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Most Beautiful: Jon Snow X Reader

And this one is dedicated to the famous and beautiful @restlessanawake who is really awesome! Go check them out! They were a massive help to me in setting up this blog. Hope you enjoy!!

Warnings: Pregnancy. Labor. Fluff overload ;)  One sex joke With him and the whole Stark clan, This is post White Walker War were all is good and Jon knows his parentage, but still goes by Jon Stark, or I guess goes at last. Things are almost too happy. But fear not no one dies.. Well…..Meh

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“Time to get up love.”

You groaned, pushing away the arms that were attempting to shake you awake and moved closer to the other side of the bed. “Jon.. Lemme sleep. Little Mister Stark would not stop kicking last night. I am surprised you couldn’t feel it actually.” You smirked and opened your eyes, hearing his laughter and he carefully turned you around as he echoed your smirk.

“I told you, my love. It will be a she.” You gave him judging eyes and he rolled his own gray ones, “Even our  Lady Sisters and Lady Aunt is on my side. As is Tyrion.”

“Well while that may be true, Bran is on my side and he has the sight.” She winked while forcing herself to stand slowly. “Speaking of your Aunt and Sister, when will the royal Queen and the Hand be visiting?”

He smiled, standing up so that he could help you while he continued, “Sansa and Tyrion promised to be here by nightfall, but you know the Queen. She said she would be here a fortnight ago… She will do her best to make it for the labor. And Arya, of course, must guard the Queen being the head of the Queen’s Guard.”

Your nine-months were up  and being a Stark, family was essential for all things. Holidays. Name-Days. Weddings. And pregnancies.

As though the stress of almost delivering a child was not enough, the anxiety that holding off the labor until everyone was present was madness. Jon, being around you enough, could tell.

“Fret not, Y/N.” He smiled, pressing his forehead yours and wrapping a robe dress around you for the day and kissed your nose, “They will be here. And now, we must break fast.”

No surprise to the couple, Bran was already down stairs, his plate full as he was working on his sister’s-in-law. Seeing them he stopped and blushed, wheeling towards the two slowly as Jon embraced his brother with a hearty laugh.

Brandon Stark was decreed Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King of the North, so the three of you were practically inseparable.

“How is the Lord Snow this morning, Y/N?” Bran smiled, wheeling towards her and placing his hands on her belly as Jon sat. “He get you any rest?”

“None.” Jon sighed from across the room, “She was kicking all night.”

This caused both you and Bran to laugh and Bran to say a small, “We shall see.” As the three of you began to eat your food.


A grand feast was the result of Lady Sansa and Lord Tyrion’s arrive, Jon and the imp drinking away while you, Sansa, and Bran sat across the hall, discussing matters of getting Bran married.

“What about the Mormont girl?” You suggested, “She supposedly has the beauty and wits of the Tyrell’s but the strength of her father’s name.”

“The Queens bastard?” Sansa raised her eyebrows, “She is an adventurous girl. Young though, don’t you think?”

Your sister in law had not left you alone since she arrived, her hand barely leaving your belly.

“Besides. I think our Bran has his eyes on the head of House Reed. Lady Meera, is it not?”

With the words of her name, Bran blushed and brushed it off, “Have you and Jon thought of a name?”

You nodded, “Well since he will not listen to me about the gender, I decided Eddard Robb will have to do.” Bran nodded, a bright grin taking away the blush on your face. Sansa gasped.

“I hate to agree with my Lord brother, I do believe that your babe is a girl.” She winked at you causing both of you to laugh as Jon and Tyrion came towards you guys, handing drinks to Bran and Sansa.

Jon broke the laughter, snaking an arm around your waist to your belly as he looked at Sansa and Tyrion, “When are you and the Hand planning to have children, sister?”

Sansa’s face fell and she set down her goblet, Tyrion taking her hand. “We are waiting.” Silence fell between them as they knew what he meant before Tyrion broke it, winking at the youngest Stark,  “We would like to see little Bran wed to the Reed girl first.” Bran blushed as everyone laughed mutter a small no stop as Jon kissed your cheek, then moved to your ear, his beard tickling her cheek.

“Bet it will happen by years end?”

“Please, by months end!” You smirked and he pepper kisses everywhere on your face, causing you to laugh.

“This is why I love you” He smiled.


A few days had passed and you were still waiting on Dany and Arya. Maesters had demanded you bedridden, fearing labor would come any moment though nothing came for a week. Deciding this and seeing your husbands nerves at an all time high, you had forced him to go on a hunt with Tyrion and Bran, promising that Sansa and a hand maiden be at your side.

“I just want you out lil lord.” You groaned, rubbing sleet off your eyes as you had not gotten proper sleep in several days,(basically since Jon left, your baby had been especially persistent in moving all night) “Stop being so feisty like your father and his family.” You smirked at Sansa who laughed. “Where do you the Queen and her personal guard are?”

“You know Daenerys. “ She smiled sadly, rubbing your belly, “And Arya. Stubborn as mules those two.”

“Aye. That is one way to put it.”

Silence fell as you were both occupied as the baby leapt and kicked about the in your belly causing you to hum in attempt to calm him. When at last he stopped, you sighed and Sansa smiled, but only for a moment when you felt something wet between your legs.

Cursing, you looked at Sansa whose eyes twinkled.

“Do you think-”

“Sansa…” You bit your lip to stop you from swearing again, “Get Ghost. He will get Jon. And get the Hand Maiden… Hurry… Please…”

She ran, laughing gleefully and picking up her skirts hollering, “IT’S TIME! THE HEIR TO THE NORTH IS ON THE WAY!” And within minutes, servants came rushing in, dabbing your forehead with a cloth and offering you food and wine as others spread your legs open. All the while all you could do was scream bloody murder.

“I just want my husband!” You whined, “Gods!” You closed eyes and bit your lip to try to and stop tears from falling out of your eyes.

Then you felt the tickle of a beard on your chin and allowed yourself to cry tears of happiness and the man kissed your cheek and slowly wiped your tears away.

“Hush now love. You need to start pushing.”

“I-I-I-I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” He grabbed both her hands and brought them to her lips,”You are strong.. You can do this… I believe in you… Ready?”

You nodded opening your eyes to meet his dark grey (brown in show) ones.



You opened your eyes to see your family sitting in your room, Bran and Arya making small talk, Sansa talking to Jon on the other side and Tyrion discussing matters with the Queen herself.

“Morning love.” Jon said, moving towards you slowly, a swaddle of blankets in his arms. “You did marvelous love.” He kissed your cheek and helped you sit up, placing the bundle in your arms.

“ Who is this?” You smiled brightly as he moved back to the crib. “I was right, wasn’t I?”

“We were both right.” Jon smirked sitting by you on the bed with another bundle, “Eddard Robb and Catelyn Rose.”

“Twins.” You laughed happily, “Huh. Don’t remember that.”

Sansa laughed, kneeling beside you “Don’t see how you could. You were screaming bloody murder.”

“Honestly Y/N.” Arya piped in, “The Queen and I could hear you from outside.”

“Perhaps we will wait forever to have children, my lord husband.” Sansa added.

“She did have two.” The Queen herself added, “I would never imagine having two back to back.”

“You did have three dragons though, your grace.” You smiled, “Can’t imagine that.”

The Queen smiled, making her way towards you, kneeling beside you and looking down at the babe in your arms, “Dany or Daenerys please.. He is handsome, just like his father, and grandfather.”

“Lemme see!” Bran exclaimed, he rolling and Arya going to Jon. “She has dad’s hair. Mum’s eyes.”

“Opposite for him.” Sansa observed.

“Our perfect family.” She smiled at Jon who kissed her hair, bringing her in, “One boy. One girl. Perfect.”

Jon’s face fell, “What, so we can’t have anymore? Not even try?”

Laughter filled the room in a warm feeling as the world calmly faded to peace and laughter.

Nothing could be better and nothing could break their joy.


Reader x Jojen/ Reader x Joffrey

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It was an odd sort of thing to have captured Joffrey’s adoration. You weren’t sure if it was love but you were grateful for it, to be an idolized possession that the cruel boy wanted dearly. It was this that kept you from the brunt of his anger, saw you treated like you were the finest lady in all the lands and that you were protected in the same manner.


“She is beautiful, is she not?” Joffrey asked Tyrion as they walked through the palace gardens.


“I dare say there is not a woman in Kings Landing that could rival (Y/N)’s beauty.” Tyrion agreed.

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The runaway bride ~ Jojen Reed (Game of Thrones)

Everyone loves Thomas all of a sudden… dw though, so do I XD

Words: 1,782

Pairing: Jojen (GOT) x reader

Request: hiii, could I have one where (Y/N) is in anarranged marriage but doesn’t want to be, so she runs away and ends up being found by Jojen Reed, who kind of falls in love with her?

Course you can, here you go :)


My heart stopped when my mother told me the ‘wonderful news’. She said they’d found a perfect suitor, someone worthy of my love. I was sixteen and they already wanted rid of me. I was in complete shock, my hands shaking as I sat at the table with the rest of my family. They stared at me as I took it all in, like a pack of hungry wolves eyeing their pray. It was obvious that it was for the money, since we’d been hard for it for quite some time. They’d done it to my older sister, so now it was my turn. The only problem was that I wasn’t going to do it. Not for them, not for him, not for anyone.

I stood up from where I was and bolted out the door, not looking back. I could hear the screams of my brothers and sisters, whilst my father tried to run after me. I ran straight for the forest, weaving through the trees, my father’s shouts getting further and further away until they were like tiny whispers. My head throbbed as I leaned against a tree in the middle of god knows where. It was obvious that I was lost and it looked as if I would die here. I was a simple village girl with no skills to survive out in the wild. My whole body ached and by now tears were free-falling like rain, hitting dry leaves that lay underneath my aching feet. All I could do now was wait for someone or something to find me, possibly kill me.

I hadn’t been here for long when the sound of footsteps started to echo through the trees. My body froze and a cold chill ran down my spine, causing me to shudder. I wanted to call out, to see who was there, but my voice wouldn’t let me. Any sound I tried to make came out as short, breathy wheezes.

“I was wondering when you’d get here.”

