and i thought it was sweet

Starting today
I will write down
my unhappy
my broken bones
my failed relationships
my never, never smile
my won’t you stay for awhiles
my half asleep dreams
my everything that’s wrong with me
my constant blaming
my sheen worries
my inside out thoughts
my forever and always
my lovelies and flurries
my tangled shoelace youth
my heart that deserves to heal
my I love you that I couldn’t give to you
my wide awake reality
my cotton candy clouds that rain sweets
my poetry that’s not so happy
my flaws that keep us together
my maze of infinity
my torch stolen for the ruins
my drowning and sorrow–
I’m happy for you
and it’s finally time
to let things go
today, I will write anew
by starting with myself
—  my, oh my

two things i noticed in the new Orphan Black episode: 

1.Alison’s voice sounded deeper a lot of the time, closer to Sarah and Rachel’s I assume this is on purpose, and it’s Alison breaking out of this mask she’d created of herself, with the sweet and tight voice, she’s letting lose slowly

2. Alison wearing more eye make up and lipstick, and again that’s just something that has differentiated her from the other clones for so long, and now, when she’s feeling useless and powerless she choses to look more like Sarah and Cosima because she sees her strength and she wants to feel like them

I just thought this were a couple interesting changes that illustrated the emotional process she was going through in this episode, wonder if we’ll see more of it going forward

man i’m tired, i spent the last 3 hours attempting to make petit fours. which i have no plan of eating, i dislike sweet foods a lot lately. the minute i’m done with this instagram fodder my sister will no doubt eat them all.

6 of them actually look sort of decent, a bunch found their way to the trash, and there’s still about half a cake just not used because i thought my brother would take them home. he didnt.

maybe i should have started with like, some research, instead of starting with a stupidly complicated recipe earl grey lavender buttermilk glaze over vanilla cake

also i shouldn’t be allowed to bake confectionery with my brother he only encourages my dumb ideas because he loves baking too

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How about the girls with an s/o who is cuddly, says i love you, ect in their sleep?

Need me a freak like that lol. Thank you for this cute request!! Enjoy!


  • When it happened for the first time, S/O feel asleep in Ann’s lap on the couch.
  • However, she thought that S/O was awake when they nuzzled her stomach and murmured, “I love you.”
  • “I love you too, S/O,” she replied, combing her fingers through their hair.
  • Then S/O’s snore shook the entire room and caused Ann to jump out of her skin.
  • She stifled her laughter, and once she calmed down she warily bent down to kiss S/O’s head.
  • Ann thinks their little ‘habit’ is adorable, and she’ll casually bring it up in conversations.
  • “So, you seemed to have sweet dreams during your nap,” she said playfully.
  • “Only when you’re in them,” S/O replied, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
  • She giggled. “You’re a lot smoother when you’re asleep.”
  • Nonetheless, Ann was glad that she could continue to keep S/O company in their dreams.


  • Makoto knew that S/O was asleep since her night light dimly illuminated the room, allowing her to observe their face.
  • What she didn’t expect was S/O to suddenly roll onto her and nuzzle her, whispering a soft, “I love you.”
  • Makoto’s face lit aflame; however, she remained unbothered by it.
  • S/O’s sleep-snuggling was actually rather endearing to her, and she’d always reciprocate and place a soft kiss on them.
  • She never addressed the subject; she wanted it to be her own little secret, and she worried that S/O would stop if she brought it up.
  • Sometimes she’ll wait for them to fall asleep first to see if they’ll do it.
  • Most of the time, they do. 
  • Makoto smiles and blushes every time.
  • “I love you too, S/O, whether you’re awake or asleep,” she sighs, and gently dozes off in the security of S/O’s arms.


  • “I love you.”
  • Futaba furrowed her brows and swiveled her chair around to face S/O, who was now asleep on her bed.
  • “Huh…” She approached the bed to get a closer look, and she yelped when S/O spontaneously snagged her waist and dragged her onto the bed with them.
  • Futaba was attempting to escape from their clutches until they mumbled, “Mine…”
  • She felt a blush creep on her cheeks and opted to join S/O for nap-time.
  • After the fact, she’s really smug about it and she’ll occasionally tease S/O.
  • “Did you know that you talk in your sleep?”
  • “Really? What do I say?” S/O implored.
  • “Nothing much. It’s mostly about how great I am or how much you love me.”
  • They snicker in response. “Well, both of those are true. You really are the ‘girl of my dreams’.”
  • Futaba’s cheeks flushed and she glanced down at her feet.
  • Now, every time S/O does it her heartbeat accelerates, and she’ll close her eyes and listen to their hushed murmurs as she embraces them, peacefully succumbing to slumber.


