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Becoming One (Soulmate AU)

Request: Woozi and #12 from the new prompt list please!

12) Soulmate AU: when you sleep you see the world through you bias’s eyes

Prompt list can be found here! :)

Member: Seventeen’s Woozi x Y/N

Type: fluff

The rain pounded on your heavy shoulders as you raced home, careful to avoid puddles as your sneakers smacked against the pavement. It had been raining consistently for the past week, leaving you continually damp and generally grumpy. You enjoyed rainy weather when you were allowed to watch it from the other side of the window. 

You yanked open the front door of your house and hustled across the threshold, popping off your muddy shoes along the way. 

“Hey honey, how was your-” your mother began, folding clothes near the couch. You sped past her, keeping your shoulders high to avoid any sort of conversation. 

“Can’t talk, tired!” you shouted over your shoulder, speed walking down the hallway. 

“You can’t escape your problems by hiding in someone else’s head!” your mom called after you, your door slamming on the last word. 

You sighed, dropped your backpack to the floor, and crawled into bed with no hesitation. She was right, sleeping would not help you deal with your bad days, but it wasn’t like you had normal dreams anyway. 

They began around age thirteen, the strange images that would appear as soon as you closed your eyes. They started out fuzzy at first, foggy around the corners, and in a rudimentary black and white. They were mildly frightening, almost like flashes of memories that felt familiar, but were obviously not yours. The language was strange and the sounds too harsh. Eventually, you had to come clean to your mother or else begin explaining why you looked like you never had any sleep. 

You had enlightened your parents of the strange nightmares plaguing you as soon as you laid your head to rest, only to have your parents knowingly smile at each other. They insisted that everything was normal and to not panic. This was difficult as you still had no earthly idea what it all meant. Feeling alone in it all, you had stormed away from the only people you could truly trust, insisting that they didn’t understand. 

That’s when the dreams became more vivid. No longer were you stuck looking at a pixelated screen, but bright images of laughing boys and dancing feet. The language was still unfamiliar, but much more soft, more comforting. It was as if the person you were seemingly living through had become aware of your existence, aware that this was incredibly new. 

That’s when you sat down with your parents again. 

“So…I need an explanation,” you insisted, crossing your small hands on the table before you. “It’s like I’m living someone else’s life when I fall asleep. I have no idea what he’s saying, but it’s a boy? These aren’t my experiences, but they feel like they are, and I’m honestly pretty freaked out.”

“Not to freak you out more,” your mother smiled. “But the images you are seeing are experiences belonging to your soulmate.”

“I’m going to need you to rewind and pause,” you had whispered, furrowing your brows. “This is something that happens in a sci fi movie, not in real life.” 

“If it makes you feel better, when he sleeps, he sees the world from your eyes as well!” your father said cheerfully, nodding his head. 

“How?” you gasped, suddenly feeling icky. “What all does he see? Oh my god can he see me using the bathroom? Mom, Dad, I can’t.” 

Your dad’s eyes became wide as he tilted his head, looking curiously at your mother. “I don’t remember seeing you in the bathroom, but this little punk better not-”

“I’m pretty sure that’s a hardcoded no-no in our human nature,” your mother nodded, her expression remaining serene. “Has he tried to contact you?”

“He’s going to try to contact me? I haven’t even seen his face yet,” you groaned. “He’s so calm though. He has to see me freaking out all the time.”

“Some cultures…and even some people’s parents try to explain the idea of soulmates to their children before they actually come into contact with them,” your mom continued. “Everyone starts experiencing the dreams at different times, so he could have realized what was happening.”

“Wait, so…like…he doesn’t speak English,” you whispered. “Does that mean I have to learn another language? When am I going to see his face?”

“Most likely,” your father nodded. “If you plan on communicating. And usually you won’t see his face until you actually meet. It’s funny how the universe works like that.” 

You rolled your eyes and stood from the table. “I just want to say, I would’ve appreciated a little heads up. I guess I’ll start my…um…Japanese lessons? Korean lessons? Chinese? I have to google some stuff…”

With years worth of dreams under your belt and unknowingly learning Korean in your sleep, the whole soulmate experience had become normalized by the time you got to university. You had slowly learned that your soulmate’s name was Jihoon and he lived in Seoul. He was a musician, and an extremely talented one at that. He was constantly surrounded by a troop of equally as talented and hardworking boys (not to mention incredibly good looking and goofy) so you felt optimistic about the idea of your future. You had grown to use Jihoon’s experiences as a coping mechanism, falling asleep whenever your own life became too difficult to handle so you could escape into his. He was normally calm, providing a quiet solace through his every day actions. You couldn’t help the small corner of your mind that was plagued by doubt, falling susceptible to the google articles you had read about soulmates never meeting and being haunted with the experiences of one another until their dying days. You knew you wanted to meet him, but just didn’t know when. Or if he even felt the same. 

Jihoon stifled a large yawn as he leaned over the mixing board in the studio. He had been at his work for hours, long since giving up the pleasant idea of sleep. 

The pleasant idea of you. 

He tilted his head as he thought about things, about the small bits of life he had shared through your eyes. He was grateful that he had such a kind soulmate, someone on the opposite side of the world unknowingly supporting him and pushing him to be better. He had been relentlessly practicing his English in his free time, capable of understanding most of your conversations in your daily life. He loved the sound of your voice more than any song he had composed. His heart fluttering in his sleep, managing to keep his emotions invested as your experiences became one. 

He scribbled idly onto his notepad, wondering what you would be seeing from his perspective today. He longed to get a glimpse of you, any little bit he could. He contemplated on the curve of your lips, the arch of your brow, the color of your eyes. He knew he’d never find out unless he could meet you in person, close the gap between the two of you. But how? 

Maybe a few hours of sleep would help.

You sprung from your bed, fresh from a nap following your afternoon classes. This was it, this was the break you needed. 

You slid from beneath the blankets and padded across the hardwood floor in search of whichever parent you could find first. Luckily they were both lazily reclined on the couch, glued to the television when you turned the corner. 

“Parents,” you nodded, your eyes urgent. “It’s time.”

“What’s time?” your mother sighed, looking up from the television. 

“For me to apply for the study abroad,” you continued. “In Seoul.”

Your father’s eyes looked quickly from you to your mother, surprised by the sudden outburst. “Are you sure?”

“I have enough,” you nodded. “I can find him. You said when I found him, I’d know, didn’t you? The feeling would be nothing I’ve ever felt before. Like dreams and reality became one.”

Your mother nodded slowly, a nervous smile on her face. “If you’re ready…we won’t stop you.” 

You nodded, an anxious feeling consuming your chest. “I’m ready.”

Jihoon launched from his small bed, slamming his head on the bunk above him. 

“Shit,” he grumbled, rubbing his forehead in aggravation. He looked around the dark room, his body still slow with movements of sleep while his mind raced. 

“Yah, you couldn’t have found a better way to wake me up?” Jeonghan grumbled, his head appearing over the side of the bunk. 

“I didn’t intend on waking anyone up,” JIhoon sighed. “I had a …dream? Nightmare? I don’t know anymore.”

“What did you see? Jeonghan asked, his head disappearing again. 

“She’s coming,” Jihoon whispered, shaking his head. 

“Well…that’s a good thing, isn’t it?” Jeonghan asked hesitantly. 

“I think so? What if she doesn’t like me? What if she says something about my height?” JIhoon continued. 

“Like, wow, that guy is so much taller than I expected!” Mingyu grumbled from his bunk on the other side of the room. “Seeing the world through his eyes made me think he was only 91cm tall.”

“If you wake up to a pillow over your face, you’ll know who you’re being smothered by,” Jeonghan giggled. 

“Look,” Seungcheol groaned, sitting up in the bed opposite Jihoon. “To save us all some wasted sleep, Jihoon, it’ll be fine.”

“I just want a normal night sleep,” Jihoon whined. “It’s been so long.”

“That’s why you have to meet her,” Seungcheol nodded. “You’ve been watching each other for years-”

“Creeeeepy,” Mingyu sang. 

The room didn’t have to be well lit to tell the other three boys were rolling their eyes. 

“If she didn’t want to meet you, she wouldn’t be on her way,” Seungcheol continued. “You’re usually the one to give me sound advice, so listen to yourself for once. Just breathe. It’ll all be fine.”

“And if it’s not,” Jeonghan called out. “At least you’ll be able to sleep again.”

Mingyu giggled “Ah yes, Woozi hyung’s true soulmate, a sound night’s sleep.”

You were nervous as you gripped the light stick in your hand, uncertain of what would happen next, or what you should do with it. You looked it over carefully, the small, pink diamond centerpiece, the easy script reading Seventeen. You looked back up again, beginning to navigate your way through the masses of teenage girls idling around in the crowd. After a few small attempts at begging and throwing your shoulders around, you finally found your way to the front row of the pit, your stomach pressed against the barrier. Your heart felt like it was about to explode, seemingly skipping beats as you came to realize the gravity of the situation. 

You were in Korea. You were at a concert. A concert being put on by an idol group. 

An idol group containing your soulmate. 

As the lights around the stage began to dim, the noise pulsing from the crowd grew louder. You began to contemplate your movements for once the show was over, after you were inevitably deemed just another face in the crowd, passed over by the man you had travelled so far to see. Could you follow their vehicles? Could you arrange a meeting at their entertainment building? Thoughts swam around your head as slow music began to pump through the already tense atmosphere and several boys appeared. 

You nodded with the beat, recognizing face after face as they became visible. That one was Seungkwan. And that one was Vernon. That one was Wonwoo. And that one was Mingyu. You continued to nod, feeling as if the seconds were stretching into hours as you waited to see the face you weren’t familiar with. 

Until it appeared and you realized…it was more familiar than them all. 

As your eyes found his face, his skin seemed to almost glow. You were rendered breathless, halting all movements as you stared up at him, completely lost in his movements as he strode across the stage. Your father was right. It was as if dreams and reality were becoming one. 

Your mind was completely blank, your eyes following him without stopping as he danced and sang his way back and forth in front of you, not stopping long enough to get a solid enough look into the crowd. You knew he had some idea that you were visiting. He had to have known you were here. 

Halfway through the show, when you thought you were going to pass out from lack of oxygen, the house lights came up, only a small group of boys coming out onto the stage. You recognized them immediately as Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan, and your Woozi. 

Almost as if drawn to you, he held tight to his guitar as he pulled his stool to sit before you on the stage. His eyes scanned the front row carefully, taking a small moment to acknowledge each fan and give them a small smile. The blood in your veins turned to ice water as his gaze grew closer to the section you were in. As he casually looked over each person, his eyes came to a halt, his attention completely focused on something. You tilted your head, realizing he was staring at your hands, draped over the barrier and clinging tightly to the light stick you had bought. His eyes slowly traced up your arms and across your shoulders, up your neck and halting on your face. His jaw dropped slowly as he openly gaped at you. 

“Woozi hyung,” Seungkwan whispered, sending an elbow to his older member. “Woozi hyung, introduce the song.”

Jihoon shook his head slowly, attempting to come out of the trance you had put him in. “This…this song…this song is for someone…I dream about every day. Please enjoy Mansae.” 

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August’s Featured Game: Land, Sea, Entropy

GENRE: RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
SUMMARY: Land, Sea, Entropy, is a story-heavy action role-playing game with elements of mystery and horror. You live beneath the sea in a small village called Tidemoor. To the North is a labyrinth inhabited by strange monsters… and their numbers are only growing. So as one of Tidemoor’s warriors, your job is to thin the beast’s numbers and protect your town. But you get too greedy, go too far, and reach a point of no return.
You find yourself in a world far different from your own, but it isn’t all full of monsters. There are peaceful places too, areas that are completely safe and untouched by any beasts. As you come to meet the inhabitants of this new land, and seek to return to your own, strange phenomena begins to occur and a mystery surrounding the unknown world unfolds. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Bullet Journal in a Lined Journal

Many of you have asked me how a lined journal can work for bullet journaling. Well, turns out it works fabulously. I found this cute journal at HomeGoods for $4.00 and I had to get it. (It’s a problem really.) I decided to use it to show you all how to use a lined journal as opposed to graph-grid, dot-grid, or blank pages. 

Like most journals, I began with an index. I embellished this page with washi tape and you will see that I’ve done that with every page in this journal. That blue smudge is actually blue highlighter that leaked through from the other side. 

This is my future log, again with washi embellishments. I split up the year into six months on each page. The spacing was difficult on this, but the lines helped to keep the dates straight. 

Normally, I’d put my icons on the page after my index, but I didn’t. There’s no turning back when you plan in pen. I also have my mood pixel page here. It’s good that I’ve only had four majorly depressing days this year. Improvement! 

I also have a bucketlist and a wishlist. As you can see, I’m not an exciting person. 

My “happy finds” are just things that make me smile or laugh. I thought it would be nice to have my favorite quotes next to the things that make me happy. Although, looking at it, I might run out of room on my quotes page. 

I’m not showing my birthday list, story ideas, or brain dump. The birthday list page isn’t done yet, so I’d rather just make a separate post for that one. I’m not showing my story ideas because I’m always afraid of people stealing my ideas. Especially in the world we live in today. My brain dump page is just for little questions and wonders I have through the day. Not very exciting, and a bit embarrassing. 

Moving on! 

My To-Do List actually has things checked off! It’s like journaling has helped or something  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This isn’t in my index, so bonus for you all! This is my March calendar that I actually cut from my planner that I used in a different tutorial, which you can find [here]. I have a small habit tracker in the notes section. 

For my daily entries, I’ve been trying to go simple. I work too much to make fancy layouts now. This actually helps me find what I did on each day a lot faster. 

My goal is to use this journal all the way through. As someone who has an issue with sticking to one journal, this might be difficult. Let me know if you have any questions or responses to my journal!

Braveten: A Witty and Spontaneous Writer

AO3 Profile


I bet everybody in the Yuri on Ice fandom already knows braveten. She’s only seventeen, but three of her works are already part of the top twenty Yuri on Ice fanfics that have garnered the most number of kudos in AO3. She is the writer who brought us All the World’s a Stage, Centripetal Force, The Fundamentals of Caring, and eight other entertaining stories. She has made us smile, laugh, cry, and has moved our hearts in a way that one can never forget.

Braveten couldn’t believe how surreal it is that many people enjoy her stories. She has always written for herself and for fun, so seeing that many people love her works is mindblowing. “And crazy exciting!!!” she adds.  “And also a little bit nerve-wracking, if I’m being honest. This show means a lot to me so knowing that I’ve had some sort of an impact on the fandom makes me really happy and I am super grateful!”

(We are grateful to you too, braveten.) However, aside from the stories she had written and her distinctly witty writing style, what else do we know about her? For the fans of braveten (and for those who don’t know her but are now interested), I have interviewed her and written this feature article for you.

Know more about the mastermind behind some of the fandom’s most beloved fics under the cut.

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the idea of you; peter parker

summary: reader is overly-dramatic about being in love with peter parker and someone has to do something about it.

word count: 3,700 yo 

warnings: the overuse of the name peter parker, an unnecessarily long fic, terrible writing, some swearing, and the fact that i didn’t bother editing this.

a/n: inspired by the song idea of you by mxmtoon! i wrote half of this at midnight and the other half is just me trying to come up with a decent ending. the last part is so rushed i’m sorry. lmk if i need to fix anything or smth. i don’t even know how to write peter parker. this is the first thing i’ve written in a year.

Your name: submit What is this?

You stared at the back of Peter Parker’s head as you probably missed really important information about your next biology project. Being in love is so uncomfortable.

Or, at least you think it’s love. Maybe? It’s been a few weeks and you still don’t know.

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Soulmates AU (10)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine

A Dream Come True (ao3) - darkness_prince_dan

Summary:  Dan’s got a major crush on an artist that frequents the coffee shop Dan works at and then there are magical drawings appearing on Dan’s arms. He should not be as cool with that as he is.

And I Think We Are Soulmates (ao3) - morghan03

Summary:  I have no explanation for this.
They meet at a party and Dan realizes that this stranger just might be his soulmate.

A pastel!dan and punk!phil soulmate au (ao3) - ashjj

Summary:  Whatever you write or draw on your body appears on your soulmates body.

Art Box (ao3) - blushing_phan

Summary:  Phil Lester is nearly 30 and has never known the color of his own eyes.

