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[immediately follows up a full-on illustration with a messy comic]

at least by spewing soda all over alim’s phone, marin no longer has to steal it in order to erase the incriminating evidence

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Jumin headcannon if MC stayed at the apartment (let's say the whole penthouse situation never happened) and ends up being almost kidnapped by Unknown and finding out. I really adore your blog and Jumin going into protective mode over the ppl he love \(^_^)/


I love this idea so much! And after you someone else sent me a similar request and omg I like this so much so I’m writing both because I didn’t realise how much I needed this until now. 

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog. 

These got really long. I’m not sure how good they are, sorry. I ended up taking a long break and it’s another one that’s kinda more like a fic in headcanon form, sorry.

Hope you like it!

Warning: there are so many spoilers here for like, every route tbh I don’t know where to start. 


  • He knew it was irrational to want MC to want to come stay with him, even if it was for their own good. They’d only met a few days ago and even then it was only online. 
  • Surely, from past experiences, especially experiences that happened less than a week ago, they should know better to trust people they meet online when they’re told to go to a stranger’s house. Even if they had spoken over the phone, they’d never seen him face to face, even in a video chat and in turn, he’d never even seen their face. 
  • Even thinking about it that way, it wasn’t logical to invite someone you met less than a week online to come and stay with you and they never asked if they could come
  • Not to mention the fact that even Seven seemed to be working his ass off to make sure that they were safe in that apartment. He knew about the cameras, the fact that the hacker was always watching to make sure everything was safe for them. Surely everything would be okay with someone constantly keeping an eye on them 
  • Even if MC came to stay with him, they’d be alone all the time. He still had to work and he knew, even with how much he loved her, that Elisabeth 3rd wasn’t the best company when you were completely alone all day…
  • So reluctantly he stayed quiet, put on a brave face and acted as happy as he could ever time he messaged MC in the apartment. Even if his calls became more frequent, more emotional in general he didn’t let any if his fear show. Nobody knew the hacker’s intentions for leading them to the apartment in the first place, but they hadn’t heard from him since and it had already been nearly a week, so it was possible that was it. 
  • Then the emails came, and everyone had had the same assumptions that they were just spam until it was clear that the one one of them to not get the email was Seven. 
  • Things only got worse from then on. 
  • Seven came into the chatroom in the middle of the night in a complete panic, not making any sense, but saying that MC was in danger and that they couldn’t leave the apartment under any circumstances. 
  • And he knew it was all his fault. If he’d tried to talk to them, tried to get her to come and stay with him, than he could have protected them, but he didn’t and they were in danger and  the hacker had resurfaced
  • And Seven was refusing to answer any of his phone calls no matter the fact that Jumin knew that the other constantly had his phone within arm’s reach in case something happened or MC called.
  •  MC was in danger and he had no way to help. He didn’t even know where the apartment was, let alone how to help her get somewhere safe and he didn’t even know what kind of danger they were in
  • V refused to answer any calls 
  • When he got the call he could hardly breath because all he could hear on the other end of the line was MC’s panicked breathing and the fact that they were sobbing so hard that they couldn’t speak 
  • After he finally managed to help them breath they managed to tell him just how afraid they were of everything that was going on and that they didn’t understand
  • The next day when Seven finally told everyone about the bomb was even worse. 
  • He took the day off from work. Instead he went to visit Seven’s house, barely containing his anger as he demanded to know where MC was, but Seven refused to say another word. 
  • Countless calls to V all in a row, scattered throughout the day, whenever he could, but there was still no response. He couldn’t help but think that V was avoiding him on purpose. 
  • It was nearly three in the morning, Jumin couldn’t sleep from the fear that something would happen to them, when he got the call from Seven. 
  • It was a quick call and he could hear the exhaustion in both of their voices as the spoke, as Seven gave him the address, begging him not to go there in person Or MC would be in even greater danger. Still, that was all he needed to know to get guards to the apartment. 
  • It wasn’t as much as he wanted to do, but it was something. 
  • Ideally he’d be there with them, somewhere safe, but he wasn’t. They weren’t. 
  • He got a call from one of the guards a few hours later, early enough in the morning that he’d started to think that nothing would happen, that there’d been someone in the apartment, that they’d tried to hurt MC and that they were okay, but they were in a complete panic 
  • He didn’t hesitate to hurry to the apartment and get them out of there. 
  • He brought them to the penthouse with them. it didn’t matter that they’d met a week ago. it didn’t matter that they’d only spoken online and through their phones. He cared about them and almost losing them like this terrified him more than he thought was possible. 

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do you have any slow burn fic recs of pepperony that takes place pre-im1?

there really aren’t many pre-im1 slow burn fics (a travesty tbh) but here are a few that come to mind that at least begin pre-im1. :) (ps i haven’t read some of these in years so if they aren’t really what you’re looking for i’m sorry!)

- access granted by elorapid
- travels series by pukajen
- unscheduled meetings by roboticonography
- the courting of tony stark by boombangbing
- love is like a stubborn youth by owlvsdove
- my heart in your hands by secondalto
- every picture tells a story by mycedarchest
- ladykiller in love by artemis_day
- just a job by miran anders
- 5 times pepper took care of tony by zauberer_sirin

and now these aren’t pre-im1 but they are slow burn and i love them!

- drive by roboticonography
- the wager by outtabreath
- palmer’s kiss by vr trakowski
- mnemosyne’s lock by vr trakowski
- copra cabana by csi clue
- green laurel by vr trakowski
- self-preservation by roboticonography
- you’re all i have by xxhiphuggersxx
- they take apart their nightmares by sabinelagrande
- heir by anxiousgeek
- ever i saw by baronessemma
- my best friend’s baby by snoot37

You Make me Stutter

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 1888 || more fics

summary: after Oliver stumbles upon some videos on Felicity’s computer, he discovers they have a shared fantasy and it’s time for them to play it out. (for @queensoverwatch)
a/n: tbh i’ve wanted to do this forever, but i’m just now getting around to it lmao. also this is a preemptive apology for the things i have planned (: 

warning: this fic features pegging so if that’s not your thing just skip it

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” Felicity asked as she straddled his lap.

He placed his hands on her hips and nodded, “I do. I really do.”

“Good,” she pressed her hands into his shoulders, pushing him backwards onto the bed.

She was really surprised when Oliver first brought this up. It was something that she didn’t really think he would want to do. There was a part of her that knew that thought was stupid, considering his past lovers, but she didn’t want to think about that.

