and i want to have a huge sleepover


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Warnings: Threesome, masturbation, watching, swearing

“Peter.” You called out as you finished the trek from Roman’s house to Peter’s. The boy swung open the door to his trailer and hopped down the steps to sweep you into a bear hug.

“Thought you were hanging out with your friends?” Peter asked as he shook a beer that he’d been drinking before you arrived and slumped into his hammock, offering you a spot next to him.

“Nope and Roman wasn’t in so I came to see you.” You hummed and he chuckled.

“Oi Peter you in?” You both looked over to see the lanky boy stroll into the garden, smirking when he set eyes on you. “So the twins say you don’t want to hang out because you’ve never been to a sleepover.”

“Shut up Roman.” You huffed blushing and turning away from him only for Peter to see you flushed face.

“Wait you’ve never had a sleep over?” Peter asked with a laugh.

“Urgh no ok, why is it so weird?” You huffed.

“I guess it’s not you don’t really have many other friends.” Roman muttered, grinning when you pouted.

“You can sleepover at mine.” Peter offered.

“Or we could all sleep in my huge house.” Roman huffed quickly as he glared at Peter.

“Ok.” You muttered quietly.


You were perched on the edge of Roman’s huge bed, your pyjama shorts leaving enough of your legs bare to appreciate the expensive sheets underneath you.

“Pick a movie.” Roman grunted as he headed into the bathroom and chuckled you the remote.

You were flicking through tv channels when Peter arrived, making your eyes widen when your friend stripped down to his boxers and slid in opposite Roman’s side of the bed. Roman emerged wearing joggers and sunk into his bed, moving you until he was comfortable, grabbing the controller and changing the channel.

“This movie sucks.” Peter grumbled as his hand landed heavily in your lap. You were lent against Roman’s chest while your legs were slung over Peter’s, the three of you taking up the entirety of Roman’s bed.

You’d been slowly falling asleep when warm fingertips played with the hem of your shorts, your eyes snapped open and you looked over to Peter whose eyes were on his hand as he continued to tease your thighs with gentle squeezes and glanced up at you with a wide Wolfe grin.

Roman noticed you fidgeting and glanced over at the two of you, pushing the thin straps of you top down until it fell down and tugged you down across his lap, kissing down to your chest.

“Shit Roman, I was just going to play with her a bit!” Peter chuckled as Roman’s tongue trails around a hardening nipple.

He smirked at Peter when you whimpered and wriggled due to both boys teasing your body but neither actually touching where you wanted them. Roman pulled away and watched your face as Peter slowly circled your clit, before dragging his fingers through your folds and slide two fingers inside you.

Roman swallowed and began kissing you desperately when deep throaty moans began pouring from your lips, one hand tangled into your hair and the other thumbed your breasts making you whimper between moans.

“One of us should fuck her.” Peter said when he felt your walls beginning to clench around his fingers.

“Who’d you want princess?” Roman asked you as he ran his nose up your neck.

“Um… I urgh.” You couldn’t finish your sentence as Peter pulled your orgasm from you. He spread your legs and glanced at Roman who ran a long finger through your folds and sucked them clean before Peter lifted your hips and buried his face between your thighs.

“How about both of us?” Roman hummed while pressing sharp kisses to your throat. You’d slept with both Roman and Peter before but never in the same room, the idea had your body tingling.

“Yes please.” You gasped as you tried to concentrate on him.

The next thing you knew you were being flipped over as Peter kissed your thighs and rubbed his cock through you wet folds. Roman gently tugged your hair so he could look at your face as Peter side into you, your moan catching in your throat as Peter pushed the whole of his length inside you before pulling out and ramming back in.

“God (Y/N), so wet and tight… such a good girl for take me all.” Peter grunted as he found a steady pace and soon had your eyes rolling.

Roman licked his lips and pumped his length as he watched Peter rut into you roughly. When you kissed his tip he groaned but pulled you away as he continued to pump up and down.

Almost as soon as Peter had come Roman was jealously tugging you into his lap so you could ride him. He lovingly watched you moved up and down on him, his hands on your hips, helping you keep a steady pace and yours on his shoulders.

Peter lay on his back as he watched you ride his friend, resisting the urge to join in as your eyes began to roll. Roman’s touch was unusually gentle like he was trying to make up for the bruising touches that Peter had left on you.

You whimpered, both boys knowing that you were close. They both chuckled when you found it impossible to continue and Roman began thrusting up into you, both of you panting and moaning, Peter smiled when he caught your eye and sat up, kissing your breast and lapping his tongue against your nipple as his hand played with the other.

A few rolls of your clit between Roman’s fingers had you coming hard and Roman followed quickly. You flopped down onto Roman’s chest while Peter kissed your back, gently massaging as he went.

“I think I like sleepovers.” You mumbled and both boys burst into laughter.

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So, imagine there was a huge sleepover. Male nations are downstairs and female nations upstairs. Male nations start playing truth and dare and suddenly it lands on Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia/Norway/Romania/Iceland (separate, please) and they choose the truth. They have to admit that they hold feelings for Y/N. And they do it but turns out Y/N wanted some water, came downstairs and heard it. What do they do?

You asked me Twice, you must want it pretty Badly!


“E-Eh, I-uh…This is awkward.”

  • This boy is so embarrassed he can barely speak.
  • Like, he can’t even speak his own native tongue
  • If a Baltic or Poland is near by he will hid behind them
  • If not he’ll hide in a bathroom or cupboard till he can process everything
  • Once he has he will confront Y/N and explains himself
  • He’ll also apologies with flowers/chocolates


(whispers) “ohmygoodnessi’msosorry!”

  • Boy can’t even begin to comprehend what just happened
  • Hope this party got booze cuz he gotta drink the pain away
  • Probably drank the party out 
  • and is now passed out on the floor
  • When it’s over he sends a apology note to Y/N
  • He can’t even handle the entire thing and blushes every time he thinks about it.



  • Attempts to cover his butt with a compliment 
  • Even if he knows that Y/n heard everything
  • Then pretends that whatever he made up is the only thing he was talking about.
  • Asks Finland to cover his ass
  • Never speaks of that night again
  • If Y/n and him ever start to date considers it the starting point.


“Well then, guess thats one way ta ask someone out.”

  • Uses it as a way to confess his feelings
  • Can’t even show how happy he is after getting that off his chest
  • Denmark will get smacked for laughing
  • Nor might even smile seeing Y/n blush
  • Asks Y/n after the sleepover
  • No matter how hard he try’s he will bring it up as much as possible


“Dammit, now I need to wipe your memory”

  • He had a plan and he will stick to it
  • Even if it means wiping every ones memory 
  • Unless he planned it out like this…
  • In which case he has a mission and that mission is love
  • He is a very organized man and what he wants, he gets.


