and i want one scene of them in season 3

S3 & S4 Parallels so far

Okay so I just wanted to keep a track record on how many damn parallels Julie is giving us this season with Isaks…because this isn’t her being lazy and doing what makes people happy….noooo this is her setting us up for something we will not be ready for. So for us to work out what that is going to be, it might be easier if we look at what exactly has been paralleled so far with Isak’s season. 

1. The Intro

Season 3 and season 4 are the only two seasons to start out by using the same powerful concept of introducing our mains current world with flashes of images of things that are happening everywhere that are connected and actually have an impact on the mains story very much. It shows how important everything that happened around us can be to our own personal small individual worlds. That just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter, that is doesn’t effect you or have a connection to who you are and what you’re going through. And Both Isak and Sana’s seasons show us this in the first minutes of their story. 

2. Group Dynamics

In both seasons we have gotten a similar scene with Sana/Isak, eating lunch while their friends discuss sex which makes both mains feel alienated and uncomfortable within the group. We see how different they both feel within their group dynamics and this feeling of never being able to “fit in”. This parallel almost sets up that Isak and Sana are both in a similar mind set. The feeling of not being able to connect with the people close to them. 

3. The heartbreak party scene

This parallel was way too similar. The mains both see their love interest with someone else which both hurts and prompts them to question everything they have felt and seen so far. 

4. The Crush Stalking in Biology

I don’t think I need to say much on this one because oh my god this whole clip was a repeat of Isak’s biology clip. Even from the title we go from ‘Even’ to ‘Yousef’, the setting, Mikael, even Isak interrupts Sana just like Sana interrupted Isak. This was a very blatant parallel and I feel like this is Julie’s way of making sure that we know these parallels and repeats are in no way a ‘coincidence’ there’s a purpose and I am so keen to see what it is. 

5. “I’ll fix it” 

So when we go back to Isak’s season the drama all starts with Isak losing Mahdi’s weed. we get this conflict when Mahdi tells him it’s 1000 kroner and Isak tries to calm him by affirming to him that he well “fix it” and thus this is how he ends up getting blackmailed by Sana to go to the kosegruppa where he meets and Even and boom all the drama plays out. This then parallels Sana who says the exact same thing to the girls when they tell her they cannot afford the bus. So just like Isak’s season it seems like this is where all the drama is going to start. With Sana determined to do anything to ‘fix’ this. 

6. The cute kitchen bonding

I loooooved this new clip so much it was so fluffy and cute and it gave me the feels but guys… also made me feel incredibly suspicious…why? This is another blatant parallel of the iconic evak bonding domestic kitchen scene from episode 2 of season 3. Even the positioning of Isak/Sana and Even/Yousef is eerily similar. We also have the love interests preparing food for the main as they give them the hearteyes (same) and then they laugh and giggle over cute things and it’s all so perfect. 

Too perfect

Too similar

this is the 6th parallel and I feel like there are more but these ones are the most obvious to me. Clear easter eggs Julie is giving us to freak out over (which I am) she wants us to see this parallel. To notice the Evak reference just like we did with the R+J reference in s3. 

she wants us to see it, so when she pulls back the curtain and reveals the true reference we will once again be thrown off our feet. 

ahhh I am so nervous. 

Feel free to add on any other parallels you guys have seen <3 


Voltron has been slacking on the bbff (best boyfriends forever) Hunk/Lance content… to pass muster, I demand that season 3 includes:

-more inside jokes. And blackmail. U know that Hunk has at least 15 stories MEMORIZED that he can allude to with a sentence and immediately make Lance clam up. And vice-versa, but it’s more effective when it’s Lance lmao.

-Let Them Touch. Yo,the two of them are definitely the most touch-prone on the team so let!! Them!! Lean on each other!!!! Lance is a cat… let him drape himself over Hunk’s back while he’s working and stuff. I want more back to back content… that one scene w the juice pouches was not enough to satisfy me.

-I want Hunk and Lance to either Always Side W Each Other or to like,,, immediately suspect each other if the last juice box gets taken. There’s no in between. They either ride together, or they war against each other and die together. They know each other’s strength and weaknesses… if they’re apart, you’ll need one to take down the other. If they’re together… they’re unstoppable.

