and i usually don't like my fanmixes

where people come / people go / let me show all these people what i know / there’s no place like home

i’m home → a mix dealing with the concept of home

for valentina

01. home - beauty and the beast // 02. when you’re home - in the heights // 03. better than before - next to normal // 04. everybody’s got a home but me - pipe dream // 05. a quiet night at home - bare // 06. my house - matilda the musical // 07. flying home - songs for a new world // 08. before the old man comes home - a christmas story // 09. a house is not a home - promises, promises // 10. the swamps of home - once upon a mattress // 11. come home - allegro // 12. finale / take me back - dogfight // 13. the old red hills of home - parade // 14. home calls - next thing you know // 15. far from the home i love - fiddler on the roof // 16. finale - in the heights



sam’s super sweet mix (by tony stark) || a sam wilson playlist (kinda)

so, when sam joined the team, tony made him a mix.

“haha, very funny,” sam said dryly when he saw the tracklist. sam started playing it, a lot, to get tony to stop smirking. “no, you made me this mix, i’m gonna damn well listen to it.”

except the songs were catchy and sam started singing the songs while on missions (steve and nat found this hilarious).

“damn it wilson, you weren’t supposed to actually like it!” tony shouted.

“FLY RIGHT INTO THE FUTUURRRE…” sam sang louder.

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