“…Mr. Puffin said that.”

  • This boy can make a tomato, jelly
  • You know that vine where they peace out and vanish
  • He will do that 
  • He’ll text Y/n an apology and explains himself
  • what Y/n ain’t know is that they’ll be talking to Hong Kong because he doesn’t know what to say.
  • just embarrassed about the entire thing
ML Fluff Month Day 10 || Secret Sleepover

When Chat Noir isn’t allowed to attend a team building sleepover, the Miraculous team brings it to him. He gets a bit emotional.

Rated T || 772 Words

Cross posted Ao3 || FF

Team Building

When Chat Noir landed before the eager faces of his four teammates, he knew they’d be disappointed. “Sorry you guys, my father said no to the sleepover. I hope you all have fun though.” He looked away, not wanting to see their reactions.

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Sleep With Me?

A/n: this is really short :( I’m sorry. If you want a longer one, feel free to send me an ask, and I will try my best.

Requested: Yes, Prompts 1,2,9 on the prompt list.

I had always been that goody two shoes kinda girl. I didn’t go out and party. I didn’t stay out late with boys. Hell, I hadn’t even kissed a boy until I was in high school. That was why dating Kian always made me nervous. Why? Well because I know he’s had much more experience and has had girls who were more…laid back? I shouldn’t be nervous because he treats me like a princess, but I can’t really help it.

We were having our usual date night at his place. We didn’t feel like being around anyone else, especially since he was leaving to go to Atlanta. Normally we would go out and do something “romantic” but we had decided on pjs and Tangled. I have to admit, Kian singing along to Tangled is literally the cutest thing ever. I looked at the time and started preparing myself to leave his warm embrace and venture back home. “What’re you doing baby?” he questioned me with furrowed eyebrows. I gave him a quick peck and started to get up. “Home, it’s getting late and we can’t very well have a sleepover.” “What if I want to? Come on, come sleep with me!”  My eyes got huge and I am pretty sure my jaw dropped all the way to China. “Sleep with you? Like sleep sleep or SLEEP with you?” He laughed covering his mouth. I couldn’t see what was funny. It was a legitmate question. He pulled me back to him and kissed my forehead. With a sleepy grin, he replied, “Sleep sleep with me. I know you aren’t ready for the bump and grind yet. Please? Just for one night? I need cuddles!” I giggled shaking my head at my, now pouting, boyfriend. “You know, you’re lucky you’re so damn cute, Mr. Lawley.” “Mr. Lawley, huh? That’s kinda hot.” He winked at me, laughing when I shoved him away.  Such a pain, he is.

It’s not my secret to tell (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hii! I know you have a lot of requests and I would love if you could make a Tom Holland imagine where you fight with your best friend “girl” and he comforts you because you feel so alone maybe like you 2 leave together and ate the night he heard you crying(have you see brides war something based on that please ahaha) love you so much take your time love ❤️❤️

You hated arguing. It always felt as if your heart had been ripped off your chest, and you always ended up crying.
Knocking on Peter and May’s door, you put on a smile, hoping they wouldn’t realize how upset you were. Aunt May opened the door, and right as she saw you, she smiled at you, letting you in.
‘’[Y/N], honey! Come in! Peter is in his room, per usual!’’ she said, closing the door behind her.
You thanked her and walked to Peter’s room, knocking before entering. When you heard a muffled ‘come in’, you opened the door and walked inside. He had his back to you, and you didn’t know what to do. You had come to him because that was what you always did when you were upset, but he looked so caught up in whatever he was doing that you didn’t want to interrupt him.
‘’If you are busy, I’ll come back later’’ you said, already opening the door.
He then looked at you, and when he saw your puffy eyes and your runny nose, he quickly got up from his chair and approached you.
‘’Hey, hey, are you okay?’’ he asked, putting his arms around you, your head resting on his chest. He closed the door swiftly with his foot, not letting go of you.
‘’I don’t know. Well I do. No, I’m not okay. Sarah and I fought and I don’t know if we’ll fix it this time. It’s just… I feel so sad’’ you said, closing your eyes so the tears wouldn’t fall down.
‘’Come here’’ he said, making you lie on his bed. ‘’What did you fight about?’’
‘’Spiderman. She-she said she saw me hugging you -Spiderman you, I mean, two weeks ago. Some people uploaded pictures to Twitter and she saw them, and I just happened to be hugging you. She wants to know who Spiderman is, and after ignoring me for weeks, these last two she’s been spending a lot of time with me just to try to get me to tell her. I don’t want to tell her, and she said she doesn’t want to be friends with someone who keeps secrets from her’’ you said, crying. ‘’She then started to say how she thinks I don’t even like her and how I’m her friend just to be popular, and I-I don’t know what to feel. We’ve been best friends for so long, but lately she’s changed and she has only paid attention to me when she needs something.’’
‘’[Y/N], tell her the truth. I don’t want you losing a friend because of me’’ Peter said, looking at you and feeling guilty for making you keep his secret.
‘’No, Pete! It’s-it’s not my secret to tell. And I don’t want to be her friend if she only likes me for you’’ you said, hugging him closer. ‘’It’s just… I’ve grown so used to being with her, to spending most of my time with her, that it hurts to think that it has all gone to waste.’’
He just hugged you tighter, kissing your forehead.
‘’How about we have a sleepover this weekend and we eat until we die? We can watch movies and, if you want, I can swing you around the city’’ he said, smirking a little.
You opened your eyes and looked at him, a huge smile making its way onto your lips.
‘’Are you serious?’’ you asked, excited. ‘’Would you do that for me?’’
‘’That and much more’’ he said, happy that you were sad no longer.
Maybe you didn’t have your friend anymore, but you knew you would always have Peter, and that was enough.

dating zoe murphy hc’s

a/n: i am super gay for zoe murphy and there is a lack of hc’s or fics for her so here i am, also this is my first deh thing that i am posting, please give me feedback