Artificial Soulmates (ao3) - getadog

Summary: “I don’t think the world decides if that person is perfect for you. I think you decide it and the world gives you it’s stamp of approval.” Dan shrugged “Or at least that’s how I see it.”Or a soulmate au where once you fall in love with your perfect match you gain a tattoo that symbolizes you and when you get married you switch soulmarks.

blending reality (ao3) - phannypack

Summary:  Dan sleeps a lot because his dreams are prettier than reality. [AU where Dan and Phil meet in each other’s dreams]

Blue (ao3) - killingaesthetically

Summary:  Dan hasn’t been able to see the color blue for his entire life. Nobody can see the color of their soulmate’s eyes until they and their soulmate touch. Dan has been longing to see the sky and the ocean, but he never really expects it to happen. But then he meets a boy who changes his entire world.

Boys Like Boys Like Girls Do (ao3) - kuramaswifey

Summary:  Soulmate AU where at 21 people have the initials of their soulmate on their bodies somewhere. Alec is gay, he knows this, he is also dating a woman because it keeps his family off his back. It just happens to work in his favor that she and his actual soulmate share the same initials. It just so happens that she doesn’t have her tattoo yet either so life is good. Except that she’s terrible and he just met this cute guy and his friend Dan is very deaf and has a crush on this very not deaf internet celebrity and he said he would help and… his life is just a little bit of a mess but whose isn’t?

Everything, and you know it’s true (ao3) - c0vicomun

Summary:  And that’s the reason I know the time is now; his name on the tv screen is shining and I almost can’t believe it, but at the same time it makes a whole lot of sense, ‘cause obviously I wasn’t going to meet him again at a new job or some freaking fancy meal: he was not a daily bread.

Glow (ao3) - too_weird_to_live

Summary:  Afraid of being bullied at his school, Dan Howell hides his true self behind his 'bad boy’ mask. But what happens when someone is forced to take it off, and Dan doesn’t want it to happen in case he gets rejected?

In Dreams (You Will Lose Your Heartache) (ao3) - howdoesonewrite

Summary:  Prompt: Soulmate AU where soulmates can appear in your dreams, but Dan’s too shy to say hello until Phil has a nightmare. (Or several nightmares, and after a few Dan finally builds up the courage to help out.)

[Insert Cheesy/Barely Creative Title Here] (AKA I have no idea) (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary:  Soul Bonds were a rare thing. Some people didn’t even think they really existed. Dan was one of those people- Come on, two people suddenly having an emotional connection that was a little bit more than natural? Please. Phil had always thought the idea was something really cool, something that he wished would happen to him. Dan’s world gets flipped upside down and sideways when he runs into Phil, and Phil finds out that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Out of Time (ao3) - DarkEyedDreamer

Summary:  Dan is watching in horror as his timer goes down. He’s meant to meet his soulmate in less than a few minutes. He should be excited, but in this zombie ridden world his soulmate is probably long dead.

Oneiric (ao3) - Malteaser24

Summary:  'of or relating to dreams’

Pixelated World Without You (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  People are pretty much trapped in a sim like world until they meet there soulmate. Ever since Dan turned ten, he lived in this world, and hadn’t been able to find his soulmate till one faithful day.

Polaroid Prince (ao3) - CelestialYuuri

Summary: Prompt: “A world where your reflection does not show you, but your soul mate. You have no way of seeing who you are unless it is a picture taken of you, any reflection, in glass, water, anything, only shows the person you’re destined to be with. Only until the day you meet will your reflection show yourself.” -@falloutfangirl-9 on TumblrDan Howell has had the reflection of an auburn-haired individual for as long as he can remember. As he’s growing up with the reflection, he notices how much it changes and how much he changes as well.

Rainbow Wrist (ao3) - saverockandbeebo

Summary:  In which Dan’s determined to find his chameleon-haired soulmate.

Soulmate One Shots (ao3) - Panic_at_the_soiree

Summary:  Dan and Phil are soulmates, drawn to each other in every lifetime and universe. But they’re also destined to die for each other or because of each other in every lifetime.

The Fault In Our Skin (ao3) - Cat

Summary: A bunch of irregular soulmate AUs dedicated to being told that you’ll never find happiness and finding it anyway.“Look, I know you’re 'trying to find happiness’ and all, but it’s just not going to happen. Not to people like you.”

Together Forever (ao3) - Stella1000

Summary:  In a world where soulmates bear marks of each other’s eye color, two boys find each other and never let go.

Wing beneath my wings (ao3) - Just_Call_Me_Charles

Summary:  AU wingfic, where soulmates have corresponding wing patterns. Dan and Phil finally compare wings, only to open a whole new bucket of worms.

anonymous asked:

hello!! your art is so wonderful, i was wondering how you practiced to improve? i’ve been drawing for years but i feel like i haven’t made any improvement at all :/

Heyya! Well, the first thing I’ll say is don’t worry too much about how long it takes - I’ve been drawing near constantly since about 8th grade, so around a decade and a half now, and I only felt like I started really making progress in the last 5 years or so. Plenty of other artists I’ve watched develop way faster than me, and some much slower. Artists vary.

There is one major thing I can point to for those last five years for myself: Actually studying (more or less~). Like, for most of that time I was just drawing without really thinking much about it, so I was improving super slow. Just drawing a lot isn’t enough to gain a better understanding of what I’m drawing, and I actively had the mentality of “studying stuff like anatomy is for serious people, I just want to have fun and draw”. Which, honestly, is fine. I wish I hadn’t thought like that now, but whatever, I was having fun~

But if you want to improve you NEED to study. Because in order to draw something well you need to actually understand what it is you’re drawing. And that means studying realism, as super unfun as that was for me at the time. That’s studying realism, not just drawing realism, because good lord there’s nothing quite as depressing as attempting to draw realistically when you have a poor understanding of what you’re doing lol.

The basic idea I have is this: Your brain thinks in symbols. When you think “car” you get a shape in your head. Same when you think “face” or “cat” or “chair”. But these are usually very simplified and way more vague than they seem (This is also why drawings can look better in your head than what you draw - they’re not actually as defined as they seem a lot of the time). What I focus on is not just looking at something and copying what I see into a drawing, but on looking at something and breaking it down into shapes and colors and actively adding that information to the symbols in my head.

And you probably already do this to a certain extent even if you don’t think about it. Like most small children draw birds as a simple V shape. That is their mental symbol for what a bird looks like. Later, they may draw the bird with a head, body, wings, feet, and tail, but they don’t fit together quite naturally. Their symbol for bird now has more information - basic bird body parts - but is still doesn’t look right. It’s still missing information. But if you don’t actually stop to study bird anatomy - how their heads connect to their bodies, how their legs are shaped, etc - you may never be able to draw a bird more accurately no matter how many birds you’ve seen. Your symbol has enough information to identify birds, which is all your brain needs normally. Adding further information to it seems to take active effort.

So when you see a face, don’t just see a face. Break it down. What shapes make up that nose, how do the cheek bones and jawline define the shape of the face, how deep set are their eyes, how prominent is their brow, and how do all of these things come together to make that face? And how many different ways can this vary from person to person? Some people’s nose and mouth protrude quite a bit from their brow. Some people their brow is far further than anything else and their mouth and chin recede back. Some people have very tall faces, with features very spread out. Some people have all their features smushed in very close to each other.

The better you understand these shapes and how they interact with each other to form a face, the better you can draw a face. And this goes for literally everything in EVERY style. Realism is a given, of course, but cartoons are simplified, exaggerated versions of reality so the better your understanding of what you’re simplifying the better you’ll be at drawing it. Even super abstract stuff like Picasso needs this - you can’t properly break the rules of how something should look until you have a good understand what those rules are.

That said, I still don’t “study” very well. I try to pay attention to stuff I see but I never crack open books on anatomy or go to live modeling classes and actually really study.

And this doesn’t cover everything about art. For example, I learned how to use color effectively by learning pixel art - you have to learn which colors work together and how they blend or separate from each other when you’re working with a tiny amount of them. But I think the symbols bit is the most all-encompassing piece of advice I can give.

This is how it makes sense to me anyway. And maybe this won’t make any sense to you or other folks, and that’s fine too. If that’s the case don’t get discouraged - you never know when you’ll have your own epiphany on art and things start to click into place for you. Hopefully it doesn’t take you as long as it did me, but even if it takes way longer the only thing that’s certain is you’ll never get better if you stop, so keep goin’!

✪Break Up Spread✪

First off, this spread is huge. This post is going to be huge. I normally don’t read with more than three cards, but honestly this is a topic that can’t be covered in three cards. I found this spread very helpful with my recent break up, and would love if someone else would give it a go and let me know how it worked for you. This isn’t necessarily for a romantic relationship, but a partnership of any kind. Now, on to the spread!

