and i told her how she's the sweetest nicest person i know

The terrible life of Lena Luthor

And why I love her so much and she deserves the world.

First, let’s keep in mind that canonically Lena’s only 24 years old, according to the show’s timeline.

Now, in season 2 Lena was in 12 episodes. During those episodes, she was in danger/manipulated/hurt (physically and emotionally) 37 times.  Specifically, she almost died 8 times and in 5 of those times she was the target. She was hit once and knocked down and kidnapped twice.

Her own bother was the one behind the attempts against her life at the beginning . She was also constantly manipulated and lied to by her mother and later by her new mother figure/mentor. So it’s usually people close to her and people that she cares about  who end up hurting her.

Let’s also remember that the events of season two happened in less than a year! I wonder how she seems so unfazed by all of her trauma. You would think she would at least have some kind of PTSD by now. Then again, this show hasn’t been great at tackling this subject.

Also, from what we’ve seen of season three this trend of her almost dying and getting hurt isn’t going to stop. What does she have to do to get a break?! I think it’s fair to say that Lena seriously needs a therapist and a bodyguard. Also all the love.

Let’s break down everything she’s been through (that we know) and who she is despite all of that. With gifs! 

Before National City. 

- Her biological mother died when she was four.

- Lionel lied to her and never told her he was her biological father.

- Was given the cold shoulder by Lillian and was constantly manipulated and reminded that she wasn’t a real Luthor.

- The brother she loved turned out to be evil.

- After her brother went to jail and she took over Luthor Corp her boyfriend at the time made her choose between him and her family’s company.

Now, during the show:


1. She was supposed to be on the Venture.

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|| Jealous || Tom Holland x reader

Request: “ Hii! I saw that you take the Tom Holland x Reader or Peter Parker x Reader request! Its cool! I wanted to know if its possible that you make a Tom Holland x Reader where he and the reader are best friends and she is very jealous of Tom’s relationship with Zendaya? Thank and good luck for your next requests! ❤️” — anonymous 

Warnings: One swear word. A little argument.Fluff 

A/N: Hey, this is my second imagine. Thank you guys so much for the good feed back in my first imagine I’m Yours. Hope you enjoy this imagine. Request is closed for now. 

I’m Yours

Tom and Y/N were best friends ever since they were eight years old. They’ve been together through thick and thin. Everyone wanted them to be together, but they were both afraid to tell each other how they feel. But one day, one of them had enough of hiding those feelings. 

Tom and Y/N were at Tom’s house just having their famous Friday movie night. Eating all the junk food that they bought while watching Y/F/M (your favorite movie). They love having nights like these. Snuggled up with blankets, at Tom’s couch, in the living room.Tom having a free schedule and you having no homework (BTW you are at college). 

“Hey do you want to go to an end of the year party tomorrow at my friend’s house for New Year’s?” Tom asked. “ Yeah sure, if it doesn’t bother the person who is planning the party” Y/N answered. “Yeah Zendaya even asked if I could invite you-”. “ W-Wait the Zendaya invited me to a party” Y/N interrupted. “ Well y-yeah, she told me she wanted to meet you” Tom explained. “So do you want to go or not”. “ Of course I want to go you idiot” Y/N answered. 

 Well, today is the day to go to Zendaya’s end of the year party for New Year’s. Y/N can’t believe she is meeting Zendaya. Zendaya is Y/N’s idol. She is the person that Y/N looks up to. Now she is going to meet her. Y/N was bouncing up and down the passenger seat in Tom’s car. She couldn’t stop talking about how she is going to meet Zendaya. “ I can’t believe I’m going to meet Zen-” 

“ I know, you told me like a million times already. You can stop now” Tom interrupted, “ And you can stop bouncing up and down the seat cause we are here” Tom added. “W-we’re here already?” Y/N asked nervously. Tom nodded. “You don’t have to be nervous about meeting Zendaya. She will like you, don’t worry.” Tom took her hand and gently squeezed it. Y/N felt a heat rising on her cheeks. Tom also felt the same. 

After staring at their hands,Y/N suggested to go inside for the party. Tom nodded his head and let go of her hand. Tom went out the door and went to her side of the door. Y/N was lost in thought until Tom opened her door. “ Thank you” Y/N said. “ No problem, just being a gentleman.” Tom exclaimed. Y/N and Tom both walked to the front door of Zendaya’s house. 

Tom went to knock, but the door already opened by the, one, the only, Zendaya. “ Oh my god it is the famous Y/N. L/N. Tom can’t stop talking about you.” Zendaya went up to Y/N and hugged her so tight that she couldn’t breath for a few seconds. After Zendaya let go Y/N, Y/N said “ I hope they are good things. Don’t really want to seem like an asshole.” Y/N exclaimed. “ Of course he said you’re the nicest, sweetest,smart,and beautiful girl there ever is.” Zendaya exclaimed. Y/N and Tom both blushed. “ You guys want to go inside cause we’ve been here for like ten minutes already” Zendaya suggested. 

When Y/N and Tom greeted everyone, Tom, Y/N, and Zendaya talked about random things like school to amusement parks. Y/N finally saw Tom and Zendaya’s relationship between each other. “They seem such a great couple” Y/N thought. Then suddenly she felt jealous. Jealous of their close friendship. Jealous of how the way they look at each other. She couldn’t help it.

 “I will just take a breather for a second.” Y/N pointed to Zendaya’s beautifully decorated backyard. Tom looked in her direction and just saw her walking outside. “I will just be outside too.” Tom said. “I have a feeling they will be such a cute couple.” Zendaya pointed to Tom and Y/N direction. Y/N was just staring at the beautiful view in front of her. 

“Beautiful isn’t it” Tom exclaimed. “Yeah it is” Y/N agreed. When Y/N turned her head to the side to see Tom already looking at her. “ You know you and Zendaya make such a cute couple” Y/N exclaimed. “ Wait w-what?”. “You and Zendaya make such a great couple. You guys have such a great bond and both of you guys are just….” Y/N felt tears streaming down her cheeks. 

“Hey what are you talking about?” Tom questioned. Y/N turned and faced Tom. When she turned around and Tom saw her tears, he felt very sad. “ You don’t get it do you? I’m just jealous ok. Jealous of your relationship with Zendaya.” Y/N left a quite sob. “You have nothing to be jealous about cause I only like you. I liked you since we met” Tom took both of Y/N’s cheeks in his hands. 

Tom wiped a tear that came running down her cheek with his thumb. “In fact I fell in love with you.” Tom whispered. Y/N felt stunned by his words. “I fell in love with you too.” Y/N exclaimed. Tom leaned in with his eyes closed. Y/N also leaned in. Then finally Y/N felt Tom’s lips on hers. 

Y/N felt fireworks erupt in her stomach. She was waiting for this moment since they met. When they pulled apart, Tom placed his forehead on Y/N’s. “I love you  so much” Tom exclaimed. “I love you too.” Y/N answered. What they didn’t know is that a whole audience was watching them. “I told you that they make such a cute couple” Zendaya exclaimed. 


Fukawa is a shut-in. She’s been pressured her whole life, living stressed out to the point she created a split personality. She doesn’t trust absolutely anyone, she doesn’t want to, she’s afraid of having feelings, yet she’s been longing for a friend since she was a little child. Yet, even though she doesn’t think much about others, she also doesn’t think much about herself. She constantly goes on about how ugly she is, even though she tries to cover it up with saying she takes pride in it. She has almost zero self confidence, never standing up for herself, hiding in shadows. That girl is an absolute mess.

And then she comes across Komaru.

Komaru, who doesn’t seem like anyone special at first. Komaru who is your everyday common girl, who reads shojo mangas and listens to pop music bands. Komaru who just had been thrown into this mess of a world, who doesn’t understand what’s happening, why it’s happening. Komaru who is the first person in Touko’s life to actually admire her and appreciate her existence, not as a writer or anything, just as Touko the way she is. Komaru who is really happy to have “someone as amazing as Fukawa-san” around. Komaru who isn’t discouraged by Touko’s harsh words. Komaru who insists on calling her her friend. Komaru who doesn’t stop liking her the moment she acknowledges the existence of Syo. Komaru who says that both Fukawa AND Syo are her important friends. Komaru who doesn’t turn her back on Fukawa when she finds out she betrayed her. Komaru who instead tries to understand her motives and wants to help her.

The scene with the Servant was a breakthrough moment for Fukawa. She purposefully loses the battle against Komaru to let her have a chance to flee being fully aware that it will most likely put Togami in danger. She calls out her nonsense when she declares she won’t run away and instead will stay with her and help her. She truly wants her to escape to a safer place, even if it means parting their ways and endangering Togami’s life. When she turns into Syo it becomes clear - her feelings tell her to kill the servant and let Komaru go free. She gets angry when Komaru tries to stop her from killing him and remembers all the moments Komaru said she wanted to escape this city so much. But Komaru doesn’t want to anymore. Not if it means putting Fukawa in trouble. After all, Fukawa is her friend. And her only goal now is to help her. Even though Touko made fun of her for calling them “friends” before, when she turns back to her normal self she admits that she has been dreaming about someone calling her that her entire life. She stops that “Omaru Dekomaru” charade, It’s Komaru. And she never mistakes it again.

And it doesn’t stop there. Right after Servant is threatening them again, she stands up and snaps at him, telling him that she won’t let anything happen to Komaru, that she will protect her even by the cost of her life. She may not have a clear idea what exactly a friend is, but she’s trying. She wants to discuss stuff she heard friends normally discuss, she even wants to read Komaru’s future manga, despite hating that genre, if it makes Komaru happy. And Komaru is there for her also, she wants to call her with a friend suffix (Touko-chan) but she acknowledges that it makes her uncomfortable so she stops immediately and doesn’t insist on doing that again. When she tries to give a speech at the Haiji’s base and she fails miserably, being at the edge of bursting into tears, Fukawa doesn’t try to stop her or make fun of her. Even though she doesn’t have the clear idea of what Komaru is trying to do, the only thing she tells her is “Komaru, I’m here for you, so do your best!”. Whatever the hell is Komaru’s goal, she’s going to support her. Later on, Touko admits, that she actually admired Komaru’s speech. This is Touko freaking Fukawa. She doesn’t say that kind of things to just any person. No, she doesn’t say things like that at all, keeping them to herself even if she thought something like this. Yet here she is, complimenting the ordinary girl Komaru, shojo manga reading girl Komaru. But most important of it all, her real actual friend. Komaru.

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Okay, let me explain. Monaka basically says, that she chose Fukawa to take part in her plan, because she wouldn’t we “intrusive”, she wouldn’t bond with Komaru, she wouldn’t try to protect her. Which, in the end, was the exact opposite of what Fukawa did. She knows that Komaru is slowly falling into the deepest pit of despair, simply because she isn’t acting like herself. Because she isn’t acting like Komaru, the kindest, sweetest, nicest person Fukawa knows. And she’s going to protect her and the controler, because she knows that’s what Komaru wants, she’s her friend and this is her duty. Even though I was getting tired of Touko’s obsession with Togami, I was happy when she told Monaka to give her the key, because she isn’t giving up on any of them. This shows how strong this whole ordeal made her, she finally has important people to protect and she isn’t going to leave them behind, they’re going home as a whole, no exceptions. When they finally get away from the Big Bang Monokuma Fukawa, seeing the state Komaru’s in, slaps her and immediately regrets it. She doesn’t want to hurt her, she tells her to do the same thing to her, because that would be fair. Komaru does, but she doesn’t want to. She’s a mess, seeing devastated corpse of her parents brought her even more despair, she doesn’t know what to do. And that’s when Touko does something that Fukawa from the beginning of the game would never do - she embraces her, stroking her hair slowly and says “We’re in this together. When you’re in trouble, I’ll help you. And when I’m in trouble you’ll help me. Persevering as a pair like that… That’s what makes being together so great, right?”. She doesn’t hide her feelings anymore. She loves that girl, utterly and completely, she’s her precious friend she wants to keep safe. She isn’t going to let her pity herself now, now’s not the time.She doesn’t soften the edges, she understands what Komaru is going through, but she knows she has to help her keep moving forward. And yet, the one who finds the biggest support in the other girl is Touko. She’s not alone anymore. She doesn’t have to go around, throwing her feelings at anybody, even if they don’t return them and don’t want her presence (Togami). As she puts it, she’s finally found hope of her very own. Komaru is her hope, the ray of sunshine in her life. Just look at it, how after Komaru announcing her staying in the Towa City, for Touko leaving Komaru wasn’t even an option. She chooses Komaru over Togami in a heartbeat and there’s no way anyone would convince her to part with her. If she doesn’t go back with Komaru, there’s no point in going back at all.

