and i tried a new way for coloring


Voltron SuperheroAU

In which Shiro and Kuro are brothers and try to defend their city from Galra Industries and its evil mastermind Zarkon. Have some HCs for this AU:

  • They both got captured by Galra Industries and were experimented on in order to make some kind of super soldiers *coughcoughbuckybarnescough* out of them, losing their arms in the process.
  • After that Shiro could escape, but couldn’t take Kuro with him.
  • Injured and desperate to save his brother, Shiro turns to the only person he thinks he can still trust: Keith. Who later reveals himself as a Paladin of Voltron, a group of people with special abilities/superpowers who fight Zarkon.
  • Shiro joins the Paladins and finds himself confronted with Kuro during one of their missions. Kuro got brainwashed and works as a special agent for Galra Industries.
  • After countless fights the Paladins are ready to give up on recovering Kuro, who still tries to kill his own brother, but gets more and more confused by slowly regaining some of his memories.
  • Shiro finally gets a hold of his brother and is able to convince him to fight alongside Voltron. Kuro accepts the offer but isn’t ready to become a Paladin, just yet, so he works solo most of the time.
  • They meet up here and there to get eachother up to date.
  • Also: sheith and luro happen.

So.. Uh… Yeah. Let’s just say I had way too much fun with this. xD It started out as just a sketch for some new outfits… But then the colors kinda escalated. I couldn’t stop it. And then I started imagining these two in a superheroAU… And yeah…. Guess I’m into that now.

The Signs as I've Known Them

Aries: Really cool, fun to hand around. Kind of annoying, but you get used to their sexual jokes and bad ance. I associate them with drag racing with really old cars and ending up busting its engine entirely.

Taurus: Usually sweet and caring, will never hesitate to tell you if something’s wrong and would love your help. I associate them with foreign languages that make you sound mature while talking to your dad on the phone.

Gemini: Very bubbly but fun to be around, especially if you can poke fun at them and make them laugh. I associate them with the color yellow that shines on your bed in the morning when the sun rises.

Cancer: Cute, very easy to tickle and tries really hard to make you laugh, but they don’t need to suffer as much as they do. I associate them with paint on the walls you were forced to paint as a grade, but ended up making multiple new friends along the way.

Leo: Stands out in a crowd like a pleasantly-dressed sore thumb; they tend to be touchy-feely, but its comforting when they’re quiet. I associate them with bright stage lights that have gotten too old for their hinges and now just gather dust from pleasant memories.

Virgo: Cares, but it doesn’t seem like it. They can be a bit harsh at times, but they’re total sweehearts when you get closer. I assocoate them with silent walks in the rain with your best friend.

Libra: Very polite and kind, knows everyone the best because they’re always in the background watching all the drama unfold. I associate them with the suburbs and video games that aren’t supposed to make you laugh, but they find the best things in them.

Scorpio: Not as sexual at the stereotype comes across as, but still makes a lot of innuendos if you don’t pay close enough attention. I associate them with rolled up jean shorts and summer days that are too hot to go outside but you just can’t stand being inside anymore.

Saggitarius: Very strong emotionally and mentally, will be there to listen to your problema, but probably can’t give the greatest advice back. I associate them with late afternoons with friends, just playing games strategically and kicking ass.

Capricorn: Builds a hard wall between reality and their emotions, really really tries to do good for others, under appreciated. I associate them with shimmering gold rings and hair streaks, having inside jokes with everyone.

Aquarius: Quirky and cute, but can snap and be a bitch the next second no matter how close you are. I associate them with cloudy days and lazy mornings where you don’t want to go to school but you prefer that over chores.

Pisces: Open and honest, loves attention and affection and respects your opinions, very aesthetically pleasing. I associate them with black out curtains and not realizing what time it is while in a call with your best friend at four in the morning.

Fishing: digital painting walkthrough

So I got a question on anon asking me about my drawing coloring process, and unfortunately I accidentally deleted it, because I have clumsy fingers on mobile.

Thank you so much for your interest, I’m really honored! I will try and give a brief overview of my drawing process, and hope this is helpful or useful to you! I just started experimenting with Photoshop last summer around July, so I’m definitely not the most experienced, I’m still learning a lot!

I’m going to be using this drawing of Lapis, because it’s one of my favorite pieces and it is more detailed than my average drawing: 

This drawing was inspired by the episode “Alone At Sea”, where I wanted to illustrate this concept: 

This was my main reference, but I also throughout, used a lot of google images of water and colorful fish. 

Sketch: My canvas size was 3000 px wide and 2000 px high. I tend to sketch with the standard brushes and I actually have like 2 layers of sketches (one for basic shapes/sizes of things, then one for rough details and things). 

