and i usually love this kind of characters

Yet Another Munday Meme 
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ѩ - Are there any characters that you love, but simply cannot role play? 

Җ - What’s your greatest source of inspiration when it comes to role playing? 

ℛ - Are you religious? 

♬ - Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what kind of music? 

ᚡ - Random fact about the mun? 

✒ - Do you have a preference when it comes to gender regarding your muses? 

ಹ - Share a story from your childhood! 

෴ - Tell us about your day. 

㉘ - How do you usually spend your birthdays? 

⨌ - If you ever had the opportunity to clone yourself, would you? 

ᚖ - Do you wear makeup?

༺ - Do you have any siblings? What’s your relationship with them like? 

๛ - Share an embarrassing story about yourself! 

❤ - Are you and/or your muse currently in love with someone? 

ℳ - Do you think you have a good handwriting? 

☢ - When was the last time you went to the cinema? What movie did you watch?

⨕ - Are you a jealous role player? 

I know.

Can we take a second to talk about the I love you. I know. interchange in Empire?

I get in a lot of arguments with my guy friends about this. Bless them - I mean really - because they think they are being progressive. And its actually kind of heart warming to see. But, usually, the people who think Han is an asshole for saying I know instead of I love you, too chalk his behavior up to some kind of toxic masculinity. Han won’t say he loves her because he refuses to be vulnerable. Han is too arrogant to admit he has a weakness. Han is aggressive. Han is downright cruel at times. 

And… okay. I guess I can see where they’re coming from. But, to me, that is a really shallow interpretation of his character. 

I guess what I, and I think many people who ship Han/Leia, see in that interchange is that Han’s response isn’t motivated by his own feelings. His response has nothing to do with what’s he’s thinking or how he feels. 

It’s about validating how Leia feels. 

Which, honesty, I think she needed more at that moment than a mirrored declaration. 

Leia sacrifices everything for the cause. Her strength to put the rebellion before her personal interest is incredible. It’s her defining characteristic. It’s what we all know and love about her.

It’s also what she knows and loves about herself. By Empire, Leia has lost almost everything of any personal value to her. She’s lost her family. Her home. Her friends. Her position in the Senate. All she has is her own sense of identity. The only thing she can use to define herself anymore is her core values. 

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to let anything compromise that? 

Admitting that she has feelings for Han would be admitting that she has room in her heart for anything other than the cause. It would be admitting that her life is not solely defined by the rebellion that her family died for. It would be admitting that behind her emotionless, rational, militaristic persona is actually just a twenty-two year old girl with feelings, longings, and desires that are entirely selfish. 

Han knows this about her. 

Ultimately, it’s why Leia loves him. Because even Luke, her own twin with whom she shares a connection in the force, at times fails to see her as anything other than the princess. 

But somehow this dirty, cocky, smart ass, nerf herder is the one person who has ever managed to look into her soul and see past every single wall she has built around herself. 

Han knows her. She has never had to tell him anything. She has never had to pour her heart out to him. She has never had to make herself vulnerable in front of him. And yet, he still knows. 

I guess many people see that scene and they see a cocky smart ass being clever and evasive instead of sincere when he says I know

But that’s not what his eyes say. 

His eyes say…

I know you love me. 

I’ve known you love me for a long time. 

It hasn’t scared me away. 

It hasn’t made me think less of you. 

It hasn’t made me see you as weak. 

You’ve screamed at me, hit me, threatened me, insulted me, and done everything to push me away, but I still know that you love me.

And I know you know that I love you, too.

Because it’s taken an invasion of a base, a broken down hyperdrive, a giant cave dwelling slug monster, Boba Fett, a carbonite chamber, and Darth fucking Vader himself to actually make me leave you. 

And I know that you will do everything in your power to bring me back. 

Kwami Swap AU gone dark - Part 1, Origins
Part 1 (you are here!), Part 2

I have to warn you, this is gonna be a hella long post. I’m sorry.

So, I can’t believe how long it took me but I finally realized why I don’t particularly enjoy how the Kwami swap AU is usually portrayed. Or better, I do enjoy it, but in a highly specific setting: the “Akuma somehow gets them to swap powers" one. That, I love. It has so much comedic and character insight potential, how could I not love it? Nothing like getting to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to better understand them, right? No, what perplexed me was the other kind of Kwami Swap. The “they get the opposite Miraculous from the get go”.

