and i want that back story

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How did you meet Ms Scripty? Please tell me it was very gay and adorable!

It was extremely gay and adorable. 

We met writing fanfic. 

It was a torrid affair: I wrote, she commented, I commented back. I came home from school every day waiting to see if she’d left more reviews. 

Then came the first contact: “Can you help me write this character better?” 

Then: “Do you want to write a story together?” 

And it worked, or it didn’t, but we got to know each other as people and fell in love: by email, by telephone, by this passion we found in each other. 

About 18 months later she moved all the way clear across the country to be with me. Thousands of miles in a pickup truck, getting chased by bison and wildfires and dogs, seeing a beautiful desert for the first time, the wind blowing so hard I thought there was lightning in the tent from the sparks as the rain fly slapped a gainst the tent itself. 

We were married in a park, her in a shirt and pants, me in a dress, and I couldn’t be happier. 

If you’re reading this, Mrs Scripty, I love the hell out of you. 


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This is more of a silly story. Our new work cycle started and the resets I got assigned include a four foot of condoms, pregnancy tests, and genital cleaning supplies. People I regularly see did not want to interact with me while I was working. This guy I always talk to just kind of said hi and trailed off and looked away. And never said anything else when he came back to the floor. I get it, but condoms and the rest of the things are normal. No need to feel embarrassed to see me near them.

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Hi Sarah! I'm the waxer anon! I just wanted to say that the lady came back in today and she was telling me that Harry sent her a birthday text and she was surprised he even remembered! How sweet! This is a super random story but I love when I hear little stories about Harry lol

Omg Sarah I’m legit freakin out and it’s gonna sound so stupid but I’m a waxer and this lady came in for a Brazilian and omg she works for musicians and she’s worked with 1d and solo Niall and Harry and we were both gushing at how wonderful Harry is (and Niall too lol) but she basically told me that he’s the sweetest and most genuine person she’s ever met and that he’s such a rockstar and then she was so super sweet and asked me if I wanted tickets for his concert - and I about cried but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make the dates & travel and all that but THEN she pulled out her phone and sent Harry a text saying “btw I’m getting my bits waxed and my waxer, Alex loves you and says hi!” And I still can’t believe something like this just happened. I feel like I’m in a fucking dream omg and her name was Gemma and she was the awesome and she says her next gig is gonna be with Niall wtf just happened??? -oh! Also, (sorry for the time gap but I didn’t want to be driving and typing lol) she told me that Harry would buy everyone gifts! Like candles and stuff and her legit quote was “ya know you just see someone and you know there gonna be big? That’s Harry! He has it all really, He’s Handsome, kind, talented and so charming! I only get to work a few shows from his tour but he’s gonna be amazing” And I just asdfghjkl fucking swooned! And then we freaked out about him singing with Stevie Nicks

So sorry for not posting your original messages in a timely fashion, but if they’re not RIGHT in front of my face, I tend to forget about them until I meander through my ask again. 

But that’s really sweet. I’m sure she’ll remember you forever! It’s lovely that Harry remembered her birthday, too. What a gent.

my short Wonder Woman review

I’m just so fuckin hyped from Wonder Woman I can’t write something coherent and objective idk how critics can separate emotion and logical thought after just one viewing.

But anywho Wonder Woman was not perfect but it’s still one of the best superhero movies to date, DC or Marvel. It had its flaws but they were so minuscule that they didn’t affect my viewing experience.

The tones were well-balanced and not shifting constantly at a breakneck pace (cough MARVEL coughcough!!), the action was epic, the acting was good, the story was good.

But beyond those those things, I just want to stress how important this movie is. Not just for comic book fans but for everyone. This movie takes place in a different time than ours but reflects the issues that existed back then and unfortunately still persist today. Those issues being the intense hate, anger and ignorance in the global climate.

This movie is about love, and it’s is such a wonderful relief to watch and be assured us that love always finds away to saves us from those terrible things.

So please go watch Wonder Woman and experience the wonder and delight!

