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I’d really like to make more of these patches for you guys, possibly even have them available at ATLANTALE but Im not even sure if anyone out there aside from me enjoys them. So this is a test sale to see if there is even a public interest in such a thing… 

The fabric patches are machine washable, wear quite well and in my opinion look pretty bad ass in the style of classic grudge punk band patches. Attachable by safety pin to just about anything, or if you choose sew them on for a more permanent accessory!

Each patch is 100% hand made by me, From cutting the stencil, painting, to machine stitching along the outside edges- meaning each one is one of a kind and no two look quite alike.

☆I have 5 of each patch available. 


  • The Swapfell Sans is roughly 5′ at the widest point
  • the Underfell Papyrus patch is roughly 6′x6′
  • The Undertale Bros is 4.5′x7′

12$USD For one, 2 for 22$USD or all 3 for 30$USD!




★Shipping world wide!

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"I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. " Oak xreader please. 😁

You wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding in your chest and your breathing fast.

Only seconds after waking up, the details of the dream have already faded from your memory, leaving you with only the left over feeling of dread and fear, settled in your stomach.

Beside you, your boyfriend Oak, turns over, looking up at you with only one eye open.

“Y/N? You okay?”

His voice is soft, gravelly still from sleep as he rubs his eyes, squinting in the darkly lit room so he can see you.

“What? Oh um, sure. I’m fine.” You mumble, running a hand over your hair.

“No you aren’t. Come ‘ere,” carefully, one of his large hands moves to settle on your stomach, pulling you gently towards him.

You let him move you until you’re back on your side, head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped tightly around you.

“I don’t… don’t wanna lose you,” you mumble into him, lips grazing against his solid chest.

You aren’t really sure where the words come from, probably the left over fear from whatever it was that haunted your dream.

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers.

He kisses your forehead, his large strong hands gently rubbing your back as his arms tighten slightly around you.

“You promise?”

“I promise baby.”

With his thick, muscled arms holding you tight against his body, practically shielding you from the world, you feel safe. Safer than anywhere else in the world.

Okay everyone… i need serious advice. The vocalist of a small uk band messaged my sister on instagram wanting to meet her and have a beer with her. I asked my sister if he knows she’s 15 and apparently he does. I told her to say no because he’s probably a p.edo not to mention supplying minors with alcohol is illegal but she’s like nooo there’s no way he’s like that. It seems like i won’t be able to convince her to say no and i know she’d freak out if i messaged him because i’d embarrass her or i’d ruin her chances of meeting him (which is my goal) so i don’t know what to do

Just wanted to say that I blame both man hell and Maggie (or at least the use that was made of these two characters) for the mess that has been Kara and Alex relationship for the largest part of S2. Producers and writers clearly favored Sanvers at the expense of Danvers sisters, just like they favored karamiel at the expense of Danvers sisters, and they shouldn’t have done that. Sacrificing the central relationship of the show for the sake of the f/f relationship was a bad move. The cw might be involved too though, because after Lexa’s mess, they might be trying to win back the queer audience. Anyway, I am well aware that not only man hell, but also Maggie, got in the way of Kara and Alex relationship, and it’s a shame. And I do not support the proposal, it was rushed and inappropriate imo.

Hi. You know what’s not fun? Seeing people repost things that I have made and not give credit. It’s easy to reblog a post, why do you have to copy my stuff and post it yourself? Please stop.

If anybody sees people doing this, please kindly ask them to stop and/or give proper credit.

Okay so I feel I need to say this after taking a gander at some of my new followers, and hopefully this will be the last time I need to;

I have absolutely no time or patience for TERFs in any way, shape or form. I will never agree with your beliefs, I will never respect your opinions. If your feminism does not include trans folks, that is not feminism to me.  

I hope you one day grow out of those thoughts and discover a more inclusive way of thinking, but until that time comes, I don’t want to be a part of whatever you got going on. 

Can I just speak for a while

For those of you who are harassing Ishida for the recent manga chapter.


Take a moment.

And think.

Where does Ishida live?


Not America.


Has Japan legalized/normalized homosexuality?


With that being said who is Ishida’s demographic?

Male Teens/Young Adults in Japan

Although yes he does have a other fans who do not fit this demographic, they still read it, and he still creates it. As someone who inspires to be a comic book artist, this is a perfect example of shipping going too far. It’s sad that people who overly fantasize about a ship are stuck I’m between their desired ships and the canon ones.

Fanfiction and fanart are online FOR A REASON!!!

So we, a fandom, can have the the happy endings we want, while still enjoying the work. For crying out loud, what happened to having AUs and chats about our favorite ships? Did we forget that, or are we so dense that we would rather tell the creators to kill himself rather than let him create content he enjoys? Like Mashima said, WE CANT PLEASE EVERYONE! That goes for Ishida, and all of you. Only those who truly appreciate us, will accept us. So if you truly appreciate the content Ishida has given to us, then you would continue to read his manga.

If you’re the kind who throws a tantrum because you’re a spoiled fudashi who always got what you wanted…

You were never a fan in the first place.

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what about altean body marks or tattoos? i think that might be a neat idea, especially since it seems as though they already have the marks on their face, why not the rest of the body?

i used this as an excuse to doodle allura in a crop top i’m sorry

Also in regards to Coran, i’m thinkin he might have a tattoo hidden somewhere that he doesn’t want anyone to see. Not that it’s bad it’s just he got it when he was a teenager and it’s embarrassing. Either that or he has a massive one on his back that he thinks is super cool and tough.