So far, I’ve only seen this AU played out as something fluffy, but I’m talking past the cutesy idea of seeing our heroes in each other’s suits and roles.What could the actual implications of such an idea be, put realistically (as much as you can when talking about a fictional work) into the show’s canon? Because to me that would be a proper nightmare on so many levels that it’s actually kind of interesting. And this, really, is the whole point of this post. Brace yourself, it gets depressing.

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Kill Zone - Part 3: Past and Prestent

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Sam Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak,  Dean Winchester,   

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Dean is an ass,talk of murder, all the usual for this series.

Word Count: 2900ish (a bit short I am sorry!)

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the deaths and violence this kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

Technical terms: 

Primary Crime Scene: The location where the killer held/murdered his victim rather than secondary crime scene where he placed her. In this case, where he tortured her.

Zone: The area assigned to one park ranger to patrol


You were angry. You weren’t sure why, but you were furious even as you sat in the small bar with your partner and your college friend. You pretended to know why you were fuming. You pretended it was because Dean had left you in the middle of nowhere on your own. You pretended it was because he had abandoned the case, you so desperately had hoped he would help you and Cas crack wide open.

He had been helpful just like you knew he would be. He had figured the line of projection faster than any of the FBI’s technicians had. Who had all been wrong at that too. No evidence had been found in the place they had suspected the bullet had originated from, but there were clear marks after the footing for the gun as well as empty gun casings in both places Dean had pointed you too. He had been right and he had just walked away. How could he just walk away from a gift like that?

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early season 1 shidge fucks me up folks. especially shidge in sendak’s castle capturing arc? like holy shit dude. sendak forcing pidge to listen to shiro being tortured by him because he KNEW that THAT would be the key to making her succumb to his plans just….. *clenches fist* it hurts me so good my dudes. not to mention right before he does that he goes up to shiro and says “your ‘FRIEND‘ wanted to hear from you” and villains putting that kind of emphasis on “friend” is usually reserved for characters who are romantically invested in each other?? as in even goddamn SENDAK sees how important shiro and pidge are to each other and thinks something is up between them?? sooo i’m not saying that shidge is endgame but i’m totally saying that it’s endgame and they’re openly madly in love with each other and it’s already canon tbh Goodnight

okay. okay i can’t just start this and not talk about my expectations from tv!lyra
i usually try not to have expectations of any kind (see my approach to doctor who) but it’s impossible when it comes to my all time favorite female character
so, @bbc - 

  • give me a lyra who’s wild
  • give me a lyra who’s got torn, worn hand me down clothes and dirty knees and bruises and scratches all over
  • give me a lyra with twigs in her hair and stars in her eyes
  • give me a rude lyra, a lyra who yells, a lyra who doesn’t (and frankly, can’t) hide her emotions
  • give me a leader lyra, give me a decisive and arrogant lyra
  • give me a lyra who lies without hesitation, who lies like she’s been doing it all her life because she has, give me a deceiving and cunning 11 year old child
  • give me a lyra who’s still CHILDISH as hell, who looks up to the adults she admires like they’re magic, who bluntly acts like she can blend into societies she admires with varying degrees of success (mrs. coulter’s lifestyle, the gyptians, bolvanger - depends on how hard she’s trying to lie and whether she’s just trying to have fun or actually lying for her life)
  • give me lyra’s and pan relationship - something deeper than anything else
  • yet give me a lyra who seems so different from her daemon - from responsible, planner, voice of reason pan who always has to look out for her
  • YET give me lyra and pan who are children and play together and laugh together and act as the one whole being that they are
  • give me the lyra who drove jordan scholars mad
  • give me lyra who lad gangs of street urchins into wars
  • give me lyra who earned the respect and admiration of iorek byrnison, lee scoresby and serafina pekkala (two of which are monarchs)
  • give me lyra goddamn silvertongue

hanofhousesolo  asked:

I am still so upset about how Jyn is treated like... I adore her and Felicity did so well and Jyn is just... so real.

same!!! like i def don’t want to give off the impression that u absolutely have to love her or anything but

she’s a very underrated character (and a female one at that) in my opinion. like i looove characters that have an ugly sort of grief to them. it’s so realistic. at first all she wants to do is run and have nothing to do with the greater good bc after all what has any of that done to her other than bring her trauma? like holy shit that’s the kinda writing u only see with dudes (who are, universally loved usually, for that matter)

then she ends up dYING FOR tHE caUSE with all these other equally amazing, sometimes contrasting counterparts like

like that kind of arc and development in a single, standalone movie ESPECIALLY for a female is awesome tO ME AT LEAST and it’s so odd i see so much hate

i think rogue one did an excellent job of showing the different kinds (yeT EQUALLY AMAZING) of characters that can come from war, grief, etc. from both sides it’s strange to me to single her out and hate her bUT WHATEVS


CSBB Author Spotlight: captndevil

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @captndevil!

