and i want to adopt him

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

Things I want to do with Gray

(Will obvi be updated on the reg)

•touch his arms
•cuddle next to his arms
•trace the muscles on his arms
•make him wear shirts that show off his arms
•make him stay scruffy sometimes
•stare at him
•touch his back
•i would willingly massage his back
•make fun of his pasty thighs
•adopt a dog together
•rest my head over his shoulder while he’s too focused on editing trying to get him to stop and take a break to eat
•take a cheesy candid of him wherever we go so he has a good insta post
•wipe my lipstick off his lips after we kiss
•hug him a lot because then his arms are squeezing me and ultimately hopefully killing me so I can just die happy
•go hiking with him at Runyon
•go get food with Ethan as our 3rd wheel
•help him buy clothes and sit in the fitting room while he tries clothes on and hates them all
•watch him work out while I eat a bag of chips
•play with his hair while he sleeps in my lap
•run my fingers through his messy hair
•laugh at his bed head in the morning
•convince him to keep his hair a little longer
•make fun of his hat hair and try to sort it out
•make fun of his Ethan tattoo on his foot
•poke his side to make him laugh when he gets too serious
•make him wear sweatpants more often
•tell him to not wear socks and slides
•wow touch his side where the muscley part is and just realize how soft it is
•like have you noticed how soft his skin looks
•hold his lil baby hand
•I would really probably rather hold his arm really
•grab his arm whenever I want like when waiting in line at Starbucks
•watch him struggle to put on and take off a wet suit and not help
•make him sleep instead of edit bc he’s cranky and looks cute in his lil editing robe

Oh my god

So during our wedding and before or after we say our vows to each other Michael is going to have Noah (my son) step forward and he’s going to get down and present a box that will have a bracelet with his last name engraved on a small plate on it. He’s going to say a short “vow” to Noah of how if he agrees he wants to be his daddy legally and sign adoption papers so Noah will have the same last name too.

Then he wants to have a signing party a few months or so later and the day he signs the papers will be a day for them to celebrate together in the future. Kind of like a second birthday but just for him and his dad.

I don’t know how I found and became so blessed with such an amazing man who is willing to parent and raise my child as if he is his own and at the same time his family so accepting and loving of Noah.

I’m so excited to marry my best friend. I’m so excited to have our family “officially” come together.

The future looks bright and I’m walking into it with my arms and heart open.

nightfurywitch  asked:

Consider: Daft Punk Robot Jones AU

Sorry this took awhile.

I probably could have gone to bed and come up with something clever when I was more well-rested, but instead I opted to stay up into the wee hours and came up with an au where Guy-Man takes a liking to Robot Jones and wants to adopt him as his (second) son, but Jones turns him down because he already has a father. And DJ wants to kill him because he’s mad jelly.



Cyd, Porthos, and Julien are housemates and lead a pretty directionless bachelor existence. Cyd works in Skye’s lab and Skye tried to set him up with Penny, but that fizzled. Julien wants to change out his culinary career for journalism but can’t find an opening. They keep buying condoms at the General Store but they can’t get any traction on the girlfriend front, and are really only interested in married women - Trisha Traveller for Julien (Sorry, been there, done that) and for Cyd, a trifecta of Bad Ideas - Jessica Picaso, Faith Goodie, and Mary Hart!

So I had them adopt the Critturs, who I’ve never played with before, and they perk the lot right up.

detailed muse info sheet.
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✖ FINANCIAL – WEALTHY / moderate / poor / in poverty
✖ MEDICAL – fit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged / DECEASED
✖ CLASS OR CASTE – UPPER / middle / working / slave / unsure
✖ EDUCATION – qualified / unqualified / PERPETUALLY STUDYING


✖ MARITAL STATUS – married, happily / married, unhappily / ENGAGED AND DEVOTED TO A FAULT / partnered / single / divorced / widow or widower / separated / it’s complicated
✖ CHILDREN – has a child / NO CHILDREN / wants children / adopted a child
✖ FAMILY – close with sibling(s)  / NOT CLOSE WITH SIBLING(S) / has no sibling(s) / SIBLING IS DECEASED
✖ AFFILIATION – orphaned / adopted / disowned / RAISED BY BOTH PARENTS / other


✖ disorganised / ORGANIZED / in between
✖ close-minded / OPEN-MINDED  / in between
CAUTIOUS / reckless / in between
PATIENT / impatient / in between
✖ outspoken / reserved / IN BETWEEN
LEADER / follower / in between
SYMPATHETIC / unemphatic / in between
OPTIMISTIC / pessimistic / in between
HARDWORKING / lazy / in between
CULTURED / uncultured / in between
LOYAL / disloyal / in between
FAITHFUL / unfaithful / unknown


✖ SEXUALITY – heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / pansexual / DEMISEXUAL (when acquainted to modern times)
✖ SEX – sex repulsed / NEUTRAL / sex favorable
✖ ROMANCE – romance repulsed / romance neutral / ROMANCE FAVORABLE
✖ SEXUALLY – sexually adventurous / sex experienced / NAIVE / inexperienced / CURIOUS / uninterested


✖ COMBAT SKILLS – excellent / good / MODERATE / poor / none
✖ LITERACY SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / NONE
✖ ARTISTIC SKILLS – excellent / GOOD / moderate / poor / none
✖ TECHNICAL SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / NONE

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So a demon is possessing the body of my rogue’s adoptive-brother. She obviously doesn’t want to hurt him, but she doesn’t want him to hurt the rest of the party.

Rogue: Well that leaves one person. I stab myself in the stomach.
Everyone else: WHAT THE FUCK.