-let them?? Be selfish about each other?? If Hunk takes a hit in battle, I want Lance to panic and almost abandon his post for a second. Like, I get that they’re saving the universe, and they do care about that. But… they’re also incredibly important to each other. Yeah, they have the team now, but before- all they had was each other. “I don’t want to save the universe if you won’t be in it” sort of thing. Yknow?

Lance cares about Keith

The creators of Voltron confirmed that Lance is the youngest and he takes care of his nieces and nephews (they even called him an uncle lool), which means he definitely has a strong caring/comforting quality about him if he chooses to take on that role.

So it’s not really a surprise that he’d be the first one to step up and comfort/take care of Keith when he really needs it the most, even pushing aside their “rivalry” to do so. 

It just goes to show how family oriented he really is. Everyone on that team is so close to him that he probably looks at them as family now, even Keith. They may have their differences sometimes, but in the end it’s clear that he still cares a lot about him and he’ll prove that if he really needs to.

But slowly we’re starting to see the more caring side of Lance towards Keith and that means that their relationship is definitely improving. It’s only season three and we got Lance, who literally wanted to stick Keith in a wormhole in season one, comforting him at his worst moment (and we barely ever see Keith break down or get sad, so this is a really important scene between them; dare I say bonding moment part two?) 

If that doesn’t show character development in Lance, then I don’t know what does. Slowly they’re starting to solve their differences and get closer, become better friends, and I’m so excited to see where this leads between the two of them <3

nichorello future? and more...

i have so many theories about this couple it is ridiculous. let’s point out some obvious facts tho.
1. lorna loves nicky (denial…sort of?) she will come to her senses as i will explain later on.
2. nicky loves lorna. obviously.
3. lorna needs nicky (again, she will find this out)
4. nicky needs lorna (to help stay sober)

i think nicky will be perfectly fine, maybe a few cuts and scraps, but she will survive. i mean why bring her back if the writers were just going to make her character miserable and then kill her off? it wouldn’t make sense. i mean maybe if the character was hated, but nicky isn’t all.

on the other hand, lorna. honestly, i don’t know. i feel like IF they get separated for a few episodes (maybe the first 4-6) , lorna is going to come to many realizations. the first one, obviously, needing nicky. second, receiving psychiatric help. i have a weird feeling that lorna is going to find out that nicky called vinnie and it’s going to change a lot for her. when she was outside before the separation into different buses, she thought that he just came back…from his own free will. if she finds out that nicky called him and basically convinced him to come back, well….nicky 1, vinnie 0.

i feel like there are so many possibilities when discussing lorna’s pregnancy.
1. lorna will lose the baby. there are two ways this could go down. one: miscarriage. two: somebody hurts her. both of these could cause lorna and vinnie’s fake and fucked marriage to collapse. why? because now vinnie doesn’t have the responsibility and might not want to be around anymore.
2. lorna doesn’t lose the baby. when nicky and lorna reunite (which they probably will, i mean, the
show wants to keep the audience captured…but also have an audience. killing nichorello would be a dumb decision that would affect their ratings. anyways, when they reunite, nicky will help with the baby. of course, this would lead to bonding time and change Lorna’s feelings.
3. i would LOVE to see a lesbian and a bisexual raising a baby. it hasn’t happened yet on the show with the last two pregnancies and i think it would add a little positive spark to the show…because it was lacking this season. we all know how oitnb loves to make points…so what about two people of the same sex raising a baby?

i wanted to also address vinnie. he is not able to take care of lorna nor the baby. hell, he can’t even take care of himself. he is what? 35 and shares a room with this brother at his parents house. and we are suppose to think they he can take care of a child for a full year? come on now. secondly, vinnie doesn’t really know lorna. i mean he hasn’t been with her and talked to her for more than a few hours at visitation. he hasn’t witnessed her outbursts in person. third, he ran away with the thought of having a child. not a good sign. it took him a phone call to convince him to come back, but i doubt it will be forever. vinnie isn’t going to last long. might be gone by the end of this season or next. i said this before. vinnie is the new larry. just a bump in the road.

i doubt that the entire season 6 will be shot from different prisons. the audience loves their ships, scenes from their ships, and everything the comes with that. if you separate all 3 of the main ships: vauseman, nichorello, and flaritza, for the entire season, its not gonna go well. people will be upset. fans will be upset. and i believe the writers know this.

