and i want this outfit

i set myself up to fail like i wanted to stay away for all of reading week i truly did but then thoughts kept building up lmao i needed a release. 

i felt shitty when i made that post. really in a stagnant static place. ive realized in the most “””prEtenTiouS”””””  way that i use this R log as an outlet for dealing with personal gender issues, my relationship with sex, making up for my inability to communicate irl,and overall a creative writing outlet… 

I went into this based solely on my genuine love for that puke scene in season 2 i just wanted the user name “ramimalekspuke” to log outfits rami wore and his thoughts on acting etc but then I got deeper into this fandom(which i’ve never been actively a part of a fandom before out of shame and embarrassment) and “met” some hilarious absurd ppl who all share the same sense of humour which is fascinating because was the humor already there in the fandom so we all grew accustomed to and just followed a long or is this humour already in us and we just all grouped together based on this?(wow im a deep b*tch) anyways idk really haha im just happy to be apart of this community even though im a genuine loner and being apart of what is seen as “celebrity worship because one has no friends” is what makes me embarrassed abt these types of communities but i called bullshit on that long ago through Ramidom lmao and the great ppl that are apart of it like god we are all just trying to get by and hve a chuckle call my ass cliche because i am but u know its true


Iris, through a megaphone: “Hellooooo contestants! Please, dress in your best athletic wear and come out to the backyard. The first challenge is going to begin shortly!”

Mint: “Oh, this is so exciting!”

Auburn: “I know! Oh, I hope this outfit will do. I want to make a good impression.”

Mint: “I’m sure it’s fine! It’s adorable!”

smolchildyork  asked:

How would your Lee dress in modern times? I was organally gonna cosplay revolution Lee but I really wanna cosplay Your Lee now I'd that okay. ^.^;

ohh my gosh i’m honored you’d want to cosplay my lee! honestly his outfits are,, pretty boring, dude just looks like a broke college student 24/7 lmao [jefferson voice] dresses like the pits of fashion


Is it too obvious I’m not wearing a bra? Not every day I have the chance to put a cute outfit together but I don’t want to lose the naughty side in me.


In honer of the second generation of Pokemons, I’m making my Pokemon go outfit.. I wanted to make this for me… but I still ended up making for Cerise

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams