and i thought i couldnt love you more


And from all the smiles I’ve seen yours are the ones I crave for the most

“Our lives pass by so quickly that we don’t realize that there are so many precious moments to catch in [life]. In our daily life let’s record each and every moment and turn them into our memories. Let’s talk together, laugh together, sing together. That moment we share together unknowingly has already become special in our hearts. One month, you and I, the time we spent together, when we remember about this, it will be an amazing memory to us. That memory to you, I hope it will become your special daily life” - Taeyeon to her fans


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Maybe 40/42 with reggie? Those are kinda angsty lol

40. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

42. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”  (w/ Reggie)

((also just pretend Reggie was at the party bc goddamn he needs more screen time))

Jughead’s party was where everything went wrong. Cheryl had the brilliant idea to play some stupid game and you were roped into it, along with Reggie. It had gotten serious immediately, as multiple secrets were revealed. Betty was not as good as everyone thought, Archie had an affair with a teacher, Veronica’s father. But it had all gone to hell when Cheryl focused on Reggie.

“So Mantle,” she drawled. “Let’s talk about you now.”

“Let’s not,” Reggie shot back.

Cheryl smirked. “So a little birdie told me that-”

“Cheryl, don’t,” Reggie cut her off. Cheryl’s smile grew.

“So I heard that you only asked out your little girlfriend because of a bet.”

The room went quiet as all gazes shifted to you. But you gaze was focused on Reggie.

“Yeah,” Chuck spoke, drawing your attention to him. “It was a football bet. We bet him that he couldn’t get little (Y/N)’s attention by the end of the month and he accepted. He said it would be easy, that she would be easy and he’d would have no trouble getting a little nobody like her to be his.”

The silence in the room was shattered by your laughter. You could feel Betty and Archie’s concerned gaze on you as gasped for air.

“Why am I not surprised?” you finally said. “Of course Mantle the Magnificent would agree to such a childish thing.”

“(Y/N), no, it wasn’t like that,” Reggie protested.

“Oh it wasn’t? Say it Reggie. Say it! Say that Chuck and Cheryl are lying because as far as I’m concerned, they’ve actually been speaking nothing but the truth all night.”

The whole room turned to Reggie, who kept his gaze down and stayed silent.

“You’re a pig Mantle,” you continued. “You’re a good-for-nothing jock who with never be anything more than a mediocre football player. Its done. I’m done.” 

Reggie didn’t look up as you stormed out of the house.

“Well that was intense,” Cheryl remarked. “Anyways…”

Reggie didn’t listen any longer as he grabbed his jacket and left, shoving Chuck on his way out.

Walking into school Monday morning was brutal. Things had changed and friendships had been lost but you, you were just broken. You could see Betty approaching you and you walked quicker.

“Listen (Y/N), about last night,” she began.

“I’m fine,” you muttered.

If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine,” you heard Betty’s soft voice say.

“You should get to class Betts,” you said. Betty sighed as she rubbed your arm and walked away.

You gathered all your things and started to walk off when you were dragged into an empty classroom.

“Mantle,” you hissed as you ripped your arm from the boy’s grip.

“Listen, I know you don’t want to see me, but hear me out,” Reggie pleaded. You nodded.

Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” he asked lowly. You looked up into his eyes, seeing nothing but regret in them as you nodded once more.

“I did,” you whispered. “Just answer one question: did you ask me out on a bet?”

Reggie hesitated before nodding. “Yeah.”

“Goodbye Mantle,” you said as you walked out of the classroom.

“No (Y/N) wait. Please don’t go, I love you.”

“You should’ve thought about that before accepting the bet.”

Reggie couldnt help but kick a chair as you left. He had lost the best thing in his life all because of some stupid bet.

(whoops. so this kinda sucked but enjoy! xx)

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Supernatural 12x12

can you believe Destiel became canon today because Cas said I love you to Dean. Amazing 


“We’re fighting for you, Cas” 

“My devastingly handsome friend” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what. the. f u c k 

i know we’re all busy screaming about, well the whole episode but the first thing Cas asks after hes been stabbed is “Where’s Sam and Dean?” 


No im not making this up he said “I love you” *camera pans to Dean* “I love all of you” *camara pans around* listen im just stating the facts

SO Cas has been here since the creation of the universe and, this shit is canon: “Kowing you, it’s been the best pat of my life.” this is fine :)

also he said I LOVE YOU TO DEAN 

Cas would like to defend the Winchesters until his last breath and i thought i couldnt love him more 

Richard Speight is a goddamn saint and i owe him my life (*camera pans to Dean*) 


Cas being reassured that hes family and that they would die for him in every episode is what ive been waiting for since season 6. Andrew Dabb i have no words


Cas’ speeches will be the death of me 

Cas is one of Marys boys awhhh. but Mary what the fuckkkkkkk

i actually liked Crowley this ep

all these heartfelt moments will fucking put me in a early grave 

Misha Collins’ acting 

back up, how did we lose the Colt in the first place????? 