i wanted to address something that a friend and i were thinking and talking about. i think there is more than one reason why nicky wanted lorna to not go with them. the obvious reason being that she wanted her and the baby to be safe. but i think there is another one. we witnessed flaritza holding hands and being close, yet got separated. do we honestly think that if lorna was with nicky down in the pool that they wouldn’t be holding hands and standin next to each other? maybe it means that they will end up in the same prison…who knows tho. just an idea to dwell over.
of course if they end up in the same prison, i still think lorna will come to the conclusion that she loves nicky, but it would take longer. we saw it in the hug. we saw it when she asked nicky to stay the 5 extra minutes. we know.

now a list of randomness.
1. i saw a comment that said if they killed poussey and soso’s relationship, they can do anything. i think there was a reason behind why they specifically were ruined. of course it was to make a point of #blacklivesmatter and the fucked up system we have in place. another point is that soso and poussey didn’t have a history together. they just got together and never experienced more time together. so if the writers were to create some drama and ruin a couple to create a point while simultaneously still having an audience, of course you would ruin a new relationship.
2. i feel like caputo is going to play a huge role in the first few episodes of season 6. i think he is going to really try and get the points that taystee and the rest were trying to get across. i think they are playing on the current political concept of the resistance and having people in power help out the ones who don’t necessarily have a voice. (caputo had power…inmates don’t).
3. litchfield will still be a main filming location. they aren’t just going to demolish it. it is still functional. the guards were just fucked. (might have to baby trap the prison tho because of frieda’s little hideout).
4. there is going to be vauseman issues. probably going to be separated. who knows with those two tbh.

in the end, when lorna is looking back, i think it actually hit her that she got what she so called wanted. a husband that says they will be there for her, but now she lost nicky. this is going to help her make her decision easier…i think.

to fully end it lol….lorna is in love with nicky, but not the idea of being with a woman…yet.
lorna is in love with the idea of being with an italian man and having a baby, but she isn’t in love with vinnie.
nicky loves lorna. plain and simple.
in the end, love will find a way. it may take a couple of seasons, but i believe nichorello is endgame.

So for sure there will be BTS clips of Supergirl with Katie McGrath in them. Most of Katie’s scenes are between her character, Lena, and Melissa’s character, Kara / Supergirl so most likely, there will be one or two (or three) BTS clips of Melissa and Katie.

And I’m screaming just thinking about this. I want to see them interact behind the scenes. Cos if their on screen chemistry as Supercorp is thru the roof.. How about off screen? Are they awkward? Cos there are lot of flirting (intentional or not) going on with their characters? That might be awkward to film right? What are they like as Katie and Melissa? (Am I the only one thinking about this?)

And she will be a regular for Season 3… that means high chance of more BTS clips with Katie McGrath.

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This is why other fandoms think you Supercorp fans are absurd. Supercorp will never be canon and it most certainly will not be canon in Season 3: Episode 1, an episode that will focus on Kara's pain. When you think about it like that, wanting Supercorp to be canon is painfully naive.

anyway supergirl season 3 episode one is going to begin with that scene of kara holding the strip of photos from the trailer and then she’s going to grimace, think for a moment, and rip them in half, burn each half slowly with her heat vision, and then take the ashes and pour them down the drain. the next scene will be kara going to the statue unveiling, and we watch as lena walks forward, says “i love supergirl” with her lips touching the mic, and then pulls the rope to lower the curtain. a giant statue of supergirl with big neon arrows pointing at her biceps is revealed. lena stares at it for a long time. then we flash to lena and kara making out in lena’s office. kara pulls away just to say “you really like my arms, huh?” and lena nods and they keep kissing. then, when kara is back at the deo, people seem hesitant to bring up m*n-el. finally, winn does: “wow things are pretty quiet around here haha wonder why that is.” kara nods and said “finally.” alex comes up and apologizes for pushing the two of them together, and she hugs kara. kara admits she’s so glad he’s gone. alex agrees. winn agrees. j’onn agrees. random deo workers we’ve never seen before agree. a significant portion of the episode is people talking about how much they hated him. we take a break when there is a robbery and kara has to fly to stop it, and then we return to the deo to hear from more people. finally, to conclude the episode, lena comes and picks kara up from the deo because she knows who kara is and respects her and loves her and they go eat dinner and the last shot is lena trying to convince kara to eat some salad and kara going “i’m going to find another pod and launch myself into space too lena i swear…”
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Written in response to season 3! Although, this is not at all a season 3 “fixer”, because I adored season 3. More like…

“Hey man, check out this possible missing scene where Keith hands over the red bayard to Lance.”