  • so you two would probably know each other somewhat through alana but not that much so when you, alana and zoe have a sleepover, you two get to really know each other for the first time and you two just kinda connect and become inseparable.
    • she probably had a crush on you since before the sleepover but again, didn’t really know you well
    • now that she does, she can confirm that she does in fact have a huge crush on you
  • also, she is very vocal about her affection towards you. she doesn’t want to keep your relationship a secret because she just wants to shower her s/o with love and tell everyone how much she loves you however if you want to keep your relationship a secret, she will do it because you are the more important
  • she is super affectionate, whether it be in private or in public
    • she loves like holding your hand and kissing your cheek quickly- she smiles when she is the one giving you the kisses or if is you, she just loves affectionate tbh, just smooch her and she will blush and be very smiley
    • speaking of being smiley, she pretty much has a smile on her face whenever she is with you because you are her sunshine 
  • like she loves like giving you flowers as well like if you are allergic to flowers? that’s okay, she will just write you a song and serenade you- being real though, she would’ve done that either way
  • you are her lockscreen and home screen background like a picture she took while you were smiling or laughing is it and she just smiles really softly whenever she turns her phone on
    • if you set your background as a picture as her, she will get a really big goofy smile and just tell you how much she loves you 
  • study dates together ! you two end up cuddling more than studying tho but you both leave positive sticky notes in each other’s textbooks or assignments 
    •  you two pass notes during the classes you have with each other and she just writes notes to you about how she rather be at the beach with you or that she can’t focus because of how gorgeous you are or just reminding you how much she loves you.
  • you two make each other flower crowns and you both go on picnics and just lay under the sky and she reminds you constantly that she loves you so much and that you are amazing no matter what and that you are her entire world
  • connor is very protective of zoe.
    • like ‘oh you are dating her? yeah i am just gonna glare at you anytime i see you because if you hurt her-’
    • zoe tells connor that you would never hurt her and that you two love each other very much and if he got to know you, he would approve of you.
    • he does but he can’t tell her that she was right
reunion falls full script

so…. i think it’s about time to face the music that there is no way in Heck im ever going to be able to draw out all the stuff i have written for rfalls. i mean, there is boatloads of dialogue here. i dont even have the time right now to work on my own webcomic, let alone a fancomic. but i figure, hey, this silly little thing has a lot of fans, maybe they would appreciate seeing the drafts i had planned! and maybe they’d even like to take a crack at drawing some of it themselves!

and this isnt me giving up, either! i’d still really love to draw a ton of this. when i can find time, i’ll totally try! and i’m still going to finish sock opera and the backstory comic. but yknow. the people have been waiting long enough. so here’s a comprehensive list of all the notes and dialogue ive written so far, organized by “episodes”.

(it’s long. really freakin long)

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anonymous asked:

So, imagine there was a huge sleepover. Male nations are downstairs and female nations upstairs. Male nations start playing truth and dare and suddenly it lands on Lithuania/Romania/America/Bulgaria (separate, please) and they choose the truth. They have to admit that they hold feelings for Y/N. And they do it but turns out Y/N wanted some water, came downstairs and heard it. What do they do?

I apologise for my shit writing at Bulgaria;;

Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis): He’s a shy boy. So shy it’s painful. Chances are he’ll be super quiet but others will pressure him to be louder and that’s when his crush will come down. His face will flush, and tears will well up in his eyes. Chances are he’ll lock himself away and try desperately to not cry. He’s so terrified he’s ruined their friendship, which was one of his deepest, darkest fears.

Romania (Vladimir Popescu): This boy is mischievous af, fairly daring. Chances are he’ll most likely just carelessly shout it out, because he doesn’t expect his crush is coming downstairs. Chances are he’ll either pale or his face will just flush. He won’t know how to play it off. He’s stuck. Into the corner it is with him.

America (Alfred F. Jones): See Vladimir. Only thing is, he doesn’t know how to be quiet so he’ll naturally shout it out to the whole world. However unlike Vlad, he’s able to pull it off, despite having just shouted it as they walked down the stairs. Even with playing it off, however, he’ll still sulk away in a corner for a bit.

Bulgaria (Nikola Dimitrov): He means well. And he’s super quiet despite being cheerful. See Toris, he’ll say it a bit quietly because he’s nervous. He sulks. A lot. Not much to him I guess.

anonymous asked:

I saw you're closing the ask box and I had to request something, because I love your blog~ So, imagine there was a huge sleepover. Male nations are downstairs and female nations upstairs. Male nations start playing truth and dare and suddenly it lands on Lithuania/Poland/America/Norway (separate, please) and they choose the truth. They have to admit that they hold feelings for Y/N. And they do it but turns out Y/N wanted some water, came downstairs and heard it. What do they do?

(You seem to really like that ask :D Btw thanks for the praise!)

OH dear, he’d be close to dying of shame. Like seriously, he’d be red like a tomato and studder horribly. “I…I am s-so sorry Y-Y/N, I didn’t… I am so sorry!!”

Short insecurity, then trying to be all confident and cheery: “Well, now I don’t have to repeat myself, right?”

Internally dying. But he tries to be cool and calm and the hero and he will laugh and jump in front of them, grab their hand and go down on one knee to repeat the confession.

*well, there could have been better ways to confess…* “Yep, that’s that. Cool? Cool.” Like, dude, if you expect him to blush, you gotta try harder ^^

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Oh my God, do you have anymore Rainbow Boys/Riku Soma headcanons? What about what they do on their sleepovers or whatever? Sorry, I loved your headcanons for the boys earlier.

• The sleepover never happens twice in the same house in a row, unless they really have no choice.
• If it’s at Riku’s house, everyone has to participate to the cat feeding time.
• Even Sota who’s allergic. He just wear a mask. No one forces him, tho, he just wanna help and likes kitties.
• Ryusei update the whole process on a Twitter thread. With ton of cats pics.
• Hayato is a Cat dandy. All the cats love him and he has no idea why, but he’s surely gonna pet all those cuties.
• Sora prefers when they do not spend too much time doing it, but whatever, cats are cute.
• Haruto trying really hard to become bff with kittens. Like “I’ve food for you! You love food, I love you, I think we can start friendship!”

• During sleepover, the one who’s hosting it as the right to chose the theme of the night. It may or not be followed, but they’re allowed to choose whatever they want.
• Sota just loves it because he can put everybody in front of splatter movies.
• Hayato also loves it because he always end up with someone in his arms because too scared of the movie. And he’s just reassuring them, being all kind and nice.

• Ryusei was the one who bought beers because THATS MANLY OKAY but they all discovered how unable they are to drink it.
• Usual snacks for these sleepovers: instant noodles, chips, sodas, tea (Hayato and Sora prefer tea over soda), candies.
• When they talk about ghost stories, Haruto is REALLY into it, but ends up believing it and getting scared when he hears a noise in the dark.
• “WHAT IF THE GHOST IS HERE TO KILL US?” - “Well, I’m surely gonna kill you if you don’t shut up, so either way, you’re DEAD.”

