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“Family.” - Zach Parise 

Requested - Yes:  Can you do a Zach Parise one where he has a day off from training and he and his family go to the MN state fair?? You’re an amazing writer btw! 

Warnings: None but it is a short cute one, this one was hard to right didnt have much of an idea but i kinda got it hope you all love it!

Its been a while, since Zach was able to get a day off of training, I can hear him come through the doors downstairs. His gear hitting the floor and him planting his collection of sticks on the couch. 

We have only been together for 8 months. I wasnt necessarily supposed to move in but watch the dogs while he was gone. He told me it would be just best for me to move in so i dont have to waste gas gong back and forth just to feed and let out a dog.

“Babe! I need to talk to you.” He shouted from the living room interrupting my thoughts. I get myself off of the bed and made my way down. I see the sweat drip off his face. as he looked over at me. “Id hug you but im sweaty.”

It didnt stop me from going over to him and embracing his sweat soaked body. He didnt hesitate to hug me back a little tighter.

“I want you to meet my parents.” He blurted still hugging me. My arms drop to my side no knowing what to say next. He pulled back to see the expression on my face. “I mean if you dont want to you dont have to but they would love to meet you… we are going to the fair tonight if youre interested Y/N.”

“Of course i would love too.” I smiled at him as one of his own grew on his face. “Do you think that they will like me. I never thought about doing this. What am i going to wear Zach we only have a few hours and i look like death.”

Zach started to laugh at me and i just rolled my eyes. pushing passed him and dragging him up the steps with me. After an hour of forcing him to help me with my outfit we finally settled on a greyish purple dress. We got in the car and made it to the fair within 30 minutes. 

I held his hand tightly as we walked toward the gates. I see a group of people walk toward us and my heart begins to race. They stood in front of us and Zach began to ug each and every one of them as i stood there awkwardly.

“Guys this is my girlfriend Y/N.” They all smiled at me as he said those words but i couldnt help but feel like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest in any moment. 

“Y/N its so wonderful to meet you.” A women smaller than i hugged me tightly rubbing my back lightly.

“mom let her breathe.” Zach whined causing me laughed under his mothers tight hug. She let go and smiled at me brushing off my shoulders. In the short amount of time i have spent with his family i already felt apart of his family.