and i totally feel guilty about it

Honestly I wanna just say, you don’t need to feel guilty about not knowing a kpop group as well as some other fans. It’s totally okay to just like a group because of their music, no one is forcing you to like them as people. I mean, they’re mainly in the music industry because they want people to hear their music. Of course, if you end up liking them as people, that’s just an extra bonus. Also fuck the fans who judge you for that, you don’t need to know every detail about your bias, it doesn’t mean you’re a fake fan


Fletcher, don’t be so mean to Bernie! First of all, don’t you think she feels guilty enough about that as it is? HUH? Second of all, that was totally different. Yes, it turned out you were right about a crazy man’s dangerous obsession with her, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly more qualified than her to make medical decisions. And third of all, just don’t be mean to Bernie! She’s sweet and sad and she’s my baby and she needs to be protected at all costs. Just look at that little face!

Holby City s19e15 Stick or Twist

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Serious question: did anyone else come out as bi before realizing you are lesbian, and now feel guilty about perpetuating the myth that all bi people will eventually "pick a side"?

Oh yeah, this is definitely a common experience (at least from what I’ve seen here). I know I definitely did this and I felt bad however… we know our truths and we’re always changing/realizing truths. You aren’t perpetuating any myth and you’re totally fine. Anon, also, there are plenty of then lesbians who turn out to be bi so there’s no need to worry, we all have different experiences!


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I heard a song on the radio where they sang "Can't fight can't fight can't fight can't fight the feeling!!" but I totally misheard and instead of "can't fight" I heard "Kenpai". I blame that on you! (in a very amused way)

hahaAHha oops .i I plead guilty

i would be glad to listen to a song about Kenpai !♪♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪♪

(⊙ヮ⊙) -! ! this side appart, that’s suprising tho’. i don’t kno’ any song/remix about ken..There are a lot of poods,mark and jack …but nothin’ for kenpai. Bruh…sad very sad…

But anyway,that’s a funny misheard ! O3O thanks for have told meh!

Whatever happens, if you’re a US citizen and you voted for Clinton, thank you.  It will make a difference to the whole world. Even if it ends up just being thank you for trying, still thank you. Even if the worst happens, you have nothing to feel guilty about, because you did what you could, and everyone here really appreciates it.

However every US citizen I’ve spoken to has been like, totally sane, so I’m still hoping it’ll be okay, and the nightmare will be over tomorrow…

I just had a funny and kind of sad thought and it’s a total shot in the dark, but what if this mystery person:

Is actually: 

Bakugou desperately needs someone to talk to, and Best Jeanist was his mentor during the Stain arc.

ALSO Best Jeanist was severely injured at Kamino. They’re unsure if he’s even able to return to his hero duties, I’m 100% sure that Bakugou feels guilty about that, despite the hard time the No. 4 Hero gave him. However, we do know that he’s a U.A. alumnus so he probably does have access to the school, and he’s known to be injured, so he may have been moving in secret so that he doesn’t give anyone false hope.

The look Aizawa gives the mystery person looks more hurt and worried than anything. (I had a thought that the mystery person may be the traitor, and Aizawa doesn’t want to be suspicious of anyone at U.A. but yeah it’s a sad look on Aizawa’s face)

But if it’s Best Jeanist, that would explain the hurt look, because I’m sure he’s looking pretty bad, even if he’s able to stand. LIKE AFO TORE HIM UP! THAT WAS FREAKIN’ ROUGH MAN!!

In such a Bakugou heavy arc, I’m sure Best Jeanist will make an appearance soon, so maybe this isn’t too outlandish of a theory.

Oh My Girl Reaction to: You Unintentionally Turning Them on in Public

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Hyojung: is all like “jagi, please, I’m an angel, I don’t do this sort of thing in public!” and you’re just “????”

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JinE: needs a drink to quench her thirst

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Mimi: “why are you like this?!” she pouts. “why can’t you wait until we’re home?!”

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Yooa: is so shocked at your bravery but also totally into it

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Seunghee: “we’re in public, stop that!” she can’t bare to think about the awkwardness of getting caught, but as she realises that you’re confused and unaware of what you were doing to her, she starts to feel guilty. “ah, never mind, what I said just slipped out.”

she’s too shy to admit what had been going on in her head

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Jiho: is being super flirty and touchy-feely, winking at you when no one’s looking

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Binnie: thinking, ‘wait, is this on purpose or unintentional?’

does anyone else isolate themselves so severely that they feel guilty about it? like, not just feeling guilty, but totally hopeless and critical of yourself? like i spent the whole weekend disassociated on the couch watching netflix and i can’t shake the feeling that i’m going to end up being a fat slob with no career or motivation or social life and i’m gonna have bpd and avpd all of my life and it’s going to ruin every relationship i have and there’s really no hope for me getting better or functioning fully. i’ve tried getting out of the house, but every time i always end up impulsively going to the grocery and buying a shit ton of food that i don’t need. and when i go out in public, i don’t feel totally in control of myself or my actions, like i’m totally disassociated the whole time. i just don’t understand and i’m very very tired of being both borderline and avoidant.