Grief Counelor!Joshua

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  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON ALIVE GUYS. LOOK AT HIM. LOOK AT THAT PERFECTION! he’s actually #3 on my bias list, i know i don’t write about him a lot but look, how do you describe the most perfect man with writing, it’s hard. 
  • grief counselor Joshua
  • probably the nicest, sweetest, and understanding person in the entire building
  • tells everyone to smile
  • “A smile can go a long way Jihoon”
  • “Shut up”
  • he’s too chipper, chipper than everyone else, chipper than Jihoon thinks his girlfriend is
  • always always does doctor evaluations, will literally track every doctor and nurse in the building down if he has too
  • “Jihoon there you are”
  • “Wonwoo why are you in the morgue”
  • “Jeonghan! Don’t run from me”
  • just really wants to do his job perfectly but can’t when everyone in the building is running and avoiding him
  • is Seokmin’s main grief counselor and always knows the signs of when Seokmin is experiencing a very hard time
  • also worked with Seungcheol for a short period
  • contrary to everyone’s belief that Joshua’s job is the easiest one in the whole building, once the doors to his office closes, it can sometimes become hell
  • he deals with people screaming, crying, and people who just let everything out on anything near them, often ruining parts of his room
  • Joshua always remains calm because he knows that anger is a part of recovery
  • Has really good reflexes because he got use to people trying to throw things at him
  • if you don’t know the stages of grief, let me just list them for you, the stages of grief come in the order of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, people can move in and out of each stage and Joshua understands that
  • has watched many doctors in the building go through these stages when it comes to the death of a patient
  • also sees these stages with break ups
  • will make it known to you if he suspects you are in one of the stages
  • doubles as an english translator whenever needed
  • tries to make it clear to every doctor that a patient is more than just a patient, they are scared and doctors are supposed to be a comforting face in an unfamiliar environment
  • sets up little presentations with doctors (has the board directors make it mandatory) about the importance of having a positive attitude and presence with their patients
  • also goes through the stages of grief and everyone in the room groans
  • has to be reassured by Jihoon’s girlfriend that everyone actually appreciates his efforts and they just don’t show it
  • jihoon @ his gf: please stop encouraging him
  • Joshua is in fact religious, but that’s something that he cannot bring into his work. stuck between personal morals and work ethic, Joshua often has to remind himself that he can’t outright promote his religion
  • but he always has the option on the table, he does not enforce it though
  • you’re not actually a worker at the hospital, you’re a volunteer for the hospital
  • as a volunteer, you often visit various patients to add a positive face to the crowd
  • you get people upbeat and in smiles with music
  • you carry with you a guitar or ukulele and play it cheerfully in front of the patients who will always end up with a smile
  • you sing about random things, like the birds in the sky, or the lightbulb in the room, or the precious smile on their face
  • you happened to be in the pediatric unit the day Joshua sees you
  • he’s walking by when he hears clapping, and loud giggles of children, the strumming of the guitar fills his ears and when he peeks into the unit, he believes his breath his stolen
  • a little flower crown rested upon your head, your fingers lightly strumming the guitar as you move around the room, dancing lightly as you sing happily about all the colors, all the sizes, all the shapes in the room
  • the children are smiling, their hands are clapping along to the tune and all the doctors and nurses can’t help but clap along
  • and Joshua is soo smitten when your eyes catch his who’s watching from the door, a little grin on your face before you bend down to a little child, touching their nose slightly, and the sweetest of tone in your voice as you end the song “but the best shape in this room, is your smile”
  • to his surprise, he seems to be the only one in the building who doesn’t know you
  • “I just saw the prettiest girl. She was playing the guitar and —”
  • Seungkwan: “OH Y/N! I love her!”
  • cue Seokmin bursting out a door: “Are we talking about Y/N! They’re amazing”
  • Joshua, not so secretly kind of peeks into the hospital records of volunteers, finds your file, and looks at your schedule
  • he’s not being creepy, he swears (but he kind of is)
  • Watches you the next week when you play for the pediatric unit
  • during the middle of the performance, when you’re in between songs, a little girl tugs at your shirt, and Joshua watches as the girl whispers in your ear, your eyes flicker towards him and you smile with a nod
  • “it seems like we have a little request. I was just told that Mr.Joshua over there, does the most wonderful rendition of the itsy bitsy spider.”
  • Joshua’s all flustered and all the kids are screaming because they loove when Joshua sings and he really can’t turn down the children so he slowly makes his way towards you
  • you’re grinning so big as he stands next to you and you offer to play the tune on your guitar and Joshua sends you a meek smile because he’s never performed in front of a girl he likes before
  • starts of slow and choppy before he finally gets into it, almost forgetting you were there playing the guitar, and he’s doing the hand motions for the itsy bitsy spider, the kids are all following along since they learned it from him
  • and omg you’re internally freaking out because not only is this guy handsome as hell, but his voice is so soft and soothing, and the way he’s smiling with the kids and his pretty hands are doing the motions, it’s got your heart melting
  • after the whole performance, the children disperse back to their rooms (as ordered by the nurses) and all there’s left is you and Joshua
  • you’re packing up your things and Joshua is there standing nervously, his hands balled into a fist because he’s doing the whole internal fighting with himself about whether he should ask you out for a coffee but then there’s a side that’s like what if she turns you down and he’s all dammit joshua just do it
  • “do you want to get a cup of coffee with me.”
  • you’re puzzled, looking at the boy who looks like he’s about to combust from the inside, you give him a calm smile, nodding with agreement and you giggle at the way he says ‘really’ as though he was expecting the opposite
  • he really was though
  • that’s how you meet and learn the boy that is Joshua
  • literally a billion coffee ‘dates’ later is finally when Joshua and you are considered ‘official’
  • but really Jeonghan and everyone else in the building has been calling you two official after the first three coffee dates because Joshua just cannot stop talking about you
  • remember how he was all chipper before, he’s even more chipper and smiley now and everyone is a bit creeped out
  • stores a guitar just for you in his office so that you don’t have to always carry one around, but it also gives him an excuse to always see you and get all mushy feely in his office
  • he doesn’t kiss you on the lips when he’s in the hospital, he believes to keep it professional, but that also doesn’t stop him from stealing a quick peck to your cheek here and there
  • now that a lot of his attention is focused on you, he doesn’t spend his time chasing doctors around and everyone thanks you for that
  • “hey Josh, should I wonder why Jihoon just stopped me in the hallway and thanked the heavens for me”
  • “Just ignore him”
  • you and Joshua perform together in the pediatric unit
  • Joshua plays the guitar as you move and dance around, your voices melting together, and Joshua always stares at you with sparkles in his eyes and blushes every time you look at him and wink
  • you always help him arrange his office whenever a patient gets too aggressive, but it’s okay, more time to spend with you is enough for him
  • grief counselor Joshua, despite the title of his job, is the happiest man alive with you right in his arm. He adores everything about you and his eyes are only locked on you every time you step into the room. His soft voice soothes you as you sleep tucked into his chest and everything is just right in the world with you standing by him.
2. “You’re too good for this world.”

A/N: Wassup weirdos. As promised, here’s day 2. Happy finals week to some of you, I’m supposed to be studying right now but LOL but when am I ever obedient?? that’s right, never.  Again, I’m going off the Fic Meme list here! You can also read #1 “Oh My God. You’re in love with her.” here. Lets have some fun with drunk Beca, shall we?

“She’s so pretttyyyy though, Stace.”

“I know babe. I know.”

Beca wasn’t usually a lightweight. Beca didn’t usually get trashed off her ass just for the hell of it. And Beca wasn’t supposed to have told any of the girls that she’s been with Chloe now for months. Oops?

Chloe was gone for the weekend with Aubrey for some conference thing. She had mentioned to Beca what it was for and where it was but she obviously wasn’t paying attention to that particular conversation. I mean, if Chloe Beale was laying across your bed flipping through a magazine wearing nothing but a towel, would you be paying attention?

No. And neither was Beca.

Moral of the story, Chloe was gone for the weekend and left Stacie in charge of the girls when they went to the Trebles party that Saturday night. Leaving Beca in charge of eight intoxicated girls was “obviously out of the question” per Aubrey’s request.

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‘Can’t control their children’ x Stefan Salvatore

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based on following prompt : Imagine person A working in retail at a Walmart or Costco and having a long, horrible day. After cleaning another ridiculous mess from a customer’s out of control kid they are thoroughly pissed off. Then person B taps on their shoulder to ask A to help them reach something from a shelf cause person B is short. A finds person B to be the most polite and the sweetest person they’ve met all day at work 

‘They can’t be serious,’ Stefan mumbled when he saw the mess he was supposed to clean up from his boss. ‘This is seriously outrageous.’ He dropped the bucket filled with water on the floor, half of the water splashing out, and dropped the mop next to the bucket.
He couldn’t believe he gave up his comfortable life in Mystic Falls for … this.
Cleaning up the mess of some out of control kid. The kid had gone all out. He had pushed every product in the aisle on the floor. And no, the aisle hadn’t been filled with cereal boxes, oh no. Of course the child had to go wild in an aisle filled with glass jars. Jars filled with tomato sauce, mayonnaise, and every other single sauce in the universe. The smell was unbearable, and there was glass everywhere.
Stefan couldn’t believe his manager didn’t let the mother of the kid clean it up, or at least have her pay for it. But it was Walmart. Apparently it was okay to push all their products of the racks and just tell it to the manager like it was just another Wednesday night.
While Stefan was debating whether to clean the mess up, or just murder every single person in this place, a girl slowly walked towards him, cautiously.
‘Eh, excuse me?’ She softly spoke.
Stefan tightened his jaws, forcing a smile on his face, and then slowly turned around.
‘Yes?’ He spoke through gritted teeth.
‘I, eh, I’m sorry to bother you from your, eh, job,’ her eyes quickly scanned the ruined aisle. ‘But I can’t reach the pasta sauce on the top shelf there, and eh, since you’re the only one around … If it isn’t too much of a bother, would you please take one for me?’ She gave him a small smile, as if she was praying he wouldn’t yell at her for asking that.
Stefan looked back at what seemed to be one of the last jars of pasta sauce and then looked back at the girl.
‘Of course, no problem,’ he smiled, an actual smile this time. Stefan walked to the jar, making sure to avoid all the stains of sauce, grabbed it, and then walked back to the girl. ‘You’re lucky the little devil couldn’t reach the highest shelf.’ He laughed, handing over the jar. The girl laughed along, taking the jar from Stefan and placing it in her basket.
‘Yeah, pasta without sauce …’ She tugged a lose lock behind her ear and smiled at Stefan. ‘Thanks.’ She then said.
‘No problem at all. Honestly you’re the nicest person that’s been in this goddamn store all day long.’ Stefan admitted, feeling relieved that not only spawns straight from hell came to Walmart.
‘Then what are you still doing here?’ She laughed. ‘Just quit.’
Stefan looked at the girl as if she had just told him the secret of life.
‘You’re right.’ He then mumbled, his fingers reaching for the buttons of his polo. ‘What the hell am I still doing here?’ He grinned, opening up the buttons and then pulling the polo over his head, leaving him half-naked.
‘Oh, eh, are you …’ The girl’s face was bright red by now, and her eyes were darting everywhere. But she just had to look at him. How couldn’t you?
‘I’m the best I’ve ever been,’ he laughed, throwing his polo into the mess of sauces, kicking the bucket so that the water splashed all over the floor. He then looked at the girl, placed both his hands on her face, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. ‘I think you just saved me. Or saved everybody here.’ Stefan said, laughing. ‘I was like this far,’ he held up his fingers, just an inch apart from each other, ‘away from killing about everybody in this place.’
‘Oh, eh,’ She still wasn’t sure what to say, and whether she should run or not.
‘Put those groceries away, c’mon, I’m paying you diner.’ Stefan grinned.
‘You really don’t –‘
‘No, I want to,’ Stefan smiled. ‘What’s your name, by the way?’
‘Oh, it’s [Y/N],’ she smiled, carefully placing her basket on the ground. ‘And you’re Alfred, right?’
Stefan looked back at his polo, where his name tag was facing them. Stefan grinned and looked back at [Y/N]. 
‘No, I’m Stefan. That name tag was someone else’s. Anyway, let’s go! I know this amazing Italian restaurant, their pasta sauce is way better than the shit they sell here.’
‘Well, if you insist.’ [Y/N] smiled, starting to understand how Stefan felt. ‘I can’t say no to a free meal.’
‘Exactly my thoughts.’
They walked out of the Walmart, Stefan flipping of his manager while they walked past him, and got into his car, where he had a spare shirt.
Unfortunately for [Y/N].


