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I know you guys love salty pta David, but imagine David sticking up for parents! Him defending single parents, low income families, and families who are going through a hard time. Like imagine.

“Just leave them alone. You don’t know what they’re going through Hellen. And you’re not making it easier!”

He’d invite them over for company, babysit their kids. Hell. Even make dinner and bring it over if they’re not doing particularly well that night. Just so they know he’s thinking of them.

Head Canon: The First Time Sweet Pea Falls in Love

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A/N: This is my first attempt at a head canon. It was inspired by an upcoming Sweet Pea one-shot by @ju-gg. So look out for that.!
Warnings: Swearing. Sorry.

  • Okay so Sweet Pea’s first love used to be a North sider until her family moved six blocks into the South side of Riverdale. Jughead, remembering her from shared classes, made sure that she was adopted into the Serpent group when he saw some Ghoulies sniffing around her. 
  • I think that this would have piqued Sweet Pea’s interest, Jughead’s protectiveness for this girl. He would start to fuck with her. Try to get under her skin to get under Jughead’s skin.
  • He’d do shitty things like ask her to hang out only to roll up to Archie’s house for a little mayhem. She only went because she thought Jughead was going to be there, too. 
  • Archie was shocked when he saw her and Sweet Pea loved that he got under the ginger’s skin, too. So he threw his arm around her and pulled her into his side. What could she do? He was her ride home. 
  • She was not impressed by the rain fight and she made sure he knew it. In retaliation he gunned his bike to force her to cuddle up.
  • After that night he started bestowing random kisses on her. He will kiss her anywhere but her mouth.
  • Her nose, forehead, cheek, neck, shoulder, the tips of her fingers and her jaw. A N Y W H E R E.
  • He laughs at her like there’s a joke she’ll never get. Until one day the joke is on him. He’s in love. And he doesn’t know how to touch her with the gentleness she deserves.
  • He doesn’t know what to do, he’s never been anyone’s boyfriend before. He’s only made out with girls, he’s never kissed them. He’d seen relationships on TV and in movies, but the only relationship he saw in real life? Two drunks who fought, screamed, cried, fucked. 
  • So he pulls back from her, but he can’t stop looking and it is so hard to stay away.
  • He’s not the boyfriend type. There’s nothing soft and flowery in him to give. And she’s definitely the girlfriend type, she deserves all that flowery shit but he doesn’t know anything but hard, fast, loud, and violent.
  • He tries to learn. He walks beside her and in almost private moments he reaches for her hand. He tells her she looks nice and she looks at him with suspicion. He tries to laugh with her, not at her. 
  • When a Ghoulie steps to her, he immediately steps back and puts his fist in their face because even though it’s not official, even though there hasn’t been a date or a kiss, that is his girl. H I S.
  • Sweet Pea and the Ghoulie end up suspended, and that pisses him off because that’s three days without an excuse to see her. He’s stomping out of the school when he hears her call his name. 
  • She says thank you and he can physically feel himself relaxing (he refuses to think of it as going soft, he is not a soft person). Her gratitude, the way she looks up at him–it sends a rush of heat through him.
  • He’s always taken what he wanted and this is no exception. He takes his hand, the one with the bruised knuckles, and takes her cheek and then he gives her something in return–a kiss. His first.
  • And he’s in love with her.

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So my partner recently came out as a trans woman and I love her more every day and I think I'm gayer than I thought I was because women are great and my gf is great and I've never felt this way about anyone before ever. Just had to share

this is so sweet i’m happy for both of you!!

You ask me once before if I need you. I smiled, because I thought you knew. You asked me if I love you, I laugh because I thought it was obvious. You asked me if I’m happy with you, but I hugged because I thought it would be sweet if I let you feel. But now, you’re not asking anymore, but I want you to know that I need you in my life, just in case you didn’t know.

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Hello! My mission on tumblr is to make one person I like happy per day with an anon message :) I hope you have a great day/night! Your style is so charming and even tho your comic is ripping my heart into pieces, It's so cool and I love it :,) Keep up the good work, you rock! <3 And btw, are you ok with me making fan art of you? :b Don't want to be a bother^^ Anyway, hope you're okay <3 goodbye^^

I would be honored if you made fanart, holy jeez! Thanks for the thought! Thanks for stopping by, i am very happy you like the comic, what a sweet idea to spread positivity! I wish you luck! 

Untitled (Ignis x Reader SFW)

This is the most self indulgent thing I’ve ever written, encouraged by a fellow Ignis hand holder on discord. I don’t know your tumblr but you know exactly who you are. 
Word Count: ‘Tis but a drabble.

Contains nothing but sweet, tender hand holding :>

Breathtaking orange hues all but occupied your thoughts as you leaned over Lestallum’s overlook. The days were undeniably growing shorter with each passing week, leaving considerably less daylight for you - or anyone else for that matter to carry along with their daily business. It didn’t help with the piling of your own personal problems either. To have the days themselves stripped away from you was perhaps the rotten cherry on top of your mouldy cake you called life.