“I found videos on your laptop,” he said.

“What were you doing on my laptop?”

“Mine was upstairs and you left yours open.”

“How did you even find my stash?”

“I clicked on the Internet Explorer button and it opened a folder instead.”

She swore her eye had started twitching. Felicity hid her porn by turning her folder into the Internet Explorer icon because no one actually uses that damn browser anymore. Except for Oliver apparently. She didn’t think she had to go to extensive lengths for her private videos, but apparently she should have. No, it wasn’t that bad. She was being a bit dramatic about it. If Oliver hadn’t stumbled upon the videos then they wouldn’t even be living out one of their shared fantasies.

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hello!! i don't know if this has been asked before but have you ever thought about making a (short) list of your fave korean fics? i'm studying korean rn and as i was learning english reading fics helped me a great deal tbh..i could go scavenging but i tried and translating takes me a lil lmao so i wanted to start with the Good Stuff so i'm sure my efforts are rewarded (?) if that makes sense. i'm sure you're hella busy tho and i respect that 100%!! thank you for your amazing blog <3<3<3<3

I’m in the process of compiling my favorite Korean fics right now and it’s taking longer than I thought it would because they’re all scattered across different sites (Korea, why…) 

I would hold off on reading the really Good Stuff for now. To start off though, I suggest you visit the Monthly Kookmin and Kookmin Hall. Many of the more popular KM authors are either permanent members there or will feature as guests. (You may even spot some familiar names while browsing through the art sections^^)

I recommend you check out the Alphabet Series by 래생님 (found in the Monthly KM). The series is canon compliant and each one-shot is pretty short and sweet (or sad). Plus the subject matters are all very approachable for foreign fans. A lot of the other fics I feel like you would actually need some basic understanding of our culture/society or you may get really lost with some of the more specific terminology, practices, etc.

Finally, a lot of the more explicit materials are age restricted and you won’t be able to unlock them unless you have some form of Korean I.D.

“You’re stuck with me now, you know. There’s no turning back for you, no leaving me, no changing your mind. We’re bound for eternity.”

“So be it, you stupid bat lord ♥.”


Here’s my part for my art/fanfic trade with @a-court-of-chronicles! I loved your Nessian fic, m’dear ♥ *shoots you with feysand fluff*. Also those of you who want the images from the gif for edits/icons, let me know; I’ll upload them seperately!


“There was something about the confident way in which he held himself, and something about him she couldn’t seem to place, but… well, damn. She liked the way he held himself. She liked his intense green stare and his thick lips, and though he was rather thin, Hux still had this way about him to appear larger than he actually was” 


more reyux for the people out there ♡ 

Not for you (PT2)

Originally posted by syubprince

Background: Taehyung, a young duke, accompanies his cousin (a prince) to meet the princess of a different castle. Upon meeting the princess, Taehyung now has to fight back feelings of want & fondness because of the theory that a princess was meant for a prince, not for a duke.

Authors note: So I am finishing this off as a fluff story because most requests for part 2 wanted this as fluff and tbh I really wouldn’t know how to write a smut for a prince au right now. Its too hard huhu but maybe one day, as a drabble, not sure. Also, I might be adding a little side line story for Prince Jimin here, what do you think? Anyway, I hope you guys liked it! Feedback will make me really happy. Like srsly, talk to meeee :”)


“So think about it, when you actually verify all the forces of nature, I really do believe that the chicken came before the egg.”

You force out a wide smile, nodding your head almost too ecstatically at the prince you had just met a few hours ago, Kim Namjoon. You blink a few times, just realizing that he had finally stopped talking after almost 45 minutes of explaining random scientific theories to you that had you zoning out every 10 seconds. 

“Well.” You clap your hands, loud enough to have the tall prince jump in shock “You really know alot of things huh, Prince Namjoon?" 

The tall boy lets out a shy smile, his dimples immediately popping out of his cheeks as he rubs the back of his head. "Thank you, I could tell you more-" 


 A random arm reaches out for you and you all but gasp when Jungkook places both his hands on your shoulders, a wide eyed look on his face reflecting horror. 

 "The tea is running out! The queen is panicking, we need your help.“ Jungkook then turns to Namjoon 

"The country needs their princess." 

 "Um, cause we’re out of tea?” Namjoon bobs his head to the side but Jungkook simply nods his head so convincingly that the taller boy decides to excuse himself before giving you both a short bow. 

Once out of earshot, Jungkook’s features shift into a enjoyed look as he claps his hands. 

“You’re welcome.” He beams.

“For what?“ You frown, watching as your cousin eyed the garden silently. 

"For saving you from Mr. Snooze fest over there. Jesus, all the other guys were drinking together last night and he just wouldn’t fucking stop talking about the big bang theory and how it was just a myth." 

You bite back a smile as you link your arms with Jungkook, casually making your way around the garden where brunch was set for everyone in the castle, courtesy of your mother. 

"You’re terrible, you know that?” You hum, smiling and waving at certain people who greet you. 

 "You still love me though princess.“

"I’m forced by blood.”

“So.” Jungkook beams as he turns to you, eyes twinkling “Which one of the princes are you fondling some time soon?”

“Wh-What?” You choke on your own spit and Jungkook has to stand in front of you as he laughs, trying to block you off from the eyes of the other guests, protecting the image of the castle’s precious gem.

“Oh come on , Noona.” He rolls his eyes “This get together is basically your Mom’s blind date for you. You know how the Queen wants you off with some noble prince and shit." 

"Well I dont like any of the princes.” You snap, annoyed that everyone was thinking of marrying you off with some random prince from who knows where. Did anyone even bother asking you how you felt about all this?

 "So you do like that Duke kid.“ Jungkook hums and your eyes immediately widen as you snap your head up to look at him. 

 "What did you say?" 

"Hmmm?” Jungkook mutters unconsciously as his eyes follow one of the visiting castle’s duchess who was smiling fondly at him. 

 "Jeon Jungkook!“ You hiss and he turns to you with a sheepish smile before he’s shrugging. 

"The other prince’s were talking last night. Saying that you were too nice to that Duke Taehyung. Found it weird that you were hanging around him too much.”

“And why would they bloody care?” You bark back, eyes now scanning the garden for the numerous princes you were going to be glaring at for the rest of the day. 

“Jealous, probably.” He shrugs. He watches you knowingly, eyes reflecting adoration for his older cousin. You had spent your younger years constantly protecting Jungkook from those who bullied him but now that he was taller than you, the young boy decided it was his time to protect you.  

