and i thought i'd never get over it

reminders for the young wlw out there
  • it’s okay to want to have sex with a girl
  • it’s also okay to be totally terrified at the thought of having sex with a girl- internalized homophobia affects all of us to a certain extent
  • it’s okay to want to make out with a girl for hours on end (seriously, it’s totally an okay thing to think about)
  • it’s okay to fantasize about girls, even in a sexual way. you are not dirty for doing this.
  • you can absolutely wear clothes that are stereotypically lesbian, such as flannels. in the same note, you can totally cut your hair short if you want. you aren’t perpetuating a stereotype, you’re embracing who you are
  • you can also completely stay away from any clothing that would signify you might be a wlw (especially if you’re in a situation where the suspicion that you’re a wlw could cause you harm)- it’s completely your choice, just don’t shame anybody that does decide to take on that style.
  • it’s okay to not immediately date a girl once you come out. take some time to figure out your feelings, it’s okay. you’ll find somebody that you want to date in your own time, or you can just decide you don’t want to ever date anybody. that’s also perfectly okay.
  • it’s okay to dream about a future with a wife
  • it’s okay to hold your girlfriend’s hand in public and be affectionate in public. it’s not gross or icky, it’s good and cute, i promise.
  • it’s okay to come out to everybody you speak to (there’s nothing wrong with you, and if people judge you, they’re the ones who are wrong), but it’s also valid to only come out to a small select group of people. both approaches are fine.
  • it’s okay to masturbate while thinking about girls. it’s okay, you’re not weird for doing this. it’s a common thing.
  • it’s okay to watch movies or tv shows with wlw, even the ones that are cliche and really cheesy. if they make you feel validated and happy, continue doing so.
  • being a wlw is not shameful
  • you are not broken
  • you aren’t somebody that needs to be “fixed”
  • your thoughts and feelings are valid
  • you are not alone
  • you are loved

At first, the people thought him gentle and kind. Powerful. The most powerful. But soon, they learned not to be wary of his magic, but of his silver tongue and the madness therein. The Mad King slipped into existence as the sun sunk below the horizon. 

Well. Two years in the making, and finally my King’s project has come to a close. Quite a ride! I enjoyed it a lot. I had thoughts to add Jeremy, so I’ll throw him up on the list in case I get an itch some day… but for now! It’s all done :) Thank you everyone!

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan | King Jeremy

ok but noah fence like…….bluestars prophecy literally makes me despise thunderclan because

how could tigerstar not have ended up the way he did. like goddamn that’s all of your faults for why he grew up so hateful and violent jfc

literally, right when he’s born, we see snowfur and bluefur talk about how “annoying” tigerkit is because,, hes just asking his mother to go play outside. apparently this act is particularly annoying because snowfur rolls her eyes at bluefur while tigerkit asks his mother to play.

goosefeather spends the entire book yelling and calling tigerkit a demon and ostracizes him, kicking him out of his den, calling him a monster, a child, to his face

he was given thistleclaw as a mentor, a cat who was clearly still grieving/unstable after his mates death (literally bluefur could’ve told sunstar ‘hey look he just lost snowfur, he needs time to himself’), and thistleclaws been confirmed to be part of the reason why tigerstar is as brutal as he is

like,,,,, holy fuck how could he not have grown up this way. i thought bluestars prophecy wouldve maybe shown “hey this isnt okay” and had bluestar maybe,,, i dunno have a moment where she maybe said “yeah, we failed him”

but no, thunderclan is completely justified in this

like damn i know i sound heated but thats bc i am, i dont really like child neglect and that is,,, precisely what this was. like damn thunderclan no wonder one of the worst/most hateful serial murders in the series was born in your clan. you literally neglected him and mocked him from his birth. 

i love drawing ame she’s so chill, she makes me chill 



piper halliwell meme → seasons [8/8] ✘ season eight ↝ 01-22 episodes
“So that Paige could pass on all that she learned. Not just to her own children, or to mine, or to Phoebe’s, but to other future witches and whitelighters as well. Which filled the time between when we were doing the fighting and when our kids were old enough to take over. Allowing me time to get back to my roots and cook something other than potions for once. And open the restaurant I’d always dreamed of owning. As for Leo, after we reclaimed magic school he went back to teaching. Which he continued to do, until it was time to retire. And although we certainly had our struggles…
(50 years later, finishes reading the Book of Shadows to her granddaughter) …and heartaches over the years, we’re a family of survivors and we will always be. Which is why we’ve truly been Charmed.”