1: Who they where at the start of the relationship

2: Who you where at the start of the relationship

3: What worked

4: What they learned from the relationship

5: What you learned from the relationship

6: What didn’t work

7: What you both can do better next time

8: Who they where at the end.

9: Who you where at the end

10: What you should work on

11: What they should work on

12: What’s next for you

13: What’s next for them

So, I did this reading for myself and here are my results.

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i sometimes forget that one of the benefits of being a designer for over a decade is the developed ability to disconnect from the work i’m doing, to detach any personal investment from the absolute nonsense being delivered to my inbox by blustering know-nothing VP’s, and I can instead say “Sure thing!” whereas five years ago i’d have agonized over a 4-paragraph response that wouldn’t have been read anyway explaining in-depth why X is a bad idea, why my suggestion has empirical user-study evidence behind its efficacy, why, in more diplomatic terms, their half-thought-out crock of shit ideas are why their company’s revenue continues to decline

These People Are Not Interested In Your Expertise, The Under-Informed Male Ego Is Boundless And Immutable, You Are The Pixel Monkey And That Is Genuinely Fine

this is a job and design integrity isn’t a necessary component to the paycheck, and none of this is worth my frustration and i feel like this is something people don’t want to admit or espouse, but it’s actually? fine? to sell out? particularly after you’ve spent ~12 years trying to convince people, usually unsuccessfully, that your suggestions are not opinions, but facts of design and usability, which while true, is really just a thin veneer for wanting to be recognized for that expertise, to be taken seriously

life is SO much better when you realize that kind of credence just… doesn’t matter to you anymore 

“Rejection”; Chapter One

NOTE: As much as I LOVE Frans, this fanfiction is going to be a Reader x Sans. Hints of Undyne x Alphys will be mentioned in later chapters (as that’s pretty much canon). I have no idea what the schedule will be for uploading new chapters, since I’ve already typed out about 30 lengthy chapters! There will be NO Papyrus x Mettaton; sorry! Not really my thing. But in other words, enjoy!



It was a windy, snowy day outside. Snowdin was colder than usual, but the monsters who inhabited it didn’t seem to mind. The colorful Christmas lights twinkled with cheer, and the “stars” above shone brightly. As little monster children ran about throughout the town square by the large decorated tree with presents lying underneath, you sat on the dark green couch of Sans and Papyrus’s home.

Papyrus was off doing training with Undyne, and God knows where Sans is. That skeleton really was a mystery. Knowing him, you thought glumly, he’s probably at Grillby’s again. You didn’t mind the quiet; it gave you time to think. Not too long before you fell into the Underground, you had confessed your love for a boy who’s name will not be mentioned. His rejection stung harder than it should’ve, but you couldn’t help but believe that in someway you might have acted…desperate towards him.

You sighed, and glanced around the home. It was small, but cozy. A mini kitchen stretched out across the room to your right, and a TV sat in front of you. You didn’t turn it on; most of the channels were about Mettaton anyways. That self-obsessed celebrity would just make you feel worse, since all he talked about was flirting and promoting his brand.

There was spaghetti on the wooden table nearby, but it was already cold. A rock covered in glitter sat next to it, as well as a sock on the floor with nearly 15 sticky notes piled on top. A flight of stairs was to your left, which lead up to Papyrus and Sans’s bedrooms. The door to Papyrus’s room read, “NO GIRLS ALLOWED! OR BOYS. ONLY PAPYRUS.” You smiled weakly at the adorable skeleton’s innocent behavior, but it faded away quickly. Rainbow lights and a odd feeling pulsed out of Sans’ room. You already knew what was in there, even though you’d never actually gone into the room.

The same goes for knowing Toriel, Flowey, the skelebros, Undyne and Alphys. None of them had met you before, but you knew them. You knew them all too well. See, Frisk is still around. And they are their own person. But you still couldn’t wrap your brain around how you wound up here in the first place. After all, “Undertale” is a video game. You’ve played it before. How could you possibly BE here?

Perhaps on “the surface”, you were in such a bad emotional state that it was strong enough to break reality itself, resulting in the travel into the world of code and pixels. But that couldn’t happen. Can’t it? You were certain that the heartache you felt wasn’t powerful enough bring you here. But then again… How did I get here? Do I have super-powers? Or is it just my copy of the game? You thought hard, perplexed.

You placed a hand over where your heart would be, and drew out your soul. It was unique, and very intriguing to the few monsters who saw it. You looked closely into it, and saw all the memories of your entire time in the Underground; plus shortly before. You saw him… the boy who broke your heart. But his face flashed away instantly, being replaced by your family and friends. A scene of you meeting Frisk and Toriel played, and you smiled weakly. Frisk seemed to have a hunch of what was going on, with you being brand new to the game. Not once in any timeline ever did you appear. Which is why, you guess, she is reluctant to reset.

Ah yes, resets. The topic that two- now three- people knew about in the Underground. Frisk was the one who did all the resetting, but was she really? Because, weren’t you Frisk back in the real world playing Undertale? Or were you merely allowing your mind to make it think that? All along, Frisk had been their own being. And so was…Chara. But what does that make you? An onlooker? Or a player? This whole thing was as confusing as trying to understand Gast-

Suddenly, the thought left without a trace. Wait, what was I thinking about again? You leaned back on the couch, and realized that your soul was still beaming brightly in front of your chest. The current images flowing by like the breeze outside were about you first meeting Sans. How you freaked out, knowing that your most absolute-favorite-character of the game was standing right in front of you.

But… your heart had stopped. Your mind went on the run, and fear consumed you. His figure, blackened by shadow, was WAY more intimidating when you’re actually there in front of him rather than just looking at a screen. His words still remain swimming around in the depths of your mind, and the image of how you were petrified by his seriousness. You still didn’t know why, since you knew it was him and he was only here to greet himself and give you a delightfully funny handshake.

Right, the handshake. You watched yourself through the large soul before you take his hand joyfully and practically squeal from relief and pure happiness. You cringed from afar as you drew the big boned skeleton into a bear hug, and began to cry in his arms. You wanted to slap yourself, as a wave of loathing washed over your head. This is why he rejected you. Because you are too desperate. Look, even Sans is confused and doesn’t know how to react! Idiot.

But… You argued internally, he’s never met me before. If I were Frisk, or any of the previous 7 souls, I’m sure he would’ve known what to do. After all, he’s used to the resets and different timelines. So, obviously, when this is the first timeline where I show up, he’s gonna be baffled. You forced the conclusion of the argument, and reluctantly finished watching the cringeful scenario. Again, you smiled weakly when Sans grinned ever so slightly and gently, barely, placed his hands around your back.

The next channel of emotions flicked through immediately, and you saw Papyrus introducing you to his puzzles and Sans cracking jokes awkwardly along the way. You laughed at every one of them, and were sure that Sans was surprised. Frisk, after all, never really let out more than a chuckle in their first run of the game. But, after a couple hundred resets, you figured they got used to it. Who knows, you may be completely wrong, since you were quite certain that something fishy was going on with the whole idea that Frisk has always been their own being rather than you controlling them.

An electrocuted Papyrus here, a Nice Cream guy there. “Junior Jumble” here, and a bridge of mortal terror there. As you peered over the side, your eyes cast upon the vast, thick forest below. Vertigo surge up through you stomach, and you clutched the railings warily. When was the last time I’d eaten something warm? You thought, recalling the Nice Cream man’s cold snack. It’s not like that helped the frostbite you had most likely gotten on your legs. Staring at your soul, you shivered and instinctively covered your bare legs.

When you had “fallen” into the game, you were wearing nothing more than the attire you had outside your laptop. A T-shirt, short-shorts, and black Nike sneakers. Thankfully you weren’t too depressed that you did your hair in the morning. You wore it up into a ponytail when you had first met Flowey in the crumbled Ruins, but now you wore it down to try and keep your neck somewhat warm. Snowflakes dotted your wavy curls, and also your freaking-long eyelashes. Your huge “nerd” glasses were steamed up, and your fingers were blue from the frozen treat earlier. And frostbite.