Lineart + base coloring: I add lineart, usually px size 6-8, with the pencil brush. I then add base colors, using the default solid brush. Usually they are the generic color I’m going for. I try not to get too stressed about the base colors because I usually cover most of them up.

Primary highlights/light sources: It gets more interesting once you establish primary light sources, so where the main light source is coming from, as well as reflections of things. I use a larger brush and add these on new layers, set to either overlay or screen or pin light. So I wanted light to be shining through the water, making the color reflect on Lapis, which is how it works with real light. 

Detail/color: I think this is the most fun part, where you choose colors to paint over. I think I painted this the way I normally use watercolor, which is combining a lot of complimentary and contrasting colors with varying amounts of saturation. It’s more complicated to explain that, but it’s a lot of eyeballing. For example, referring to the reddish colors, I tried spreading them around the drawing instead of having them just in one place. The reddish fish reflects around the water bubble, and the light is reflected on Lapis’s clothing as well. 

Highlights: This makes your drawing really stand out - often at this stage, many layers are on ‘luminosity’, ‘screen’ or ‘overlay’. I also do this with the lineart layer as well, so there are not just harsh black lines, which can be distracting. There are also secondary light sources, such as at the back of Lapis’s head, because I felt like there was still not enough red-orange in the drawing. 

Small white lines also make a big difference (such as those on the bubble, and on the edges of her jacket/in her hair). 

I later went and adjusted the color balance a bit, as well as increased the contrast so some more areas would appear darker and it was a bit less green in color. 

That is kind of the overview! I hope this was helpful at all, or at least interesting! If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer, I enjoy rambling. Sorry if this was a bit long!

Thank you so much for taking an interest!

“GO AHEAD AND HIT ME ALL MIGHT, I wonder what the Villains around the city would do… IF THEY KNEW YOUR SECRET?!”


I have a love for Villain!deku now bless his battered soul <3

also i tried out a new way to color hair, You liek?

His Villain name is still Deku just to spite Katsuki but he’s with the League of Villains as their main Strategist and Infromant.

He still does a lot of training though since i think Tomura and Dabi would be a bit protective of the little sinnamon roll (like he’s the lil bro/baby of the league), Himiko and him are super best friends and they like to help each other on missions. Kurogiri is just like The uncle of the group.

He has his own Nomu for missions since he has no quirk and no one wants him to get hurt, His mother know of his endeavors but since he’s so rarely hurt she lives with it (it’s better than risking his life as a hero).

Deku infiltrates the UA a lot just for kicks, also because he likes to notedown EVERYTHING about EVERY hero or every person who has a quirk, he currently holds 120 notebooks full of information. Hero and Villain alike. he keeps them all in a safe that would open if he died (it’s connected to his heartbeat) which is why no one fucks with him in the League of Villains. though honestly he doesn’t even need the notebooks he remembers everything on it to the dot.

difference between normal villains though is that Deku doesn’t want to kill any of the heroes, he’s the super fanboy of every hero and wants a lot of their stuff (may or may not include preserved body parts) in his collection .

 Tomura keeps nagging him for the secrets of the heroes but Deku keeps his mouth shut haha. 

I ship him with Katsuki and Shouto <3

generally I think a “good” tutorial or art resource is one that tries to explain what’s going on so that you can understand why the info they’re presenting is “true”. like WHY you’d pick these colors, or WHY you’d draw folds here. that way you can understand more of the world around you and use that understanding to draw new stuff from your own head.

and a “useless” tutorial is one that just is like “how to draw pants” and then shows 3 drawings of legs wearing pants with no explanation, as if you’re just supposed to copy them.

My art trade with @fairywale !!

Hope that you like it! She feels so good in his arms that she fell sleep xD The flowers in her hair was a little touch. Thank you for doing the art trade with me <3 

anonymous asked:

Hello Haru!! I was wondering if you have or can make a tutorial about lighting, because it's kinda difficult for me and personally i love how you make such potent but soft games of lights, especially in your latest no.6/YoI au drawing. Hope you have a nice day/night/afternoon! *insert heart emoji*

Thanks so much!! It’s a bit hard to explain because it’s super expiremental, but I tried my best. I rely heavily on layer modes when it comes to lighting. It’s the lazy and pretty way out lol

1. Basic color and shading.

2. On a new layer, I filled all the contents of the drawing (NOT the contents of the layer) with black, and reduced the opacity to about 45%. This gives you the cool shadow.

3. Repeated step 2 with the color red, then erased for the lighter parts like shion’s hair (both the black and red layer)

4. Here I added 2 layers, one at overlay and air brushed some pretty bright colors, then another layer on add/color dodge or whatever you have for the colourful highlights and bits of light everywhere.

