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Okay, first of all. HOW? WHY? WHAT?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 22K FOLLOWERS. That’s nuts! I don’t think I deserve any of this. I have only been here for almost 3 years and you guys are being so nice! Thank you for reblogging, liking or just following my blog. It means so much to me!

Also, thank you for accepting me into the markiplier community, jse community and crankgameplays community. I am really having fun with you guys and I hope my blog keeps you happy or maybe cheered you up! All I want to do is to give you joy into your lives. Thank you for also motivating me to make gifs, edits, etc because I love doing them so much!

So here’s a FOLLOW FOREVER (I’m sorry if I missed any of you, i love you all a lot ♥)

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(I really hope this works, its just showing me the title of my image but idk maybe that’s normal? Ive never  submitted anything before so :/)

I wanted to thank you for your unbelievable dedication to all your blogs, because, honestly, how do you have the time for all this? You have all these unbelievably well planned out concepts and storylines and all of you art just seems to ooze love and joy for what you do, and you put so much work into this. Like, someone sends you an ask about a funny thought they had and within five days it’s not only a meme but a whole comic and the best thing that has happened to most of us all year. And it’s honestly unreal how much you interact with us, your followers and fans. It feels like we’re all one big family, even if many of us don’t know each other, because we all interact with you, and you’re like that red silken string that ties all of us together. And whatever you do, it’s awesome. How do you do that?! Like, you tell us you’re gonna take a break and basically tell us you’re gonna go shitpost and it turns out what you consider ‘shitposting’ is the mutant AU none of us knew we needed in our lives. And, speaking of shitposting, your shitpost hours with the gang? Do you know how much I love those??? And you know, I noticed that all of the people who got their zines got a Legmon (Legfam saved my life™ through unbelievable wholesomeness, which is also the reason why I’m sending you this here and not on ask-kimdaily) thank-you card, and I thought if there ever was someone who deserved a thank-you, it’s you. So I borrowed a graphics tablet and drew you something. I know it’s not the prettiest (I downloaded the first free digital art program I came across, and it turns out the free version of Mischief doesn’t let you do layers) but I think the thought comes across well enough. I’d like to hug you in person, but alas, interscreenar travel is not invented yet, so Legmon will have to do it for me. 

Admin: OMG I JUST SAW THIS AND IM CRYING ACTUAL REAL TEARS THIS IS SO SWEET???? I’m so so so thankful you took time to write all of this you don’t even know how much it means to me. I was feeling a bit down ‘cause of life these past few days but this just made my entire week :’-(((((( It’s so rewarding to know that my work has brought such a loving community together. Like no joke, all of you are literally the nicest and sweetest and I couldn’t be any luckier to have found such an amazing group of people to share my art with. I’ll work even harder in the future to create a space that gives you guys as much positive experience you guys can have. Making people happy with my art truly really is one of the greatest joys of my life and you guys never fail to let me know. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Anyway, I LOVE THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY AND I WILL FRAME AND PRINT IT AND STARE AT IT FOREVER thank you so much ily and all of u guys :’-(((( 💖💖💘💖💘💗

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Hey~! Could I request Class 1-A seeing spying Bakugou on a date with his Gf? That do that because he never told them about her and they wonder how he in a relationship!! BTW!! Your blog is sooo great! It make my day!

awwww this is a cute request and thank you!! you made my day!

bakugou katsuki

Originally posted by seieiryu

“Everyone!! Shh! They’re coming!” Hagakure whispered. The entire class had noticed that Bakugou was not so angry anymore and they wanted to get to the bottom of it. Out of Mina’s suggestion, everyone had dressed up in disguises and followed Bakugou through his day after school. They saw him walk in a park alone, which shook most of the guys. They watched as he bought some flowers, the girls were shocked from this one. But then, they all witnessed something not many of them have seen, Bakugou smiling. And not that sadistic, during-a-fight smile but one that was more natural. A smile that showed he was happy. And almost everyone wondered why he was smiling like that.

“Wait… who is that?” Kaminari asked as a girl came out, wearing an almost identical smile

to Bakugou. Everyone watched in anticipation as Bakugou handed the girl flowers, a blush evident on his cheeks.

“He has a girlfriend?” Uraraka asked as everyone shushed her. Bakugou then leant forward, giving the girl a kiss and almost everyone erupted. They ran over shouting and Bakugou felt his anger begin to bubble up.

I try looking through all my old photos of us,

To see if you just look bored in any of them;

To see if you were just bored the whole time–

Without me noticing.

I want to reach my fingers into each picture and pull you out and ask you:

“Were you always just…putting up with me?”

But my hands only smudge grease across their glossy surfaces,

And I leave, the memories remaining undisturbed.

Dedicated to @ffxv-positivity-blog | @eternallydaydreaming2015

I think you’re amazing and great for what you do ❤
I’m so grateful that you started this blog as people have been needing it. This is also so useful for many of us who have social anxiety. Your blog is a safe place for us who want to send our love to the people we admire via a third party.