Case #2: “ The Seven’s boss murder”

Characters: BTS x reader, Namjoon biaised.

Words: 4782

Type: Mafia!AU; Smut (next chapter, this time I swear!)

WoA: I owe this chapter and renewal motivation to the sweetest person I met around here, I can’t thank her enough, the sweet @lthyl who beta red it like a champion she is… 

I really wanted to introduce smut correctly. I think this chapter gives a great context to the rest of this story. 

And.. This picture… PLEASE! 

“Three days of rain…” Lily groaned, sitting in front of you at your desk, her long hairs were dripping wet, her chocolate skin covered by shadows under her green eyes. Lily, was an astonishing, natural, electric beauty. The only issue was her temper, she had the worst: being a woman in a mannish environment made her this way. At 28 she was the youngest of a legal medicine team and the best doctor you knew; she was the most intelligent and strongest person you’ve ever met. You two arrived on the same year, heard the same crap (minus the racists/homophobics comments, she sometimes had to face).

“Seriously, the first one telling me global warming is a scam is dead,” she sighed.

“Global warming…” you repeated, looking at pictures of the crime scene you had taken to Namjoon.

“Still on that case?” you nodded, her annoying sigh impressed you, she was very calm and patient with you generally, so this came as a surprise. “I disagree with your plan. What could assure you that Namjoon will help you? He’s not the helper type.”

“He didn’t…” you muttered, rubbing your eyes and stretching your back, making your desk’s chair squeal, Lily threw her head behind in a groan. “I knew it.”

“I thought we had agreed: we go together.” She put her feet on your desk and arms under chest.

“Yeah, I’m not going to take my roommate to this place. What if they keep you hostage, or worst kill you because of your manners?” you pushed her feet off some files and she rose an eyebrow with a sinful smile. “Who would pay the rent?”

You were her freeloader: when you two met, you took a floor you could barely pay for and put your money in common. Now, that she was officially a doctor and not an assistant, she was earning at least twice the double of your salary and still put all of her money on a common account you two had. Living with her was the best thing that had ever happen to you; most of the time, she was cheerful, or very calm and pretty easy going. She didn’t believe in property that she characterized as a “capitalist illusion”.

Feeling the sensitive topic of money and your guilt coming, she signed you to pass over by shaking her hand.

“I just wanted to see what they looked like, actually,” she said smiling even brighter when you shook your head snorting, “the Hot seven’s, girl! How did you even make it alive?”

“The boss is nice,” you shrugged off. She stared at you before snapping her tongue.

“Yeah, nicest guy I even heard of…” she didn’t even try to hide her irony. “When he was sixteen he was suspect in his stepfather murder case, the guy’s legs had been ripped off when he was alive, he had been enucleated, tongue excision, and you want to know the worst? The eyes, heart, brain and tongue have never been found.” You felt all colors drained from your face and sighed, closing your eyes; those descriptions of her on a monotonous tone, like if it was nothing more than the shopping list, were driving you crazy. Her job made her insensitive to those, but sadly your stomach wasn’t as strong as hers. “Have you eaten yet? I’m in the mood for Greek!”

“SERIOUSLY?!” the few colleagues left in the office looked at you. “Why aren’t you home yet?”

“Oh, yeah, I was here to explain this at first, then you talked about something, and I forgot.” You smiled, she was the talkative, filter-less when she was with you. “I will go back home when my roommate, AKA you, will come back too.”

“Lily…” you complained as she looked at you, determined not to give up. “I will.”

“Look, I need you home, even if you’re the worst roommate ever, baby. I need someone to listen to my story. Girl, I had nine homicides, in three days… The mobs are going crazy!”

You frowned. Nobody told you.

“Your dad forbade us to tell you, since he knows you went to see the Boss of one of the two fighting clans,” she sighed and grabbed some files from her bag that she threw on your desk. “This is hell of a massacre: most of the one I have on my table downstairs are kids… I mean, literally, there are kids. Well, one, but it’s just been two days since they unburied the hatchet. So logically…” She looked at you when you observed at the kid’s picture, in the middle of his forehead laid a deep red hole. He had a sad but calm expression.

Still, enough to make you feel terribly angry. “One shot, right in the brain. He didn’t suffer… BUT, his parents are.”

“Why would he keep me far from those?” you looked at your father office door.

“Because he fears you’ll be the next victim? I mean, somehow I understand, because of the locker incident…”

                A cold sweat ran down your spine. This incident that everyone kept on reminding you. You could have died, but instead, the bomber failed his art and Lily’s assistant opened your locker, losing her eyebrows and pride. Somehow, you knew it was luck you didn’t die, and bad luck for the bomber who died.

“Concerning the mafia war…” Lily started, adopting a maternal tone. “This is a rumor, but the higher ups are talking about suspending you,” she tried to look as detached as possible analyzing your reaction, but you simply smiled shaking your head. “There are pictures of you going in the Seven’s house. My boss told me it sounded bad, like… Really bad, Y/N.”

“I know, some investigators came to interview me today about it,” you sighed, pinching the top of your nose. “It… went pretty bad, in fact. They’re opening a case I think.”

“If you knew why didn’t you call me?!” she asked, getting on her two feet. “Look it can’t be this bad.”

“Oh, it is… And you know it!” you smiled, sadly. “I didn’t play by the rules, and lost. That’s the game.”

“You’re accepting it?” she furrowed her brows, and crossed her arms on her chest. “You, Y/N, who’s life has been police since day one, first breathing, you are accepting this injustice?!”

                Now that she had brought it like this you felt some rebellious and anxious feels bubbling in the pit of your throat. You nodded, and looked at the pictures of dead bodies on your office. Lily frowned as she took your chin in between her cold long fingers, checking your eyes.

“You’re high,” she whispered, closing her eyes. “What did you take, and where have you found it?”

“I’m not high, I’m just… Tired of fighting, that’s it, Lil’.” You stretched your back and winced when it cracked. “Look, it’s been two weeks that they are after me, even before I went to the Seven’s, the locker incident brought them here. They asked me if I did it, Lily, so why should I fight?”

“For Justice! You are always fighting for justice! If you give up…”

“What’s justice anyway?” you asked, getting up, anger finally bubbling out. Your violent reaction made her take a step back.

“Is it justice, when the killer of a three years old isn’t going to jail because he’s rich and can pay good lawyer? Is it justice when the parents who loses their kids see the killer being freed because he behaved? Is it justice when… When we’re here, beating up people to have answers?” you took a deep breath, Lily’s face was blank and her eyes round. “Why should I fight for something I don’t even believe in any more, Lil’?”

“You’re doubting, it happens, but you will find out one day that…” she silenced when you got a box out from under your desk, you already had stuffed some old files and the remaining of your locker things. “What are you doing?”

“I’ve quit.” Your voice was shaking a bit when you pronounced those words.

“What the heck are you going to do?” she asked taking the snowball you tried to put in the box off your hands. “I mean you suck at everything else.”

“Stargazing? Studies? I don’t know, I need to stop this madness, that’s all I feel, okay? I need to get away from this hectic, stupid, nonsensical world! ”

“You need vacations, not a leave!” she cut you, looking at your Magic 8 Ball. “Did you decide thanks to this?”

                You smiled. It was fairly known that you took lot of your decisions with the help of this ball; you grabbed it and closed your eyes, shaking it as you asked for the hundredth time “Will I be okay?” and for the hundredth time the ball answered; “Ask your question later.” You looked at Lily when she put the snowball in the box, as her way to accept it.

“Well… I’m not against the comeback of the telescope!” she said smiling brightly, lightening your heart a bit, you silently thanked her. “What did your father say, though?”

“You know him, I dishonored my family just by being born, so he said the usual: ‘you disappoint me and what will I say to your mother this Friday?’ he’ll survive, I guess. I will!”

She snorted, and grabbed your notebook. “So, Greek and stargazing with beers?”

“Let’s skip the Greek and beers and go straight to whisky paradise, okay?” She nodded, smiling.

                You thought, going on the rooftops and pulling out your telescope from its closet, that whisky and Lily would have made you feel better. But it didn’t, and you weren’t sure anything would make you feel lighter ever again. You felt dead inside, and all the stars in the universes would never make you forget about it.

“We should get out.” Lily finally stated, checking at the emptiness of her glass. “I need to dance my life away. We should do that when we’re young!”

“Not in the mood. Never have been, never will be…” you commented, looking through the lens. “Why are you still trying this?”

“Hope, I guess…” She shrugged and looked at you with a pout. “Let’s be serious a minute, Y/N.”

                A loud ringing stopped her. You both looked at each other silently, until three new hurried rings reverberated through the floor. You obviously expected absolutely no one, and those ringing made you both nervous. You stood up and Lily signed you to remain here as a loud banging chocked the front door. Nervously, your hand fell to your hip, desperately looking for your absent gun. Lily signed you to stay here once more and she went back inside running as the ringing became continuous. You clenched your moisty hands in fists and listened quietly when you heard Lily roar her usual “I’m coming”. The typical tingling of the keys turned in the lock, and a loud thud soon followed by Lily screaming your name.

                Blood ran to your ears, your heart beating faster as you rushed down the spiral stairs; tripping at the last step, you fell on the ground. Your cheek was burning and your head hurting, it took you a while to understand that you fell, but it took you even more to understand the scene that was happening in the entry corridor: the door was wide open, covered with red handprints, Lily was on the ground holding a man in a suit’s head. You frowned and shook your head as your ears ringed, the fall had been hard on you. Lily was looking at you, shouting.

“Get my bag for God’s sake! Y/N! Now is not the best of all timing for concussions!!! GET MY BAG!” her eyes were shooting you daggers, and you ran in the living-room, grabbing her medical leather bag. “Come on, come on, come on!” she urged you as you fell in a stain of blood, your body was having a hard time. Yet not as hard as your mind now that you saw all this blood running out of… “Chess wound, the bullet is still in, I can see it it’s at least 7 cm from the heart, I need you to put pressure on it now! YN! You hear me?!”

“S-shouldn’t we call an ambulance?!” You shouted, staring at the flooding blood.

“Really?! Because you think they would save him?!” she answered, grabbing your hands, putting them on the wound, her sentence dragged your eyes to the man’s face, and your heart skipped a beat. “Hands on the fucking hole!” she replaced your hands as you tried to take them off.

“H-hello” scoffed the man, making more blood rush out.

“Namjoon…” You looked at Lily for a while as she was getting some injection ready. “I… What… How?”

“L-long sto-story…” he groaned looking at you with a frail smile. “I-I think I’m pass-passing..”

“No, that’s just a little something to numb your body,” Lily corrected taking the syringe off his arm. “Y/N, we have to carry him in the kitchen… I can’t stop anything from here, you hear me?”

                From here, you simply nodded and obeyed at every order Lily gave you. Transport him to the kitchen, clean the blood on the door, closing the door, put pressure on the wound, hold the light, clean the tools, light the wound. Lily was awesome, she wasn’t afraid, her moves were fast and mechanicals, she knew what to do, when all you could do was asking yourself if it was a good thing to save him and how you’ll explain it.

You hated yourself for that, since, he never stopped looking at you even when he hissed from some pain before she gave him more morphine. His black orbs were dilated by fear and panic, so you grabbed his hand and held it as strong and gentle as you could, caressing his forehead. You heard Lily snort, and barely saw her shake her head from the corner of your eyes. The intensity of the moment seemed to slow down, when you gave him a smile. He was calming down, you felt it.

“You two seem pretty close!” Lily muttered, after a while, she was closing the chest wound. You ignored her comment, you weren’t close to him, you just didn’t want him to die on you, not now that you could see his emotions running wild in his eyes. 

“Will he survive?” you asked, your voice being weaker than you thought.