• Riku wasn’t really used to sleepover so he didn’t wanted to host it for a while.
• But well, he ended up hosting one once, everything went fine and now he loves having it at his place.
• Hayato literally did his coming out at a sleepover
• “Truth or dare?” - “Truth.” - “Which girl of your grade would be your type?” - “Well, I like boys so, none.”
• Huge silence. But oh well, okay whatev. Good for you bro!!! Yeay!! Supportive group of friends!!
• But this night’s convo ended up turning about sexual and romantic orientation.
• And everyone learned a lot.
• And they run out of snacks and drinks.
• Before all falling asleep next to each other

What a nice group of friends ✨

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Sleepover meme || I have a huge crush on one of my best friends & she knows. Idk her sexuality but she's definitely not got a crush on me & that makes me kind of sad sometimes, but as she's still my best friend I only want the best for her & I want her to be happy, so it's OK, I guess.


minicarlgrimes  asked:

And, what can I say except you're welcome! Okay, enough Disney references although it's impossible to get enough. I guess you wanted me to tell you about me. There isn't much to me, I guess. I'm goofy, and put my friends needs before mine. And I'm almost always smiling and laughing, most people look to me for advice and a friend and I'm good at listening. And I'm extremely shy, I hate crowds but I can handle them. I hope this is enough?? Anyways, have a lovely evening because you deserve it! 💙

i ship you with: andy dwyer or peter quill (basically chris pratt, a huge lovable puppy)

sleepover saturday!!

Brett/Isaac- Well This Is Awkward

Request-  Can you do an imagine where your Allison’s best friend and asks who you like, you describe Isaac without saying his name. Allison thinks your talking about Brett so she sets up a date and it’s awkward when you tell her you meant Isaac in front of Brett at the date

A/N- I’m sorry if this sucks. I wrote it in a short period of time and I know it’s kind of short. Next up is a Derek imagine.

You sat on Allison’s bedroom floor, your back against her bed as you painted your toenails blue. Lydia was flipping through the bestiary, reading up on hellhounds as Allison painted her nails a bright red.
“Lydia,” Allison complained, eyeing the huge leatherbound book in her hands. “This is a sleepover. We’re supposed to be having fun. If you wanted to think about Parrish you could have just asked him out.”
“I was not thinking about Parrish,” Lydia said haughtily, slamming the book shut. “I was just…reasearching. Besides, there’s nothing going on between us.”
“Nothing?” Allison asked, giving her a pointed look.
“You’re one to talk. We all know there’s ‘nothing’ going on between you and Isaac,” Lydia told her, using air quotations on the nothing part.
Allison gave a short laugh. “Okay there is definitely nothing going on between me and Isaac. He just feels bad because I almost died saving his life. That’s the only reason he’s so protective.”
“You should just ask Parrish out,” you told Lydia. “I mean you’re eighteen now. What’s the big deal?”
“The big deal is that I never ask anyone out,” she told you. “They ask me.”
You rolled your eyes, but a smile found it’s way onto your face anyway. “Of course, because you’re Lydia Martin.”
Lydia shot you a bright smile. “Yes I am. So enough about us, who do you like?”
“Me?” you asked with a laugh. “I don’t like anyone. Getting attached to anyone in this town is a waste of time with all the murders.”
Allison rolled her eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic. There’s gotta be someone you like.”
“Nope,” you lied. “No one.”
Allison smiled, rising from her bed and sitting on the floor in front of you. “You don’t mind if I test you then?” she asked. “Let me take your pulse.”
“Wha-no!” you protested. “Allison this is stupid.”
“Ha!” she cried. “You do like someone!”
You sighed. “Fine. But I’m not going to tell you.”
“What? Why?” Lydia asked. “We’re your best friends. You have to tell us.
You rolled your eyes. "I’m not telling you because every time I’ve been interested in someone, you have to go and make a big deal out of it.”
It was true that you didn’t really like to get involved with anyone romantically, but every time it happened, Allison and Lydia always did some crazy thing to try and put you with said guy. You knew they meant well, but they usually just ended up scaring whoever it was away. It had happend at least three times, and you weren’t about to make things incredibly awkward with someone you spent most of your time with.
“We won’t this time,” Allison told you. “We promise. Right Lydia?”
“I’m not telling you,” you told them, crossing your arms over your chest.
“How about you describe him to us?” Allison offered. “And then we can go from there.”
You saw the determined look in Allison’s eyes and knew she wasn’t going to give up on this so you sighed and told her, “Fine.”
Lydia clapped her hands together and scooted closer in anticipation. You rolled your eyes and took a deep breath. “Okay, so he’s really tall. He’s got these gorgeous blue eyes. Oh, and his hair is really curly.”
Allison made a hmm sound, raising an eyebrow. “Is he a werewolf?” she asked.
“Maybe,” you told her, pursing your lips.
“Yes!” she cried. “I know who it is!”
“Don’t you dare say anything!” you cried. “Allison, I swear to god if you-”
“Don’t worry,” she assured you, waving you off. “I won’t tell.”
You gave her a suspicious look. “Are you sure? Because I really don’t want to make anything awkward, especially since-”
“Y/n, do you really think I would betray you like that?” Allison asked. “You know, I’m shocked that you would even think that.”
Allison placed a hand over her heart, feigning hurt. You gave her a look and she smiled, rising from the floor. “Okay, so what movie do you guys want to watch?”