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wOWOWOWw wait is Seventh Heaven Welcome To The Badlands im sorry i was off tumblr for a few days :) im just very confused aLOT happend with your blog lol nice new theme colors btw

Welcome back to tumblr heh! No, no The Badlands isn’t Seventh Heaven 😊 Sorry if it confused you! Yesterday I decided that I really, really wanted to start up a post-apocalyptic story, and after a ton of encouragment from you guys I did! They’re two entirely different stories, (although they are set in the same year, which isn’t helpful, but they’re entirely different universes!) but I know it’s probably confusing because Seventh Heaven was the story I originally wanted to write next. 

I’ve got a new stories page going up later today (to replace my old boring one) that will hopefully clear up any confusion anyone has! It has each story along with a little description! Aaaaaaaaand aww thank you! I’m glad you like the new color scheme!! 💖

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I've been on Tumblr for quite a while now, and it was so boring until I found your account! You're definitely a great writer. Thanks for the stories and keep up the good work 💜 you have all my support

Dee take all the time you need! we all want you to be happy and well and healthy! Take care my love! Shy anon 💓 

I haven’t been on tumblr in a few weeks and I’m so sad to come back and see someone’s been bothering you about your stories🙁 I want you to know you are MY ONE AND ONLY fav writer. I have others I like but your my favorite. You have a capability to bring your characters to life. I love and respect that. Your so kind to your anons as well. You take time to update you stories in a timely manner. You honestly deserve the universe and more and Id gladly give them if I could. Luv you! Please be happy

Remember it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Some days we are strong enough to fight sometimes we’re not. And I’m gonna quote Miley Cyrus rn. (Yeah don’t judge) Remember only god can judge us, forget the haters cause somebody loves you. Take care Dee! We love you! 

Dee, I guess it’s about time you take yourself out on a date. I’d do it but I live too far. You owe nothing to anyone here. And those rude comments are not gonna do anything to you. Girl, you’re amazing. :3 Eat something nice, watch a few movies, write something that makes you happy, do stuff that make you happy because you deserve each and every ounce of happiness this world has to offer! Take your time but snap out of it.

I just came across your blog and I really love your stories and writing. Sin city is amazing 🖤

You and your writing are awesome, don’t eeever forget that🙈💕💕💕💕

You are a blessing to this world I hope you know. 

you’re popular on here because you’re talented and incredibly nice. it’s not bad to have a lot of followers for good reasons like that.

I love and support you!

I love you!!!

oh no, that last anon couldn’t be any more WRONG, people support you because your work and you are both amazing

Hey x I’m a quiet followers of yours but since all that bullshit happened to u ~ I thought I might pinch in a love u and that I think your great !!! U really r amazing !!! 😊

Aaww sending love to you Dee <3 Love is all you deserve and people are just jealous. You have every right to be angry, but a reminder that we all love you and your wiriting and haters are just haters!

HEY NOW! People don’t just support you bc you’re popular! We love you because you’re you, an amazing, kind,caring, brilliant writer! Don’t let jealous anons get you down! I’ve been following you and reading your work and it is amazing! Like you’re so talented! Ignore the drama, those anons are jealous ! We love you ! -smol anon 💓💓

Omg, Dee, I'n so so sorry that you have to deal with those irrational posts :( just know that 99% of your followers love you and support from the bottom of their heart! Please ignore the haters, we ♡ you so much!

Aww dee I’m so sad to hear how toxic tumblr has become for you, it honestly makes me so upset that people would even say such nasty things on here and plagiarize your work:(( everyone that reads your stories can literally tell how much work you put into everything you write! I really hope everything gets better because you deserve all the love and happiness in world. And for the record I have read all your fics and never once thought it was similar to another fic yours are so original!! *hugs*

Hey Dee I just wanna say that I really feel for you. People are just jealous of how popular you have become and how your writing is just A+++, so they try to find ways to ruin your day and bring you down. Your stories have a completely different pace and style than the ones people have mentioned and you should really just delete people who send in rude asks. You are a wonderful, talented and witty writer who makes our days brighter! We love you and support you in everything you write :) <3

how are you today? are you feeling good? i hope you are🙇🏻‍♀️ you deserve it✨

I support you, we support you. I am so sorry to read about what’s going on and it’s sad to see you so upset. I am kinda scared to lose you because of negative people but I do understand if you’re having enough of this. Please take care of yourself, your happiness and your health is more important. Whatever you choose to do, I love you very much!