“Sadly, in a week he’ll be out in the streets killing kids again,” she said through closed teeth, and here, you understood, Lily didn’t really want to save him but she knew how, she had to and doubts were all over her. But you, your doubts had completely vanished, he needed to be saved, he was only a human beast, as ugly as the two of you who thought of not saving him for a few seconds.

“It’s okay…” you whispered, getting closer to his ear, you saw him smile from the corner of your eyes and nodded when he tighten his hold around your frail hand. 

“Who are you, and what have you done with my roommate?” she asked amused, looking at you, surprised as you caressed his cheek while he closed his eyes gently. “Don’t pass out now, you!” she slapped him, making him hiss as you rolled your eyes,

“That will be it for morphine, thank you, Dr. Ash.” he ordained, looking at her for a while, until his eyes went back to you, your hands were still linked, glued to each other by the sticky blood.

She snorted “Who would have guessed the boss of the Seven’ was an addict to heroine, huh?” you frowned, opening your mouth to ask when she answered your question “I gave him enough morphine to make a horse sleep. He’s so used to it he’s barely high…”

“Not barely,” his thumbs caressed the back of your hand. “Just really high…”

“Cool. Cool, cool, cool.” Lily repeated washing her hands in the sink a few meters away, you chose this moment to question him.

“How are you feeling?”

He nodded and smiled, his lips forming a silent thank you.

“Okay, can you move? We should…” You were helping him to rise when Lily pointed a gun at him and you both froze.

“I got questions, first, Seven.” She whispered, her hand was shaking, and she looked awfully angry. “One: What the fuck happened?”

“I’m going to answer all of your questions, if you let me sit on a couch and bring me whisky…”

              You shook your head, those two were as stubborn as each other. Namjoon slipped from the counter and groaned, his legs almost giving up under his weight, you helped him as he growled in pain. “Why would you shoot on a man you just saved?”

“Because he’s a dangerous killer?” she replied curtly, smirking as much as him.

                As they used all sarcasm and irony to answer each other, you helped Namjoon reach the living room. The two of them would be a perfect match, you thought painfully as you served Namjoon a whisky in the kitchen after cleaning the mess of Lily’s operation. When you came back, they were silently watching the TV, you found yourself sitting in front of the news as well, your father was interviewed in front of a pub one block away from here; where the shooting took place.

“The shooting killed four persons, including the bartender and one innocent customer. Seven persons were injured, including one who’s condition isn’t sure. We understood that Kim Namjoon from the clan of the Seven’s and Hyunshik from the Dragon’s were involved, none of them were here when we arrived. We know from anonymous sources that Mr. Kim is badly wounded and have been seen in the South of the city, he’s actually researched for murder. If anyone knows anything, please call the police and don’t try to act on your own. This man is dangerous and won’t hesitate to kill you.”

“See? Dangerous killer!” Lily snapped, looking at Namjoon who took a sip shaking his head, cringing. “Are you going to pretend you never killed anyone?”

Namjoon looked at you as you straighten your back in the seat a bit further from the couch where they were sitting. “I…” he closed his eyes, and you bit your lips, of course he did.

“I’m not a cop, I can’t arrest you anymore,” you whispered, looking at your whisky, making it turn slightly; he smiled and nodded, he knew, obviously, because no surprise was seen on his face, and you felt some sort of anger bubble in your stomach. “How do you know so much about me?”

              Your tone was far from nice, aggressive and your whole body language was giving out your frustration. Both Lily and Namjoon were surprised, because even if you weren’t the one holding the gun at the moment, you felt like the most powerful in the room. Charisma had stroke you for a second, but so much attention made you lose your composure in a second.

“Because your father wants me to,” he finally said, your heart stopped beating “When you looked into the embezzled cops case, Hyunshik has sent a direct threat to your father. And Hyunshik doesn’t fear anyone, except me and the guys. So, your father asked me to keep an eye on you. It was mostly Hoseok, or Jungkook. We collected all kind of information about you, and Lily, of course… Everyone you talked to, everyone getting close from your stuff.” you closed your eyes, feeling ashamed; you didn’t even noticed you were under constant surveillance “If Jimin’s girl didn’t found the bomb, you would have been dead. Do you really think it was luck that it didn’t exploded?” Lily was staring at you, slightly worried.

“How much did he give you?” you asked, voice shaking, as you got up to check the street from the window.

“He didn’t pay with money, Y/N…” Lily whispered, drinking slowly. “I heard rumors about him blocking some investigations against the Seven’s. Nobody believed it, but…”

“He closed his eyes on our businesses, in exchange for your life,” Namjoon confirmed, making your eyes grow hot and tears come. “Guess your old man really loves you…”

“You have no idea what love is, huh?” you asked, briskly, making him silent and surprised. “When you love someone, you consider his point of view, his values, his ideas and you give up on your own when the choice you have to make will affect this someone. What my father did is called selfishness. He doesn’t respect me, he acts like he owes me, that’s different! I would rather die than let you sell guns and drugs to kids!” The living room was quiet and the atmosphere heavy as Lily stared at you in disbelief, you were correcting and screaming at the most dangerous man in Seoul, even her and her strong temper wouldn’t dare to try, at least not without a gun in her hand, she rose it as Namjoon moved a bit.

“And you’re acting like a princess.” Namjoon answered laughing, he was now sitting on the couch, his eyes closing longer and longer. “You have e-everything…”

“Okay, enough!” Lily put two fingers to Namjoon’s neck and sighed. “You have to calm down, you’re in chock, finally. Took you some time…”

“What does that even mean?” you asked, irritably.

“That he got shot and lost a lot of blood, he needs a blood transfusion. Plus, he’s obviously realizing what is happening right now, even a bad boy is scared when touched by a bullet.”

“I’m n-not…” Namjoon hands violently started shaking and his breathing accelerating.

“You have to calm down.” Lily warned “We’re going to need something relaxing, antibiotics and of course your blood Y/N, you’re a universal donor, no?”

“I’m O+” she nodded satisfied “What if we do nothing?” you asked, looking at the wounded man coldly, making him smile with irony.

“He’ll die. And when the Y/N I know will realize what she just suggested, she will die in shame.” Lily snapped “I’m going to install a drip from your arm to his, you better sit comfortably because it’s going to take a while.”

“But we didn’t ask him…”

                She rose her hand and left for the bathroom, leaving you alone with Namjoon. He was really having a hard time, and seeing this, you had to admit that Lily was right, you were ashamed of the question you had asked. Whoever he was, he didn’t deserve this kind of pain. You gave your ego up and went to sit next to him. Lily came back from her room with syringes and some other things you ignored the name of, as much as their existence and purpose. After a few minutes you found yourself sitting on the couch, a needle in your arm, linked to Namjoon’s arm by a short tube, he was laying on a mattress she brought from the guest room. It took a few minutes for Namjoon to calm down and find a more regular – still hieratic – breathing.

“I-I know you hate me” he whispered, trying to grab his whisky with his valid arm, you took it and put it away. “Tha-That’ll cal-m-me…”

“I don’t hate you,” you answered, gulping his glass and leaving it on the side, given the fact you drank it, he smiled, knowing he’ll receive alcohol from your blood “it’s just that I don’t understand, why losing so much time to end up… here.”

“Same rea-reason you’re a cop?” he laughed, and you grabbed his hand as he had a hard time focusing. “It was easy…”


“L-look… I’m n-not… In sh-shape, let’s…”

                Lily observed the two of you while checking on his pulse and smile calmly. Obviously she was satisfied with the result. You could only find frustration in you as she explained you you’d have to sit here for at least another hour. She went to clean the mess in the kitchen, giving up on you and Namjoon. Your eyes wandered to the window, staring at the pink and blue sky, reminding you that two days ago you’d wake up around this time to go to work. The idea made you smile a bit, sadly: you had nowhere to go to, and anyway you couldn’t go anywhere without dragging Namjoon with you. Maybe because of the loss of blood or the situation, your mind wandered far away, asking yourself only one question: how did you end up here? Why did you believe in justice in the first place? Why couldn’t you just call the police for them to take Namjoon? Was it a rebellion? And if it was… Why saving the man you should hate the most? Now that you thought of it, staring at his soft and calm features, you realized you carried no hatred, not for him, not for your father, not for those trying to kill you. Some way, you knew, you will die and accepted every single thing that will lead you to it. A soft smile and some tears of appeasement appeared on your face.

“You’re high,” Lily said taking the needle off your arm, checking on your pulse. “I have to go to work,” she frowned when you simply nodded. “Y/N? You hear me?”

“I’m just questioning myself…” you started, staring at a sleeping Namjoon.

“You really have the worst timing ever, you realize it?” she asked making the two of you laugh. “I’ll come back in two hours, with more blood and antibiotics for him. But I can’t give him painkillers anymore, you’ll have to handle what will come. And it will be dirty trust me, because if he really was an addict, just what I gave him will drive him to want even more.”

“I know…” you struggled to get up and Lily pushed you back to the couch, bringing a plate of omelet and rice next to you. “When did you do that?”

“You should eat, and get better, because when he’ll get up, you two will fight again, and you have to win this fight, Y/N. We didn’t save him, we just gave him a chance to survive longer. Only he can save himself…”

“Since when are you like this?” you took a full spoon of rice and looked as she smiled amused, shrugging while taking your blood pressure.

“Before you came down, the first thing he asked was ‘Is Y/N safe?’ I’m pretty sure he’s the one looking after you personally. And correct me if I’m wrong but, is a gang boss supposed to take care of this kind of job?” you shook your head slightly as she got up. “When you’ll be better and he’ll be awake, drag him to the bathroom, he stinks. You should take a shower too actually. And keep his gun, don’t forget to lock the door from the inside: I can’t guarantee his survival if he runs out, the whole town is out for him.”

“Maybe we should leave here…” you whispered, looking at Namjoon for a while.

“No leaving, he’s still not stable, I have to take care of him!” she scolded, frowning. “Anyway, I’ll be back in a few hours with everything needed… Take care.”

                It took you a whole hour to feel better, and be able to go in the bathroom. You got out just when Namjoon came back from the sleepy dead country. You two barely talked until Lily came back with enough stuff for two wounded persons. For a man who was at his worst state a few hours ago, he seemed perfectly fine after a meal and shower. Lily looked a little less nice with him: you understood later that thanks to the shooting Namjoon had been involved in, she had to work double shifts and would not be able to come back until a good couple of days. When she left for the second time, Namjoon was laying on the couch while looking at the news.

“I’ve left my cellphone back there,” he growled, given the frown he offered, you understood it was not the best of the news he ever received. “I’ve left everything back there…”

“You’re not stupid enough not to cypher it, it will take them days until they crack it open,” you muttered, staring at the Glock in your hand.

“I sent a text to Hoseok, telling him I was coming here,” Namjoon threw you a dark look, and all colors left your face. “They’ll be here soon, and you don’t want to be caught with me.”

                You didn’t, but what you didn’t want was to be here, with evidencesq of him being here, and being questioned by your colleagues for days about him. You found yourself running around your room, packing all kind of clothes and books, and your telescope; it was the only solution. You couldn’t let him be caught, Hyunshik would send someone to kill him in the station, and if he was protecting you, you’ll be dead as soon as he would be. Leaving was the only reasonable thing to do, at least that’s what you tried to convince yourself of.

                Twenty minutes and an apology letter to Lily left on the coffee table later, you were stuffing your bags in the trunk of a car Namjoon stole in a deserted parking lot. You had given up on your phone, and comfort throwing yourself in the new adventure. A part of you was scared of being found, when another was only bubbling with excitement.

Chapter 3?

playing with fire (3) | taehyung

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genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut (not yet

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted too anyways. 

a/n: another one! people like this so much, and I’m very thankful for that. really really sorry for the wait tho. like really really sorry. the gif tho y'all. hE aint even my bias, but i love him so much.  

parts : one & two 

  You pretty much wish that you were the one that didn’t exist now. This Taehyung situation made you the center of attention. Before, no one even glanced your way, as long as it was for help with classes or something. You were the talk of the century now. As much as you tried to ignore it, it just kept kicking you in the ass. Girls from your classes, even from lower grades then you, asked the same damn question. Are you Taehyung’s girlfriend?

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Square Up... *****

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader.
Genre: Angst/Fluff
W.C: 1,981

“ come, just follow me, I’ll escort you out to the van” The bodyguard told us.

    We just came from Korean to Las Vegas for the billboard awards that was two days away. And the airport was packed. There was some fangirls on the airplane with us but there was nothing we could do. Plus they were pretty nice and respected our privacy, You even made a conversation with them.

