and i thought this would be the most boring race in the world championships

“I’m bored...”

A Niall Horan One Shot

As you swiped the final touch of mascara on your now flawless lashes, you heard your phone vibrate three times against the cold stone of your bathroom countertop. Thinking it was probably just one of the girls wondering where you were and why you weren’t at the pub already, you picked it up to answer. Your lips puckered, moving seamlessly into a quirk at the side of your face. It was Niall. You rolled your eyes as you read the first text.

“I’m bored”

Of course, he’s bored. The kid has done nothing but travel the world for months at a time for years. You knew the moment he told you about this break that he’d be bored out of his mind within a week. The fact that he’d already hit up some of the corniest sporting events had told you you were right. Seriously, what’s next, world chess championships? Scripps national spelling bee?

You kept reading and it only made you giggle with each new text.

“What are you doin? Something fun?”

“Can I come?”

Since Niall had been your friend for a while, you’d tried bringing him out with you plenty of times. It always ended in some sort of disaster. He must be really out of his mind with boredom  if he was ready to brave those treacherous waters.

“Niall, have you forgotten the last time you came out with me and the girls? I honestly thought Cassie was going to maul you every time you looked her way. So no. I am not doing that again.”

You hit send before continuing to get ready, but he was too fast for you and your phone sounds off before you can even set it down.

“Come over here then”

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seulil  asked:

Omg the extras one! Please! If you have time, you should do Nalu for that one *_*

That one was requested a lot! Alrighty, let’s give it a go! :D

Lucy can’t believe what’s happening in front of her.

Their job description had been simple: Extras. 10J/hour. A restaurant, chic but relaxed atmosphere, nothing too formal. Animated but low conversation in the background. No fast movements that would call attention. Natural behaviour.

The man she is currently sharing a table with is failing every single required category. He’s been dressed in a suit that he very visibly does not belong in, he is not even attempting to converse with her, and he’s eating like a pig.

The shooting started no more than five minutes ago.

“Waiter!” he suddenly calls, waving a hand in the air, “Two more of that, with an extra of the oily bits!”

Opposite of him Lucy stares, unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

The director is wearing a similar expression, but it quickly changes to one of worn-out patience. The smile does not leave her kind face as she speaks, but there is a shadow on her face that sends a shiver down Lucy’s spine.

“The food in front of you will have to do,” she says, her smile spreading, “And if you dont clean that up and behave, Mr. Dragneel, then not even my sister can make me give you another job.”

Her voice drops at the end, turning nothing short of murderous, and the man with the name of Mr. Dragneel pales until his face is the colour of the once pristine table cloth. 

Lucy’s never seen somebody work so fast to clean up a table, and she’s worked as a waitress before.

But the damage has been done, and shooting only resumes after they receive a fresh table cloth and warmed-up food.

“I was only playing the role,” her involuntary partner grumbles under his breath, but no one except Lucy hears him. “Behave natural.”

Really?” she scolds, “What exactly is  your idea of an animated dinner conversation?”

“You’re mean, you know,” he shoots back under his breath, dark eyes glaring at her from underneath pink bangs. “If I had known I wouldn’t have ordered the oily bits for you.”

“Excuse me?” Lucy flushes, and he shrugs.

”You look like you’d like them.”

“What do you mean, I look like I like oily food?!” she almost screeches, gripping the edge of the table to anchor herself into place.

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