It was a boy’s voice, deep and calm. The forest was flooded with mist, but I could see a figure walking closer towards me. I had no idea who they were but I didn’t feel scared. I felt curious.

“You knew I’d be here?” I asked. “Sorry, but do I even know you?”

He laughed at my question and stood at the tree text to me, smirk plastered on his face. He must have been about seventeen and his skin was like snow. He was an attractive boy with a square jawline and big brown eyes, something you didn’t see often in my village; an attractive boy, that is. Most boys at the village were missing teeth or caked in dirt. He, however, was like nothing I’d seen before.

“You don’t know me, but I know you…(Y/N). You see, I have something most others don’t. It’s called the sight, allowing me to see things. I saw you and now I’m here to help. Will you allow me to do so?”

At first I thought all of this was a joke, some sick joke to pull on a girl who was unarmed and vulnerable. But when I thought about him knowing my name and where I’d be it started to become believable. I didn’t want to trust a stranger who could possibly kill me, but he looked sincere and true. It was either him or be alone in a big, dangerous forest on your own. I nodded and smiled at him, his name still unknown to me.

“Jojen Reed, before you ask. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you (Y/N), but time is no longer our friend. We need to leave here quickly before your father comes back to look for you.” And With that he took my hand in his and pulled me along, through the mist and to a new destiny I’d known nothing about.


1 month later

He wasn’t lying, about the sight that is. After the meeting in the woods I’d learned that he was in the middle of finding a young boy who also had the sight; Brandon Stark. It was a long and tiring journey, but as Jojen said it was ‘All about Bran’. Meera and I had become like sisters, whereas Jojen kept his distance from me. Ever since the meeting in the forest the only words he’d spoken to me were clipped replies to my good mornings. I thought it wouldn’t bother me, but it did. It bothered me almost as much as the thought of being found by my father. Even with being miles away I still felt on edge.

We were walking down a path with Bran and Jojen talking about the sight when Meera struck up conversation, though not one I’d of expected.

“You love him, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes when you look at him.”

She wasn’t wrong in thinking that. I wouldn’t call it love, but I was infatuated with this blond haired mystery of a boy. I could lie and say I didn’t feel it from the first time we met, but what’s the point? The only problem was that I couldn’t love him. I couldn’t love a person who wouldn’t even look at me. I wasn’t even sure why I stuck around here anymore, but the longer I stayed the more my heart ached.

“I love him as much as I love you Meera, you know that. Besides, I cannot love him like that. I am an independent woman as we both know and need no man to own me. It’s why I’m here in the first place, is it not?” I told her. She scoffed and looked at me, knowing fully well that I didn’t mean it. How could I. Even if I couldn’t be in love with him it didn’t stop me from trying. If it was so obvious to Meera then did that mean he saw it too? Did he notice my stares, or hear my sighs of contempt as I did so? Of course he didn’t, he may have the sight but he’s too blind to see.

I left the conversation there and traveled the rest of the way in silence. I was tired of talking about it, thinking about it. I was just some stupid village girl who tagged along with him. Perhaps I was a hindrance, some kind of bother to them all which they decided not to mention out of pity. Maybe if I left whilst they all slept then they’d not care. I was doing absolutely nothing to benefit them so leaving would be the smartest thing, obviously. Yes, I’d leave tonight and try find somewhere to start a new.

I made sure to not act suspicious during the day. The last thing I wanted was for one of them to suspect and make me tell them. I couldn’t stay here any longer, falling for a person I hardly knew. It took everyone a few hours to finally drift off, meaning it was now or never. I made sure everyone was asleep before walking away from where we were, looking back one last time. I’d miss them all but I was doing this for the best.

“And where are you going?” said a voice I’d grown accustom to; Jojen. I stopped walking but kept my back to him. If I turned around now and looked at him I wouldn’t be able to do it. Just thinking about him made me think twice, but I had to do it.

“Just on a walk. I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d clear my head.” I told him, lying through the skin of my teeth.

““You’re leaving.” Of course he knew. When didn’t he?

“If you know then why are you asking? I thought of you smarter than that.” my voice was now stronger and confident, unlike how I was feeling inside.

“I’m asking because I needed to make sure it wasn’t true. Where will you go? To your ‘family’? Or stay here with your real family, the ones who care for you.”

“That’s just the thing…Staying here just isn’t an option. Jojen, you see everything but me and I am not letting that happen, not anymore. Just let me leave and get on with whatever it is you have to do. I’m sure I’ll manage on my own, and if not then on my soul be it. Just tell Meera that I ran but you couldn’t catch me, I don’t want her blaming you for this.” I started to walk on again when my body was yanked back and I was sandwiched between a tree and Jojen.

His breaths were deep and ragged whilst he rested his forehead against mine, the tips of out noses just about grazing. His hands held onto my wrists tightly as he pushed my arms against the tree and his eyes were closed in thought.

“I always see you (Y/N), always. I know that I may seem distant towards you, but I only want to protect you. Such a sweet heart like yours belongs with someone who can show you the wonders of the earth, not someone ambushed by the world to teach a child the way of life. My love, without you with me I’d go insane. You’re the only thing making this worth It.” he whispered, caressing my cheek with his hand whilst the other one played with my fingertips. He opened his eyed and looked down at my lips, leaning forward till his ghosted mine. He pressed his lips onto mine roughly, pushing me further onto the tree, causing me to moan into his mouth.

My hands found their way to his hair, tugging at it lightly as he kissed me. I could feel him smirking as I did so and next thing I know his hands had gotten lower, squeezing my bum harshly in the palms of his hands. I gasped at the sensation which he took advantage of, slipping his tongue into my mouth. My stomach was doing flips the whole way through and my skin was hot from his touch. After a while the kiss became slower and touches became smaller, till we finally pulled apart. A smile lay evident on his face when I looked up at him. He then placed his hands on the side of my face and kissed the tip of my nose, gently rubbing circles with his thumbs as he did so.

“My world, if you left me then I’d surely die. Now, come back to us and rest, for tomorrow will be long.” He told me. “And promise me you’ll never leave me.”

“I promise.”

(Just wanna say that i’ve never seen Game of throwns, but i did watch some Jojen videos…so, i tried!)

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I want to read a really dark jonrya fic. I want a jon with the same passion he has for arya in the canon, but without a moral compass. Like you know the one with ' if i can't get the girl, i'll not let her be anyone else's'

So…Since I got several requests asking for a dark Jon, mad Jon, feral Jon, I’ve combined your prompt and @amster-l “ After resurrection Jon act like animal: growls, bares his teeth and etc. And he is very jealous about Arya” to make this piece. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

He hasn’t been the same since he was brought back to life. Maybe it was some sort of side effect of being too long sharing Ghost’s mind and body. His men would often whisper in fear that he had become more animal that human and with good reason to do so.

The North had a new king and it was his duty to send the message that no one would ever defy the name Stark or Snow again.

Every morning he would look at the bodies rotting at the gates. Bolton and his son stood in the middle of the arrangement like the most valuable jewels in the North. Soon he would add some Freys to the composition and perhaps even have a pie made of them, just like in the stories Old Nad used to tell him. Just the way Arya liked them.

Jon could still remember the taste of Ramsay’s blood in his tongue as Jon licked his fingers after his knife cut through Bolton’s flesh. Even the King in The North had to admit that flaying someone alive had some poetry to it. The ultimate satisfaction it could provide at every scream in repayment for what Bolton had done to the land and for daring threat Jon and demand him to give Arya back.

I want my bride back…

Those words had sentenced both bastards to death in the end, but Jon was more familiar with hell and its mysteries than Bolton would ever be.

As if she has ever been his. As if Arya has ever belonged to anyone but me.

At that thought he could help a growl. Another side effect, he supposed. He had became greedy and territorialist beyond recognition.

He was so distracted that he barely registered the sound of steps coming his way.

“Bran insists upon an audience with you.” Her voice dragged him back to reality and made his heart beats faster. His mouth went dry almost immediately, even though he hasn’t turned to see her concerned face looking back at him. “We should assemble a gathering and decide it with the lords already, Jon. It isn’t fair for us to wait indefinitely.”

“I never knew Brandon craved for a crown that much.” He finally turned to face her frown. She was worried. More than that, she was having problems to deal with the man he had become to the point of fearing him. That kind of thing hurt more than the scars in his body. “You look lovely, even with a frown.”

“It’s his birthright and mine, no matter what you have to say.” Arya replied fiercely, while ignoring his attempts of gallantry. She was just protecting her baby brother and yet it had been enough to poison Jon’s blood with rage. She should be on his side. Always. Forever.

“It wasn’t Brandon the one to drag the bastard out of this castle, or even the all mighty warg who defeated Bolton’s army. If we are to talk about rights, why don’t we mention the rights of conquest?” Jon replied while trying to keep his anger under control. “Fear not. I won’t kick you both out of here. This is our home, after all.”

“What about Reed?” Arya finally addressed the matter he was trying so hard to avoid. “You are not a Stark and with those letters and the sigil…What are we supposed to do with all that? Ignore?”

“For all I care, yes!” He growled back at her, finally letting his most animalistic traces to emerge. “I don’t care about what Reed and those papers say! I am Jon and my blood is as much Stark as yours. Robb made me a Stark in his will and also his heir! If I hear one more thing about Brandon’s rights I’ll send him to the Citadel to become a fucking maester!”

“Would you really do this?” Arya looked him straight in the eyes with an inner strength that he wasn’t used to. That wasn’t the little girl who used to be so unsure of her place in the world. That wasn’t the nameless assassin or the orphan who ran away from King’s Landing. Arya had finally embraced her identity and everything that came attached to it, which meant she was a ferocious young woman, ready to bite her way to power if she had to. “What about my rights? What am I, if not Bran’s legitimate heir in this? Will you usurp me as well?”

At that she had him trapped in his own farce. How could he explain it to her without sounding as a lunatic? He had done everything for her and only her. If Arya was a free woman it was because he had uncovered Bolton’s plot and made of Winterfell a secure place for them to live in. She had the birthright, but the lords would be unwilling to follow a cripple boy and a young woman, no matter how capable they were.

“You won’t even be considered as long as Bran and I are alive. No matter how capable you are, the lords will look at you and see a woman.” Jon tried to sound reasonable and calm, but all to no avail. “What is it that you want, Arya? What do I have to do in order to have your support?”