Ok guys, so since i havent even started that damn sh.ou fic I’ve been wanting to write for the LONGest time, I’m going to crack down on myself and get it done.

So, i’m gonna avoid tumblr until i finish that shit. Im gonna go on a semi hiatus for a few days (probably like 2-3 ish)

Is that difficult to understand this? I’m sorry for Wanda, she suffered and she was scared BUT WHY THE HELL TONY EVEN IN CIVIL WAR IS THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE ABOUT SOKOVIA. WHY. I DON’T CARE WANDA IS A TEEN SHE SHOULD KNOWS HER POWERS ARE TOO STRONG FOR HER and she needed to keep calm and “exercise” before she makes the decision she is a superhero. Even in Civil War when Tony talks with Steve and Tony is totally devasted about all those shitty things that are happening he said “and then Ultron, my fault.” and I was WTF. NO. IT’S NOT. this thing really piss me off because when it’s about Tony I always try to understand who is against him BUT NOT FOR ULTRON. NO WAY. You can say everything about Tony but you can’t say he doesn’t care about the others and you can’t say he doesn’t feel guilty about things he has done and yeah those things just ended in a catastrophy BUT NOT FOR HIS FAULT. IN AGE OF ULTRON TONY IS AS BROKEN AND DEPRESSED AS WANDA so why he has to take all the guilt? It’s not fair, at all. People have to understand that he only does his best. Always. And he always makes things better for everyone. He has heart. He thinks and cares about who he loves and about people and FOR GOD’S SAKE LET HIM BE HAPPY AND IN PEACE WITH HIMSELF JUST FOR ONCE. PLS.

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isak or even: who spends more money on the other and who feels guilty about it

i feel like even would buy every little thing that reminds him of isak or things that he thinks isak would like anD he totally takes isak to a restaurant and tells him to order anything he’d like and isak is hesitant bc “even, that costs too much im not even that hungry” and even just orders it anyway??

Missed Birthdays-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#51 Prompt:#…None

Request: an Isaac Lahey one where he forgets your birthday and doesn’t realize he did until like 11:30 at night or sometime when it’s too late to make it up and then he feels guilty and you can decide the ending-anon

Word Count: 741 (Sorry it’s so short…)

Warnings: Missed Birthdays, feelings of sadness

A/n: So this was requested a while ago and I totally forgot about it (I had a bad organization system for stuff) I’m sorry but here it is now!

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Day 3 food log

Breakfast- tea and a few bites of oatmeal
Lunch-half cup of pasta with broccoli and a capuchino :(
Dinner- A small salad with a piece of toast
Total calories -575
I went way over today and I feel really guilty. Ugh I just still feel so big and I’ve been trying to cut down my portions for about 4 days now. Maybe it’s cause I’m on my period and I’m really bloated:/

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Hey I was wondering if you had any advice for grocery shopping? I know it sounds silly, but I find it so stressful walking around picking things, trying not to look at labels, trying to convince myself that no one is watching/judging what I choose etc. Thanks xx

hi dear!! grocery shopping is NOT easy and isn’t talked about enough on here! i always have such high anxiety in grocery stores, being surrounded by food, wanting to buy yummy things but questioning if i’ll even eat them, then feeling guilty for wanting to eat them at all, balancing the urge to get only super whole foods, etc etc. i totally understand the anxiety. 

what helps me is going alone, because when someone is waiting on me i feel very stressed. for others, going with someone who knows what’s going on may be very helpful, but personally i prefer to be alone. don’t rush yourself!! go shopping when you have ample amount of time. having a list helps, even if the list says things like “three snack items” so you can still challenge yourself and have freedom, but don’t feel so overwhelmed with all the choices. obviously remember to do deep breathing throughout the whole thing. if you’re a college student like me or otherwise not rolling in dough, try printing out coupons and attaching them to your list. i have a card at my grocery that helps in saving money. i know when trying to add saving money on top of all the other anxiety, it can get awfully suffocating, and having those solid things like coupons and lists will help with the annoying math you’re doing in your head, trying to figure out if you can even afford the food you’re wanting to get. lastly, remember that literally no one is judging you for what you’re getting, and if they are, first of all fuck them, and second of all, they likely have food issues of their own. everyone else there is there for one reason only: themselves. 

i hope this helps a bit. if any followers have anything to add, feel free :)

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Sorry if this sounds weird but I'm in the same position as you re: out to one parent but not the other, even though you know they'd be okay with it, and it's actually really relieving to know other people are in the same position. Sometimes I feel weird or guilty about it, like I'm not being grateful I have accepting parents or something, but it's just never felt right to say it at any point? So, I don't know, I guess I just wanted to say thank you for making that feel somewhat normal.