“Let’s go home”


theres nothing i dont love about this episode and this season might be better than season 8 holy shit

[31/03/2017]  → adult ladybug design(s)

everyone: loves chinese collar design

A year

“If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” -practically everyone in my life.

This saying is Bullshit. It’s sweet, positive Bullshit, but in the end, it’s still bullshit. Though I try to ignore it, I can’t help but think about it these last couple days before Sable turns a year old.

A year. A fucking year. I can’t believe it.

The fact of the matter is, that if you’re doing what you love, you’re still working. You’re still growing adjetated some days, you’re still screaming and kicking when things don’t work out, you still feel so frustrated and down on yourself some days that you just feel like throwing in the towel. It’s not a prettier road you’re walking down on, it’s not easier.

I’ve learned that the hard way this year.

I learned it because I was so willing to believe that things would go easy, that Sable would be this beautiful multi tiered ship traversing calm waters. This was the first time I was working on something I actually cared about.

How wrong I was.

Now, before I continue. This isn’t a sad post. This isn’t something to make you upset. It gets positive, I swear. I won’t leave you hanging.

I remember writing the first episode like it was yesterday. I still remember shaking with each word, groaning in frustration as I deleted everything and rewrote from the ground up. I must have done 27 drafts of the first episode before I even started recording.

There would be another 6 attempts at actually recording. Followed by more rewrites, followed by more recordings.

I was so spent after I finished editing the first episode (or. What I thought was editing at the time) and after all of that, I was still scared to put it up. It was horrifying, but I did it. I actually did it.

Then came the fear of watching the numbers, checking to see if anyone was following in Twitter, seeing if there was any critiques, good or bad. I was stressing. Should I do another one? I couldnt, but I should, right? Maybe just write the script? But what of? I wasn’t planning on having another, I barely thought I’d get the first one out the door.

You’d think it would get easier with time
It doesnt. I still find myself fretting. Is this going to be the last one I do? Do I even have time to keep it going?

Doing what you love is still work, in fact, it could even be more work than a job you hate or don’t care about. You stress that much more when it’s your baby. You really wonder if you can do this, if you have the fucking chops to pull through. You get angrier when you face uncertainty. When you feel down about yourself.

But you know what? I wouldn’t change anything for the world. I create something. I’m telling a story I’ve always wanted to tell,and I’m doing it in a way I’ve always wanted! People are listening, they’re actually listening to something I made! And what? They seem to like it? I have fan art? I have fan fiction? Someone has a favorite character? Someone wants to cosplay as one of MY characters? I have an interview? Someone actually cares?

I’m just a guy. Like…..I’m just a guy. I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t think I ever will.

So. This is still work. There are still hardships. But goddammit, it’s all worth it.

Thanks everyone. I can’t wait to do this for another year.

A master post where zayn and harry admire each others beautiful faces

Ok so lets start with zayn shall we?like damn man, he is literally eye fucking harry.

 its like i cant even explain.

don’t tell me this is the look you give your ‘brother’

it was there since the x-factor….. every one is looking at the camera while zayn cant help but adore harry’s face with smile


 no matter what face harry makes, zayn admires it.. I am in love with you and all your little things… Zayn you ok down there???

Ok now believe me i am not lying, there are thousands of pic of zayn eyes fucking harry but i just posted some cux if i start posting all of em then i would grow old and it wont finish.

So harry now.. This one is my personal favorite so this was first!

But harry is looking at him like the first and the last time… Harry pose for the camera not for your bf.

 He fucking bit his lip while checking zayn out like wtf, 

Harry dont show it too much or management wouldnt be pleased (even though fuch modest! )So i wasnt the only one who thought zayn looked like a sex god there, harry also couldnt take the amount of hotness  Like they are are staring 24/7 at each other ,i bet when they are alone they fuck to finish the thirst.      

Now both of them!

 i didnt even need to write for them , its obvious like hell!

Zayn about harry-

'I love harry’s curls"

“the sexy curly haired one”

“his gorgeous gorgeous green eyes”

“I admire Harry’s dimples”

“Vas Happenin Gorgeous”


“look at his curly locks. What more could you want?”

 Harry about Zayn-

“Look at that jawline”

“he’s got beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, he’s got beautiful cheekbones”

“He’s got the best cheekbones you will ever see”

“he is just pretty isnt he?”

“the most typical good looking guy is Zayn”

there are many more but just these for now. hope it was enough to prove the thirst of zarry for each other 

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I would love to see Keith jealous (or even upset) that someone else is trying to conquer his s / o (or even take advantage on her). I do not know, I have always imagined him as someone terrotial, especially with people ... Could you write a little scenario about this?

I… I honestly cant believe that I havn’t considered this more? like a territorial Keith has come up but i kinda didnt think much of it… but now that you say it… i love it. 

side note: as mentioned, i wrote this with a female identifying s/o. this doesnt mean they are female presenting; that is up to you. 

another side note:  LONG POST WARNING jfc i got a little bit to into this fic, and took it father than the request asked for.

please enjoy~


Keith did not like it when you weren’t at his side. He respected you need for independence, of course, but his paranoia often got the better of him. He’d finally let you into his heart, and you let him into yours. He could not let anything, or anyone ruin this. 

