and i want to get high fives from them

“I grew up in a rural town. I was the only girl in the family. Being a girl back then represented a lot of ‘no’s.’ I wanted to study English, the answer was ‘no.’ I wanted to play guitar, the answer was ‘no.’ I wanted to date a boy, the answer was ‘no.’ I felt like there was a barrier separating me from life. The only thing my family wanted for me was to graduate high school, get married, become a teacher, and spend every Sunday with them. So I stayed. And I got pregnant at twenty-five. But my child died during birth. I felt completely drowned. I don’t even remember the passing of time. I lost an entire year of my life. But I eventually reached a moment where I knew that my only chance was to make a major change. And I finally left that town.”

(Rosario, Argentina)

I’m so happy you guys are still tuning in to my Jughead Serpent story! You guys are so awesome! ****** Last part:

Jughead slammed his hand against the metal trailer door, leaving it swinging open and letting the cool air filter into his dirty,stale home. He was so angry he couldn’t see straight, his knuckles were aching for something to hit and the closest thing was his kitchen cabinet.

The meeting at Snake bar went as well as could be expected, the older members of the Serpents were gearing up for quite the battle against Clifford Blossom and his many Riverdale cronies, F.P led the meeting declaring all out war and explaining his expectations, Jughead had been minding his own business leaning against a bar stool when he heard his name leave his fathers lips.

“We’ll need to get in their heads, show them no one is safe, not even their children, Jughead can lead the march on that one. The fight at Pops yesterday was a good start but we need more, go after more than the football team, I want you to take on every Riverdale High student you can, I know you all seem to have a way with the girls, work your way there.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the young boys as they high fived and grinned wickedly. Fortunately Keith and Dean came to stand behind Jughead, a few other Serpents following, they liked Betty, they wanted to keep her safe they wouldn’t go along with this stupid plan.

“You got that son?” F.P asked dangerously. His father had been scorned by Clifford Blossom and he would stop at nothing to take him down, Jughead knew parts of his old dad were buried deep inside the jaded, bitter man but it was getting harder and harder to find him.

“Yeah F.P, you got it.” He mumbled.

For a moment Jughead swore he saw his father flinch at the choice of name, but before he had a chance to analyze it, the man was back to discussing plans to take down the north side.

“This is what you were born into Jughead, this is your legacy” he mocked, spitting into the sink and slamming his hand on the countertop.

“Is now not a good time?”

He whipped around at the familiar voice and stared wide eyed as Betty stood nervously in his doorway, her tiny white skirt and soft yellow tank top stood out drastically against his dirty metal trailer.

Shaking his head quickly, he moved towards her, gently tugging her inside and away from prying eyes

“No! No, it’s never a bad time for you.” He smiled, placing a hand to her arm and tracing a finger over the veins on her wrist.

Betty looked at him skeptically before her eyes lit up
“Is that a dog?! You have a dog!” She pointed behind him and he turned to see his trusty sheep dog, hotdog, poking his head from behind the door. Looking back up to Betty’s eyes he couldn’t help but chuckle at the unrestrained excitement, he released her and she flew towards the shaggy white dog.

“Hi love! Your daddy didn’t tell me you existed, I would’ve come here a long time ago.” She giggled as the dog placed a sloppy kiss to her cheek, she pushed her face into his fur and scratched his belly. Jughead watched the scene with a goofy smile on his face, for some reason she seemed to fit perfectly into his trailer, her bright smile and laughter instantly lighting up his dark home, the Southside could use a little bit of her sunshine.
She looked up at him and smiled, beckoning him to come join her.

Dropping to his knees he scratched behind the dogs ear as Betty cooed lovingly, there was something unbelievably maternal about her, something Jughead hadn’t seen since he was six years old.

“He doesn’t get out much, especially now with the turf war going on. I can’t let him out of my sight, you never know the lengths these people will go to hurt people like me, can’t risk this one getting caught up in the cross fire.” He looked at her fully, his eyes boring into hers, hoping she understood his hidden message.

Betty looked back at him with equal intensity
“Well some things are worth getting hurt for. I think hotdog is willing to make that sacrifice.” She answered softly, her hand coming up to grasp his cheek as she stroked behind his ear, his eyes fluttering closed

“Hey! I’ve got a plan.” She pulled her hand away, standing up and brushing her hands on her skirt
“I think we could both use an escape, and hotdog could definitely use a place to run free for a bit, there’s a carnival over in Pembrooke it’s only a few towns over, that means the beach will be completely deserted, hotdog can run as far as his little heart can take him.” She bent down and ruffled the excited dogs fur “you’d like that wouldn’t you boy?”

The dog barked and wagged his tail, pushing his snout against Betty’s palm as she giggled, Jughead smiled, grabbing his Serpents jacket from its space on the couch and pulling her hand towards his truck, hotdog happily following along before hopping in the back seat.

Jughead never thought an hour long car ride could be so amusing, between Betty’s singing (and damn was her voice the prettiest thing he’d ever heard) and hotdog howling alone, he bought his face might break from smiling so much, she laughed along to his stories about Dean and his absolute hatred of anything alcoholic and he internaly celebrated when she described Her embarrassing childhood crush on Archie and how when they kissed she realized she felt nothing for him.

He only had to bite the inside of his mouth a few times when he noticed bruises he had never seen before as she lifted her arms up making the tiny tank top rise and reveal pieces of her stomach.

After about an hour of hotdog running through the water and Betty splashing Jughead with the salty ocean waves, they were both fairly exhausted as the sun went down but neither of the teens had ever felt so happy or content.

Clutching Betty’s hand as they watched hotdog trail the edge of the water Jughead heard her sigh softly

“I wish it could stay like this, we could just stay here, never have to go back, never have to worry about divided homes and responsibilities.” She whispered, reading his mind.

He squeezed her hand tighter and nodded
“I know, it just feels like.. like the world is closing in on me sometimes, like I’m right there in the ocean but I can’t get out, I’m drowning.” He looked down at her eyes and saw her nod understandingly, urging him to finish, to let it out.

“My dad.. he just.. he wants me to be this almighty Serpent prodigy, and yeah I love the Serpents, they’re my family but.. I don’t want it to be like this.. I don’t want our town to be separated. This responsibility to do what he thinks is right.. it’s all bullshit.”

Saying it all out loud, letting float into the waves, he felt like a heavy load had been lifted from his shoulders and it was all thanks to the beautiful girl beside him who was looking at him with complete understanding and respect.

“I get that” she said “I’m so tired of trying to do what everyone thinks is right. I’m so tired of letting everyone hurt me.” She instinctively placed a hand to the bruises on her wrist “but Jughead, with you right now? I feel safe, like I can be myself, I know it sounds silly but..” she was cut off by Jughead bringing her wrist to his mouth placing a gentle kiss to her bruises.

“It’s not silly, I feel the same way. I can’t remember a time where I’ve felt so… at home.” He whispered against her pulse.

Betty brought her free hand up to his cheek, cupping it and smiling shyly

“Are you gonna kiss me or not Jughead Jones”

With wide eyes Jughead didn’t waste a second, dropping his lips to hers and instantly melting, it was like a ship coming into dock, she tasted like strawberries and vanilla and he had to muffle his moan against her lips. She gripped the lapels of his jacket and brought him even tighter against her, the taste of cigarettes and peppermint was now officially one of Betty’s favorite flavors.

The moment was broken in a flash as Hotdog leaped on both of them sending them flying into the sand, Betty dropped on top of Jughead as Hotdog attacked his dads face with messy kisses.

“Alright boy! Okay!” He laughed freely, his hands coming around Betty’s waist and pulling her against his chest as they sat facing the ocean.

Sure there was a war going on in their very little town, but right here right now, two damaged kids had found their home and they weren’t giving it up for anything .

Klaus Mikaelson: CHRISTMAS PART 1

Words count: 1360

Warning: None lots of pictures. I own nothing of the pics or the gifs. I don’t celebrate Christmas so all I know is from movies and YouTube vlogers.

Summer: It’s your first Christmas with the Mikaelson’s.


“NIK!” You shouted as you busted into your shared bedroom, excited. Klaus sat up quickly and looked around the room for the source of danger.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Nik asked you and you jumped onto the bed.

“It’s Christmas you silly.” You laughed and hugged him.

“y/n it’s 7 in the morning.” Nik groaned and pulled you down as he laid back down on the bed. He had his arms around you with his face in the crook of your neck.

“It’s almost 8 and everyone is already up.” You told him but cuddled him. “We’re all waiting for you to get up.”