(Completed one-shot. 1799 words.)


What seems like one scene of Luci trying to reveal himself to Chloe and getting interrupted might in fact be two, especially when adding the first promos’ scenes to it but at least they seem to be from S3E1 and not from the stand-alone episodes. The main reason for thinking it is two scenes is the fact that we see Ella in one of them and I doubt Luci wants to reveal himself to her at the same time as he does it to Chloe, but JMO. The fact that Chloe is standing in them and sitting in others point in the same direction. The first 4 gifs are one scene, and the second scene starts with Luci shutting the blinds and ends with Chloe going “Oh my God.” And yes, that could mean Luci shows her his true face and she sees it too.

Spencer Hastings: the rundown

I’d like to applaud the growth of Spencer Hastings over the course of the series- and I don’t think the growth stopped at 7a.

Here’s my spencer character rundown.

Season 1:

Spencer was portrayed as the little sister that’s always in her older sister’s shadows—however I think Spencer is way smarter than Melissa. She let’s pressure get the best of her as well as repeating past mistakes(i.e keeping her lip’s on Melissa’s men). I love how her and Toby’s relationship began, I think that they brought out the open-mindedness of both of the character.

Season 2:

I don’t know about all of you but I knew if one liar would get trapped with A in the end, I knew it’d be Spencer. This was Spencer’s investigative season. She asked the right questions and found out things she did and didn’t want to know. I do wish they would’ve gone a different route when she found out Jason was her brother- I low-key hoped that they would develop a better brother sister bond. I’m proud that she finally spoke up to her father in this season. We also got a glimpse of her selflessness by sacrificing her relationship with Toby to keep him safe.

Season 3:

Spoby reunions - I live for them. It was a classy “first time” scene. This season was so bomb for her. One of my all time favorite moments was when she slapped Toby when she saw him in that hoodie *chills*. This season gave her so much depth-i.e when she thought Toby was dead which lead to her going to Radley. The whole fake A team ploy was kind of weak but served it’s purpose for the time being.

Season 4:

I’m glad she supported Toby in the whole figuring out what happened to his mother thing—even though it wasn’t my favorite storyline.

Season 5:

Well this was a season where she was in 2 too many jumpsuits. I feel like they were really trying to pin random crimes on her. I got chills when the were being arrested when Alison was found guilty. I thought it was creepy that Melissa was being nice to her. Also, I found her “love interests” - Colin and Johnny- stupid and a waste of time. I didn’t approve of her trying to use Toby to get information since he became a cop

Season 6:

Her addiction resurfaced in 6a and after some point I was over it. I think she was an asset to the big picture but she was extremely obsessive with the Charles thing which I’ll get to later. Let’s get to the 5 years forward I’m so happy that they did because I got tire of them being in high school. Although a career in politics was a given to her I love the 23 year old Spencer, even more sophisticated than ever. What I’m about to say may piss people off but I loved Spaleb. I think that their relationship made a lot of sense they’re both mature, responsible, good, intelligent and kind hearted people. It made sense and they were so cute together for the short time that it lasted. I know they get a lot of flack but at the end of the day Hanna and Caleb had been broken up for years and in those years he and Spencer were getting close so I don’t want to hear that’s a out of the blue situation. Also Hanna and Caleb had not seen each other since their break up and same goes for Spencer and Toby. I’m a Haleb fan and a Spoby fan but get over it ppl.

Season 7: Even though not much has happened and I’ll probably end up updating this whole blog post at the end of the series lets do this anyways. I think Spencer being Mary’s daughter was inevitable lets get that out of the way first. Mary always had a weird vibe when coming around her so I wasn’t surprised she was her biological daughter. But might I add that I’m tired of every time a big family twist happens, it’s always involving the Hastings or Dilaurentis families. I think they could’ve gone with Aria or Hanna or someone else. I feel like this was done to keep Mary relevant to the big picture. It explains why Spencer was so obsessive when trying to figure out Charles but if she gets a sibling vibe, why didn’t she have it with Cece if they’re the same person. I don’t like the chain reacted that’ll be set off if Peter is her biological father and not adopted father. Peter being Spencer’s real father not only means that he stepped out on Veronica twice(who doesn’t deserve it bc I think she’s a great person, but did so with twins. That means that Spencer and Jason are first cousins and half siblings and that’s a little too close for comfort. And even though I was sad she got shot, I know she didn’t die so I’m good