What was wrong with him? what was it about you that made him so… he didn’t wanna say controlling. Quickly getting the water bottle you requested from the vending machine, he weaved his way through the crowd. He didnt want to be here, but you did, and so here he was. What was this? a high school reunion? yeah that was it. He’s just glad he didn’t hate wearing formal attire. 

He ran out of time to say excuse me at the sigh of someone he didnt even recognize touching your forearm. The forearm of the arm that you hooked around his arm on the way in here. 

“Here.” He put the bottle into the hand this man was about to shake. Keith’s jaw was clenched and he hoped no one could tell. He didint even know if he was breathing or not. 

“Who’s this?” The stranger asked, giving Keith the fakest smile he’s ever seen in his life. 

“Her boyfriend.” He spouted before You could even open your mouth. He pretended to ignore the look of confusion on your face as you opened the bottle and drank. 

“What a lucky guy you must be I went to scho-.” Nope. He may or may not be your friend, he didnt know, or care, this guy was on Keiths hit list regardless.

“Hey, back off!” A woman screamed from behind him, a second later, there was blackberry punch seeping into the fabric of Keiths white dress shirt. He wanted to scream and yell and hit something. this was going great

“oh my goodness, Keith!” you yelled, gripping his arm. his eyes were shut tight, the cold liquid on his back giving him shivers. he didnt give a damn about the stupid shirt,  but it didnt help his already agitated mood. 

“Come on, lets go try and clean this up.” you sighed, talking low so just he could hear, hopefully. your voice was the sounded the sweetest when only he could hear it. 

“He’s a man, he can clean himself up, right?” Who the fuck did he think he was. 

“There should be a bathroom just out the main door , we passed it on the way in, remember?” God he loved you, but you weren’t trying to get him to leave to… were you? 

“No, I’ve got it. I’ll be back soon okay?” Kissing you a bit to suddenly, he spoke the last part in a whisper, just against your ear. the curt nod yo gave him in response was enough to help assure him that you cared. 

And so he went to bathroom, and did what little he could to get the punch, which was luckily just that, out of his shirt. it would stain, definitely, but he knew how to fix that when you and him were safe back home. 

“What was it you wanted to ta-” Wait. who were you talking to? Why weren’t you still in the main room?

“Do you remember senior year’s final season?” Why was he taking you out of the main hall? 

He knew he shouldn’t be eavesdropping on your conversation, but he had no trust in that stranger. 

“What about it?” 

“You still owe me for helping you pass.” Keith had twisted up his wet shirt and was out the door the instant he heard that guys voice say “owe”. She did not owe anybody anything. 

You were pressed against the stone wall of the old high school hall, about 2 yards from the bathroom door. Before the door of the bathroom closed, Keith had closed that distance, his hand ready to whip this monster till he bruised at the least. Nobody could press against you like that except for him.

“Back off.” he hissed, his eyes burning with contempt. He was going to snap. and he did. As soon as he made eye contact with the stranger, he flicked his wrist, hitting him directly in the jaw. and he didnt stop. Twisting his arm and and gripping the mans collar with the other, he berated him.  He couldnt hear anything, could barely see past the rage. 

Until you were there. Gripping his wrist tightly, your nails digging into his skin. he winced, and recoiled, dropping his shirt from the suddenness of it. Whoever he was hitting, was gone by the time he got control of himself. you were hugging him, clinging to him, and crying. Sobbing actually. Your head was burring in his neck, stroking hair with shaking hands. you tears were warm, and dripped down his bare chest. he was confused. and really tired. he felt weak, his heart stung. he hated nothing more than to hear you cry. 

“Please stop doing this Keith. Please just relax. It’s going to be okay. Everything is okay.” The way you spoke, you sounded afraid… of him. Trying to convince yourself that things were really okay. 

He tried, but couldnt find his own voice, and so he just let you cry, his arms feeling lighter than air as they held you against him. nothing was clear to him expect that he was sorry. 

he was so sorry. 

He just loved you. More than you could even guess. More than he thought possible. He didnt know what it do about it.  and so he was sorry. 

Maybe you shouldn’t love him in the first place…

Teasing (Smut)

Request can be found here and here. I hope you like it.

NC-17, rated M

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my thoughts on the latest clip:

so noora thinks muslim people can’t fall in love/experience heartbreaks and joked about converting.. [inserts the rooting for you meme]

now that sana clearly can’t open up to noora about yousef, can this be the moment where even becomes her best friend please

when i thought i couldnt hate william more, he manages to blame noora for being too traumatized to testify against her sexual assailant :-)

anyways sana deserves all the happiness in the world and i’m glad she has her faith to turn to when everyone disappoints her

anyways sana deserves all the happiness in the world and i’m glad she has her faith to turn to when everyone disappoints her

Just as you want me

Word count: 3206

I gulped down the liquid as i my best friend, Kayla, was pouring up some shots in front of us. She had a great mix of vodka, tequila and rum. But whatever it was, i actually didn’t care right now. I just wanted to feel the rush through my veins already. The kitchen was cramped tight with people, pouring up drinks and chatting away, a couple here and there sitting on the the counter making out. “Done,” she spoke as she put the bottle down with a loud thud. 