“Can’t you all wait?” Nik mumbled.

“NO! Now get up.” You told him and kissed his cheek before pulling away from him. “Nik come on it’s our first Christmas together, so get up, please, for me.”

You pouted and gave him a sad look, Nik looked at you for a moment before he sighed.

“Fine you win this time, love.” Nik said and you let out a shriek and a smile broke into your face and you ran out of the room. Nik took notice of your Christmas jumper and pajama pants, your hair was pulled back into a messy bun. Nik smiled at how cute you looked. He decided to get out of bed before you came back and pulled him out of bed yourself.

Nik slowly got out of bed and got out of the bedroom, he looked down at the yard in the abattoir. You had demanded for it to be changed into a Christmassy living room, there was comfy sofas and a big Christmas tree that had gifts under it. The coffee table was full of food and snakes all Christmas themed. It was your first Christmas with the Mikaelson and it was the first time Nik saw you excited about something that much.

“Nik come down.” Rebekah called for her big brother. The yard was filled with Rebekah, Marcel, Kol, Davina, Finn, Sage, Elijah, Hayley, Hope, Cami and you. Marcel, Rebekah, Finn, Elijah and Cami were all dressed for the day but the rest of you were still in pajamas or Christmas jumpers.

“Coming little sister.” Nik said and got down to you all. Everyone was talking and eating and sitting around the living-room. You were sitting on the floor with your back against Elijah’s leg as he sat on the sofa. You were holding Hope while talking to Cami and Davina, Kol sitting next to Davina on the carpeted floor.

“Finally brother, we thought you’d never show up.” Kol said and smiled at his older brother.

“Well I couldn’t really say no to y/n.” Nik said and sat down next to you.

“No one say no to me.” You told him and laughed as Nik pulled you to him so you were leaning onto his chest, with Hope in your arms.

“That’s true.” Cami said and smiled.

“I believe it’s time to open gifts.” Elijah said, you smiled excited to see how everyone will react to your gifts.  

“Why not start from the youngest?” Hayley said.

“That’s cruel.” Marcel said and we laughed.

“Yeah, some of us are really old.” Sage said.

“My point exactly.” Hayley said.

“Hayley is right, Hope is first, then Davina and after her Hayley and then we’ll go on.” Cami said and you nodded.

“I agree with Hayley and Cami.” You said and everyone agreed.

“So Hayley and Klaus open Hope’s gifts.” Rebekah said, Nik and Hayley both moved to the tree Nik also took Hope from you, you moved so you were sitting next to Cami. They both got the big pile Hope got and started to open the gifts. Everyone had shoes a wrapping paper so you could tell who got what. Hope was the most spoiled kid ever, she got so many things, but you decided to get her funny clothes and couldn’t wait for everyone to see. Cami did know what you got Hope, as she was with you when you went Christmas shopping.

“Okay, who go these?” Hayley asked holding your gifts, they were wrapped separately but held together with a string.

“I did.” “y/n did.” You and Cami said at the same time after sharing a look.

“Ookay.” Hayley said suspension of you two. Hayley opened the first one. She giggled and showed everyone what you got.

“I have a feeling this is how she’ll be when she get older.” Kol said and Sage nodded.

“Only if Niklaus raised her alone.” Finn said and you raised a hand and said “I agree.”

“I thought you loved me.” Nik said faking hurt.

“No, Elijah just compelled me to.”

“Burn.” Marcel said and high fived you.

“Okay next two, one for me to open and one for Klaus.” Hayley said and gave one to Klaus and they both opened them at the same time. They both laughed at the quotes on the baby romper.

“I want to see.” Rebekah said and she took the rompers and showed everyone and again laughter filled the room.

“I wish you were here every Christmas.” Kol said as he calmed down from his laughter.

“Well I think you could count me in from now on.” You told him and smiled.

“I told you getting them was a good idea.” Cami said and you nodded. Davina then opened her gifts, you and nick got her a gold and diamond earrings and necklace. Davina slowly opened the black velvet box.

“Oh my god.” She said her eyes going wide. “Guys this is too much.”

“Davina nothing is too much for you, plus with how much these guys hold balls and all these stuff it’s good to have something to wear.” You told her and gave her a hug. You could tell that Kol appreciated what you got her and what you said, as Davina was still feeling like an outcast between you all.

It was then Hayley’s turn, she got some creative things, you decided to get her a bubble bath gift box and a painting of a wolf that you knew she’d love.

“y/n thank you so much, these are amazing.” Hayley gave you a hug. “And I’ll be using the bubble bath kit as soon as I can, I’m in need of one.”

“No worries, I’m glad you liked them.” You told her. After Hayley finished it was your turn. You felt so spoiled with all the things you got.







You save Nik for the last you knew he was nervous. You locked eyes with Nik as you held the big box in your hand, you winked at him as you slowly pulled one end of the bow.

“Y/N! Just bloody open it.” Rebekah said and you smirked.

“I will.” You said and opened it faster. It was a beautiful ball gown, you saw in a shop once but wasn’t too sure if it will look good on you. You smiled and looked up at Nik. You silently pulled him closer and gave him a hug, you pulled back silently and kissed his lips slowly, and pulled back. “Thank you, I love it.”

“I’ll give you the rest later.” Nik said and you gave him a confused look but nodded. Everyone then opened his gift, you got Nik a handmade wooden watch with his initials in the back and cuffslinks with hopes initials and a picture of her inside of it.

After everyone was done opening their gifts, you all drifted into your own conversations. You were taking to sage and Finn when you felt a hand sneak around your waist and you were suddenly pulled back into a muscular chest. You smiled and leaned back into your boyfriend.

“Excuse me, but I’m going to steal y/n for a moment.” Nik told Finn and Sage who gave Nik a knowing look that caused you to frown.

“Sure, enjoy.” Sage said and sent you a wink, before you could question her you were suddenly in the big balcony in your bedroom, this is where you and Nik had your first kiss.

“What was that all about” You asked Nik.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

:’) aw thank you so much i loved making those

i think i know exactly what you’re trying to say, coming right up!

(also i’m really really sorry this took so long i desperately need a new laptop bc mine is trash and keeps not working well when i try to write)


SF9 SCENARIO: Them Saving You From A Conversation You Want To Get Out Of

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Molly Ringwald Interviews John Hughes (1986)

MOLLY RINGWALD: Growing up, were you obsessed with girls, as so many of your male characters are?
JOHN HUGHES: No. I was obsessed with romance. When I was in high school, I saw Doctor Zhivago every day from the day it opened until the day it left the theater. The usher would say, “Hiya, your seat’s ready.” And I just sat there, glued to the screen. Most of my characters are romantic rather than sexual. I think that’s an essential difference in my pictures. I think they are more accurate in portraying young people as romantic - as wanting a relationship, an understanding with a member of the opposite sex more than just physical sex.

MR: What about teen sex in your movies? You never show it in Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club. Did you want to leave it up to the viewer’s imagination? Or were you just looking for a PG rating?

JH: No. What’s the point? In Sixteen Candles, I figured it would only be gratuitous to show Samantha and Jake in anything more than a kiss. The kiss is the most beautiful moment. I was really amused when someone once called me a purveyor of horny sex comedies. He listed Breakfast Club and Mr. Mom in parentheses.

MR: Oh, god!

JH: I thought, “What kind of sex?” Yes, in Mr. Mom there’s a baby in a bathtub and you see it’s bare butt. And in Breakfast Club, there’s some kissing.

MR: You wouldn’t believe how many people came up to me after they saw Breakfast Club and said, “So what really happened between you and Judd in the closet?”

JH: Older people or younger people?

MR: Mostly older people.

JH: Yes, older people asked me that question too.

MR: I never even thought about that. I did a phone interview and somebody said, “So, what really happened in the closet?” And I thought, “Why are you asking me that? What happened was shown there on the screen.”

JH: Yes. The only thing we took out of the scene was a bit of dialogue. You walked into the closet, and I cut away to the other story I was telling.

MR: You did cut out one great kiss between Judd and me, though.

JH: Too much kissing. I find that screen kissing wears very thin very quickly. I go into the editing room and say, “Less, less.” Why watch someone kissing when people really close their eyes when they kiss?

MR: I see your point, but I just thought you cut out a great kiss. Anyway, would a woman like Kelly LeBrock have been your ideal when you were a teen?

JH: No. Too scary.

MR: So why did you create the character she played in Weird Science?

JH: Well, the object there was -

MR: That she taught them a lesson, right?