“Well they can go fuck their selves in the as-”

“Language Y/n!” You cringe at the sound of your mothers voice before you turn around and give her a bright smile, acting as if nothing had happened. 
“Hi mom.“ 

She clicks her tongue at you before taking your face in her hands, examining you for any imperfection. You frown at her while Jungkook snickers at you teasingly.

"These boys are doing their best to win your favor, Y/N. You shouldn’t speak so ill of them when one of them could be-”

You were already rolling your eyes even before she could finish her sentence. 

You step away from her grasp, a sudden jolt of anger bubbling inside of you “Mother, could we please drop this?" 

"This is how me and your father had met, would you please at least consider-”

“Mom, you and dad are the exception! That doesn’t mean all princess’ and all princes are gonna find true love the way you had. What if my true love turns out to be the rusty old man up the southern hills? Yet I can’t end up with him cause you’re so focused on having me married off to some prince. Can we just please not talk about this!”

You take in a breath as you stare at your mother who was blinking at you, shocked that you had gotten so riled up. 

“Y/n” She opens her mouth, hoping to say something but its suddenly cut off when the head maiden taps the Queen’s shoulder, whispering something that has your mother widening her eyes before she’s holding up her dress in her hands and marching away. 

 You blow out a breath as you drop your head, suddenly feeling tired, watching your mother disappear into the castle doors. 

“Dont be so hard on yourself.” Jungkook offers you a soft smile, arms wrapping around your shoulders for support “She just wants whats best for you." 

You give him a short nod before your snapping your head up to the sound of a loud cackle that sounded all too familiar. As if by destiny, your eyes immediately find Taehyung who was seated by a round table, a wide smile on his face as he chatters animatedly with the girl beside him. She throws her curly brown hair back, hands covering her mouth as she giggles at the joke the young duke must have said. The rest of the women around the table smiled widely at him, amused by the antics of the young duke who was too busy laughing at his own joke. Your hands ball unconsciously by your sides as you feel your chest constrict in sudden anger. You hadn’t even noticed that you were walking towards their table only until you found Jimin looking up at you curiously from Taehyung’s side, the young duke on the other hand was too busy talking to even notice you were there at all. 

"Princess? To what do we owe the honor?” Jimin hums, gracefully rising from his seat. The mention of your name has Taehyung stopping mid sentence and snapping his head to look up at you. You force yourself not to turn to him, to not even acknowledge his presence as you smile down at Jimin. 

“Care to walk with me?” You ask  and you do not comment on the way his eyes widen before he spares a glance at the boy beside him. Taehyung’s fists unconsciously clench by his sides as he watches you take your lips between your lips as you await the young prince’s answer. 

“Me?” Jimin mutters confused but slowly rises to his feet either way. 

“Yes, you.” You nod, finally gaining the courage to turn to Taehyung whose jaw was now locked as he kept his eyes trained on you, his expression completely unreadable. 

You force down the shudder that threatened to rake through you as you turn on your heels, waiting for Jimin to stand beside you. Once he was up on his feet and by your side, you link your arm through his and start walking. 

“So, is this to get him jealous?” Jimin finally asks once you were a good few feet away, out of Taehyung’s earshot.

“What?” You feign innocence, eyes glancing around in nervousness, suddenly regretting your decision of inviting the prince for a walk.

“Cause Tae’s a pretty jealous guy, especially when it comes to things he really wants.”

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.” You glare at him but Jimin’s bright chuckle disintegrates any form of anger you had felt at all. It was as if his laugh alone could open up the heavens and clear the skies. 

“Your secret is safe with me, princess. I know you like my cousin.” He shrugs “And he likes you too, he’s just too scared.”

“Of what?” The question is out of your mouth before you can even stop yourself, curiosity getting the better of you. Jimin eyes you joyfully, wanting to tease you for being so blunt about your feelings towards his cousin. Yet when the young prince notices the flash of worry that had crossed your face, he decided this was no time for jokes.

“The status quo.” Jimin mumbles “He doesn’t look like it, but Taehyung’s probably the most honorable man I’ve ever met. And since people expect princes and princess’ to end up together, he’s scared of even liking you at all.”

“What a joke.” You growl, hiding the slight crack of your heart after discovering Taehyung’s train of thought.

 "I honestly can’t believe everyone’s is still thinking this way!“

"I know.” Jimin nods “Everyone kind of wants to make our choices for us.”

You are quiet for a few seconds, just realizing that Jimin was going through the same situation you were. He was being set up to be partnered to a princess he wasn’t even sure he even liked. Jimin was expected to marry a princess. Jimin’s own choices were being taken away by the status quo too.  

 "This is ridiculous!“ You hiss, suddenly feeling angry for the young prince beside you. 

"Very.” Jimin nods, suddenly stopping when you had reached the farthest corner of the garden “"I’m sorry to say this, but I believe I’ll have to be leaving you now, princess.“ 

 "What?” You frown, shocked by the sudden turn of your conversation “You wont be walking with me back there?" 

"No” Jimin smiles, gently angling his head the side “Cause my cousin’s just about ready to choke me while hiding behind one of those trees right now.” .

You don’t follow his gaze but you believe him, suddenly feeling the presence of someone else watching you. Taehyung had followed the both of you all the way here just to spy on you?

“You two behave.” Jimin chuckles as he stuffs his hands into his pockets, taking a step backwards.

“Jimin?” You call out to him, your voice lowering “You said he gets jealous easily?”

“Very easily, why?” Jimin bobs his head to the side as a wide grin spreads across your face. 

“Good” You mutter before you step forward and press a chaste kiss against his cheek. Jimin’s eyes widen for a few seconds before he’s biting back a laugh and shaking his head, realizing what you were doing. 

“You two are going to be perfect for each other.” Jimin mutters before he’s stepping back and walking away from you. You play with your fingers quietly, watching the blonde prince disappear behind line of trees before the sound of a tree branch snapping has you jumping in shock. 

You turn back and find Taehyung sitting cross legged on the bench, hands lying flat behind him as he leans back and bobs his head to the side, eyes digging into you dangerously. 

“So, I see you’ve found your prince?” The venom in his voice causes the hair on your arms to stand as you wrap your arms around yourself and feign innocence. 

“Just like how you’ve found your duchess? She’s beautiful by the way, owns a lot of lands up north, I heard.”

