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Jasiper. Comicon. Smutty. Goodness.


here’s the first part I guess??

in this comicon au


The most beautiful man she’s ever seen lifts her up in his stupidly strong arms and presses her against the door of her hotel room. She fumbles at her own belt to find her keycard, but–she keeps getting distracted, running her hands across the broad planes of his chest and shoulders, the smooth angle of his jaw, the soft blonde of his hair–and if he doesn’t quit distracting her so thoroughly, they’re probably going to get kicked out of the hotel for mugging down in the hallway.

Still, she doesn’t want to tell him to stop.

“Jason,” she gasps, leaning back far enough that he has to focus on keeping her steady. It’s really the only thing she knows about him–his name. And that he likes Captain America. And that her best friend fell in disgusting love-at-first-sight with his best friend. “Inside?”

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Vauseman Fic...

To start with I’m not sure what happened here. And to finish with I have no idea what this even is I was just bored :P

“Alex you have to come with me” Piper groaned.

“Pipes it’s just a bad idea, all the puppy dog faces in the world you make isn’t going to change that” Alex said glancing up from her laptop screen at her blonde girlfriend, who stood behind the kitchen counter with wide eyes and a cute pout.

“But Larry’s gonna be there, you have to come” she added as she poured herself a cup of tea.

Alex sighed “What if I don’t want to go?”

“I wasn’t asking” Piper said and the two of them looked up at each other, Alex lifted an eyebrow and folded her arms across her chest.

“Are you telling me what to do?”

Piper saw at the unimpressed look on Alex’s face and immediately felt bad, of course Alex wouldn’t want to go to Polly’s dinner party, even Piper didn’t want to go to it but she had been declining all of Polly’s offers for so long she felt she couldn’t try and ignore her forever, even after Larry had decided to move on with her best friend. She thought by saying yes just this once it would show that no, she wasn’t completely outraged anymore and more importantly she could then continue saying no to all her other dinner date, lunch date and yoga class offers.  Piper was happy anyway, she had Alex and what more did she need?

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Jason Grace looked pretty good for a guy who’d been presumed dead for nine years.

Strike that. Jason Grace looked incredibly, unbelievably hot for a dead man. Piper McLean saw a lot of corpses in her line of work, and none of them had ever been built like Jason. Apparently playing dead and hiding out in New York’s underground from a secret government organization gave a guy time to work on his abs and arms, and… well, every other gorgeously defined muscle on his body.

A lot of time, she thought admiringly, watching as Jason began yet another set of hanging curl-ups, his muscles shining with sweat and flexing delectably as he moved. What she wouldn’t give to get that man in her bed and…

God, she was hopeless. Hadn’t she just told herself yesterday that lusting after Jason was a terrible idea? If the whole supposed-to-be-dead thing hadn’t put her off, the fact that he was a genetically enhanced vigilante with a body count (justified though it might be, it was a still a body count) and she was a detective on the task forced pulled together to catch him should’ve totally put a nail in the lusting coffin. Instead, she was risking her career, her partnership with Annabeth, and her life to keep this man safe and his secret life buried.

All because he’d saved her life, twice, and had looked good while doing it.

Well, when he wasn’t in snarling, clawing Beast-mode, anyway. But she was starting to get used to that. Mostly.

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NSFW: FO4 companions wake up panting and horny after a hot dream they had with SS. What was the dream? Preferably a pre-romance, so it's like that sexual tension build up

NSFW: FO4 companions wake up panting and horny after a hot dream they had with SS. What was the dream? Preferably a pre-romance, so it’s like that sexual tension build up

Oooo, this one is gonna be great. I’m gonna do the males first and then the females, because I prefer men to women, obviously.

Danse: His eyes opened suddenly. Mixed feelings. One, he was glad the dream was over with, and another, he wanted it to continue. He glanced over at Ness; who was snoring peacefully in the bed next to him. Sanctuary. It had become more of a home than the Prydwyn of late, and he could feel himself drawing closer and closer to his protege. He wasn’t supposed to feel like this. He couldn’t fratenize with a fellow soldier. It wasn’t proper. It wasn’t right. He sat up, careful not to creak the bedsprings and wake her up. A massive part of him wanted to crawl up next to her, cradle her in his arms. But the other side, the feeble side, wanted to run away from his feelings. He reached the renovated family room, slumping down onto patched sofa; his head in his hands. Massaging his temples, he snarled outwardly. He didn’t run away from his problems. He never had. He wouldn’t run away from this one either.