“I’m not sure if you realized, but you are asking me to betray my brother and support your claim when you are not even a Stark!” She didn’t even raise her voice to confront him and yet Arya sounded much more like a monarch than he did. She never failed to make him proud, even when they stood in opposite sides.

“There was a time you used to call me brother too. I suppose I’ll have to get used with the idea that we are not siblings after all.” Those words were knifes cutting thru his heart and yet they were the same words that had broken him free from the guilty he felt whenever he looked at her and saw a desirable woman.

“You are putting me in a terrible place.” She said as if she still cared about him and that was a sweet thing to think. “I understand your side and I can even agree that you might be our best option as King, but I can’t neglect Bran. What will be of him and what will be of me in this scenario? Are we supposed to depend on your mercy forever?”

“Fear not, my dear.” He sighed in frustration. “I can’t conceive the idea of a life in which you are not by my side.” His voice was full with resolution and purpose. “I’ll make sure Bran will be treated accordingly to his rank and needs. I’m even considering marry him to either Lyanna Mormont or Meera Reed. Whomever he likes best. He will be a lord and an important member of my council. Does it sound like a terrible thing?”

“What about me?” Arya insisted as if he was somehow depriving her of her dignity, or something just as valuable. “Am I to become a prisoner in my own house, so you’ll have a guarantee that Bran will never rebel against you?”

“What?” Jon asked cautiously and slightly surprised by the accusation. “Why would you think that?”

“You have been spying on my correspondence and even preventing the maester to send them. Don’t even try to deny it. I’ve found a number of them in your cabinet.” She accused him bluntly. “I would appreciate if you allow me some privacy.”

“I don’t follow you around the castle or invade your room for you to accuse me of violating your privacy. This is rather unfair.” Jon tried to minimize the gravity of his actions, and yet Arya looked at him unimpressed and still angry. “Besides…There was a time in which we had no secrets between us.”

“There was also a time in which we completed each other’s sentences and you would mess up with my hair. It perfectly clear that you chose to distrust us and this is something that can only weaken this family.”

“So…Now I’m family? I’m confused, my dear.” He replied in angry disdain. “I trust no one in this world but you, Arya.” He gave a step toward her. If Arya was afraid of his approximation, she never let it show.

Jon touched her face with his ice cold hands, making Arya shrink a bit. He cupped her cheek, feeling the warmth of her creamy skin as his thumb rubbed the faint pink shade of her cheekbones gently.

“It’s not you whom I don’t trust, but those you correspond with.” He said with a hint of indulgency. “Why does Edric Dayne insist upon writing you so often? What interest could the Lord of Starfall have in you?”

“He…” Arya took a deep breath as if considering her words. “He knows someone how could provide testimony on your true parentage. I was trying to secure this piece of evidence just in case.”

“Yes…Wylla, isn’t it?” He smiled at her without humor. “It was not that what troubled me. No…I guess it had something to do with the part in which he wrote you a poem. He has quite a talent with words, I dare say. He just doesn’t have much sense of self-preservation.”

“Why would you even bother about a poem?” At that Jon grinned at her like a savage beast. His bare teeth displaying all the anger and violent nature of a wolf being threatened in his territory.

Jon grabbed her chin tightly, but Arya didn’t even blink at his sudden display of lack of control.

“Do you see those bodies rotting outside?” He asked through his teeth. His fingers relaxed a bit before he held head between his hands and put his forehead against hers. “Do you know why I’ve made such a monumental display of their tragedy?”

“Because you want the world to know that the North is ruled by a violent mad man.” Arya replied bitterly.

“No, my love.” He whispered indulgently. “I want the world to know what I will do to anyone who dare lay a claim on you.”

“You are truly mad.” She answered with her eyes shut. She smelled of dried roses, pinewood and a faint note of blood. “We never needed this between us, Jon.” Her delicate hand caressed his face like a gentle breeze. “I know it has been…Difficult. If you are to remain as King in the North, you’ll have to let go of me at some point and…” Her words trembled as he felt her tears with the tip of his thumbs. “We must get used to the idea that at some point we will have to say goodbye once more.”

“I forbid you to even consider such a thing!” He answered harshly. “You are not leaving me, not now, nor ever! Do you understand me?!”

“This simply can’t be. The sooner you let me go, the sooner we will be able to overcome this…Sickness we share.” Arya insisted.

“No. No, you won’t leave me!” He finally lost it in a scream. “You are mine and I am yours! If everything Reed said about me is truth than everything becomes too clear for me. You are afraid of what will be of you under my reign, so let me make it simple. I will make a queen out of you.” His voice sounded almost feral and deranged. “All those faces and names you once used…Forget them all. You will be remembered forever as Queen Arya of Winterfell. If the North demands a trueborn Stark in the Winter Throne, then I’ll give them one. You will rule by my side and protect me with your name while I’ll grant you all the power and recognition you might want. Be my wild and savage queen. March to war by my side if you like. Give me sons and daughters to carry our names for generations to come so the world will know that ours is the Song of Ice and Fire!”

“That means that you’ll have to claim the Targaryen name.” Arya tried to sound reasonable. “This means war.”

“I don’t care.” He said in a low and desolated tone. “I would fight my way to hell if that meant a chance of having you for myself. I won’t make excuses or apologize for loving you as I do. If anything, loving and desiring someone from my own kin is nothing but my birthright as a Targaryen.”

“What if I don’t want to be a queen? Have you considered that?” Arya questioned him bitterly.

Jon held her head firmly in place once Arya questioned his intentions. His mouth claimed hers in a voracious kiss that could only be described as immoral. Blindly he pressed her body against the nearest wall while trying to immobilize her arms.

Soon they were breathless, but their lips were still so close that they could almost touch.

“I never said this was something up to discussion.” He whispered to her dangerously. “I’m not asking you to be mine. I’m merely informing you that you already are, my love.”

Preference 05: Nightmares

Bran Stark:

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“Bran…” You tried to shake him, whispering in his ear, “Bran my love you need to come back to me now.”

They are coming… Closer and closer.

Tears fell from your eyes as you stared out at him, then looked to your lover who lied on the snow.

You prayed quickly to the old gods before returning to the aid of your lover.

“Please Bran” you sobbed. “Please! Wake up please Bran!”

The icy hand was already on Bran’s cheek, stroking it gently and cautiously as the skin of your love turned to ice. You could feel yourself whine and leaned against the Weirwood tree, attempting to close your eyes when a gloved hand turned your face and made you watch.

It started with the left side of his body, all of it being completely coated in the strange blueish white. Then it covered his pink lips with ice, his hair turning white and crystalizing. But his eyes stayed white.

You whined and grabbed your knees, leaning into them and sobbing, no longer caring about life. That was when, again, the gloved figure turned your face foreward and after a lot of fighting succeeded in making your face completely turned were Bran once was.

Now only a pair of standing legs were in your sight.

The pair of legs kneeled beside you reveling Bran’s new form and you stared in shock seeing his legs working at last. Tears filled your eyes as the thing possessing Bran’s body moved closer to you.

It grabbed your hand and you gasped at the cold, closing your eyes and waiting for the inevitable chill to spread from your hand through your body but you felt nothing.

You weren’t changing.

The Walking picked you up as you fainted into his arms and carried you off with him, standing and walking towards the army of men.

The boy had woken up to your wailing and pushed himself from his cart, slowing crawling towards your shaking, thrashing and whimpering body and placed his hand over your mouth, causing you to open your eyes and let out a scream.

Your breath shook and you trembled until he pushed himself so you were looking into his eyes.

  “B-Bran I’m so-so-sorry.” She whimpered, “You got turned into a-a-a walker and I-I-I couldn’t-”

“It’s alright, my love. It is all alright now. It was only a dream.”

“I tried to join you but I couldn’t change… I just wanted to join you. I can’t-”

He shhhed you, wrapping his arms around your waist as you turned to look in his eyes. He pressed his forehead to yours and pecked your nose, humming gently while rubbing the small of your back until eventually you both drifted into dreamless sleep.

Jorah Mormont:

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“No!” He ran to you but it was too late.

The knife was sticking out of your stomach.

He did not hesitate for a moment to go and stab the man. Then fell to his knees to by besides you as he held onto you for dear life.

“Take.. Take it out… Take it out please.” You spoke weakly, coughing up blood as you spoke.

“It is gonna hurt, my only.” He spoke but you nodded. Looking up at the sky and blinking.

He pulled it out and you jerked foreward, coughing blood up as a result from the impact and Jorah shhhed you, kissing your forehead and toying with your hair as he tried not to cry.

“I am sorry my love.” You sighed, meeting his eyes, “You let me fight and I promised I would not get hurt.”

He felt himself sob a little as these words left your mouth. “You fought well, my only. The Queen will be proud.”

You coughed a little, choking on your own blood as it rose and dripped from your mouth. “Did we win?”

“Yes.” He sighed and cried softly as you blinked and closed your eyes, “Khaleesi is on the throne at last.”

And he was alone again.

You felt the tussling from the other side of the bed and it woke you up.

At first, you were confused and left your room to get a candle and light it, only to find Jorah panting with seat dripping down his head, looking as though he was going to cry.

 You set the candle down and ran to him, taking his hand in your own.

 "My love, what happened?“

“It is nothing.” He spoke numbly, not looking down to acknowledge her, “Go back to bed.”

“Nightmare? What about?”

  “You need your rest.” He sighed, looking down at you with cold, sad eyes, “Please.”

“Alright.” You agreed, kissing his forehead and blowing out the candle and lying back beside him, but this time as he turned his back you, you grabbed his shoulder and leaned your head on top of his.

  You were almost out when he turned you so you were hugging him and he confessed.

“You died.” He spoke coldly, his voice trembling slightly, “You died all because I couldn’t save you.” He kissed the top of your head and toyed with your hair, as it was one of few things that calm him down.

  You smiled slightly and looked at him, placing your lips to his cheek. “I am not leaving you my love. Not anytime soon, at least.” This soothed him, as he pushed you into his chest allowing you to speak sweet promises of not dying and of love into his ear until he fell fast asleep.

Jojen Reed:

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“BRAN!” You hollered, “MEERA! JOJEN!”