That doesn’t sound weird at all, I totally know what you mean–in fact I’ve had similar thoughts. But don’t feel bad if you’re not out to one of your parents. Sure, the privilege of being in a safe environment makes coming out easier, but it doesn’t make it a requirement. You deserve the opportunity to come out when you want to do it, and how you want to do it. 

When the time comes, you’ll know. Although if you want to speed up the process, I recommend engaging in relevant conversations with the people you want to come out to. That tends to open up more opportunities to bring it up–or sometimes they might even ask you. When I came out to my mom, it was because she made some remark like “your future husband… or wife. I don’t know.” and that really helped me get the ball rolling. When I came out to my roommate, it was because we were talking about one of the LGBTQ clubs I’m part of on campus, and she politely asked how I identify, so I answered. Both of these people were people I’m close to who I didn’t come out to right away even though I knew I could trust them. But when I told them, it felt like the right time. Anyway, I hope this makes sense, and I’m sending you positive vibes :) 

Preference: Arguing with Sammy Wilk would include

Not requested
Published 10/01/17

-It starting because he was out way too late smoking with Mr Nate Malolely
-You only knew because he snapchatted it
-Him feeling anxious about the shitstorm that was about to go down once he got inside
-Silence between you when he got in and saw you sitting on the couch
-He’s totally shitfaced. Possibly stoned too
-Him being totally sarcastic and trying to make you laugh it off
-Which only made you want to scream and cry more
-Him not quite understanding why/ how truly pissed off you were
-Feeling guilty but being a stubborn shit and not wanting to give up his point
-’I was so WORRIED SAM. You’re so selfish for Christ sake!’
-’Yeah? Well I’m allowed to go out with friends: if you had any I wouldn’t be acting like a bitch..’
-Kind of being taken aback at him calling you names
-Smashing expensive stuff just for the sake of getting one over the other
-Neighbours wondering whether or not to call the cops 
-Him trying to storm off but you whisper something under your breath like
-’Ruin your career then you wannabe’
-Sammy freezing and turning round
-Being super fuckin intimidating if he wanted to be
-Him yelling scaring the crap out of you but it just made you louder
-Doing that whole ‘what’d you just say’ thing where you’d be backed up against the wall
-’You wouldn’t pull that shit if you were sober. You reek of weed!’ pushing him off you angrily
-’I didn’t even smoke a whole joint’
-Scoffing at his excuses
-Letting the argument sneak upstairs while you shoved crap into a suitcase
-’No baby unpack that what are you doing?’ while he unpacks it
-’Are you trying to apologise?’
-Giving him a death stare and dangling another item of clothing above the suitcase threateningly
-’Yes! Jesus yes I’m sorry you’re right I knew the smoking bothered you and I did it anyway I’m an idiot, ok You’re not even a bitch. I’m sorry..’
-Possibly suppressing tears from the both of you
-Him totally inching closer to you and pulling you onto his lap
-Rocking you back and forth sort of whispering he was sorry
-’I love you’s’ from both of you
-’Don’t waste everything getting wasted Sammy, I worry about you’
-’Baby I promise I will only ever smoke and drink when you want intoxicated sex’
-’I’m holding you to that’
-Literally holding him to that and having ‘intoxicated sex’ as he so delicately put it

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Its 4:06 am and I am thinking about my hidaino fic and what the hell I am going to do with it haha

Hahaha whatever you decide to do I 100% support it!

Also like you know that I am always up to plot so feel free. Warning, if sometimes gets out of hand and suddenly you have a 200k+ story planned. (Totally guilty of this)

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Mycroft, something that might help you feel better. My friend and I were discussing you guys and she said a couple of things against you (because she didn't really understand) and I absolutely destroyed her. And now she totally gets that you're brilliant and a really great person. Just showing that there are people out here who really care about you whether you want us to or not. You may feel guilty or not like your self for things that have happened but we still like you and we always will.

While that was indeed sweet of you to say, remember that the history book is written by the victors. Perhaps she was right and you were simply the most persuasive?

- M.H.

I think the worst thing about growing up with strict parents is being an adult and having them still try to control your life and them acting like you’re a terrible person for trying to become independent it’s awful when you feel totally unprepared for the real world because you’re so used to people controlling your life that you’ve never really made decisions by yourself before and they make you feel guilty for wanting independece
—  Anonymous