JH: You’re making fun of me.

MR: No. I’m sorry. Go on.

JH: Two lonely guys tried to create the perfect woman. But, they didn’t. They created a physical fantasy who turned out to be an actual person. They hadn’t planned on getting a real person, just a great body. They were concentrating on the physical, which is only a very small part of anybody’s identity.

MR: Isn’t it a contradiction to talk about how kids have more on their minds than just sex and cars and then show two characters dreaming up the perfect mate? That was purely sexual. They didn’t even want to give her a brain at first.

JH: No. I don’t think there’s a contradiction, because when those guys got her, sex was the last thing on their minds. They wanted a girl, but they had no idea what girls were. They didn’t understand them at all, because girls weren’t really accessible to them. So, their concept of girls was media-based.

MR: Do you think that goes for most teenagers?

JH: I don’t think so, no. There’s a very fine line there. And it’s a line that I probably didn’t respect enough in directing the film. You know those sexy pinup posters people put up in their bedrooms? I always saw them as being kind of silly and vacant. That was to be the point of the movie - that this glistening body in this semi-revealing outfit with this come-on look on the face is a real empty, pointless image to carry around or to look for.

MR: So, which of your characters were you most like while growing up?

JH: I was a little bit like Samantha. A lot of my feelings went into her character. I was also very much like Allison in Breakfast Club. I was a nobody. And I’m also a lot like Ferris Bueller.

MR: But of all the characters, which would you say is most like you?

JH: Most like me? I’m a cross between Samantha and Ferris.

MR: How did you write the story of Pretty In Pink?

JH: You told me about the Psychedelic Furs’ song.

MR: About Pretty In Pink? I just love that song.

JH: And the title stuck in my head. I thought about your predisposition toward pink. I wrote Pretty In Pink the week after we finished Sixteen Candles. I so desperately hate to end these movies that the first thing I do when I’m done is write another one. Then I don’t feel sad about having to leave and everybody going away. That’s why I tend to work with the same people; I really befriend them. I couldn’t speak after Sixteen Candles was over. I returned to the abandoned house, and they were
tearing down your room. And I was just horrified, because I wanted to stay there forever.

MR: Do you think you’ll always work with young actors?

JH: Not every time, maybe, but …

MR: You won’t abandon them?

JH: No, I won’t abandon them.

MR: Do you think the Brat Pack’s recent obnoxious image is deserved, or does the press just pick on them because of their age?

JH: I think that this clever moniker was slapped on these young actors, and I think it’s unfair. It’s a label.

MR: People my age were just beginning to be respected because of recent films such as yours, and now it’s like someone had to bring them down a peg or two, don’t you think?

JH: There is definitely a little adult envy. The young actors get hit harder because of their age. Because “Rat Pack” - which Brat Pack is clearly a parody of - was not negative. “Brat Pack” is. It suggests unruly, arrogant young people, and that description isn’t true of these people. And the label has been stuck on people who never even spoke to the reporter who coined it.

MR: Such as myself. I’ve been called the Women’s Auxiliary of the Brat Pack.

JH: To label somebody that! It’s harmful to people’s careers. At any rate, young people support the movie business, and it’s only fair that their stories be told.

MR: A lot of people said in the reviews of The Breakfast Club, “Why should somebody make a movie about teenproblems?” I couldn’t believe that. I mean, we are a part of this society …

JH: I think it’s wrong not to allow someone the right to have a problem because of their age. “People say, "Well, they’re young. They have their whole lives ahead of them. What do they have to complain about?” They forget very quickly what it’s like to be young.

MR: Who would want to remember? I’m tortured. People forget the feeling of having to go to school on Monday and take a test in physics that you don’t understand at all. It’s hard. Right now, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

JH: Ferris has a line where he refers to his father’s saying that high school was like a great party. Ferris knows what his father was like, and he knows that his father has just forgotten the bad parts. Adults ask me all sorts of baffling questions, like, “Your teenage dialogue - how do you do that?” and “Have you actually seen teens interact?” And I wonder if they think that people under twenty-one are a separate species. We shot Ferris at my old high school, and I talked with the students a lot. And I loved it, because it was easy to strike up a conversation with them. I can walk up to a seventeen-year-old and say, “How do you get along with your friends?” and he’ll say, “Okay.” You ask a thirty-five-year-old the same question, and he’ll say, “Why do you want to know? What’s wrong? Get away from me.” All those walls built up.

MR: Do you think that society looks at teenagers differently today than when you were one?

JH: Definitely. My generation had to be taken seriously because we were stopping things and burning things. We were able to initiate change, because we had such vast numbers. We were part of the baby boom, and when we moved, everything moved with us. But now, there are fewer teens, and they aren’t taken as seriously as we were. You make a teenage movie, and critics
say, “How dare you?” There’s just a general lack of respect for young people now.

MR: I think so, too. What were you like growing up?

JH: I was kind of quiet. I grew up in a neighborhood that was mostly girls and old people. There weren’t any boys my age, so I spent a lot of time by myself, imagining things. And every time we would get established somewhere, we would move. Life just started to get good in seventh grade, and then we moved to Chicago. I ended up in a really big high school, and I didn’t know anybody. But then The Beatles came along.

MR: Changed your whole life?

JH: Changed my whole life. And then Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home came out and really changed me. Thursday I was one person, and Friday I was another. My heroes were Dylan, John Lennon and Picasso, because they each moved their
particular medium forward, and when they got to the point where they were comfortable, they always moved on. I liked them at a time when I was in a pretty conventional high school, where the measure of your popularity was athletic ability. And I’m not athletic - I’ve always hated team sports.

MR: You’ve been sticking pretty close to Chicago, but now that you and your family have made the transition to L.A., do you think you’ll go back and film everything in Chicago?

JH: I think I will. I’m very comfortable there. It’s out of the Hollywood spotlight. And I like the seasons.

MR: What about what you were saying about the way Dylan and Lennon were constantly moving forward? Don’t you think you’ve done a lot of movies about Chicago?

JH: No, they weren’t about Chicago. Chicago’s a setting.

MR: But, they’re about suburban life …

JH: I think it’s wise for people to concern themselves with the things they know about. I don’t consider myself qualified to do a movie about international intrigue - I seldom leave the country. I’d really like to do something on gangs, but to do that, I’ve gotto spend some time with gang members. I’d feel extremely self-conscious writing about something I don’t know.

MR: I think one of the most admirable things about you is that you do write about the things you know and care about. I think that teen movies were getting a bad reputation because these fifty-year-old guys were writing about things they didn’t care about.

JH: I love writing. When I finish a script, it’s a joy to sit down and go all the way through it. It’s a very private thing, because a screenplay is not like a book. When a book is written, it’s a final product. But, when a script is finished, it’s really just a blueprint. And it’s an extraordinary experience for me to watch someone take what I wrote and imagined and make it three-dimensional. And it’s great if someone adds something I hadn’t thought of.

MR: Would you consider yourself fashion-conscious?

JH: Yeah, I think so, as far as I’m conscious of everything. I’m a former hippie, so clothes are important to me - your clothes defined you in that period. I guess clothes still defines people. But, I change a lot. I’m in my Brooks Brothers period now. I think when I first met you, it was -

MR: High-top tennis shoes.

JH: Yeah? But I’ve changed.

MR: So how does your wardrobe define you?

JH: My wardrobe is a hundred shirts, and I don’t like any of them. How does that define me? Well, I get bored easily. I have a real short attention span, and that feeling transfers to clothes as well. And if I see somebody else wearing the same thing I am, I always think he looks better. I admire people like Judd Nelson, who have an innate sense of fashion. Judd could wear a bathrobe and sanitarium sandals and a fedora and look good.

MR: If you weren’t in film, what might you like to do?

JH: I’ve always wanted to be in music, but I’m not talented at all. Now I just go to concerts, and I’m fascinated by the bands and their music. When I go to a concert, I can’t believe that people pay lots of money to see a band that they obviously like and then they dance the whole time.

MR: But a lot of people dance as a way of communicating.

JH: You can go home and put the record on and dance. I want to watch how the band does it. I want to look at their faces.

MR: When we went to see Squeeze, these girls were standing on their chairs and getting on top of people’s shoulders to dance with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. They were right behind me and my sister, and we were tempted to do something violent! It really bugs me when people act like going to concerts gives them license to act like jerks. But I don’t mind people dancing. In fact, I hate it when people say, “Sit down, sit down” when I want to dance.