    It hasn’t been easy since the day you and tae had announced your relationship status. Specially for you. You have been getting a lot of hate, obviously, but you could handle it. You don’t let It get to you, your dad has always raised you that way. “ don’t listen to the people with hatred in the hearts, just smile and walk away, wish them the best” he’d say. “ but if they lay a hand on you, you protect yourself and finish what they started” at that you giggled.

   You weren’t big either, you were a small 5'2 thang. The guys are always asking how Tae doesn’t crush you. But something big you had… was your mouth. You always spoke what you thought. But still you were the nicest, sweetest, and sexiest person alive. That’s what Taehyung always tells you. Tae intertwined your hands and started walking to the van, all the girls started screaming and came closer and where the hell are most of the bodyguards ?!

  We were out by the doors and that’s when you saw her, there was this specific girl who was a Taehyung to die fangirl. You always see her tweets and pictures saying how she’s going to beat your ass up if she ever sees your or how you’re not match for tae. Of course, you ignore her. Babe tells you to ignore her also, and you do. There hasn’t been one time where you let other people bring you down. Not until now.

  “ oh great, look, I didn’t know they had a bitch in the band ” you heard her say. ’Stupid bitch, just ignore her’, you told yourself. You guys kept walking to the van, the girls coming so close that they could almost touch you, & of course, the fucking cyber bully was to your left. She saw how tightly you had your hand wrapped around tae’s and huffed in anger. “ hi oppa! Remember me ??? It’s your number one loyal fan !!” She cried. You rolled your eyes at how ironic that sounded.

  Since tae was on your right, she suddenly made a move to grab you saying “ move !”. 

 " don’t touch me ! “ you glared at her, letting taehyung’s hand go. Some girls ‘ooooh'ed and some laughed saying ’ oh shit’. She looked at you shocked, and frozen. You kept walking feeling tae’s hand on the small of your back. ” you’re okay babe ? “ he whispered, knowing how you can get. You nodded, keeping your mouth shut, trying to not make a scene.

  ” we’re almost there don't–" you didn’t hear the rest as you felt a hand push you, almost making you fall to the ground. Taehyung was about to grab you but you turned around and saw the girl grinning, when she saw your angry expression her eyes widened. You couldn’t hear anything else as you grabbed the girl by her hair and punching her square in the face. You didn’t care anymore, she had gone to far.

  “ I told you not to fucking touch me !” You yelled tackling her to the ground and she screeched trying to move away from your punches.

 " get off of me your ugly cunt !“ She yelled at your.

 Other girls screamed, recording while saying ’ WORLD STAAARRR!

You suddenly felt two arms wrapped around your waist pulling you away from the girl, and some security guards came to take her away, ” Keep fucking threatening me bitch ! I fucking dare you ! “ you yelled at her. 

 Taehyung pulled you against his chest, his hands holding your wrist and whispered harshly into your ear ” y/n that’s enough !“ Taehyung kept you on your back to his chest, walking faster to the van, almost lifting you off your feet.

  You huffed as he let you go to enter the van, sitting all the way to the at the end. All the guys got in filling the van, Jimin looked at your concerned ” y/n are you alright ? “ The guys looked at you for an answer but out of the corner of your eye you saw taehyung just keep his eyes somewhere else, clenching his jaw. He was mad. ” yeah I’m fine “ you answered crossing your leg, looking out the window.

  You had to right to punch the chick, it wasn’t your fault. But deep down you felt a pang of hurt that tae was mad at you. ” okay “ Jimin mumbled. 

You turned your head to the window, looking at the trees and buildings go by. ” y/n, manager wants to talk to you as soon as we get to the hotel “ namjoon turned back to look at your from the passenger seats, you nodded and felt teahyung sigh murmuring a line of ” shouldn’t have done that “. You turned to look out the window again, worry seeping on your face as you felt your bottom lip quiver. ’ not here ’ you told yourself and bit your bottom lip.

  ” I think it was pretty badass, good job “ you heard suga whisper lowly to your ear from the back seat. You smiled a little at that. You get to the hotel and see the manager waiting for all of you at the front. You all get off,you grab your handbag and make your way to him. He looks at you and brings you inside, you look back at taehyung, you make eye contact for a second before he looks away. You sign as you follow their manager to the cushions at the lobby, you look at him and he takes off his glasses.

 ” are you alright ? “ he asks you.

” yes “

 ” look, I know it wasn’t your fault y/n, but you do understand that you can’t be pulling out those kinds of actions out here, there’s going to be news everywhere and it’s not going to be pretty, I just want you and the guys to be careful thats all but this is a warning. Just ignore them and everything will be alright okay ? You didn’t only worry me or the crew out there but you worried taehyung too, a lot. “ he put his hand on your shoulder, you looked at him and you nodded. 

 ” I understand “ you said.

 ” okay Kid, now go and get settled in, get some rest, I’ll see you tomorrow “ he added, you nodded again and went to jimin who waited for his room card. 

” is everything alright ? He’s not going to make you go back home is he ? “ he asked, Jimin has always been the one you talk to about your problems, he’s your shoulders at times.

 ” no, he just gave me a warning and to be careful, you know “ you shrugged. 

” yeah, but I can’t lie, it’s good to defend yourself at times, you punched her right on her face y/n !! “ he laughed, you laughed a little pushing his shoulder lightly, ” stop it “.

 ” y/n “ you heard tae mumble. You looked at him and made your way over to him & he grabbed your bag off your shoulder ” I can tak–"

 " no, come on" he cut you off. You sighed as you guys made your way over to the elevator, you just wanted to sleep that’s all. But you knew you had to talk about the situation with tae. You wanted to know why he was not on your side of the problem. You made your way your your room, opening the door. You made your way to the bedroom and started to take off your shoes. Tae entered the room and put your bags on the bed, maybe we can talk about it now.

 " tae…“ you started but he cut you off yet again. 

Shaking his head he replied that he’s going to take a quick shower. He was avoiding you. You felt another pang of hurt in your chest as you heard a knock on the door. You made your way to the door and opened it revealing a guy with your suitcases, you thanked him and gave him a tip before you took your bags to the room and you quickly changed to an oversized shirt, taking off your braw leaving you in socks and panties and the shirt for the night. 

 You turned off the lights and made your way under the covers not even waiting for taehyung. You faced the wall windows hugging the covers to your body. Maybe it was your fault. Maybe taehyung was tired of your attitude and realized that it would be better if he cut things off. But you didn’t want to loose him. Everything was so difficult when he ignored you like this. You didn’t know you were crying until you felt tears stream at the side of your face. You just wanted tae with you, why did you always make things go wrong ???

  You heard the bathroom door open and you instantly shut up not wanting him to hear your cries. You heard his steps and muffles of him changing to his sleepwear. He probably thought you were already passed out since you didn’t move. Meanwhile you felt your throat tightening as you tried to stay quiet and not sob your heart out. You felt the bed dip because of tae and he sighed loudly before everything got quiet.

  You mentally cursed as a little whimper escaped your lips. Suddenly, you felt a hand on your waist making its way to be wrapped around your stomach, that’s when you couldn’t hold it anymore. You sobbed into the pillow, no caring if you were loud. 

 Taehyung pulled you to his body immediately, kissing your ear and neck repeatedly. ” baby.. “ he whined, holding you tighter. ” Don’t cry please..“ 

 You continued sobbing, struggling to catch your breath. Tae moved to look at your face, wiping your tears off your face. ” I-I’m sorry, I- “ you struggled, ” they don’t like me tae, I try but they don’t like me “ you whimpered, your voice broken. 

 ” there’s always going to be those kind of people baby, I would do anything to make the world perfect for you but I can’t, you scared me out there, I thought I was goi–" 

“ maybe we should break up ” you said without thinking.

 " maybe it would be better for your career , you won’t have to worry about them and me, mayb–" 

“ what ?, no no, don’t you dare say that again. ” his eyes watered at the thought, “ I’m not leaving you ever, and you’re not leaving me. I love you okay, please don’t say that ” he said grabbing your face to make you look at him. 

You nodded slowly, more tears coming out. “ you wouldn’t talk to me, you were mad at me and it hurt me ” you sobbed.

 " baby “ he sighed landing his head on your forehead. ” I’m sorry I was just– they got me mad okay, I was so pissed that she touched my girl, I should’ve said something the moment you told her to not touch you. I-I’m sorry “ 

You nodded and grabbed his face ” I love you “ he mumbled, you were about to say it back but he put his lips on yours giving you countless kisses, and all over your face. ” so much “ he whispered kissing you back on your mouth.

  You giggled and pulled away ” I love you more “. 

Taehyung pulled you to lay on top of him and kissed your head. 

There was a quiet moment before- ” want me to eat you out ? “ 

You laughed and hit his arm ” taeeeee"

 He giggled and hugged you tighter.

 "…… on second thought “ you whispered and look up at him crashing your lips together.

anonymous asked:

I really liked the blizzard fic! Tom was such a tsundere. XD Can you do a continuation? :D

Of course I can!!!! This was so much fun to write! I really enjoyed matchmaker Star! I love my daughter so much! I hope you like the story!!!!!

Read the first one here!

“How you feeling, Marco?” Star asked, sitting on the bed grinning. Marco smiled and blew his nose again.

“A lot better, but I got a nasty cold.” he laughed.

“I didn’t mean that!” Star exclaimed. “Have you talked to Tom yet?” She asked, nudging him. Marco blushed furiously, taking the Mewni girl laugh. “See!? I KNEW you like him!” She giggled. Marco grumbled and played with his pillow.

“It’s not a big deal, Star… it’s just a crush.” He mumbled. Marco then let a little smile creep up on his face. “But you should have seen how sweet he was, taking care of me.” Marco sighed dreamily. “He saved me, and took care of me. He was being so sweet.” Marco mused. Star grinned and Marco looked away.

“It’s so obvious Marco! Why don’t you just call him?” She asked. Marco shook his head.

“No way. I-I wouldn’t know what to say! And besides, I’m still sick. He doesn’t wanna talk to me when my voice sounds all stuffy.” Marco laughed. Star made a bit of a face and slinked out of the room. “Star? Star what are you up to?” Marco called. Star just giggled and darted down the hallway.


Marco sat miserable in his bed, still sick from his run in with a blizzard. But his pouting was cut off when the door opened and Star grinned big. “Hey Marco! How are you feeling?” She asked. Marco shrugged.

“Not too good, but still better.” Marco assured.

“Well that’s a shame, because I have to go to Mewni to visit my mom tonight. She’s got a party planned to celebrate her and my dad’s anniversary.” Star explained. “But I felt so bad about leaving you alone when you’re sick!” She exclaimed.

“I’ll be fine.” Marco assured. “I just wish you didn’t have to go tonight.” He laughed. “I sort of enjoy the company when I’m not feeling well. I know it’s silly.” He laughed. Star shook her head.

“No, of course it’s not.” She assured. “That’s why I invited Tom over to take care of you tonight.” She grinned big and Marco froze.

“You invited Tom!?” Marco exclaimed.

“Well I can’t leave my best friend home alone sick!” Star cried.

“You don’t care about me being sick! You know I’ll be fine! You just want to set us up!” Marco accused. Star burst out in laughter.

“You got me. But he’ll be here soon.” She grinned. As soon as she said that there was a burst of flames in the middle of the room and Marco gasped, blushing and he pulled the blanket over his head. “Tom! Thank goodness you’re here.” Star grinned.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t want Marco to be all alone like this.” Tom started. He then blushed a tad and looked away. “Because you know how pathetic humans are… leave him alone and he’ll probably die.” Tom muttered, trying to sound harsh. But the fact that he cared was more than obvious.

“Well, I don’t want to keep my mom waiting. I better jet.” Star lied. “I’ll see you guys soon, have fun Marco.” She teased. “Oh and Tom, take good care of him.” She requested. Tom gave a thumbs up and Star left the room.

“Anything you need?” Tom asked Marco. Marco looked up at the demon, and could hardly mutter a word. So he just nervously shook his head. “Are you sure? I’ll go get you something to drink. It’ll be good for you, even if you don’t want to.” Tom explained. Marco gave a little smile and Tom left the room.

“Ahhh! I can’t believe this!” Marco cried. “I must sound like such an idiot around him!” He twirled his thumbs and then looked up when Tom reentered the room, handing him a mug.