Running, you screamed, cried, and pleaded to find your three friends all while panting and also avoiding getting caught by Bolten men.

They left you, you thought to yourself, How foolish you are to think they truly cared.

He loves me. You tried to remind yourself but still nagging the thought would not leave you alone.

He left you. Just like your brother and father did.

Tears fell from your eyes as you were lost, cold, afraid but mostly in the one thing you feared most.

You were trapped in solitude.

He felt the tears falling onto his arm and that’s what woke him up. You were not tossing or turning, but merely crying, your lip quivering slightly. Placing a deep kiss on your neck, he heard you groan and moved away so he could see your eyes, which were still watering.

  “What was it about?” He asked, lacing his fingers in yours, though you didn’t even respond and merely tuned away, pretending to be asleep again, “I know you are not asleep Y/N. Tell me.”

“What if don’t want to?” You spat, a little too coldly than you meant, but you didn’t regret that. 

Jojen smirked, snaking his hands very slowly around your waist, “Then I will pick inside your head until I find out.”

“That’s not how it works.”

“Damn I wish I never would have told you that.” He chuckled, waiting for you to echo but when you didn’t, he whined and groaned of anger, “Just tell me Y/N.”

“Fine.” You sat up and looked at him, biting your lip between sentences to stop the tears. “Everyone leaves me. My dad. My brother. My mother. Even my damn bastard brother.”

“I won’t ever-”

“But you did!” You confessed, allowing two single tears to fall down your face,“You left in me in the cold right here.” He didn’t hesitate to kiss you, hardly, rough, ignoring the tears falling from your face and not stopping until you stopped crying.

  “I’m not leaving you. I swear it.”

You smiled at his words and kissed him gently, stopping when you heard a voice holler, “That’s great and all but will you two shut up? Seven hells! Some of us actually want to sleep.”

Jon Snow:

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Tears fell down your eyes uncontrollably as men dragged you from his body, hands covering your mouth.

One by one they all took turns to stab him and the men who held you shhhed you.

There he lied and fell at last, looking to the sky as his blood dyed the snow a deep crimson.

And there was nothing you could do.

The man you loved was dying and it was all your fault

You sat up panting, unable to contain your sobs as you clutched your head. Jon shuffled and quickly took you into your arms, knowing what you saw as it wasn’t a nightmare. It was a memory.

“It’s over, Y/N.” He spoke, massaging your back gently, “I am alive and I will not be leaving you ever again.”

“But you did.” You cried into his bare chest, clinging to his chest tightly. “You did and it was my fault.”

Murmuring no’s repeatedly he squeezed you tighter, “Don’t ever say that.. Not to me… Not to you… Not to anyone.  ” He kissed your forehead gently and wiped your tears as you cried yourself to sleep on his chest.

“I love you, my dearest Y/N.”

“And I you, Jon Snow.” You spoke half asleep.

Fret not my dearest Y/N… We have our second chance and we will not loose each other again. I swear it by the old gods and the new.


Robb Stark:

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You sobbed as Catelyn’s head was flung from her body, Joffrey holding your bruised head and forcing you to watch and not be able to comfort the Stark children waiting for their heads to be put on pikes.

“Be careful, sweetest Y/N.” Joffrey smirked, “Wouldn’t want to ruin your face for your wedding tonight. Ramsay wouldn’t like that.”

“I will marry no man.” You spat, “No man you wish to marry me off to, at least.”

Joffrey’s hand collided with her face but she didn’t even flinch as it had happened so often within the few days she was there.

And then the head of his mother fell into the crowds and Y/N cried, tears filling her eyes and another blow hit her face.

“Robb?” You sat, up confused hearing his panting, leaning into his ear your whispered, “Robb, wake up.”

Panting, he obeyed and tears fell from his eyes, swear dripped from His forehead. He didn’t hesitate to grab you and pull you in as her began to sob into your night dress.

“We lost Y/N.” He whimpered, “They took off my head and out it by that of my father’s, following me were my mother, brothers, and lastly my sisters. They hung all my men and the Lords who helped me. They beat you to a pulp and married you off to some man who was a spy.”

You hugged him tightly and kissed his chest then his neck.

“You may loose.” You sighed against his skin, “But I will die before they harm you, or your family. I swear it by the old gods and the new.”

Smiling at this, he brought you closer to him and kissed your neck. “How did I get so lucky to find you?”

“You didn’t you smirked, peppering kisses all over his face, “I did.”

Tommen Baratheon:

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He had chose her.

Of course, you were not surprised.

You knew he could never really love you as you loved him. You knew it was a game.

But you did not expect it to be her.

Nor did you expect to be put in the Sept by orders of Tommen himself, holding you guilty for killing Joffrey. And naturally you had been found guilty.

As soon as you were taken in, you knew this would be your fate and this wasn’t what made you shake and whimper or cry.

It was the look on Tommen’s face when he saw the rope being strung over your neck and the width of Maragery Tyrell’s stomach.

You open your eyes and sobbed slightly, trying to keep the noise down as you didn’t want to wake Tommen on the other side of the bed. But you didn’t truly feel safe next to him at the moment.

You were shaking in fear and that is what woke him up.

“Y/N.” He moaned, still half asleep, “Y/N… Why are you shaking?” He questioned as he sat up against the headboard and you looked up at the celling in shock.”Y/N… You can’t ignore me.”

You sighed and turned to him, a single tear falling from your face. Tommen made a small noise of understanding and brought you into his arms. But you did not sob.

“You know I did not murder your brother, yes?”

He kissed your head, “Of course I do.”

“And no matter what any one said, you wouldn’t charge me? Even if your grandfather or mother asked? Even if Margaery Tyrell promised to be your mistress.”

His eyebrows raised slightly, “What brought this about?” You pulled away and turned as to not face him. “Y/N is this…”

“I don’t understand how you can look me in the eyes sometimes.” You began, your voice muffling softly from tears, “They call me whore, slut, back-stabber. Killer. Traitor. Did you know that Tommy? They hate me and it’s hard to think or understand how you do as well.”

“Y/N…” He sighed softly, reaching for your hand and wincing as you hid it from him. Instead, he moved his hands to cup and stroked your cheeks, “Y/N I love you. I do not care what they say or think. You are their Queen and my lovely wife.. You can’t let what they say to you effect you, or your knowledge of how much I love you, because I will love you until the day I die.”

“As will I.” She sighed, attempting to stop the tears as you placed your hand on his chest, “I’m sorry. You are all I have left. It’s too easy for me to loose myself in panic and insecurity. I hope you can forgive me.”

He smiled brightly, pulling you onto his chest and kissing the top of your head.

“There is nothing to forgive.”


Theon Greyjoy

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You cried out in pain, a was cloth being dabbed on your head as you sobbed.

“One more push! You are almost done Y/N!” A voice spoke, “You can do this.”

A relief came of your body and you rolled over, closing your eyes as you attempted to calm and relax your body.

“It’s a girl.” The males voice said numbly, “Take her away.”

That voice… It was not familiar and defiantly not welcome.

Nor were the hands around your neck.

“You little whore.” Ramsay spat as you gasped for breath, “You can’t do a damn thing right, can you?” You tried to apologize but only getting the I out and your husband groaned throwing you down harshly.

“I guess I will have to marry your sister after all… Or we can try again?”

Panting, you didn’t attempt to hide your sobs as you brought your knees to your face and you heard Theon entering the room, your daughter cradled in his arms. Seeing you panicked, he set the girl in her crib and slowly made his way to you.

“Bolton again?” He asked softly as you nodded, refusing to meet his eyes and he grabbed your arms, kissing from palm to shoulder on each until he reached your right shoulder and embraced you, then kissing your neck causing your head to spike up so that he could place a gentle, loving kiss on your lips. Only sighing when you pulled away to continue to sob. “He can’t touch you. He lost. You won. He’s dead.”

“Then why is he still here?” You sobbed into him and he hugged you tightly, Whispering sweet nothings in your ear and hugging you until your sobs stopped and you fell asleep in his arms but he was still awake.

I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.


It’s been a month since you’ve met Jojen. You were a fugitive from King’s Landing at the time, running away from a forced marriage. You were far away from home when you found a little white bunny running through the soft snow. You always loved snow. 

It all happened so fast. One second, you were chasing the bunny, then, there was an arrow pointing at your head. You turned around to find a tall girl with a deadly expression. 

You were scared. You never wanted to hurt anyone, just to find a home somewhere else, the North wasn’t even your first option. You looked at the bunny, your bag, with a knife, was close to the animal, but you couldn’t just take it without dying.

And that’s when you heard him. 

“Meera, put the bow down, she’s clearely not a threat.” The blond boy says coming from behind a tree. 

“How can you know that?” The girls serious voice answer. 

“She’s scared. An idiot can see that.” He chuckles and the girl sigh. The boy came next to you, and you took a step back. “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.” He assures you and you nod. “Where are you from?” 

“South.” You says and he smile. 

“And what a beautiful southern girl is doing here on the North?” He asks you and you blush madly. 

“I ran away… Arranged marriage.” You explain and he nods. 

*Later in that day*

You’ve met Bran and Hodor already, they were very friendly with you, and Bran asked you a lot of questions about how things were back in the South. Meera was almost breaking the woods on her hands, trying to make a fire. You smile, getting up and walking to her. “Can I help?” 

“The Princess knows how to make fire?” She says sarcastically. 

“I’m not a Princess.” You say. “But I do know how to make fire.” You smirk, lifting one finger at a time and creating flames on your hands, that you throws on the woods. 

Meera looks speechless, while you chuckle. Jojen grabs your arm and turn you to face him, he has a large smile on his face. “You’re an element controler. Why didn’t you told us before?” 

You blush. “Is too… Complicated.”

*Weeks later*

“JOJEN!” You yelled as you saw the white walker walking to him. Your first instinct was to react, unlike Meera. You created a wall of water, than soon turned into ice. The white walker bumped on it, falling on the ground while Jojen ran to your side.

Meera finally seemed to react, she starts shooting arrow after arrow, the white walker being hit by at least three arrows in the head. 

“You… Saved… My life.” Jojen says, turning to you. You blush. 

“I just did what was right.” You shrug. 

