and i want to nom his face so

Sit On My Face - Archie Andrews

A/N: Hello! It’s Lex again. Uploading two times in one month (If I’m not wrong - and I might be) so this imagine was written with the help of my dream on monday and bitch Grundy… and connected with few requests “reader!archie friends with benefits” “reader riding his face..” “reader has feeling for him.. but he’s in love with someone else”  “angry sex with a reader” You welcome! :’)) 

ABOUT: This smut is about reader and Archie when they in friends with benefits relationship, They kinda pretend to be with one another but Archie prefer Grundy and the reader (what a great friend she is.. right?) just found out from Jughead. 

 It’s not edited - english is not my first language! 

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“Archie? We need to talk so I’m coming in.” 

I pushed the door open and went in. He was lying on his bed, earphones stuck in his ears and eyes closed. The mystery of his silence was solved. I stood there for a moment, admiring his large body spread out on the bed. I was mad at him but my body still wanted him. 

I approached the bed, clearing my throat before I remembered he couldn’t hear me. 


“Babe,” he cut in, eyes still closed, “you still pissed?” 

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Can these Pennywise imagines just fuck out of the It tag please?? I’m here to look at GIF sets of the losers club, not imagines about fucking a child-killing clown

I mean Jesus, it’s like none of you watched the movie?! You saw what this motherfucker did right?! How do you justify wanting to fuck a clown that kills children?? He KILLED poor Georgie, traumatized the Loser’s Club and yet some of you are like “yeah, I’ll jump on his dick"😑 I usually don’t get angry about this nor do I kinkshame but this is going way too far. If you want to fuck Pennywise you deserve to get dragged down to his sewers so he can om nom nom your face off.

Hey guys so I saw the Falsettos proshot today and it was So Goddamn Good and I wanted to share my thoughts here goes

- Stephanie J. Block was Fucking Robbed oh my god she was sensational and heartbreaking and hilarious and everything else she needs to be and so much more I can’t even describe her insane talent

- I guess I didn’t realize how relatively small the role of Whizzer was? Especially when compared with Mendel. Not anything positive or negative, just surprised

- Andrew Rannells was so fucking heartbreaking he ruined me his ballads were easily some of my faves

- Brandon Uranowitz was so funny and cute and just overall a really great Mendel he blew me away

- Not only is Christian Borle a phenomenal actor but his singing was just beautiful and flawless

- the camera would often cut to Anthony when something sad/upsetting was happening and his reactions were so good like where was this kids Tony nom??

- overall 10000% casting

- the award for “Song That I Didn’t Think Would Fuck Me Up But Definitely Did” goes to “Marvin Hits Trina” into “I Never Wanted To Love You” like the pure emotions??? The slap??? Marvin calling Trina ‘baby’??? Jason’s face and reaction?? All so heartbreaking and moving (runner up goes to the end of “The Chess Game” when the breakup happens)

- my sister leaned over to me during “What More Can I Say?” and whispered ‘he is just so damn hot’ like girl I relate

- Andrew and Christian have so much chemistry, both sexual (Act One) and romantic (Act Two) they were terrific

- during “What Would I Do?” I broke into the deepest, most emotional sobs I’ve ever had in my whole life I was a damn Wreck

- This is unnecessarily long and I’ll probably post more later but guys this was amazing I need a DVD now

Thoughts on “Kyle”

So the episode didn’t quite play out the way I first imagined but it was pretty close.

Damn. I mean…for once we see Nom Nom showing real compassion and kindness to someone and wanting to share his good fortune…only to have it thrown back in his face in the cruelest way. I mean, I had thought Kyle really was his brother and was just a deadbeat looking to capitalize on his brother’s fame, but nope. A total fraud. Honestly, if Kyle HAD been his brother, it might have been even more emotionally devastating for Nom Nom than him just being some random koala pretending to be. Maybe it’s best that he wasn’t his brother. I can’t even imagine what that would have done to him.

BUT. At least we know Nom Nom DOES have family, and it makes me wonder if Nom Nom’s real brother is still out there and will hopefully be reunited with him sometime in the future. If not….FANFICS!!! I still firmly believe that that little moment of reflection from Nom Nom in “Nom Nom’s Entourage” when Grizz mentioned his relationship with his brothers was him thinking about his own brother.