“Here you go! Drink up!” Tom giggled. Marco blushed at the demon’s cute smile and took the cup of tea. “Careful though, it’s hot.” Tom warned. Marco gave a little nod and thanked the demon quietly. They sat in silence for a long while before Marco finally gathered the courage to speak up.

“Hey uhm… I’m not sure if I really thanked you before but… you might have saved my life.” Marco reminded. Tom shrugged.

“It’s no big deal.” Tom rubbed the back of his head, blushing.

“Yes it is.” Marco interrupted. Tom looked over at him, a little surprised. “It was really nice of you, more than nice. And then you took me to your home and took care of me. You even remembered to give me dry socks.” Marco blushed a laughed lightly. Tom blushed a bit as well and nodded.

“I remember how much you hate wet socks.” He grinned. Marco smiled back and the two sat there for another long while. Finally Tom spoke up again. “I have something to confess.” He mumbled. Marco looked up curiously. “I… the reason I was at your house that day is because… I knew storms could get dangerous and I was worried about you and your family.” Tom admitted, blushing deeply. “I just wanted to check on you. Is that weird?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head.

“No, in fact it’s what saved my life.” Marco reminded. “And it’s sweet that you care so much, I really appreciate that.” He added. Tom blushed even more and scoffed.

“Well don’t get any ideas. I don’t want you thinking I like you or anything stupid like that.” Tom huffed. Marco giggled and gave a thumbs-up.

“No problem.” He giggled. Marco then reached over to touch Tom’s hand. “I won’t tell anyone that you’re secretly the sweetest, nicest, and most caring person I know.” He told him. Tom blushed furiously and Marco winked. “Your secrets safe with me.”


WOW. Um…I honestly have no words to describe how incredible this is to me…Never did I ever even dream that I would get over 50 followers! And I now have twice that…It’s extremely special to be able to do something you love for others and make them happy…to make them smile…to bring them joy. Writing is one of my man passions along with singing and song-writing…and the fact that I can take my love for writing and use it to spread joy and love to people who request stuff from me, is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for continuing to love me and my works, and I hope to see more requests and people enjoying my works in the future…seriously thank you. I’m sorry I haven’t been as active recently, I’ve had like no inspiration whatsoever, and I’ve gotten really busy with my summer work as my summer begins to come to an end…please be patient! I’ll have more requests out soon. I love you all so much, thank you for your continued support and love and requests.

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I figure there’s probably some sort of customary introduction post people make on these things, so I’ll get to that in a moment but first, I feel I have to share a story about the sweetest old woman I met today when I was grabbing lunch. She had a Les Miserables tote bag so of course I had to strike up conversation with her since it’s a classic. We ended up eating together and she told me the nicest little story about how she was a missionary back in her younger years stationed in Cambodia, and while there she was there she grew very close to this little boy who’d lost his parents, she helped take care of him and was heartbroken when her trip was over and she had to come back. Anyways, fast forward to just about ten years ago and she gets a knock on her door and opens it to this grown man who introduces himself, and before she knows it, he’s telling her about how this kind, gentle woman had helped take care of him when he was a child and he spent so long looking for her just to say thank you and sit down with her, let her know how much good she influenced in him. The world really can be a lovely place when you hear stories like this.

Anyways, I hope that story brought a smile to at least one other person’s face. Now back to the introduction. Miranda Corcoran here, for anyone who doesn’t know.

One of my closest friends died recently.

She was seventeen years old, going on eighteen. Her name was Park Hyejin, and she lives in Korea. She had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, she had cute curly short hair, and she was the funniest, nicest, sweetest, the most loving person I’ve ever met in my lifetime. And today, she died. 

She was really sick when she was little. I got to meet her at Children’s Hospital in Korea while I was there as well. Her and I have very similar names, and she treated me like her younger sister. 

“I’ve always wanted a younger sister," she used to say as she brushed my hair on those hard, bothersome hospital bed. "I’ve always wanted one to pamper and take care of." 

She was only a year older than me but she was like an adult. Even at young age, she was mature, sweet, gentle, and loving. She was like a family to me. We relied on each other a lot through therapies and surgeries. 

When I told her I was going to move to Canada, she looked at me with those pretty eyes and smiled at me. I cried a lot because I didn’t want to leave her, I cried because I would miss all the funny stories she told me, I cried because I didn’t want to leave part of myself there. Alone. But instead of complaining like I did, she told me that she’s happy for me. She told me she will wait for me to be successful and then we can buy big houses with dogs and cats and have nice flowers in the yard and bake cookies everyday. She told me she will become a doctor and she will work very hard, and she promised me she will come to University in Canada so she can study with me. Right before I left, she gave me her earrings. She tole me those were her favourite pair but she wanted me to have it because she loved me lots. She told me she will never forget me and I should do the same. She told me to wear the earrings at all times and I promised I will. In return, I gave her my ring that I absolutely loved. We promised each other, even pinky promised, to meet again and to live together like our dreams were. 

But today, all that dream that I had built up crashed.

It vanished inside me and tore me apart. 

And I can’t do anything but to sit here and cry.

She was the one that told me to never say goodbye, because goodbye is a sad word to say. Instead, she told me to smile and say "see you later,” because that means we can meet again someday.

But today it’s a goodbye.

There’s no more later.

She’s gone. 

She was finally okay and she went on a trip to Jaejudo from her highschool, but then the ferry sank.

I cannot do anything but to shiver in fear she would have been in. I can’t do anything. I can’t. 

When her mother called me tonight to tell me that she is no longer with us, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t hear anything. I had this thin strand of hope that made me at least pray for her wellbeing after hearing that the ferry sank, but at that moment, everything just stopped.

I miss her.

I miss her so much, I do.

I don’t even know how to end this post anymore. 

She was too young, too hopeful, too beautiful for death to take her away. 

I hope I can see her again.

At least one last time in my dreams tonight. 

And I hope she became an angel like she was down here. 

I miss her. 

So fucking much. 

R.I.P. 박혜진 1996 06 21 ~ 2014 04 19

미안해 언니 사랑해 보고싶어 언니… 

Jeonghan: Please Don't Be My Prince Part 2

PART 2!!!

Word Count: 1,934

Part 1 | 2 | 3 [Final]

First Bite/First Night Part 1 | 2

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

You were on edge the entire weekend, scared that at any moment vampires would steal you away in the night and force you to join them. You jumped whenever someone strange walked in your direction, even if it was in the sunlight. The absence of any significant happenings only fueled your anxiety. There was no way that the prince of the vampires would just let his one and only soulmate leave him like that, so you were absolutely dreading what you would find when you were called up to the office the following Monday at school.

You trudged down the hallway, which seemed shorter than normal. All you wanted to do was prolong the trip, but the universe was not on your side that morning. The secretary greeted you with an unusually bright smile.

“You can go right into the conference room, Miss,” she giggled. You did not reply, only nodded, and opened the door to find a little more than you were expecting.

Because it was not Jeonghan waiting for you, or even some of the palace guards. Oh no, of course not. With your luck, it was his parents that were seated in the conference room, the very King and Queen of the vampires. The Queen stood up at your entrance.

“You must be the girl our little prince has told us so much about!” she squealed.

You turned a deep shade of crimson and bowed. “Y-Your Majesty.”

“Really, there’s no need to be so formal, dear! We’re practically family,” she laughed. You straightened back up warily.

You had never actually seen the royal family in person, and you realized immediately that television did not do their beauty justice. Jeonghan clearly took after his mother, whose hair, even while pulled up, looked as silky soft as her son’s. She seemed to have a constant blush on her cheek and a glimmer in her eyes. She was not at all what the old stories would have said a vampire looked like. The King, on the other hand, resembled this description almost to a tee. He was tall and imposing with a deadly dignified air, and you wondered if he ever showed his emotions. How he and the Queen had been destined soulmates was beyond you.

“I-I don’t know what to say,” you stuttered.

“Oh, you don’t have to say anything. I know this all must seem crazy to you, living your life one second and finding out you’ll be Queen the next. We just wanted to see the woman that our son will be with,” she attempted to reassure you. For some reason, you could not find it in you to squash her dreams. You were not all that inclined to accept the Prince.

“Why don’t we sit down? You really shouldn’t get too excited, darling. You must consider your health,” the King finally spoke. His voice was deep and gravelly, and not as kind as you would have expected a king’s voice to be. But then again, he was a vampire king, not a human one.

The interrogation began as soon as you were all seated. By the time you left, they knew who your entire family was, your favorite colors, what you were studying, what you were going to do with your life, how they could read all of the articles you had written, how you felt about green tea – it was enough to make your head spin. They only let you go once you promised not to tell Jeonghan that they had been there. Apparently the only things that he had actually told them had been that you existed and that they should under no circumstances go to see you before he worked everything out.

The Queen was one of the nicest people you had ever met, and even the King was charming in his own way. It was clear that he cared for his wife a lot. The thought that that kind of permanent love could be yours definitely crossed your mind, but you tried not to think about it. You had your reasons for avoiding the Prince.

Speaking of the Prince, you had not heard anything from him. You thought for sure that he would have been pursuing you relentlessly – not that you wanted him to, exactly, but once the idea had crossed your mind you could not say that you did not think it was interesting. However, you were absolutely determined to cherish these last moments of peace before he decided to bother you.

And that time turned out to be that afternoon on your way home from school.

“Will you just please get in the car?” Jeonghan huffed. A lock of his hair had escaped his ponytail, but he did not bother to push it back.

“I’m not going to be in a car alone with you,” you replied, your steps never faltering.

“I promise I’ll take you home. It’s just not safe for you to go out alone, especially when half of your route home is completely out of sight,” he explained.

“I heard you the first time,” you said, “but I like walking home, and I barely know you.”

There was no use in trying to walk faster; he easily matched whatever pace you set with his long legs. The car, which had the royal crest on the sides, had been following you two for at least twenty minutes.

“Fine. You can meet me at her house, Changsun. We will walk there,” Jeonghan told his driver.

“I, not we. I will walk there,” you grumbled.

“Your Highness, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you alone. Your parents only allowed you to go without bodyguards as long as I was here,” Changsun fretted.

“It’s really fine. I’m the one here, not my parents, and I’m telling you to leave,” Jeonghan insisted.

“Really, Your Highness, I-“

You certainly were not a huge fan of Changsun, but you did not have anything against him, and by no means did you wish him dead. But, unfortunately, that seemed to be his fate. You shrieked at the sight of his body turning to dust. You were lucky that it was hard to make out some of the goriest details in the evening light.

Jeonghan cursed.

“Get behind me!” he ordered. Normally you would ignore him, but after seeing a man being murdered, you would do almost anything he told you to do. You ducked behind him just as five men appeared in a circle around you. The one directly across from you pushed up his sleeves, revealing a crimson outline of a dripping heart carved into his wrist. Your legs nearly gave out from under you.

“Jeonghan,” you managed to choke out, “they’re from the Bleeding Heart.”

“Well this day just keeps getting better and better.” He blew that loose lock of hair back.

The Bleeding Heart was an organization of sorts that began to grow shortly after the vampire government was established. Its membership included both vampires and humans who all worked towards the same goal – the total separation of the two races. Of course, there were people who believed that who were perfectly respectable members of society, but the Bleeding Heart was by far the most violent group. They thought that the only way to break the ties between the vampires and humans was to cause as much chaos as possible.

“So it’s true then? The little prince has found his mate,” one of the men cooed.

“Isn’t that just… the sweetest,” another added, a Cheshire grin showing off his fangs.

The third, who was the mirror image of the second, leaned towards his twin. “Do you think our loving and generous Crown Prince believes in sharing?”

“I don’t know, but I’d certainly like a bite of that.” The other licked his lips as he eyed you. You were so close to Jeonghan’s back that you could feel the feral growl that ripped through him.

“Don’t touch her!” he yelled.

Not even a second after his outburst did a sixth member materialize behind them and yank you away.

“Jeonghan!” you cried out. He whipped around, and you saw his fangs for the first time that day. He was ready to rip out the throat of whoever touched you. However, he straightened up and returned to a more human-like appearance almost immediately. You had flinched.

The first man grinned. “Why don’t you come with us then?”


You should have been home. You should have been already in your pajamas, lazing on the couch, probably eating things that would ruin your dinner. But instead you were folded up in a small square of a room with the Crown Prince of the vampires sitting opposite you. The room was bare save for a small, metal table in one of the corners. Jeonghan rested his head against its leg.

