and i want the photoshoot

i wish we got more stuff like this with j2m together. i enjoy their dynamic a lot. give us panels, give us interviews, give us livestreams, give us photoshoots. i want to see them goofing around with each other and bantering and just genuinely enjoying each others’ company.

anonymous asked:

Hello ! I was watching the part where jungkookie said to jimin he wants him (I want you x3) during their photoshoot, and there is something I still don't get is when he said "the sound isn't good", why he said that? Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I feel there is something I don't get, maybe it's not related at all but wanted to be sure.

Hi! Jimin meant more like, ‘you shouldn’t say that cause that sounds inappropriate cause it’s sexual and you’re saying it to a guy’. So basically Jimin confirmed what Jungkook said was 1) meant for Jimin and 2) meant in a sexual connotation ^.^