and i wanna read them all rn

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Do you have any fic recs that are 15k+ and posted on ao3?

Hmmm… I got a few. I haven’t read ML fics in MONTHS (I blame klance and viktuuri) but I can suggest my faves :))

- Caged by Their_Destinys_Writer (43K WIP)

-Until I Lose Count by Baneismydragon (35K Completed)

-Fractal by australet789 (27K WIP)

-tangled ribbons by demistories (82k Completed)

-Fanboy by urbangurl123 (Shamelessly adding in my own story here don’t mind me) (27K WIP) 

-Tikki’s New Friend by panda013 (Amiria_Raven) (100K Completed)

-Lucky Us by PrincessKitty1 (I’m legit obsessed with this fic okay) (102K WIP)

-It’s a Match! by breeeliss (23K Completed)

-Old Stories, New Discoveries by The_Mystical_Wolf (GUYS THIS STORY IS SO CUTE OKAY I LOVE IT) (156K WIP)

-to you, i thee wed by megamegaturtle (THE FLUFF IS REAL WITH THIS ONE OH LORDY) (47K WIP)

-Meant To Be by DarkReyna16 (26K WIP)

-Pint Sized by WIntermoth (Seriously so cute and just UGH) (19K WIP)

-Broken Hearts Club by frostedpuffs (Honestly anything by frostedpuffs is good let’s be real) (28K WIP)

-Anything by Thelastpilot here  (Like just check their page and read to your hearts content because honestly it’s all amazing)

-Smoulder by midnightstarlightwrites (163K Completed)

-Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by LooseScrewsLefty, takethembystorm (46K WIP)

-Back To Us by DarkReyna16 (Aka my all-time fave ml fic like I would buy this in a physical copy if I could it’s that amazing I cri) (354K WIP)

-Anything by SKayLanphear here 

-That Awkward Moment When… by breeeliss (32K Completed)

-Anything by BullySquadess here  (Some NSFW stories so if you’re not comfortable with that then read the tags before you read)

-Heartstrings by taylortot (A true classic) (60K Completed)

-Satisfaction Brought It Back by siderealSandman (Aka my 2nd fave Ml fic of all-time) (VERY NSFW) (188K WIP)

-Obsession by KryallaOrchid (36K Completed)

-Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger (55K Completed) (I LOVE THIS FIC OKAY)

I have much more but I didn’t bookmark them because I SUCK AND FORGOT. Like there are some I wanna rec rn but I forgot the names and I’m dying. I’ll add more to the list as I remember and read but yeah. I’m also going to start reading more Alyanette, Chloenette, and ChloAlya (don’t know if that’s the ship name tbh but you know what I mean) And I’ll add those to the list as well later on! I hope you enjoy reading and PLEASE leave kudos and positive comments for these wonderful authors. They take time out of their busy lives to write these wonderful stories so please show your support. <3 And thank you to all you fic writers out there, you guys are truly rad af and ily. *drops mic*

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I'm sad you finished the Bokuroo week, you draw them so rarely now and I just miss my boys so much

anon please don’t try to guilt trip me into drawing more bokuro that’s kinda very rude I realize no one really reads tags so I’m gonna just say it here again - as I mentioned before, this period is really damn busy for me because for whatever reason all my fandoms and ships have decided to hold their ship weeks all together in the span of 20 days and I’m a sucker for this kind of events which means I wanna participate in everything and end up being unable to put actual effort in everything else for a while

THAT SAID how productive I am with a specific ship depends a lot on how much they’re appearing in the main story (currently in the bokuros’ case it’s a very pretty round zero), how responsive/respectful the fandom is when I do post about them (the bokuro fandom is amazing!!! Everyone around it that still keeps on trying to make it about other ships and turn my art into something it’s not supposed to be, not so much) and how much content for said ship I can consume through the fandom/how easily accessible it is (there’s very little content for bokuro in general and try and look for stuff in the tags it’s all about other ships/ot3s or ot4s/unrequited or past-relationship/tagged-but-only-as-brotp)