“I know this isn’t the ideal location to have this discussion, but while we’re here, we might as well talk about something,” he said.

“Is it about the fact that your hair’s nearly longer than mine? Because I feel like we’ve been avoiding that subject,” you snapped.

He snorted. “It’s actually about the fact that you’ve been avoiding every subject. Why do you keep running from me?”

You broke eye contact. “Has it ever crossed your mind that I’m not really into this whole soulmate thing?”

“I know it’s a lot to take in; I’m going through this the same as you. And I know that we don’t feel much of anything for each other right now, which is understandable because we don’t know each other yet, but why don’t you give this a chance? Being soulmates means that yes, while we can love other people, we’ll never love anyone else as much as each other. Why are you running from that?” Jeonghan sat up, pushing his hair out of his face as he spoke. He stretched out his legs and had to spread them to keep from hitting yours. You eyed his polka-dotted socks.

“I just… I just don’t think I’m the right one for this, I guess. I’m not exactly cut out for your world.” You felt compelled to answer honestly, though you knew he had no hand in that feeling.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“All right, so I may seem pretty fearless, I guess, but I’m really not,” you admitted, gradually turning redder as you continued, “I can’t sleep without a light on because I’m still afraid of the dark, and I’m so completely freaked out by blood that I once sobbed for ten minutes straight after watching a medical drama that had a little-too-realistic fake blood. So, yeah, not exactly the vampire type.”

Jeonghan had to bite his lip to keep from smiling. His eyes lit up like you had never seen.

“Is that it? I thought you hated me!” he laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me. These are serious concerns!” But you were laughing too.

Jeonghan scooted over to sit next to you. He picked up your hand in his own and traced over the lines as he spoke again.

“So we don’t love each other – at least not yet – but how about we see how this goes? But as of right now, we’re allies,” he said.

“Allies,” you repeated, “and we’ll take things as they come, not all at once.” You could breathe. You could get through this.

“We’ll do this together.”

“Together with our gorgeous hair. We’ll be the allies that everyone will be jealous of,” you giggled.

The door banging open cut the laughter short.


Today I received a text from a friend telling me that some people from work came across my swiftie Insta. I don’t keep my love for Taylor a secret so it didn’t phase me, until she told me that they were actually making fun of me in a whatsapp group. I soon started receiving texts from these people telling me how “gay” I am, how much of a “loser” I am and that I’m a “12 year old girl”. Now, I’m 27 years old, have a very professional career and was also put into adulthood very early in life when my father passed away and I had to take care of my mother and two younger siblings, so some people making fun of me is the least of my worries. But for some reason today this really my me mad and sad. I’m not gay, and the fact that these people would use that as an insult is petty. And after listening to Taylor’s clean speech about 15 times I started to think about other swifties who I speak to who have told me about how they get bullied in school for similar reasons. And Tays words keep repeating in my head “you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you”. And she’s 100% percent correct. I don’t care what these people think. It’s not going to change my love for Taylor. It’s not going to get me to stop talking to all my swiftie friends. And it’s definitely not going to stop me from listening to her music that has done more for me than anyone could imagine. So fine, let them make fun of me. Let them make fun of us. We don’t want those people in our lives anyways! I have met so many beautifully wonderful people thanks to Taylor. In person and online and all of them are the nicest, sweetest, kindest people in the world. Some of my best friends who I talk to everyday I met because of Taylor. And these petty people will never have what we have. They’ll never belong to something so great like we do. Let them throw their bricks. We’re too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet. And I’m writing this to all swifties, to let you know that I know life can suck sometimes and can be hard and to let you know that if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here. And so are thousands of other swifties that would be happy to talk to you. And to beautiful Taylor I love you and thank you so much for your music, kindness, and all the sunshine that  you give to the world. Maybe this will find its way to some people who could use it :) @taylorswift


Calum Hood Imagine → Small Bump

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Request: Yes

It’s been two month since I found out that I was four month pregnant. It was a complete shock when I went to the doctor and she confirmed my suspicions. I haven’t told anyone about this but my best friend and especially I haven’t told my boyfriend Calum. I know this is probably ridiculous to think but I’m scared that he would break up with me when I tell him, so I kept my mouth shut. It’s getting more and more complicated to hide my pregnancy though. Of course I gained some weight over the last four month but I always came up with a pretty good excuse. Next thing were my boobs. I never thought they could swell like this, at least not in the first four month. Calum actually thought I got a boob job. And then there was the morning sickness, wich was definitely the worst. I always tried to run into the downstairs bathroom so Calum wouldn’t notice that I throw up almost every morning. But if course that wasn’t always the case. I told him everything was fine when he asked if I was sick, but he insisted to go to the doctor with me. I talked myself out if it somehow, because if we’d go together he’d find out that I was pregnant and I wasn’t ready for him to know the truth just yet.

It was saturday morning, I sat in the kitchen lost in my thoughts when I suddenly felt two strong hands on my shoulders, softly massaging me. “Morning hon, why are you up so early?” Calum asked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t know, I guess I couldn’t sleep anymore.” I lied. Of course I would have loved to sleep a little longer but the morning sickness hit me again. “But more importantly, why are you up so early?” I laughed and turned around to face him. He shrugged and said “Can I ask you something?” The smile on his face vanished, his expression turning serious. My heart started beating faster ‘Oh god he knows’ I thought to myself and panicked a little. “Uhm sure. What’s up?” I asked as casually as I could. “Well, I don’t know how to say this uhm…you’ve been kinda different lately. I don’t know, one minute you are the nicest and sweetest person and the next minute you’re like a super bitch, no offence, and I’m really worried and you, because I saw you throw up a lot of times lately and, I’m no doctor, but I don’t think that’s a good thing and you’ve been looking really pale and exhausted and then you complain about that your back hurts a lot and like I said I really start to worry about you. I mean, if you’re sick..I just - let us go to a doctor and check out what’s wrong with you okay?” He said and sat down next to me, motioning me to sit on his lap.

“Nothing is wrong with me Cal, I promise you that.” I told him and stroke over his cheek. “You sure?” He whispered, looking me deep in the eyes. I really didn’t want to lie to him anymore but I couldn’t tell him. “Yes, I’m 100% sure that nothing’s wrong with me. ” I smiled. “Good.” He said “Come here.” He motioned to me to sit on his lap again. “No I’m gonna stay here.” “Why?” He asked with a confused expression on his face. “Because I don’t want to crash you or anything.” I mumbled and looked down to my feet. “What? Why in the world would you think something like that?” “Because you told me yourself that I gained some weight.” “I wasn’t talking about your weight, I was talking about your boobs.” He reasoned. “You certainly weren’t tailing about my boobs Calum. I’m not stupid okay.” “Okay yeah maybe I wasn’t..I’m sorry.” I sighed and shook my head. “No, no it’s fine. You’re right.” I sadly smiled, looking down again. “No, hey look at me.” He said and and cupped my face, making me look him in the eyes. “I really am sorry, I never should have said anything about it! I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way. Please don’t think for a second that you’re not perfect, because you are perfect to me. He said and pecked my lips. “I love you so much.”

I was on the phone talking to my best friend, before I heard the doorbell and some voices from downstairs. I guess it was the other guys, Calum had invited them over. I hung up the phone and walked down the stairs to the living room, but I stopped right before the room because so overheard them talking about me. “….I really don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s acting really weird lately, I don’t know.” Calum said. “What do you mean with weird?” I heard another voice say, it sounded a lot like Michaels. “Dunno, mood swings. Throwing up stuff like that.” he shrugged. “Well and last time I saw her her boobs were huge, dude did she get boob job or something?” Ashton giggled. “Watch it buddy.” Calum warned “and no she didnt.” “Uhm guys I think I know what’s up with her. I mean it’s pretty obvious.” Luke said. ‘No don’t say it. You don’t know what you’re talking about Luke.’ I thought.

“Well, tell us Einstein.” Calum rushed. “I think (Y/N) is preg-” “Stop talking.” I yelled, running into the room. “Uh hi there guys.” I nervously said, scratching the back if my neck. “What’s up?” I tried to change the subject. “Nothing. We were just talking about you to be honest. Luke thinks he knows what’s wrong with you.” Calum said, pulling me to his side. I nervously looked around. I’m gonna have to tell him now. I took a deep breath and took a step back from Calum. “I- I’m gonna tell you what’s up with me.” I said and bit my lip. “Uhm okay, I don’t know how to say it really.” I mumbled. “Come one just say it, it can’t be that bad right?” He asked worried. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply before I blurted it out. “I’m pregnant.” I opened my eyes to see everyone’s eyes widen. Calum’s jaw dropped and he stumbled back, hitting the wall. “You- you…what?!” He whispered. “I’m pregnant.” I said again and smiled, putting my hand on my belly.

“Oh my- oh my fucking god. I - are you serious?” Calum said, almost stumbling over his words. I just but my lip and nodded. “Oh my god - how..?” “You know Calum, when two people have -” “Jeez Michael thanks I know how it happened I just can’t believe this.” He shook his head and a wide smile crept on his face. He practically ran towards me and hugged me tight. “Oh god I can’t believe this! How far are you? Why didn’t you say anything? Is it a boy or a girl?” He asked excitedly. “I’m four month pregnant now and I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. And I just didn’t say anything because….because I was afraid you’d break up with me.” I said “I would never break up with you because of this! You could have said right from the beginning! I- we have to go to the doctor tomorrow and check if it’s a boy or a girl! I really hope it’s a boy! I could teach him how to play football and how to flirt with the girls!” He smiled excitedly “Or maybe a little girl, I could protect her and read to her or sing to her and I’d take her out for ice cream. God this is so exciting. I love you, I love you I love you, so much.” He said and hugged my tight. “Hey hey hey buddy, let us hug (Y/N) for a minute.” Luke said, Calum backed off and all the other boys hugged me and and congratulated us. “We better become godparent.” Michael smirked and put his arm around my shoulder. “No way in hell I’m gonna let you be the godparent of my baby or the first word it will be saying will be either ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ and I’m sure if you’d ever babysit you’d forget him or her at the supermarket or something.” I told him with a smile. “Very funny.” He laughed and hugged me again. “Tomorrow we’re gonna go to the doctor and check if it a boy or a girl alright? A then we’re going shopping, baby clothes all that other stuff you need and now sit down, I don’t want you to stand too long. Do you need anything? Something to drink? Eat? A pickle?” He asked and walked me over to the couch. “No Calum. Everything is fine as long as we three are together.”

I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is always nice. :) I haven’t had the chance to edit it and stuff because I wrote it on my phone since I don’t have wifi yet so yeah if there are any mistakes I’m sorry. I hope you liked it anyway. x

Literature Review: Based on the novel “Whatever happens, promise me you won’t give up"

Everyone has that certain someone they hope to never let go. That no matter how long, how difficult things get, they will always find ways to make that person stay. It may be the most pathetic way or the sweetest way. Just because something is not meant to be, does not mean it is not meant to be tried. We meet new people every day, and surprisingly not one of them manage to outshine that one person. Keep an open mind that someone new might come in and change everything, but how do we do so if our hearts and minds are only focused on one person, and it is her? The question is why.

Here is a short story to better understand this situation. Three years ago, you met this one girl. Of course, like any narrow-minded typical guy - you would say that she’s pretty and she might be the one. But as a well-planned gentleman that you are, you set your goals. First, get to know her and get her to know you, or at least, notice you. Even this process takes about 4 to 5 months of unanswered “hello’s” and constantly being ignored. Until that one point where she decided to say “hi” back. That “Hi” was worth more than you could ever think of. It is a platform to something good, a sign of which that girl might say “maybe I should give it a try”. Like any other guy, she was not the only one you were texting or talking to. To your surprise, she was different. She did not mind long texts as she too, replied with an even longer text. Somehow, she knows how to control your emotions and unintentionally made you open up to her, and soon, so did she. Unlike any other girl, she was the one where you can have a serious conversation, light conversation, funny conversation all in one go. Do not get me started on her intelligence. And as humble as she always is, you never felt intimidated talking to her. You were only worried that she might not want to talk to you because of how different your level of intelligence is. Again, she always knows how to control one’s emotions and that is probably why you have never felt so small nor so big talking to her.

