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orangeisorange replied to your post “Well… hello there. Very interesting. Lyla is back for 5x19.”

I love your reviews, thanks for writing them. The problem I have with Olicity is that a reunion would be contingent upon things we haven’t seen on-screen. Oliver and Felicity hardly feel like friends anymore, so it’s all based on the fact that the writers are delaying the confrontation to end all confrontation. My fear is that it might not happen.

I thought your comment was really interesting @orangeisorange, so I wanted to kick it up to a separate post to respond to it. Hope that’s okay. I would say that if we are feeling a distance between Olicity this year then that’s appropriate. There is a distance between them. Yes, they’ve figured out how to work together. They are fighting crime together, but they haven’t worked out their personal issues.  They aren’t addressing them, because (like I said) if they do then they’ll get back together and Arrow is trying to milk this. Not unusual for a television show. We want the conversations to happen in 5x05 or heck even in Season 4. Arrow decides to push it to the back half of Season 5. The push/pull dynamic on pacing between writers/network and audience is always a frustrating one, but it’s the reality of a television show.

Are Oliver and Felicity as close as they were in Season 4 or maybe even Season 3? NO. That is intentional. They are intentionally leaving this wall between them because A) they are trying to move on and B) they don’t know how to fix what went wrong between them, despite the intense love they feel for one another. Is that frustrating as a viewer? Yes. We can scream, “TALK!” at the top of our lungs, but it’s not going to happen until it happens. Does Olicity work better together than apart? Yes. Does the show work better when they are together? Yes. I’m not saying there isn’t room for complaint, but I don’t necessarily find Oliver and Felicity’s behavior towards one another out of character for the situation they are in. 

That’s not to say there isn’t a rebuild. That’s not to say Arrow hasn’t put in the narrative beats so that when these conversations finally come it makes sense. Closing this distance, finding their way back to one another, is a huge piece of their individual arcs. Simply because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Nor should we really expect it to happen in episode 5 or episode 14 of a season. That’s just not how episodic television works. Frustrating? Yes, but watching a 23 episode season live is a long and arduous process. 

I don’t really agree this confrontation is contingent on things we haven’t seen on screen. We’ve seen the progression of this rebuild on screen all season long. For those who don’t see the rebuild, there’s something I do sometimes. It’s a little trick I play in my mind. Arrow is very much like Buffy where the romantic relationship is a core tennant of the show, but it’s not a main focus of the show. There’s episodes that focus on Olicity and then there’s many episodes that don’t. We get smaller moments, snip its, or none at all. This is true of  every single season of Arrow. So, sometimes what I do to see the narrative beats, is remove those in between episodes and focus on the big Olicity ones.

5x01 - Diggle kicks off the season long question that Oliver has to answer.

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finally made yikes into a @orochihigh oc!! i thought i’d never get around to it haha…here is her full description!

Species: Genetic Stripe Ball Python
Length: 2.5 feet (.76 Meters)
Age: 17
Yikes is a fairly dramatic student who unfortunately doesn’t do very well in any of her classes, save for maybe lunch! She’s not shy and fairly loyal to people she likes, and she will often enough throw herself out of her own lane to defend others when she thinks it’s appropriate. She doesn’t wear a lot of accessories to school, but she keeps a small stash of very intricate and flashy items at home to enjoy for herself in the mirror, because she lowkey thinks wearing them to school would be way to extra…one of her hobbies is fashion design, as she loves to put outfits together (despite never wearing them herself)
No one knows why she is called Yikes, or her actual name. Some rumor her parents legitimately named her that.

((ngl i think she’d get along with monoko really well! bc while monoko is rlly quiet and ‘cold’, yikes is quite the opposite, but not quite-so-opposite that they couldn’t get along. in fact, i think yikes’ personality is what might allow them to get along, since monoko’s ‘reputation’ for being standoffish wouldn’t phase her at all from getting to know her. also, she’d probably really dig the pierced hood…it makes quite the fashion statement!)

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While Renaldo was an ass in this episode, I actually thought it was pretty good. It was nice to see Steven grow and call Renaldo out. Plus the episode felt like it was using him and his behaviour to talk about cultural insensitivity/appropriation (or even call out some bad parts of the SU fandom? with Renaldo making it about himself? idk but the first point feels solid-ish)

It had its moments, yeah.

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not only lesbians are told "they need dick" or that "they need to take dick" it does especially* affects lesbians but it is definitely widely and universally said to all women and isn't contingent on who the woman is, that "they need dick" do you think it doesn't have an adverse effect on you or in how that plays out for women unless youre lesbian woman? it definitely does. yourfavilluminati responded in kind and i thought her response was accurate to what the phenomenom is.

that bi homophobe specifically talked about women and trans activists telling women to take dick. only lesbians are told by other women (BIHET WOMEN) and trans activists that they need to take dick in the name of progress and feminism. you don’t get to erase the inherent heterosexism of pushing dick onto lesbians and make it seem like all women have it tough among liberals because of their orientation when no woman’s heterosexuality or manloving inclinations are under attack. 

run along now and pretend like bihet radfems are not trying to appropriate lesbophobic oppression in order to make themselves feel special and to pretend that this terf witch hunt and libfem approved rape propaganda targets them as well. like i said, i see through radfems and their half-assed anti-gender stance that always minimizes and downplays heterosexism and tries to convince people that it’s sexism’s younger sibling and we don’t need to speak about it if we speak about sexism.