Fave moments so far:

The showdown when she found out Mona was A

Her style

When she broke up with Toby in order to protect him from A’s wrath

“bitch crazy”

“bitch chipped us”

Spoby’s first time

Asking Toby if she could kiss him one last time 😍

Spoby in general

Spaleb arc - “I need you to go get a glass, ‘cause your girlfriends drinking all by herself and it’s real sad”

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

A Spoby wedding

Her to reject Mary as her mother(harsh, I know, but Veronica has been a great mother to her and Mary has been a backstabbing snake since the day she showed up). I kind of wish Mary was just the surrogate.

Spencer helping Toby get through Yvonne dying and letting him feel again. Closer bond with Jason(won’t happen)


‘I love it when you talk dirty.’

I am deadass dying to see Jace and Alec having a non-angsty or advice giving conversation about malec and clace where they both equally acknowledge each other’s relationships and how they’ve grown as people for once, is it rlly too much to ask??

Like Jace commenting on how much more chill Alec seems since meeting Magnus

Alec having a joke about how jace would drop everything to look after Clary

Jace asking something a bit awkward and Alec just rolling his eyes

Alec tryna give tips to jace from what Izzy has told him about Clary but Jace not listening and them both getting so frustrated

Or it could even be like non romance related like taking each other out for a beer after a really hard day or to get away from their respective drama. Another training scene where one of them is fighting super hard and the other is like ‘woah buddy take it down a notch what’s up’

Like I just really want more Jace and Alec interaction in season 3 u feel

Love is in the air

SnK S2Ep12

One last ships tally for season 2…

YumiKuri: I started crying at Historia’s speech, and then again when Ymir’s gentle titan fingers started caressing her…crap, just pictured that moment again, tearing up….

EreMika: dude needs to learn how to not cockblock himself: next time a girl’s moving closer to you, don’t freaking stand up and ruin the moment, idiot.

Jearmin: FINALLY!!! I have waited YEARS to see this moment on-screen!!! Hallelujah!!! Plus they figured out Eren’s ability TOGETHER so they had MOMENTS ALONE. Praised be.

Reibert: they should just get married already. Forget about the ladies (who probably don’t want them anyway cuz one is frozen and the other is already taken)

Eruri: cuz they were being all adorably familiar with one another…and I think Pyxis left the room by the end of this scene so who knows what they did afterwards when they were alone and done talking about the next season the titan stuff.

MobHan: trusty Moblit, always nearby and ready to be supportive at Hange’s beck and call.

Looking forward to more lovin’ (and weeping) in Season 3, 2018.

What I wanna see in 6B:

1) Something like season 1. Where it’s not just bad guys 24/7, it’s just them graduating, thinking about colleges, being together one last time.

2) Stydia, stydia and more stydia. I want dates, kissing, cute gestures. I wanna see stydia in bed, i also want Lydia in Stiles’ jersey. (ever since that scene of Lydia sniffing it)

3) Of course, can’t forget about Sciles. I want to see them together in lacrosse games, and worrying about colleges and getting an apartment together. I want to see the brothers together in a more calm environment again.

4) I want Alisson to somehow come back because her and Scott were too cute.

5) Kira can also come back and be with Malia because I’ve shipped them since that dance scene.

6) Minimal 2.0 characters.

- I’m aware these aren’t gonna happen, but they’re just my thoughts. 

like i am overjoyed that my otp is engaged, but at the same time that scene was exactly why i feel like i’m pretty much over watching ouat regularly. like buddy bois A&E… you’ve got to let your characters BREATHE. I’ve watched these characters grow for 6 seasons, you don’t need to insert drama left and right to keep me invested in their happiness. at this point i just want them to be HAPPY. I loved that one scene at the end of season 5? 6A?, where emma tells killian that she loves him, and it’s great because that milestone was crossed without imminent danger or ~angst~. The ending of season 3 was so satisfying because emma and killian finally entered a relationship, and it happened without them being under emotional duress. Peace and calm is what makes moments like those feel fulfilling and genuine!

