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Text meme: 16 to Heisuke, please!

A helpful text to Heisuke from Saito (assuming default).

I’m choosing the Hakuouki SSL Universe.


Kaoru-kun is totally out of hand as usual and I have to go see Hijikata-sensei in like ten minutes.  Seriously though can you do something about that guy?  All I did was have  lunch with Chizuru-chan.  I think I’m in trouble for get this

looking at a member of the Discipline Committee funny  🙄🙄😑

Anyway I want your tips on dealing with the VP since you get along with him better than everyone.


btw 8 minutes now


Kaoru-kun is sometimes overenthusiastic.

You should not have called him an ‘a**-kissing sister-loving buttwad’ (if I have it correctly). He recorded you.

Follow these instructions and you will suffer less:

Tell the Vice Principal that you were sent by Kaoru-kun (but this will only help if you follow all the other instructions).

Do not complain about what happened.

Do not expand on the details of what happened.

Do not argue that anything is unfair.

*** Do not say that it was not your fault: (No matter what.)

Do not swear - Hijikata-san is allowed to swear, you are not.

DO NOT TALK unless you must answer a direct question. Listening to students talk annoys Hijikata-sensei.

Do not try to blame somebody else for calling Kaoru-kun names.

Phrases to use:  Yes, Hijikata-sensei.  No, Hijikata-sensei. I am sorry Hijikata-sensei. (Avoid all other speech if possible.)

Phrases not to use:  See most of this text.  


Also DO NOT SAY: “Wow Hijikata-sensei your desk sure is a mess!.”  Although certain other teachers found this amusing last time, the Vice Principal was not impressed.

Thanks Saitou-senpai!

I’ll try to do what u said but honestly it wasn’t my fault.  JUST KIDDING!  😂

Editor’s Note:  The Editor assumes that this is not an accurate reflection of Hijikata-san’s actual teaching methods, as forbidding students from speaking is not an approved educational technique.  

Ed.’s Note:  At least one school record indicates that Hijikata-san agreed with young Heisuke-kun’s assessment of Nagumo Kaoru’s basic character.  The only difference is the words f*cking added to the beginning of the descriptive phrase.  The Editor assumes that Saitou-kun was taking the notes since he is the only person who ever employed asterisks in this manner.

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Hey, yo, hi, um. So. My girlfriend loves your art a whole bunch, and. I just wanted to say thank you, I guess. Thank you for doing what you do, and just, being here. Honestly, I'm a wee bit jealous of all the attention you get, but you totally deserve it, because your art is really great! So. Just, thanks for doing what you do, and keep up the good work! You're a rad person, and I hope you have a wonderful day. (Also, I love your Daisy drawings.)

aah it’s my art that gets attention not actually me haha 

thank you tho you’re rad yourself and don’t let others tell you otherwise 

peace out and have good days with ya gorlfrand

Just so you guys know, I’m currently sitting at 99 followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE BUT I LOVE YOU) and this took me by total surprise. I may not have something right away, but I’ll try to do a “thank you” sketch or something for you. 

I don’t know how these things usually work; I just think that you should be celebrated and I want to commemorate you allowing me to be part of your internet experience, and hopefully lives, as time goes on and we get to know one another. Again, I’m super happy to have you and I hope this finds you well and happy.

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hey!! so i've been seeing this guy for a few months now and i kinda wanna let my parents know about us but i'm so nervous to talk about it with them? help?? :-(

it’s okay!! that’s totally understandable! you know your parents best, but if you have a weekly event, like a family meal, it might be a good place to name drop and briefly mention somebody you’ve been seeing!

or, you could always invite the guy over to meet them, or even just ask if they’d like to meet them! it’s always nice to reassure them that you’re dating somebody lovely! <3

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But why would Justin having a thing with Sofia ruin what he had with Hailey? Sofia & Hailey were more acquaintances, they had a lot of mutual friends but I don't think they were that close and Justin & Hailey called off what they had way before that. I like Hailey but it kinda confuses me idk

Yes they did call it off before Sofia was in the picture but put yourself in Hailey’s position. She’s totally in love with this guy who was at one point talking about marrying her, then they break it off because Justin ain’t ready. Then she sees him all over this girl he just met. That hurts even if you did call it off. It sent the message to Hailey that he didn’t care about what they had and he wasn’t even at all bothered by the fact that they were no longer together

That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.