I really, really, really love that ship a whole damn lot still, trust me, but when I have so little inspiration coming from anything that could give it to me and at the same time I got other ships making me super creative, I’m naturally bound to produce less for it. I’m not abandoning it, I’m just asking you to be patient when my creativity doesn’t happen to be focused on them for a while

Writer’s block can choke

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hello i rly enjoy your writing! If you don't mind, could you recommend your top 5 favourite writing blogs on wanna one? I rly like your style so I think we might have a similar taste? Thank you & have a great day 💖💖💖

OMGOSH thank you for liking my writing style!! it makes me so happy that there are people that read it and like it and I LOVE THIS QUESTION except so many amazing blogs out there. i’ll do 5 faves in no particular order but you might know some of them! feel free to ask for more recs if you already follow them BC I HAVE A STASH TO RECOMMEND 

@pinksausageduo : actual rookie monster. she mostly writes in bullet styles too and they’re so fun to read esp her guanlin scenarios omg. also a lovely person to talk to!!

@wannasseu : one of my faves, her ex bf! scenarios are the best 

@wanna-one-scenarios : another one of my faves, she’s on hiatus rn but so many worthy scenarios to read! 

@alliwannado-w1 : literally just realised today that we are mutuals and her writings are fantastic 


@mongniel : discovered them a few days ago and wow so good?? their daniel “wrong number” scenario is so good 

@deepdickdaniel : also someone i recently discovered and super talented. they’ve done a couple of soulmate aus and they’re so good

@sebooty-lyfe : i love her works and she writes for other groups too 

@donghyxns : I LOVE SO MUCH 

@ennergetics : binge read all their scenarios and they’re just pure amazing 

ok i think i can recommend another 20 so here are some more @emperor-lover @warmau (writes for literally every kpop group so check them out if you’re multifandom) @starrywinters @101scenes @jihoonslattee @wannatales @peachyxjae @perkwoojin @baeijns @wannaonestars @wannawrite @kanggdaniell @heochannies @woojinlee @maroo-winkboy @wannaonescenarios @dae-vil

and theres are defs heaps more!! i follow everyone on my main blog @otp12exo!!

msa ch3 asks

Anonymous said: I love how msa Izuku comes across as an honest to god cryptid: can’t see his face, absolutely the kind of person you’d find at a gas station at 3 am, doesn’t want attention, most likely distant cousins with Mothman

msa au is just me fulfilling all of my ‘protagonist is a cryptid’ dreams by making msa izuku as cryptid as possible. favorite character archetype: cryptid 

Anonymous said: so the msa au is my life right now thank u for that & I just read through the update twice so thank you for that x2 and I had to go back and look for Izuku and Kirishima’s deal when it came up again and realized oh hey Kirishima agreed not to try and stop Izuku from leaving after 3 minutes and they didn’t put a time limit on that i wonder if that’ll come up again (& then my brain jumped to Izuku using that Forever. “we had a deal” every time it comes up. he cannot be stopped bc kiri promised)

got it in one!! izuku will abuse the wording of that deal forever if he can. good eye! 

Anonymous said: relatability of msa izuku: trying, doesnt trust feds, inability to sleep, ready to jump out 4th story window at a moments notice, anti-attention-

that’s msa izuku living the cryptid life of his dreams

Anonymous said: So wait you don’t have to answer this if it’s a spoiler but the collarbone blood tattoo™ is what’s making deku’s existence confusing to electronics, maybe?

yep, you got it! normally izuku is able to keep his presence from overtly affecting the electronics around him but scripting really starts messing with them. 

Anonymous said: quirkless msa deku anon and can i just say that deku looking eraserhead straight in the eye with lie detector policeman there and him saying “i don’t have a quirk” and said policeman not detecting a lie is arguably the best thing i have thought of today.

tsukauchi: wh 
tsukuachi: how did you even do all of [gestures at ch2 events] that without a quirk? 
izuku: it’s a special talent of mine.

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BTS- You Being A Great Dancer

Hello everyone!

So I have 2 things I wanna ask and say to y’all before you read.

1.) Should I put the gifs under the whole reaction like I did in my nct reaction posts or keep it as Is rn (and if there is a different way you would like to suggest pls do)

2.) I wrote this on a different app before this hence why the font for their names is different and stuff so is it okay if I leave them like that whenever I write them on that app first?