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So we have all this evidence here and all of it looks promising, but I was just thinking. If we were somehow all wrong about this and everything goes in the opposite direction, what are going to do?? Like I will die if that happens. I guess all I know is that I will still love these coming movies wherever they take them but it will be sad if we are wrong. I still believe that it will happen, it’s just a thought.

Hello, my Sweet Anon! Yes, all of our evidence does look promising—so it’s important to hold onto that thought! It was no accident that we have noticed all these things, and there is far, far too much evidence for it not to be real.

But you’re not alone in your doubts. My babe (we’ll call him “P”) is anti-Reylo hardcore, and constantly challenges me. (But the evidence shuts P up eventually, lol). What’s important to remember is that there will always be these feelings of flying we have when we think of them together, when Kylo looks at Rey, when Rey inevitably opens herself up to Kylo, and everything beyond.

*hugs* Don’t be afraid, my Sweet Anon. Believe in what you know. <3

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i'll adopt you. i'm your mother now. did you drink enough water today? had a healthy meal? told yourself you're beautiful? i love you, my child

Awwwe thank you :’)) I did drink lots of water and I told myself I’m beautiful, even took pictures bc I thought I looked really pretty today bless and I did have some grapes this morning and chicken strips a bit ago which isn’t exactly healthy but I almost forgot to eat so that’s something. I love you too mom💕💕

Communication is Key

Pairing: Miles x Reader

Word Count: 692

“If you had to use some cheesy romantic line to describe the relationship between you and your best friend which would you pick?” Barbara asked the other people on Always Open. This week joining her were Miles, Becca, and Mariel.

“Oh that’s easy for me.” Miles said “My best friend is my other half.”

“Aww that’s so sweet Miles.” Becca said.

“Yeah that is really sweet.” Mariel added.

“And you and Y/N have been friends since freshman year of college and you guys spend a lot of your free time together. It’s really cute.”

“Yeah no Y/N is amazing and I love getting to spend with her.” Miles said blushing a little. You were off to the side watching them film as afterward you and Miles were going to grab a bite to eat and you thought it was so cute that your best friend thought of you that way. Everyone else went around and gave their answers. Then Barbara did an ad read for casper mattress. Afterward it was time for the Box of Issues. “This week’s comes from an anonymous user who writers: ‘I’ve been friends with this guy I for a really long time and I’ve had romantic feelings for him for most of that time however I don’t want to lose my best friend if he doesn’t feel the same way. So should I just not tell?’”

“Communication in any relationship is key and so I think you should tell them.” Becca said.

“Yeah communication is key.” Miles added. “And I also think you should tell him how you feel. There’s this girl that I can’t pinpoint when I started having feelings for her but I’ve been kicking myself for not telling her. I’ve had to watch her heart get broken by guy after guy and I haven’t said anything because I’ve been afraid of how it might affect our friendship. And it’s been killing me.” You weren’t 100% that Miles was talking about you but your heart skipped a beat. After the way Miles took care you after you found out you last boyfriend had been chatting on his wife with you, you had hoped that maybe he would ask you out.

Filming of the main episode was over and they were now talking five before they filmed Still Open. Miles and Barbara had a quick hushed conversation that you couldn’t hear form offset. Miles then walked off set and over to you.

“Hey.” he said “So I know you heard what I said durning the Box of Issues and I was talking about you. Y/N I’ve been an idiot for telling you sooner but I’m here now and I have to ask will you go on a date with me?”

“Of course I’ve been hoping you’d ask me out since you showed up to my house that Friday night after I broke up with Nick with chinese take out and beer, let me cry in your arms for almost two hours, and didn’t leave my house till Monday morning so of course I’ll go on a date with you.”

“If you’re free tonight I’d love to take you out for a real date.”

“But than what is lunch going to be?” you asked jokingly.

“Oh yeah I guess in my excitement I forgot that’s why you’re here we could do you a lunch date if you don’t mind it not being super fancy.”

“Miles I don’t care if our first date is super fancy I want to spend time with you it doesn’t really matter where.”

“Well than it’s a date. Also one quick question how do you feel about being on camera?”

“I’d be ok with it why?”

“Cause I told Barbara that I was going to tell you how I felt and as I brought up in the show Barbara thought it would be fun if you said yes to going on a date that you could be on the post show.”

“As long as I get to sit next to you I think that could be fun.” Miles took your hand and the two of you walked onto the set.

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How about osomatsu cooking for his s/o (and probably failing miserably because this man probably can’t even make ramen)?