What is your writing process like?

It is all over the place, tbh. If I’m really thinking about a piece, I definitely try to plan it all before hand, but my plans are usually not that detailed (as in I don’t plan chapters), but I always plan out where I want to go to the end of the story.

What do you think your greatest strength is as a writer?

I like super descriptive writing. Sometimes, I think I probably over think some things, but I love describing scenery and things like that.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

I love the soulmate trope, as well as werewolves (especially wolf!killian).

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

I always say Emma, because she’s obviously a main character, and we’ve seen a lot of her, over the seasons, more so than Killian, and I think that makes it so much easier to think “what would emma do here?”

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

I wanted to last year, but I had a super busy year, with assignments at university, and work commitments, but I have quite a bit more time this year so I thought why not!

Favorite Fics:

The Fairytale Bureau (FFnet)

The first CS multi-chapter AU I wrote, and although it’s not quite finished yet, it’s definitely the one I most happy with, and it’s the first one I really planned out, to know where I want it to go, and I love writing bickering!cs, with lawyer!killian.

Kindred Spirits (FFnet)

My first CS fic that is officially completed. I loved writing that one, and was actually my first foray into writing smut, and though I think I’ve improved a lot, I’m still very happy with how it turned out. The fact that I got to write Ruby (definitely my favourite secondary character to write about), made it all the more awesome, since she can just be blunt as hell.

Make Some Noise (FFnet)

Check out captndevil on FFnet - AO3 - Tumblr

I am over the moon that season 4 may be about Sana. honestly, Skam is the only show that represents Muslims girls the way they should be represented, I’ve watched every show that had Muslim representation but always felt uncomfortable until I watched skam.

Usually Muslims girls in the media are just oppressed by islam, terrorists, uneducated, or just the noise in the background that barely do anything but be white washed. Sana represented a confident, and educated girl. Also, I love how she’s a simple girl character, deals with the same stuff any girl deals with, for example, fitting in and making friends.

Sana is one of the rare Muslim representation, so an entire season about her will bring more representations. hopefully this season will bring all kind of muslims, the good and the bad so the people get to see that all religions, races, and genders have two sides, so we can’t judge an entire group of people based on one individual action.

iridley  asked:

if Hyde and Jackie would had been in character, how do you think the whole *growing up is scary* arc of season 7 would had gone?

Nowhere? I always thought that Hyde suddenly being worried about not doing too much childish stuff was incredible out of character. He has never had a problem with that, probably because he had to grow up quickly due to his home situation. And even with that, he always found a way to enjoy his teen days.

Really. I think people is not seeing that most this group of teenagers has done a lot of the cliché stuff that made teen days “awesome” to most people. From stealing to smoking, to love and sex drama, being wasted with your friends, all that jazz. It’s a sitcom, it tries to show many of the usual stuff someone can live in their own time.

In this kind of shows is easy to make story lines about being afraid of growing up and leave those teen days behind. But when you have a character that spends most his key points of characterization supporting other people’s growth, showing a level of maturity his friends doesn’t have and being pretty self-aware, you fucked up by giving that one character such story line.

This is what happened with Hyde. He has been supporting Jackie’s growth since season 2, once he gets to know her better and notice she seriously needs the pushing. And Jackie is not the only one he is shown to support in that matter, he tries to help Donna in many ocasions, like when her parents start having problems and when she gets all crazy-over-Casey, and Eric when he doesn’t want to go on after his break up, and when he is not sure of what to do with his life and gets engaged at fucking 18 years old. 

So honestly, this arc? Bullshit.

Anyway, let’s pretend somehow it becomes an item. 

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This isn’t the kind of thing I usually post, however a lot of people have been writing stories and fanfiction with characters who suffer with PTSD which is great! and with voltron and red vs blue and marvel and a bunch of other shows representing characters with the illness a lot more people are writing characters PTSD.  So here’s some facts about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so everyone is better informed.

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is an anxiety disorder that develops after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, or after traumatic event has happened to a loved one. DSM V defines a traumatic event as exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is identified as the development of characteristic symptoms following exposure to a traumatic event. PTSD develops differently with every individual and there are many different symptoms that present themselves, however there are three main symptoms that are present in most cases of posttraumatic stress disorder.