She lifted up the first cup, filled with a clear liquid all the way up so it was almost spilling over the edge, “to us,” she spoke as i smiled brightly grabbing my glass, “and to tonight,” i spoke as we clinked the glasses together spilling some of it down my arm and on the floor. The glass hitting my lips as i downed the fluid, burning my throat as the vodka made its way down. Quickly following up with the next glass, squeezing my eyes together shut, as i downed the next three glasses. Grabbing the last one standing as she finished her last one, in one fast motion the downed the last drops of alcohol and looked at her smiling. She laughed a beautiful laugh as she grabbed two cups and drunkenly poured up way too much vodka and adding some soda, handing me the now full cup. “Now, let’s dance and find some cute boys,”

Pulling me by the hand she led me into the middle of the dance floor which was created, for a college party this was turning out big. As the next song came on, blasting through the speakers i took a sip from my cup, as i swayed my hips to the beat. She danced in front of me, getting the attention from every boy around her. Swinging her hips and circling around herself as if she had done nothing else in her entire life. I was so envious of how easy everything was for her, she could get any boy she ever wanted without doing more than blinking sweetly with her eyes. but i got it, she was beautiful deep down to the core, and i admired her so dearly for who she was just as everyone else did. 

Boys swarming around her, making me take a step back, clumsily bumping into the figure behind me. My mind blurring for a second as i tried to find balance again. Two strong hands gripping my shoulders as they comforted and held me still. My eyes gliding in and out of focus before turning around smiling brightly, as my eyes met with some huge brown ones. My smile fading for a second as i took in his beauty. “Thank you,” i stammered as i could feel the buzz in my head, everything in my body telling me how bad i wanted the boy standing in front of me. “Don’t worry about it,” he spoke as he held out his hand, i took it, shaking my head laughing, “y/n” i spoke as a smile lit up on his face, “Shawn,” he spoke as he pulled me after him towards the kitchen. 

The kitchen wasn’t nearly as crowded as before, and the music wasn’t as loud, “sure you are okay?” he spoke, i nodded as i took a sip from my drink and by that emptying the cup placing it on the counter. I smiled up at him, “yeah don’t worry about me,” i could almost not even form a sentence. My finger tips were tingling, aching to wrap myself around his neck, just placing my lips on his. But i wouldn’t, he didn’t seem so interested in me, so i held back. “Shawn,” someone called loudly from the door, “come on buddy, we promised to get Jack,” the person shouted as shawn turned is gaze to me again. “Hope to see you later?” he spoke as he lifted his eyebrow challenging. “Definitely,” i spoke as he smiled and turned around. 

I let out a breath which i didn’t even notice that i had been holding. My legs felt like jelly, i’d never experienced anything like this before. I mean yes, he was drop dead gorgeous, but not only that, he seemed so polite and sweet. I shook my head, as i poured myself another way too strong drink before making my way out on the dance floor again. Joining some of the girls from my classes, letting the alcohol and music taking over slowly. I closed my eyes as i enjoyed just being here, feeling high into the air. 

As the night went on, i was still on the dance floor, currently sipping on the umpteenth drink. Everything spinning around me as the bass vibrated through my body. As partition started playing, the girls around me cheering in anticipation for the song, some strong hands wrapped around my waist, guiding me against the firm body behind me. Being this intoxicated i didn’t even mind, nor bother who the person behind me was. Big hands squeezed my sides as he pushed me closer to him. 

Lingering touched against my body as i moved my body against his. Hands wandering up and down my sides as my hands wrapped around the neck of the tall figure behind me. “Suddenly such a bad girl,” the person spoke, which made everything in me freeze and every hair on my body rise from the skin. Because as clear as the sun on a frosty morning i could one hundred percent hear to whom this voice belonged. I turned around staring into shawns far away gaze looking down at me, “suddenly,” i teased, “what are you talking about,” as grabbed is arms and started to swing my hips again. He smiled at my comment and grabbed my hips once again. 

“Who would have thought,” he laughed as he pulled my closer. His body heat affecting me more than it probably should. Everything in me was pulsing and vibrating just at the thought of him this near. I traced my hand down his arm and onto his chest, tracing it down his stomach, feeling muscles flex under my touch. “What did you expect?” i whispered as his face came closer to mine, “you seem like such a good girl,” he teased as his hand snaked around my waist. His eyes glimmering in the light from above us. His face flawless and so close to me. Just asking for one thing, to be kissed. But i held back. 