I LOVE YOU DEE!!! You write the characters so damn well. Love your stories and I look forward to reading your future ones ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I have no words, honestly. I don’t even know how to express what I’m feeling now. Thank you all for your support with everything, you guys are seriously the nicest people on this site and you always make me feel safe and welcome. I love you all and thank you for being here! <3

It’s all in my head,
the words perfectly lined up, 
you can see on my face just how much I want to tell,
I start to speak but soon I just want to yell. 

Some words are punctual and they do their job right,
Some are stuck and won’t cooperate to save me from my plight.
I get stuck, I get embarrassed, my voice alternates between its highest and lowest pitch,
and then I quickly just want to end. 

So I miss out on the essence of the story, 
I miss out in bringing out the emotions that are its crux.
I feel so frustrated with myself,
I lower my eyes and get out my pen. 

Secret of These Hands Ch. 5 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hello darlings! I’m back from my weekend away from Tumblr, for I slept for 14 hours almost straight on Saturday lol. I finally have the next chapter of “Secret of These Hands” and I’m quite excited to share it with you guys. I JUST WANNA GET TO THE GOOD PART BUT I CAN’T YET BECAUSE PLOT. Curse the minute details needed for this story… curse you. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day and I just want to let you know that I love you and I think you’re a beautiful person. xoxo

Description: You were born enhanced. Ever since you were a child, you had the capability to reach into people’s memories by the mere touch of your hand. Even the slightest brush of fingers, or a polite handshake could send you years back into their life without your control. To prevent any sort of incident, you always wore gloves on your hands, no matter what the weather would be. One day, you wander into a French farmer’s market, bumping into a man at a fruit stand who, oddly enough, fashions a glove like yourself in the summer heat. You step into his life, hiding secrets, and finding that he has some of his own. Will you ever come clean? And even then, will he?

Warnings: None

Chapter 4


You looked in the mirror, smoothing out the fabric at your hips, ridding it of any wrinkles. Tonight was the night that you were going to meet Bucky for a date, and you weren’t nervous.. but you were nervous. It wasn’t him of course- well it was though. He didn’t make you nervous in the bad way. He made you feel some type of way that you never felt before. When you first bumped into him at the market the day before, he gave you butterflies and a tight feeling in your chest when you met his steel blue gaze. It was like nothing else mattered in that moment; it was like something in the air somehow brought you two together. 

You snapped yourself out of your daydream, and looked back up at your reflection. Frankly, you were smiling to yourself, a slight blush creeping up on your cheeks. You checked the clock: it was twenty minutes till five. As you gave yourself a once-over, you let out a deep breath and turned away from the mirror, grabbing your bag. 

“Here goes nothing.” You muttered under your breath, placing your gloved hand on your door handle and turning it open. 

You walked down the streets of New Orleans, the only thoughts in your mind were Bucky and the kind of night you hoped you’d have together. What if Bucky wasn’t going to show up? You shook your head slightly, reassuring yourself that he wasn’t that kind of man. As you rounded the corner to the farmer’s market, you looked at the horizon, seeing that the sun was still pretty high in the sky. Because you were so distracted with the scenery, you almost walked into a pole if it wasn’t for Bucky’s voice calling your name. 

“F/N, watch out!” He shouted at you from the same table from the afternoon before. You stopped abruptly, snapping your head in his direction, realizing how close you were to making a fool of yourself. He got up from his seat and walked over to you. He was wearing a black button up underneath a dark blue jacket with some matching black slacks. His hair was effortlessly pushed back, a small section falling into his face. He had a sweet smile on his face, and somehow it made your heart skip a beat. “Wow- F/N, you look.. just wow.” 

You bit your lip, holding back a smile. Your eyes were diverted to the floor; you were worried that if you met his gaze that you would start insanely blushing. Little did you know, that as you kept your eyes away from Bucky; Bucky was all eyes on you. He took in the sight of your figure in the black dress you were wearing that hugged all your curves, accentuating every one. He was speechless. He thought you looked absolutely beautiful and he never thought he would ever meet someone as gorgeous as you. 

“Well Barnes, you don’t look so bad yourself.” You gave him a sly smile as your gaze finally landed on him. Hooking your arm with his, you looked up at him, a feeling of serendipity settling in. “Shall we?” 

He grinned down at you, studying every spec of color in your eyes. “We shall.” 