You’re wonderful! Keep being awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤

And if anyone ever tries to discourage you from what you do I will fight them (◕‿◕✿)

✁ blog rates  ‘”

    yALL i’m like??? 5 away from m y next hundred and i want to hit™ it™ so !!!! gonna do brs because i havent done them in a p long time tbh ( i’m going to close them like pretty quickly so pls check my blog before u send in an ask!! since its getting late

to enter :

- reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow your local storm hoe

- send me an ask and tell me !! what are your favourite foods from your culture!! explain what it is  / how u make it / why u like it to make me hungry as fuck and crave food at midnight

- send a ♤ for a normal blog rate

- send a ♡ for a fandom / aesthetic blog rate ( please specify! )

- you can PICK 2; ( if u pick one tho, i’ll do them much quicker

- pLEASE Check my latest posts to see if this has closed!! before sending in an ask plsss

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My Best Friends’ Summer TBR

I have a pretty great group of best friends who all love to read and their TBR lists are extensive–for this post, I’m going to do three books per person. They are all fellow bloggers on here and some of you might follow them (or might want to follow them). We also each have given each other nicknames from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I will refer to my friends by their nicknames.

This is going to be a semi-long post.

This list is also for those of you who have been wondering what they should read during these next few hot (or cold) months. If you have any recommendations that you think my friends will like, then let me know! I will also include my three-book summer TBR at the end of this post!

Happy reading!

Blue (@yasminereads​)

Goodreads Links:

Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Once and for All by Sarah Dessen

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Noah ( @ducttapebecky​ )

Goodreads Links: 

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

Lynch ( @kelseybhatia )

Goodreads Links: 

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff  

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Parrish ( @stephshalyn )

Goodreads Links: 

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (a re-read. She calls it a crutch)

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas 

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer 

Gansey (Me) 

Goodreads Links:

Want by Cindy Pon

Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel

This was a fun way of seeing what my friends want to read and how we all relate. There’s a lot of V.E. Schwab because she’s awesome. 

I hope this helps anyone looking for summer reads!

Happy reading!

i want woody roundup to come into my house and hit me over the head with a boot, killing me instantly, and take over my blog so i can join them


Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ ☀️✨

Since today was hot as hell such a beautiful day, I called up my cousins, Kaijah and Kaila, and asked them if they wanted to go rollerskating like we used to do when we were kids. I basically had to force they asses to come along but they cracked after my 500th time asking 😂 When we got to the park, it was just like old times – Kaila and I taking off and doing tricks while Kaijah tries not to bust her ass not too far behind 💀 Kaila got a little out of hand and ended up scraping her damn knee 🙄 but she took it like a champ 😎 She didn’t feel like skating much after that embarrassing ass fall tho 💀💀

Enough about me, how’s everyone doing today?

Hello my lovely people! It’s yui here! 

Firstly, I never even expected myself to gain followers on this blog at all, just 2.5 months in, and I reached 1000+, thank you all for following me! 💗 Also, I just want to thank you all for appreciating my content aka my gifs+translations, and apologies for the shitty quality lmao.

Even though the show has ended, I hope that you will all continue to support the boys! In addition, I will continue to update about park woojin during his activities with wanna one, and later with the debut with the brand new boys @rhymer pls make this happen after wanna one ily rhymer

Anyways, throughout the months on this sideblog, I’ve met a lot of amazing people here, oh and a lot of amazing blogs too! Go follow them for more broduce/wanna one on your dash! 

** imma just be listing all my favourite blogs here, since my mutual checker is… really shit. plus a lot of you have wanna one blogs as a sideblog hehe. if we’re mutuals and I’ve left you out please send me a message, I follow from @paradiseyuta btw! 

👑 - buds
✨ - faves 

@im-youngmin + @jeongsewoons 👑✨ / @minsbugi 👑✨ / @hitoritabi 👑✨/ @ong-seungwoo 👑✨ / @minhyunnns 👑✨ / @brandnewwoojin 👑✨ / @godsewoon ✨/ @godkangdaniel ✨/ @forwoojin ✨/ @swoojin✨/ 
@godkenta ✨/ @extraongdinary ✨/ @daewi ✨/ @cherry-youngmin ✨/ @brodueces101 ✨/ @peachgodkangdaniel ✨/ @geonhee ✨/
@god-kangdaniel ✨/ @seonnho ✨/ @donghans ✨ / @jinguos
@kangdanielprotectionsquad ✨ / @deer-jinyoung ✨/
@incorrectbroducequotes ✨ / @dayhwee ✨ / @kimdcnghyun ✨ / @kngdaniel ✨ / @misswannaone ✨ / @sewooned ✨ / @daehwi-protection-squad ✨ / @dayhwee ✨

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do you do shout outs for other b99 blogs?? :)))

Hello!! I’m not sure if you’re asking IF I do shoutouts or if you actually want me to do it???