Deacon: The feeling wasn’t entirely unfamilar. He’d had these dreams before, awoken covered in unpleasent sticky sweat and a massive feeling of frustration centered in his chest. But it was never about people he actually -knew-. He glanced around nervously; he had been traveling with Nat for awhile now and he saw her as a great friend. Someone you could really trust in this shit hole of a world. He hadn’t though about feelings that went deeper. Never allowed himself.
She was of course, sleeping only a few inches away from him, rolled on her side. She was increidibly beautiful; and it wasn’t just her form. She was a damn ferocious Deathclaw, too. It’s what made her so damn hot. The dream flashed before his eyes. Sticky sweat, tantalizing kisses. He tries to push the thoughts out of his mind, chastizing himself. It was just a dream after all. But it brought ot the surface so much more.

Nick: I cannot do Nick justice atm so I REALLY apologize to those who adore him. It’ll come, I’m just blocked with his character. You guys deserve more than a half hearted attempt.

Cait: She let out a curse; it had to be close to dawn. Green tinged the skylined. She had had the most confusing, yet wonderful dream; full of hot, panting sex and gasps of pleasure. She had mixed feelings about the whole thing, though. Course, the dream had been with Stan. She’d had plenty of sex dreams before, but none with her close friend and ally. She realized they brought to the surface so many emotions she had repressed. Tonight, she wanted sleep. Closing her eyes, she begged the images die where they stood, and drifted back off.

Piper:“Right there, blue!” She panted, her hand between her legs only to open her eyes and blink. Was it a dream? Of course it was. Suddenly a wash of complicated, sticky emotions poured over her, leaving her dizzy with confusion. Did she have these feelings for him? Damn, he was handsome. And kind. And abouslutly perfect. Yup, she had feelings for him alright.
“Well Piper, look at the mess you’ve made yourself now.” She thought, a scowl creasing her lips. She had quite literally printed her own damning story. “No…I could work with this.” She wormed her way out of tricky situations before. She could do it again. By whatever God existed, she wanted Blue. She would make it known to him.

Curie: “Oh mon dieu!” She gasped. What sort of dream was that? It was so…naughty! She shouldn’t be having throughts like this. Yet she had to admit, she enjoyed them. Her dreams since she had become…human…were often just flashes of color or shadows of words spoken throughout her day. This had been a full on sex dream, complete with intense longing and desire. Her core ached with frustration. Panting, she shoved off her covers and dressed, ready to have an early day. No way could she sleep after that.

X6: He wasn’t supposed to be having these dreams. He sat perfectly straight up in bed, rubbing his dark, shadowed eyes. Perhaps it was an error in his programing; he was never supposed to fraternize sexually with Father’s…mother. He scowled, looking down at his hands. He decided to push the images away for now, and perhaps think of them later when his body wasn’t so tired.

McCready: “Damn baby.” He giggled in his sleep, only to suddenly realize he was quite awake, incredibly aroused, and covered in sweat. The heat was sweltering. He peeled off his covers, pulling himself to the edge of the bed and stretching. Gah, what was that? Why did he have that dream? It was so…infuriating, because damn, he enjoyed it. He glanced over at Nat, who was snoring with her head cradaled in her arm. He smiled; which turned into a scowl when he realized it. No…they couldn’t. He grabbed his rifle from the bed stand, threw it over his shoulder and decided that, until she woke up, he’d give it a good clean.

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Pecabeth "Saw you dancing half naked through the window so i came cause i thought you were hot" AU please?? I REALLY LOE YOUR ACCOUNT