Thankfully, Papyrus let you off easy on that puzzle. You knew that he felt bad about the difficulty, and decided to keep it safe for Undyne later. Perhaps that was what he was doing today. You sighed on the couch, thinking about the battles you had to go through on your journey. You’re not a very determined person, so you really had to watch your health. Certainly Frisk was aware of that when she started putting the pieces together; so she made sure to give you extra healing items such as a “Manly Bandana” and “Healing Bandages”. You had used the bandages a long time ago, back when you were just greeted by Papyrus. The Ruin’s monsters weren’t too bad; they were just souls who needed a good pep talk.

You knew from the moment you woke up on those golden bed of flowers you could go through a Pacifist or Genocide run. But, being too amazed that you were actually in Undertale, you decided right away to go Pacifist. Let me tell you, Flowey was not happy about that. He thought that finally meeting a new human, along with already having Frisk, that he could force evil into you. After all, that’s what Chara needs in order to posses a vessel. Hatred, LOVE, and determination. You had none of those.

Your eyes stung and watered from the fright of seeing Flowey in person; without a thought, Papyrus appeared once more inside of your multi-colored soul. A human girl like you could only take so much cold; so you can imagine how exhausted, beaten, and freezing you were when you crossed that bridge to follow Sans and Paps.

You could feel his eyes- er, eye sockets- studying you, from your physical form to all the EXP you’d earned. Sans was the “Judgement” monster; he could see right through one’s lies. It was one of his many, many talents. You watched as your body thumped onto the ground, and passed out cold. Sans’ reaction was actually a little stunning; he called for his younger brother, and pointed to you. Papyrus freaked out, and hoisted your limp appendages into his arms, and from there carried you to Snowdin.

Even while asleep, your soul picked up on what was happening around you. Monsters all through the town looked on from a distance as the tallest skeleton was carrying a nearly-dead human to his humble abode. The shorter skeleton wouldn’t rip his eyes away from her, and had his hands shoved into his blue jacket’s pockets. Alas, business carried on like usual, since the monsters were all very much used to Frisk. However, a indescribable tension hung faintly in the air as everyone realized another human was in the Underground, never to escape.

Never to escape… You thought drearily, and glanced out the window. The storm picked up throughout the time you had started pondering; you worried for the skelebros. They were being so kind to a stranger, unlike what humans in the real world would do. The real world… Memories of your rejection and your family all came surging back to you at once. Suddenly, an urge to cry sprang up to your face; figuring that Sans and Paps wouldn’t be home for another good hour, you let your wet tears stream down your cheeks.

The soul in front of you stopped playing scenes from your time in the Underground, and faded back into its normal opaque color. Well, colors. That’s the weird thing about your soul; it wasn’t just one personality trait. All the human children that fell from the surface had one trait, which determined the color of their soul. They were light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, purple, green and of course red. Those stood for patience, integrity, justice, courage, perseverance, kindness, and determination. In that order.

Again, how did you know all this? Well, Undertale is a game. It was meant for entertainment purposes, and of which means that it could be dissected piece by piece to find all of its history and facts. You knew all this game’s secrets like the back of you hand, but now that you’re here you felt like a lot more from the files will soon appear and have a need to be found. After all, this has never happened before. And since you have no knowledge about this timeline, you will remain naive and not know how to escape. You will remain here forever, never seeing your family again.

But really… How bad could it be? You have friends down here, even if they don’t know it. You haven’t even met half of the game’s characters yet, and you already feel home. Maybe since I kinda am home, you thought. Papyrus gets really attached to strangers really quickly, which was the complete opposite of Sans. But, it seems that Sans has already started trusting you. Well, he kinda already saw into your soul and noted how you have no LOVE, EXP, or HP. LOVE… “Level Of ViolencE”. Really nice way to trick Frisk, Flowey. You sneered, and shook your head dismissively. EXP… “EXecution Points”. And… HP? What’s that again? “HoPe”? It would make sense, since you don’t really have hope, either.

You sniffled pathetically, and brought your knees closer to your chest. Your heart glowed a deep blue, which you could quickly tell meant sadness. Some trees tapped wildly against the glass, which made you flinch. You looked around the first floor again, and landed on the sink. It was practically 10 feet tall, so Papyrus could fit more under it. The Annoying Dog wouldn’t be hiding under there, like normal, since he was asleep up in Sans’ room. You didn’t need to go up there to check; you just knew.

A loud bang made you jump about 3 feet into the air; you whipped your head over to the front door.


Chapter Ten (Where all the chapters before that are.)

Chapter Twenty (Links to Chapters 11 –> 19)

so uh I haven’t touched this blog for a while but I wanted to describe the most terrifying experience of my fucking life that happened while playing Subnautica

few clarifications: I last played this game like, September 2016. IT HAS UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE THEN. I also decided to play it on “creative mode” aka “invincible fun time mode” because I just wanted to ~have fun and explore the new stuff~, you know?

So, I haven’t kept up with the updates. The story bit of the game has bulked up significantly since I last played, and there’s much more direction now if you want it, which is nice; the icons are all cleaned up and such, a lot more stuff is textured, the cyclops can apparently be lit on fire, yada yada. I went ‘sploring and found a couple new faces, an electric eel type boy and a warp warp man. (Ultimate goal is to go up and scan a reaper but I am still???? too scared??? i literally cannot take any damage in this mode but the deep and ancient part of me that remembers being prey on the serengeti says DONT)

(subnautica is very good at VAGUE ANXIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL FEAR while also being very lovely to look at, and really grinds deep into the gray matter of Terror of the Deep, it’s very very good and I hatelove it)

anyway I started taking screenshots of the koosh zone while exploring/picking up samples for my soon-to-be-ultimate-creature-zoo, because this game can be very pretty

anyway after digging around a bit i discovered a TRENCH. i did not screenshot the trench because i did not realize i was about to have to fight for my very existence on this good earth.

did i enter the trench? of course I entered the fucking trench. there’s no crush damage in this mode and the game told me there was some sort of Big Energy Signature nearby. Down I went.

….and went. For 6000 meters. NOTHING. Except a kind of shelf at one point that I went and got under. (this minor detail is going to be crucial)

anyway at 6km i decided fuck it, i’ve held down on the s key for like 5 minutes, if i’m gonna plumb these depths i need to come back with my big boy sub. so i went back up. got to 3000 meters.

hey remember that little shelf i went under well turns out it was a ROCK CEILING 3000 METERS DEEP and i had gotten so turned around in the plumbing process that I couldnt fucking find the way out, it was all barren rock ceiling, no way back up even when i searched around and around and probably criscrossed my own path trying to map out featureless rock, i was boned as heck

OR…. WAS I….

said my own thoughts, because i happened to have in my possession a TERRAFORMER and as all good subnautica boys and girls know that thing can dig big ol holes in rock.

so… trapped 3000 meters below solid rock… i did what any sensible extrastellar refugee would do and decided to TUNNEL MY WAY BACK UP

leaving my trusty seamoth behind, i began to tunnel…. about 2000 meters through solid rock, in complete blackness, clicking frantically in the darkness, probably crying

(listen, i had some good eggs and scans in my inventory and i didn’t want to LOSE them by resetting, you gotta understand)

about 1km from the surface, i finally encounter open water!! i’ve done it!! i thought, foolishly, to myself. i brought out my seaglide and began to zoom up only to find

1. this was not open water

2. this was a cave

3. this was a giant cave filled with lava

4. subnautica has LAVA CAVES NOW???