I just…. i love this transition so much. Mustang at least gets a couple frames to straighten up his gremlin ass self but Ed and Al are all ÓwÒ and ( ͡°  ͡°<~ to Business in 0.0001 seconds. it utterly captures the exact emotion of the moment when you and ur friends are fucking the hell around & there’s a knock on the door and for 3 full seconds the whole gang is ready to commit murder before you remember it’s the pizza guy. Just… Hawkeye’s gun gliding casually into view. The single frame delay between Ed and Al. I am being totally 100% unironic when i say this is one of my favorite pieces of animation ever


Hi guys,

I apologize for my long absence but I have been so extremely busy ever since I started my Practical Legal
Training, it’s the worst thing ever… I used to think getting a law degree was difficult but this stuff is on a different level ⚖️

At the moment I’m preparing for Trial Advocacy which is totally nerve wrecking but I finally feel like I’m getting a hang of it 🎉

I’m a bit more active over on my Instagram, so if you want to follow along on this crazy law journey with me, follow me on Instagram: charlenevenice

Sending you guys a lot of positive study vibes, have a great and productive day my loves 💕

Viktor-sans-Yuuri is an “I want to go home” type of drunk

When they’re together, Viktor and Yuuri are definitely ‘oh dear oh god oh no’ type of drunk. The worst of bad influences on each other. One-tequila-two-tequila-three-tequila-floor type drunk. They’re let’s play stripping games in this club type drunk. It’s literal canon at this point and we are #blessed to have had this knowledge bestowed upon us.

But Viktor by himself rolls up on a club and is like “Waddup I want my HUSBAND do u feel me??”

Yuuri by himself mostly reverts back to his old drunk self–mostly a normal person, kind of sad, does the same stupid shit only by himself–but catch a singular Viktor sitting at a table by himself, squinting into the distance and waiting for someone to tell him he can go home .

I miss you 😢😢😢 he texts Yuuri when he’s only been gone for an hour.

We agreed that you would stay there for two hours Yuuri texts back. You’re halfway there, baby. Don’t give up now.

“Aren’t you glad to be out of the house?” asks someone, probably someone Viktor doesn’t like very much, probably one of the sponsors Viktor is currently trying to shmooze. “God, it’s good to be away from the ball and chain! You’re married now, Nikiforov, you understand.”

“Literally the only thing I want to do right now is go home and hug my husband for an entire hour,” Viktor tells him, mournfully scrolling up his text history with Yuuri. “I miss him so much.”

“Did Viktor’s…husband… die?” that guy asks a colleague across the room several minutes later. “He’s acting like he…died?”

“No, Petrovich, he just married someone he actually likes.”

Viktor is now staring deep into a champagne cocktail. “Yuuri loves these,” he says.

“Are you totally sure,” says Petrovich, “That his husband didn’t die.”

“I saw him in an elevator on Tuesday.”

Petrovich watches Viktor down the entire champagne cocktail. “I thought only strippers drank those things.”

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ill be honest with you.. i totally read "the great gansey" on that gifset at first

Ah yes, The Great Gansey is my favorite book, yes, a classic, told from the perspective of a man who moves into a small cottage in the shadow of wealth and discovers that his neighbor is a wild mysterious blonde guy who likes fast cars, the past, being in love with the wrong person, and looking out of tall windows like the dramatic hoe that he is. Motifs include Death, the nature of dreams, Oxford graduates of a dubious nature, and feisty women with short haircuts. Several people are punched in the face.

Bts reaction to their crush saying “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you”

Wow that’s a long ass title

Seokjin: You two were best friends who had a hell load of tension going on. You were over at Jin’s place to just hang out. He always thought that his feelings were one sited so he never even considered confessing to you. All of the sudden you asked him about his sex life, being afraid that the answer would hurt you since you have a crush on him too. Being confused he’d answer honestly: “Lately there’s not much going on. I’d feel uncomfortable doing it with someone who isn’t you.” he confessed by mistake. He’d feel really embarrassed as he realizes what happened. You said: “I didn’t thought you feel like this. Well, if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you”. Jin would be soooo happy saying: “I’d really be honored to take your virginity. I like you, y/n.” He’d approach you slightly giving you a soft kiss which leads to a heavy make out session. Being the gentleman he is, he wouldn’t let it come too far without dating you. 

Jin on the inside:

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Namjoon: You two were chilling alone at a house party together. Because you already drank a bit Namjoon felt confident enough to start asking private questions. Technically it wasn’t your idea to tell him you’re just the most honest person after only one shot of tequila. Without him having to ask you just went for it and said: “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you” Namjoom had his facial expression under control only a dirty smile covered his face. “I knew that! You like me and I like you..” He’d immediately start acting all cocky and flirty with you which leaded to making out in a spare room. He was grinding on you making you horny and kissing your neck until he left hickeys. But Namjoon wouldn’t want you to regret anything the next morning so he delayed your first time to when you’d be sober. “You don’t want to be drunk on your first time, just call me when you want. Or should I call you?” 