Tbh the only thing that runs in my head when I’m lighting is MAKE IT PRETTY (and in the process I defy all laws of lighting)

I hope this helps!

hi, i’m gonna show you how i coloured the training scene gifs from this gifset bcs i know it’s a god damn struggle to get that stupid magenta red blue out of Magnus face and i know this may not be the perfect colouring for it yet but!!! i want to share it with you guys!! 

i’ll show you how to go from this

to this!

the tutorial is under the cut :) 

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Male leather jacket, original EA mesh, extracted from one the outfits. Comes with 14 colors. Contains all LODs, shadow, specular and normal map.

This style was inspired by King’s outfit from Fallout: New Vegas. I wanted something similar - black leather jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots:D Though I tried to keep my idea more original and creative (‘Cause when I’ve got to the colors - something switched in my mind in to complete crazy thing. That’s how Wild City was created:D)

Also feel free to recolor Wild City any way you like, I’d love to see more wild and creative color combinations!:D  


[INTERVIEW] B.A.P “Bang Yongguk comeback →performance as a whole touching, full feeling like confidence”

Youngjae met with Newsen and expressed satisfaction on the news, “This album is a single which includes 3 songs and (I) like the songs itself. I’m really happy. (I) prepared for this comeback stage with a very fluttering heart.” And also stated “If the last album’s title ‘SKYDIVE’ was a heavy feeling, this new song is a song with a feeling in which we solved that in a more supple way. We tried our best to convey the meanings we wanted to deliver more precisely than ‘SKYDIVE’. The rose color has a more sexy feeling. I think we’ll be able to show you a more sexier feeling on stages.”

Himchan stated, “It’s a song that matches well with this period (of time/age), is very refined, has a feeling and strongly addicting. Even the choreography is a style we haven’t tried until now. We attempted for a different choreography.” And added on with a joke, “Since Jongup and Zelo are in charge of dancing, it’ll be good to only look at (these) two members in terms of choreography.” Prior to (Himchan), Youngjae said “I am cool too. Daehyun-ie, Himchan hyung is cool too and Yongguk hyung is also cool too.”

Also hinted about the point choreo. Daehyun explained, “When you are watching the chorus there is a point where it says to wake up, get up. There is a dance we do during the chorus part, I think you (guys) will know exactly that that’ll be the point (choreo). There is a dance part with a feeling as if saying ‘wake up’, I think it’ll be good to watch that part.” Himchan also explained, “When you watch the choreography there’s a part where Jongup, Youngjae and Daehyun dances first during the chorus part. And then every members dances (together), it’s a sexy feeling.”

Himchan, who came back with an unrecognizable lean image joked with, “For me, the most priority focus on this album was diet. Since too much people told me to lose weight.” And continued, “With the comeback ahead, I think I lost about 7kg. Before that I had gained a lot. But since it is something that I had to do I did it (diet).”

When asked how it feels to comeback as a whole after a long time, Youngjae answered, “Today when Yongguk hyung came out the fans kept shouting out loud. It was touching.” Daehyun revealed, “Even on the stage itself, (we) firstly did not feel any emptiness and rather felt more full for sure and because of that I will be able to perform more confidently.  I felt more cheered up. The fans are sending us very positive reactions. After the release of the album and the music video, they are using a lot of very thankful expression, ‘the greatest’.

They also hinted about the NEXT ALBUM and the solo concert that will take place at the end of the month. Daehyun stated, “The information on the next album is a secret.” Youngjae explained with, “(We) already prepared for the album. Since (we) decided on the concept, we won’t be able to tell (you guys) beforehand. But since (we) already have been having album concept relating meetings ever since last year, (we) have them prepared.”

About the concert, Daehyun added, “We are preparing a lot for our solo stages too. We are trying to show variety images (of us) we are preparing for a long time. Since the concert starts soon, I think we’ll start proper practices. Since this concert will proceed with the title ‘PARTY BABY,’ the concept itself is completely different. (We) will prepare for an exciting, more party feeling like and able to enjoy with the fans (concert).

trans cr; bydaehyuns ; source: Newsen

happy birthday you wonderful kid, thanks for being amazing all the time. hope u have a great bday!! sending lots of love and hugs your way ❤️❤️❤️ @danielhowell

in this city where the wind blows
bungou stray dogs ed 2

Hey I felt inspired by a wonderful prompt from the forever amazing @voltronpaella and wrote a fluff so enjoy ♥ //finger guns out of the room//

“Nice work team, once we get back to the castle meet up for de-briefing as usual.” Shiro’s voice chimed through the speakers of Blue’s interior. Truthfully, the leader’s voice was somehow the only thing keeping Lance grounded in reality at the moment.

Lance groaned, heat escaping between his lips as he glanced up at his control panel, agonizing to himself that he’d have to move soon.

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