“Dumb as a rock though.” He mutters before he’s pushing himself up on his feet. 

“Isn’t that the trend now a days?” You shrug. 

“Jimin snores.” Taehyung suddenly announces “And he never shares his fries, not even if you ask nicely. He also wears heel inserts! He’s not a fan of sweets and he sleeps during movies!” He’s waving his hands in the air, a sudden wave of emotion taking over him as his lips pout out almost childlike as he watches your reaction. 

"My my.” You smile, suddenly amused “Is our duke speaking ill of our prince?" 

"I dont fucking care.” He growls. 

“Jimin seems nice though.” You say as you step forward, watching the vein’s on Taehyung’s neck tighten as he forces his anger down. 

“He is nice but he- he cant” He sighs “He’s not-" 

You step even closer to him, head bobbing to the side as you urge him to finish his sentence. You slowly stand on your tip toes and Taehyung’s eyes look at you from left to right as you place your hands on his chest and press a chaste kiss against his lips. Before the duke could lean down and press against the kiss deeper, you pull away and smile up at him. 

"He’s not you?" 

Fuck“ He breaths out, eyes shutting as his arms wrap around you protectively, as if you’d disappear if he didn’t hold on tight enough "Please dont say that." 

"Why not?” You hum, wrapping your arms around his neck, your adoration for the beautiful boy vibrating off of you.. 

I might like it.” He answers, voice straining, eyes opening and staring deeply into your own brown orbs.

“Good.” You smile, your worries earlier when talking to Jimin washing away. Maybe all Taehyung needed was a little shove to finally give up his stand on honor. Maybe all you needed to do was be the aggressive one. Maybe you were all Taehyung really needed to push down his doubts of being with you. 

But suddenly Taehyung is pushing you back as he shakes his head. "No, no. We can’t do this. Who am I kidding , Y/N? You’re a princess!“ 

The comments shocks you, your mouth snapping open as you glare at him, suddenly feeling as though you’ve been slapped.
"What does that have to do with anything?”

“EVERYTHING! I’m a duke, Y/N. Just a duke. You’re a princess, this castle’s princess! One day you’re going to be queen! You’re supposed to-" 

"Dont you fucking say it.” You warn him, command lacing your voice. 

Taehyung shuts his mouth obediently and you have to fight back the urge to rip your hair out of your head as you glare at him. You felt sick. You’re head was spinning as your chest tightened painfully while your hands shook in anger.

“You’re meant to be with someone like Jimin. Someone with that title.” He mutters after a beat and you end up scoffing in disgust. 

“You know whats funny? My entire life, people had always treated me different. Always acted like I was hard to reach or wasn’t even worth being treated anything less than my status.” You pause for a bit, eyes searching his “Then I met you and I actually felt human for a bit. Felt a little bit normal for once. I thought you actually saw the person in me.”

“Of course I do.” Taehyung mutters “But at the end of the day Y/N, you’re still a princess and I’m just.. me." 

"That just means I’m nothing more than my status to you.” You smile at him sadly. You take a step back and Taehyung watches you, eyes  widening as he steps forward, a sudden wave of fear taking over him. He had felt your walls building, felt you shutting off your emotions, felt you pulling away from him.

What had he done?

“I’ll be taking my leave now.” You force out, almost feeling your voice crack in frustration. 

“Wait- Y/N. No, dont. I dont know what to do. What should I do?” Taehyung mutters, eyes searching yours, his hands clenching by his sides. 

“Good day, Duke Kim.” You mutter, finally turning away from him and marching back towards the crowd. You drone out the loud chatter as you weave pass people, even excusing yourself from the few princes who tried talking to you. You make your way inside the castle, pushing your heels off of your feet as you take the stairs up two at a time. The maids watch you all but run on your way down the hall and into the safety of your own room. Once the door had shut and you were sure you were alone, you let out the breath you had been holding since walking away from Taehyung. Your eyes then squeeze shut, the corners dripping with tears of frustration. You furiously wipe your cheeks with the back of your hands, you chest constricting as his words replay in your mind. You slide down against the door, your knees curling against your chest as you force the tears away. 

You are not your status. .

You are not a princess.

You are you. 

The next 5 days pass painfully slow for Taehyung. The young duke had spent his days locked in his own quarters or out at the shooting range, doing his best to stay busy and out of the castle halls. He then spent his nights at some tavern, trying to drown out every thought that had threatened to consume him if he was left alone to ponder. On the third day, a sudden mention of your name had slipped out of one of the prince’s mouths making Taehyung realize that he couldn’t stay here any longer.It was getting far too painful for him. So the young duke decided: It was time for him to go home.

 "Tae, come on. Do you really have to do this?“ Jimin sighs as he watches his cousin pull out his trench coat and slip it on.

"Of course I do.” Taehyung forces out a smile, pretending to be unfazed “I’ve got lands to tend to, Jimin. This was fun and all but this was for you, not for me." 

Bullshit. Jimin had wanted to say, wanting nothing more than to call out his cousin for his bluff. But the prince thought better of it as he kept his tongue between his lips and nodded. 

"Then at least stay for the commentary? The royal family is speaking today and even the princess will be-" 

"You’ll keep me updated.” Taehyung smiles, cutting the conversation as he grabs his bag and starts making his way towards the door. 

“Are you taking the train?” Jimin asks, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries catching up to the large strides of his cousin. 

“Yeah, it’s leaving in 2 hours.” Taehyung nods looking down the hall and smiling at the servants who were bidding him farewell. 

“Ah, the announcements will be beginning by then.” Jimin nods. 

Taehyung was about to open his mouth and answer when a shade of scarlet suddenly has him stopping on his tracks and shutting his mouth, his heart slamming against his chest. 

You had stepped down the hall, looking down at the notebook which one of your maidens had held, reminding you about certain topics to address later. Just as the first time he had met you, you had looked completely breath taking. Taehyung couldn’t even find a word to describe you in your gorgeous knee length dress, the color reflecting the redness of a freshly picked apple. Your hair was down today, flowing softly down your shoulders while a light shade of red blessed your lips. 

His princess was as gorgeous as ever. 

 As if feeling his gaze, you snap your head up, eyes immediately locking with Taehyung’s. The young duke had stayed rooted to the ground, making no signs of moving as his eyes just took you in. His bag was casually slung over his back, his trench coat swaying with the slight blow of the wind. You clear your throat before telling your maiden to wait. You slowly approach the two boys, your knees shaking and your heart doing 8-0-8′s in your chest but your expression had remained calm and cool. Jimin glances back and forth between you two, the tension thick in the air. 