At some point i’m just going to get tired of the characters going through the same old struggles. we’ve seen the ‘one half of cs keeps a secret from the other” like 5 times already, we’ve seen “rumple can’t let go of his power” 10 times, and we’ve seen “regina gets upset she isn’t getting her happy ending” 15 times. LET THEM MOVE ON. LET THEM HAVE SOME HAPPINESS AND LET THEM GROW A BIT. Every time there’s progress, there’s regression in the next episode. That’s usually fine, but at this point it’s become stale and annoying. I want to see characters do new things, face new challenges, and continue to grow.

I’m just going to use cs as an example - they just moved in with each other! as much as they love each other, i’m sure it’s not always easy to adjust to another person’s living routine! they’re both used to living alone, so maybe there’s a learning curve! maybe they get a little annoyed at each other and argue over a silly thing like who didn’t take their shoes off on the carpet!! because that’s relatable!! couples have disagreements, that’s healthy!! and maybe they’re trying to deal with some magical disturbance, or some EF transplant resident is having issues fitting in, and over the course of the episode they learn more about how to coexist and compromise their habits!! because that’s part of being in a relationship!!! i would watch the shit out of that episode because it lets their relationship grow without throwing in some crazy outlandish drama!!!

a number of reasons why you should watch Black Sails

- now is the perfect time to binge-watch seasons 1-3 because 4 (which is the last one) will be out soon

- listen who DOESN’T want to know the backstory of Long John Silver?

- PiRATEs?!?

- lesbians? yes. dead lesbians? nope.



- BAMF characters. all of them.

- everything serves the plot??? even the sex scenes??? i mean where else would you find that??

- you REALLY want to find out who Thomas Hamilton is. believe me.

- “well, we could make this a straight blood fest” “how about we don’t?” “yeah sure Jim good plan”

- assorted relatable quotes: 1. “that was dark” 2. “There’s no we, we stopped being a thing of any relevance about an hour ago.” 3. “no shit” 4. “fuck”, in all its various forms´

- “My truest love, know no shame” *sobs*

feel free to add

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I really loved when Barry iHop'd the kitchen for Iris. Usually, I'm inclined to believe that when someone does something that big and nice, it means they want something in return. Which is why Iris was like "Barry Allen, what has gotten into you?". But he did it, because he wanted to. Le swoon. 😍 Anyone that treats my girl like a queen is great in my book.

I love so much how Barry spoils Iris for the only reason that he loves to do it. He doesn’t expect anything in return. All he wants to do is to show how much he loves her. 

Its probably one of my favorite scenes of this past season. I mean how cute are they two of them here? Barry’s so proud of himself, Iris looking stunned <3

Sidenote: I love nothing more than a man who makes food for the woman he loves <3

I just practically finished watching all Nygmobblepot scenes in order

And I just cannot even begin on just how CLOSE Oswald and Ed were. I mean, their friendship was based on trust, loyalty, respect, and love. They were always there for each other and supported each other no matter what. They truly had each other’s back. Always.

I’m going to try and focus particularly on Ed, since it’s pretty damn clear Oswald love’s Ed, considering his actions and ultimate confession.

I mean first off, these two always did, idk if I want to call it favors, perhaps a better phrase is, warm acts for each other (e.g. Ed saying he would take care of Oswald’s mother’s grave. Oswald sending buscuits and having clothes made for Ed). Like, idk, but they didn’t HAVE to do that for one another. I still haven’t watched season 3, except for the major nygmobblepot scenes and ending, so correct me if I’m wrong and it is my opinion as well, but NO ONE else on this show seems to have nearly a close, warm, and affectionate relationship as them. Just their pure interactions, dynamic, and nonverbal communication really says and shows a lot.

As for Ed himself, I found it so sweet how in s3 he was just giving Butch that look of hatred and suspicion. Just how much he looked after Oswald during the election and proved to him that he could win it on his own - “I believe in u, Oswald. Even when u don’t believe in yourself”. Again his behavior and actions show a lot. Ed put himself in danger to protect Oswald. It can be argued that he never truly did that for either Kristen or Isabella.

And that’s another thing. Ed says he could have lived a normal life with Isabella. But I seriously wonder about that. I somehow doubt that she would have been enough to stop Ed from becoming the Riddler, even if they had been together. And though she dresses as Kristen and tries to show him he will not hurt her; I also seriously doubt that she would have completley accepted him as he is. I mean, unless I’m wrong, she probably thought Ed was no longer commiting criminal acts or MURDERING people. If Ed had continued and she found out, would she really have stuck around? Kristen certainly didn’t want to.