The DM laughs a bit, making some rolls as I get yelled at for stabbing myself.
Fighter: “The fuck is that going to accomplish-”
DM: The demon seems frazzled for a moment before rushing over to [rogue’s] side and using a cure spell on her.
Demon: “The fuck was that?! How did you do that?!”
Rogue: “You’re possessing my older brother. Unless you got rid of him completely, I doubt he’s suddenly going to become passive rather than fussing and obsessing over me when I’m injured.”
Demon: “Well-”
Rogue: “Try your luck at killing me. See how that does over in my brother’s body.”
Demon: “Bullshit! I’ll deal with you and your gross sibling love later-”
Rogue: I stab myself again.
DM: *More rolls* He returns and heals you again.
Rogue: “Thanks for the healing.”
Demon: “Quit it, can’t you see I’m trying to kill people!”
Rogue: I stab myself again.

My confused party takes this as permission to attack him, knocking him out pretty quickly while he’s distracted with me.

Fighter: “…what just happened?”
Wizard: “Familial bonding.”

TL;DR: Rogue beats demon possessing her brother by distracting him and tricking him into healing her from brotherly instinct.

(Note: anything in quotations is in character, if not, it’s ooc)


Lycanroc obeys its Trainer’s orders dutifully. In particular, if a Trainer accepted it during its more rebellious pre-Evolution period, Lycanroc will never ever betray that Trainer and will be the most loyal of partners. 

I’ve thought a lot about this bit of info from Lycanroc’s official description. In the real world there are lots of cases of people adopting certain pets for being cute but end up abandoning them because they did not do research or prepare themselves for the responsibilities. I figured in the pokemon verse Rockruff would be one of these cases, frequently abandoned because trainers were not prepared for the rebellious wild phase they went through before evolving

I wanted to do something about a Rockruff rejected and abandoned by his beloved original trainer, but is taken in by another who loves and accepts him and who he therefore remains loyal to

YOI AU where Victor is Yuri’s legal guardian

I love Yuri’s grandfather - but I’ve also recently entertained the idea that Victor is Yuri’s adoptive-parent/guardian. So hear me out:

  • Victor ends up adopting Yuri when he’s a child - I like to think somewhere around the age of 8-10. I don’t want to kill off Yuri’s family so reasons as to why he was adopted is a mystery. VwV
  • They don’t really have the very typical father/son relationship, in fact it’s still similar to what we see in canon but there’s the whole dad aspect where they can throw out stuff like, “Yurochka, be nice to fans!” and “Shut up, old man.” or something like that.
  • Though Yuri’s been into ice skating since ever, so it’s not really Victor’s influence that made him take up the sport. But it does become Yuri’s motivation to follow Victor’s footsteps (but not because he want’s to follow dad’s footsteps or make dad proud - of course not).
  • But then Victor does the most anime dad thing and leaves for Japan after the leaked video. He just leaves a note for Yuri like, “Out to do errands. Love, Dad. PS I took Makkachin with me. There is food in the fridge. Call Yakov if you need anything.” But then since Yuri and Victor are closer in this AU, Yuri figures out where his dad went and goes to Japan.
  • Yuri meets Yuuri and is jealous because dad came running for this pig??? and so like any mature fifteen year old, he acts out on Yuuri. 
  • Basically canon ensues (lol), but it’s Yuri who challenges Yuuri to the Hotspring on Ice. When he loses, he goes back to Russia as a “fuck you, dad” kind of rebel thing.
  • Yuri gets really pissed/jealous of Yuuri and Victor when he sees news of them or of the lives on TV. But it’s mostly because he wants dad to notice him like, “why does Yuuri get lots of hugs? He’s a crap skater.” but he’s also, “pffft– I am my own man, I don’t need hugs.”
  • Then he meets them again and nothing’s really changed. But then he sees people flirting with Yuuri and he’s all, “oh hell no, that’s my dad’s pet project don’t you dare” and chases off everyone because even though he doesn’t like Yuuri, his dad does and so he has to do his part as a son. Because he’s the best son ever (even tho he has a shitty dad).
  • When Victor and Yuuri marry, Yuuri is there as the ring bearer/best mate/idk. Whatever role he gets, he’s really proud and giddy but outside, he’s like, “fine, I’ll do it if you insist, old man”. Though he does tell Yuuri, after the vows are exchanged and the ceremony over and done with, that “I am so not calling you Dad.” And Yuuri’s just, laughing awkwardly because how did he get from 0 to married with fully grown child in less than a year.
  • Yuri then goes back and forth Russia and Japan because training and parents (he doesn’t admit he likes visiting his parents and soaking in the hot springs).
  • When he unknown length of time later starts dating Otabek - and Otabek visits him in Russia - Victor calls him freaking out because why are you on a date, you are still a fetus. While Yuuri’s trying to calm him down and manages to grab the phone and talks to Yuri like, “I’ll deal with Victor, don’t worry about it. Did you have fun on your date?” - Yuri doesn’t share yet because he doesn’t trust Yuuri. Never will.
  • Victor flies to Russia to interrogate Otabek, but Yuuri warns Yuri ahead of time and so they get to prepare themselves. It’s only then that Yuri starts to openly trust Yuuri because now that he’s in this relationship thing and his dad’s annoying af, Yuuri is there to whisk Victor to some carnal paradise or something so he can enjoy his date.

IDK. I had a lot of ideas for this but this is what came out as I typed. OTL I wanted Yuri and Victor to move to Japan. Against Yuri’s wishes and fifteen year old rebel child intensifies. Then Otabek happens and protective!Dad Victor just explodes like - “He is my son, don’t touch him”. Yuuri is a shipper though, but a shipper for Yuri and happiness (he also realizes this must be how Phichit felt and gets advice from Phichit who also ships Yuri/Otabek).