“Ow, Allison, what the hell are you doing?” you demanded as she shoved you forward, one hand covering your eyes.
It was Saturday night, and Allison had dragged you out of the comfort of your bed an hour ago and shoved you into a skirt. She had insisted on doing your makeup and curling your hair and then she had driven to the park. Once you got there, she had tugged you out of the car and slapped a hand over your eyes.
You could feel your boots crunching in the grass as she forced you forward and you couldn’t help but feel like this had something to do with what you had told her last night.
“Allison-” you started.
“Just wait for it,” she told you. “I promise you’re going to love it.”
“This better not be about what I told you last night,” you warned.
She was silent as you walked your forward and you sighed. “Allison, please tell me you didn’t-”
Suddenly she pulled her hand away from your eyes and you found yourself standing in the middle of the park. You saw that there was a picnic blanket spread out in front of you and Brett Talbot from Satomi’s pack was sitting on it, smiling up at you.
“Allison!” you cried, whirling around to face her.
“What?” she asked. “Don’t you like it? When you told me you liked Brett-”
“I didn’t say that,” you protested. “I never said who it was.”
“But you meant-” she paused, her brown eyes widening as she looked from you to Brett. “You did mean Brett didn’t you?”
“I was talking about Isaac,” you told her miserably. “See, this is why I don’t tell you things.”
“Oh!” she exclaimed. “Oh my god, I am so sorry. With the way you described him, I just thought…oh my god.”
You sighed and buried your face in your hands, mortified. “So is this date still happening or…?”
You looked at Brett’s disappointed face, shooting him an apologetic look.
“Well this is awkward,” Allison stated.
“I’m sorry,” you told him. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
Brett shrugged. “It’s cool. Allison’s the one who set it all up anyway. Her loss I guess.”
He shot you a tiny smile and then walked away, probably back towards the parking lot. “What the hell?!” you cried once he was gone, smacking Allison’s arm.
“I thought you liked him!” she defended. “It’s not my fault you wouldn’t tell me who it was!”
You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. “What are we going to do with all this food?” you asked her testily.
“Eat it?” she guessed with a shrug, but then she raised her eyebrows at you. “Or maybe we could call Isaac.”
You shot her a glare, and if looks could kill you were certain she would be dead on the ground right now.
“Kidding,” she told you with a smile, never failing to see the humor in the situation. “At least Brett will have a fun story to tell now.”
You rolled your eyes, picking up a breadstick from the basket and biting into it angrily. “You’re the worst best friend ever you know that?”

“Allison, I’m going to kill you,” you threatened.
Last Saturday had been a disaster thanks to Allison’s meddling, but here you were being led blindly into another situation that would probably end the same. It had been a short walk, out of the car and up what you figured were someone’s porch steps, but you still had no idea where you were.
“Calm down,” she told you. “This is going to be great.”
“What exactly is 'this’?” you questioned.
“Mm…consider it an apology for last weekend,” she said, pulling her hands away from your eyes.
You looked at her, confusion written across your face. “Why are we at Scott’s?” you asked her.
“It’s not just Scott’s,” she reminded you. “It’s also Isaac’s.”
Your eyes widened. “Nope,” you told her, brushing past her to try and leave.
“No way!” she cried, grabbing your wrist. “You’re not skipping out on this.”
She tugged you back towards her just in time for the door to open. “Hey,” Isaac told you, smiling from where he stood in the doorway.
“I’ll just leave you two to it,” Allison told you with a bright smile. “You can thank me later.”
She patted you on the back and then bounded down the steps, leaving you alone with Isaac. “Hi,” you told him with a nervous smile.
“So, are you ready to watch a bunch of movies and pig out on junk food?” Isaac asked. “I know it’s not much for a first date, but…”
“It’s perfect,” you told him with a smile, mentally thanking Allison.
And it actually was. You spent the whole night laughing, talking and throwing popcorn at each other. Scott actually came downstairs to tell you to shut up, and he ended up making fun of you and Isaac, joking that you two were making him nauseous.
Halfway through The A-Team, Isaac wrapped an arm around your shoulders, tugging you closer to him. You leaned your head on his shoulder, thinking that maybe Allison’s meddling was good for something.

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69 for both mun and carmen

  • 69. Extrovert or Introvert?
  • Carmensita: Umm…I think I’m somewhere in the middle? Like I love going out and having fun with everyone, or having huge sleepovers, but I also love chilling with just Dad, or one or two of my friends. The only thing that really drains me is school….and that’s because it’s trying to suck out my soul.
  • Mun: I N T R O V E R T painfully so. I can fake extrovert but oh dear gods don’t put me in a crowd unless you want a first hand experience at my panic attacks and death afterwards.

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GoM+kagami asking their s/o to move in with them?

Akashi: He really wouldn’t be reckless with this decision. He’d make sure things are okay between you two - like really okay - and wouldn’t just casually mention it since moving in a huge step in a relationship. “(f/n), I’ve been thinking about this for some time. I realized that the first thing I want to every morning is you. If you feel pretty much the same, please do not hesitate to move in here.”

Aomine: The ace would just drop it off casually, acting like it’s no big deal, but believe me, it really was for him and really hoped that you’d agree with his idea. “Babe, ever thought about…you know…moving in with me? I mean we’re together for some quite time now and…yeah. I thought that maybe it’s a good idea.”

Kise: The idea excited him a lot. It was as if he’s really sure that you’d agree (but how can you not say yes right oh my gosh baby ½ kidding). Once the idea popped into his mind, he’d mention it right away as soon as he could. “(l/n)cchi! I’ve got this amazing idea! Why don’t you move in with me? I mean we can now maximize our cuddling time and all! And all the good night kisses! Right? Right? So…whatcha say?”

Kuroko: Like Akashi, he’d first make sure that he really wanted this. Once he confirmed things internally, he’d ask you, making sure he wouldn’t be bothering you. “(l/n)-san, if you ever feel like it, please feel free to move in with me. Please know that you’re always welcome to my apartment. ”

Midorima: At first, he’d push the idea away from his head, still wanting to take time before having this huge step. But when he just couldn’t get enough of your presence in his house, he’d finally admit to himself that he indeed wanted you to live in with. “I-if you want to, you can pack up some of your things and spend some days here,” he’d be this vague about the whole idea of moving in, making it sound more like a sleepover. When you tease him about the fact that he wanted you to move in, he’d defensively say, “call it whatever you want! I’m suggesting it because whenever you visit me, you often leave late. I’m just worried about you— nevermind!”

Murasakibara: He wouldn’t really think of it as a huge thing and would drop the offer casually. All he knew was that he wanted to spend more time with you (and he really loved your cooking so he really wanted to have the food you make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). “(l/n)chin, do you want to live here with me? I wouldn’t really mind, in fact I really want that to happen. You’re the best cook out there and I love cuddling with you in bed.”

Kagami: It would take him some time to muster up the courage to ask you this. When he finally decided to start making a move, he’d be blushing and all since he’s really, really shy about the idea. “H-have you e-ever thought about moving in? I-i mean you do spend a lot of time here lately - not that I actually minded - and I-i thought that maybe you would want to move in?”

I Have Good Reason To Believe My Parents Did Something Very Bad To My Childhood Friend, But Then Again, He Deserved It

When I was growing up, my parents introduced me to a word that I didn’t understand the meaning of until I was of older age, known as confabulation. Apparently, on a psychological level, it means that an individual may or may not be telling the truth about a memory that they believe they had. With that, I leave you to conclude what I have – that children try to recall a memory and sometimes the details get bunched up somewhere within the timeline, simply because they were too young to understand at the time.

