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So, someone mentioned how Andrew liked neck kisses and all I could think of was how that physical show of affection was perhaps one of the few things that wasn’t tainted enough for Andrew to be physically or mentally repulsed by it and I was suddenly drowning in headcanons. Allow me to indulge on the few I could think about without feeling that I might stumble upon a possible trigger:

  • Neil pressing his nose to the underside of Andrew’s jaw makes something stupidly warm and fastidiously content want to hug his not-boyfriend but he knows he doesn’t like feeling contained and he doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable but he’s moving away an
  • Neil using his fingernail to draw lines on the palm of Andrew’s hands as he lays on top of his other arm, making sure to assure him that he can take his hand away whenever he wants to, while staring dreamily at his hand makes it a little easier to associate softness and delicacy with his touch
  • Neil sliding his hand around the crook of his arm as their walking 
  • Neil tracing each line and curve of his countenance with delicate touches of his fingers as their siting astride the edge of the fox tower (i.e. thumb brushing softly and slowly across eyelashes as he stares blankly at the dazed look on his face, fingers curling as they follow the curve of the outer shell of his ear then to the line of his jawline, etc.) then slowly coming down to cup his jaw and ask for a yes before softly pressing a gentle kiss to the lips Neil had pointedly avoided touching with his fingers

Hello everyone

I just finished cleansing my Tumblr. Part of it includes unfollowing inactive blogs, toxic people, and blogs that stopped posting contents I actually want to see on my dash(I basically just unfollowed more than 100 blogs, what a shocker). I’d like to follow more blogs, but I don’t really know who to follow. So please, reblog this post if:

  1. You believe everyone, no matter what, can be a witch.*
  2. You’re a cosmic witch(solar, lunar, dark matter, stars, and galaxies are parts of my practice)
  3. You’re a weather witch(storm, hail, and fog)
  4. You’re a spirit worker
  5. You’re a diviner(Tarot and oracle, Pendulum, Palmistry, Tea leaves, and scrying)
  6. You post botanical information
  7. You don’t mind Pop Culture Witchcraft and Technological Witchcraft, even if you don’t personally practice them. Also, you don’t curse shame.*
  8. You post/reblog informative posts at least once in awhile.*
  9. You know that not every single bad/malicious spirit is a demon. Please back off if you do think that everything bad is a demon. Thank.*

* bolded is a must

I’d be checking everyone who reblog this post. I may not follow, but if I do, I’ll be following from my main blog. I won’t be checking out likes since I view it as a bookmark sort of thing. I don’t mind if you post other contents, but I’m mainly looking for blogs that post contents I listed above.

Thank you for your attention and time. Please enjoy your day.

This era, I really want to focus on helping other Swifties get noticed. I do self-reblog, yes, but it’s so much fun reading new posts from other people for Taylor! So, if you haven’t been noticed, please reblog this post if you want me to reblog you here and there!! I’ll write your URLs down so I remember to check in with you :) LOVE YOU GUYS!!

im starting a project and i need everyone’s help: create a deity/god/goddess. 

this project is simple; create your own deity/god/goddess!! you can present your deity by edits, moodboards/aesthetics, art, writing/poetry, playlists, anything!!! Creativity is a wonderful thing and this project will let you share your creativity and imagination!!! and hopefully this can inspire others to share their work and passion!!

i dont want this to get too big as I personally think i wont be able to handle it if it is (but we’ll see how it goes!!), and because this is an extremely new project, the limit will be 10 people for now!! i may open it up more, but since it’s new, i want a solid number i know i can handle!

so: if you want to join this project, please reblog this post and send me an ask stating you’d like to join!! (likes dont count!)

Here’s an idea. Maybe don’t say shitty things about people’s dogs when you reblog photos of them. In case you didn’t know, the OP sees them! So when you say my dogs are ugly as sin, or fucking nightmare fuel, or that you hate the way they look, I SEE THAT. Maybe m a y b e keep it to yourself? I love these dogs more than life itself and I don’t want to read your nasty opinions about the sweetest and kindest beings I know.

✿ eddiesrichie’s blogrates ✿

i recently hit 3k followers (RICHIE: WHAT THE FUCK)!! Holy shit!! I seriously love each and every one of you guys. I have never loved a fandom more. I have never felt so welcomed and loved than in any other fandom. I have met so many amazing people including my wife @itsafuckinggazebo . I just want you guys to know i love all of you. 