JH: I suppose it would be really alarming to an artist to play in a concert and see everybody just watching.

MR: Oh, that’s terrible!

JH: I’m one of those who do that.

MR: Yeah, I’ve been to a concert with you.

JH: I’m not a good-time guy. I’m not one of those guys who says, “Oh, we had some good times last night.” I’m just not.

MR: But you wanted to be in a band at one point?

JH: Yeah, but I’m too old for that now. Rock ‘n’ roll is a young form. People over twenty-five ruin it. This whole censorship thing has come about because old people are playing with a form that is essentially young and rebellious. Do you know how brilliant it was for The Beatles to break up when they did?

MR: Yes, it was great. But I don’t think rock 'n’ roll burnout has anything to do with age. I just think that people can go only so far. People reach a point.

JH: I can’t deny people their art form. But you have to be challenged, and you have to meet that challenge.

MR: What are your favorite bands?

JH: The Beatles and The Clash are the greatest. I’ve listened to the Beatles’ White Album for more than sixteen years, and when we were filming Ferris Bueller, I listened to the album every single day for fifty-six days.

MR: That’s the album I listened to all during Pretty In Pink, remember?

JH: Yeah, I know.

MR: How do you see yourself changing in the next fifteen years?

JH: Growing older.

MR: I know.

JH: It’s a foregone conclusion. What’s next for you?

MR: I don’t know. I’d like to finish high school, and I’m totally late on everything to do with my SATs. I’m going to apply to colleges soon. So do you have anything you’re dying to do?

JH: I have a hundred things I’m dying to do. Make that a hundred and four. I’m going to write for a while. Going to see Pretty In Pink. Get to go sit in theaters and look at the film with great pride. I like watching you work - you know that.

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jensen needed that hug so badly it was so sweet and jareds face was so happy during the hug and he just kind of fell into jensen's arms, I just love j2 SO MUCH

Hi Anon, yes, yes, yes. 1000000x  ^this^  

I just… Okay, so I’ve been thinking after watching so many angles of The 2k17 Hug and I hope you don’t mind me using your ask to post what I think about it. Bear with me :)

EDIT: The post turned out longer then I thought it would be, so I’ve put it under the cut, together with photographic evidence ;)  

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honestly this time jump is actually making me so much more excited for next season. the endless possibilities of what the new earth could be like. what creatures roam the earth? madi has been training but for what? theres no one there so why would she need to train? what does clarke do on the daily? what does she draw? do they have a cute cave house and you can tell clarke’s side by the hundreds of pictures hanging on the walls of bellamy’s face and all of her friends? does she have quotes written down that her friends used to say that are her favorite? like bellamy saying “we’re still breathing”? or raven saying “the death wave can kiss my ass”? has clarke explored the wastelands? what does she find to laugh and smile about? whats the weather like? does it rain black still? does clarke still climb trees like she did in the beginning of season 3? has clarke visited arkadia and grieved those who passed there? what has bellamy been up to? does he still have hope? does bellamy have a reason to smile everyday? does he still crack the same stupid jokes because he knows clarke would smile at them? have he and murphy smoothed out their issues? does bellamy have books to read? how often does he look down at earth and wonder if octavia is doing okay? are monty and harper doing good? has monty grieved jasper? does monty make stupid jokes too because he knows jasper would laugh? does monty high five himself imagining jasper doing the same from the other side? how much has raven scienced the shit out of on the ring? has murphy learned to speak grounder with emori? did any of them get cool grounder tattoos? have echo and emori learned science stuff and the lingo? how have their personalities changed? is bellamy now the head and clarke the heart? is bellamy’s fun and soft side hardened? is he less hopeful? I DONT KNOW BUT I WANT TO

come a little bit closer

[jonxsansa, modern au, ~4k]

read on ao3

Sansa Stark is not, by nature, a devious woman. But sometimes impossible situations call for desperate measures. And if crushing on Jon Snow isn’t an impossible situation, well, Sansa doesn’t want to know what is.

The problem with Jon, she thinks, is that she’s known him forever. Robb had brought him home when they were only kids, and Jon had practically grown up alongside the Stark siblings from there. So by the time they hit puberty, Jon was far too bloody comfortable with Sansa to see her as anything but his best mate’s sister.

Sometimes—like when he throws an arm around her shoulders, or tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear, or hugs her goodnight—it’s not so bad. Sometimes when he swears and calls her latest ex-boyfriend a dick, she thinks that maybe he’s happy she’s single again. Sometimes, when he throws a bag of her favorite crisps into her room on his way down the hall to Robb’s, Sansa can pretend that it means something more.

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Okay gather round mermaids and mermen, lets have a little chat. Nothing pisses me off more when I’m working on something and someone runs to go make it, cause then I feel like I’m wasting my damn time. Which leads to me most likely just not finishing it all together. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like showing wips. I also don’t like showing images of unfinished work, but I do it because I know you guys want to see something, and I do like getting constructive feedback. Constructive criticism, the key word “constructive” helps to make better quality content.


Like let me finish my shit dammit, this ain’t a mother fucking race my dude. This is not Americas Next top CC Creator, we ain’t competing. I like to take time on my stuff, so it can be good. I’m about that quality over quantity life. There are a million ideas in the universe, go snatch another one, or at least wait till I’m done with the one I’m working on. Cause you know damn well you wasn’t thinking bout making the shit till you saw someone making it. stop lying.

Also, before somebody try to twist my words, I have no problem with people creating similar things. I completely understand seeing something you like, and wanting to create it, that is not what I am talking about. Being inspired by something is not what I’m ranting about. I’m talking about those of you who are only making something because you want to be the first, or the most popular, most unique…whatever, you will run a make something just because you want to fill those roles so bad. By doing that you are completely disregarding other creators time and effort.

Sometimes there are instances where creators will be making something popular, and both people will make it, that is also not what I am talking about. Everybody knows where those ideas are coming from, so we know they are not “copying” each other, its obvious they are drawing their inspiration from the same subject. Ya’ll be getting on leahlillith about this and I’m like you do know that second life creators usually get their ideas from real life items right ??? Like I can find so many receipts, because I have so many inspo folders that usually have those items from real life in them lmao. Ya’ll be putting sl on a pedestal so damn high, they high-fiving with God. Same thing for imvu, most of their stuff is inspired from things in real life. Guess what? With those real life people, they were probably inspired by something as well. So whoop there it is, its a big ole’ creative loop 

Again, make what you like and want. What I don’t like is people trying to act brand new off someone else’s “idea.” I put idea in quotes, because most ideas are inspired by something else any ways, its just how the creative process works. You know 100% what I am talking about. But being Inspired and copying something is a very thin line that I think a lot of people in this community have a hard time distinguishing between and I’m just calling it to attention. 

And since I’m on a rant roll. Can we talk about naming conventions for cc?

(we just gonna get this all out the way)

When you name your files, please consider putting things in the file name that will help people distinguish what the fuck it is. Let me use my trash jeans for an example:

Ripped Jeans 01

Trash Jeans


Those are unacceptable naming conventions…


YOU as the person who created it, will know what that cc item is. ME as downloader has 0 idea what the hell those file names are alluding to other than some jeans (except the last one, I have no idea what that is????) If I’m doing a lookbook or simply just looking for who created the item, I wouldn’t be able to find it, and will most likely just delete it. Ultimately it hurts you as a creator, because its just hard to find and distinguish your items for other creators things.

Please put your

creator name

item name

cc type (jeans, skirt, top, dresser, bed etc…)

version number (if you have one)

This will make everybody lives easier and help people find your stuff, which I know you want that !

Okay rant over. Ive been holding that in for year now lmao, clearly my tolerance level is deteriorating. I ain’t calling any names, because you know your own shoe size. These are just somethings that I personally want to let ya’ll know, take it or leave it, it up to you.

Anyways, so how was your day? Doing good today??


I would like to note that my theory will, obviously, sound similar to other theories as anyone can have the same theory as another person! That does not mean I have stolen from anyone! Just clarifying before anyone assumes anything.

We know that Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer stayed at The Radley the night Charlotte was killed, and that Aria disappeared during the night and met up with Ezra—however, is there more to the story?
What if Aria went out before the killer did? We know she came back after Charlotte was killed, which was around 4AM. The killer was clever about what they did, and we all know Spencer Hastings is very, very intelligent.

