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BPR queue coming

I created the founders for my berry pastel rainbowcy back in August because I wanted to try this challenge, and I finally have a comfortable amount of screenshots to post (I didn’t want to do it gradually, because I wanted to find out if I’m attached to the legacy enough to post and continue it and not abandon like some of my other saves. Turns out I am). 

As my queue usually contains 15 posts a day and I have over 100 posts in my drafts, for the next week (starting tomorrow) my new berry legacy will be running on my blog! I had a lot of fun playing it and I like the outcome, so stay tuned. :)

Also, I know it’s my own business and stuff, but that’s how tumblr works – sometimes I feel bad for not being physically active enough, especially when I get appreciation in return. You should know that even if I don’t put a heart on your posts or catch up with them in this way, I usually still see and enjoy them! Lately I’m more busy than ever, so I can’t be on tumblr 24/7 but I’ll check from time to time and my queue will still be running.

12 Years - Sirius Black x Reader

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Request: Hi, can I request a sirius x reader where the reader james’ sister is and Sirius und her are together and in the end both get put in azkaban. And when they escaped everyone is so shocked. Especially bc 1) harry didn’t know he had an aunt b) she looks like the female version of James. I don’t really know how you wanna write it and I probably explained it really bad. Thank you if you try writing something :)

By: Anon

A/N: You explained it just fine, I understood what you wanted, however I don’t think I wrote this super well. I wanted to put out something for you, but I didn’t exactly know how to do it, but it’s here and it done and this was the first one I wrote. It should have been posted first, but my Queue ate it. I found it again today when I was running through my drafts. ANYWAY, here it is. I hope that it doesn’t suck too bad.

Words: 1469

Warnings: Minor descriptions of death.

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Let me just explain something real quick.

I haven’t posted any art in like two weeks.

This bums me out.

I’m working on stuff all the time - particularly commissions.

But I’m sort of in a bad place at the moment.

I don’t want to talk about it - though it’s sweet of you to offer.

I’m sorry if any commissions are taking a while at the moment - I’m not the art producing machine I used to be.

I am doing it I promise. I have hundreds of drafts sitting in my art folders. I’m getting there. It’s just slow going at the moment.

Sorry again - be patient with me. I’m a delicate bean.

Em x

anonymous asked:

i have my first adv english exam that counts towards the HSC next week. the area of study is Discovery and my teacher slammed my first draft. i just can't seem to write 'creatively' for school. do you happen to have any sort of tips/advice that could help me with writing up another draft? other than all the generic "show don't tell" "don't be cliche" etc.

Writing creatives was probably my least favourite thing for English, for both Adv and Ext. My advice to come up with a draft is to:
- go through the rubric. pick out the specific parts that you want to emulate in your story e.g. discovery is confronting, cultural discoveries, leads to new worlds etc.
- minimise your characters. it’s only gonna be anything from 700-1200 words which is not enough time to have a lot of characters. my creative only had 2, not saying this is most optimal, but just my take on it. Even just one character can be good, but you might get a curveball (like my trials) which was about ‘write about how someone else’s story enhances another’s discovery’, which works best for 2 characters. having 1-2 characters also gives you room to develop the characters more, which is what you want with an AOS creative.
- minimise dialogue. this might be an unpopular opinion, but markers dig description- you can even use the landscape to reflect your character’s mood (objective correlative). too much dialogue is hard to follow and doesn’t really flesh out what your characters’ introspection. I think about 7 lines of dialogue throughout my entire story (and I thought that was a lot already). If you use dialogue, make sure it’s actually meaningful. 
- get a setting you’re familiar with. you have one week and it’s a bit difficult to write a really good story whilst balancing the rest of your subjects. write about a common setting (and I don’t mean school and teen drama, unless you write effectively), but places you already know. of course if you research well (and i mean well), by all means, write a historical/culturally different narrative, that could really go in your favour. I wrote an australian roadtrip setting for my story. having knowledge of what a setting is already like gives it a sense of authenticity.

and most importantly,

- actually write about discovery. this sounds super obvious and stupid, but I look back at my term 4 yr 11 discovery and it was a story that had discovery in it but it wasn’t focused on discovery. the tip with discovery creatives: it’s not good because you put a discovery in it (like: wow!!! i discovered a ______!!!). it’s only good when you write about what the character learns from discovery and the ramifications it has on their perspective. I can’t even stress enough that this takes you from a basic mark to a good one. Discovery is a process, not a singular event. Write about what the character gains/loses from it. Looking at the rubric helps you a lot with this. It’s your best friend.

Good luck for your exam!!

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I'm hashing out a House Courier for an AU, a pre-war ghoul named Beth who was drafted into the war and now puts those military skills to use working as a merc. As far as it concerns her, the war in the Mojave isn't her business unless she's being paid for it to be, and House is her employer.

YO i want to meet her already!! i love ghoul ocs

my house courier kiwi is the only child of a brahmin baron but absolutely could not care less about that shit. they want no responsibilities; just the shiny never ending new vegas nightlife. they sided with house only because siding with him would get them the lifestyle that they want


Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms


Look, Kimmy, I know you took a test or whatever, but you don’t have to be a crossing guard. You could be a unicorn, if you want.