5. the game was perhaps not totally sure about my method of getting INTO said lava cave, and didn’t seem prepared with some of the textures

by the way, IN ADDITION TO IT BEING A GIANT LAVA CAVE, there were like… structures down there?? which again I was not prepared for because I have not played this game in like 6 months?? but the textures wouldn’t load?? so I just got these really scary ominous unknown pieces of architecture that i was in no way prepared for and had no idea how they were supposed to look?? and everything was red?????

also because the textures weren’t loaded it was extremely difficult to tell what you could pass through and what you couldn’t, so i was basically ping ponging through invisible walls and wanting to cry because i tunneled 2000 meters thru solid rock and i was gonna die in badly rendered hell anyway

did i mention also, the noises

did i mention that there were a lot of VERY DISTRESSING SOUND EFFECTS IN THIS CAVE

and then, through the invisible walls, i saw the friend who was making them!!!

it’s hard to tell from this screenshot but that is a VERY. LARGE. BOY. TOO LARGE.

at this point ya boy koryos was basically like ready 2 ascend from this mortal plane. what is going on. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT. VERY DISTRESSED. ALSO WHATS THT THING IN THE CORNER

ok so i stopped trying to penetrate the invisible walls eventually and tried to burrow my way out again except APPARENTLY you cant burrow through LAVA which was STUPID anyway i was still very trapped

but i explored a bit and found……. this??

insert fuel crystal???

this mystery device bore all the hallmark of a Lazy Concept Sci Fi Warp Gate which was exciting to me because by god i was ready to be anywhere but there, in hell. but i didnt have a “fuel crystal” and it definitely wasn’t part of the game back in the center. But no problem!! This is creative mode!! I can just build a base down in hell!! A hell base!! Where I can craft anything I want!!!

so i made a base and a fabricator but uhhhhhhhhhhh there was no “fuel crystal” on the item list. so at this point it had been like an hour of desperate sweaty anxiety and i was like fuck it, i’ll console command it in, i just need…… freedom…… (without losing any of those good good scans)

anyway i looked it up and got the ~oddly pixelated crystal~, which powered up the warp

please… just take me somewhere that’s not red… that’s all i ask……





anyway i believe i accidentally stumbled on some plot because i found a “control room” set to deactivate the “weapon” but a tentacle boy didn’t want to “deactivate” it because i was “““infected”““

mind you im still fucking… 69 m under the water…. 69 huh? i just noticed that in the screenshot nice


anyway to make a long story short after getting lost about ten more times i FINALLY found an exit to the neon labyrinth and nearly cried when i saw my bud warp warp man outside

now that i was outside i could finally appreciate the fact that this shit was dope as hell, look at how cool that is, I LOVE MYSTICAL RUINS AND SHIT LIKE THIS

also it was connected to an island???? i thought subnautica was all about not having land???? anyway let’s just drop a beacon for later i need to get back to my fucking base and lie down to contemplate the ether for 6 hours



and so i survived the incident in which i was never in any actual peril, both in a real and virtual sense, but was still very distraught and very sweaty about, 10/10 would recommend subnautica to a friend

anyway i went on tumblr to soothe myself afterwards which was a MISTAKE because the monteray bay aquarium reminded me that there is no escape from the eldritch horrors of the ocean


June 25: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Five)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Five)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, stranger to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 3371
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Prompt: I am in awe of you guys and all your thoughtful, amazing comments. I am reading every single one and trying to reply to them all but I’m sorry if there is a delay!

FEDIJ Day: June 25

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theboyfromtazmily  asked:

Hello! Sorry if you've covered this a lot, I was just wondering - do you have any guides you'd recommend to a beginner in pixel art? Also, any guides on getting into game development? (mainly the programming side of it) Again, sorry if you've covered it and/or these asks sound demanding.

Hmmn, I can help a little bit! Buckle up.

The guide that I think is the most useful is not actually a guide for pixel art. It talks about using colors and using light sources.

There are a lot of different styles of pixel art, and I think that most of the time it is safe to say that a pixel art style is defined by its rules. Rules create consistency. Consistency creates immersive work.

We can use Starbound’s pixel art style as a simple example of how to create art that has rules. Starbound’s wiki actually has a guide set up to help people create their own assets, but it misses a few important details.

Some (but not all) of the rules that many starbound pixel art pieces use:

1. Most of the objects in starbound are drawn so that you can see the front corner of an object. Here’s an example:

The back half of an object rotated this way usually takes up about 25% of the width of the object. If you look at the other tables, chairs,and props in the game, you’ll see that most of them follow the 25% corner rule.

2. Most of the objects in starbound use a 4-tone palette. The 4 shades of brown used for the wood of this object are the same shades of brown that they use for most other wooden things. The four shades of yellow come from their brass palette. Consistency with colors can be very helpful if you use it correctly.

3. Starbound’s light source is always top-right. Every piece of art in the game is shaded as though there was a single white light to the top-right of the art.

So with all of this in mind, if we take a look at my art for Cat Story, we’ll see a few differences from Starbound’s style.

Using Cat Story’s art style, most objects are drawn with a camera angle directly from the front. The 25% corner rule does not exist in Cat Story. 

The light source in Cat Story is usually from the top-left… even if there are lights in the room. 

Most of the time, I use colors from the 6bit RGB palette.

Some styles of pixel art don’t need to limit which colors are used. My style uses these colors as a general guideline, but sometimes I lighten or darken colors from this palette to give myself a few extra colors to work with, like the background wallpaper in the room above.

This color palette has a lot more color saturation than the palettes used in Starbound’s art, which is why it doesn’t really mesh that great when you recolor your Starbound character using this palette. 

Looks weird and out of place, right?

If you adjust the color levels in the image by a tiny amount, it becomes very very easy to see just how much more saturated Cat Story’s colors actually are!

What happens when we put art from Starbound into a screenshot from Cat Story? Well, it looks very out of place, because it follows different rules for color, size, shape, and shading.

Sometimes, rules get more abstract. Cat Story also uses rules for color heat. Thinking about colors relative to their distance from white or black, with white being the hottest color and black being the coolest color offers some insight into interesting color relationships.

Remember that 6bit RGB palette? This is what it looks like when you take the color away and only look at the heat:

Color heat is a tool that you can use to direct the viewer’s eye to important pieces of your art. 

I try to make the character one of the brightest objects on the screen so that they are easy to see for the player. 

The next brightest things are usually terrain that you can walk on or objects that you can interact with.

The darkest objects are background props.

Obviously, sometimes it’s appropriate to make exceptions to make a piece of art look more interesting! I have many brightly lit windows in the underground city maps in Cat Story - but I try to keep them small and unobtrusive when I can.

It also helps a lot if you make your enemies easy to see.

Rules and color choice are only the beginning of defining an art style with pixel art. 

Some people prefer super low resolution artwork ( @thewakingcloak ), and others prefer comparatively massive canvases ( @shmoopdev ) . 

Some people use 3D models to give themselves a better frame of reference for their pixel art. )

Some people use dithering ( @lazymoth - check out their creepycastle project ) to shade and create gradients, other ( @virgovsthezodiac ) people ( @ramheadedgirl ) prefer ( @preecedev ) flat  ( @artificerdev ) shading styles.

Anyway I’ve spent an hour or two longer than I expected on this reply, so let’s move on to the other half of your question.

How do you get into game programming?

It depends on what language you want to program in. Personally, my hammer of choice for game development is C++.

There are a lot of different places to start if you’re brand new, but no matter what programming language you want to use, you need to know some programming basics.

This is the resource that was most useful for me to begin programming games in C++. Shoutouts to Lazyfoo!

Websites like stackexchange / stackoverflow also help a lot when learning basics of programming. 

What are some things that are important to know if you want to program your own games?

Learn how to do things using timers. If you attempt to do huge amounts of stuff all at the same time, it is often more complicated than simply doing a little bit of work once per frame. Breaking up your workload with timers often helps performance, too.

Start with a small project, like clicking on a colored dot for points. I thought a platformer would be easy and I’m here 3 years later still trying to finish what I started. Do not attempt to build some enormous MMO as your first project, that is a bad idea; speaking from experience here.

Learn to keep your code clean. Comment everything even if it’s obvious what it does, because 5 weeks from now it won’t be obvious anymore.

Learn the difference between public and private variables/functions and use them appropriately so you don’t trip yourself later on accident. That’s the reason those safeguards exist - to help you not accidentally use the wrong tools.

You are going to need to be able to understand math relationships. The computer will do the heavy lifting for you, but you need to understand the formulas and why they work. Basic things like moving from point A to point B, which looks like this:

new_position = old_position + normal( destination - old_position ) * movement_speed

 Thankfully, most of these math relationships are very easy to use once you understand them. Now is a good time to brush up on your trig.

If you’re going into gamedev in C++, learning how pointers and references work is non-negotiable.

Some other notes: 

A lot of helpful code libraries are out there on the internet that are designed specifically for making games. Most of these helpful libraries are free for you to do anything you want with them. SDL2 is my weapon of choice, but there are many other options available that might be better for what you want to do.

Sometimes it is appropriate to use tools like GameMaker or RPG Maker to make a game. Sometimes it isn’t. It is useful to know how to use these tools, and it is also useful to know how to get your hands dirty and do it yourself.

Lots of games have basic programming included! You can learn a lot about how programming basics work from reverse engineering objects in Garry’s mod, SecondLife, Starbound, and plenty of other places.

There are hotwings on my desk that need my attention.
Hopefully this is more helpful than “Practice a lot and also google some stuff”


Water Night Sky Reflection: A Case Study

I had the idea for my game that I wanted to make it so that the water tiles reflect the night sky. This was yet another attempt to drive home the idea that this game takes place at night, without having to make all the colors super dark.