“Okay, where are you taking me? Because if you’re going to take me down a dark alleyway and mug me, doll, that would be an interesting story to tell.” He winked at you as the two of you strolled down the streets of New Orleans, making your way towards the river that ran next to the city. 

You chuckled, shaking your head. “If I was going to mug you, I would have done it by now.” You glanced up at him, fighting the smirk that was pulling at your lips. “Just wait, we’re almost there.” 

Heart fluttering, you unhooked your arm from Bucky’s letting your fingertips trail down to his hand, the leather of your gloves causing goosebumps to raise on his skin. You intertwined your fingers with his and pulled him down the street, the both of you laughing as you weaved in and out of the people in the streets. 

“Here we are.” You turned around to face him, a smile stretched across your face. In front of Bucky was a riverboat in the dock, dinner tables on the each deck. “What do you think?”

He gaped at the sight. You did this for a date with him? Bucky never thought he was worth it. “I love it, doll. We’re literally going to be on a floating restaurant.” 

Your chest tightened at the pet name, a slight blush creeping up on your cheeks. “Well then, let’s go.”

The leather of your gloves pressed up against each other as you reached for his left hand and walked onto the boat. Bucky let out a content sigh, whispering under his breath. “We may have just met yesterday, but I already know I never want to leave your side.” 

Short chapter, I know, but I had to get something out this week and once again, going any further would have put me in a position to write A TON more. I hope you know I love you all, and I’m sorry that I’ve been so inactive, but I’ll be back soon, I promise. Much love to you all, you’re the best. xoxo



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You're truly my first inspiration in this website. I have a disorder of a sort, called NF1. With it I have tumors all in my back, and brain. I have majoranxiety attacks and depression with it. Before finding you're blog and art, I was never really that encouraged to do much. I gave up on art until I saw your blog and story, I wanted to live up to that. You've inspired me to reach the stars and keep going, even if it's bad. I thank you for breathing and spreading your art and love with everyone.

I’ve been trying to think how they can make this April x Jackson x Maggie storyline different or fresh from the stephanie love triangle. But like??

1. they have already done the jackson moves on first storyline 

2. they have done the date other people while they still have feelings for one another story (TWICE) 

3. jackson tries to move on but fails (after the divorce) 

So how do they make it not a repeat? 

April moves out, angst ensues. Jackson pursues April. 

Maggie realizes she doesn’t want to be caught in another fucking love triangle, so she gets japril back together 

April seduces Jackson (unlikely) 

they date other people and never get back together and everyone is miserable and stops watching the show. 

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Hi! So @tinkdw said you also believe that s13 may be the last season of spn. Was just wondering, maybe you wrote some post about it somewhere? I'll be very interested in reading it ☺️

Hello, my lovely - and I am so very sorry for the late reply! I have actually not written a post about my brewing conviction that SPN is ready to move into Wrapping It Up territory. So here are my thoughts! :)

Tink is indeed right: I have believed for quite some time now that S13 will most likely be the final season. I’ve thought this because of how the narrative is beginning to tie back to the beginning, through callbacks and a very clear push towards - what I firmly believe - will be a positive endgame.

Narratively there are three acts - or parts - to a story. There can be five, or seven, or however many goddamn acts the writer deems fit for the story they want to tell, but the Alpha and the Omega - Aristotle - divided his story structure into three distinctive parts: the Beginning, the Middle, the End

Simple enough. 

So here are my personally cobbled together Acts Specifics:

  • Act One sets up all the story elements that will be integral to the narrative.
  • Act Two takes these story elements to further explore, deepen and evolve the narrative.
  • Act Three reveals the hidden truths of the chosen story elements and delivers on the promise of the premise by answering the thematic question posed in Act One and picked up on with every new Story Beat throughout the narrative.

So, Act Three gives us the juicy bits:

  • it’s where the bigger picture is finally beginning to reveal itself
  • it’s where the good storyteller will avoid bringing in any new elements that will sincerely jar with what has come before, and instead use all the foreshadowing set up in Act One and furthered in Act Two to provide a Twist that feels unexpected, and yet unavoidable 
  • The Twist is what sets off the narrative’s movement into Act Three and pushes the momentum of the Plot and Character Arcs towards Climax. (yes, that’s what it’s called) (don’t look at me like that) (or do) (I kinda like it) (*flirty*) (moving on)

To my mind, Act Three of the SPN narrative began with 11x01, because S11 focused so entirely on our Protagonist - that would be Dean - taking huge, huge steps towards his endgame by realising he’s in love with Cas.