  • reblog this post :) 
  • tell me which blog you would like the blograte for since some people have sideblogs
  • send me an IT character and i’ll tell you a one sentence headcanon 


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other notes: 

if you don’t to see any, blacklist annasblogrates

hey listen up peeps

so i realized i changed my aesthetic again. so i went and cleaned out who i’m following so my feed wasn’t a mess, and now i need new blogs to follow soooo

- reblog this

- mbf me

- send me an ask to check out ur blog and say whether you want a blograte, promo, or archive screenie promo. (the archive screenie promos will most likely be 4 at a time unless this flops then i will do each of them individually)

- that’s it. i just need to follow more people and i’m trying to make it fun lol

- also check out my posts and face ok ok

Beast within Commish?

Hey lovelies! Hope you’ve been doing ok!

I’m mostly here to ask you guys if any would be interested in me opening commissions for your witchsona’s beast within (yes I love drawing animals)? 30USD each. Kinda like this one:

I’m mostly asking for the near future, when my Internet connection is fixed (since rn I can barely see pages as it is), but I wanted to check if they’ll be people interested. 

Please leave your replies on this post or tags! Reblogs are appreciated, and thanks for reading c:

anonymous asked:

I'm shocked to see you reblog something mocking the fact that gender is a social construct, completely different from biological sex. I guess I just wanted to know, do you really think it's ok to assign gender to people?

I’ve been really busy with school the past few weeks so I queued a lot off some blogs I follow sorry if I accidentally queued something that was rude 😨

well my dashboard is kinda dead rn so you know the deal!! if you post any of the following and have a tagging system of some sort reblog this and i’ll check out your blog!

  • shadowhunters (the show, we pretend the books don’t exist in this house)
  • harry potter/fantastic beasts
  • star wars
  • the get down

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, as a white person, do you think i can speak on issues such as toxic masculinity, homophobia, abuse, etc. that is normalized within the black community or is that overstepping my boundaries? I dont want to be /that/ white girl that thinks she can speak on intracommunity issues she has no business weighing in on yenno? So i figured i would ask :) thank you so much for your time

nope. as white people we have no place butting in on any intracommunity problems that aren’t ours. that rule applies for most, if not all, things. if you aren’t part of a community, don’t speak on issues that aren’t really yours to speak on. I think it’d be ok to reblog posts from black people on those problems to share awareness and their conversations, but it is not our place to directly speak on.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I've been thinking about this for months now and I look up to your voice on here so much so I figured maybe you have some advice. I'm from Germany and our election is on sunday. It is extremely important to me that people use their voice and fight the racist party that has been getting more popular. I think it is important to speak up and use social media to get to people but I'm quite shy and hate hate hate being the center of attention... I feel like a bad person/hypocrite

hiii love!! i think it’s great that youre even thinking about the election to this degree and that you feel so invested in the outcome. while i do understand why it can be scary to post on social media about your opinions, a really wonderful alternative is to retweet/reblog/share posts by other people and from other sources (particularly in this case, poc voices who might be tangibly, directly impacted by the platform/agenda of the more conservative party). if you don’t want to draw attention to a particular policy argument or take a firmer stance for one candidate you might also just want to make a general statement reminding people to vote, which i’d say is quite noncontroversial. 

another alternative is to have conversations off of social media, where everything is less of a Statement™ that feels like it needs to be curated and perfected before it’s shared, and where you might feel less like youre calling attention to yourself or opening yourself up for arguments. talk to your friends and peers and any family members that you feel comfortable with and just have frank and honest conversations about the election and the fears/doubts that you feel about the outcomes, and then reiterate the importance of showing up to the polls and actually voting. and then, hopefully, the people youre talking to will continue the conversation with other people they’re close to and the conversation/awareness can spread that way. 

finally i would say, in some ways i feel that politics is so much bigger than each of us individually, such that sometimes it is worth it to put ourselves in situations that make us a little bit uncomfortable so long as it means we’re standing up for what’s right. as long as you’re not putting yourself actively in harm’s way and expressing these opinions wouldn’t make you immediately unsafe, then i’m of the mind that it can be incredibly powerful to take stock of the shyness and anxiety you feel about drawing attention to yourself but use your voice anyway. express how you feel because you know and believe that it’s right, because you have certain privileges, because youre passionate about being an ally or an advocate on behalf of people who are and aren’t like you. while it can be incredibly daunting, for me personally the conviction i’ve had in my beliefs and the amount of positive feedback i’ve received for always voicing my political opinions loudly has always helped to outweigh my fears (uh and if people are dicks to you in response, just delete their comments lol!) 

hope this helps you! either way, i wish you and your country the best, and i’ll be eagerly watching the results on sunday. thank you for taking an interest in advocating for what’s right x hope you have a lovely day!!!!!!