  • S/O fell asleep on the couch while resting their head on Haru’s shoulder.
  • She was just about to reach for her tea when S/O roped their arms around her waist and nudge her neck.
  • “Stay here forever,” they mumbled.
  • “S/O?” When they didn’t answer, Haru realized that they were asleep, which provoked a giggle to slip past her lips.
  • “S/O, you’re so silly.” She brought her hand to their head to stroke their hair, and she pivoted her head to kiss them. “You already have my heart, even in the dream world,” she breathed.
  • Needless to say, Haru absolutely adores S/O’s quirk, and she refuses to bring it up because she wants them all to herself.
  • Now, whenever they say “I love you” in their sleep she’ll cuddle them and whisper sweet nothings in their ear because it makes them smile.
dear tumblr boy;

i am sorry that you read depression spilling from my fingers
i am sorry i feel tingles in my stomach when you message me

i am a mess & you are the broom sweeping me up
dusting me off & wishing me well
i am a cauldron of diseased misery & you are the silver spoon
drinking me & appreciating my bitter taste

i haven’t hurt you

/ yet /

but i might soon enough once my claws are deep in your spine
& you dream of escaping this hellhole i’ve written for you
our friendship is sacred & you are a saint
please take caution the more you get to know me
my insides are tombs & cobwebbed lies

i am sorry for letting you in [you may never get out]

but i am not sorry for meeting you
inspiration blooms from your lips
& i’ve tasted the honey oozing
you are a sweet & delicate human
& i thank you for sticking by me
when i thought everyone gave up on me

twelve step program / making amends / letter seven

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I was wondering if i could get some facts about Nanaba? It never seems like she gets a ton of recognition and love. Also, I was wondering what you and mama thought about the one-line indication the anime gave us about her potential past of abuse by her father. Personally, it pissed me off but I would love to hear your thoughts. Hope you're both well! :)

I don’t know what the Anime team thought about adding this scene, it was probably to give the character more depth. Personally, I think it can confuse people. It can be great for headcanons but mostly what I saw was people reducing Nanaba to the ‘abuse’ scene and that is just sad. For me…Nanaba is an amazing Character already you don’t need to put in a tragic backstory in her last moments 

  • Nanaba adores spending time with the other Vets. She would prepair tea and sweets for them
  • She likes to train with the Cadets even though her schedule doesn’t say she has to
  • She trains about two hours a day
  • Nanaba would like to be Commander
  • She enjoys gardening and has a great knowladge of herbs and plants
  • Nanaba makes friends easily, her easy going but forward and strong nature makes people admire her
Psychosis Day 38

Just another nocturne,
Just another sweet nothing,
Lost to the night.
It’s just another tear
Just another voice,
Fading with the light.

I start all of my love letters,
I’m nothing but,
Ill intentions and makeout sessions,
Before a trip to the therapist.

“What seems to be the problem, Ma'am?”
“My boyfriend’s a fucking sociopath”

I swore I was a romantic once.

~deAngelo // but apparently I’m mistaken.

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hi! so, i'm new to your blog, and i dug real deep in your art tag to find some tavros stuff and i looooove your trans tav, omg, so cute!!! but, i was wondering, have you thought abt doing a chunkier version? like, cute lil pudge rolls and blushy cheeks and nose and stuff? i am mad curious about it in your art style, but obviously this is just a small request and not a commission so its not like you /have/ to do it, but, if you do, that would be really sweet too!!! thanks for your time, haha ^^;

I Am In Love

Sagiri Seina Last Interview

From Takarazuka Graph Magazine July 2017

*Translation by me. Please support the actresses by purchasing magazines, DVDs, and other merchandise.

  Q: So the curtain went up recently on your final stage production. How does that feel?

  Sagiri: Of course, I’ve become unable to avoid the thought that I’ll soon be graduating. Suddenly the feeling hits me. But the play (Sun In the Last Days of the Shogunate) and the show (Dramatic S!) are both surrounded by positive energy so I hardly have time to steep in those feelings (laughs). Plus, I’m not the type that can get simple enjoyment from things. Whether it’s my retirement performance or whatever, each and every time it’s a serious fight and I’ve got to be reckless!–is my style, I believe (laughs).