“I am a good girl, shawn,” i whispered, i breathed out his name, almost making it sound sexual, his jaw clenched as i could see the effect had on him. I smiled as i moved closer to him, “or what do you want me to be for you,” i spoke. This wasn’t like me normally, but i loved to see what it did to him, and as the alcohol was speaking more than i was myself, i couldnt bear the thought of stopping now. “Fuck,” he whispered as he stepped even closer to me, not even thinking it was possible to come closer to his body. His face inching closer to mine, his breath feeling hot against my lips.

Everything in me screamed for us to connect, for us to finally touch. And without hesitation he pressed his lips to mine. I stood on my toes as his arms wrapped around me. My hands tangling in his hair as the sensation overtook me. His lips moving against mine slowly and softly. His tongue licking my bottom lip gently as i parted my lips slightly wanting to feel him even more. He tasted of alcohol and maybe something that could be made out as a faint taste of weed. I smiled as pulled his hair, earning a small moan from his lips. I smiled as i pressed my body closer to his, almost melting into one. 

His tongue fighting mine, before after something that seemed like several minutes we pulled apart, lips lingering on each other as long as they could. My breathing quickened as my eyes met his, “I need you,” he spoke, it wasn’t louder than a whisper, but i heard him clearly. I breathed out, “then take me,” i smiled as his face lit up in a smirk, his eyes turning a few shades darker. He grabbed my hand as he pulled me into the back yard, i looked around wondering if he actually wanted to do this outside. But he suddenly turned around a corner and in front of us was a rounded staircase leading up to an open balcony door. 

He let go off my hand as he stepped up the stairs, i was following closely behind him as he stepped into the dimly lit room. It was quiet and empty. I closed the door behind me as i looked around the room, “whose is this,” i spoke as he locked the door, “one of my friends’” he spoke, “are we allowed to be up here,” i questioned, “who cares,” he shot at me, “i thought you could be a bad girl for once,” he smiled cockily. “Oh shut up,” i spoke as i approached him, connecting our lips once again. His hands grabbing my waist before taking control completely. He turned me around and pushed me against the wardrobe standing in the room. 

I moaned out as he pressed my body hardly against the cold wood. His lips trailing down my neck as he pushed my shirt off my shoulders. The cool air hitting my skin. Sucking bruises into my tender skin as i moaned under his touch. He smiled onto my skin, “someone is excited all of a sudden,” he teased as he traced his fingers up and down my thigh. I pulled at his roots harshly in response, he sucked in a breath as i pulled him up to my face again. 

“Are you always this annoying,” i spoke with a smile on my face as i connected our lips again. he laughed as he relaxed a bit, “only with you my love,” he spoke as he gave into the kiss. Taking my chance i turned us around. My small figure pressing him to the wardrobe, he chuckled as i traced my hands up his thighs. Slowly palming him over his jeans, he sucked in a breath as he moaned “someone is excited all of a sudden,” i mocked him as i could feel him pulse under my hands. He rolled his eyes, My lips connecting with the bare skin of his exposed neck, nibbling and kissing on his bare skin. 

My hands pulling at the hem of his shirt as he lifted it off his body. My eyesight greeted with his soft and flawless skin. I stared at him, taking in his perfection. He chuckled as he lifted a finger under my chin, pulling me into another kiss. His tongue roaming my mouth as he kissed me pushing me against the opposite wall. For a one night stand this was surprisingly tender and loving, not that i did mind. His hands cupping my breast, as i ridded myself off my shirt as i broke the kiss, his hands grabbing my now bear upper body. His crotch pressing into mine. 

The friction between our jeans had me trembling under him. My legs shaking, almost ready to give in again. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” he spoke as he started to move his crotch against me. Making my thong rub against my clit. I moaned at the sensation, almost ready to release right this second. His hands wandering from my sore nipple down to my clothed heat. He rubbed me across my jeans as his hands moved up and down on my center. I moaned as i pressed myself closer to him. “I need you,” he spoke as he rubbed me harder, “if you keep doing that to me,” i spoke referring to his hand, “i won’t be able to last longer,” he stopped as he pushed me backwards against the bed falling on top of me. 

Supporting his weight on his elbows as he looked down my half naked body. He pushed me further on top of the bed as he started to kiss down my neck. My head falling back into the pillows as he kissed down the valley of my breasts, sucking a bruise in between them before moving further down. Starting to unbutton my jeans as he pulled them down my legs. “Look who has soaked herself,” he spoke. His breath hitting my wet underwear. I moaned as i looked down at him, he laughed as he pulled down my thong. 

The alcohol giving me confidence as he he blew against my wet heat. “So fucking beautiful,” he spoke as he slowly licked form the bottom of my slick folds to my clit. I moaned as my hand traveled to his hair, pulling on it. My eyes shutting as stars exploded in front of my pitch back sight. “Look at me,” he rasped as he stared to suck on my clit. Aching like never before, i looked down at him, his almost black eyes met mine, his lips working against me. I arched my back as i moaned, trying my hardest not to throw my head back. “Fuck, shawn” i screamed as he pressed my back down to the mattress again. 