We see that in 3x12 (“The Lady Killer”) Spencer mentions the movie “Basic Instinct”, about a woman who writes novels about crimes, before actually committing them in real life. They are basically used as an ALIBI. What’s funny is that in 6x12 (“Charlotte’s Web”), the episode after Charlotte is killed, Spencer says she wrote an essay for college in criminology, and she wrote one about a bride who was killed on the day of her wedding. She was murdered the EXACT same way Charlotte was, down to the very detail. Spencer said she showed Ezra this when he was tossing around ideas for his next book (to inspire him), and she told the Liars this when they all thought Ezra killed Charlotte. Did Spencer USE this as an alibi? Did she try to pin the blame on Ezra?

When Lorenzo tells the girls at the funeral in 6x11 (“Of Late I Think of Rosewood”) that Charlotte was murdered and didn’t commit suicide, all the girls have stunned expressions…except for Spencer. She literally looks DOWN and flickers her eyes. She doesn’t even question it like the other girls did. When Aria says, “Did they wait for Charlotte to get released so they could kill her?”, Spencer immediately says, “Don’t go there”. HIDING SOMETHING SPENCER?

At Charlotte’s hearing, Spencer looked like she really wanted to plead the judge to not release Charlotte, but she lied anyway for Ali. This would come to a whole blow later on!

Spencer wanted to hide the fact that she killed Charlotte and couldn’t tell the girls this. They had been away from each other for FIVE YEARS. While they may have been her best friends in high school, I don’t think she’d immediately trust them again well enough to tell them that she murdered someone. This ties in with UBER A and HANNA’S KIDNAPPING.
Uber A had shown how dedicated they were to finding Charlotte’s killer when they kidnapped Hanna. Hanna claimed that she had killed Charlotte in order for Uber A to back off. Spencer thought this plan would work and they would scare off Uber A so no one would have to worry. She was SCARED Uber A knew what she did. She didn’t know it was going to go to the extreme when Hanna was kidnapped.
When Hanna did her false confession to Spencer in 6x19 (“Did You Miss Me?”), Spencer was shocked and teary…or was it because it reminded her of the very thing she did? The very GUILT-RIDDING crime she committed?

After Hanna was kidnapped, Spencer was FRIGHTENED and TERRIFIED of what Uber A could do. She COULDN’T admit she murdered Charlotte now, and she knew she’d lose all of her friends in the act. It could also cost her life too. She now knew what Uber A was CAPABLE OF!

Why is it that SPENCER is always the one who wakes up to look for the missing person? Like in 1x01 (“Pilot”) and 3x01 (“It Happened ‘That Night’”), she woke up and looked everywhere for Alison/Emily. Could she have done the same thing the night Charlotte died? Did she go out looking for Aria?
I believe she woke up and noticed Aria was gone. Spencer walked out to look for her, only to see CHARLOTTE go into the church. Spencer wanted to CONFRONT her after years of torture, and wanted to hear from her why she did it. Spencer ran there and entered the church. That’s when ALISON, in the RED SWEATER, came in. Spencer hid and witnessed their argument. Ali left and Spencer went up to the bell tower and confronted Charlotte. At first, it was a nerve-wracking little confrontation…which led into a BIG fight, making Spencer grab the nearest object and impale it into Charlotte’s neck. She didn’t know what to do, so she thought of the quickest thing and remembered her college essay. She did what she had to do and cleaned Charlotte’s fingernails and throwing her off the tower.

Why have we seen flashbacks and hallucinations of Spencer going after a BLONDE?? Why was that always hinted at, or pointed to? It was FORESHADOWING Charlotte’s murder!

Keep in mind each of the Liars have killed someone, except for SPENCER!
Jenna and Uber A finally had their suspicions in 7x10 (“The DArkest Knight”) when the Liars were in a showdown, leading to Spencer being shot by Uber A. Why? BECAUSE SPENCER KILLED CHARLOTTE!

My Uber A theory is that it is Spencer’s identical twin sister, Avery Drake. Can you imagine how DRAMATIC and JAW-DROPPING it would be to see two sisters fighting in an epic showdown?! It would be certainly tense to see the psychopathic stalker go up against her killer sister! Mary would be in an uproar and SCARED to see her daughters wanting to kill each other! She would be beside herself. Spencer would be DEVASTATED to learn that she murdered her own SISTER unknowingly! It would make for an AMAZING story! 

Thank you for reading and I will be sure to add to this soon! 

Lost Crush

summary: // Y/N gets rejected by her crush. //

Word count: 461


“Excuse you?” repeated Cameron “did you really believe that I would ever want to date you?” he continued. I stared in disbelief watching his friends smirk in the corner watching me heart break from every syllable he made causing soft running tears fall from my face, “but I just thought that since you were so fri-”

“Is this some sick joke you and your friend pulled ugly? I would never go for someone like you!” Cameron gave out a small chuckle and gave me a last look before returning to his friend’s high fiving them compared to me who was alone in the halls broken hearted and disregarded.


I cried as if my blood was being drained out, along with my confidence, from the outside. Emotional plain poured from every breath I drew getting closer to the pain like a sharp jab touching my heart. From my mouth came a cry so raw that the sounds of my bedroom door opening was close to the quiet movements of a mouse. I still lay under the duvet pulling them back and staring directly at the ceiling. Before I could swear to whoever walked in the familiar home smell scented Justin wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me close from the bed, gently rubbing my arm. Despite the heaviness in my stomach and warmness of my face, it fluttered at the feeling of my body pressed against his. We laid in silence where I sunk into the warmth of his side, appreciative of the simple gesture. His touch made the room warmer somehow.

“You told him didn’t you Y/N” muttered Justin

I sobbed into his plain white t-shirt no longer caring that I was only wearing my Nike sports bra and matching shorts, “I’m the biggest idiot ever Justin, he told me I was ugly and I never would be able to date him.”

Justin stroked my curly hair and pressed a sweet kiss on my forehead. “I came here to check on how you were and being my childhood best friend your Far from ugly.”

“gee thanks for the compliment Jay but Y/N the troll is still here”

“Your beautiful you know that.  You don’t see it but have you even notice the amount of guys and girls that just stop and watch you when we go out? Don’t every doubt yourself”

Slowly, inexorably, he presses his lips to mine. It’s soft and gentle and chaste and maybe there’s no fireworks or sparks, but it’s better than that – it’s a wave of warmth that fills me  up, spilling out from both of our hearts and the warmth of Justin’s lips on mine rushing to every corner of my newly mended heart.

“I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

A/N: I am having mayor writer’s block and I feel not 100 percent me but thanks anyway fro reading and send in requests. I am trying to fill requests now.

I Want To Paint Your Lips - Five

The door squeaked open and Delirious watched it hatefully. “You’re twenty minutes late,” he pouted, childish tones in his voice. “Evan I don’t like when you’re late, I need my medi-”

“I’m not Evan and I had things to do,” a woman’s voice spat. Her tone was coated in sour jabs, nasty and disgusted. The door shut behind her and she slapped on all four of the big lights. Delirious cringed, squinting. He did not like the sound of this.

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I don’t give a damn what you think
I’ll scream in quiet rooms
And sing in public places.
I will eat too much junk food one week,
Run three miles a day the next.
You have no strings on me:
The Venn-Diagram of our orbits
Are two separate circles.
I will shed tears when I want,
Laugh at stupid jokes,
Blessed lord, I’ll make them too.
I don’t give a shit at the face you make
When I binge-drink on a Tuesday
Or take myself out to an expensive ass restaurant.
Here’s my middle-finger to you saying
“Gosh, look at him,
He’s so profane in this poem.”
This poem would get a high-five from Bukowski.
Damn right it’s cocky,
This poem puffs its chest out at the gym.
Sure, it’s not healthy
But who’s one to talk
When you get an extra shot of espresso
In your shitty black coffee.
I’m not afraid to fuck up,
I will ruin my life on the daily
But I’ll do it on my own terms
I will fall apart gracefully.
—  “I Have Lost My Ability To Give A Shit; So Suck It, Alright?” - Nishat Ahmed
Jack Maynard - Naked

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy :) And don’t forget to send in your requests!

Word count: 863

You currently in London visiting a couple of friends and just having a little holiday for yourself. The Maynards and Josh had very kindly offered to let you stay over at their place. You really appreciated their kindness, but the lack of space was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. You were rooming with Jack, since the both of you had been friends for the longest time.

You had cooked them a nice dinner, and was in the midst of clearing up. The boys really don’t get a lot of proper home cooked meals so you wanted to treat them. And they also clearly didn’t know very much about cleaning up. You took it in turns to teach the boys how to look after themselves and keep the pests away. Today was Jack’s turn. He barely knew how to clean a plate well. “Jack. Don’t just put the dishes in the dishwasher will you? At least give it a little rinse.”