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Yoongi: Yoongi and you were these kind of best friends who spend all of their time together. Once the two of you were taking a nap over at his place. Having a light sleep Yoongi cuddled with you. He always acted like you were his girlfriend. You thought he was still awake and told him “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you”. Yoongi would wake up totally confused and look at you. He’d hug you tight from the back and kiss your neck saying: “Y/n, is it that obvious that I have a crush on you?” Still being sleepy he’d unhook your bra under the shirt of him that you wore. Rolling you over he kissed you multiple times. Astonishing your now fully naked body he kissed you again. “It won’t hurt, I promise”

Yoongi when he wakes up confused:

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Hoseok: You and Hobi were at a club going crazy and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. That was the moment you fell for him, his cheerful and happy personality and -we’re not gonna ignore this- of course his handsome looks. When a sexy R’n’B song played you decided to dance seductively. Hobi was left with surprise as he joined you and the tension started to grow until he kissed you in the middle of the dancefloor. Hobi started to giggle like a little kid deciding to go home with you. As you made out on his bed you said. “If I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you.” He’d smile really brightly feeling honored to take your virginity as he slowly unclothed you.

Hoseok seeing you dance:

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Taehyung: You guys were friends but had secretly feelings for each other. You were totally in love with him but your lack of experience made you self-conscious. One day Tae was bragging about fucking this girl just to make you jealous. Your reaction to it had him SHOOK. You just said “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you” as a response. Tae would need several moment to realize what just happened but once he did he’d confess.”I’m sorry for being such an cocky asshole but that was my way to make you jealous. I actually have a crush on you and it’ll make me really happy to fuck yo- I mean take your virginity.” You just laughed and kissed him. He’d pick you up like a bride and carried you to his bed.

Tae being shook because of your response:

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Jimin: All the other member knew about you being Jimin’s crush and tried to set you up. They invited you over to a house party. Everything went fine, you talked with Jimin the whole time, until Jungkook suddenly shouted:”LET’S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE”.. Namjoon called your name and you chose truth. “Who out of all the people here would you have sex with?”. You answered honestly with “if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you, Jimin” looking at him. He was blushing and smiling happy. Next Hobi dared Jimin to spend 30 minutes with you in his room. Arriving there he confessed to you. “I’m so sorry it had to happen like this. The other’s tried really hard.” he said. “Well it worked and by the way we have still 20 minutes left.” you smiled sheepishly. Being confident he kissed you slowing unclothing your body.

Jimin when you said you still have 20 minutes:

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Jungkook: Kookie asked you out on a date after crushing over you for a long time. You were out walking around the city after having a drink. He was leading you to his favorite spot on a hill where you could see the stars and the whole city shining. You were sitting on a blanket his arm around you. You talked about so many different things until he asked you if you’ve ever been in a serious relationship. You answered with yes but admitted being a virgin. He was surprised because you seemed quite mature.“But actually if I could lose my virginity to anyone it would be you” you said. Jungkook would turn into JungSHOOK before acting really cocky. “I mean if you’re up to it..” You’d kiss. First slow but then it turned into a real make out session. He slid his hand up your skirt grabbing your ass. “We probably have to do this an other time unless you want to lose your virginity in a place were people could easily see us.”

Jungkook being cocky:

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So this took quite a long time hope u enjoyed it!

How dan and Phil probably broke up #62
  • Phil: You've been bad and bad boys get punished
  • Phil: *ties Dan to the bed*
  • Dan: Ooo are we gonna have kinky se-
  • Phil: *plays hello internet on loop*

“Come on Boys! Make Mommy proud”!

For the Mother Day, Bud and Lou takes their mum on tour! (In France, it’s today)

I should totally work on my school diploma, but I just really needed to animate some cute Harley Quinn!

Btw, I just download a new tumblr functionality who helps me to see the tags that you guys put on my work, and I never realized  how many cute messages were hidden there! So much love and funny jokes that I can see now! <3

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Would you ever date a bisexual guy?

Totally! If there’s love & consent & mutual respect & adoration & support & he’s funny & cute & charming & playful & all those good beautiful things… who cares how they identify? I talk a lot about bierasure & discrimination against bisexual people in one of the videos in “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” - it’s something that we need to address in the LGBTQ+ community!!

Jeremy "I'm Straight" Dooley
  • Jeremy: I’m straight
  • Jeremy: Ryan made me question my sexuality
  • Jeremy: *calls Aquaman hot*
  • Jeremy: *has kissed a guy before*
  • Jeremy: YEAAAH- oh I thought that was a guy’s ass
  • Jeremy: *almost sends Jon a dick pic*
  • Jeremy: Jon, we can have some alone time later for a little more points
  • Jeremy: As much as I love you Kat, I need to fuck Jon later
  • Jeremy: [to Jon] For another hundred points, I'll let you fuck me
  • Jeremy: I am terrified I have to stop having sex with Trevor