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I can't really write right now, but how about Kim getting some REALLY dark ideas all over again of how to sabotage Tommy's chances with Trini, and her discovering she's trans after Tommy opens up with them about all the bullying and discrimination she faced? "I just... never thought I'd fit in with ANYONE, you know? It'd just be the 'Tommy Oliver Show' for the rest of my life, guest starring a whole army of exes and temporary friends... and now here I am, headbutting aliens..." (continued)

I had to post all of these at once because it’s the best thing I’ve read all week. I am in love with all of this. Also, the last part killed me.

i’m sorry but i really do have to explain my frustration over this post (i’ve seen another version that got over 200 notes, this is a newer one but it’s the same thing)

this scene isn’t meant to be portrayed as some funny #relatable post. jane is getting therapy after suffering panic attacks after the death of her husband. it’s not for people (especially neuratypicals) to laugh at, it’s not meant to be portrayed lightly. this is a woman taking serious steps to take care of her mental health, and of course it’s meant to reach out to people who can connect to jane and sympathize with her, but there are a thousand other jokes on this show that you can screencap and tag with some cutesy ‘same’ caption. this is not one of them. 


In honor of all the Disney prince charmings that started this whole whump thing for me back when I was just a  kid! I’d see Aladdin drown or John Smith getting shot and I’d get butterflies in ma stomach, freakin’ butterflies! 

I honestly thought I was the most messed up corrupt human. But alas! The sun had risen and the day has come when I realized there’s a definition for this sort of thing, and a whole lovely community behind it! And now… now I can sleep at night :)

Conclusion, it’s Walt Disney’s fault…

i’ve had my blog for a year+ now nd i’ve been a monbebe for 9 months and … i just wanna say …….. im so happy i discovered monsta x ? they’ve kept me going through difficult times, have led me to make some of the most amazing people that i can call best friends and have taught me how to grow as a person and i really can’t thank them enough for shaping me to be the person i am today ? 9 months later i’m rly sitting here in front of my blog and i’m happy that 7 boys have become so important to me :((


anon said: “what if tord has a shrine to stalin”

I’d be lying if I said I think the contrary

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So today I had the great pleasure of finding out that I can have ptsd flashbacks. Before now I'd never really thought much about it I mean I'm not technically diagnosed with ptsd. I just knew that I was very uncomfortable around women in power over me. Today was already a rough mental day but my work day ended with a female manager yelling and passive aggressively slamming shit around and it just hit me and I had to run to the bathroom and cry and get sick. It was the most embarrassing thing.

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What do are you thoughts re May function in S4. I’m a huge fan and would love to hear your thoughts. TY.

Hello anon! Thanks for the ask. I’ve done it again…


Have a warning bc there are a couple not linked to the promos…

Honestly I’ve really no idea what to make of May’s role in s4. SK mentioned early doors that Charlotte Riley would be returning so there’s been no secret of it despite the fact she’s not in the trailer. There are a few bts shots from the Black Country Living Museum (this post from ofycm (x) which interestingly links to an article from which all but one of the images have been removed…). And there’s that Charlotte’s golden wrapped (from @burgessinthestreets (x)).

So, it looks like May heads back to Birmingham to collect a bay horse, purchased by Tommy, to train. Perhaps this is the scene that answers Tommy’s line of 3.06 about buying a racehorse and having it trained, perhaps it’s a thing that has become reasonably commonplace between s3 and s4. The horse seems about as representative of May’s character as Grace’s Secret was of her namesake so she’s probably a mare called the Ghost of Love or some such sentimental Tommy-type tosh. May is wearing a wedding ring so she has married sometime between the Epsom Derby and 1926. Not Tommy though, who doesn’t wear one. Are we looking at a revisit of the ‘old flames giving in to temptation’ plot? Perhaps. She’s in the brown/dun tones that seem to be a big costume theme for the series: Tommy has a brown suit for the first time, Arthur has a tie, John has his tweed; Aidan Gillen and Jack Rowan, the Golds, are also in brown. I’m not sure if it means more than just being a unifying aesthetic choice, but it does feel a bit like ‘team colours’ for Shelby interests, the men anyway. And May. 

I don’t believe any filming was done at Chatsworth so it’s unlikely that May’s home is a location. There was however something filmed in the stairwell at Casterne Hall (x) which is clearly not subbing for Arrow House (they filmed at Arley Hall) so it’s possible she’s moved. Casterne also has stables which might have been used. This is all pure conjecture; Casterne would be a huge step down for her and she is dressed as pure wealth. 

Now I guess we’re into reading between the lines of the script and it’s all a bit observational. I think we can discount the potential foreshadowing of the s2 lines: “I will win you” and “I will find you.” It seems very much to me based on that scene under the bridge that Charlie Murphy’s character (maybe Jessie Eden as we’ve been speculating for ages, who would tie in to the ‘return to roots’ idea as well as being Tommy’s match in terms of grit and ambition) is the one to receive Tommy’s affections. And if Charlotte’s not coming back that’s kind of a kibosh on the idea as well, at least in the ultimate sense. But when Tommy tells Tatiana that she ‘didn’t even come close’ in 3.06 the line is proximate enough to the racehorse-buying line to make the audience at least recall May. Whether or not she was immediately in Tommy’s thoughts. That Grace’s Secret was reasonably prominent in the s3 paintings also had the deliberately ironic effect of turning viewers’ thoughts to May. We never saw her in the flesh; where was she stabled? Was there communication going on about which we are unaware? I just don’t know. It’s a wait-and-see. I don’t think Tommy was sleeping with her because of the line to Lizzie her being the one who kept his heart from breaking - “no-one else.” It’s possible they’ve been hooking up since s3. May represented ‘business’ (or at least business as it stood in s2) and when Tommy doesn’t have love to look for, that’s where his attentions are directed. May might love her husband, she might not, her marriage might have been an alliance of business interests and money the way Tommy’s was of love. They have both now lost their first spouse who was also their true love. Tommy does have Charlie though who is a constant reminder of Grace…