Experiences I had ranged anywhere from normal to completely bizarre, but the fact still stood, my parents rarely believed me. When I was in my teen years a conversation about camp came up and I paused as I recalled, “Remember when I fell in the pond that one time and Dad had to jump in after me?” My parents too, paused, and then went back to eating their supper as if I had said the most outlandish thing in the world. With further prodding, my father eventually said, “Enough is enough – that never happened, Julie, for God’s sake you must have been dreaming.”

There was another time that I received a bad grade on a test when I was ten years old and I shrugged and said stupidly as a ten-year-old, “Well, maybe my teacher messed up the grade and gave me another student’s grade like Mrs. Brach did a few years ago. Remember that?” My mother suspiciously raised her eye and said, “I don’t remember you ever having a teacher by that name. I think you’re just confabulating.” “I’m what?” “You’re fabricating.” As I grew up, I learned what these words meant by name. My parents must have had sincerely awful memories, because I could remember it all as clear as day. There was no way that my brain was misconstruing the information…just no way.

Out of all the memories in my patient, little, uninteresting life, there weren’t many that I can say I was particularly ‘more than fond of’. However, a few nights I lied awake at night staring at the ceiling in my older years, recalling the memory of a friend that I had met when I was only a young girl, a memory that made me smile and brought me straight back into the happiness I had felt when I was living the moment.

You see, growing up with parents who were deeply intrigued by their work and studies, no siblings, and an area starved of other children my age, I became quite the young adventurer and spent a lot of my time alone discovering new things to get into. I suppose this backs the statement that my parents used so often that I could have had a “wildly active imagination” caused by some of these neighborhood adventures, but I assure that I have a vivid recollection center that can see my day-by-days perfectly in front of my eyes. My memories danced along the ceiling before I drifted off to sleep, now 26, remembering Jeffrey.

That summer, I was getting ready for the second grade. We lived in the middle of nowhere in the home where my parents reside to this very day. The neighborhood was placed along the border of a woodsy area where I wasn’t allowed to play at my young age without supervision. However, since the neighborhood was so desolate and the people that were there knew one another, I was able to get some exploring in. That summer, the explorations consisted of walking down the straight road from our house to a playground that was entirely abandoned. There was no upkeep, but the equipment was fun to climb on and there was a treehouse, something I didn’t have in my own backyard. My parents were slightly reluctant to allow me to go alone at almost eight, standing there and asking, “Can I please go down the street, and I promise I’ll be careful?” BUT my mother was baking that day and our bay window looked out to the playground. Though it was far off in the distance, she would be able to see that I was there and telling the truth, and surely be able to hear me screaming if somebody were to try and pick me up.

I remember running to the park the first day and on that very first day was when I met Jeffrey, the boy in the treehouse. He was sitting in the corner of the giant square-shaped abode, a slide passing through that strung out in two different directions and a ladder to get inside. You can imagine my surprise as I climbed the stairs ready to play and pretend that I was an explorer, only to stop dead in my tracks when I saw a boy sitting in there already, as equally stunned to see me. I remember his face went from a shocked “O” to a solid smile as it curved upwards, and I couldn’t help but to do the same. We introduced ourselves and talked about our families, both relating to the fact that we had no siblings and nothing else to do in these summer months.

As much as I liked Jeffrey, his aversion to never wanting to go out and play was the only thing that got me. From day one, he was there every day on the weekends when I would go to the park, reading his little comic books in the corner. I remember the pages of the comics being littered with beautiful-looking women much older than myself, pursing their lips like they were about to give a kiss – but whenever I would try to look over his shoulder, he would shyly pull them away and say that they were secret. Jeffrey liked nothing other than sitting up there and talking about himself and me, his new best friend. A couple of times that summer I told him that we should go out and look around the tree line since we were bordering the woods, but he shook his head and said he didn’t like being outside.

I asked him multiple times if he wanted to come and play at my house, that my parents would like that I met a friend, but again, he continued to tell me that he felt uncomfortable with that idea, and would want me to sit closer to him as we did things like drawing and playing board games in that nearly- dilapidated treehouse. A treehouse that no longer stands in our neighborhood to this day.

One day by the middle of summer, I went to the treehouse and Jeffrey was reading his comics again, smiling when he greeted me. “Can I come sleep over tonight?”

The question struck me as a surprise. Now, from what you may have gathered, my parents were quite strict. At this point I hadn’t said anything about Jeffrey to them. That’s fine and dandy – as I said, me communicating with another kid in the neighborhood was something that they would have loved, because it was me branching out and meeting people rather than being locked up or creating trouble. But, 1.) I had never asked anyone over for a sleepover in my life and 2.) my nearly eight-year-old brain became instantly nervous at the fact that a boy would be sleeping over at my house. I wondered what my parents would think – even at this age, the thought of sleeping in the same room with a boy seemed like something they would outright reject, something that seemed a little off. I told him about my concerns in the best way I could and I remember him looking at me sneakily and saying, “Just leave your bedroom window open tonight, and then I’ll sneak in if you want me to come.”

And although I don’t remember much about that entire day, I do remember the chills I had at the thought of doing something so huge behind my parent’s backs, but thinking it was the coolest thing ever that I was going to have a sleepover. And so I told Jeffrey that, yes, I would do that tonight. I told him to look for the open window on the far left side of the house and that he could even sleep in my bed. That we could quietly watch movies all night and eat snacks. He was so excited about the idea.

Suddenly, my memories of Jeffrey cut short. I vaguely piece together the rest as I lie in bed, remembering my parents screaming at each other, at me, and cutting me off from the adventurous lifestyle that I had. I remember growing up and being put on a leash, only to cut myself free when I turned seventeen. I remember my first real boyfriend and not bringing him home to my overprotective parents. I remember finding bloody bed sheets in the woods out behind my house, trying to conjure a memory in my mind, but coming up short. I remember not allowing my boyfriend to put his hands on me, the fight we had, the way he told me that it must have been because I was already used, the break up, coming back home and my parents telling me that I was safe there. I remember.

I remember Jeffrey, the 40-year-old squatter that lived at the local park when I was a little girl. I remember how he would sit up in the treehouse, pornography in hand, that oddly intrigued smile on his face the first time he saw me. I remember how I would have been friends with anybody at the time, and how he stuck to me like glue when he realized that I was going to be an easy friend to him, an easy victim. I remember how scared I was to tell my parents about him, afraid that I would never see him again, never share another conversation with my new friend. I remember the way he crawled into my window like some desperate beast of a human, and the way he gave me my first kiss, and the way he bloodied my bed sheets that night as I tried to stay quiet, not about to lose my friend to my parents.

