and i want someone to look after me rn

I want someone to look at me the same way Fanfiction writers decide to write Guy #1 looking at Guy#2 after they realize why they’re in love with them.

I’ve made myself chocolate glaze but parents came back and they think I eat too much, so I hid it. In the kitchen. They’re down there rn. They probably won’t look in that shelf but if they do I wanted to tell you that someone can take my url after my death. I will publish my password if they find out.

imasoundoftomorrow  asked:

Do you have any HCs for the villagers? I really like the one that they all try and put on plays/performances ( with the help of McKinley)

okay I have a hc for gotswana. literally nobody fucks with him because he high key knows everybody’s secrets (he is the only doctor after all) so whenever someone is pissing him off he just,, looks at them like “are you sure you want to fuck with me rn”

also for mafala, I hc him giving Arnold the sex talk after he finds out abt naba and arnold being together. but he gives it in the most crude way possible and he literally sees no problem with it like “and then once ur dick is hard you- why are you looking at me like that?”

also sister kimbay is the mom friend that has no time for your shit. she’s lowkey super soft and loves caring for everybody but she won’t put up with anybody’s whiny asses.

space-boy-kellin  asked:

Can I get some mt sans (big surprise there) with an s/o who's sick (in other words me rn, I'm sick but I still gotta force myself to go to school cause exams are in a week) I hope you have a good day Fishy, ily!

{Aw, hun! I hope you get better soon! *Huggles*}


He is gonna spoil you with all the good stuff while having mini panic attacks. He doesn’t know much about human sickness, and is afraid something bad is gonna happen to you. He gives you everything you want, and when he has a job to do, he forces someone he trusts to look after you until he gets back. He hates leaving your side, especially when your like this. If he finds you are the least bit upset or sad or angry, he is gonna chew out whoever was watching you. Except if it was Sharp or Frisk. Maybe Asgore. Maybe.

When you get better he is ecstatic ad takes everyone out to Grillby’s to celebrate how strong his babe is, going through pain and sickness like that and coming out on top of it all. He might be exaggerating a lil’ bit, but it doesn’t matter. He is just happy you are alive, happy, and A-ok.

{Sorry this was so shitty ;u; ILY2, big bro! Have a gosh heckin rad day!}

so while i was getting takeout today i ran into one of my kids from when i was teaching. which usually is a *kill bill sirens* moment for teachers bc here i am with my friggin tattoos out, green color in my hair and the same sweats i slept in, not looking like someone you want to teach your children.

but then they told me that the entire class missed me a lot and that everything got super rough after i left

like my student teaching experience was the most horrible traumatizing thing thanks to my boss, so i’ll be real with myself here. i am definitely petty enough to fistbump myself knowing my boss fucked it up after me because that’s sweet sweet karmic satisfaction and i intend to enjoy it