never do, i want them as far away from the tomlinson-deakins as the east is from the west. no more. never again. this needs to stop and they need to go for good

Kjconnors1908 Submit - Hey Anna

Do you think that The Current War PR team will be the ones to get Benedict the divorce/out of the situation? Because I understand that this all started because he needed a fake girlfriend for The Imitation Game red carpet but Sophie wanted more and now she wants to ruin his career. Could this be what gets him out and happy again?


I’ve actually been having the exact same conversation with @gnanon behind the scenes for quite a while now @kjconnors1908, and as much as I love the idea of Harvey, the man who put together Ben and Weirdo for the ill fated TIG awards season, getting him out of this, it is a very dangerous notion putting any faith on Harvey Weintein.

I think it depends.  If Harvey thinks this messed up family man image is working for Ben, we’ll probably see Weirdo pulling a third pregnancy for TCW promo and give birth shortly after the Oscars ceremony

If Harvey thinks this isn’t working for Ben’s image and it’s causing more problems for him and the film than it does ephemeral publicity, we might start getting hints pointing to a scandal very soon.

That’s really the end of Mickey.
All that work. Years. Years of development.
For nothing.
For no payoff
For them to let Mickey say shit like he doesn’t care about his family which we KNOW ISNT TRUE (aside from terry)
For them to let him forever be alone. In a foreign country. With nothing but a wig and some cash.
I hate this show now and I am truly. 100%. Done.