“Leaving so soon, dear duke?” You ask, your throat tightening at the effort to sound indifferent. 

“Sadly yes, I’ve got duties to fulfill at home.” Taehyung nods, not revealing any form of emotion. 

“I’m sure you do, you’re quite the honorable man.” You smile, yet the venom in your voice was so clear that Jimin had to press his lips together, hiding back a wince. 

Taehyung purses his lips before giving you a slight nod, holding back the need to wrap his arms around you and claim you as his.
“I wish you good luck during your announcements." 

"You’re not staying till then?” Your eyes had widen unconsciously and Taehyung had to frown at your reaction. Why were you so surprised? 

“Sadly no, my train is leaving in 2 hours.” Taehyung mumbles, fingers drumming against his thigh nervously. 

“Oh.” You nod, forcing down the disappointment as you meet his gaze 

“Well, I hope you take care,” A long pause fills the air as you study his features quietly for the last time. This was going to be the last time you saw the young duke. 


Taehyung’s eyes widen at the mention of his name but you were already turning to look back at your maiden to even notice his reaction. You walk pass the two boys and Taehyung’s eyes follow you, his heart crying out inside his chest as his lips tremble at the effort to contain himself. 


You tap your foot lightly against the floor, your heels clicking against the wooden layer. Your mother has to place her hands on your lap to stop your movements, her grip tightening as a simple warning. You give her a sheepish smile before turning to look back at your father who was just finishing his own speech. 

“Nervous?” You mother whispers, noticing the clenching and unclenching of your fists. 

“No.” You shake your head. To be honest, you really weren’t nervous about the speech at all. In fact you would have rather spent your time practicing archery than being here. No, you weren’t nervous. 

You were disappointed.

Disappointed that Taehyung had chosen to leave today. Disappointed that he couldn’t even stay for a few more hours and hear your speech. Disappointed that he looked fine. Disappointed that maybe you were the only one with the attraction to begin with. Disappointed that after all this time, you still craved the young duke above anyone else.

“Darling, it’s your turn.” Your mother cuts your train of thought and you snap your head up, greeted by the waiting crowd. 

“Oh.” You mumble before your up on your feet and making your way to the podium. You smile at the crowd, greeting them courteously before starting. You begin by talking about the basic issues: road repairs planned for the month, your trip to the neighboring Kingdom next month, your fathers decision to stop the trade with the east kingdom. They all listen attentively, nodding their head in understanding at the simple facts that you were stating. 

You give them all one glance before you’re clearing your throat, warning them of the sudden topic change. 

“Alright!" You smile before setting your notebook down "Now, to address the elephant in the room." 

Your eyes find Jimin’s against the crowd and he gives you a supportive smile. You turn to the empty seat beside him and push down the feeling of sadness that claws against your chest. You shake the feeling away before you let out a steadying breath and smile.

"As you all know, my mother had somehow set this little get together of the kingdoms in hopes to find me a partner.” You hum and turn to your mother teasingly while she just rolls her eyes at you. The crowd chuckles lovingly at you both and you turn back to look at them with bright eyes. 

“As a princess, I know it is expected of me to fall for someone of the same stature. Everyone in the room is probably expecting me to marry some prince to keep the perfect blood line” You notice the princes adjust their coats as they sat higher in their seats, waiting for you to finish.

“But something my dad told me a few years ago really has me thinking twice about all these expectations of me." 

Your father bites back a smile as he turns to your mother who was now arching an eyebrow in question. 

"My dad told me, that the most important thing in the world is for one to be happy. He even explained that love can make someone so happy that it blinds you. So I asked him if my mom was his happiness, he said: ‘Yes, because I love her. But daring I love you too, so that makes you another one of my happiness. How lucky am I?’

“I adored that, I adored their love, I adored their happiness, I adore them." You smile, playing with your fingers as you forced yourself not to look back at your mother. 

"Dad was a prince and Mom was a princess. They were a fairy tale that came true and to this day, they remain completely and utterly perfect for each other. So a few years ago, I asked my dad when I would find my prince, and this line is really what stuck to me: 

'darling, I don’t want you to find a prince. I want you to find a person. Someone who makes you happy, someone who brings out sides of you that you never knew you had, someone who lives their lives everyday just so they can love you. Someone to be your person. 

Thats what I want you to find

You scan the crowd and see the princes gawking at you, amazed that their own hidden feelings were being spoken out loud. They were people of stature who were also stripped of their choices because of the way of thinking of the masses. 

"That means that that someone could be anyone. It could be a prince, a duke, an old fruit trader, the farmer up the hill, or even the little fisherman’s son by the lake.” You shrug your shoulders “So, my dear princes, I’ve gotten to know all of you these past days and all of you are wonderful. Any woman would be lucky to have you but that woman wont be… 

it won’t be me." 

"Have you found someone who makes you happy?” Comes the loud question of Prince Jin, his eyes smiling as he stares at you knowingly. You press your lips together before bobbing your head to the side. 

“I might’ve.” You mumble more to yourself than to the crowd "Or I thought I did.“ 

You shake your head before smiling, once again pushing down the sadness "So I hope you don’t take this with an ill heart, my dear princes. I just want all of us to find what truly makes us-" 

A pair of eyes suddenly capture your attention as the words die down on your lips. You had stood frozen, the sound of your heart slamming against your chest being only sound you could hear in the room of more than a hundred people. The curve of his lips has you widening your eyes as you watch him cross his arms and lean against the wall for support. 

 ”Finish“ You read his lips and are suddenly pulled out of your frozen state, looking back down at your notebook and trying to remember what you were supposed to say. As if sensing your distress, your father had come up behind you, placing his arms on your shoulder and smiling to the crowd. 

"What truly makes all of you happy.” He finishes for you and the loud claps that filled the room makes you jump in shock, not expecting such a reaction. Your father chuckles at you before placing a soft kiss against your temple.

“Your little duke is here?” He whispers and you turn to him with wide questioning eyes. 

“I know everything, darling.” He chuckles “It is my kingdom." 

"Daddy!” You growl at him but he just winks at you before he’s clapping his hands, asking the crowd to settle down. 

“Alright, so now that the announcements are over, I’d like to invite all of you to the dinning hall where dinner is being served!” Your father smiles then turns to you, eyes filled with nothing but affection. 