But omg, Nom Nom doing his little dance and singing about having a brother was both adorable and heart breaking, knowing it was just going to end like it did. And good on Bodyguard #1 Farmer for coming back for Nom Nom! I knew he would! And Nom Nom actually cared enough to learn his name! …although he did say it was a dumb name…Oh well. It’s progress right? It’s going to be baby steps with this little twerp.

political talk show AU part two!

(Part One)

(warning, this fic is quite openly anti-Trump and somewhat pro-Hillary as well.)

Shitty “Mr. Crappy” Knight does not need a “straight man.”

That’s part of his schtick, actually. Mr. Crappy’s Political Party radio show does a lot on heteronormativity and gender roles. “Trust me, friends,” he says, grinning through his mustache as though his listeners can actually see him, “you can get those on any old channel. If I’m gonna have a straight man, I want a gay one.”

But, at least since he started in radio, another part of his shtick has been poking fun at Humorless Liberals– “and let’s face it, you know you’re out there,” he says. So when somebody wants to call in and discuss how Shitty – or “Mr. Crappy,” his FCC-friendly nom de plume – should really stop telling jokes and start Seriously Discussing the Issues, Shitty runs them over like a zamboni machine. “This is not and will never be C-SPAN,” he tells his audience. “And I’ll tell you something else. You don’t look up out of your copy of the Congressional Record and smell the roses once in a while, you’re gonna miss life.”

So that’s Shitty’s stance on serious codgers. They’re fresh meat, and he’s a bear, brah.

Except this Jack from Providence is a different animal. Jack never complains about Shitty’s jabs. Hell, he laughs at them – if a soft “Haha” can be considered a laugh at all – and plows right ahead with this point. His singlemindedness is a thing of beauty.

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210 is one beautiful ass man that boy said he was ugly and I'm just like whereeee? B nom is real cute too he's always hiding his face tho

That makes me sad. I don’t want those kids growing up to be insecure adults. 

That’s the shitty part about starting out in music, acting, etc, so early. People are so cruel and make kids feel ugly~D

i like/love channing tatum because

(a) he is often funny and has actually done some solid dramatic work (really!)
(b) he has a lumbering dancer’s grace
© he is, by all accounts, exceptionally nice, humble, hard-working, and unpretentious. can definitely roll with hollywood’s nicest and most genuine (matt damon and keanu).
(d) he has been so beige for so long that it becomes impossible not to acknowledge his beigeness. his beigeness actually distracts from everything about him that is genuinely interesting: his life story, his successful career management, his fully-formed talent as a dancer (and growing talent as an actor), his self-awareness, his actually pretty fun personality, etc. his ability to coast on mediocrity totally reflects his privilege, but he owns his beigeness and fights to transcend it in a totally honest way. and that makes it easy to root for him—so much more so than most other actors, whose mediocrity or unoriginality nobody recognizes (i’m talking to you, james flacco). there’s nothing wrong with being beige (most celebs are), but if i’m going to root for someone who has done a lot of mediocre work, it might as well be the dude who is actually super nice, doesn’t deny it, always strives to be better, and is really less beige than he appears, right?
(e) i’m fascinated by his 1:1 face-to-neck ratio
(f) very passionate about funfetti icing
(g) my children’s children will probably read his iconic e-mail “F YOU TED !!!” in their u.s. history textbooks, under the chapter dedicated to the interview fiasco of 2k14

i hope he gets an oscar nom just for the narrative satisfaction (and because i want to see the internet burn). i read a review of foxcatcher (which i still haven’t seen yet) that was like “what other actor of this caliber can so easily execute a one-handed backflip” and i actually teared up a little bit, i was so verklempt, like hell yeah channing tatum is an actor of a certain caliber

real talk i think he is my favorite american celeb


boys were asked where they want to go today 

“baekhyun’s grandma’s house~”

asking for a punch in the face

falls asleep aGAIN

stupidly asked if yi sisun was king sejong’s bodyguard wTF



nom noM NOM NOM


can’t shut up with his sassy remarks

reviews food like a boss

covers chest as he bends forward like a big busted chick

so handsome TTTTTTT

and lastly the highlight of all 






So, this was my first con and photo op! I have mad triple chin happening but I don’t even care! Here’s how it went down:

I’m in line after they call our tickets. I’m nervously bouncing cause, you know, first time meeting my favorite actors. My amazing husband is awesome and waits for me with our stuff. As I’m waiting they’re finishing up the J2 photos. Those end and Jensen is being led out of the room. And I’m in his path. Struck by the gorgeousness, I stare, and as he walks by I wave like an idiot, say hi. He says hi back and goes for a high five and I turn it into a creepy hand shake (because I’m an adult and do those things).