Q:  During the opening day greetings you were crying tears…

Sagiri: I was. That surprised me (laughs). Some people came on their day off, and there was also a  lonely feeling because not everyone could make it so we couldn’t have this day all together. But your friends are always there with you no matter what, and I felt all over again the things we had overcome together. I was also moved by the reaction from the audience and their response to the shows, and I was so happy I thought, “Ahhhh, I’m so glad I worked hard to reach this day.”

Q: In 2014 you became the top star, with your first Grand Theatre show being Lupin the Third- Pursue the Queen’s Necklace!-   Lupin is a role that has a strong image association in the world already. What were you you nervous about at first?

Sagiri: I was full of anxiety (laughs). But, as practice went along it became more and more fun.The biggest help to me was thinking about Lupin’s appeal- how he just suddenly shows up to help people and then just as suddenly disappears. Even characters that didn’t appear in the original work were really brought to life and I could feel the perfect connection of Yukigumi members in that show. The nervousness seemed to fly away after that, and I think that was a really good start (to my top star era.)

  Q: The next show was the completely original Hoshiai Hitoyo (One Night of Stars). It ran for two performances and came to represent Sagiri Seina as a performer.

   Sagiri: That was the first time during a first read-through that I actually made a noise in my throat. I felt like it was my responsibility to bring this wonderful story, this dream that could wrap you up in it and make you cry, to life for the audience. However, once Ueda-sensei’s serious practice sessions start… (laughs) I didn’t really have free time to be making plans. I really sank into the role though, didn’t I? To be able to carry off a role so completely different from Lupin- I am so grateful to have met with such a great play.

   Q: With the acompanying show La Esmeralda the term “tridente” was coined around you, Sakihi-san, and Nozomi-san, wasn’t it?

   Sagiri: Our roles in the play portion were in a triangle as well, so Saitou-sensei was kind enough to think of a catchy term to describe us (laughs). I get the feeling that it was like, “Alright, let’s get these three to make Yugigumi even more enthused!!” (laughs). Without Yuumi-chan (Sakihi Miyu) and Daimon (Nozomi Fuuto), the tridente would have been impossible. So they are absolutely imperative—without those two this type of relationship would have been impossible.

   Q: The current Yukigumi was born with the three of you at it’s center but after that, beginning with Rurouni Kenshin, the whole troupe started to really heat up performance-wise. That’s the impression that’s given.

   Sagiri: Everyone was visually like they jumped straight from the original work, weren’t they? It was important to give Kenshin fans a show that they could totally get into as well, so we gave it all of our energy and it was also a great chance for me to  put to use various role-playing strategies I’d learned to make this really big role come to life, don’t you think?

*********End of part one******* I don’t have a lot of translating stamina atm but I wanted to get something out there and there will be more coming soon!*******Please check back in a couple of days******and thanks for reading!!*****

Also, check back Monday (tomorrow) for something related that I’ve also been working on!

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Your guns are getting allot of love, but I thought I'd tell you I liked those androids and mercs with the futuristic helmets you used to draw allot way back when, with those super detailed uniforms with tons of pouches n such. I actually used them for portraits for NPCs in a Shadowrun campaign I ran lol

Hey thank you! I’ve been missing drawing them myself. With all the positive feedback with my recent artwork on here, I think they need to make a big comeback. Ive got some really fun ideas for more of them in mind, so stay tuned!

And holy shit really? haha thats sweet! Which one did you use?

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How do you survive biasing Donghyuk? So much pain 😫

Biasing Donghyuk is such a rewarding adventure like sure there is the whiplash from his switching back and forth from cute to sexy. 

But he’s also so sweet, and thoughtful. He loves his mom and his sister and his members. He’s humble and sensitive. He dances like sin but he’s got the face of an angel. 