“I should do the same.” He says and you stare at him, confused. Your confusion is soon replaced by shock as his cold lips bump into yours, creating a warm, perfect moment. “I love you.” He admits after you two separate to breath. “You… Huh… Can you say something?” 

“I love you too, Profecy Boy.” 

something-resembling-gumption  asked:

So. Each direwolf reflects their Starkling. But I never got how Ghost reflected Jon? Or is he not supposed to...? Maybe I need to read more carefully...

Hey, sorry this sort of got lost amidst the wreckage that is my inbox, and while I’m sure there’s a discussion like this already out there, I’m gonna go ahead and put together the evidence I gathered because both Ghost and Jon are very important to me, and Ghost is my favorite direwolf as well as the one who is downright chockfull of symbolism.

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Together Again

Imagine: JojenxReader

Requested: Kinda❤️

Plot: The Reader died before Jojen, so when he dies, they reunite (fluff and sad stuff)😭❤️

It was the fifth nightmare in a row. Jojen was plagued by the memory of your inevitable death, and how he could’ve saved you, if only he had trusted his instincts. If only he had been faster….If only…….


You and Jojen were trailing behind Meera, Bran, and Hodor, as you crossed a frozen lake, just talking about his visions, and what it was like to have the greensight. “It can be both a blessing and a curse,” Jojen explained, smiling down at your face. How he loved watching your face light up every time you asked a question, or how you crinkled your nose whenever you were confused, he loved you. So dearly. So much. Had he known what was about to happen, he would’ve frozen time in that moment, just to be able to prevent your death. “Come on, Jojen! We’re trailing behind!” You giggled, tugging on his arm, trying to get him to walk faster. “(Y/N), we’re fine! If you want to run ahead and catch up, go ahead, but I’m staying here,” He chuckled, grabbing your hand. You just scoffed, smiling like nothing could go wrong in that moment. Or the moment after it. Or any moment to come.

How wrong you both were. You kissed Jojen’s cheek, before turning around and running to catch up to Meera, Bran, and Hodor, who had already finished crossing the frozen lake, and were waiting for you on the other side. Jojen watched you run, smiling to himself, when suddenly, he got a horrible feeling in his heart and stomach. ‘Probably just something bothering me, that’s all,’ he thought to himself, shrugging it off as he continued to watch you. But suddenly, a loud cracking sound erupted, and you fell through the ice, giving a scream as you fell. Jojen’s heart fell, “(Y/N)!!!!” He screamed, running towards the hole you fell through, Meera running towards it from the shore. He reached the hole about the same time she did; they saw how the ice was red, and they gazed down into the hole to see your limp body, face down in the freezing water, the water turning red by your head. “NO! DEAR GODS, NO!” Jojen screamed, tears burning in his eyes, a hole punched through his heart. He sobbed as he tried to reach you, to pull you out of your icy, watery grave. Meera helped her grieving brother, pulling your limp body out of the hole, and laying you down on the ice; there was a nasty, deep, large gash going down the side of your head, your eyes wide open, staring at nothing, your drenched hair starting to freeze in the cold air. Meera closed your eyes, as if to make it look as if you were simply sleeping, and could wake up at any moment. Jojen couldn’t handle it; he didn’t want this to be the way he remembered you. “Come back! Please, love, COME BACK! PLEASE! I LOVE YOU!” He screamed in agony, over and over, hoping that maybe his declaration of love could somehow bring you back.

But it didn’t.

*****End Flashback*****

Jojen sat there, staring at the fire, his heart aching for the thousandth time since the day you died. “I know that you’re in pain, Jojen. We all are. We’ve all lost a friend, but you… lost your soulmate….didn’t you?” Bran said sadly, as Jojen approached, looking up at the shaken young man. Jojen could do nothing but nod, his voice failing him for the umpteenth time. Bran sighed; he hated seeing Jojen suffer this way. He didn’t deserve it, just like you hadn’t deserved to die. “On the more positive side, we’re almost at the Three-eyed Raven,” Bran said, trying to cheer him up. But again, all Jojen did was nod.

The following day, Jojen, Meera, Bran, and Hodor continued walking, before reaching the valley where the Godswood was. “Look, Jojen, look! We’ve made it!” Bran cried, smiling at Jojen, who smiled back for once, looking back out to the beautiful scene. ‘Gods, (Y/N) would’ve loved this place….’ he thought to himself. As they made their way to the cave underneath the Godswood, something grabbed Jojen, and pulled him backwards, causing him to yelp. “JOJEN!” Meera screamed, running forwards to help her brother, as half a dozen wights popped out from under the ice. “Help them Hodor!” Bran screamed, before warging into him, in order to fight off the wights. Meera shoved Jojen away, knocking him down, as she fought a wight. He spun to see 3 more wights come for Bran, “BRAN! SAVE YOURSELF! NOW!” He screamed, hoping to at least save one person. Then, an agonizing, unsustainable pain erupted in his stomach. Then another, then another. Until Meera killed the bloody thing that stabbed him. As she held her brother in her arms, a young girls voice cried out, “He is lost! Come with me, or die with him!” “Go with them,” Jojen said, nodding at his sister to reassure her. She quickly grabbed a knife, before kissing him on the forehead, and dragging the knife across his throat, releasing him from his suffering, and plunging him into darkness.

Then, suddenly, it was no longer darkness, but a world exactly like the one in which he had lived in, except everyone here was at peace; passed on from the first world to the next. He saw people he knew, and even those he did not; Eddard Stark was there, standing in the main square of King’s Landing, speaking with a man who looked like his brother, and King Robert, with a young woman at his side, all of them smiling, laughing, talking. On the other side of the square; Robb Stark, his wife, and their child, along with Catelyn Stark, all of them happy.

Then, suddenly, Jojen saw someone sitting by the fountain, their back to him; a fairly young lady, by the looks of it, and a sophisticated one at that. Jojen felt his heart stop. Was it her? What would she think of him? He sat next to the young woman; it was you, so immersed in your novel that you didn’t notice the young man sitting next to you, “(Y/N)?” You froze, and then your eyes shot up to see Jojen sitting right next to you. “J-Jojen?!” You gasped, standing up suddenly. He smiled, and you hugged him tightly, burying your face in his chest, sobbing, as he hugged you back even tighter, tears of joy in his eyes. “I missed you, Jojen, Gods I’ve missed you, I love you. So much, and I’m sorry I ran ahead, I was so stupid, and I’m sorry you’re dead now too, I-” you were cut off by Jojen kissing you gently, and you kissed back, even though both of your were crying. But, you were together again.

And that was all that mattered.

Strangest Desire (part five)

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more @jonsa-week goodness, although I am WAY LATE with day 1′s fic so it might not even count, idk:  Day 1: CASTLE or CHILDREN

jumping all aboard the JON BRINGS HOME AN OOPS BABY FROM THE WAR train, because it’s a great train rife with angst potential & there should be more of it

1900 words, T

The air of return to Winterfell is too exhausted to be triumphant, but still relieved, still happy. Jon’s own return is more cautious. As the Stark in Winterfell, Sansa surely had to be there to greet the soldiers and make arrangements for their stay, but Jon is pulling up the rear of this last company, and she is gone by the time he reaches the Great Hall. By design, no doubt. It is not an auspicious beginning.

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On Lyanna Stark

Lyanna is one of those mysterious characters that has caught my attention on my first read and I’ve been obsessing over her ever since. I’ve read everything from meta to fanfiction, but it often seems that people only talk about the tomboy or the naive young girl, overlooking the fact that she is also one of Martin’s very complex characters. So I put together all the passages about her appearance and personality.

One of the first things we learn about Lyanna is that she died at 16 and that she was beautiful.

Lyanna had only been sixteen, a child-woman of surpassing loveliness. Ned had loved her with all his heart. Robert had loved her even more. She was to have been his bride.

She was more beautiful than that,” the king said after a silence.  (Eddard, AGoT)

Later, we hear that Arya looks like her:

You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.”

 “Lyanna was beautiful,” Arya said, startled. Everybody said so. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya.

“She was,” Eddard Stark agreed, “beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.” (Arya, AGoT)

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Vicky Fucking Slutty Sister Meera - I

Fucking is hard to resist when your sister look so good! As it can be assumed from the title and from the first line this is about me being a dog with my elder sister Meera Didi who was nevertheless then a bitch. Yes…I have fucked my real sister…main apni saggi bahan ko Chod chuka hun aur wo bhi kai baar aur poori poori raat.

I am sure most readers won’t believe that it’s a true incident still I would say everything written here has happened as is, even the words we spoke to each other are almost word to word true. Introducing myself; I am Vicky, living in renowned city of eastern U.P. with my mom, dad and elder sister.

I am almost up with my graduation and my sister Meera Didi who is nearly two years elder than me is perusing her masters. As such I don’t have anything special to describe my past relation with Meera DidI, like most siblings we use to tease and fight with each other over tiny matters and as she was a girl child my parents were always partial to her.

Apart from this fact that we never got coincided over anything and she was always reason for me getting scolded by our Parents I was madly attracted to her. Being a virgin guy I was the kind who looks for sex in every girl and Meera Didi was exceptional among all my fantasy girls.

Must be Standing 5'3" or bit more, fair in color with good looking face Meera Didi has very seductive body. Flat belly, nice juicy tits; quite big in proportion of rest of her body, lovely ass mounds; plump, erotically spread and significantly protruding out from her back and very tempting thighs; silky smooth with lot of extra flesh.

Now while coming to the real experience I would say it all started when on one lucky day I came back home in the early evening I found my dad at home. He was sitting in the living room with a very serious gesture and then suddenly I heard mom screaming in anger in the other room.

I was shocked and tried to rush to the bedroom but Dad stopped me and after a minute he himself went into the bedroom and locked the door from inside. I stood outside and tried hearing whatever was running in the room and heard mom screaming over Meera Didi repeatedly and then suddenly I heard noise of 2-3 slaps in a row.

It was shocking, my dad has never scolded Meera Didi and he was hitting her and I heard mom was trying stopping dad. Initially I could not make out what all has actually happened but from mom’s spoken words like “tujhe sharm nahi aai ye sab karte hue” it was clear that Meera Didi has done some blunder which was unethical.