To this day, they say nothing about the experience, because a piece of me suspects that they think I’ve forgotten. That by telling me my memories must be lies, then I’d have imagined it. Confabulation… the act of lying, something that they’ve done my entire life.

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You Don’t Believe Me (P. 2)

Request: Yes

  • Could you do a part 2 to the best friends with Luke and stupid girlfriend thing?
  • can you pleaseee do a part two of the Luke imagine where he’s your best friend and you’re in love with him. I’ve just read it and I’m absolutely obsessed 
  • Can you do a part 2 to the Luke imagine please?
  • part 2 pleasee ?
  • Could you maybe do part two of the imagine where y/n is Luke’s best friend for 6 years and she and goes to his house when he and Callie are having sex and shit happens? It was so gooooood ✨
  • You should do a part 2 to the Luke’s girlfriend hates you imagine
  • “You and Luke have been best friends since you were twelve years old, and now six years later his new girl friend comes in between you both” Do a part 2 pleaseeee
  • Hi! Is there going to be a part 2 for the Luke best friend imagine?? You really should write one, but if you don’t want to, I’ll understand!

Plot line: Luke didn’t believe you about his nasty girlfriend, and now he’s let you walk out of his life. Michael being the classic best friend has offered a proposition to help make Luke jealous, and you decide to take the offer.

Smut: Nope. Request for a third part and we shall see ;)

Enjoy my lovelies, and requests are open! Imagines, smut ect


Later that evening

I was sat beside Ashton as the third moving rolled to credits, and the smell of pizza soon became the rooms musk as Michael walked down carrying three boxes. I clasped my hands together as the rumble of my stomach was loud enough to earn looks from Calum, Michael and Ashton before laughter burst from all of us– that was the first time I’d properly laughed this evening.

“I still can’t believe you told him, and he acted such a dick about it” Michael grumbled as he dropped next to you with a box of pizza in his lap. Michael and I always shared pizza because nobody liked our gross combinations we liked to come up with. I just shrugged at Michael and snuggled into his side, as his arm snaked around my shoulder and pulled me in tight.

“Well I can– she’s a bitch and has pulled some fucking cotton wool over his eyes” Ashton growled as he began to bite at his pizza angrily, causing a small smile to pull at the corner of my lips. I was now eating pizza, and the taste caused me to moan happily. Michael just chuckled.

“Wool? More like steal” Calum grumbled. I sighed loudly and I think Ashton took that as a sign as he walked over to his laptop pressing play on the next film

“White chicks is always a good film to go on” Ashton stated with a grin as he dropped next to Calum on the opposite sofa. I was just eating my pizza not really concentrating on anything until I felt Michael shift beside me as he ducked his head to whisper in my ear.

“I think you heard right, I think Luke does love you” Michael said, a glimmer of hope in his eyes but I shook my head.

“I was emotional and looking for a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel, I probably made it up in the moment just to comfort myself Michael” I groaned as I took another bite of pizza, trying to focus my eyes on the laptop screen even though I wasn’t too bothered about watching it.

“I tell you what I have a proposition for you.” Michael smirked as I frowned.

“What?” I asked, confused– how could Michael possibly want to proposition me on?

“At lunch tomorrow we’ll be extra flirty, you know how it pisses Luke off? Well we’ll purposely do it, and I’ll be more touchy and we’ll see how he is. I reckon he likes you and seeing another guy all over you will push him. I mean come on Y/N you’ve never even kissed a guy because you’ve been waiting for Luke” Michael rambled, and even though I thought this could be a really bad idea I saw myself leaning towards it.

“OK.” I murmured. I nodded trying to reassure myself I wanted to do this and Michael flashed me a big grin.

“I hope you are prepared for the Michael-nator”

“Oh jesus Michael, shut up and eat your pizza” I laughed, and he joined in. I guess we’d find out sooner or later if I had heard right. If Luke didn’t act or care about me and Michael then I would know. But of course I was hoping for something completely different.

Next Day – School.

Michael walked beside me hand in hand as we chatted animatedly about the previous movie night. After we’d finished white chicks, Michael had offered for me to spend the night at his. Calum and Ashton weren’t in on the plan and had looked utterly confused when I agreed. We’d decided to start it there, hoping one of the boys would mention something to Luke. So now as we walked hand in hand towards Calum and Ashton we saw the raise of their eyebrows as they shot each other quick confused glances

“Morning” Michael chirped as he let go of my hand and once again pulled me into his side, I offered Michael a smile. I’d never realised just how cuddly and charming Michael was until now, as I noticed his green emerald eyes sparkle.

“Hey, how was your sleepover?” Ashton asked trying to change the current awkward tension between the boys down. I just shrugged simply not wanting to state that Michael had slept on his bedroom floor while I had sprawled out on his huge bed. But Michael? He had other ideas.

“It was great, we stayed up till like three this morning talking and we must have fallen asleep on my bed because we only woke up when my alarm started going off this morning” Michael was a really good actor, I noticed as he reeled all this off with ease. I just smiled– I took acting as part of my course at school, so I knew how to play along. This was too convincing so far.

“Oh, you shared a bed?” Calum jumped in wriggling his eyes brows as we all laughed and I just rolled my eyes.

“Nothing happened Calum” I stated before jokingly winking at Michael who laughed loudly. We started to walk to our first class which was English when we felt two people walking beside us; them. Luke and Callie. Michael saw them and instantly took my hand again, pulling me close as he pressed a long slightly wet kiss to my forehead.

“You OK baby?” Michael asked, and I looked up to his green eyes– they weren’t blue though. I smiled and nodded.

“Yeah I’m all good babe, thank you for last night” I said, and this wasn’t even for show. Michael had kept my mind off all things Luke after the boys had left. We played video games, ate more pizza and laughed until it really was 3am. The only thing different to his story was that we didn’t share a bed.

“You can keep the shirt” Michael gestured down to his top that hung baggy on me, but was cute with my black ripped skinny jeans. I blushed slightly as I bit my lip, something I usually reserved for when Luke complimented me. Michael used his eyes to tell me Luke was listening to every word so I played a long even more.

“I really like wearing your clothes, especially after last night” I whispered loudly, as I pulled away with another wink. I heard Luke scoff beside us as I looked over to him with a glare which he seemed to notice.