Speaking of that, the other thing in s3 to recall May was the moment in 3.03 when Tommy put the photo of Grace and Charlie in the drawer in his office, like she did with her dead husband’s image. The gesture removed Grace from ‘business’ dealings forevermore, but she was almost omnipresent at home, to the extent of semi-reverence. Tommy’s grief stands very much in contrast to May’s iconoclasm. Whether or not that’s relevant going forward - who can say? 

A Complete and Utter Theory: May’s influence is going to be useful to Tommy somehow in s4 and he might have to work to regain her trust to access that. His ‘business’ woman of the series. Again.

And a final thought:  I’m slightly intrigued by the fact that the only interaction May had with anybody not Tommy was Esme and their conversation made explicit how similar their backgrounds are. Although things have moved on, it’s striking that in relation to Tommy and John they are both a very good second choice even if affection lies elsewhere. Their relationships were both built on what is good for Shelby business. Even their names are similar. I wonder if that parallel is going to raise itself again with the fallout of what looks to all appearances like John’s death?

Southern Nights (Yondu Udonta x Reader) Chapter 4 - I Never Thought I'd Find This Feeling

Summary: Two weeks has gone by since you left Xandar with the Ravagers and the attraction between you and Yondu is evident. But will any of you act upon your feelings? 

Chapters: 1     2      3

Warnings: Angst, Sexual Attraction, Language. 

“C’mon, girlie. Get yer ass over here and let’s do this.”

Looking up from the small rock you sat on, you gave Yondu a jaded gaze.

“Oh, c’mon Yondu. We’ve done this like a million times already,” you sighed and kicked the ground with your boot. It had been like this for two weeks now and it had started to become impossible to be around him without getting a heat between your legs.

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Never thought I'd say this but your immaturity has really shone through these last few days. I have never seen such childish tantrums being thrown over a tv show and a scene that hasn't even aired yet! You and those like you jumping at the chance to throw hissy fits and rage no matter what is presented is what makes this fandom so intolerable. It's just sex! and he enjoyed it! Grow up and get over it for fucks sake.

Yeah, I know. You’re not the first to say nor the last I’m sure :) Got it tho, don’t worry 👌🏽 I’mma just 🤐

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  • Robert: I thought you hated me. I thought we were over.
  • Aaron: No. Robert, I'm so sorry. It's this place. It got to me. You don't understand what it's like. You're always on edge. You're constantly watching your back.
  • Chas: So you got off your head?
  • Aaron: It meant I didn't have to face reality. But I've stopped now. I promise. Never again. I didn't mean to take it out on you. The thought of getting out and being with you again is all that keeps me going.
  • Robert: Believe me, that's all I want. I was angry and confused. I did something stupid.
  • Aaron: Stupid like what? Come on, just get it over with and tell me.
  • Robert: The things you said...
  • Aaron: I know, but that wasn't me talking, Robert. It was the drugs. Why do you think I've stopped? I'd do anything for you.
  • Robert: I've let you down. I'm sorry.
  • Aaron: What have you done?
  • Chas: (cutting in when Robert opened his mouth) He trashed your flat. Did a right number, I can tell you. Uh, it's gonna cost a fortune to put it right.
  • Aaron: Is that the truth?
  • Chas: It is Robert we're talking about. Doesn't do things by halves. Complete carnage. And then I hear Liv's been chucked out of school and you're on drugs, so I do what I do - make him suffer.
  • Aaron: And that's it?
  • Robert: That's it. I'm sorry.
  • Chas: All you have to worry about is getting out of here.
  • Aaron: You've no idea how scared I've been.
  • Robert: Me, too.
  • Lena: You know what's weird? Kara's been really distant ever since I first met you. She's writing more critical articles of L Corp, knowing I'd have to call her up. She's not a big gala person, but she's been going to all of them lately, knowing I'd be at one. If I didn't know any better, I'd say her dresses and perfume choices lately were like she was trying to get a reaction out of me.
  • Reign: She just wants attention.
  • Lena: That's not really like Kara.
  • Reign: She doesn't want your heart.
  • Lena: What???
  • Reign: Maybe she just hates the thought of you with someone new.
  • Lena: Oh I see what you're doing now. Ha ha.
  • Reign: She just wants attention.
  • Lena: Stop or I'll replace all my lingerie with edible vegan underwear.
  • Reign: I knew from the start.
  • Lena: I'm leaving you.
  • Reign: She's just making sure you're never getting over her.
  • Lena: *sigh* what are you doing to me?