I was simply going to put it as a static object on top of the water, but I realized that realistically, the moon doesn’t move because it’s so far away. It’s always going to be following you.

Upon being unable to find a solution where you can draw sprites only over a specific “mask” color (the color of the water), I’ve realized I needed to play with tile depths. I made the water’s color transparent and had to re-tile the level with a tile that was a 16x16 square of the original ground color and tile my entire level. 300 tiles later, I realized that this was beyond painstaking and I can’t do it with every level for my sanity. At least due to the way my levels are designed. I’ll figure something out later…

Anyway, I added a new object, o_water_reflection. This gets placed in any room with the reflection. That object has a depth behind the ground tiles as well as a draw event that draws the character’s sprite every step, upside-down, more opaque, and following the character. It’s just not visible until you go to the water because it’s depth is behind the ground.

That object also drew a night sky background I made where the background was the water color. This is the whole point of the post. Here we go.

To the videos!

I first made it follow the player object:

This didn’t look right at all. I realized that even though the player plays as the character you see, that’s not the “camera”. The “camera” is the view object that has that delay as it follows the character.

So then I made it follow the camera:

This actually looked better. But it still looked more like an empty space hole in the ground rather than a reflection. At least that was my perspective on it.

So I tried making it static. Something I immediately brushed off and didn’t even try at first.

And it actually looks pretty good. I think it looks more natural than when it followed the camera.

But I don’t really know why exactly. I thought it’s because we, as the player, our view is the camera. So the moon should follow “us” in a sense. Just like when you look at the moon from a moving car and it looks like it follows you. But I think the reason static placement looks more natural is that we perceive the entire room as a single snapshot, and we’re only getting glimpses of it. So static makes more sense as far as from the perspective of the entire room. And the camera isn’t where we see ourselves, it’s just our limited vision.

It’s as if you had two pieces of paper, one with an image on it, and one colored black with a small rectangular hole cut in the middle (the hole is the camera). I thought the player views the game as if the camera paper is static, and when the player moves, the background image moves revealing a different part of the image. Whereas they actually see the background image as static, and the camera paper moving.

Does that make sense?

I mean, I could be totally wrong here. I still think when it followed the camera object (the 2nd video) it looked very solid. Maybe you’ll think following camera is better than static. Let me know what you think!

anonymous asked:

HC for how RFA male members would react to MC getting pregnant?

HC request for how the RFA members are as parents??

What would RFA members name their children (you can choose genders of the children)

I’m putting these together because they’re kind of similar. Like the way they react is gonna show how they will be as parents, ya know. Idk. Also, this got long fast so sorry about that.


  • Zen is at rehearsal (what’s new???)
  • Director gets a call and steps away for a minute
  • Director comes back and tells everyone to take ten
  • Zen goes to get some water and rehydrate
  • Zen receives a call from none other than MC
  • Zen answers and is like “Hey sweetheart, you got lucky. We just got to go on a quick break. Miss me already?”
  • MC is like “yeah i know you’re on a break. That’s why i called”
  • “I have news. Like life changing news”
  • Zen freaks a bit because he’s super confused???
  • Zen is like “What happened? Are you okay??”
  • MC just giggles and says “there’s gonna be a little Zen/MC around in a few months”
  • Zen is ecstatic
  • Just the thought of another him running around is great to him
  • He screams “WERE HAVING A BABY???!!!”
  • MC just giggles
  • Director is like “okay time’s up leggo”
  • Zen tells MC once again how happy he is and that he loves her and hangs up
  • Director just laughs at Zen because it was MC calling asking if they could speak to Zen.
  • Zen is like “What’s so funny”
  • Director just says congrats and tells everyone to return to the stage
  • Zen realises MC planned this out and is super appreciative of them
  • Once he gets home from rehearsal he runs to MC and ((carefully)) picks her up and spins her around in a circle
  • Once the baby comes, Zen wants to be the first to hold them
  • even though the baby usually goes to the mom first 
  • Zen does whatever it takes to make sure Zen Jr has whatever he wants
  • also pushes Zen Jr to becoming a musical actor, as well
  • go figure
  • whenever Zen Jr needs help with something, Zen is right on top of that shit


  • Seven is in the middle of hacking something.
  • No one actually knows what he’s ever hacking
  • They just assume that’s what he is doing 24/7
  • Probably accurate
  • Except for their anniversary, which was a week ago
  • Seven made this day very special for MC because he knows she loves cheesy stuff like anniversaries and such
  • After their dinner, they continued the date in the bedroom
  • *a week has now passed and it is present day*
  • MC goes over to Seven
  • “Take a breeeaaak please. I have something important to tell you”
  • Seven just kind of grunts because he is busy
  • MC just kind of pulls the rolling chair away from Seven’s desk
  • “This is very important”
  • Seven is just like “okay okay okay what is it”
  • MC just grins and puts Seven’s hand on her tummy
  • Seven is like “what is this? Are you hungry? Are you hurt?”
  • He is blank-minded
  • MC is like “wowie this poor child better get my smarts because you are clueless”
  • Seven jumps up and screams “w hat!!”
  • MC giggles
  • Seven is super excited
  • “Can I teach them to hack like me” “I gotta pass this on” “They will be the best memer/hacker to exist’
  • “Minus me of course”
  • MC just laughs and says sure
  • Seven is sure to make sure 606 (Seven’s nickname for their daughter, Pixel) is just as good of a hacker and memer as he is
  • Seven is very protective of Pixel
  • Buys himself Pixel a cat for Christmas one year
  • They are the best of pals
  • Poor MC is left out so often


  • MC just decided to wrap herself around Yoosung from behind
  • MC whispers in his ear
  • “You want another person to teach LOLOL to?
  • Yoosung is like wut yes please who
  • MC spins Yoosung around and puts his hands on her tummy
  • “Meet baby Yoosung/MC”
  • Yoosung is like “woah what”
  • He never really imagined himself having a child so young
  • But he is still very excited to have a LOLOL partner
  • Yoosung teaches Ezreal (okay so this is a character from the actual LOL and they remind me of Yoosung appearance wise idk) how to play LOLOL instantly
  • These two will literally play LOLOL all day and just eat honey buddha chips (sparingly since Yoosung doesn’t have many bags)


  • Jumin comes home from work to find MC baking a small cake
  • Jumin is like “what are you doing now”
  • MC just ((very casually)) says “I gotta learn to bake birthday cakes for the baby”
  • Jumin is like “Oh o k”
  • But then he’s like “OH OKAY” once he realises what MC means
  • Jumin after a couple moments is like “why doesn’t Elizabeth 3rd get homemade cakes for her birthday”
  • MC is like “sorry but human child >>> you cat. Plus Elizabeth 3rd is your responsibility. Stop buying her new beds every year and learn to make a cake”
  • Jumin just stares
  • “Elizabeth loves her new beds. “
  • Eliza (named after Elizabeth 3rd) is spoiled like crazy by Jumin
  • Jumin tries to be a good father figure
  • He always looks to his father for advice because he views his father as being a good dad (minus being a womaniser obviously)
  • Jumin tries to see if Eliza would be a good heir to the company throne one day
  • she is
  • of course
  • she takes after her father
  • Jumin makes sure she is always dressed nicely and has the newest things
  • Makes her get a job at his company once she can so that she can learn responsibility and maturity at a young age
  • Eliza is a dog person woops


  • Jaehee and MC really want kids but it’s difficult for them because you cannot get pregnant by another female.
  • They decide to go the doctor’s and see about someone donating their sperm to MC so they can have a child
  • MC gets the procedure done and prays it works
  • She is too nervous to take pregnancy tests at first and Jaehee is too so she doesn’t try forcing MC to take them
  • About a month and a half and realising she doesn’t feel too great after the procedure, MC gathers the courage to take a pregnancy test
  • positive
  • She is so pumped
  • She goes to the coffee shop to share the news with Jaehee
  • Instantly Jaehee is like:
  • if it’s a girl, let’s name her Gevalia
  • if it’s a boy, let’s name him Maxwell
  • MC loves this idea because both names are inspired by coffee
  • Due date of the baby comes and it’s 
  • a girl
  • Gevalia grows up loved by both her moms
  • Jaehee shows Gevalia the different ways to make coffee as she grows up
  • Jaehee tries to give Gevalia advice on boys but isn’t great at it
  • Let’s Gevalia dress and act how she wants (within limits obviously)
  • plot twist: Gevalia is more of a tea person
Who wants some dumb “The past Sportaci/future Sportarobbie″ headcanons????