I know that Sunday’s are difficult days. You hit a certain time and all you can think about is the Monday that’s going to follow. Whether it’s school or work or just living another day, there is always that feeling of dread. I want to help people push that dread to the side, even if its just 10 minutes. So.

  • On my snapchat (elliemae12340) every sunday at around 8:30pm UK time, I am posting a picture of something that makes me smile. (Its dogs literally just dogs. One dog a week. My friends dogs. All the dogs)

But I want to do something on here too. I’m going to be taking submissions and asks with things that make you guys happy so we can share the happiness.

So here’s the rules

  • It can be anything that makes you smile or feel happy.
  • Your pet, your friend’s pet, your friend, something someone said, memes, puns, idc as long as it’s positive/funny.
  • It doesn’t have to be lgbt
  • You can send in any time of the week but things will be posted on Sundays.
  • Have fun!!

I’m going to post and reblog my own things and I’ll be tagging everything with #make sundays happy so everything is easy to find.

I know people are allowed to do whatever they want with their edits but if you make a gifset of the “super family” and exclude Mon-El, I will never hit the reblog button.

Ends on September 27, 2017 

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What Should I Do?

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Please note that my drawing skills are not the best;; 

anonymous asked:

is is still ok for gentiles to like quotes? and, in my specific case, I want to convert but I'm not studying with a rabbi rn - can I reblog them with the appropriate tags to my sideblog? I don't mind if I can't, I just don't want to do things you don't want me to do! I hope you're okay with me asking, have a peaceful shabbat!

I’m going to try and address this question in a broad manner for the purpose of giving people tools to figure out how to navigate this space, because I really don’t want to go through infinite situations of, “is it ok if I do [x], considering I hold [y position] to the community?”

This is a Jewish-centered space. That means that Jewish feelings, concerns, history, culture, etc. come first here. Jewish have very few spaces where we can just be ourselves and interact safely. I put certain boundaries in because I think they will prevent goyim from infringing on our space. I asked goyim to not reblog posts that are tagged “goyim don’t reblog” (as quotes from the Tanakh now are) because there are some non-suggestion posts that are for the community and don’t need goyische commentary (and, it seems evidence, that goyim have already forgotten that suggestion posts are off limits to them regardless). They are just posts I would rather not have goyim putting their hands on.

If you encounter a post here, and you want to interact with it in some way, I would encourage you to consider the consequences of doing so and the space you would occupy as a result. And furthermore, what are the consequences once you spread the post further?

I can’t make infinite rules to govern every situation that might arise, so I’m just going to have to ask goyim to make their best judgment, and if they’re not sure, don’t do it! In this case, refraining from interaction is the safe bet.

And as far as conversion status, I’m going to try and be very clear here - if one is studying under a rabbi and thus has started the official process, I exempt them from the rules for goyim. But if a person hasn’t started from the official process and isn’t studying under a rabbi, then they should continue to follow the rules for goyim. This is because, firstly, regardless of your current intention, neither you nor I know what the future holds and until you start the process, you could very well end up not converting at all, and then how much space have you taken up? And secondly, having a rabbi oversee your process is critical because they are your teacher and guide in our community, and because in a lot of ways they sponsor your behavior. If I know someone is studying under a rabbi, I know there is someone who has judged your entrance into the community as sincere and that they are taking responsibility for your initiation. Otherwise, how do I clearly determine who is actually serious and who just wants to fetishize us? There’s a reason why we’re a closed community.

I really feel like this goes beyond reblogging/liking/interacting and that goyim here need to really consider the why behind the rules I make, and the oppression that I and other Jewish people must contend with, because then I think it’ll be much easier to judge whether or not something you’re doing is contributing to our oppression. It isn’t enough to just listen to what we’re saying (i.e. “don’t reblog this kind of post”). You have to make an effort to understand (i.e. “don’t do anything that would center goyim in this space”).

Camp camp sad Rant

TW!TW! Discussion of mature content in the fandom! Scroll past if you want!!

I really love that show but I feel like I can’t reblog most of the fan art bc of that stupid m/d ship. I see a cute art with Max and David, but when I look at the artist’s other work and dig a little deeper I find that they draw that gross m/d ship. I also run into the same thing with some fan blogs. It’s creepy and wrong. AND also illegal! Why people do this? I just got in the fandom and I find this junk?? Can you not?

If you are an artist with cc fan art comment so I can follow artists that are against this ship. I don’t want to accidentally reblog from m/d shippers!

Not even from fan blogs. I am going to delete the cc stuff I reblogged, I just don’t want to risk supporting people like this. Not even a little bit.