After a while I felt that Mom and Dad are about to come out and I moved from the door and sat down silently on the couch. They locked Meera Didi in the room and later while being behind the wall of their bedroom I silently heard dad saying mom that she has to take Meera Didi to the gynecologist to confirm and I got a clue that there is something related to sex

and next instant in response of dad’s thought of going to the specific consultant mom denied to take Meera Didi there and said that she is sure that she has done it and she will just give her medicine “rahne do…mujhe confirmed hai…isske bag mein Condoms mile hain isska matlab hai ye kar chuki hai…main bus issko dawai la kar khila dungi”

and my heart skipped a beat with a thought that Meera Didi has done real fucking. What next? Jealous, resentful and I went through lot of such feelings just with that thought. Like I said earlier Meera Didi was always my favorite fantasy, don’t know from how many years I was lusting over her;

Sala jab se lund khada hona shuru hua hai tab se Meera Didi ko dekhkar mooth mar raha tha aur ye apni chut kisi aur se marwa ke aa gayi hai! Seriously guys I was feeling so pissed off that I did not have meal in the night. That night mom slept with Meera Didi and me with Dad and throughout the night; till four, scene of Meera Didi getting fucked floated in front of my eyes.

I fantesized her getting fucked in all possible postures and masturbated thrice but my restlessness did not seem ending. Now what? I asked myself and decided that now somehow I too have to fuck her; ab Kuch bhi ho jaaye mujhe bhi Meera Didi ki Chut ke andar apna Lund daalna hi hai and I started planning for that.

Next day began as usual but not for Meera Didi, no mobile phone, no access to the computer and no collage, she was somewhat house arrested and when I moved out of the house to attend my collage she was yet not out of the room. Throughout the day in the collage I was restless; her face with fucking expressions were continuesly floating in front of my eyes.

I was dying to fuck her but I could not see the way to reach to her cunt, obviously how could I? Mom was having continues eye over her. Whatever at my end that day passed in day dreaming and finally somewhere around dinner time I got glimpse of my slutty sister and I was instantly hard like Iron rod.

Didi was wearing casual pajama with a t-shirt ending few inches below her waist and looking at her big round, plump ass I presumed that she has been fucked in doggy style that is why she has gone so wide at her bottom. Well finally dinner time also ended and once again we slept in same pattern, Mom with Meera Didi and me with Dad and once again I masturbated thrice till next morning.

By now my passion was bit subsided and I could see it will not be easy for me to fuck Meera Didi so easily but I was having some real nasty things to speak to her. Since beginning Meera Didi was brilliant in studies and she has always embarrassed me for my low grades and now I was thinking about getting even with her by embarrassing her over what she has done.

I wanted to speak out dirty with her but for that I had to alone with her, which was looking difficult to happen at the moment and two days passed just like that. In my parents presence I did not even talked to Meera Didi, actually over all environment of the house was gone so intense that nobody was talking to anybody casually and in that sequence Sunday came

and went and looking at her lovely ass and big breasts I did nothing except masturbating. I was thinking I will get solitude with her after few days when we will retain our actual sleeping pattern; Mom back to Dad and me with Meera Didi but to my good fortune I got that isolation with her on the very next day.

It was Monday and time was barely 11, I was in college and I got a call from my mom that I have to come back home immediately. I tried asking mom reason for that but she did not say anything and told me to do whatever she has said. I reached back home and found dad at home too.

Actually one of my father’s cousin brother was expired and both; mom and dad were going there with a plan of coming back home in the late evening and after giving me this information mom took me to the other room and gave me instruction to keep an eye on Meera Didi; Mom strictly told me that I cannot let her call anybody, also I cannot leave her alone in the house.

Here I must say Mom ko nahi patta tha ki unki beti hi nahi unka beta bhi ek number Harami hai. In last few years I don’t how many times we two have been alone at home but this time I was too excited also confident over whatever I was thinking to do and for next half an hour, till my parents left the home I prepared myself for behaving extremely shameless with my sister

and finally after around ten minutes of my parents exit I came to Meera Didi. Wearing Jeans and top I saw her laying on her bed over her belly. “Wow…what a wide ass she has…Saale ne ulta letta ke peeche se lee hogi…tabhi iski gaand itni chowdi ho gayi hai…..”. and after her ass next my eyes got stuck to her breasts and they too good in size

“Saale ne inko bhi Chus chus ke bada kar diya hai” anyway that was what all ran in my mind as I saw Meera Didi and in the mean time she looked up to see me 2-3 times and eventually to begin I told her that Mom has told me to keep an eye on her. “Mummy ne mujhe tumpar nazar rakhne ke liye kaha hai…” “Patta hai…”

laying over her body belly Meera DIdi was reading her courseware and she replied back without looking at me and I asked her that why that day mom and dad were screaming over her “kya hua ? Us din mummy papa tum per itna kyun chilla rahe the?” “Kuch nahi…bus aise hi chilla rahe the…”

she looked at me while replying but just for a fraction and again emerged her sight in the book and I told her that I know why they were screaming “Mujhe patta hai kyun chilla rahe the…” and she asked me back what do I know “Ok tell me kyun chilla rahe the…?” and suppressing my hesitation I spoke out what I wanted to speak to tease her

“Tum kahin se chudwa ke aai ho..issi liye chilla rahe the” “What??” and like I knew Meera Didi was shocked and before she would have further reacted over that I asked her with whom she has fucked in a same way “Tell me; kis se Chut marwai hai tumne apni…” and hearing that Meera Didi went mad over me.

Since beginning she has tendency to hit me and hearing my slang she instantly got up started hitting me blindly with both the hands. I never hit her back and that time too I did not and I just went away from her and once again teased her by asking “Mummy ko tumhare bag se condom mile hain…Marwane ke liye Condom bhi tum hi lekar jaati ho…?”

and before shutting the bedroom door she screamed over me “You asshole! Get lost from here”. I laughed and laughed and came out to the living room and switched on the television and for next half an hour it was just me and my thoughts. I was aroused because of what I just said to Meera Didi but I was realizing that if I have to fuck her I have to be her friend

and after some time as Meera Didi came out to get something from the fridge I said sorry to her “Didi… I am sorry…let’s be friends” and to my surprise Meera Didi accepted my apology instantly “Ok…let’s be friends…” and next instant when she requested me to let her call once I realized why she forgave me so casually “mujhe ek phone karna hai…please karne de”

Meera Didi requested me to let her make one call and I asked her to whom she would call and as she said she wants to talk to her friend Neeta I denied. Neeta; Meera Didi’s best friend was actually a spoiled girl and since beginning my parents never liked her and Neeta was the one who actually spoiled Meera Didi, that’s what Mom was telling dad.

Anyway as I denied for letting her call her friend Meera Didi looking into my eyes with smile sbe requested me again and my dirty mind came up with an idea of making a deal and I told her that I will let her call if she will reply back to my questions “theek hai per uske baad jo bhi main puchhunga tumko batana padega…”.

I intentionally did not asked her for her cunt straight away because I knew that she will not agree so easily and I was thinking about reaching there after few questions. Anyway like I needed Meera Didi agreed to my condition of answering my questions and I gave her my mobile and she spoke to her friend for around 10-15 minutes in solitude in her bedroom.

Although I tried a lot to listen her but I really failed and after adequate time I insisted her to close the call and Meera Didi closed the call and told me to be quick to ask whatever I want to know and using Hindi slang I once again came out in same way “Ab batao tum such mein kahin se apni Chut marwa ke aai ho?” though with bit of smile once again Meera Didi got crazy with my words

“Batameez…be sharam aise bolta hai apni badi bahan se…??” screaming over me once she once again started hitting me hard and holding her hands this time I reverted back “Haan…main aise hi bolta hun..ab bolo tumne sach mein apni Chut marwai hai…” and trying suppressing her smile she said yes in rude tone “Haan…to..tujhe kya?” and with that she released her wrists from me and got away.

“Tumhara koi boy friend hai…?” I asked her next question and she accepted casually “Haan mera Boy friend hai”. I was bit hard over cock and I was thinking what to ask next but Meera Didi walked out to the living room and sat down in front of television. I too sat down but on the opposite couch and in sarcastic tone she asked me if I want to know anything else

“aur kuch puchhna hai…?” and I shamelessly said yes and asked did it pained when penis was gone inside her cunt for the first time “pahli baar jab tumhari Chut mein Lowda gaya tha to tumhen dard hua tha…?” and once again my question brought undue smile over her face and she threw cushion to hit me.

“Bolo na…! jab tumhare boy friend ne pahli baar apna Lund tumhari Chut mein ghusaya tha to dard hua tha?” I asked same question again and as by now I was very hard over my crotch I adjusted my cock in front of Meera Didi and this time instead of throwing one at me she got up and started beating me with the cushion “Kutte Kamine… Haramjyade… Hua tha dard…”

she abused me but in the end she accepted that she had pain and while getting beaten once again I shamelessly asked did her cunt bleed too “Chut mein se khoon bhi nikala tha…” I was embarrising her and by now Meera Didi was gone bizzare in anger and continuation she accepted that too in same sort of words “Haan…Nikla tha meri Chut se khoon….! Haramkhor…!”

and I asked did she enjoyed too “mazza bhi aaya tha Chut marwane mein?” and she accepted that too “Haan mazza bhi aaya tha….” and with she threw the cushion away with which she was hitting me and turned to go away and I asked her to show me her cunt at least once “mujhe apni Chut ek baar dikha hi do…”

I was somewhat laying over couch and while beating me Meera Didi was standing and hearing that Meera Didi turned back and kicked me hard which fortunately did not injured me much and next instant I lured her by saying that I will also show her my Cock “Main bhi tumhen apna lund dikhaunga” “Bhaad mein jaa…Mujhe nahi dekhna tera Lund…”

saying go to hell she ridiculed my proposal and moved towards her room and I walked behind her and told her that right now I am going to masturbate on her name “Main tumhare naam ki mooth maarne jaa raha hun…” by now Meera Didi was somewhat immune to my vulgar Hindi words and in same fashion she teased me saying that I can only masturbate “tu sirf mooth hi maar sakta hai…!”

and I replied saying that I can fuck her too, she just has to say yes “main tumhen Chod bhi sakta hun…tum bus ek baar haan bol do…” “jaa jaa bada aaya mujhe chodne wala…” and with that she went into her room and locked it from inside. I was restless like never before and I despiratly to do something and I don’t know how it came in my mind, and I took weird step,

standing outside the room I released my lowers down: both jeans and underwear and while jerking my rod I started banging the door. Like I knew within couple of minutes Meera Didi got irritated with continues bang and as she unbolted the door leaving my jeans and underwear outside the room, on the floor I entered in the room.