You laughed nervously, wondering what you had done wrong in life to be placed in this situation. In an attempt to be a proper boyfriend, Osomatsu had tried to cook you a nice, warm meal. The sweetness of the situation was magnified by the fact that it was one of your favorite dishes too.

However, you would not have guessed that was what it was upon seeing it. The dish looked completely inedible, and was so terribly burnt that it looked more like a hardened mudpie than food.

You were about to ask why he so proudly presented you with a rock when he declared, “Babe! I made you your favorite meal! Bon appétit!

Oh. So this was… food? Shit, you thought, beginning to wonder how many potential illnesses that thing could implant you. If you would even be able to chew it at all.

You wanted to politely refuse—or at least excuse yourself and say you’d take it home to enjoy later—but Osomatsu was staring at you with such eager puppy-dog eyes that you felt you had no other choice. Damn his ridiculously adorable face! He didn’t even have to try!

You gulped and smiled weakly before taking a bite. (And what a bite it was—you practically had to chisel it away from the rest of the lump with your teeth.) After wrestling it off, you fought to chew the piece, forcing yourself to swallow it. “Thank you,” you choked out, attempting another smile at Osomatsu, “it’s delicious!”

You could actually feel when the lump hit your stomach, but Osomatsu’s wonder-filled gaze made everything else seem irrelevant.

“Do you really like it?” he asked in awe.

You couldn’t bring yourself to lie to him now. “Yes! Like I said, it’s delicious!”

Osomatsu grinned, rubbing under his nose with his index finger as a hearty laugh erupted from his chest. “Great! I’ll make sure to make it again sometime, then!”

Oh, what had you gotten yourself into…?

Lyanna Stark and Jon Snow

I’ve already written a meta about Jon and Rhaegar’s parallels here, so I decided to make another post for the similarities he shares with his mother.

It’s obvious that Jon takes his looks for his mother’s family, as he has the traditional Stark look. It’s quite ironic that when Tyrion described him, he thought that Jon’s mother left little in him, when in reality that should be said about his father. 

However, while he takes his looks from his mother’s side I don’t think he looks exactly like his mother (the way that Arya does for example). The reason why I believe so, is because everyone calls Lyanna beautiful but no one ever comments on Jon’s appearance ( I mean in asoiaf, in the tv series he’s the character who is called “pretty” more times than any other). Actually, only Ygritte once calls his face “sweet” and that’s after he received his famous scar, which makes her comment more of an act of fondness instead of an unbiased view on his looks. Further evidence is Ned thinks that Jon looks like a younger version of himself.

 Riding through the rainy night, Ned saw Jon Snow’s face in front of him, so like a younger version of his own.

So, in terms of appearance, I think that while Jon shares a lot of similarities with his mother, he looks more like a copy of his uncle.

Moving on personal traits, Lyanna is described as “willful” by her brother. Does her son share that trait of hers? Well, once Jon set his mind on something, nothing can’t shake his determination. Take for example his denial to his uncle’s possible death, after the latter’s disappearance.

It had been so long, it seemed folly to cling to the hope that Ben Stark was still alive, but Jon Snow was nothing if not stubborn.

Another good example would be his refusal to accept Winterfell, no matter how many times King Stannis offered it to him.

Lyanna was also outspoken and fearless. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind to the Freys when they were bullying Howland Reed. Same goes for Jon. On multiple occasions, he chooses to speak his mind even if that will have some consequences on him.

A fine example is when he was on the tough spot to be considered by the night watch a traitor but that didn’t stop him from defending Ned Stark’s memory.

He pointed at Jon’s face. “Your father died a traitor.”
“My father was murdered.” Jon was past caring what they did to him, but he would not suffer any more lies about his father. 

I already mentioned above, the scene where Lyanna jumped in to defend Howland Reed from the Freys. She did so even when she knew that she would be outnumbered by them. That action of hers shows courage and also kindness towards to someone weaker. Jon is similar to his mother on that aspect. He also didn’t hesitate to step in and defend Samwell Tarly from his bullies even if they outnumbered him,too. Both in Lyanna and Jon’s cases, their kind actions earned them a loyal friend.

It would be wrong to say that Jon is a carbon copy of Lyanna in terms of personality. But it wouldn’t be fair to overlook their similarities, either.


All my bones are racked. My heart has become like wax melting away within my chest. My throat is dried up like baked clay, my tongue cleaves to my jaws; they have pierced my hands and my feet; I can count all my bones.

I don’t love you because I think you’re perfect, I’m not that naive. I know no one is perfect, but you’ve become perfection in my eyes because of how much my love for you has grown. It’s growing even still.
—  K.N.B.

gaining approval in da2: careful consideration of each dialogue response, micromanaging you party because some characters literally can’t be taken out together without losing approval, the eternal struggle of Getting Carver To Love You Back

gaining approval in dai: i stood on a hill and watched a bear fighting darkspawn on the storm coast and blackwall slightly approved three times