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I think v would be surprised but at the same time upset at the fact you haven’t told him you could dance so well. I see him smiling and clapping after you were done anyways Haha. He would love dancing randomly with you after this, cause we all know he’s a goofball😂


Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Hoseok would be so happy at the thought of dancing with you. He’d be all smiles and giggles once you notice him, but then he’ll ramble about how y'all have to come up with a dance sometime etc.. ahah


Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon would be so jealous at how well you dance. He’d walk in your guys’ shared home to see you practicing a dance you came up with recently and his face would be blank because of how surprised he was, he would even be at a loss of words lmao you would have to bring him back to reality.


Originally posted by sugaa

He just walks in the room looks up and says “woah” in his low voice and sᴛᴀʀᴇs😂 when you finish he’s still staring and when you look at him he’d be like “since when could you dance” now in a slightly high pitched voice ahjdn


Originally posted by fawnave

Walks in to see you dancing but starts doing his traffic light dance beside you😂😂 idk why but I just see him joining in no matter if you dance better than him or not anjdjs


Originally posted by namjin-fangirling-again

Jungkook would immediately smile and say “wah daebak!” (Hope I spelt that right lmao and omg I’m cringing looking back at this why did I say that I’m-don’t judge!) like v and j-hope, he’d like to dance with you when he can.


Originally posted by jiminrolls

Jimin would stand at the door, leaning on its frame while just watching and smirking.When you were done dancing though he’d smile and walk up to you and be like “wow you’re such an amazing dancer!” And hug you AJDJS (sorry too fluffy at the end? Nah something can never be too fluffy😆)


That’s all! I hope you enjoyed~☺️

Sorry if anything was poor as I’m still new to this type of writing🙈 (I love writing stories and stuff lol)

- Admin S

First Follow Forever!!!

AYEEE ok so like this is a kind of special post/congratulation because I love my mutuals and I checked my follower count and I have 1,400+ followers christ… I’ve been lacking alot since band/school already consumed me and I come back home feeling unmotivated/tired :’))) I’m sorry yall. So idk if everyone knows, but I am an artist and I’ve been drawing for 8-9 years now?? I haven’t drawn in a long time but I fixed my tablet pressure again and drew this as a token of appreciation for all of my followers and fellow mutuals ^^ I’m gonna put the list under keep reading cuz this is gonna be a hella long post lol,,,

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AU Prompts

So I really had to get these down:

Coffee Shop AUs

i) You always give me fake names but your kinda cute and I’d really like to know your real name but here I am writing ‘Magneto’ on your stupid Frappucino and shouting this shit out loud is getting old

ii) All the other baristas know you by name and give me weird looks when I serve you. wtf is going on?

iii) You just ran into the shop and asked for a medium sized pizza mocha on ice and I think you’re drunk rn but you’re really hot and I kinda wanna do whatever you say so do I blend the pizza or just pour a mocha over it?

iv) You’re really famous and I just poured hot coffee all over you and I’m trying to apologise but I’m also kinda starstruck rn and the only noise coming out may not be human

v) I’m genuinely concerned about your coffee dependancy and I might start rationing it

Library AU

i) You’ve got to stop returning books full of corrections and spiteful comments in red pen bc I can’t stop reading them and my boss gives me disapproving glares when I laugh at the funny ones

ii) I’m 29 years old but I still pretend to be looking at the nature books just so I can hear you read books to kids bc your version is at least ten times better. Goldilocks and the Three Musketeers is still my fav

iii) I wrote you a post-it note that clearly stated: ‘Go home and sleep, you’re gonna ace this test’. sO JUST DO WHAT IT SAYS BC I CANT GO HOME UNTIL EVERYONE’S LEFT THE LIBRARY I WORK HERE MORON AND I NEED SLEEP

iv) If I find you rearranging the books to spell out weird messages again- well, I’ll probably just fall a little bit more in love with you

Fake Dating

i) So there’s a group of homophobes outside and I need a guy to snog in front of them bc I like to make my general existence to be a big ‘fuck you’ to a lot of people. You game?

ii) Thanksgiving’s coming up and I want this to be the one year that when my grandma asks “Are you married yet?” I can say “Yeah, actually I am, so spin on that, grandma.” So be my fake husband?

iii) It’s my high school reunion and I need a hot boyf to rub in the faces of the people who hated me

iv) I won tickets to a couples retreat but I’m not a couple, so…?