I let the sound of his laugh soothe all my wounds and pain. 

also when his nose does this when he laughs 


I was lucky enough to see Bal Vampirov last night with @rosemarycountess and it continues to dazzle the mind and astound the senses. Words honestly can’t describe how amazing this production is, each and every aspect is just so beautifully wrought, it’s unbelievable. I’ll try to write up a review for it sometime later this week, I have many notes and many moments to share. Many many many thanks to Rosemary for making the night go from great to unbelievable. We were able to go backstage after the show and spend a few minutes with Anna Tess, Alexandr Kazmin, and a few seconds with Alexandr Sukhanov. Words honestly can’t describe it. Anna Tess is such a genuinely sweet person and Alexandr Kazmin is just wonderful (and much taller than I expected he would be!). And this is to say nothing of the stage door. (Kirill was also much taller than I thought he would be, and so nice.) Ahh the best night of my life, I still can’t believe it happened.

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After seeing your Mr. and Mr. Stilinski-Hale gifset I was so pumped (followed by disappointment because there wasn't a full-length fic attached bc it was THAT good) so I'm really sorry someone made you feel shitty about it. I know you know the whole Sterek fandom's got your back and I'm sure you've gotten a kajillion messages about this but just thought I'd give my 2 cents.

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! I did get a lot of support and I promise I’m totally fine with what happened, I was just annoyed at the time! But I do appreciate all your messages <3

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So I thought about this for a while and I think if Hyungwoo ever fell in love with a girl who doesn`t believe in love anymore he wouldn`t be put off at all. He`d try to get closer to her by being as gentle and sweet as he could. He`d be very attantive, listen carefully to everything she`d say and always be there for her. He`d let her take her time and would move very slowly, because to him her happiness would be everything, even if she wouldn`t fall for him. 


Even though he often is hyper and can seem a bit reckless at times I think in this situation he`d be very gentle. He would tell her that he fell in love with her and that he`d make sure she fell for him as well. If she let him he`d be taking so good care of her, taking her to sweet little coffe shop dates, buy her her favorite flowers and just all around do anything he could to slowly make her get comfortable with him. 


Might be a bit intimidated by it at first. However he would want her to like him and so he`d put in a lot of effort to make her trust him. He wouldn`t tell her that he fell for her but would be very protective around her. He`d want her to know that he truly cares about her and that when he tells her he loves her she`d understand that he really means it.


He might be the maknae however since he has quite a mature personality I honestly think he`d tell her right away that he likes her but would add that he understands that she has trust issues regarding dating anyone. He would turn into the kind of best friend you can tell anything to. He`d always try to make her smile and would even turn to aegyo to see her laugh. Ultimately however I think he`d be patient and wait untill she is ready.


oh my this boy will be the end of me

Everyone knows how emotional he is. I think he would try to hide his feelings for her at first but he`d have a hard time hiding it and she would probably find out about his feelings. When she does he`d be open about them not once trying to deny it, hoping she`d sense his sincerity. He`d try to woo her with all the sweet things he`d come up with. Probably turning to his mother for advice. He`d look out for her and show her how much he likes her by doing lots of sweet small things like sending her flowers and messages telling her to rest enough and eat lots.


I think he wouldn`t tell her that he likes her. However he wouldn`t hide it either. He`d be extra sweet always making sure she feels comfortable around him and if he ever noticed her being uncomfortable around someone he`d be the first person to step in and take her out of the situation. He`d be as good a friend as he could be and if she`d ask him about his feelings for her he`d be very casually telling her that he likes her and that even if she doesn`t feel the same he`d still be there for her. He would hope that him being so casual about it would show her that he isn`t just nice to her to get something out of it but that he really truly cares about her.


Hyungwon would be a bit like Jooheon. He would tell her about his feelings but wouldn`t hide them either. Through small gestures like bringing her coffee, sending messages telling her to take care of herself or simply listen when she`s upset or stress he`d show her that his interest in her isn`t just temporary. He wouldn`t refrain from complimenting her and be honest about his opinions of her. However he`d take care not to overstep any boundries and wait for her to take the relationship a step further. 

Note: I really liked writing this. I am such a sucker for Monsta X I seriously can`t hold back to fangirl whenever I see them. People need to stan them more!!!

Um…that post about ‘sportswear fashion photos’ coming out tomorrow… it’s attributed to the Menswear Fashion Editor for The Guardian. 

Poor sweet summer child me kept on seeing that post, but I thought it was just out takes from the interview shoot. 

But now that I’ve engaged my brain…..I think we are getting an actual fashion shoot from Louis in the Guardian tomorrow…..HELP….i haven’t recovered from today yet.

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