1.    Re-experiencing the traumatic event. This can present in nightmares, upsetting memories, and flashbacks to the traumatic event.

2. Increased anxiety. This can lead to trouble sleeping, outbursts of anger, hypervigilance, difficulty concentrating and constantly feeling on edge.

3.    Avoiding reminders of the trauma. This can be avoiding activities or places that remind sufferer of the trauma, or it could present as the sufferer being unable to remember aspects of the traumatic event.

PTSD is associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempts, though exact statistics are impossible to prove, it is believed that PTSD sufferers have a higher risk of suicidal ideation.

The biopsychosocial model or BPS is a way of describing how biological, psychological and social factors combine and interact to influence a person’s mental health. Biological factors involve physiologically based influences, such as our genetic structure, Psychological factors involve the processes involved in our mental processing such as our beliefs, emotions and ways of thinking. Social factors are the environmental effects surrounding the individual including our skills at interacting with others, the quality of our interpersonal relationships, and the type of support available from others when needed.

The biological factors in sufferers of posttraumatic stress disorder are few, however there is a higher chance of experiencing the disorder when family members have suffered from it, indication that there could be a genetic factor involved in the contracting of posttraumatic stress disorder.

The psychological factors such as a person’s ability to cope with stress have an influence on PTSD is greatly affected when someone is suffering from the disorder. If a person with low self-esteem is involved in a traumatic event where they are treated as worthless, they are more likely to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder because of that event.

Social factors surrounding PTSD are the main cause of the disorder. A traumatic event is more likely to cause posttraumatic stress disorder if an individual in in an environment where they feel unsafe (e.g. war zone) The symptoms of PTSD are more likely to affect an individual when they are in an environment where there is a high exposure to stressors or risks of violence.

PTSD is caused by a traumatic event being experienced or witnessed, but many environmental factors perpetuate that fear that caused the first symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder is the removal of oneself from situations that remind them of the event or memories of the event.

There are any treatment options available for those suffering from PTSD, the most effective being talking therapy and animal assisted therapy

Abstract from an article posted on the 21st May 2016 summarises that animal assisted therapy has had significant results in PTSD sufferers. In one study of the effect of dogs with patients, psychologists noted an 82% reduction in symptoms.

Psychological treatment (talking therapy) is what people usually think of when people say therapy, it involves working through memories of the trauma, modifying unhelpful beliefs and thoughts, and gradual exposure to triggers which are being avoided. This has been found to be the most effective treatment for people suffering from PTSD

Antidepressant medication can also be effective for posttraumatic stress disorder and may be recommended if symptoms are not resolved using psychological treatment. they can reduce anxiety, fear, depression and anger and if there are no other options are useful to aiding those suffering from PTSD

There are many individual support networks for PTSD sufferers and their families; online chat rooms and groups who meet weekly or monthly are available all over the world to those who seek them out.

So there you go! 

I was in the mood to draw Shou after doing the last picture. Usually his character archetype is my all time favourite, so the fact he isn’t kind of says a lot about how much I love how well written all the characters are.

The lyrics are from Owl City’s This isn’t the end. I just really like that line.

Now I have to go clean the bathroom uggggggggggh

Femslash February couples meme day 22

Femslash February couples meme

Day 22: a couple you want to see grow old together

I’ve been shipping them only since season 3, but still before it was canon, and it made me very happy. I loved Korra’s evolution, and Asami is totally my kind of cool. 

In this case, I accept it because children’s show, but usually when my ship gets together at the very end I’m happy but a bit frustrated. I don’t want to stop here. I want to see how their relationship works. I hope we’ll have comics soon. 

But they are among these characters that I can totally imagine having a domestic life (well, with a few political crises and science breakthroughs, but nothing out of the ordinary) and grow old together.  I’m all for seeing them being old women in love too. Too bad Korra has to die before the next Avatar comes, she can’t be a character in next gen fics.

I just watched the Season 4 premier of The Originals and I’m so excited about what this season will be about!

I’m excited to see more of the witches in this world because I feel like they kind of took a back seat in the previous seasons, and ALSO I also want to see more wolfy transformations, I know they didn’t really show us that this episode but wolf transformation scenes are usually my favourite to watch in shows (my favourite is still the one from S1 of Hemlock Grove) so I’m hoping we actually see that. 