“Stay and talk some sense into him. I heard he’s too honorable that one.” He chuckles. 

“You have no idea.” You roll your eyes before you grasp his hand, thanking him. The crowd waits for the king and queen to exit the room before they’re all following them out, flocking out the large wooden doors. You turn to look back at where Taehyung had stood, watching as he kept his eyes solely on you while rows of people pass him. You could feel your throat drying, your heart beating wildly against your rib cage as your palms had started sweating.

A princess’ palms should never sweat.

Once the last person was out the door, you decide to feign ignorance by pretending to fix your notes, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing how much he had shook you. Your heart patters in rythm with his steps against wooden floor as he slowly moves forward. 

“Are you not going to acknowledge my presence?“ You hear his voice and the butterflies that flutter in your stomach has you shutting your eyes. It was so good to hear his voice again, to assure you that you weren’t hallucinating and that he really was here in front of you. That he really had stayed. 

"Why should I? When does the princess have to address the duke?” You arch an eyebrow, testing him.

“Oh, but I’m not a duke.” He shakes his head, stepping closer to the podium, eyes twinkling as he looked up at you. 

“And what would you be then?” You bob your head to the side, suddenly breathless at the intensity of his gaze. 

“A prince, a duke, an old fruit trader, the farmer up the hill or even the little fisherman’s son by the lake.” He smiles “A person." 

You had not intended to show him any level of your happiness but you couldn’t stop the smile that had spread on your face as your heart screamed for his name. 

"Really now? I thought, you were a duke and I was a princess?”

“Fuck the system. Fuck the rules. Fuck being honorable.” Taehyung curses and you let out a chuckle, covering your mouth with your fingers. Taehyung growls at the fact that you had covered your face but the sight of your rosy cheeks was enough to calm him. 

Y/N,  Let me be your person.”

Your world had stopped spinning. Your vision had blurred and your heart was too forgone as you nod your head and drop your hands from your face.  
“Then stop being so damn honorable and get up here." 

Taehyung shakes his head, his nose scrunching up as he bit back a smile "But I like looking up at you, you have no idea how bloody beautiful you look right now.”

You bite the inside of your cheeks before rolling your eyes, your ears heating up at the compliment.
 "Kim Taehyung I will order the guards to be off with your head if you dont get up here and kiss me." 

The laugh that escapes his lips are music to your ears. You let out a smile as you watch Taehyung climb on the stage, not wasting any time as his arms suddenly reaches out for you. You meet him half way, letting him pull you towards him as you snake your arms around his neck. Taehyung gazes at your face for a few seconds, his eyes unbelieving at the fact that he had come to adore you so much in such a short span of time. 

You were going to ask him what was wrong but the young duke suddenly takes your lips against his own and you swore you could see sparks flying behind your eyelids. Taehyung’s kisses was your own absolute downfall. 

The contented sigh that leaves Taehyung’s lips causes you to smile against his lips. Taehyung would never admit out loud  just how long he had been wanting to kiss you again. His nights were filled of dreams of kissing you or at least holding you in his arms once again. His days were filled with the thought of you, from the way you smile all the way to how your toes would curl when you laughed. 

You were Taehyung’s one and only thought. 

He threads his hands through your hair, angling his head to the side and deepening the kiss. You playfully nibble on his lower lip and the guttural sound that escapes his throat has you digging your nails against the back of his neck. Taehyung opens his mouth and you immediately explore it with your tongue, only to have his own tongue flick against yours. His hands travel from your hair down to your waist, gripping you tighter as you ran your hands from his neck down to his collarbones then down his chest. Taehyung hadn’t mean to but his hands found their way against your behind, squeezing for dear life as he swallows back a moan that threatened to leave his lips. You gasp at the action, pulling away from him but placing your forehead against his, the seductive smile on your face just enough to drive any man mad.

"Not so noble now are we?” You smile and Taehyung lets out a low chuckle before pecking your lips and squeezing your ass once more. 

“Not today, princess.” You bite your lower lip in completely adoration, knowing that Taehyung had not called you by your ranking but instead used the term as a pet name. You were just about to place another kiss against his lips when someone clearing their throat causes you to snap your head back, ready to scream out a command to throw him into the castle cells for disturbing you. 

“I’d like you to get your hands off of my daughters-” The king doesnt finish his sentence, shaking his head as his eyes glares lasers on where Taehyung’s hands had laid. The young duke immediately lifts his hands in the air, as if surrendering to the enemy as his eyes double their usual size, fear coursing through him.

He steps away from you causing you to click your tongue and cross your arms over your chest, the spoiled princess in you coming out. 

“Daddy, I swear!" 

"Time for dinner.” The King clicks his tongue sparing one glance at Taehyung then turning to look back at you “Now would the spoiled princess and her handsy duke hurry up? The people are waiting.”

“What type of king walks all the way over here to say that! You could have asked one of the guards to do this! You were eavesdropping daddy, dont you lie!” You hiss but Taehyung immediately covers your mouth with his hands as he smiles at your father. 

“We’re coming, your highness.” He says.

You glare at him, spitting profanities that were being muffled by his hand against your mouth. Taehyung pinches your nose to silence you and you immediately slap his hand away in shock. He lets out a loud chuckle as you stare up at him in rage, threatening to be off with his head yet again. Taehyung mocks your voice and your mouth drops open as you pinch his sides only to have the young duke wrap his arms around you and throw you over his shoulders as he smiles brightly at your father.

“We’re coming, sire.” He chuckles as you scream out his name only to end up laughing as you slapped his behind.

“I swear to god, Taehyung, if you drop me!” You giggle as Taehyung passes by your father to exit the ballroom.

“You’ll be fine.” Taehyung hums, fingers pinching the back of your leg teasingly. You growl at him and let out a wicked smile before you dig your teeth against his lower back emitting a loud scream from the young duke as he slowly puts you back on your feet and stares wide at your bite mark. 

“THAT’S GONNA FUCKING SCAR.”Taehyung screeches as your start skipping down the halls, a wide smile on your face.

“YOU’LL BE FINE.” You mock him.

The king bites back a smile as he leans against the door frame. Watching as Taehyung chases after you, a wide smile on his face as he listened to your laughs echo down the halls. Your father shakes his head before adjusting his crown and letting out a proud grin.

“I guess some girls want a man who won’t treat them like a princess.”