“What’s the point of the bloody dishwasher then?”

“There’s broccoli and chicken skin stuck on it Jack”, you pointed out. Huffing, he pulled the plate back out to rinse it. You gave him directions to rinse the other dishes as well. When he tried to get soap onto the sponge, it ended up flying right into your eye.

“Shit. You okay (Y/N)?” he asked laughing.

“You idiot! I’m gonna go blind now!” you exaggerated. He laughed, helping you to wash the soup out of your eyes. You felt goose bumps form on your arm as his body was pressed against yours, bending around you. He had one hand holding your hair back, out of your face, while the other was helping you wash the soap out. You blinked the water out of eyes, finally able to open your eyes and see clearly again. Stepping back, you noticed Jack’s eyes widen considerably, and he tried to awkwardly clear his throat.

“Uh (Y/N)? Erm you’re uh-you’re not wearing a bra”, he trailed off awkwardly. You stood there, stunned, as your cheeks burned.

“Well yeah I mean I never wear bras at home.”

“It’s just uh I can, I can see everything” he tried to get his point across.

“FUCK!” you looked down to realise that the water had made your t-shirt pretty much see-through and it was sticking to your bare chest. The cold water was also making your nipples poke through the thin t-shirt.

Conor walked into the kitchen then and his gaze immediately fell on your chest. “Woah (Y/N)!”

Jack quickly jumped in front of you to protect your nakedness from his brother. “Don’t look you twat!”

“What’s all that racket about?” Josh called, joining in.

“Oh my god! Get out all of you”, Jack wasn’t sure why either, but his face held a deep blush.

“Erm I think I’ll just go change then”, you mumbled, trying to manuver around the three boys, while awkwardly covering your wet chest.

“Woah okay what did I miss?” Josh’s eyes widen as he took in the view of your soaking figure, that was quite well on display for them all.

“Stop perving will you?” Jack was flustered by time, but also wanted to make sure the boys did not see anymore than they had too.

“I think Jack got lucky mate”, Conor sniggered. Josh and Conor high-fived on Jack’s behalf, while the main man in question turned a bright shade of red.

“Damn! Jack!” That earned the boys a couple of whacks from Jack.

Jack walked into his room where you were getting changed, just as you had put on his guns ‘n’ roses t-shirt. “Don’t mind do you? I can’t exactly walk around like, that” you asked him, referring to your exposed chest.

“Nah. Looks better on you anyway”, his eyes lit up as he smiled at you. His gaze lingered on you a little longer than usual, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from him either.

You narrowed your eyes in confusion as you heard shuffling coming from the door of his bedroom. Walking over, you swung the door open, only to have Josh and Conor stumble through. In their wake, they had pushed you down with them lying on top of you. Their combined weight was definitely more than you could handle. From your position on the floor you could see Jack huffing as he made his way over to pull the guys off you. Well, he more like kicked them off you. “What the hell are you doing?”

The duo looked at each other, then you, and back at Jack. “We just thought y’all’d be getting down and dirty. Ya know,” Conor spoke first as he started to make inappropriate gestures with his hips and hands.

“Oh Jack don’t tell me you’ve been able to resist?” Josh teased.

Jack’s face heated up for what might have been the millionth time that day. “Just get out will you? And stay away from my room”, he added. “Sorry ‘bout that”, he mumbled.

“Jack, since when have we ever let something like this make things awkward between us?” you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him. You felt his body relax against yours, as you both moved over to his bed, where you spent the rest of the night watching random videos and reliving your most embarrassing moments.

here's some more brotp clancy/lucas bull shit

- clancy always questions why he’s in the old house
- “dude this place is no condition to hang out in”
“I mean it’s abandoned and no one can bother me in here”
“still this place is shit”
“I get that but it’s like the only place I can go to if I want to be
- clancy and lucas both like cats
- and there’s a bunch of fucking cats in the forest for some reason
- so sometimes they just hang out outside
- just so they can see kitties
- also clancy wanted him to have fresh air because the old house is disgusting
- both of them question why the other doesn’t hang out with their friends
- Clancy doesn’t have any friends in college
- Lucas doesn’t have any friends in general
- so like they’re just lonely 25 year old men just wanting some friendship
- they pranked Zoe once by putting red dye in her shampoo
- it was g8 lmao
- Lucas asks about the two assholes
- “how’s ur two assholes doing?”
“the motherfuckers are lowering my pay”
“that’s rough buddy”
- speaking of the two assholes, they come back to the old house
- “wanna scare them?”
“i have nothin’ else to do”
- they literally get a rusty knife from the kitchen and hide in the den
- when they come inside the den, Lucas literally jumpscares them while u can just see Clancy’s ‘dead’ body slamming on the floor
- all u can hear are screams as the two assholes run away and Lucas just laughing manically
- Clancy gets up and just smiles so hard
-that was the most funniest thing he seen for the past 25 years in his life tbh
- they high five and lucas asks him if he wants to join for dinner,
- to which clancy said 'yeah sure, i love ur mom’s cooking’

Pregnant Harry Fics

All fics are completed and on AO3

All In 3k Harry/Louis

Climbing onto the bed and wrapping his arms around Harry, he couldn’t stop smiling while thinking about the next chapter in their lives that was about to be written.

And resigned himself to the fact that his band mates were probably never going to leave his house now.


always be my baby 3k Harry/Louis

Harry is Louis’ baby.

Harry also wants Louis’ babies.


And all you wanted was somebody who cares 62k (warning: also contains pregnant Louis) Harry/Louis

Harry is pregnant and alone until he finds a flyer advertising a home for pregnant teens.


can’t be what you need if he’s seventeen 41k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

harry is 17 and nick is 21. nick moves away, but not before giving harry a going away present.

au where harry niall louis zayn and liam all grew up in holmes chapel, and nick just sort of turned up.


Didn’t He Blow My Mind? 3k Harry/Louis

Louis and Harry are in love, Harry’s pregnant. So very pregnant that he’s grown a really nice pair of tits, and when they start leaking milk Louis loses all self-restraint.


Family Ties 4k Harry/Louis

“We have the perfect family don’t we?”

“Yes, yes we do.”

Harry gets pregnant for the second time and this is the story of his pregnancy through the ups and downs.


Forever and Always 6k Harry/Louis

“I want a lot of kids,” Harry slurs. He’s sitting on Louis’s dick right now, riding Louis slowly and at his own pace.

“Okay, baby,” Louis says, petting his hip.

Harry pouts. “I mean it – I want, want so many baby Tommos running around the house, wrecking havoc just like their Daddy.”

Or the one where Harry meets the love of his life at 16. This follows the years following their meet.


goodness gracious (i can’t seem to stop) 9k Harry/Louis

“What – Oh.” Louis’ cold hand touch the warm skin of Harry’s stomach and his eyes flew open. He stared at his hand, his fingers splayed out over the skin of the small bump forming. His hands looked tiny in comparison with the pale skin and Harry’s massive body. He felt nothing but warmth, knowing the baby was still too small to move, but Louis’ heart almost leapt out of his throat, then Harry’s hand covered his and slipped his fingers between Louis’.


or; harry’s pregnant, that’s it.


honey and i 5k Harry/Louis

AU very loosely based on Marley and Me, Louis takes his friends advice and buys Harry a puppy to quell his desires to start a family. However the puppy turns them into a family with out them really knowing.


I could take the back road but your eyes would straight lead me back home 18k Harry/Louis

Indie duo Harry Styles and Niall Horan meet premier league football player Louis Tomlinson in a bar one night. Niall is starstruck and Harry is lovestruck.

Harry and Louis are just friends until they’re forced to admit they’re not - they’re actually quite in love.

Harry and Louis get married, have two daughters, and now Harry is pregnant with their third child. A road trip is planned…

Louis is just trying to keep Harry’s mood swings at bay for another couple of weeks, Niall is trying to keep his best friend’s daughters entertained and out of mischief, Liam is trying to convince Louis that picking up a hitchhiker isn’t a bad idea, and Harry just wants to figure out what to name their baby boy before he’s born.


I Met You in the Toystore 37k Harry/Louis

Louis works in Toys'R'Us and finds Harry studying two kinds of baby formulas like it’s the most important decision in the world. How can he resist?


i’ll put my future in you 2k Harry/Louis

Male pregnancy is supposed to, like, not be a thing. It’s a universal truth. Men don’t get pregnant. But there he is, at the doctor’s office with a troubling ultrasound and a nervous boyfriend clutching his hand.

or, the one where Harry defies all the laws of nature and gets pregnant.