Soulmate AUs

i) Soulmates sometimes catch glimpses of each other’s thoughts. A thought phrase, an image, a potent scent, anything. But not all the time, and not very often. So why the hell do I always get the randomest shit like ‘I wonder how many teeth I have…’ and ‘Hey, Margaret Thatcher wasn’t that bad’ and ‘Wtf is this shit? I mean, a book for babies? Babies don’t read’ like all the time.

ii) When soulmates share eye contact, their eyes change colour. I like to wear coloured contacts to screw with people and now everyone knows I do that and you wont believe me when I tell you that my roommate cleared all of them out and I wasn’t wearing them when I looked at you.

iii) Everyone is born with words on them somewhere: those are the words your soulmate will say to you when they first meet you. Cue the ones that could be anyone (’Hey’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Nice to meet you’); the ones that are pretty damn specific (’I’m Eric, what’s your name?’, ‘Paul Johnson, it’s a pleasure’); and the ones that are just like wtf (’If I give you a tenner will you punch me?’, ‘Can I dot-to-dot your freckles?’, ‘Quick, what’s the capital of Turkey?’)

iv) Somewhere on everyone are the thoughts they’re soulmate is thinking. This can sometimes get awkward.

v) If a song is ever stuck in your head, it’s generally stuck in your soulmate’s, too. sO STOP SINGING IT’S A BARBIE WORLD 24/FUCKING7, WHAT ARE YOU, FIVE?

Alternative Universes for realsies

i) Your favourite childhood TV show

ii) Hogwarts- because always

iii) One is a mermaid (merperson?) and the other has endless questions

iv) We’re all cursed (have fun picking the curses- the more creative, the better)

v) So,dragons are a thing. And I may have accidentally brought one home

vi) Cops and…accidental robbers

vii) *sings* superpowers

Shop AUs

i) I own a flower shop and you’re the customer wondering why

ii) Ok, first of all bric-a-brac shops are underrated and second of all- shut up!

iii) You keep building forts in between aisle shelves at the supermarket I work in and do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to take back down

iv) Spelling out rude words with the spice jars in the wallmart I work in is not cool bro

v) I work in a balloon shop and have a near heart attack every time one bursts and now I regret telling you because you just bought twenty and you’re eyeing the pins on the display board with this terrifying smile

vi) I’m deaf (can lip read) but I come in every day to your record shop just to watch you stretch to reach the top shelves because damn that ass

vii) I’m really sorry!! I’m a kleptomaniac, seriously, it’s a real condition and I don’t even know how that stuff got into my pocket, honest!

viii) My friend brings me into this shop every weekend and I just sit and stare at you modelling while she picks out clothes. *sigh*

ix) This is the seventh time you’ve rented the same movie and I think it’s my obligation to tell you how much cheaper it would be to just buy the film

First Meetings

i) I caught you with your foot on my relative’s headstone, tying your shoelaces, and I’m honestly not sure how to respond

ii) You play a prince at Disneyland but I just caught you swearing like a sailor behind the It’s a Small World ride

iii) You walked right up to me, thrust The Hobbit into my hands and just said ‘Read it’ before walking away

iv) I put ‘send your cutest delivery guy ;)’ into the additional notes on my Domino’s order and you just turned up at the door with my pizza. I am not disappointed.

v) My mum set me up with your sister but I just saw you in the kitchen and may be in love

Other AUs I like

i) I see you left yourself logged into Facebook on the library computer. Tut tut.

ii) We work in the same office and you have the squeakiest goddamn chair I have ever heard and yOU WONT STOP FUCKING SQUEAKING IT

iii) I’m a waiter at your friend’s wedding and your drunk and mopey and if I get fired for abandoning my work to sit outside and comfort you, I might strangle you with your own goddamn bowtie

iv)  There was a small (really very very small) fire in my student dorm kitchen and your one of the fire crew that turned up. You’re gorgeous and sexy as hell but you’re also holding up my blackened microwave and glaring at all the students from the building and asking who’s it is. I’m just gonna shrink away to nothing back here. Excuse me.