I just counted how many AO3 tabs I have open and realised why I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done today: I have 128 tabs open but I’ve been reading all day. So how many did I initially have open??? We’ll never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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OMFG! Fam I just read your page on what you're working on and I got soooooooo pumped!! The Band AU sounds SO FRIGGIN AWESOMEEE AND I CANT EVEN DEAL WITH THE IMAGINATION OF ALL THE FEELS YOU'LL PUT INTO IT! Oh oh oh! And the Single | Derek 😍 Yes just yes! I hope that comes out this year! (It's my Kryptnoite TBH--That and your writing LOL) But honestly does it make me a mosaicist if I want all the angst from that break up FIC? Bu hold up, does epilogue mean no more Sterek from u 😟😟😟


First, this is the sweetest msg and it gives me life <3 I’m so pleased and flattered that you’re interested in what I’m working on! 

Second: The band AU has like 5k more words now purely on your account, because you inspired me. It’s so close to done, I just want to polish some of the scenes and get it to a beta!! Like, mid April maybe?

ALSO: The single dad!Derek and breakup fics remain in WIP purgatory, but they are next in the queue after the two that are almost done!! So maybe late May for those…

PPS: The Epilogue really should be the last fic I write, I am so excitbut what’s on the queue ahead of it is like 18 fics. Considering that it takes me about a month and a half to go from a draft to a fic, and I am apparently incapable of abandoning anything, I will probably be writing long after you give up on this fandom hahahaha…ha…


KHR Time-travel/Friendship one-shot, featuring Reborn and Tsuna.

When Reborn first meets Sawada Tsunayoshi, he expects a scrawny, teenage boy living in complacent ignorance.

According to the information that had been compiled for him by CEDEF, Tsunayoshi is a clumsy teenager with below average grades in all subjects at school, netting him the mocking nickname of “Dame-Tsuna.” At home he is just as average, and though he has slowly become more helpful to Sawada Nana and generally more productive over the past few months, he is still just as painfully average and ill-suited to becoming Vongola Decimo at the moment.

According to the brief surveillance Reborn performed when he arrived in Namimori, the reports are accurate enough.

But when he finally makes his appearance in the Sawada household, expecting a gawky, confused teenager, he instead finds himself on the receiving end of a heavy gaze that has his hand twitch for his gun.

Tsunayoshi is a boy of thirteen years, with a willowy, angular build that speaks of transitioning adolescence, and he hardly appears to have the ability to harm a fly. He sits in a relaxed posture, leaning against the kitchen chair with an easy slouch to his back. Everything about him exudes neutrality and comfort, despite the fact he is alone with an otherwise stranger in the quiet kitchen.

Yet, his eyes—brown eyes that do not even hold a hint of sunset orange—pin Reborn with an intense, unreadable gaze.

If Reborn was anyone else, he might have been somewhat intimidated. As it is, he is the Greatest Hitman in the World, and he is only bothered by the fact that neither CEDEF’s intelligence or himself had noticed anything remiss like this before.

He briefly checks his surroundings, noting the eerie silence and obvious lack of a Sawada Nana in the immediate area, despite knowing he hadn’t seen her leave at any point during the day—

“Maman is out at the moment,” Tsunayoshi says, his high-pitched voice at odds with the gravitas to his tone. His eyes never seem to waver from Reborn, and everything about him is unreadable. Unnerving. “She didn’t have the ingredients to cook what I asked for, so she decided to go grocery shopping.”

Reborn’s response is almost automatic. “Why didn’t you go yourself?” He questions before he can consider otherwise, mindset somewhere between tutor and trained assassin. “Your mother takes care of you, and you have a roof over your head. Menial tasks like grocery shopping should be handled by you.”

The reprimand rings somewhat hollow to Reborn’s own ears despite his conviction, and the wariness he feels both puzzles and unnerves him.

The feeling only grows when Tsunayoshi smiles, a strange, awkward tilt of his lips that Reborn cannot place. He interlaces his hands on the table, and his smile gains a sharp edge.

“It would have been rude to keep my guest waiting, considering he had already waited a week before introducing himself. I simply told Maman as such.”

Unease doesn’t begin to describe what Reborn feels at the moment, and it is a foreign emotion that he hasn’t experienced for years, decades. But he refrains from doing anything ill-advised, such as putting a hole through his student’s head, and instead begins to explain his reasons for being there.

Tsunayoshi’s face is aggravatingly blank throughout the whole explanation, only nodding or giving monosyllabic responses to certain cues.

When Reborn asks if he has any questions—and how strange that is, considering he had expected the boy to be throwing questions and refusals from the very beginning—Tsunayoshi nods.

“Would you like some coffee?”

Reborn has to withhold the twitch that threatens to show. “Questions related to what I have told you, Tsunayoshi.”

“No I don’t. Would you like some coffee, Reborn?”

If this is a ploy of some sort, Reborn cannot see the reason for one. He eyes the boy suspiciously, but nods anyway when he detects no ill-will.

Reborn blinks, and there is suddenly a steaming mug of coffee before him on the table.

“Drink it while it’s hot,” Tsunayoshi says, nursing his own cup. He takes a sip, and frowns. “… I think I waited too long to offer. It’s not bad, but not as hot as it should be.”

Eyeing the steaming beverage warily, Reborn picks it up, and discreetly readies his Sun flames. There is no odd coloring or scent to the drink—it actually smells rather good—but he refuses to be poisoned by his future student, so precautions are necessary.

He takes a tentative sip, and blinks at the taste. Italian roast, suspiciously similar to how his once-favorite cafe in Italy prepared it.

“We’re having Italian tonight,” Tsunayoshi says in-between sips, his eyes closed and his demeanor unguarded. “Maman is a good cook, so it’ll be good.”

Reborn quietly watches him, wondering. He idly wonders if the endearment is just that, an endearment, or if the boy truly knows French.

“Oui, je parle français,” Tsunayoshi says in unaccented French, a grin forming at Reborn’s narrowed gaze. “Ma io parlo italiano più fluente.”

Reborn knows that Tsunayoshi’s behavior is highly suspicious. The boy had not displayed any interest in other languages, let alone proficiency in them, and there is also the fact that he apparently anticipated Reborn’s arrival.

… But Reborn also knows that the boy is, for lack of a better phrase, freely showing the hitman the truth, however indirect. It is not quite telling, but the glint in the boy’s eyes is enough to indicate that he knows exactly how much information he is divulging to the hitman, and that he means no harm to his person.

Perhaps, Reborn thinks, that is why he doesn’t feel a strong urge to pull a gun on his own student anymore.