If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity? 8k Harry/Louis

Louis had always meant the world to Harry. But to Louis, he was just a “huge, drunken mistake”.


Light Up The Room 21k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

Harry Styles. Nineteen, single, pop star and … pregnant?

Or the one where I wanted a realistic view on what pregnancy would really be like for a world famous male pop star balancing recording, a world tour, and romantic dramas with morning sickness and back pains.

my little bird 25k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

harry likes nick a whole load, and he gets a whole load in him.

or: the one where nick knocks harry up, with some very questionable character timelines.


Not Part of the Plan 12k Harry/Louis

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby and a baby carriage. That rhyme was a total lie. Sometimes things don’t happen in order. Sometimes things aren’t planned. And getting knocked up by his teacher who was also his boyfriend was definitely not on the list of things Harry had planned for his junior year of high school.


Nothing I’m Running From 12k Harry/Louis

The odds are one in five million. Chances are it’s not going to happen to them.


It does happen to them and Harry Styles is pregnant.


oh baby baby, the reason i breathe is you 9k Harry/Louis

He wants to kiss Louis. Kiss him on his forehead, smoothing the tight lines of stress that have formed over the years. Kiss his perfectly arched eyebrow, where Louis used to have a piercing Harry mercilessly teased him about (Secretly he loved it – maybe even wanted to lick it a little.). Kiss his button nose, making it scrunch up in that cute way it does when Harry makes a dumb joke. Kiss his collar bones, maybe nip them a little and soothe them with his tongue. But really, he wants to finally kiss his pretty pink lips he’s dreamed about for too long. He wants it more than anything.


Oh Baby, It’s you 7k Harry/Louis

Harry wants a baby, and he intends on having one.


So Baby Say You’ll Always Keep Me 7k Harry/Louis

Harry feels more tears form in his eyes at that. He laughs, shaky but genuine, and he wraps his arms around Louis’ waist, moves closer to bury his face against Louis’ shoulder. “We’re going to be dads.”


Thirty-Nine Weeks 18k Harry/Louis

The one where Harry gets pregnant.


What a Lovely Way of Saying How Much You Love Me 2k Harry/Louis

harry’s insecure; louis doesn’t know what for.

aka harry is pregnant and louis still thinks he’s the most beautiful boy. like, ever.


We’re Having a Baby, My Baby and Me 20k Harry/Louis

Harry cries when he sees the pretty pink plus sign on the test. It hits him in a way it hadn’t before. He really is pregnant. He’s going to be a dad. He and Louis are going to have a baby. And that only brings on more happy tears.

Or, the one where Harry really wants a baby.

Where We Begin 53k Harry/Louis

Harry and Louis were band mates and best mates. Their relationship crossed many lines, sure, but after one night they may have to deal with something much bigger and grow to learn that somewhere along the way they formed a family – just the two of them, and a baby.


With Child(ren) 11k Harry/Louis

Harry and Louis have a baby (or two).


wrap your fingers around my thumb 12k Harry/Louis (trigger warning for miscarriages)

Harry hides out in Brighton. Louis finds him. Together they figure out how to grieve. And how to come home.


yes, you make my life worthwhile 9k Harry/Louis

Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder.

Louis’ a pediatrician, Harry’s a preschooler teacher, and they’re having a baby.


your laughter tastes so sweet 3k Harry/Louis

Anna said “GIVE HIM TOMLINSON JERSEY AND A BUNCH OF BABIES ON HIS HIPS” and you don’t say no to Anna. So this is a future!fic where Harry and Louis are married, they have kids, Louis plays football, Harry is his biggest cheerleader and the whole world is envious of the awesomeness that is Tomlinson family.






How To Date Ian You Motherfuck 

I’ll go through each choice and list the ones that are viable options.

Coming Out

  • I’m Gay. High five! 

Going out with Penny

  • Eh. I don’t feel up for it.
  • No. I want to stay in. 

Talking to Slurpy

  • Any of them work.


  • Borrow his lube. 


  • Check your phone. 
  • Tell her it’s a bug. 
  • Return lube.

Anatomy Class

  • Meh

Seeing Penny in the hall.

  • Please, can we beta test another time?

Go to Lunch with Philbert?

  • NO.

Get stuff from Zoe?

  • Sure. No prob. 
  • Take a quick peek. 
  • Snag an item.

Talking with Ian

  • Right. Sex toys don’t come cheap.
  • Either one.
  • By the way, may have borrowed a dildo.

Alone with a dildo.

  • It’s going to be me, a dildo, and a very special night. 


  • Any work, I recommend studying a couple times and then alternating between tutoring and hanging with Ian when possible.

In your room?

  • Study for the love of christ. 

Gong problem.

  • Can you guys handle this? I’m a little busy at the moment.
  • (Alternatively you can sleep with Jed this one time and still achieve Ian’s ending.)

Pick up Philbert?

  • You know who loves getting up at the crack of dawn? IAN.

Tutor Brad. 

  • Easier to just say no, but you can tutor him if you want extra money. However you should know that you won’t need money to go to South America as that ending is not available when you're dating Ian as far as I know. 

Talking to Slurpy

  • Either works.

Go to the Gym

  • All right, all right. Just give me five minutes. 
  • Recommend pool. But Any works. 


  • Accompany Ian and Penny to Tats All Folks

Help Penny beta test?

  • Fine, fine, I’ll take a look at it.

Go to the gym again

  • Fine, fine. I was gonna go anyways.
  • Pool or treadmill, you heathens. 



Frat party with Ian?

  • Why not? 
  • Can I get either of you a drink?
  • He’s got a big heart.

Ian is having a threesome.

  • Listen.
  • Jack off.

Ian winging for you.

  • All right, Ian. We’ll see how this goes.


  • Hang out if you can afford it.

Ian didn’t wing so well.

  • know the agenda. 


  • Hang out with Penny or Study

Ian is drunk and mostly nude in your room

  • Thanks for the apology.
  • Sounds like you want to tell me about it. 
  • Cuddle or Extricate yourself
  • If cuddle, don’t jack off. Choose, this too shall pass.


  • Study.

Ian’s Birthday Dinner

  • I guess that’s a little awkward. Trust me, it’s not intentional.

Ian’s packing to leave.

  • Talk to him. 
  • I’m here because I’ve got feelings for you. 

Return the jack buddy.

  • Sure thing. 

Sidenote: If you made other choices along the way than the ones I recommended it might be possible that you don’t encounter Zoe at the sex shop, if you don’t encounter Zoe it’s game over. You won’t get Ian’s ending. 

Why is Zoe in town?

  • Call her up. 
  • Visit Zoe’s loft.

At the loft.





Turn it off

For: Anon

Characters:  single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Single!Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins (mentioned), Richard Speight, Jr, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Reader

Pairings: Jared x reader

Warnings: None

Words: 2,416

A/N: I hope you like it, I had a great time writing it!

 This is based on an alternative universe where Jared and Jensen are not married to their respective and lovely wives, I love Genevieve and Danneel

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56 @mamaredd123 @my-sharpie-sketches @professionalfangirl03 @fangirl1802, @cozyjaws

Want to be tagged? just send me an ask and I’ll tag you on my next fics ❤

“Alright guys, today we will be joined by the new cast member. We want to capture the true and raw essence of your first meeting so we will keep them away from you until we’re rolling” Richard said when Jared, Jensen, and Misha were getting ready to get on set.

“Really? After eleven seasons you’re doing that?” Jensen laughed which earned him a mocking look from Rich.

“And after eleven seasons you’re still whining like a little child?” Richard bite back which made Jensen laugh harder, it was going to be a long day.

“I should be the one whining, okay? I deserve to know who she is” Jared said dramatically, they were sure persuasive.

“Why?” Richard smirked knowing exactly what he was talking about.

“That person will be Sam’s new love interest! I should be allowed to know more” Jared exclaimed and made everyone laugh.  

“It will make things more interesting, in fact,” Richard said as he got closer to Jensen’s and Misha’s chairs “how do you feel about being the only one who has no clue who she is?”

“What?!” Jared turned to see to his friends, who had both a victory smiles on their lips. “When?!”

“Today, didn’t you get the memo?” Misha said confused as he unlocked his phone and opened his mail app.