This undeniable love is what has facilitated Dean’s character growth since S4, so for him to actually understand his own emotions and being forced to admit them to himself is monumentally important for him reaching his endgame.

Reaching his endgame - self-worth through self-acceptance - will reward him with a long and happy life with the man he loves. Just to be clear.

And, to my mind, admitting his emotions to himself has informed his attitude and actions throughout S12, so the growth spurt of S11 was not for nothing and they kept building on it, giving us tension and confusion and a mixtape.

The Twist that S11 offered us, then, was introducing Amara into the narrative. 

Originally posted by casclaire

  • Amara is not something new thrown in last minute
  • She is an Act Three Standard as she is in fact a Callback
  • She is a Callback to all the women who came before her
  • She is what Dean before Cas might actually have been seduced by
  • She is everything Dean has always convinced himself he should want, everything any average viewer would assume he does want
  • But Dean’s love for Cas is true love and it blocks every last attempt from Amara to control Dean’s heart

Amara’s first purpose in the narrative is to underline Dean’s love for Cas for the sake of us, the audience.

  • She is continually a Mirror Opposite for Cas throughout the season
  • This places her firmly in the Not What Dean Wants At All Ever Box 
  • As Cas occupies his Everything I Could Ever Want and Need Box
  • Amara is placed in her box in every single scene she share’s with Dean 
  • Yes, even that kiss between them, because it is so very clearly not what Dean wants, which is put in dialogue twice: with Casifer and with Sam

Amara’s second purpose in the narrative is to highlight Dean’s love for Cas in order for Dean to admit to himself how he feels.

  • Amara tells Dean they are bonded, tying herself inexorably to Cas’ statement of how he and Dean share a profound bond 
  • Amara states that she and Dean were meant for each other, intruding on his Free Will as she tries to make him understand there’s nothing he can do and he should just give in
  • But Dean’s heart is completely filled up with Cas, and Amara’s Mirror Opposite is only working to make him more and more aware of this
  • Because Cas is all Dean cares about, worries about, truly wants
  • Amara’s statements are true, just not when applied to her: they can only be applied to Cas
  • With one significant difference: Dean would choose Cas in a heart beat, of his own Free Will, no coercion, no tricks, no power plays needed
  • And Dean slowly comes to realise this during the seasonal narrative

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

(Chuck’s face. Chuck’s face. Chuck’s goddamn face! *shipper*)

Dean realising he’s actually in love with Cas is a Big Push Forward for our Protagonist, and as our Protagonist’s Journey moves forward, so does the narrative itself, because without the Journey, the narrative flounders.

So then, that’s my reason for believing we’re in the final stretch here: the journeys for every main character is coming to its head. It’s also my reason for not believing they’ll want to drag this narrative out for a whole lotta more seasons.

I find it hard to believe they’d even want to drag it out for two more whole seasons, especially after how S12 ended with every character leaping and bounding forward in their character growth:

  • Dean’s walls torn down (or blown to rubble via grenade launcher)
  • The brodependency crumbling
  • Sam stepping into his shiny Leader of MoL boots
  • Cas’ death, that simply must be setting him up for a much needed rebirth

All of the main character arcs aren’t moving at glacier pace anymore, they are fucking snowballing towards endgame.

Originally posted by princesscas

I can understand that they’d want to go for that 300th episode, however.

After JiB8 and the J2 panel, where both Jared and Jensen spoke positively about, possibly, doing a shorter season (though airily and not really in reference to a final season at all) I’m musing over whether this might be what they’re planning. That episode 300 will be their last. 

Jensen mentioned during an on-set interview that they don’t know how long they’ll go for, that they have the studio and network fully behind them, and that, as long as there is a good story to tell, they’re all willing to stay with it. This comment made me feel, more than ever, that they are all invested in this narrative and they know that it’s coming full circle.

They are closing the narrative, they are bringing it home, they are pushing it towards that climactic moment, when the characters have learned all their lessons, when the plot line is ready to reflect this, and the narrative can be tied up in a satisfactory and emotionally fulfilling way.