“Is there a problem Luke” I asked with anger etched into my voice. Luke looked up with surprise as he saw my glare and almost shied away from it as he shook his head.

“N-no why would there be?” Luke stumbled over his words, causing Callie to roll her eyes.

“Because every time we’ve said anything in the last few minutes you’ve rolled your eyes, mumbled under your voices or scoffed like we’re pissing you off” Michael said this time, and I wanted to high five him because Luke was acting just how Michael said he would. But did he like me or was he just pissed that I was moving on without him?

“Well I mean I didn’t even know you two were a thing, I thought we were all best friends?” Luke asked, looking at me with hopeful eyes. Was this his way of finding out if I had forgiven him for last night? No chance.

“They might be your friend Luke, but I’m certainly not” I growled as I stormed off away from him. Michael quickly came running after me, I turned around to tell him that I just needed some time to cool off but before I could I felt Michael’s lips on mine, as his hands snaked around to my lower back pulling him into me. It took me a few seconds to grow accustom to this feeling– It was my first kiss after all but before I knew it my lips were moving with Michael’s as I pulled myself closer to his body.

I didn’t know why Michael was kissing me, maybe it was for show but I knew one thing and that was that I liked it. As Michael pulled away breathless he smiled at me.

“Luke is watching” Michael whispered, and I smirked towards Michael. But my heart was racing from Michael’s proximity. “And by the way, for your first kiss you are damn talented” Michael complimented and I think I saw his eyes flicker to my lips again, so I quickly pecked them with a smirk.

“You aren’t so bad yourself, Michael-nator” I joked, causing him to let out the cutest giggle.

“Lets get to class” Michael mumbled, as he took my hand and pulled me a long. I shot a look over my shoulder to see a Callie yelling at Luke with his eyes trained on me. His piercing blue ones connected with mine for a few seconds before I saw sadness, and he broke the connection looking to the floor.

After School

Luke’s mother Liz had always picked me and Luke up from school on a Wednesday for as long as I could remember, but today I had decided to walk knowing that I didn’t want to sit in the same car as him for any length of time.

The music from my earphones blasted loudly as I played Bastille, my current favourite artist that I had been hooked on, my mind just for a little while wasn’t on Luke, Callie or even Michael. I was list in the world of music, and I felt a genuine smile slip across my lips as I hummed along. My house finally came into sight– to walk from school it took an hour, so Luke would have been home by now meaning I wouldn’t have to bump into him.

As I approached my house I saw a figure standing outside, as I neared it I saw the blonde quiffed hair which made my stomach lurch knowing that Luke had came to my house for a reason. Had Michael told him the plan? Oh—fuck what was I going to say to Luke now? It made me seem crazy obsessed. Or did it? Because that kiss with Michael was possibly the best thing I’d ever felt. Sighing I shook my head as I yanked an ear phone out.

“Luke?” I called, my voice weary. I saw his tear streaked face turn to me as I rushed over to him. It was out of habit from being friends for so long but I looked at him with concern.

“She said it didn’t she?” Luke asked his voice full of pain and sorrow. “She said all those things, and I-I didn’t believe you” Luke whispered now as he took a step towards me. I didn’t know what to feel? Why didn’t he believe me in the first place, so I just nodded not trusting my voice.

“God I’m so fucking stupid, I should have listened” Luke kept repeating, and I just wanted to take him into my arms and comfort him. But I couldn’t do that right now because I wasn’t in the wrong here, he was. They both were.

“Yeah you should have Luke” I said nonchalantly, not wanting to make too much of a big deal out of it. That really wasn’t the way I rolled, I was a chilled out person which is why I got on with the boys really well, it was a nice balance.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t erm- stay long because I’m taking Callie out for drinks” Luke scratched the back of his neck akwardly and I felt my stomach drop to the pit and the feeling of wanting to throw up washed my throat. He was still with her? After what she did?!

“Oh– right. You two all good?” I asked, my voice now weary and I was scared it was going to crack and show my emotion.

“Yeah, I told her she couldn’t be mean to you any more” Luke stated happily, like a little puppy who was excited to see everyone’s reaction to him. But I just felt sick that she had gotten away with everything she’d done. Like a slap on the hand, and that was it while her words haunted my head when I was alone with Luke or Michael.

“I know you are, but I need some time… away from you” I said sadly, as I took a step around him to my front door pulling my keys out. I heard Luke suck in a breath and I waited to hear what he had to say.

“H-Hows you and erm Michael..” Luke asked, and I heard it in his voice– Jealously. I knew the difference when it came to Luke’s tones. I mean we had been best friends for a long time. I couldn’t blow what me and Michael had worked on now. So I quickly thought of a reply.

“We’re good he’s actually picking me up for a date in an hour or so” I said, with a smile as I waved my phone as if I had just received a text– when really it was Michael asking if I wanted to shoot zombies for a few hours.

“What does he have?” Luke whispered, almost inaudible like I wasn’t supposed to hear.

“W-What?” I stammered as my eyes shot up to his. Luke’s were wide like he hadn’t mean to say it and he shifted on his feet awkwardly as he shrugged lightly– something Luke did when he was nervous.

“Why do you like…Michael?” Luke grumbled making me want to roll my eyes and slap the back of his head but instead I just sighted lightly.

“He’s just…Michael? I can be chilled with him, eat what ever I want without him thinking I’m over-weight, play video games and scream at the TV and he doesn’t care. The way he wrinkles his nose up when I say something he thinks is disgusting or the way he licks his lips just before he says something that actually means something to him. And his love for the same animé as me, I don’t know– there’s a few things. I guess I’ve just noticed them over time”

“Well I guess that’s that then, I mean you aren’t fat any ways so I don’t know why you’d think that, and you can do all those things around me so.” Luke said, but I knew what he was doing. Luke was missing the attention I gave him. The attention he thought I was now giving to Michael. With a sigh I looked at my door.

“I have to get ready Luke” I said with a tight smile.

“Yeah, Callie’s waiting. I’ll call or text you later and we can talk?” Luke asked, hope dripping from his voice as I looked to the floor

“Maybe” I mumbled and turned from him shutting the door, as I pressed my back against it. Luke Robert Hemmings was going to be the death of me. I quickly pulled out my phone sending Michael a text saying that we had a date to go on.

Y/N: I told Luke we were giong on a date because he’s taking Callie out.

Michael: I know where they are going… I’ll take you there ;)

Y/N; Is that a good idea?!

Michael: As long as I’m with you, it’ll be fine. Xoxo.

Y/N; Cutie. I’ll see you at seven then. <3