Aw, thank you! :D

  • Annabeth dropped her bags down at her apartment. She was exhausted and all she wanted to do was sit down and read a good book as she sipped some white wine.
  • She went to her fridge and poured herself a glass before going to her nice comfy love seat. 
  • She could hear her friend, Piper, in her head saying: “You know, you’re twenty-five, at the top of your game, and you’re acting like an old woman. You should be out there, finding a boyfriend and having fun.”
  • But to Annabeth, this was her fun. Reading a good historical fiction novel and sipping wine. 
  • She settled into her chair with her favorite view, the apartment building from across the street that had a very nice old look to it. She loved it.
  • She turned on a light and looked outside. Lights were on in the apartment across the street.
  • Something caught her eye. She looked up and right across the street from her apartment was a guy, dancing around with a towel around his waist. His hair looked wet, let he just came out of the shower. He was dancing to some song that had to have a fast beat. 
  • He was cute, she had to admit. Not just with his dancing, but the basic features that she could see through her window, was cute.
  • She got up and tried to get a better look at her dancing neighbor. She could tell that he was in good shape. He had muscles, definitely a swimmer’s body she decided. He had black hair and a smile that made her heart race. And he had to be around her age.
  • You are not falling for a stranger. Annabeth scolded herself.
  • But she couldn’t help but stare as he danced. 
  • He stopped dancing and looked through the window, right at Annabeth. He smiled at her and waved.
  • She turned bright red and closed the blinds. She shouldn’t have been staring for as long as she did.
  • She had to go over there and say something. Or hide forever in her apartment. Yeah, the second option seemed really good.
  • She tried to sit down and enjoy her book, but she couldn’t help but think about the guy dancing across the street. 
  • He was hot. And she really wanted to meet him. And this book was so boring compared to him.
  • She let out a groan of frustration before getting up and grabbing her keys and purse. She had to go over there and meet this guy and tell him what happened. She spaced out and wasn’t staring at his hot body dancing.
  • Annabeth got out of the elevator and walked across the lobby to the front door. When she got outside, she ran into someone. She looked up and blushed.
  • “Hi there.” He smiled. His green eyes were burning into her gray ones.
  • “H-Hi.” She replied.
  • “You’re the girl that was watching me dance. Did you enjoy the show?”
  • Annabeth blushed and couldn’t get the words out of her mouth to say anything. 
  • “I’ll take that as a yes.” He chuckled.
  • Even his laugh was cute. She thought.
  • “You’re hot.” She blurted before turning bright red. 
  • The guy chuckled. “Thank you. You’re beautiful yourself. I’m Percy, by the way.”
  • “Annabeth.” She was able to get out. “A-And I wasn’t staring. I was blanking out.”
  • “Sure.” He dragged out. 
  • “I wasn’t watching!” 
  • “Your cheeks say otherwise.” 
  • Curse her flushed cheeks. Her lips turned into a thin line as she tried not to blush anymore.
  • Percy chuckled. “Would you like to get some dinner? Or desert?”
  • She looked at his green eyes. “Y-Yes.” 
  • He smiled. “Come on, I know this great little place.”
More Valdangelo

Oh my god, I can’t believe what you guys have done to me. I’m SUPPOSED to be writing 4K words for a Teen Wolf fic, and 2K words for a Harry Potter / Assassin’s Creed crossover, and finishing up a Supernatural fic, and planning out the middle arc of my original novel. Instead, I write THIS.

So, here you have another silly little Valdangelo fic, one where Leo is an idiot and doesn’t understand organic lifeforms, Nico is socially inept and terrified of his own emotions, and Piper is a boss.

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Can you please do percabeth I came to the wrong house drunk au please

Annabeth lets out a death rattle groan and shifts her arm that’s thrown across her eyes to shield them from any wayward light. It responds like a noodle. She starts with her arm that’s fallen asleep and moves down her body moving one muscle group at a time.

Her left arm is useless, her right shoulder is sore, left knee feels bruised, and both feet are in pain. Yet mercifully, wonderfully, she doesn’t have a headache or nausea. Annabeth forgoes any semblance of being dignified and lets the curses start flying. It’s a constant stream that would make a sailor blush while she pushes herself to a sitting position. By the time she’s up and her head is hung with a palm on her forehead and elbow on knee, to support herself, she’s nearly out of profanity and may have used douche muffin.

She smells the coffee then hears the scrape of mug on table and nothing has seemed more magnificent in her life.

“How you managed to make coffee after drinking that much, I’ll never understand.” Annabeth takes a long sip from the drink and the world seems to stop buzzing.

“Well, that’s because I didn’t go drinking.” The voice is low and slightly gruff and has the hint of a New York accent. Most importantly it’s not Jason’s.

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Happy Birthday Julia!
 —> piperland

You’re probably one of the best people I’ve ever got the pleasure of knowing, and I want to make sure that you knew that I love you and happy birthday bby c:

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but here’s the present – {}

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