and i thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be your eyes

Fireworks going off like gunshots
As a kid I thought the embers
Were fruity shooting stars
Ash on my tongue but I swallow
The dust because maybe in my belly
A tree full of wish might grow.
I’ve walked around town staring down at the ground
Every flower, bright
Blossoming and beautiful
The colors of bloom catch my eye
I want to pick them all
And give you the most splendid bouquet
Of roses, daisies, love and honesty.
There is smoke all around me
Children laughing and running
Hands holding sticks of sparkling hope
Thinking that this
Happiness must be the only thing that this world could hold
I think if you were here now
I might accidentally fall in love with you again,
And pretend that it was truly an accident.
I think I would see the explosions in your eyes,
(I think I would be terrified)
But still walk towards the fire.
I’ve never been burned,
I want to learn.
—  “July 3rd, White Eagle Golf Course” - Nishat Ahmed