Throughout the first two years of knowing her, she was like that person who leaves you hanging and comes back like nothing happened. You never told her how you felt, so you do not have the rights to scold her or even tell her how inappropriate it was. Like I said, as a well-planned gentleman you are, you never push her away or force her to stay in-contact. Fortunately, that was what attracted her to you. That was what that made her feel comfortable talking to you, and soon she called you her “best friend she never had”. One might say you were being friend zoned, but to you, as long as you are not like the other guys who does not appeal well to her, you are fine. Then came that one time, where you finally confessed to her. It was not an easy decision because, you know where you stand, and you were nowhere within her standards. Chances of getting rejected were higher than being accepted, and you were right. However, the way she turned you down was the nicest way anyone could have done it. It was not a reply of rejection rather, a reply of hope that maybe one day, she will have feelings for you too, just not now.

After that confession, you were not treated as before. Again, she became that person who leaves you hanging and comes back God knows when. You did not take it personally because you understand. You are nowhere within her perimeter of the guys she dated or dates. As much as you say you have moved on, there is always this part of you saying there is still hope. God must have delayed this for a reason. You know that you do not jump into relationships easily because who you choose, is the one you aim to marry. Even since the first time you were in a relationship, that was your principle. Hence, you would not confess or be in a relationship where you know you cannot go far with. Thing is, not only for the past three years but also for the years before that three years, you have never met someone so perfect that you do not need to change a thing about her. She’s very kind, giggles a lot, knows just the right words to say, strong inside and out. Basically, that pretty girl who is pretty at everything. You can say that there is a lot more out there which you have yet to meet, but can you be sure that there is someone out there who has all these perfect traits, yet can still look at you and make you feel that you are no different than whoever you are intimidated with? Someone who is so perfect in your eyes that you are blind to even see all the traits other women have. You have been going out with other girls before her, getting to know them, yet none of them are like what she is. Don’t get me wrong, you were never comparing each and every one of them to her every time you went out with them. She was no longer contacting you that time, so you assume that you are just not the one she wants. The people that you have been going out with, they were okay. But you were the one putting effort to enlighten the situation. As much as you love to make people laugh, who will be there when you yourself fell down so low that you cannot even smile? That was when you realized you are not cut out for a relationship with any of these girls.

Finally, after few months of not hearing anything from her, she came back and approached you. The people who were there witnessed how happy you were. She commented on your Instagram picture. One thing for sure, even if there were a million likes, and hundreds of comments complimenting your picture (which is impossible), her comment would outshine others. Why? Because the person who you thought would never come back, the person who you thought you have lost came back. Long story short, you both have feelings for each other, and work your way up. She was everything you thought she would be. She was everything you see in the woman you love. To be honest, when she involved her feelings and stay committed, she basically spelled the word Happiness in you. You know you will not go astray with loving someone so much because, at the end of the day, she will say that no matter what, God All Mighty controls and decides everything. She will put in effort but you must understand that if it is not meant to be, it is not. You took it too serious that instead of making the days talking to her count, you count the days you finally get to see her. You did not live in the moment. You took for granted every word she said, you did not listen as to why she was always mad at you. All you know is that, if things go wrong, you will give it your all to make things right. Sounds heroic, but it actually is what douchebags would do.

After numerous of fights and quarrels, she gave up and completely changed the way she looks or even talks to you. Sadly, here you are back to three years ago where you were struggling to get a sincere “Hi!” from her. But then again, she is still that person who tells you that no matter what happens, there is still hope. Things might not go so well from now on, but if you hold on to that hope long enough, if you believe that she is worth everything, every effort of yours, InsyaAllah, you might be rebuilding something even better than what you once had.

No matter how many events contradict your beliefs, no matter how many opinions say that you should move on, no matter how many extrinsic factors show you that you should give up if you still don’t give up, it shows that whatever happens, you will always have her back. Even if the world turns their back on her, you will be there right next to her. There is always that intrinsic motivation that drives you. What is the intrinsic motivation? It is the true colors of her which she has shown you, the ones you fell in love with. So, whenever you feel like giving up because of how cold she treats you now, look back and contemplate the person she was when she was happy, when she knows you’re there, when you made her feel that no matter how many people hate her, you will always love her. The reason why your heart and mind keep focusing on one person is her.

p/s: No, this isn’t the article that I found, it’s the one that I wrote.

- Syahmi Suhardy, 2016

Ok. I am here to tell you all about a wonderfully amazing woman. So shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, because it’s story time mother fuckers.

This is Juliet Nicole Simms. You may know her from her time on The Voice. Or in her band, Automatic Loveletter. But she is most famously known, as Andy Biersack’s girlfriend. And I am here to lay down some facts.

Juliet’s Music:

I personally, an a HUGE fan of Juliet’s music. I love her voice, her style, and her sound, I can honestly say, I love everything she’s ever done. She has a lot of music out, her album Truth Or Dare, her single, Wild Child, her acoustic album, The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On, and her out of print EP, Recover. Juliet also has studio recordings of songs she sang on The Voice. She also was featured in All Time Low’s Remembering Sunday, Black Veil Brides’s Lost It All, and 3OH3’s Carless Whisper ft. Alex Gaskarth. Juliet has a shit ton of unreleased stuff. I can name these off the top of my head:

Air, kiss, salute and aim.

End of the world.

A heart doesn’t beat on it’s own.

To love is to die.

Suburbian Hell.

Ring around the boys.


View from below.

Old Movie.

Dream with me.

Can’t move on.


Symphony of freaks

Cocaine masquerade


Goodnight neverland.

Juliet’s Looks:

I am a huge believer in not judging a book my it’s cover, but DAMN! That is one gorgeous cover! Juliet has changed so much and in so many ways it’s amazing. She is a truly beautiful woman. She can rock anything! She has had long hair, short hair, brown hair, black hair, blonde hair, pink hair, and blue hair. She is gorgeous! And she has an amazing body too!

Juliet and Andy:

This is often a touchy subject. I didn’t know about Black Veil Brides when Andy was with Scout. He was with Juliet when I discovered them, so I don’t really know much about Scout. But I think Andy is really happy with her. And as long as they’re happy, who gives a flying fuck?

Discovering Juliet:

I discovered Juliet and Black Veil Brides separate. A friend told me to check out Remembering Sunday, and I just fell in love with Juliet. And then I found the Rock Forever interview with Andy and Juliet and found out they were dating. I was so happy!

Juliet Haters:

Off is the direction in which I’d like you to fuck. Don’t like her? Fine. Make blogs and Facebook pages and twitter accounts about how ugly she is and how much you hate her? Please don’t. wehatejulietsimms. That is not cool. It’s not, “freedom of speech” it’s you being an asshole. Just shut up with your negativity. We don’t want to hear it.

Personal Experience:

What do you know about Juliet? Have you ever met her? Shut the fuck up.

I first talked to Juliet on a verified account on her birthday. I sent her a message wishing her a happy birthday. She responded and struck up a conversation. We talked regularly l. She gave me advice that helped me through hard times and didn’t ever judge me. She live chatted me to make sure I was okay. She is one of the sweetest nicest, most sincere people I have ever met.

All Or Nothing EP:

I personally can’t wait for her EP. I can’t wait to hear what she’s been working on and how her music has grown as she has. I’m sure it will be awesome.

In Conclusion:

Juliet is amazing, and continues to be one of my favourite people. Haters, kindly fuck off, and run a blog for something you like. Juliet fans I LOVE YOU. For anyone who wants to know more. Juliet’s tumblr is julietsimmsofficial
Her twitter us julietsimmsall and her Instagram is @thejulietsimms.

Shoutout to Juliet blogs for being awesome!
















thats all. Thank you for your time.

Hotel Ceilings

Request: Sam X Reader to the song “Hotel Ceilings” by Rixton.

Sam X Reader


Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Darkness envelopes me as my eyes open. Trying to find my phone in pitch black, I nock my glass off my side table. Finding my phone, I flip it over; the bright screen causes me to squint. (Y/N)’s beautiful smiling face fills my screen. My finger can’t move fast enough as it swipes the screen to answer.

“(Y/N)?” Silence fills the other end. “(Y/N) is that you?… Please talk to me!” I start to plead, wanting to hear her voice more than anything.

“Is this Sam?” A strange male voice speaks. Confusion and anger fill me. Is this (Y/N)’s new boyfriend?

“Yes, who the hell are you? And what are you doing with (Y/N) phone?” I don’t know if I want the answer.

“I’m officer Wilson. I’m sorry to tell you this Sam, but we have found (Y/N)’s body.” He paused, but I couldn’t speak; horrified at what I’m hearing. “We found her about an hour ago in the woods here in Colorado. It looks like she was mauled by some kind of animal.” Again he pauses. “Are you still there?” I can hear the pity in his voice.

“Yes.” Is all I can manage to say. Tears fall down my cheeks as the initial shock starts to wear off. He continues.

“You were the only person favorited in her phone, and we couldn’t find a number that said mom or dad, so we thought you were the best person to call.” He starts to explain why he called me, but I don’t care. (Y/N) is gone. It has been a week since we broke up. It is all my fault. She decided to go off on her own, now she is dead; because of me. The love of my life is dead.

I hit the end call button, unable to listen to him anymore. I head out to the library, I am going to find and kill whatever did this to her.

Entering the room, I see dean sitting there, reading something. He looks up, greeting me. When he looks back down, he does a double take; realizing I am crying. He stands abruptly. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Sitting down, I start to tell him about the phone call. About (Y/N). About killing the woman I loved.

We are in Colorado to hunt the thing that killed (Y/N). It has been a week since the worst phone call of my life.

“Man I know that was hard to see, wanna go hit up a bar?” Dean says, a look of sadness and sympathy filling his eyes. I just shake my head.

“No, I would rather be alone.” Dean nods in understanding.

“Okay, I’ll go to the bar. I’ll be back later.” He puts his hand on my shoulder, trying to make me feel better.

The only hotel room available was a penthouse at one of the nicest hotels in the state. Dean just paid for it, knowing I need this more than anything.

Sliding my key into the door, I let out a sigh, going straight to the bottle of Jack I brought with me. pouring glass after glass, I don’t feel any more relaxed. I need something to detract myself, starring at the hotel ceiling was not helping.

Walking over to the piano that is featured in the middle of the room I start hitting the keys, and making my own song.

I can see it coming round full circle my friend.
On the TV they said they had reported you dead.
It was my fault ‘cause I could’ve sworn that you said, It was easy to find another for your bed.

I think back to the argument we had, the one that ended it all.

You and I, standing in the kitchen of the bunker, both of us drunk. I make a joke about some waitress that was hitting on me, you start yelling. You said I was rude for making a joke about sleeping with someone else, that I should love you enough not to think about someone else like that. I call you stupid for thinking I would sleep with someone else. You get angrier. I say “Well if anyone should be worried it’s me. I know your past. Hell you cheated on your last boyfriend with me!”

I can still feel the sting from your hand on my cheek. Your face, streaked with tears will haunt me for the rest of my life.

How does it feel to leave me this way?
When all that you have’s been lost in a day?
Everyone knows, but not what to say.
I’ve been wondering now.

My tears fall on the keys.

I’ve been staring at the hotel ceiling, drinking everything I’ve found this evening, trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t you leave me lonely.
Start to see this, everyone I know cannot believe this
Trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t leave me lonely now.

Taking a small break, I down the rest of my glass. Refilling it to the top once again, I drown my sorrows.

When my eyes open, morning pulls me into the view, no I guess I’m only acting in the way that you do.
Just being alone, no only time tells me more than I hoped, all that I know is
I’ll be fine in a fortnight, lo and behold, I knew I shouldn’t have let you go.

Pain fills my heart, as I picture (Y/N) smiling face. The way her eyes would light up when I told her I loved her. I never I said I love you enough. I should have told her I loved her.

I’ve been staring at the hotel ceiling, drinking everything I’ve found this evening, trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t you leave me lonely.
Start to see this, everyone I know cannot believe this.
Trying to hold on to the sweetest feeling, so I’ll never let you go, don’t leave me lonely now.

I Finish my glass once again, feeling the burn of the alcohol momentarily relieve some of the pain of her loss. Rubbing my eyes, I picture the news reporter, showing your picture, warning others of the mountain lion on the loose. Cursing her for being able to smile at the end, not realizing the pain she is causing me.

I can see it coming round full circle, my friend.
On the TV they said they have reported you dead.

Putting the cover back on the keys, I grab my bottle and head to my bed. Hoping maybe, just maybe, I will be able to see you in my dreams.