So even if S13 isn’t the absolute last, I do wonder if we’ll actually get a full S14.

But, hey, these writers are brilliant at what they do. I am in jaw-drop awe of how they have built the Destiel love story for going on 10 seasons now, so I am absolutely certain that if they wanted to, they are all more than capable of delivering something fucking amazing. 

And let’s not despair if SPN is actually ending!! Not only will there be Wayward Daughters, I’ve no doubt! The SPN Family will continue and it will flourish! And we’ll have over a decade’s worth of glorious television to watch and watch again and then watch with friends and coerced family and slowly we can brainwash our work colleagues into our obsession until, finally - world domination. All the domination, peeps.

And rainbows. Always rainbows.


previously / next

“Hey Nate! I bet I’ll still beat you in a game of hoops!” 

“I’ve gotten a lot better since we were kids, you only ever won because you were taller! Not anymore..”

“Hey Char, Since I won there’s something I wanted to ask you..”


“Your boyfriend and his friend, they’re the guys that held the band auditions right? I really wanted to try out but I totally missed the date, do you think we could all hang out and I could try to get a spot in the band..”

“I would love to introduce you to them!! And I think it’s never too late, I’ll shoot Tyler a text right now..”

“Thanks Char, I really appreciate it.”

“That’s what vampire besties are for!”

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They gave us Olicity and took them away in an episode 😩. They didn't even let them go on a date this time. Push back the wedding another season 😂. I wonder how it'll be when we come back in October. Oliver will have thought they were dead for months. I hope that doesn't mean another season of stalling [oliver moving in during those 5 months or smthing]

I don’t know if Oliver will think they’re dead. It could go a lot of ways. He could be looking for them for 5 months. Or, he could go back and find them right away and we pick up with them in Star City planning a wedding. 

I think people need to stop looking at everything that happens to Olicity as stalling. This is all of their love story, the getting together, the breaking up, the getting back together, getting married. It’s all their story. They’ve never stalled in telling it. We know these two want to be together and will move heaven and earth to make it happen. A wedding doesn’t mean they’ve passed some kind of finish line for their relationship IMO. Oliver looking for Felicity is as much a part of their love story as Felicity walking down the aisle to him. As will their first big fight as a married couple be a part of their love story. It’s not a stall between the good times. A life is full of good and bad times, and on a drama, there will always be more bad times to get through because that’s the premise of the show. You will always get more struggle than reward on Arrow. For everything. It’s where their story lies. 

I think looking at it in that context makes everything so much easier to handle and why I’m super excited about how they ended things. We have so much to look forward to, much more than if they ended up married in 523 IMO. :D

The Blacklist Appreciation Week - Day 7 - Hopes for Season 5

There are a lot of things I would love to see in Season 5, and here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Return to Season 1 and Season 2 story telling. All Red and the task force. Interesting Blacklisters with more higher stakes again. More drama. More mystery. Maintain the S4 Finale quality.
  2. I  do not want them to bring in the canceled Redemption story line, taking more time away from The Blacklist story arcs and characters. 
  3. Shorter story arcs. These 8 episode ones get too long and too boring. Tighten it up.
  4. More focus on Red and the task force. Season 4 felt like Red was detached. As was Liz. Bring them all back together on the same page, as was done in the finale episodes.
  5. More balanced cast time. Less focus on Aram. More on Ressler, especially given his new story line. Give each of them the time they deserve, according to their placement in the opening credits.
  6. Please let Baz be alive!
  7. More Red and Ressler working together. They have the most amazing dynamic.
  8. Give Ressler something good in his life. The poor man deserves to be happy.
  9. Can I say I want Keenler to finally happen? Well I’m saying it :-)

But despite it’s faults, I do love our show. I am stoked we got a Season 5, but not so happy it’s moved to Wednesday 7pm (my time). That is way early for me!

And finally, thank you to @elizabethkween for organising The Blacklist Appreciation Week! It was fun! :-)

I want to know what Jay is going through. I hate that PD is so case heavy. Fire does a great job at balancing personal and professional storylines and I really wish that PD had more of that. From what I’ve heard it probably won’t have that next season and it bugs me. I want to know more about Ruzek, I want to see what is happening in Alvin’s life since the death of his daughter. I want to know more about what it’s like in Platt’s personal life, and what the fuck is happening with Kevin’s family? We don’t know anything about these people. We know Erin’s life story back to front, we know Voight’s. But what do we really know about everyone else???

