and i used the same psd on everything

Color Adjusting for POC with PSDs Made for White People

Since there aren’t half as many PSDs or coloring tutorials designed for POC, I figured a better way is to show people how to adjust the PSDs or techniques they already have on hand instead.

Things we will look at:

  1. How to recognize white washed POC**
  2. How to fix it

I’ve divided it into 3 parts under the cut :D

**This is also for people who reblog things and want to know what is and isn’t white washing

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anonymous asked:

Can you give me some advices/tutorials on how to make gifs? I suck at it and hell, I've been trying to gif for two days and I still can't :(

Of course! Let me just say when you start off making gifs it can be very difficult and confusing (I know it was for me). So I’m going to try and give you lots of tips and things that I’ve learned so hopefully you can skip lots of the hard parts I had to learn on my own. Also don’t get discouraged if you feel like your gifs aren’t turning out amazing, you’ve just started and it’s taken me over the course of 3 years to start making ones I’m actually happy with, as always practice gives you experience! Anyways enough of my rambling lets get started.

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Requested by a lovely anon I decided to make a tutorial on how I make gifsets like these (x) (x) (x)

We’re going to go from here:

To here:

Please like/reblog if this proved to be helpful - don’t feel ashamed to ask me any questions, help on turning something a specific colour as this is mainly for purples but the steps would be the same for any other colour.

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anonymous asked:

what tips do you have for people that want to start making gifsets?

honestly I don’t know if I’m the best person to answer this bc I think I’ve only made three gifsets but
1. use tutorials and resources bc you’ll need them (try @yeahps they have a lot of psds and actions if you don’t know how to go about those)
2. give yourself a lot of time to figure out how everything works
3. be patient with yourself, bc I got super frustrated. at the same time, know that you don’t HAVE to do the whole thing at once, maybe do half of it one day a dn the other half another
4. I personally think they look best when the colors are similar but experimenting is also cool

How to make a graphic with gifs~

Hi there, happy belated holidays! i hope everyone had a great time with their families^^! anw moving on, i’ve been getting some ask about how to make something like this so now i’m making this tutorial the way i learned to do it (note: i’m not a ps expert, so i’m going to explain how i learned, maybe there are easier ways) 

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Below is just a few tips that I think will help out quite a few people on navigating through icon making. My primary/only source of icon making is through photoshop, so I am not sure how well these tips will correlate with other programs, but it’s possible that they can!  If you have questions at any point, feel free to ask them! ! !

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* a .zip file with high resolution PSD and SAI files *

Number of poses: 16 (8 mixed couples, 8 same sex couples - 4 girlxgirl, 4 boyxboy)

Price: $3


1. Payment upfront through PayPal - ***** Add “SFW POSE PACK OR POSE PACK #3 ″ in the comment section, please! **** PayPal fee much appreciated <3

2. Once I receive the payment, I will send the file to the email attached to your PayPal

3. You can use it for everything, for private and commercial use - including commissions

4. You can refer to it, trace it or paint over it - it’s all yours

5. Please DO NOT resell it, share it or upload it anywhere. It is for your use ONLY.

6. You do not have to credit me, but it would be appreciated <3

7. I’d love to see the finished drawing! You can also request feedback from me c:

New pose packs ~every month <3

Thanks and enjoy!

Get the pose pack #1 with single female and male characters here.

Get the pose pack #2 with NSFW couple poses (mixed and same sex couples) here.

Get the pose pack #4 with single female (skinny + curvy) poses here.

Get the pose pack #5 with male poses here.

Get the pose pack #6 with action poses here.


If you want them all - just add a comment: ME WANTS ALL POSE PACKS KTHX

konungarike  asked:

Hiiii! Nice to meet you, I go by King. I REALLY LIKE the last two pictures of Yuugo that you made! Especially the colouring, it's so soft and lovely. I like how much life it gives the pictures for how simple it is. Would you mind giving me some tips on how you do it? I'm not expecting you to make a whole tutorial! I know those are very time-consuming. If you have any tips or know of other tutorials to get the same effect, I would love to learn it. I wish you all the best! Have fun drawing!

Hello, it’s nice to meet you, too! Thank you very much, I’m very glad you like them :D

This is going to be a mini tutorial haha Anyway the process is really easy, actually! Everything is done in SAI. For editing the picture I use Photoshop.

1. The lineart.

Starting in SAI. I use the brush tool for lineart. The lines are black at first, but later on I color them. In here I used browns and blues.

2. Base colors

Every color is on a separate layer and I’m also adding a lighter shade on top of it with the water tool to make a gradient effect.


For shading I use violet, purple or blue and set it on multiply. I use the brush tool for this step. Though I didn’t like how the shading on the nose so I used the water tool for shading it instead.

4. Light

Now I grabbed blue and violet again and used the water tool again on the blue part of hair. The blue is left on a normal later. The violet parts are set on overlay. To make the yellows of his hair lighter I took light yellow and again used the water tool. The same with the eyes. I made them lighter with yellows on overlay. I also lower the opacity when it looks too light.


More shades and light. Everything done the same as earlier.

6. More light!

I made a new layer, set it on screen mode and then I painted the light with the brush tool. Also I used a new layer set to multiply to paint the shade in the eyes. The shade isn’t completely grey, just like the light parts shouldn’t be completely white (I usually use light yellow to do that).


Painting the card


Multiply on the card and it’s almost done!

9. Finishing touches

Next I save the file as .psd and open it in Photoshop. I duplicate the picture, set the copy to color burn and change opacity. Also I add white light with airbrush and edit a few things here and there.

And done!

Hope it helps :)

i’ve been asked a few times about how i made these two sets and here we are now so you can guess what this is.

we’re gonna take this:

and magically turn this into a nice purple, yo:

  • i used cc when i made this set, but i use cs5 now

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gif coloring tutorial

overview how i colored some of the gifs in this dark!stydia gifset [thanks for requesting nemetons] :)

you’ll need to know gif, and how to apply certain layers beforehand to understand most of this

disclaimer - i’ve never done a tutorial before so, please be kind, *cough* originality is still a beautiful thing y'all :)

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