After that, I have this huge doofy grin on my face and am fangirling hardcore. My husband saw all that and gives me a thumbs up.

Now for my pic. So, I’m already high from Jensen beauty. Now I had the idea of me and Jared nomming on gummy bears while Misha looks on wantingly because I also have an obsession with gummies. However, I got up to Jared and Misha and they were having a conversation. Not wanting to be rude, I wait for them to finish, with my gummy bears held to my chest. They realize there’s more pics to take and Jared, who had his back to me spins around to face me and I just jab the gummy bears in his face and go “I LIKE GUMMY BEARS TOO!” like an idiot. He then grins really big, grabs the bag, pick me up in a huge hug, spins me around, then plops me on the ground. When he does that I look up (way up) and “holy crap you’re tall”. I then feel Misha wrap me in a bear hug from behind, and Jared wraps us both up and rests his head on mine and I’m just giggling like a 12 year old.

And that’s my first con and photo op. Best weekend ever.

eat you up;
sugakookie; cmb extra

hayoung squeals, pulling away from yoongi’s hands. she had crawled down from her bed to sneak into his and jungkook’s bed; jungkook has the blanket over his head, a glimmer of his eyes peering at them sleepily. yoongi grins at him before returning his attention to his squirmy daughter, who is jumping all around their bed. 

“don’t step on your daddy, now,” yoongi warns. he grabs her around the middle and tugs her close to him. she lets out a loud laugh and kicks her feet, turning around in his arms. her hair moves rapidly across her face. “what’re you doing up, baby girl?” 

“i’m not a baby,” she wrinkles her nose. 

“oh really?” yoongi leans down and pretends to eat her nose. “you’re always going to be papa’s baby. my tiny baby girl.” 

nooo,” she whines, once more turning to jungkook. “daddy, papa is being mean.” 

jungkook’s answer is a muffled, “papa is always mean to us, hana-ya.” 

“rude,” yoongi scoffs, patting jungkook’s butt through the covers. hayoung finds this funny and giggles, sneakily moving underneath jungkook’s mess of blankets and coverlets to snuggle up next to her dad.

“daddy, can i get choco ceweal,” she asks, looking up at him with big eyes. jungkook half groans, half laughs. 

yoongi takes his moment to steal her back, hauling hayoung over onto his lap. “no more sugar in the morning for you,” he remarks, patting her stomach. “look, you’ll be made of sugar if you eat too much!” 

“listen to your papa, hana, he would know the best,” jungkook murmurs underneath his breath. 

yoongi leans down and blows a raspberry on to her tummy. she squeals. “ew, papa!” 

“i’m gonna eat you,” yoongi says mock seriously. he leans down and nuzzles her tiny tummy. “nom nom.” 

“i cannot believe you actually said that,” his husband states from where he’s muffled his face into a pillow.

“i’m not food, papa,” hayoung tells him with the voice of someone who is informing a very slow person. 

“you’re so cute i could eat you up,” yoongi tells her seriously, blowing another raspberry on her tummy and pretending to bite her fingers. “i’m going to have hayoung stew for breakfast.” 

“no!” she laughs, pushing his face away. “tickles, papa!” 

yoongi grins, lighthearted, and settles her on top of jungkook’s slumped form. “want to eat daddy instead?” 

“eat daddy!” she exclaims, leaning forward to bite jungkook’s ear. 

“people aren’t food, hana,” jungkook pokes her cheeks so she’ll stop trying to kitten bite him. 

hayoung blinks her wide eyes for a moment, and then she parrots, “daddy’s cute so i can eats him!” 

jungkook blanches. yoongi chokes so hard on his laughter he falls off the bed.