OP 866 Initial Reaction

I actually forgot tonight’s the night we usually get the leaked OP releases. Guess that’s how much I care about Big Mom’s story?

  • Whoa, Cavendish was popular. And he’s a real prince too!
  • How the heck did two normal-sized parents produce that huge kid?
  • o_o Carmel.
  • All the kids look nightmarish. Is that why Big Mom’s children turned out that way too?
  • I should feel sorry for Linlin. But I don’t. *hides behind a wall*
  • Even as a child she creeps me out.

The entire chapter was on Big Mom and Elbaf (I know it’s Elbaph in the official translation but I like Elbaf better). Great for fans of Elbaf, giants, and Usopp maybe. All of those things exist in my “apathy” zone so I couldn’t dredge up an real interest in them. I just want to get back to the Vinsmokes right now.

Meanwhile, someone please write a story of how Prince Cavendish became a pirate. I’m way more interested in that!

Headcannon that Flug wears that bag to cover up all of his scars. Like, I don’t think he’s gonna be that cute blonde blue eyed pretty boy, he’s probs gonna have a really jacked up face, burnt badly due to a lab explosion, maybe multiple stitches and scars due to BH beating him up and having to fix his wounds by himself. Just, a really messed up face that’ll scare the shit out of anyone in Black Hat Inc.

Like, I as much as I love Flug, I really want him to have a proper angsty back story to tell us WHY he wears the bag, whether because BH forces him to or because he hates seeing his own reflection in the mirror. GIVE ME THAT FLUG ANGST.

yknow a lot of my nightmares relate back to my trauma past somehow and remind me of bad nasty things

but the nightmare i just woke up from was about future Calvin and Hobbes where this business man who was also king of the monsters wanted to kill Calvin’s dad so a teenaged calvin and his mom had to come up with these convoluted plans to save him 

also there was this guy named like Ryan or something who always visited their house and he was nice i guess but he kept mooching food off of them and it was strange 

moral of the story???? dreams r bullshit 

anonymous asked:

ToT for Kondo-san: When the war is over, which of your captains do you think would make good husbands? Fathers?

Kondou chuckles awkwardly. “Well, I’m not a good husband or a good father, myself, so I don’t know that you should take my word,” he says. “But I do know my men better than anyone else, so here goes.” He clears his throat. “First of all, Toshi never seemed interested in marrying, even though he used to be engaged. And there was a maid back at Shiei Hall who wanted Souji to marry her, but that’s a long and messy story I’d rather not tell.” He sighs. “Sanan-kun used to be the kind of person who would be an ideal husband and father, but now… I’m not so sure. Inoue insists he missed his chance, too, and somehow, I can see Saito saying the same thing someday.” Kondou shakes his head. “Other than that, I don’t think Nagakura can see past himself enough to take a wife, much less have children, but I’m certain he’ll find someone someday. And Heisuke doesn’t seem ready to settle down yet, but once he finds a woman he loves, I’m sure that will change. And, even though he seems like a child himself, maybe that will bring him closer to his children.” He shrugs, then smiles wearily. “The only man I know will be a good husband and father is Harada. He is truly a family man at heart, and he’s said as much many times.”

“You sure you don’t want to wait until they can be here too?”

“Not unless you do. It’s pretty romantic here though. We’d have the best wedding story of everyone we know.”

“I mean it,” he continued and lay back on the bed to watch her as she changed, “On one of the most romantic islands in the world, there we were on vacation, celebrating your birthday, when suddenly, I realized I could not wait one more moment to have you.”

Katrina laughed. “You’ve already had me. Several times. Hundreds of times. Half a thousand times probably.”

“I meant have you as my bride, and we will be telling this story to our children one day, so I don’t think we need to let them know we bonked half a thousand times before we tied the knot.”

She laid down next to him, close. “You’re right. Let’s tell them about the million times we did it after we got married instead, that’s much more appropriate.”

He kissed her.

“I love you, future Mrs Don.”

“I love you too, future Mr Katrina.”