“Memo? What memo?” Jared anxiously did the same and started refreshing mail “I didn’t get it”

“Really?” Misha looked closely at his phone “Ah, okay, this makes sense”

“What makes sense?” Jared said, kindly dismissing his makeup artist and walked towards him.

“Schedule change: Jensen and Misha, be here an hour early than planned. Don’t say a thing to Jay” Misha read and he couldn’t help it anymore and burst out laughing, Jensen following him quickly.

“You guys are assholes” Jared rolled his eyes, and laughed in defeat.

“Trust me, it will be worth it” Jensen winked at him, which confused Jared even more and walked towards the set overthinking everything.

“Stop it!” Misha shouted as he laughed, Jared was poking his back behind cameras trying and succeeding to break his character.

“We’re losing daylight and we need to wrap the first episode by today. Remember we have someone waiting” Richard smirked and Jared suddenly froze, he had completely forgotten about that.


“Okay here you go” Richard whispered trying to not make close to little noise “Dean is possessed, Cas is getting beat up and Sam is knocked out, and you darling are kicking ass in one… two… three… go!” he directed and you ran towards the set.

“Hey, idjit!” you shouted and Dean turned to you, a black tear drop running down his face.

Sam groaned in pain, trying to move he realized he was tied to something.

“Let me go, bitch” Sam heard his brother voice and forced himself to open his eyes.

“Shut up and go down!” you scream tackling him down, silver chains around his ankles and wrist, you laid on feet on his chest as you took your lighter out.

“Hey dude, please hold on I’m almost done,” you said worriedly as you turned to the trenchcoated guy pinned against the wall, he wasn’t in need of urgent help since he was an angel but still it looked horrifying.

“I can handle it, save Dean and Sam,” he said in a deep voice and you smiled.

“Will do” you whispered as you lighted up and salted a cowboy hat and a leather belt that were laying on the floor.

Cas dropped to the ground and Dean gasped for air.

“What the hell is going on? And who the hell are you?” Sam said weakly still trying to get out of the ropes that held him steel.

“Oh right,” you said and turned to see Sam, his eyes widened in surprise as you walked towards you.

“Excuse my manners, Sam” you continued untying the ropes. “I’m Raylene, and I just saved your ass”

You offered your hand and he took it immediately, his eyes locking with yours, analyzing and memorizing every single part of your face, the two of you fell into an electric silence.

“Yeah, thanks for the help,” Dean said as he got rid of the chains and stood up by himself “Who are you anyways?”

Letting Sam’s hand go, you turned to Dean again with a big grin on your face. “I’m Raylene Singer, but you can call me Ray”.

“Cut!” Richard said as he started clapping and congratulating everyone.

“That was amazing!” you screamed and jumped into Jensen’s arms.

“Next time a warning would be cool” he laughed and you broke the hug.

“It’s call improvisation, Jensen” you rolled your eyes, “I think your back will be okay”

“I’m not in my twenties anymore, can’t risk that” he laughed.

“So in another word, you’re old,” Misha said and your laugh became louder.

“Good one,” you said and fist bumped Misha.

Jared’s voice remained unheard and it unsettled you, from what you knew he was pretty talkative, so you turned to him.

“Hey, Jared I’m (Y/n)” you said offering your hand.

“Yeah, I know,” he said giving you a quick handshake before he practically flew out of the set.

“Nice to meet you too,” you said a little sad about his reaction, but well, maybe you weren’t his cup of tea and it was okay, he didn’t have to like you at least not right now.

“Are you okay?” you heard Jensen voice over your shoulder, you didn’t realize that you had stood there in the same position overthinking the situation.

“Huh, yeah. I just think Jared doesn’t really like me” you laughed nervously finally changing your position and turned to see your best friend.

“Why?” he said with a confused look on his face, you proceeded to tell him about it and he just groaned. “Alright, I’ll be back”

“No, no, no. It’s okay, Ackles” you smiled, since you met when the both of you worked on Smallville he turned into your best friend and you had agreed on calling each other by each other last names since it made you feel more legit.

“He doesn’t need to like me in real life, just in scene”

“But he…” he tried to say but loud steps interrupted your conversation.

“Oh god,” Jared said breathlessly “I’m sorry, I just thought I’d miss you”

You didn’t say anything or even turned to look at him, he was talking to Jensen anyways.

“I’m so sorry, I’m really not an asshole” he said and you furrowed your eyebrows, looking up you saw he was standing in front of you, leaving Jensen at his back who mouthed “good luck” before winking at you and walked away.

“You are talking to me?” you said confused.

“Yes, I was an asshole but I’m not an asshole. It’s confusing, just trust me” he said and you laughed.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay”

“Thank you, and sorry again,” he said, a light tint of red adorned his cheeks.

“No worries, let’s do it again” you smiled and he looked at you confused.

“Hey Jared, I’m (Y/N)”

“Oh…” he said “Oh right, yeah. Hi, (Y/n) is really nice to meet you” he now offered you his hand and you took it, again you both felt the electricity and both let go of each other hands almost too scared of what you were feeling.

“I guess you are really not an asshole” you joked and he laughed shyly.

“Don’t let him fool you, he’s the worst” you heard Misha say as he passed you behind, covered in baby powder.

“He’s special,” Jared said as he dismissed himself to keep teasing him.

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Fluffmas Day 29-Christmas Cookies (Hamilsquad x Reader)

“Do we have everything?” John asked.

“Yeah, I hope so” Alexander said.

“Come on Alex, we need to bake the Christmas cookies before Laf and Herc get back. Besides you agreed to it.” You said.

“When did I ever agree to this?” Alex asked, looking absolutely adorable as he pouted in his apron.

“Last night when (Y/N) was changing into her pajamas.” John said.

“How can I properly listen when there’s a girl in her underwear in front of me?!” defended Alex.

John, Alex, and you were staying together for the holidays while your other boyfriends, Laf and Herc, both left to visit their families back home for the holidays. Today was the day they were coming back, you thought it’d be nice to welcome them home with some homemade Christmas cookies.

“C'mon it would be nice to have a change of pace.” you said. “Laf and Herc are always cooking for us, so now let’s return the favor.”

John was happy to baking in the kitchen, while Alex was less enthusiastic.

“Okay, but how do we make cookies?” Alex asked.

“We follow the recipe!” John chimed, holding up the recipe book.

“Where’d you get the ingredients?”

“The grocery store. This morning. You were still asleep.” you stated as you went through the purchases away and John began going through the kitchen finding all the equipment needed to make the cookies.

“Have you washed your hands?” You stopped Alex, who was reaching for the ingredients.

“What?” Alex asked looking like he had never been asked this question.

“Before you do any cooking or baking you wash your hands. It helps stop the spread of germs” You said knowledgeable.

“You sound like Herc when he’s cooking.” Alex said, going to the sink.

“Where do you think I learned it from?” you said.

Once Alex finished washing his hands he waited for John to give you and him the next step in the recipe. None of you were much of cooks or bakers so the three of you had to rely on the recipe’s directions.

John and you had Alex doing most of the work in the mixing of the ingredients.

“How come I’m doing most of the work?!” Alex hissed.

“I don’t know, I think it’s going rather well.” You said with a grin.

“Yeah, it’s nice seeing you doing the hard work for a change.” joked John, getting a high five from you.

Alex grumbled before getting hit on the head with a wooden spoon.

“Ow! Why’d you do that?!” Alex spat rubbing his head.

“No grumbling, it’s the holiday season!” you said sternly.

Alex wanted to grumble more, but didn’t want to be hit again with the spoon so he remained silent and kept working. Soon it was time to put them in the oven. John did so then wiped his brow with his forearm.

“I never knew cooking took so much work.” he commented.

“You barely did anything!” ranted Alex.

“Well now it’s time to set the timer.” you said.

As you did that John scooped up a bit of the remaining cookie batter and ate it.

“John, that is not for eating!” you remarked, scowling.

“Ah come on babe, doesn’t the cook get something for their work?” John begged.

“Yes, but it’s not cookie batter.”

John pouted, but then he got a twinkle in his eye.

“John, whatever it is you’re thinking don’t even try.” You did not like the look he was giving you.

“Whatever do you mean, babe? I have no idea what your talking about.” John asked innocently.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Johnny.” you said.

And without warning he grabbed the bowl full of batter took the spoon and flung it at you. Luckily you were able to quickly dodge and the batter ended up hitting Alex square in the face.

You giggled as Alex wiped the batter off his face and glared at John.

“You are so dead John Laurens!” Alex growled as he chased the fleeing freckled boyfriend.