v) I’m trying to teach yoga but I’m being distracted by your staring. Do you understand that at a certain angle, those windows aren’t one way. I can, in fact, see you gawking at my ass when I doing downwards facing dog

vi) You’re the jockiest jock to ever jock but a note filled with maths equations just fell out of your pocket and I don’t even think this stuff is part of our high school syllabus and I may be falling a little in love at your secret nerd side

I have so many more guys but this is wayyy too long. Please message me if you use any of these prompts so I can read your stuff :) 

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What're your favourite nalu fics (^0^*) ??

ok so I’ve answered this before but HEY perfect chance to throw it out there again!

The Farmer’s Daughter by @kapower bcus it’s super cute and I lover her and it and you should read it

Her Strength by Mooifyou’recows of course, and she also has a 

One Wish by @one-wish-fanfic. There is nsfw later on, and I really love this plot!

Village In The Stars by @madartiste. Again with the nsfw, but I love this so much I can always re-read it.

Of Myths and Monsters by @storybooksandfairytails. This is so cute and well written with a bunch of other ships! I also love non human au’s so…

Ollpheist Alainn by @rivendell101. It hasn’t been updated in a while because she has too many genius ideas, but I am so looking forward to when she gets the chance to work on it!! All of her au’s are magical, but this one just stuck out to me!

Dark Sun by @mslead is my FAV ONE SHOT. EVER. Well, it’s probably tied with a few others but they are eclipsed in my mind right now. The rest of her stuff owns my soul and she is the queen of au’s PLUs she can draw so double whammy. I spam her with pugs to show her my love.

Balam Academy by @wordsofawitheringwriter. This is a high school au, AND a next gen villain/hero fic. I love these soooooooooo much you don’t understand nonny. I would sell my soul for anything next gen villain / hero. BUT HERE IT IS COMBINED WITH FAIRY TAIL. Take that, Satan. 

Teeth by @consulting-dragon-slayer is a nsfw lugratsu fic, so you know, nalu is there too ;D but I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY SOUL. ALL OF IT.

@hannah-nobody, is the queen of angst and ripping out my soul I love her. Read A War On Two Fronts  or The Horrors of Spring

@snogfairy is the queen of salt and is rood to me but I still envy her writing skills. I love Love Thy Neighbour and Piroschka to name only a few. Seriously I’m waiting for the day I can buy her published books, and she captures the nalu dynamic so well and pure and gahhhh

@soprana-snap, @lonestorm​ or @toxineena. They are all amazing. ALL OF THEM, and their writing makes me happy to read plus they’re all sweethearts!

EDIT: I AM A SHAM. You wanna know the biggest problem with making friends in fandom? TOO MANY GOOD WRITER FRIENDS.

OKso also please read Magnolia Nine Nine by @thehexperiment bcus it’s comedic and I love it and her and I’m so sorryyyyy

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Hello~ I'm looking for some new writing blogs to follow and I was wondering if you had any suggestions? I stan Astro, BTS, Exo, Got7, NCT, Seventeen, Up10tion, and Wanna One

*also Monsta X and VIXX thanks!!

omg hello!!!! i dont really read a lot of those groups unfortunately :((( but i will most definitely try my best!!!!


@mansaeboysbe this blog already knocked off a bunch of the groups in your list!!!! all admins are so tALENTED I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! they write for a lot of groups, and even more so since all 3 admins have different variety of groups they write for!!! im so shook by them :’)))

@warmau bc we all know shes the Supreme One!!! she writes a lot of the groups on your list too!!!


@multitrash-texts i was hella late on finding out about this blog smh elena but she does a lOT OF GROUPS BC SHES SUPER MULTIFANDOM SO CHECK HER OUT!!!!

@ikyulkyung she also has a bunch of groups!!!! and she also writes for pristin if ur interested!!!! i love my baby elli <3333333 what a pure soul!!!!