His wet tongue working against me, fingers slowly teasing my entrance slowly. My legs wrapping around his upper body, “look. at. me” he spoke as he sucked on my clit hardly making me scream out in pain, “shawn,” he chuckled as he pushed a finger inside of me. “Fuck,” i cursed as i broke the eye contact once again. My one hand standing in his hair as the other on covered my mouth trying to muffle my moans, he had me a trembling and shaking mess already, “don’t,” he spoke as he grabbed my hand, getting more rough. 

“I want to hear your moans,” he growled. “Shawn i need you,” i spoke this time before pulling at his hair. His lips leaving mine looking up at me, looking like someone who wouldn’t listen to me. He suddenly moved up my body, “you need to taste yourself baby, you taste to fucking good, “ as he without a warning kissed me hardly. Tasting myself on his tongue, he moaned into my mouth as he kissed me sloppily. His hands pushing down his trousers before hovering over me. 

“And this is for not letting me finish you my way,” he spoke as i could feel him rub against me. His dick moving up and down my clit before he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. Sweat already glistening on my forehead, watching him in anticipation. Feeling on a complete high as he started to push inside of me. He moaned out, a sound from the deepest of his throat. Only the sound of that was ready to make me cum right then and there. His hands gripping mine tighter as he kept pushing into me. 

I moaned as i was filled and stretched. It didn’t hurt, but it was a new sensation. He was big. And he knew it. He was on top of me with so much confident it had him shining. “Holy,” a strand of curse words escaped his lips before pulling out again. “You are so fucking tight,” he spoke as he pushed in. Not even making me get used to him, but i didn’t care, this side of him was enough to make me throb even more. I moaned as i turned my head to the side. Moaning into the pillow. “Fuck,” i screamed as he started to kiss down my neck once again. 

Kissing the tender bruises he had left earlier. His dick hitting deeper and deeper every time. “You feel so good y/n” he moaned as he licked on my skin. “I need to touch you,” i spoke as i panted every time he pushed into me again with a new force. The sound of skin against skin filled the room with the slight sound of music being played downstairs. He let go of my hands as i grabbed his shoulder pulling him even closer to me. I traveled them down his back as i scratched him slightly “yes,” he whispered as i lifted my leg up. 

He harhsly grabbed it as he pushed it over his shoulder. I screamed out as he hit me at another angle now. His hands supporting his weight as he pounded into me. Stretching my walls to the fullest as he moaned louder. My other leg landed on his shoulder. “Fuck, that is so sexy,” he spoke. “Whatever you wish for,” i spoke referring to earlier, “I want you just the way you are,” he spoke, sounding vulnerable but also demanding at the same time. His hips slamming against mine. 

Our bodies starting to glisten and stick to each other as he kissed me hardly. His hips starting to grind into me instead of pounding. Staying in me, filled up the fullest, he stayed in. Making me moan as his tip kept touching that exact spot. “Shawn!” I moaned as he kept rolling his hips against me. “Just. Like. That.” i moaned in between pants. My head was spinning as his hands started to grab my boobs. Flicking my nipple hardly between his fingers, I moaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure. “I think I’m coming,” he spoke as his thrusts turned more hard once again. 

“come for me then,” i spoke as i dug my nails into his back hardly. His head dropped to my shoulder as he moaned. His breath hitting my skin hardly as he moaned loader. The most beautiful sounds leaving his lips. I moaned as i could feel him release inside of me. His hands finding my clit, kneading on it hardly, knowing just how to trigger me, without even knowing how he did it. How he knew exactly how to get me off. 

I came all at once, my sight being dulled as everything turned white for a second, washing every other feeling out of my body than the sense of his voice and breath next to me and his body against mine. For something like this, it felt like something i had never tried before. “Wow,” shawn spoke, i nodded in agreement as i relaxed into the sheets. “You were right,” he spoke. I looked at him as he rolled off me. “You are a bad girl,” i cocked up my eyebrow questioning him “but just in the best way possible,” i chuckled. “You want me to be that?” i whispered. 

 “how about we get of here and head over to my place, and you can show me once again how good you can be” he spoke all of a sudden. I smiled up at with a twinkle in the eye, loving were he was going. “oh can’t get enough of me now,” he laughed as he got up and looked me into the eye as he laughing shook his head, “nope”. 

one of the things im grateful for with my partner is that they dont hound me about anniversaries and shit

i know some people in relationships who fucking celebrate every week or like every month and while sure thats… its a bit much but ok you do you, id never be able to handle that

like they literally understand that i have very bad memory issues and awareness of time like i thought i ate pizza pops last night. turns out i ate them a week ago.

anyways tomorrow marks the fact that @skywarper and I been together for 4 months now and while thats not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, i couldnt have found anyone better or more understanding and theyre the greatest i love them

heart’s not yours

short little nixon-centric songfic (maybe? is this what a songfic is?), based on this. it’s a reflection of his wedding, and subsequent divorce- and his relationship with love as a concept, too. gonna throw most of it under the cut so it’s not taking up anyone’s dash space, but i hope you enjoy it! There’s a little winnix in there at the end too, cause i couldnt resist<3