“Didi Ye dekho mera Lund…” I was totally naked at my lower half and jerking back and forward by now I was gone hardest of my life and looking me in that state for an instant Meera Didi cried in shock, she ran away to the other corner of the room and looking at my huge cock screamed over me “battmeez… bahar nikal…”

and saying that she started throwing things over me and I teased her saying sarcastic that she can take someone else cock in her cunt but she do not want to see her brother’s cock “Wah…tum dusre ka Lund apni Chut mein le sakti ho…aur apne bhai ka Lund dekhna bhi nahi chahti”

and my words enhanced her anger and next instant don’t know from where she found my cricket bat and as she moved ahead to hit me I backed off “tumhara kabhi bhi Chut marwane ka man kare to batta dena…sharmana matt…. main maar dunga…“ saying that with a giggle I moved out of her reach.

Oh God…! I was never so hard and next sitting on the couch I openly started jerking my cock back and forward to masturbate. I was expecting that very soon Meera Didi will once again come out and seeing me masturbating she might get charged but she did not came out and I too did not shagged my load and waited for her on the couch partially naked for long.

One hour passed and after getting back in clothes I started hunting to eat something and knocked Meera Didi for the lunch and she came out. I ate sitting in the living room with a television and she went into the bedroom with her food. Next after 15-20 minutes, after ending her meal Meera Didi came out and told me that she has to make another call.

“Mujhe ek phone aur karna hai…” “Same condition….! You have to answer my questions, par achhe se jwab dena…taaki mera Lund Khada ho jaaye…” “Tu kitna Kamina hai…!” she spoke sarcastic and with a smile I inserted my hand in my lower to please my cock.

“Ok…accepted” Meera Didi agreed and asked me for my phone and I told her that this time she has to answer my question first and she agreed to that too. “pahli baar tumhare friend ne tumhen kaise choda tha…neeche letta ke ya peechhe se…Kutia banna ke…” I took out my cock from my lower and asked her first time in which posture her boy friend fucked her,

while being on her top or from behind in doggy style and looking at my cock with a tiny smile she replied back saying first time she was fucked while laying under and second time she was on the top “pahli baar neche letta ke…fir dusri baar main oopar baith gayi thi…” “Ok…kab se chudwa rahi ho…?” means from how long she is fucking and she said from two months.

By now my cock was at its best and no hesitation I was jerking it back and forward hard and fast in front of Meera Didi. Whatever my next question was does she suck his cock but in same Hindi slang “Tum uska Lund bhi chusti ho….” And Meera Didi accepted that she suck “Haan…Chusti hun”.

I must say this time Meera Didi was replying to my questions without reflecting any annoyance and best part was that her eyes were again and again getting stuck to my cock. “Mere cock ka size achha hai na…?” next I asked if size of my cock is good and for an instant Meera Didi went silent and with a tiny smile she looked into my eyes with arbitrary anger and I insisted her to reply

"Bolo… achha hai ya nahi?” and Meera Didi smiled beautifully. “Haan achha hai” finally she replied in yes and before that I was ready with a next question "Logi apni Chut mein…?” “Nahi…!” means will you take it in your cunt and she came out with a straight No. Next I requested her to suck it little bit and she once again denied “Thoda sa Chus hi do” “Nahi”.

“Achha…sirf apne haath se meri mooth hi maar do” “No…way…with me you can do just sex chat…” I don’t know what do they say in English in Hindi we call it Bhagte bhoot ki langot pakadna, somehow I was trying to make something, if not fucking then sucking and if not even sucking then at least masturbation but Meera Didi said no to all and in the end asked me my mobile, to make a call.

I was thinking that once again she will speak to her best friend but this time she wanted to talk to her boy friend. For an instant I thought about saying no to it but in the end gave her my mobile and she once again moved into the bedroom to speak to her boy friend in solitude.

I wanted to follow her, to listen her talk but I relaxed down on the couch and continued jerking my cock in urge of cumming. I was thinking about shagging my load with my own hands but suddenly my fate changed.

To my surprise Meera Didi came back in hardly five minutes and sitting on three sitter couch called me saying that she will make me happy and after a pause added that she will masturbate me “aaja main tujhe khush kar deti hun…apne haathon se teri mooth maar deti hun…” and I was pleasantly surprised but before moving close to her I asked her what does she want now

“kya hua….?? ab kya kaam hai?” and Meera Didi spoke out that she wants to meet her boy friend “Mujhe apne boy friend se milne jaana hai” “Not possible…” I denied instantly and Meera Didi lured me “Imagine kar main tera Lund apne haathon mein lekar achhe se hilaungi…you will enjoy so much…!” already out of my lower I was holding my cock in my hand and with her words it went harder.

I was dying for something like this to happen with me, still I could not dare to accept her condition, I knew that if anyhow my parents will come to know that I have allowed Meera going out of the house alone and that is to meet her boy friend then I will be killed and I suggested her to speak to her boy friend for as long as she wants

“Tum jitni der chaho uss se phone per baat kar low…” “Nahi…mujhe uss se milna hai…” “No….! bahut risk hai..agar Dad ko pata chal wo mujhe maar daalenge…” “Risk hai per tujhe aisa mauka dobara nahin milega…” and saying that Meera Didi came forward and suddenly touched my bare thighs and I groaned in amazing sensation.

“Didi please karo na…” “Aise nahin…pahle promise kar…ki tu mujhe jaane dega…” “Papa mujhe bahut marenge…” “kisi ko pata bhi nahin chalega….I will be back within an hour” and with that once again Meera Didi touched my thighs and I groaned again. I must say by now for me it was impossible to resist and I agreed to Meera Didi but with a condition that will go along.

Meera Didi gave a thought to my condition for a moment and finally came out with OK and behaving smart next instant I told her that masturbating just once is not enough and asked for do it five times “per sirf ek baar masturbate karne se nahin chalega…total paach baar karna padega” and Meera Didi got annoyed “jyada smart mat bann…sirf ek baar karungi…”

and sensing her desperation I stayed firm over 5 times “Nahi paanch baar” and she agreed for twice “Fine…two times…ek baar abhi…dusri baar wapis aakar” and I tried bargaining for three times but Meera Didi did got rigid and finally I agreed for twice; once just then and next after coming back home after meeting her boy friend.

Next Meera Didi once again took my phone and called her boy friend to fix the time and venue and eventually sat down on the floor in front of me while giving strict instruction that I cannot touch her or she will kill me, “Tu…mujhe touch nahin karega….nahi to main tujhe jaan se maar dungi”. I accepted and my eyes got stuck under her face.

Wow her breasts were too good, while sitting on couch and she on the floor I was getting glimpse of her cleavage and next praising size of her breasts I requested her to show bit of her breasts “Didi tumhare Boobs bahut bade-bade hain…thode se dikhao na…!” and looking at me with smile she opened bit of neck of her top “Le dekh le…”

and now I could clearly see her thick deep cleavage with bit of her white bra cups holding her huge melons tight.“Wow…!” “Kamina..!” I wowed in delight and Meera Didi abused me with a smile. Hardest of my life by now my cock was standing in front of Meera Didi’s eyes and without touching me she asked me if I am ready “Ready…?” and I said yes in desperation “Sure…?”

she teased me and I went further restless “Haan…ab jaldi karo…” and with a chuckle she confirmed again “Pakka…?” “Haan pakka…” I cried over her and she giggled. “Ahhh….” finally I hissed in delight, Meera Didi took my cock in her hand softly while looking at my facial expressions and once again abused me “Haramkhor…apni bahan se mooth marwa raha hai…”

and I smiled over her words while puffing in delight. To begin Meera Didi moved her soft hands all around my crotch and I moaned erotically. Next slowly she grabbed my rod in her fist and started moving up and down and I gasped in delight and to enhance my pleasure she started caressing my balls.

I was going crazy, closing my eyes I was moaning and gasping like a mad and suddenly Meera Didi spoke out so erotic “Mere chhote se bhai ka Lund to bahut bada ho gaya hai…. Ab issko ek Chut Chahiye Chodne ke liye…” “Ahhh……” her words drove me further crazy and while puffing I too spoke out erotic “Aur wo Chut tumhari hai…tum dekhna ek din main tumhari hi Chut Chodunga”.

By now I was highly excited and next instant I asked Meera Didi to jerk me hard and fast and Meera Didi started yanking me faster. “Aur Tez karo….Aur Tez….” just few seconds and I cried desperately while clenching my teeth, I was rising fast and suddenly Meera Didi changed the movement and instead of moving my cock up and down she started twisting my rod hard

and fast between her both the palms and just in few seconds pressure inside me increased tremendously and my moans changed, they got shriller and sharper but Meera Didi did not stopped, she kept on grinding my rod between her palms and suddenly things went beyond my tolerance and I started crying like hell “bus….bus…ruk jao…ruk jaaoo…ho gaya ho gaya…”

by now entire blood of my whole body was running through my penis and I was at the verge of cumming but doing opposite instead of stopping Meera Didi started grinding my Cock faster and with a shudder over my belly I cried in strange sensation. I pushed her and next instant Meera Didi stopped rolling my cock but kept on holding and with a quiver volcano inside me erupted vigorously.

Finally with a husky gasp I spewed out thick shower of my sticky jizz and it was so rapid and so much in quantity that even after trying her best Meera Didi failed to prevent her hands getting dirty. “ Tu kya mujjhe Chodega…Tera to ek hi minute mein paani chhut gaya…” Meera Didi teased me while wiping her hand from my t-shirt and I was not in state to say anything in reply.

Ufff…“ What a shag it was, too good and with a sticky gunk all around I was completely spoiled over my crotch. Anyway next Meera Didi got up and before going to change her clothes told me to get up and get ready to move out to meet her boy friend and soon I was sitting behind while Meera Didi was driving the scooty to reach to the particular mall.