@17rxn i do indeed love her and her writing what a blessing!!!! and i scREAMED WHEN I FOUND OUT SHE FOLLOWED ME

@fluffilyangsty libi is a 10/10 person and writer i cant believe i exist at the same time as her!!!!! everything is just so well written im crying :’)))

@puppetwritings the mvp of svt works every time i read her works i die a lot :’))) her writing puts me to shame bye

@7teentexts Berry is on a hiatus as of rn but give her ur love while ur there pls <3333333 she deserves it and much much more!!!

anything from this post and u are good to go for svt!!!

also this post and this one!!!!

Wanna One:

@wanna-request-one THEY’RE SO CUTE LSDFJLDFJD I LUV THEM!!! I don’t even read wanna one scenarios all that much or at all really, but wow!!!! they deserve all the followers they have and need more!!!!!!

idk any for up10tion unless i missed it in the said blogs!!! but i hope this is enough for ur preference!!! <33333

  • You know that feeling you get when you want to punch something because it's so cringe and fluffy and you die a little inside. But then you wanna keep reading because it's cringe and adorable and fluffy ? BUT THEN THE STORY ISN'T FINISH SO ALL YOU CAN DO IS CRY AND PRAY THAT THE AUTHOR WRITES MORE BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM FOR MAKING YOU FEEL THIS WAY?


rules: write TWENTY random facts about yourself so your followers can get to know you better. then, tag those who you want to know better (no limit)

  1. My fave show ever is glee so if you watch it and wanna fangirl about characters feel free to message me bc I will fangirl w you
  2. My otp is feysand and I do not think there is a fanfic for them I have not read (seriously I love them all)
  3. I will listen to literally any type of music so pls send me song recs
  4. The first YA books I read were the Gallagher girls series years ago and I am still patiently waiting for the movie
  5. I have at least 30+ books on my shelf that I need to read but I cannot stop rereading ones rn
  6. My dream job is a writer but I also wanna be a journalist (basically any job to do w writing)
  7. I did ballet from the age of 4 to the age of 13
  8. I am deathly afraid of geese
  9. Cheese is my fave food I could literally eat it forever tho I would probably die pretty quickly
  10. I know all the hsm songs off by heart due to my obsession w those movies that has still not ended tbh
  11. My top three book characters are mor, lysandra and Nina zenik
  12. I have rewatched me earl and the dying girl too many times but still sob at the end every time
  13. I am the worst at finishing tv shows
  14. I binge watched seven seasons of parks and rec in a week
  15. My dream trip would be to New York
  16. I can literally trip over flat surfaces it is a talent of mine
  17. When I was 7 or 8 my mum made me and my sister attend this Hannah Montana club in the summer at a local community centre. We literally just learnt dances to the songs and I don’t even know why a Hannah Montana club was a thing
  18. I’m a slut for romantic comedies
  19. If any animal dies in a movie I will be sad for days
  20. The most 2000s thing I ever did was have a club penguin named Sharpay

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How Old is Eggsy Unwin?

alrighty I’ve seen a bunch of contradictory posts (the most recent thru @freya-deathstalker, thank u & I hope this helps answer questions?) so I did some searching and decided to compile all of my findings in one place: 

this places Eggsy’s birthday on September 6, 1991 making him 24 years old rn(2016)..

1.) this image is cropped from the behind the scenes pics in this post (tho I’m honestly not sure where they originated in the first place)

2.) however, this post here transcribes the full image of Eggsy’s police report - for anyone whose images aren’t loading or can’t read what’s in the pic - and also warns us to take this information with caution bc behind the scenes info isn’t always meant to be seen or it could just be filler fluff (not canon).. further than that, it also describes the *maybe canon* birthday we are shown on screen.. barely..