So I’m just gonna do it and share some of my must follow blogs (must follow because they have top quality posts and I love seeing them on my dash)

note: I talked to most of these people and I can 10/10 confirm they are really amazing

note 2: I know I probably forgot someone and im sorry

Anyway here’s the list


(I may do an actual shoutout of ALL the blogs I love now that my exams are over and I have more time)

Moving NSFW Fics

After much debate, I’ve decided to move all of my nsfw fics from my nsfw sideblog, @alletsiva, to this blog, @avistella, instead and to post any future nsfw fics to this blog only.

Initially, I wanted to keep my nsfw content separate, but in the end, I decided that I want to keep all of my fics I’ve written in just one blog for easier navigation and organization. Nsfw fics will always be tagged as “R: Explicit” so you can blacklist it if you so wish. Imagines will be titled with “(NSFW)

In terms of nsfw drawings, I will continue to solely keep them on my sideblog. It’s just fics I wish to move over.

That being said, I will soon start deleting my nsfw fics from my sideblog and then reupload them here instead for the next few days/weeks. I ask for your patience as I work through this move, thank you.

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Us: hey ace content is getting flagged too; them: YOU DEMONS GOTTA MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IT'S ONLY BC YOURE TAGGING IT AS LGBT WHEN YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO NOT WANTING TO FUCK ISNT THE SAME AS US (I run an ace blog and I don't tag anything as LGBT and my stuff is still getting blocked :/ TF wrong with them)



–Mod Mercy


Keep going on, anon. I have all the time in world to make screens of your despicable behavior and show the whole fandom your true colours. It doesn’t matter if you hide behind anon or not, I still love to display your incredible nastiness so that everyone can see and judge for themselves… ;)

For whoever reads this: keep in mind that none of my friends ever did anything to attract this individual, they never go in other blogs to stir the pot and usually mind their own business. Unless provoked. So uhm, yes, this human waste clearly has some self esteem problems and need to make up for them somehow, am I right? Attention seeking maybe? That’s what I’ll give you my friend! Xoxo

PS. For everyone who’s going to comment: try to avoid insults or swear words or else tumblr will prevent people from seeing the post in the respective tags. It’s a policy against triggering words or something. I want this to reach as many people as possible.
Yoo friends

Y’all still seeing my posts?

EDIT it seems to have blocked a lot of Miracles -.- just sent like 20 review requests, maybe if we keep spamming them with those they notice how much crap they did this time xD like, honestly? I mean, I get that they’re not safe for work because the cuteness might make you cry which isn’t suitable for work, but I’m quite sure that’s not what is meant…

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the thing is u can only turn it off if ur over 18

it’s showing up as being able to be disabled in my settings?? i dont know but this is all so fucking stupid lol :^) i get wanting to protect minors and people who dont wanna see porn or gore from porn and gore but LET. PEOPLE. FUCKING. CHOOSE. if a 16 yr old wants 2 crank it, let them crank it! if a 14 yr old has a trauma blog & wants to rb gore, let them rb gore! IF ANY FUCKING AGE HAS AN LGBT BLOG AND WANTS TO REBLOG LGBT CONTENT, LET THEM REBLOG LGBT CONTENT. what if someone underage needs sexual education because they wanna get jiggy wit it and cant get it anywhere else? tumblr is one of the best fucking sites to get it from and it has so much information in so many masterposts and people cant look at it.

tumblr gives me ads all the time about AIDS and HIV prevention, and it pulls this shit? i dont fucking think so.

500 follower musical art giveaway!

wow we got here much faster than I thought
both Evan and Connor send their love to every one of you–you’re all amazing!

anyway: art giveaway! also @ the asks piling up: i swear i’m working on them, i’ve got a major project to finish up this week, then stuff’ll start getting answered much faster

- you gotta be following at least this blog, but hey if u wanna follow my main @undead-murphy that’s chill too <3 
- reblog this post! likes won’t work
- that’s it :)


-i’ll draw from any musical/broadway show you want!

-i can do ships, favorite characters, pretty much anything

-i’ll only draw mild nsfw

-on that note, i do have the right to turn down your request if i’m not okay drawing it (no furries/ocs, and nothing like incest or rape)

-it doesn’t have to be a super popular musical–it can be anything! (looking at u, jasper in deadland fans)

i’ll be picking three winners through a random number generator (so its fair!!) on July 7th, 2017–so start reblogging! :)

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Dating shoutout thingie?? I'm an 18 year old gal that's like 90% gay. I'm literally a lover of all aesthetics and art. Writing, traveling and blogging are kinda my get up. I'm really looking for a girlfriend and I'm hoping someone that uses proper grammar and punctuation (a big ol pet peeve of mine,) can come along. I don't understand distance buuuut I'm on the East Coast of the U.S. & wanting to move to England if that matters to you! Like this & I'll message you! ✨

Comment : ) if you wanna date them (i have people that like every post of mine)