and i thought i made inappropriate jokes

Imagine Lance is actually just a nickname for Lancelot...

Jokes I am 110% certain someone (probably Pidge) has made:

  • *Lance adopts a small plant for his room* plant-celot
  • *Lance hits a knot brushing Pidge’s hair and pulls* yank-celot
  • *Looking down at Lance from a great height* ant-celot
  • *Lance messes up a move in the Blue Lion* tank-celot
  • *Lance lies down during training and refuses to move* plank-celot 

Bonus inappropriate:

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These are all really rough lunch sketches I’ve done from the past few weeks so forgive the off-model messiness and/or anatomical imperfections ;u; But despite the roughness I thought I’d share them anyway- just some fun doodles of brainchildren from our dino-verse story with my good friend @mistermech! We’ve made lots of jokes about how similar to Toriel Fen’s fiance Nora is, so for fun I did a little buncha Nora ‘spressions based off of Toriel’s expressions *u*

Then a sketch of Fen and… Nora…. being vury inappropriate on my blog right now >:c

Then a sketch of Fen’s sugar-sweet auntie, Vidia! ❤