I also love that these characters are finally teaming up! (even though there might still be some drama within the family probably because that makes great TV)

I’m also curious about Hope and her witchy power I’m excited to see more of that!

Real talk though: I am so happy and excited about Kane’s stuff in that last episode?? Because he’s had such great character development from season one into the person he is now, but I was a little worried that his character might be allowed to kind of…I don’t know if ‘stagnate’ is the right word but…?

Marcus Kane has been this character who has changed and grown and become a better person as the show went on - sure he’s made some mistakes but for the most part he’s unequivocally been the smart, responsible, moral compass of the story for a while now. He’s been consistently framed as being on the right side, he’s usually been the voice of reason for at least since mid-season two. I mean, he’s a lovely lovely person and obviously I adore him, but it doesn’t give a lot of scope for a character arc.

So it’s so GREAT to see a little of that old conflict re-introduced in that DEVASTATING line of Bellamy’s that reminds us all - and Kane himself - of the person he used to be and the things he did that he can’t ever erase. And then his line to Harper about how ‘the person you want to be doesn’t always win’…not only does it set up a fantastic opportunity for Harper to get a little arc of her own(!!), but it’s also clearly a direct callback to Kane’s early struggle between the man he thought he had to be on the Ark, and the better man he became on the ground. I so SO hope that this is a little thread that continues to run throughout this season for him, because it’s so wonderful to have it made clear that Kane hasn’t simply forgotten the person he used to be and the sometimes terrible things he did, that it’s still a part of who he is and still something he struggles with and still affects how OTHER PEOPLE FROM THE ARK SEE HIM YES THANK GOD THIS HAS BEEN ADDRESSED.

I’m so jazzed to see Kane get some character development that doesn’t feel like a step back, but is rather acknowledging things that have been there all along, and are now being dragged out into the light again. I am so HERE for Kane having a difficult relationship with Bellamy because of that uncomfortable history, and I am so HERE for Kane having trouble leading his people because what they want isn’t always what he thinks is the right thing to do, and I am so HERE for these callbacks to the complicated, morally grey person he’s always been, toeing the line between the right thing to do and the smart thing to do and I am so HERE for him supporting Abby as she has her own morally dubious choices to make and flat-out admitting to her that he doesn’t have all the answers or know what the right thing to do is because damnnnn can you imagine season one Kane EVER admitting something like that???

I am just…I’m so HERE for Marcus Kane this season, I mean I guess it’s possible I’m overthinking and it’ll all come to nothing and be fucked up but this last episode was such a goooodddd Kane character episode and I’m super super jazzed to see what comes next for him.

(also on a personal note one of the things on my Season Four Wishlist for aaaages has been a callback to the fact that Kane tried to have Abby floated that one time and nearly succeeded, and even though I think it’s still unlikely, all these callbacks to season one make me think that maybe….JUST MAYBE…)

I hate my new spideypool fic
Like I love it but I’m having to work so hard for it and I hit 11k words last night and I’m like two seconds from deleting it all and starting over.
I am loving the sarcasm and snark and funny ridiculous feels between them
Hating the violence that kind of goes hand in hand with deadpool
I don’t like to write my characters getting too hurt
But I don’t want to write an AU where deadpool isn’t deadpool.

But I kind of want to write an ABO fic because those are so fun!! And come on… DP as an Alpha would be a blast

But damn

Sometimes inspiration strikes and knocks you out of your chair and other times you have to chase it down and beat it with a hammer to make it work.

imzkat  asked:

Hi Heidi! I love your Zelda costume, thank you so much for letting us see it come together! My question is kind of boring: do you wear contacts when you cosplay, or do you wear your glasses and just take them off for pics? Thanks so much, I look forward to your next project!

Thanks! I wear contact lenses with all of my costumes, and usually they are colored lenses picked out to match the character’s eyes. My eyes in cosplay photos are definitely not natural! They are heavily enhanced with circle lenses, makeup tricks, and sometimes editing.

My eyesight is bad enough that going without glasses OR contacts would not be possible. Taking glasses off for photos wouldn’t work too well because 1) it would mess up my makeup, and 2) less people would ask for photos because the glasses would distract from my cosplay.

My goal is always to look like that character brought to life, not “Heidi in a costume.” I won’t claim that I always succeed in this, but I’m at least trying. This involves using EVERY available tool – like makeup and contacts – to shape my face and create that illusion.

Not everybody does this or has to do this. If you can’t wear contacts or don’t want to, then just work with what you’ve got. But for those who are able and want to, I think it makes a big difference.