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i was in an art class and we had to work with clay and me and another girl had to wear latex gloves because we couldnt stand the feeling/texture of clay. So i told her that we are just more sensitive to reality and more in tune with the universe than others and thats why we need to wear the gloves. she thought i was joking but i was being completely serious. anyway i thought of you and i hope you agree with my quasi-quoting of your url (which is accurate and genius)

Omg your so right perception leads to enhanced and often uncomfortable stimuli . And thanks I love this URL :) 💕💗


sick so made some chars based on color theory what can you do … i thought a turtle that likes running was funny…


Tales of Angel Lu - Chapter 1: First Love ♥

you see ive loved before, but never in the way i loved you. you can be right next to me or so far away we havent spoken in weeks. i mean what im trying to say is i fall asleep a little bit better knowing you’re okay and i worry a little bit more about you when you dont reply at noon on a tuesday when i know you are on class break. i guess i feel you when you aren’t around, and when my mind wonders it wonders to you but i dont mean this to ever scare you because the love i have for you doesn’t hurt me, its beautiful and peaceful and makes me fall asleep a little bit easier. everything you deal with together is a journey but its how you make it through it, how you manage to survive each and everytime you think its the end, i mean i think it has a lot to do with being a team, how you work together and not against eachother. i spent a year of my life wishing for someone to come back to me who was gone since the beginning i mean it was slammed doors and bruised knees as he’d push me down and i’d lose more hair from him pulling me than when id try to brush him out of mind right after my shower. i almost went into this with my arms up refusing to ever let someone over power me the way he did we can try and block things and people can try and prevent it and friends can convince you otherwise but some stuff just leaks through the walls that you swear are so concrete that how can the love still leak through, well sometimes even the strongest of things have a soft spot. i used to find comfort in him, you see he was the safe choice, i thought if i spent most of my time trying to remember him and what he did to me that maybe he’d still remember me, because i feared if i ever let go and learn to forget that he would too, but i was naive, because he forgot before he even left me on the side of the road begging for answers begging to know why she was better and why her lips became your favourite when you swore mine were. i spent so much of my time. so much of my time to now look back on it all and realize it didn’t mean much and it wasnt love because love is fighting, getting through the impossible, but most important love is forgiveness, its giving your time and your support, its listening even when you’ve heard how much he loves big cars so much everytime you see one pass by you fucking see him in the drivers seat. i think love is hard but also beautiful, it’s knowing when they’re no longer with you that you would give everything for just one more minute. when i was 16 i thought love was wanting to die for the one you loved but at 18 i realize that dying for them is the easy way out, that love is fighting, fighting and more fucking fighting because you couldnt stand yourselves if you ever gave up to eventually lose eachother.
—  j
Invisible || part 5

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Part one | part two | part three | part four

Y/n kept going back at her thoughts, to see Calum, to not see Calum. She was anxious seeing him again. She really thought it was a horrible idea to do this, but it was the right thing to do, Ashton was right. She’s doing it for him, to have closure. 

She memorized the napkin of Calum’s hotel room, in Ashton’s hand writing always reading it over and over. 

223 Grand Hotel Francais

Rm. 14C

Her nerves would take over, planning out every scenario that could happen between the two of them. Calum screaming at her, yelling at her about where she’s been, not giving her a chance to explain herself, or be so upset that he wouldnt even want to look at her again. 

Two more days until they leave, then I’ll never see him again

 She had to do it tonight just to get it done and over, it couldnt be that hard she just had to tell Calum she was okay, to explain herself. That’s it. 

Calum wasnt ready to go back to his empty L.A. apartment, it only made him more depressed with y/n’s things still there. He never got rid of anything that belonged to y/n, her clothes were in the exact place it was before she left. He would admire the framed pictures remembering the moment where the picture was taken, the scent of y/n still lingered throughout the apartment. He hated it, but it was the closest thing to her. 

Calum would hold the pillow y/n used to lie on tight against his chest, wishing it was her feeling her like the weather. Having the late night talks before she would fall asleep under his arms. 

The three boys would literally have to drag him out the apartment for them to work in the studio or to at least hang out. He would isolated himself in there not talking to anyone. They would find him either in bed crying holding the pillow or drunk off his ass on the couch. 

Michael, Ashton, and Luke really tried to help him get back to the old happy up for anything dude by putting him in therapy and letting him go through the five stages of grief. But nothing helped, he was just, broken. 

The sun was beginning to go down, the clouds pink with a mix of purple. Y/n took a deep breathe looking at the napkin, she had to do it, now. She wore her usual attire with a sweater, becoming colder as the sun went down. Y/n looked at herself in the mirror before leaving. 

Nothing is going to happen, just talk to him thats it

She reminded herself, y/n grabbed her keys heading out the door, “I’ll be back.” she said to her kitten James. 

Y/n walked out the apartment building heading to the hotel, mentally preparing herself for this, looking at the clouds taking heavy breaths, her heart pumping more and more the closer she got into the place. A couple of minutes of walking a few blocks, a building the words Grand Hotel Francais stood tall. This is it. Y/n became to be sick to her stomach, Calum is in that hotel not even knowing who’s going to be at the door. She wanted to turn back, forget this whole thing. But she cant, she’s doing it for him. 