Oswald sees Ed for who he is. Loves him completley as he is. Ed himself realizes and says it himself. “No one else saw that, except Oswald.” Of course, this also seems to apply for Oswald - “He looked at me the way no one had since my mother.” Oswald was selfish and stupid for killing Isabella. Yes. But he later proves how much he loves Ed - he was willing to die, so Ed would live. “I should have been able to sacrifice my happiness for his. I couldn’t. But I’m ready now. I won’t call Ed! I won’t let you hurt him!” This, I think, shows just how much both were willing to do for the other. After all, Ed had said before the whole Isabella mess, “I woud do anything for you.” And states Oswald is the best friend he ever had.

And the fact at just how lost, and dare I say, heartbroken, Ed seemed to be after he ‘killed’ Oswald. (e.g. Taking pills to hallucinate him, looking for a rival, someone on his level. “Oswald was right. He’s the only one.”) He literally tells Lucious that he ‘wanted to hold on to Oswald a little longer’. Not to mention him yelling at hallucination!oswald, “I admit that killing u, killed a part of me!”. Plus, Ed’s words of - “I cared about you. And I miss you.”

Just even while trying to kill Oswald, Ed’s words don’t line up with his facial expressions. They are pretty hard to read, but if u ask me, throughout the whole ordeal he looks so conflicted, worried, almost like he doesn’t want to kill him. You would think that Ed would have a look of pure rage and hatred, but no. Again, I would say he looks conflicted, almost sad too.

When he first shot Oswald, he kept repeating Isabella and that he loved her, however, I think he was just trying to ready himself and justify that this was justice for her death. It seems he wasn’t so much pained by losing someone he claimed to love, and that’s not to say it didn’t pain him, rather, I think what ultinatley hurt the most was that he was betrayed by the one person who he cared about so much. I honestly think that, ultimatley, that’s what their whole conflict comes down to - not because of Isabella’s death and seeking vengeance, rather betrayal and just how hurt he was by that. I know I keep repeating myself, but the facial expressions Ed had throughout his and Oswald’s conflict just didn’t add up to angry vengeance. Not really anyway.

These two really did have something so beautiful and pure in their friendship. Until Isabella appeared, they were pretty damn happy with each other and being in one another’s company. They helped each other. Supported each other. Tried to pick the other up when down. And just how close they would stand next to each other. And how little personal space there sometimes seemed to be between them physically.

Thinking back to all their ‘domestic’ scenes and when their friendship was at it’s brightest, I can’t even begin to imagine what went down off screen between them. They were after all, living with each other for a long time.

You simply cannot tell me this love, because what else can it be, but genuine and pure love; was only exclusive to Oswald. Ed loves Oswald. He does. Maybe not the way Oswald loves him. But there is no doubt even after their falling out, that Ed loved Oswald still. And of course vice versa.

These two have too much of a history, too much of a bond, dynamic, and a utter and true understanding and acceptance of one another for it simply to be erased so easily.

~ Destiny will find a way to get you two back together. Real love doesn’t disappear. It can turn into hate. And hate can turn into love. But those feelings won’t ever turn into indifference. ~

I honestly hope s4 gives us a rekindle of that bond they share. These two deserve to be happy and with each other. Especially, Oswald, dammit. “You cannot have one without the other.”

the line in the s4 trailer that’s gonna kill me is when keith says “he [lotor] hasn’t been seen in months”

so like

months have passed between s3 and whenever this scene happens

these kids have been in space for m o n t h s

i know that it’s probably obvious and i’m making a big deal but like. this is their life now. this is how they have been living for months now. 

seasons 1-3 could arguably take place over the course of a few weeks. they’re still getting used to the whole thing. season 4, they’re here. this is how they’re living. 

what i’m saying is i want a slice of life episode okay 

one that’s just them during downtime when voltron stuff isn’t happening and just like. dealing with casual, everyday space stuff. and coran has to dad everybody

“aw darn the gravity’s off again, CORAN FIX THE GRAVITY”

“there’s too much food goo for one serving but not enough for two so uhhhhh….yeah i’ll just take all of it”

“hey guys I found these altean vhs tapes they could either be a cartoon or a war documentary wanna find out which?”


“guys have you seen the mice? not to alarm anybody but they may be armed so good luck out there”