(That doesn’t mean he will not watch. Reborn has a favor for Timoteo to accomplish, but if Vongola does not benefit from the boy being alive, the solution is easily accomplished.)

Dame-Tsuna,” he says, “I don’t take kindly to people hiding information from me.”

The statement is a threat, but without the full vehemence that usually accompanies its delivery.

He doesn’t quite know what, exactly, the thirteen-year-old boy has to hide. And while Reborn would usually find nothing wrong with threatening information out of another, he has the strange feeling that nothing would get the full truth out of the boy. Not unless he himself decided he wanted to tell Reborn.

That is surprisingly fine with the hitman. He can be patient. He reasons that he himself has his own secrets that cannot and will not be divulged.

(Tsuna is not his equal, he is his student, but he has somehow afforded some level of respect from Reborn nonetheless.

He is a curious individual, and so long as the benefits of observing outweigh the potential dangers, Reborn is confident enough—in both his own abilities and position—to wait.)

Tsuna blinks. He smiles, apparently noticing the small peace-offering for what it is.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Hey, Reborn?”

“Do not start conversations with ‘hey,’ Dame-Tsuna. It is rude.”

“We’re friends, and no one’s around. Besides, I don’t see you pulling a gun on me.”

An irritated sigh. “Tsuna.”

“Right, right. I wanted to ask you this. What would a person you didn’t know need to do in order to ingratiate themselves to you?”

“… Why the curiosity?”

“Well, er. That’s… it? I’m just curious.”

“Interesting.” A pause. “… They would need to be competent, firstly. In all areas. I do not favor ignorance, over-inflated pride, or indolence. They must have a certain appreciation for aesthetics and outward appearances, accompanying any intelligence or social worth they may have. Dullness, in all senses of the word, disgusts me.”

“You gave me a list on how to annoy you, not how to befriend you.”

“Even competent individuals do not always qualify for my ‘friendship’, Dame-Tsuna. In my profession, most of the capable people I meet are either a target that needs to be erased, or an enemy that may take my life if I am not careful.”

“… Huh. I was thinking that the ‘over-inflated pride’ bit was hypocritical, but I guess not if you can admit that.”


“Wow, to think you would pull a gun on me for a comment like that a decade ago. Now it’s just offended silence.”

“I don’t know what you mean. I still do on occasion, but only when I’m in the mood for a good spar.”

“Ahaha, I suppose so—Ah. Wait, you’re deflecting.”

“Maybe you could use a bit more training after all if you’re so easily distracted, Dame-Tsuna.”

That is an opinion. Besides, it’s a matter of who I’m speaking to. You, Kyoko, Haru, Kensuke, Hana, I-Pin and my guardians are the people I can fully relax around.” A sigh. “Really Reborn, what would a person need to do?”

“I already answered, for the most part. I have standards for who I believe is suitable to be a ‘friend,’ but those standards are typically at odds with my occupation. The only reason why I have ‘friends’ now is because I am also an official part of Vongola, and I have no worry of being stabbed in the back while here. Mostly.”

“… So, be competent, intelligent, capable, but also be trustworthy, open, and interesting?”

“In summary, yes.”

“… High standards.”

“That is also an opinion.” The click of a gun, and a dangerous smirk. “I think I’m in the mood for a bit of exercise now. How curious.”

Harry is a prince who likes to read poetry, run away from his palace, walk barefoot and men.

title: Acte de Foi
pairing: wonhui
word count: 105k
rating: pg13
summary: Wonwoo leaps into the air and his jumps take him up, up, and up. Even when Junhui stops practicing his pirouettes, his head spins, spins, and spins. Those two things may or may not be related, but Junhui’s too busy trying to survive his third and final year of high school to notice.
A ballet AU, of sorts.


McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess

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Lionhearted Part 3??

Hi nonnie. Long story short, maybe later this week. It exists pretty much in my head at this point. It is at the top of my priorities, but I have a lot of projects going on right now. (I totally blame my brotp: the shy unicorn.)

That said, I have been meaning to post a list of my WIPs for over a week, just to give everyone an idea of where I am at, fic-wise. So here are the things I have going on right now:

  1. Lionhearted part 3
  2. Two different assignments for the ACOWAR exchange because someone already bailed so I am doing an extra (not going to say what my plans are for them bc it might spoil who I got, but… I have plans).
  3. Mor + Az + Lucien (or with a stranger, tbh I’m not sure where I want to go with it yet)
  4. Mesta? Maybe? I already started this and I’m definitely going to be late for femslash week but I may have… lost my inspiration for this one. (I think I’m going to work on this tonight, or at least try.)
  5. Elucien modern AU in which he is her boss and things go down late one night. (potentially dom/sub)
  6. Nessian request in which she finds out they are mates and it doesn’t go well
  7. Moriel declaration of love
  8. General nessian teasing thing
  9. Thirteen requests in my inbox that include none of these things
  10. Still got the moriel modern AU in the back of my mind
  11. And I really want to do a nessian sex pollen fic (there’s a prompt for it on @acotarkinkmeme  that I like – haven’t claimed it yet, but…)

So you see nonnie (and other friends) I have a lot on my plate. And I served myself, mostly, I really did. I am an idea slut. But all of this is enough to keep me busy for a few months. I’ll still tag people who would like to be tagged in whatever. Just let me know, because I’ve got a System.

He sinks into it, crying into Hinata’s chest. He’s so embarrassed he wants to die.

“This is stupid to say, but I think you’re really brave right now,” Hinata murmurs into his hair. Kenma stops crying, heaving breaths like waves. He wants to hear it again. He wants to feel Hinata’s voice, vibrating through him.

“Even if you don’t want to hear it. You’re incredible, Kenma.”

Please do yourself a favour and read this beautiful wonderful kenhina fic by cloverguts which tore me to pieces and which I both hate and love in equal measure (◕‿◕✿)

hellagaymccree  asked:

Tbh I forgot sleeper had mchanzo but I'm spr excited it'll be more mcreyes if you rewrite it. I loved the flashbacks so much and their relationship through them always let me wanting more. And I'm interested to see them be close friends instead (Jesse and Hanzo). Besides, the mcreyes fandom could always use more content.

LMFAO  now that I think about it the ratio of mchan to mcreyes in Sleeper was always p much 1:9 wheeze

Anyways if someone kept trying to kill my best friend I’d try to murder them too so Hanzo won’t change all that much really