& so this is the image that is shown on screen, but it places Eggsy’s birthday on June 3, 1992 which would make him 23 years old rn(2016) & exactly one month from his 24th birthday

(here is the post that breaks down all of the information in this pic, since literally no one can read that tiny green writing lol - Roxy is 5′6″ and supposedly born on September 22, 1992 for fans who don’t wanna click the link)

now I personally have a harder time believing this *canon* image than the bts one, purely bc of this one thing: all 6 of them are listed as 22 years old… 

with Charlie’s birthday being Dec. 21 and Rufus’ May 11, this would make their current time in training sometime between the very very end of 2014 and the first 4 months of 2015.. which leads me into my questions of when V-Day was and how long Kingsman recruit trials actually last:

(this also happens to be the point where I think creators care less about timelines as they pertain to character’s personal details, and fanon/meta has to fill in the many holes that canon content leaves behind)

it seems to me that the general fandom/fanfic consensus is that V-Day was on the actual Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day.. maybe bc Valentine was very self-centered? maybe bc the US movie release date was Valentine’s weekend so it was just a subconscious thing? idk… BUT if we assume that V-Day happened on Feb. 14, 2015, and we assume that the info in that first image from bts is real and Eggsy was arrested on Feb. 21, 2014.. that would make Kingsman’s training period around a year long

I think this year-ish long period is also reflected in Daisy’s (or whatever you choose to name Eggsy’s baby sister) show of growth - where I have also seen a lot of contradiction tbh - but based on my personal experience with babies and google, the first time we see the baby I’d say she looks around 9-12 months old, and later on when Eggsy comes home she seems to be like 18 months old, 2 years max.. 

….. so tl;dr: Eggsy’s current age could be around 24 and a half, or he could be 23 & juust about to turn 24… it’s honestly up to you and if you’d like to believe information that’s shown on screen or behind the scenes (& if you’d rather believe that Harry met Eggsy when he was 21 or 22 :))

Father!Hoseok (Werewolf)

Before I start this, I believe it’s memorial day today so happy memorial’s day, my heart goes out to anyone that has lost a loved one in war<3 And I also wanna say I hope everyone who takes part in it has a happy and safe Ramadan!! And now it’s time for the third member of the hyung line, our hope, our angel who is so fucking cute in all of these interviews I love that he’s still !!! and so positive and happy and smiley like all of this happy!hobi?? This is what I want, I want hobi being happy and healthy and just enjoying life plz and thnx, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • So there are a few links for werewolf!Hoseok, there is part one (here) which is the description of him as a wolf, part two (here) is him falling in love with a human, there’s the werewolf boyfriend post (here) which describes him as a boyfriend and there’s werewolf!hobii as a father part one (all of the father related posts are here) which is about him and the pregnancy
  • You don’t have to read any of those to understand this post, you could very easily read this on its own but those other posts are all of the backstory posts for anyone that’s curious or maybe wants to have a werewolf!hobi night
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Hobi post, he has three kids, two sons and a daughter, who is the youngest 
  • They are a l w a y s playing
  • The thing is with three kids, even if one of them is like nah I just wanna cuddle and hang out today I don’t wanna run around rn, you have two others who could possibly be ready to G O
  • Normally they’re all on the same page though bc if one of them is getting cuddles, they all want cuddles and if one of them is playing, they all wanna play
  • So you guys do get some days where they wanna do nothing but lay in bed and wear their pajamas and just get lots of love and affection and watch movies
  • Those are some of hobi’s favorite days bc he lo v e s playing with them so much but he just adores seeing his bbys all snuggled up together and so happy and content with their eyes focused on the movie
  • And of course he’s got z e r o issues with giving them lots of kisses and hugs and basically not letting them go all day long
  • Hobi is one of the boys that really loves being in his lil wolfy form so his kids are gonna be exposed to that all the time and sometimes kids mimic what their parents do so it doesn’t take long for them to try out their wolf forms as well
  • He also goes off into that wolfy state when they’re about to go to bed bc he knows that if he just cuddles them while he’s all fluffy and soft and warm, they’re gonna fall asleep a lot easier and faster than they would if he were to try to do it human
  • They normally fall asleep in your bed, their heads resting on his paws or his back before you carry them back to their own beds (hobi can’t do it bc if he moves they all wake up and it’s back to step one)
  • Once they figure out they can be teeny tiny wolves, they’re set they’re gonna be wolves for as long as you’ll allow bc they just love it
  • They love being able to run faster and play wrestle and just roll around
  • They get so fucking disappointed when hobi tells them they can’t go all wolf in public bc they wanna show all of their friends and it’s kinda ?? to them at first
  • Like obviously as they get older they understand but when they’re teeny tiny kids, it’s not as easy to grasp the concept bc they’re so used to being around the pack and being able to go into their wolfy state whenever they want to
  • But of course they still listen to hobi bc they would look up to him so much and they wanna be just like him when they grow up
  • There are times where they forget and make a move to turn into their wolf form in public but hobi’s really quick to stop them and he’s really calm about explaining it to them, even if he has to do five times, he’s still patient about it bc he remembers when he was a kid and how hard it was to remember not to do it
  • Full moons with them is just one giant play fest tbh
  • They’re already really !!! bc hobi is their father so they’re gonna be !! bc that man is such a ray of sunshine and has so much energy and is just so lovely and positive and I’m getting distracted bc he’s just so cute and amazing and I appreciate and love him so fucking much
  • Back to the point, they have a lot of energy on a normal day so being surrounded by the pack who wanna play and cuddle and hang out and everyone’s running around and howling, they’re gonna get even more energetic
  • They’re so happy and their tails are going crazy bc they’re!! so!!! excited!!!
  • They follow hobi around the entire night and you can practically hear the “whatcha doing dad hey where you going can I come” that’s going on in their mind
  • It doesn’t matter if he’s playing with someone or if he’s just stretching his legs, they’re curious about what he’s up to like is it fun can they do it too
  • He spends most of the night playing with them and keeping them entertained and amused bc he’s one of the funniest people in the world to them
  • They’re jumping all around him and one of them’s on his back and another’s standing between his front legs trying to sneak attack the other
  • Life with three pups can get chaotic at times but hobi loves every second so he’s just so happy to see his lil munchkins playing all around him and he’s so so so in love
  • It’d been a while since he’d been around a bby pup so hearing their teeny tiny playful growls and their lil howls makes his heart so fucking happy he almost can’t handle it
  • He asks you to film them howling the next full moon bc he thinks it’s so cute the way they don’t start howling until he does and their howls are so much higher pitched than his and they always stop either too early or too late bc they haven’t figured out the length of the howls yet
  • Okay so I mentioned in the boyfriend post that Mickey and hobi sometimes get matching accessories like a bow on their head or a ponytail
  • Bbys get matching bows/ponytails too and there are sometimes themes so like one full moon it’s all polka dot bows the next it’s all pink the next it’s all stripes and 
  • So you see all these big ass wolves with so much strength and speed and then you just see these three tiny pups trotting along behind hobi with their matching bows
  • Werewolf!hobi as a father is just really playful and loving and always ready to help them with whatever they need help with