She walked into the entrance lobby, a huge chandelier with nice floors and walls with a lounge. Y/n walked passed the receptionist desk to the elevator. The elevator opened, she walked in pressing the floor number as the door closed. She was starting to shake taking deep breathes trying to calm herself. 

Almost there, shouldnt be that hard y/n.  

The elevator stopped, making a ringing noise, the doors opened and she began to walk out slowly finding the room door. Looking at the numbers of the hotel rooms, her heart beating out her chest as her palms began to sweat. 

14C, there.

Y/n looked down at her feet,  then looking up fast knocking on the door. Nothing was to be heard on the other side, so she knocked again. “Go away.” Calum groaned. Y/n’s breathe hitched hearing his voice again, he sounded different like, miserable. 

“Cal, it’s me open up.” She said shyly, again nothing was to be heard on the other side. But then the door opened slowly peeking out. “Calum?” she questioned. He opened the door wider looking at y/n with a blank expression, Calum looked like death, he had this frown and baggy eyes his back hunched over and his hair a mess. He was in his Nirvana shirt and basketball shorts. 

Calum didnt say anything for a minute, making it awkward. He just couldnt comprehend that it was actually her, y/n. She didnt change a bit, maybe except that she grew taller. “Can I come in?” she said breaking the silence. 

“Um, yeah of course.” he said dryly, y/n let herself in. The room was dirty, clothes were scattered out everywhere on the table, there was a massive amount of beer bottles and cigarette cartons everywhere. The door closed behind her as she walked further in the room. Calum still stood there looking at her, he thought it was a dream. 

“How are you?” she asked. Calum continued to not say anything, he just came in for an unexpected hug taken her by surprise. He held her tight by the waist remembering how tiny she was against him. Her body close to his, she still had that smell. Y/n didnt hug back at first, but then gave in wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. It felt good, her head buried in his scented shirt laying on his chest. She missed this. Calum let go still holding her by the waist, he looked down at her eyes, he couldnt believe it was her, she’s back. He leaned in to give her a kiss, but she stopped him putting her hand on his chest, slightly pushing him back, “I didnt come here for that.” she whispered. 

“Oh.” he said awkwardly looking down. “I came here to talk about what happened.” she said. 

“How did you know I was here?” he questioned. 

“Ashton and the rest of the boys found me while I was working.”

“Wait-you live here, like the whole time.” he implied. 

“Yeah.” she whispered looking down. “Y/n why did you leave.” he replied. 

“I couldnt live there anymore, I-” she stopped mid sentence. Tears were falling down her face remembering the event. 

“Why would leave me and everybody else without saying anything, we thought you were dead.” 

“Since when did people cared.” she muttered under her breathe. 

“What do you mean, of course I cared for god sakes I love you!” he shouted. 

“No you didnt Calum! You never did!” she shouted back, fighting back more tears. 

“Y/n your the best thing that happened to me, you made me complete.” 

“You never talked to me, you always put work first and I wasnt even second on your mind, you were always out with people doing god knows what coming back late or the next day. It was like I was invisible.” she cried. Calum thought back to when they lived together, sadly she was right, he was never there for her when she needed him. 

“Fuck.” he realized, “Y/n I’m so sorry I did that,I-I dont know what happened then I was just so stressed and I had to go out to have a good time-”

“And having a good time is having drinks every night coming home drunk instead of hanging out with me.” she said cutting off Calum ,crossing her arms. He tugged on his hair closing his eyes hard, “No-that’s not-Fuck.” 

“You made me feel like completed shit Calum, like I didnt matter in this world. I could have get it, getting over it that all my friends and family did that. But you, the person I loved more than life itself made me dead inside.” she said looking down, wiping her tears away. Calum came closer to her tilting her head up, wiping the tears off her face. 

“Y/n I’m sorry, so fucking sorry. Trust me, I never meant for you to feel this way please, you were the best thing that happened to me in this shit world. And I would never want to hurt you in any way possible. You were and still are my inspiration to write music, I write it for you baby. I’ve been miserable without you, I blamed myself for your death not even knowing what happened but now it was my fault that I caused this. This wasnt supposed to happen, I never meant to lose my girlfriend, my wife.” he said, tears falling down on his soft face, hiccuping. “I just want you back in my life, back in L.A. with me again and for the rest of our lives and I promise to make you happy again, to put you first, please y/n I’ll quit drinking and smoking if that means I get to have you back.” he begged. 

Y/n was completely speechless looking at him, tears brimming her eyes. “I’m sorry Calum, I cant. I’m so sorry.” she cried. Y/n turned around opening the door, quickly walking to the elevator. Calum stood there in shock to her response,but he ran out trying to catch her. “Y/n!” he yelled. He turned the hallway to see the elevator door closing. “No! Fuck!” he yelled punching a wall. He was too late. 

No, I’m not letting her go again. Not again. 

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