What if Jon were raised as a Reed? A fic by me and for @draganchitsa, because if Jon has to be raised anywhere other than Winterfell, it damn well better be Greywater Watch.

Living in a moving castle may seem like strange and complicated way to live, yet Jon could hardly imagine a life any simpler. The crannogmen woke when the sun rose and retired when it set. They spent their days hunting and weaving baskets and used spare material to make everything from clothes to armor. They all broke fast together and supped together as equals. Howland Reed was a lord, yes, but he did not act like other lords. At least, not as Jon thought lords acted like.

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GOT 6x05 recap

- sansa making littlefinger uncomfortable is my aesthetic

- ahhhh the play !!!!!!!

- arya’s face is just like in 1x09

- when she sees ‘sansa’ cut my heart out pls

- hold up…. im a bit rusty but is this the first time arya finds out sansa married tyrion?


-dany’s haaaiiiiiiir - season 3 vibes!!!!!

- “all ive ever wanted was to serve you” goodbye!!!

- “i love you…. i’ll always love you” FUKCING HELL

- “i command you to heal yourself… and then return to me” WHAT KIND OF SHAKESPEAREAN SHIT IS THIS


- *except 3x04

- oh shit varys what was THAT about

- bran what the FUCK

- “they can hang” SANSA. i almost choked

- “but jon doesnt have the stark name.” WHO THE FUCK WAS TALKING ABOUT JON, DAVOS????


- “jon is jon. he’s my brother…he’ll keep me safe, i trust him.” let me die Let Me DIE

- jon and sansa riding out of castle black together to take back the north literally has me tearing out my hair

- (can someone parallel it with dany’s scene ta)

- oh shit. it’s the white walkers

- come on meera come ON please dont die on me


- they did NOT just kill summer (that’s some symbolism for ya)


- did they just—- kill hodor…………………………..

Becoming Hodor

I think we need to take a moment to remember that children are children. Children should not be held to the same standards to which we hold adults. A child who does something awful will not necessarily grow up to be an adult who does awful things. A child who does something awful does not necessarily understand what he or she is doing. This is something people usually agree with in American society (though there are always the bloodthirsty when a child does something especially awful): children are not small adults, and they deserve far more grace when they commit acts we view as morally wrong.

There is no one age that marks when somebody is better equipped to make decisions and understand consequences, but I’m not sure I know anybody that thinks that a 9 or 10-year-old’s actions faultlessly dictate what sort of person he will be … which brings me to Brandon Stark.

More than once, Bran skinchanges into Hodor for survival, but Bran also skinchanges into Hodor for his own enjoyment.

I think it’s important to point out that Bran’s intent isn’t relevant when it comes to Hodor’s experience. Hodor is clearly deeply negatively affected by the skinchanging experience.

“Like a dog who has had all the fight whipped out of him, Hodor would curl up and hide whenever Bran reached out to him.” ADwD, Bran III

Even when Bran does it seemingly automatically to help fight off the wights outside the cave, Hodor is traumatized.

“Deep inside, he could hear poor Hodor whimpering still…” ADwD, Bran II

It doesn’t matter if Bran does it automatically, for purely good or purely selfish reasons – Hodor does not understand skinchanging, and it scares him every time. Ideally, there would never be a situation in which Hodor would have to deal with skinchanging. In the instances where Hodor’s own life depends on it, I’m more willing to say Bran did what was necessary. The same way the Hound knocked Arya out to get her away from the Twins safely, Bran invades Hodor’s body to save him and the others. It’s an awful thing, but it’s understandable given the circumstances, even as the person being saved bears the scars.

But what about Bran’s willingness to skinchange into Hodor when there isn’t any danger? What does that say about Bran?

It’s probably Bran’s biggest flaw. Bran is a lovable character. He’s the youngest point-of-view character, unable to walk from early on. He has big dreams and misbehaves in what seems like wholly innocent and boyish ways. He even appears to be Catelyn’s favorite child. Bran is a sweet, innocent boy. But he’s more than that. He’s not a stock magical character, a lovable hero whose only problem is that the world is unfairly against him. He’s a complex character, a real character, in the vein of the rest of the series.

Bran has a plethora of issues that surround the loss of his ability to walk. He feels helpless and incapable throughout the entire series. He must rely entirely on other people to get to where he’s being told to go. As a boy in Westeros society, this is especially shameful – he often thinks of himself as “almost a man grown,” yet he must be carried like a baby.

“Of late, Bran wore Summer’s body more often than his own; the wolf felt the bite of the cold, despite the thickness of his fur, but he could se farther and hear better and smell more than the boy in the basket, bundled up like a babe in swaddling clothes.” ADwD, Bran I

His embarrassed thoughts occur throughout the entire series, but even in Bran’s scant A Dance with Dragons chapters, it’s clear how insecure and unhappy he still is as he continues to deal with the fact that he lacks physical ability, one of the things his society tells him is among his most valuable assets.

On the other hand, Hodor is commonly acknowledged as the strongest person in their party, and Bran admires Hodor’s strength.

“No one was as strong as Hodor, no one.” ADwD, Bran I

When Bran skinchanges with Hodor, he does so to remember what it felt like to be physically independent, he does so to feel big and strong, something he will never be.

“And suddenly he was not Bran, the broken boy crawling through the snow, suddenly he was Hodor halfway down the hill, with the wight raking at his eyes … Deep inside, he could hear poor Hodor whimpering still, but outside he was seven feet of fury with old iron in his hand.” ADwD, Bran II

Bran’s trauma does not give him a right to victimize Hodor, but it does make his act far more understandable. The situation is extremely sad. Bran does not fully understand the implications of what he’s doing, and he’s doing it because he yearns for a body that (to him) works. He laments the loss of his skills, which were a huge part of his identity.

“Bran remembered a time when no one could climb as good as him … Part of him wanted to shout at them for leaving him, and another part wanted to cry.” ADwD, Bran III

His frustration with his body is not limited to feats of strength or agility. When Meera is crying, Bran reflects upon what Bran could do with a “working” body compared to his own.

“He wanted to put his arms around her, hold her tight the way his mother used to hold him back at Winterfell when he’d hurt himself. She was right there, only a few feet from him, but so far out of reach it might have been a hundred leagues … I could put on Hodor’s skin, he thought. Hodor could hold her and pat her on the back.” ADwD, Bran III 

This moment explains what goes through Bran’s mind when he skinchanges into Hodor for non-survival purposes. He recalls a moment with his mother, and he wants badly to give that to somebody else. He wants to be the strong one, the supportive one, someone able to care for herself and others, like Catelyn was. But just as he’s unable to walk, he’s unable to comfort Meera. The hurt that Bran still feels permeates the last chapter of his, and I understand, in that moment, why he does something so invasive. He’s a frightened little boy who’s still dealing with hugely traumatic events while learning how to manage confusing and unique powers.

Bran is also completely lacking information that the reader has by the time we’re reading his chapters in A Dance with Dragons. While the reader understands from the prologue that skinchanging into another human is viewed as deplorable, Bran cannot know this; however, he does clearly understand that there’s something wrong with it. Not only does he keep the secret from everyone around him, but he can sense Hodor’s response. He knows that it frightens Hodor; this cannot be debated.

“The big stableboy never understood what was happening, and Bran could taste the fear at the back of his throat.” ADwD, Bran I

Again, there is no question that regardless of Bran’s side, Hodor is suffering. It is clear that this is no blameless act and that Bran is doing something selfish here, something that hurts Hodor just so he can have some time in a body that is strong, that can walk, the body of a man that Bran will never be. But Bran does not do this carelessly. He tries to tell himself that Hodor is getting less frightened, and he tries to soothe him.

“He knows it’s me, the boy liked to tell himself. He’s used to me by now.” ADwD, Bran I

Bran is clearly a deeply empathetic child. When he skinchanges into Hodor, he is taking liberties with somebody else’s body, liberties he doesn’t fully understand, because he’s so sick of hating his own. It’s wrong, but not detestable. Traumatizing to Hodor, but not intended to be by Bran. He makes a mistake. 

There’s a passage in Bran’s second chapter that stuck out to me as relevant to this conversation, regarding Bran’s reaction to the slaughter of Coldhands’ elk:

“Bran wept like a little girl when the bright blood came rushing out. He had never felt more like a cripple than he did then, watching helplessly as Meera Reed and Coldhands butchered the brave beast who had carried them so far. He told himself he would not eat, that it was better to go hungry than the feast upon a friend, but in the end, he’d eaten twice…” ADwD, Bran II

Throughout Bran’s story, there are many indications that other people’s sacrifice is necessary for him to continue. There’s the vague suggestions that the group may have eaten human meat (even if it didn’t actually happen) and Jojen and Meera’s misery, which they are undergoing strictly for him. If the morbid “Jojen paste” turns out to be true, this message is even more strongly sent.

When Bran sees the demise of the elk, he weeps “like a little girl,” feeling that familiar helplessness because of all the elk has done for them. His feelings toward the elk are strong, and he promises not to eat the elk. But then he does, because he needs to eat. He’s not strong enough to continue to survive on acorn paste, and he succumbs to the temptation of succulent meat, even as it makes it him uncomfortable.

Bran clearly struggles between doing what will make him feel good and doing what he feels is right. This is not a struggle that only a few people ever deal with: it is deeply human, and I’m skeptical that there’s a human alive who has never accepted the first by giving up the latter.

Bran slips into Hodor to aovid feeling helpless. As a result, he makes Hodor helpless. The exchange is not fair or equal, and I would hope that had Bran been informed how other skinchangers feel or were Bran older – even a little older – he wouldn’t do it. He would be able to be comforted in other ways, he would better understand how invasive the practice was. But Bran is a child. To make lifelong judgments based on what he does here is unfair. Bran is a child who yearns to feel physically whole, and the heartbreaking way he goes about satisfying that urge does not signal some irrevocably selfish person; it merely signals the uncomfortable things a sweet and kind child will do in the face of intense sadness and strange powers.

Something New- Chapter 12

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I found myself unable to breathe – I was drowning in Chris’s ocean-like blue eyes.  My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest as his thumb stroked the apple of my cheek.  His face came closer and closer; my eyes inadvertently closed as I waited for our lips to meet, and my arm automatically started to snake its away around his neck when-

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