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Do you write stories? Do you have them somewhere they can be read? I love your picture of the sun falling in love with the man~

Yeah I do!!! I’m writing a book that’s just ,, compilations of short stories that are basically each just different AUs involving the same two characters. (They’re all connected and wrap up in the end but that’s a SpoilerTM) 

But yee the sun falling in love with the man is part of it and idk,, , if ill,,, find a publisher,,,,,, lmaoo

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Oh lord I passed out so hard last night because of the wine, F U K C, I may or may not be slightly hung over but…

MOOOOSSSHHHH *tackle-hug*

How you were feeling when you wrote this is how I feel every weekday like “…I hate work all I wanna do is write smut and be on Tumblr omg I missed so much shit I’ll never be able to catch up OMG so-and-so updated, I can’t read it rn GAAAWWWWWDDD”



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i need someone to come fuck me real quick bc all my sexual energy is just going into daydreaming about richonne. not even cutesy shit either just straight up rick eating the fuck out of her pussy and them saying the nastiest shit i can't deal. i need to quench my thirst irl and chill. too bad i'm Extra Virgin Olive Oil™ rn

Did I ghostwrite this? lol Anon I swear we’re on the same wavelength! I think about them wAY too much and it’s 99% rated M thoughts only. Reading fics only makes it worse cause I want to see all the fiftyleven positions Rick’s hitting it from and knowing AMC wanna keep censoring richonne’s true passion irritates me even more. If you really really want it, go and find that dick! skjfksjksjsljk  I shouldn’t be saying that since I’m in the same boat as you