I know I probably shouldn’t, but i feel bad for Melania Trump. I have been wrestling with this feeling in silence for a long time. 

She…always looks tense and her eyes are always panicked. She was clearly an  model or escort who probably thought she had landed a permanent meal ticket– to be endured and then left when appropriate. As a sex worker, I know that, i get it, i see it I’ve had it dangled in front of me. But as we all know, Trump is an incredibly controlling and violent man who micromanaged and raped his former wives.  I don’t know that Melania could escape him even if she wanted to. She avoids when he touches her in certain ways, and never looks happy when he kisses her. she looks incredibly nervous when she talks about him and goes stiff if he physically corners her. If they were a completely regular couple on the street, and i saw that body language, I would genuinely be worried about her safety. 

Not a lot of people know a lot about the modeling industry in eastern europe, but a lot of young women use it the way black people from the hood use rap and sports and group funding a single individual’s college education: as a way to escape and elevate themselves economically from an economy that sometimes provides so little options that a Hail Mary chance is worth the shot. When I heard where she was from and heard that she was a model, everything about her clicked into place. (x)(x)(x)

Melania is from slovenia– a small town in slovenia filled with mass graves from WWII. She came here and was working under trump in extremely dubious circumstances. She is uneducated and has extreme difficulty with english- but is in a country for which that is the dominant language. It would not even slightly surprise me if her narrative was that she left her small town, got a modeling job,  started working in america without a visa or anything and was completely at the mercy of her employer, found herself in the HIGHLY unusual and incredibly coercive situation of being plucked from among her fellow models by said employer, and then has been on a rollercoaster going at 190mph ever since. 

None of this is excluding or removing blame of her being complicit in her husband’s empire.And I am not prioritizing her, as an incredibly wealthy woman, over the millions of people trump has hurt and or will hurt….

Its just, every time I see her flinch away from him or i see panic in her eyes, I wonder, for a moment, if she is someone who Trump is hurting too. 

Language learning resolutions

Although I study Korean, the resolutions I’m making are appropriate to people learning any language. I thought I’d post them as I think some of them might be quite helpful for anyone looking to make language related new-years resolutions, or just how to better themselves at language learning in the new year. These are tips and tricks that can help you through out the whole year - not just for the first few days of January!

1) Learn 10 new words every day
      If you feel like 10 is too much go for 5 or even just one, whichever fits you and your pace of learning best - one is still better than none, and hey, by the end of the year that’s a whole new 365 words you now know in your target language - progress!

2) Set your study time
Personally, I’m going to try for an hour a day just sitting down and straight learning, set a day each week, or a time each day and just sit down and get to it, you could do 5 hours a week, 2 hours  a week, 2 hours a day even. Remember, just do what fits best with you and your schedule - you don’t want to overwork, but then you also don’t want to be wasting time that could come in useful for your learning progress.

3) Keep a diary
     Keeping a diary sounds like a bit of an odd one, but no, I don’t mean simply writing down how much work you’ve done or what you’ve learnt, instead, keep a diary in which you write down what you did that day- your thoughts, feelings, and anything else you might put in an every day diary entry, but write in your target language, it will give you a chance to practice using the language every day, even with things you may not necessarily use in day to day conversation.

4) Test yourself
Again, match this one to how fast you’re wanting to progress, but I recommend testing yourself what you learnt that week, or that month or even just completing some tasks. You could do this by printing off worksheets you can find online or buying a workbook!

5) Vary your learning
This is more of a personal one for me than anything, but if you have the time to learn another language or subject, throw that in there too, for me, I’m going to do an hour a day of Korean, and an hour a week of Chinese, but make sure to plan this well as you don’t want to be getting behind on subjects you may have exams in.

6) Plan
 I’m being serious, you have to plan. I really can’t stress this enough, whether you wake up early Monday morning to plan your entire week or just make a habit of planning for the following day every night - This is really going to help you out.

7) Re-evaluate your resoluions monthly
     Yes, you heard me right - re-evaluate your resolutions. Change them. You may think that if you’ve made a resolution you have to stick to it but your main resolution should be to reach your goal (and we’ll get onto that in just a minute). At the start of every month, look at the main events coming up, if you have a lot of events or exams then cut down your language hours, make less goals for the end of that month and plan it to suit you - you’ll never achieve your goals if you’re over stressed and over working yourself.

8) Goals
Set one main goal for your language by the end of the year, that’s the main one you want to achieve - then set smaller ones for the end of each month that will get you there, then more for each week. This breaks down your goals and makes them more easily obtainable.

So those are my resolutions guys! I hope they were helpful to you all!!! <3


1.3.16 || 9/100 days of productivity 

finally, finally, finally all caught up on my bujo! thought last week’s spread was extra appropriate seeing as i’m going to see rogue one for the second time tonight 💗 (credit for the lovely princess leia drawing goes to @actuallyimajedi)