What your favorite YGO series says about you
  • DM: Either you've only watched this series or Atem and Yugi are your babes. Seto Kaiba is NOT a meme. You're most likely confused by many of the new dueling mechanics.
  • GX: Just like Judai you were a happy child but now you're bitter and/or done with everything. You most likely hate yaoi fan girls with a passion. Greatly appreciates the Ojamas.
  • 5ds: You probably have a dragon kink. You have an entire plan made out if the apocalypse happens. Jack Atlas IS a meme.
  • Zexal: 85% chance that you're gay. You would fight the moon given the chance. Will protect Astral with your life.
  • Arc-V: A slut for angst with happy ending. You were fine with how the series ended. Can relate to Yuri's faces.
  • Vrains: Nothing is real. Is a slut for secret identities. Liked the initial start of Sword Art Online but got quickly disappointed.

Voltron gimme an episode where the Paladins are learning the basics with Voltron.

Gang: So you want us to shoot something or do any tactical flying?

Coran: Oh just simple stuff. I want you to walk 5 paces forward.

Gang: Pfft that’s easy

1st attempt: Tries to take step, leaps 1000 meters into the air.

Gang: Ok this is a little harder than we expected.

2nd attempt: Putting in more effort, slowly as possible takes step. Voltron trips over.

Keith: GDI Lance!


This lasts for hours and it progresses to like how Bambi walked for the first time.

Coran: Alright let’s try something else now. Next i want you to pick up this rock gently without breaking it.

Keith/Pidge: We got this.

First dozen attempts: Crushes rock into dust.





58 broken rocks later.

Coran: Hmmm we should switch to something else before the rocky terrain here no longer exists. Ok… I want you to pick me up 


Coran: It’s alright, I trust you all!


They pick him up gently like a baby bird. Everyone’s happy and they go back to the ship to have space hot cocoa. 

ok so we’ve seen how slytherin traits so easily can lend themselves to evil, and we’ve also seen how your house doesn’t guarantee anything (peter pettigrew wasn’t brave in the end)

but what would be really cool to see is how the other houses actually lend themselves to evil too

so what I mean is like, imagine a hufflepuff supporter of Voldemort. They’re a hufflepuff, so they’re super loyal…to Voldemort. They’ll do anything for him: die for him, kill for him, anything he wants because they’ll never ever betray him. Imagine Hufflepuffs who have lost loved ones because of crimes from muggles, and being so ‘loyal’ to the memory of their loved one, so obsessed, they desire justice (another hufflepuff trait). Voldemort provides them that

Ravenclaw death eaters who are masterminds of battle strategy. Ravenclaw death eaters who plan their next move. Ravenclaw death eaters who know exactly which spell will cause the most pain to a muggle, or any of their enemies. Ravenclaws who have done the calculations, and realised, ‘logically’ it makes perfect sense for the wizards to rule. Ravenclaws who think from a ‘practical’ standpoint and think it makes no sense that wizards should be hiding, when it’s only efficient that they’re in charge

Gryffindor death eaters who will do anything for their cause. Gryffindor death eaters who are brave, but their bravery manifests itself in suicidal missions to hurt as many people as possible. Gryffindors who try and prove themselves by becoming death eaters, Gryffindors who think they’re brave enough to fight next to the Dark Lord himself. Gryffindors who feel so passionate about Voldemort’s cause. Gryffindors who feel stifled by muggles, who feel that wizards deserve to be able to do what they want 

Like, I just think that all the houses have traits that could so easily manifest themselves in dark forms. I mean, that’s just human. And I think it would have been really, really cool if that had been explored more

cold hard facts to prove that none of ur faves are straight

harry “basically-every-male-in-this-series-told from-my-pov–is-handsome” potter

- every male in this series is handsome as told from his pov
- (he’s also not white but that’s for another post xox)

ginny weasley
- aggressively bi
loves girls.
- and loves boys 
- that’s it
- it’s just a fact.
- the statement itself is my evidence.

ron weasley
bi crisis over krum

dean and seamus
i was gonna do these as different points but they’re so in love and obsessed with each other i can’t even separate them for this
- are in love.

sirius black
probably just a little bit in love with every single one of his friends
- but most of all lupin

remus lupin
probably just a lot in love with sirius
- no better metaphor for bisexuals than a werewolf

draco malfoy
- no one has ever been more obsessed with another human that draco with harry some of that HAD to be a little gay just sayin…

bill weasley
if u shorten his name it’s literally bi
- ??
- can’t get more obvious than that my friends
- also the werewolf thing

cedric diggory
- not a bad place for a bath harry wink wink
- white male that dies…what other reason than bury ur gays
- ???
- so gay it hurts

albus potter
- cc is complete bullshit and i will fight anyone that says otherwise but at least it’s basically totally canon that albus and scorpius are GAY AF

scorpius malfoy
- see above. 


Happy 35th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! (〃^∇^)ノ | August 13th, 1982

❝I came here from Romania when I was 12 years old. I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?‘❞