No one? Well too bad, you’re getting them anyway!

- Sportacus isn’t so much a name as it is a title, passed down from one person to the next

- Each Sportacus chooses a child to mentor in their ways of eating sportscandy and staying active, so that when they retire they have someone to fill the position for them

- #9 was Sportacus’ mentor (whether number 9 was Sport’s father or not is up to you), and he looked very much like #10 Sportacus, except his outfit was yellow and red (like in the stage musical)

- The crystal is also handed down, and it has been the same crystal that all the Sportaci have used since #1

- Each Sportacus has their own unique attribute. Where #10 is extremely gifted at acrobatics, #9 was the fastest out of any of them

- #8 was the toughest (almost no one/nothing could injure them)

- #7 was the most flexible

- #6 was the kindest (yes, somehow a person existed that was kinder than #10; they never got upset and they believed in giving everyone a second, and even third, chance)

- #5 was the wisest (they knew everything having to do with physical activity, such as how the circulatory and respiratory systems worked; some believed that before #5 became Sportacus they were studying to become a doctor)

- #4 was the best at actual sports (they’d never lose a game, and could make any goal/basket with their eyes blindfolded)

- #3 was the healthiest (unlike #10 they made sure to eat food other than sportscandy, such as vegetables and meats, so that they had a well-balanced diet. They also understood that exercise is important, but that it’s also important to take a break and relax a bit so that you maintain your mental health as well. It is said that #3 lived to be over 100 years old)

- #2 was the happiest (NOTHING could upset them, and in turn they never wanted anyone around them to be upset either. Legend says that when #2 died they wrote in their will that instead of a funeral they wanted everyone to throw a “They Lived a Full Life” party, where they could only talk about the happy memories and everyone in attendance had to wear bright colors instead of black)

- #1 was the strongest, but only when it came to objects they created themselves, specifically mallets. #1 could lift and swing around a mallet that was the same size and weight of a person without breaking a sweat. However #1 was also the most short-lived Sportacus. They retired extremely early and simply vanished. No one knows what happened to them. Most believe #1 died a long time ago, others believe that they still live, hiding somewhere.

- Robbie is #1, hence his song “We are Number One”

- He’s managed to live for so long because he’s a freaking genius, and has invented gadgets to keep him young. It’s estimated that Robbie is almost 900 years old

- Robbie HATES the fact that he was once Sportacus. It wasn’t his intention to discover a crystal that went off whenever someone in the immediate vicinity was in trouble, or then proceed to save said person, or then be declared a “hero” by the townspeople and given the name “Sportacus” (or “Íþróttaálfurinn”, as he was called back then)

- So he went underground in an attempt to escape his past, which is why he so adamantly despises the other Sportaci, and why he tries to run them out of town. He hates the fact that it’s because of HIM that this permanent nuisance exists, encouraging everyone to be active and healthy.

- #2 wasn’t really Robbie’s pupil. #2 started the whole “mentor/student” tradition when it comes to Sportaci, but they actually became Sportacus when they discovered the crystal that Robbie had thrown out (the damn thing kept beeping and it was driving Robbie crazy)

- #10 discovered that Robbie was #1 when he was returning an unconcious Robbie (who had knocked himself out cold while attempting to pull off his latest scheme) back to his lair and saw in one of the costume tubes #1′s original outfit

- Sportacus was in total awe and disbelief and waited until Robbie came to before asking him, in his polite fashion, “WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE #1 WE ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!?”

- Robbie explains that he never wanted to be Sportacus and how he’s been using technology to keep himself alive so that he can try and eventually rid the world of Sportacus once and for all

- Sport then asks “Well, why don’t you get rid of me now?”

- Robbie has to face the fact that he’s grown fond of this current Sportacus and actually wants to be with him (whether in a platonic or romantic sense is up to you, but come on, I think we all know that those two are hella gay for each other)

- Sportcus reveals that he wants to be with Robbie as well

- After this things don’t really change that much, except that Robbie’s “evil plans” become much more tame and are more of a minor nuisance than an actual threat to the townspeople, since he’s not really trying to get rid of Sportacus anymore (however he can’t give up his evil schemes all together because he’s a villain, after all; what else is he suppose to do????)

- *this is for the Sportarobbie route, and pretty much the rest of the bullet points are going to be Sportarobbie from this point on* Also Robbie and Sportacus officially become a couple, to the surprise of no one

- Robbie stops using his tech to keep him young, since he now has plans to become an old man with Sportacus

- Sportacus pushes his bedtime from 8:08 to 9:00 so that he and Robbie can go on dates after everyone else is asleep, so that way his crystal won’t interrupt them during their movie/dinner/make out session

- Robbie buys a larger bed so that he and Sportacus can sleep in the same bed together and cuddle. Sport has offered to do the same thing for his airship but Robbie shoots the idea down immediately, saying that his phobia of heights will keep him from getting a good night’s sleep up in Sportacus’ airship

- Sportacus doesn’t really understand Robbie’s fear of being high up because it seems to come and go, but he doesn’t question it. He’s fine with doing whatever makes Robbie comfortable, and if that means sleeping over in his lair then so be it (he really doesn’t mind though; the kids may find the underground hideout creepy, but Sport thinks it’s kind of cozy, especially with Robbie there by his side)

- Robbie also pushes aside his workbench to make room for an area where Sportacus can keep his sport/exercise equipment

- They basically make a home for themselves in Robbie’s lair, which comes to be known as “Robbie’s (and Sportacus’) home”

- The two also start sneaking kisses from each other when the kids aren’t looking and holding hands while walking around town and celebrating Valentines Day together by giving one another gifts (A bouquet of sportscandy and a loving letter for Sportacus, and a box of chocolates and a teddy bear dressed in a miniature version of Robbie’s suit for Robbie) and dressing in couples costumes for Halloween and kissing under the miseltoe/at the stroke of midnight during Christmas/New Years and basically just being all cute and couple-y and junk <3

- It’s about a year after they start dating that Sportacus and Robbie decide to get married

- Miss Busybody plans and decorates for the wedding; Mayor Meanswell officiates; Ziggy is the ring-bearer (and yes, he’s allowed to wear his superhero costume); Stephanie is the flower girl; Stingy has his dad rent out a hotel ballroom for the reception (I’m willing to bet there’s at least one hotel in Lazy Town, even though no one ever seems to come to visit); Trixie DJs at the reception; Pixel works the lights and puts together a video montage of all the cute Sportacus/Robbie moments that were captured throughout the past few years (A majority of the photos/videos of are Sportacus saving Robbie, at which point while viewing it everyone lovingly laughs and Robbie buries his quickly reddening face in to the crook of Sportacus’ neck as Sport turns his head and kisses Robbie’s forehead, reminding him that he’ll always be there to save him)

- Robbie and Sportacus remain in Lazy Town as husband and husband for about 10 years. By this point the kids are grown up and new people haved moved in to the town with children of their own

- It is at this point that Sportacus announces to the town that he and Robbie are leaving, with plans to travel the world until their old age

- Naturally everyone is sad to hear that they’re leaving, but they respect their decision and wish them the best; both Robbie and Sportacus promise to come back and visit every now and again

- It is at this time that Sportacus goes up to Stephanie specifically and hands her a small, wrapped package

- Stephanie opens it to find that it’s Sportacus’ crystal, but now with the number 11 on it instead of 10

- “Sportacus, what-” “You are Sportacus now, Stephanie”

- Robbie gives her his lair to use as her “base of operations”, since he and Sportacus are going to be using the airship to travel the globe. She may do whatever she wishes with it, but under no circumstances is she allowed to paint it pink

- (Oh, and for those of you who may be concerned that this upsets Ziggy, don’t be; he grew out of his superhero admiration phase a while ago and now has plans to open up a candy shop that sells healthy candy made using honey and reduced sugar and no artificial colors/flavors)

- Robbie and Sportacus say one last goodbye to the residents before leaving Lazy Town in the capable hands of #11

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can you tell me how to do pixel arts? I'm actually making a game and I'm stuck about the characters D:

   Of course!! I’ve put together some stuff and tips that I thought useful in a tutorial-like way, I hope it helps! ´ w ` Everything is under the read more!

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