and i think this conversation works for life in general

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #7

Hello Vetlings.

I wanted to preface today’s influx of questions by reminding you that I’m not to here to tell you what to think. I’m here to tell you what I think and that the difference is important.

I deliberately try to steer clear of recommending products, food or services for your pets for several reasons.

  1. I don’t know your pet well enough to make a specific recommendation I’m confident will be accurate
  2. I do not want to be accused of bias, being a pet food shill, a big pharma shill, etc. All I directly encourage you folks to spend money on are certain textbooks (if you’re in the field and specifically asked) or my novel about talking rabbits.

I have no intention of making product recommendations for the general public and will avoid doing so as much as possible. That is not what I’m here to do.

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ID #89173

Name: Emily
Age: 16
Country: USA 

Hello there! My name is Emily, and I already know this entry is going to be wayy too long!
I like:
-Music in any way, shape, or form, be it singing, listening to almost any genre of music (especially indie/indie rock/pop/oldies), playing instruments (piano, guitar, and ukulele), etc.
-Nature. I care sooo much about nature, the earth, and all beings on it (and off it!). I’m also vegan :)
-Learning, especially science. I’ve made it one of my main goals in life to learn as much as I can. I’d like to be some sort of scientist someday :).
-Deep conversations. I might take a little while to open up, but once I do, you’ll know everything about my life.
-Space and the universe in general. I love thinking about extraterrestrial things, as well as people and their impact/workings on the earth. Basically I’m a huge nerd.
I’m generally just a person that is very curious and caring, and I would like to find someone else like that that would like to talk about the universe with me :) 

Preferences: -Any religion/gender/age is welcome (as long as you’re accepting of others), as I love learning about other experiences and perspectives, as well as being/having a mentor/teacher of sorts.
-No bigotry, homophobia, racism, islamophobia, etc. I would like to talk to someone who is very loving and accepting of other people.
-No creeps :)
-I would like to talk over long letters or emails after getting to know you through messages, but I understand that not everyone can do that :)


Xiumin: I feel like Xiumin would cuddle you and then start by asking you about your day first. He would want to hear all of it, even the office gossip if that’s what you like to talk about. He would stroke your hair as you both talk, you doing most of the talking and him listening. Before falling asleep he would pull you close and tell you he loves you.
Luhan: Luhan wouldn’t throw his arms around you or be the first to talk about his day, I think Lulu would want you to talk first. As the night goes on he would slowly cuddle up to you, first by playing with your hair then running his hand down your arm and then pulling you close. He would talk about how his current work project is going and also about what he hopes to do in the future. I think he would really like talking about the future with you, things like how your future house you look like and joke about who gets to choose furniture. I think he would somehow tangle his legs with yours and would tell you how he gets more rest when he sleeps with you than at any other time.
Kris: I think Kris would like it if you used his arm as a pillow and let him rant for a bit. He of course would let you talk as well but I think he would really appreciate it if you lend him an ear for a bit, not that he would rant for long. He would drop in some comments as you talk to let you know he was still awake. I think he’s very likely to fall asleep listening to your voice.
Suho: Suho would probably go to bed all tense from dealing with the boys and the manager, so after you were done sharing your day and asked why he’s stressed he would talk for quite a while. I think it would mean a lot to him that someone’s willing to hear him out on his daily stresses and he would make sure to tell you how much it means to him that you do that.
Lay: He would ask about your work and bring up past conversations, I think that he would mention how nice it would be if you two could go to bed together every day (as in actually live together). When it was his turn to talk he would probably talk more about his life in general rather than small events that happened that day.
Baekhyun: He would cuddle the heck out of you and probably drop random jokes to hear you laugh. As it got later things would get really deep though, like talking about both of your past or current struggles. I think he would also like to talk about your future together for a bit and when he did he would just stare at you while imagining it in his head.
Chen: He is a cuddle machine (machen). He would ask about your day while holding you close and rubbing your sides. I think he would like to have a full on conversation together instead of taking turns. He would probably hum to help you get sleepy and it would probably turn into actual singing until he was too sleepy to continue.
Chanyeol: This happy virus would first tell all about the happy and exciting things that happened to him that day while sitting up. If you mentioned something that happened to you that made you upset he would listen carefully and try to cheer you up. I think he would spoon you and talk about where your relationship is going when you were both really tired.
Kyungsoo: I think Squishysoo would enjoy being able to see your face as you talked about your day, he would hold your hand and let you go on for as long as you want. I think he would talk about work and thank you for being so good to him. He would also mention how much it means to him that you guys could have these talks even if it’s only once in a while.
Tao: I think Tao would really like talking about your future together. Starting out with where you’ll go for your next date and maybe even talking about your life together years from now while living under the same room. Once he got tired he’d snuggle up to you and tell you to tell him some random story so he could fall asleep while listening to your voice.
Kai: Kai seems like he would love to just hear you talk, specially if you talked about the things you want to achieve. He would watch your face light up as you talked about the things you love and smile to himself. When you ask him to talk he would be kinda lost but would start out with his day. He would definitely like to think up scenarios of you guys living together, you’ll probably stay up late.
Sehun: Sehun would probably joke around a bit before talking about deep stuff. For example he would wrap you in his arms and throw a leg over you and laugh in your ear. Once you guys started talking he would let you out of your Sehun cage and listen to you. He would only hum to let you know he was awake and when he shared his day he would be pretty simple. I think with him there would be a lot of eye contact since there aren’t a lot of words.

Thank you for your request anon, i hope you didn’t mind i turned it into a scenario type of thing. I tend to write too much so I’m really sorry it’s so long. I hope you liked it though and that this is close to what you wanted

anonymous asked:

My rabbi asked me if I want to schedule my bet den, I just don't know how to know if I'm ready!

Ooh, that’s a really tough question to know the answer to because it varies so much, person to person. I knew that I felt ready when I thought about my “goals” for Judaism and found that none of them could be solved by not going to the mikvah. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

Like, before my thoughts had been along the lines of “I need to learn what the holidays are, I don’t really understand services yet, and what really makes Judaism different from the religion I’ve practiced previously?” Those were things I could study more, and felt like I needed to study more before conversion. But at that point I was thinking more like “I’d like to feel more a part of my Jewish community, I want to incorporate x practice into my daily life.” These were specific things I could work on as a Jew, not as a convert-in-progress.

So here are some general questions you can ask yourself to try and gauge whether you’re ready:

  • how often do I think about Judaism and Jewish practices? is it something that’s centered in the synagogue and in my classes, or do I think about it at home, at work, going about my daily life?
  • do I feel comfortable at my synagogue? even if I am occasionally nervous or anxious, do I feel like this is a community I want to join? do I feel comforted, inspired, nourished by the service? does it feel familiar, or is it still a little strange?
  • when I celebrate a holiday, or Shabbat, or witness a life cycle event like a bar/bat mitzvah, am I thinking about how I want to celebrate it on my own? am I making plans for my future, or am I still thinking of it as someone else’s celebration that I’m just sitting in on?
  • can I explain some basic aspects of Judaism to people who don’t know much about it? do I have at least some confidence in my knowledge of kashrut, holidays, rituals, ethics?
  • do I disagree with anything I’ve read or witnessed? if so, can I articulate why I disagree in a way that draws on Jewish resources? (for example, at my beit din, my rabbi brought up the fact that my synagogue doesn’t have the kohenim bless the congregation on Yom Kippur, and asked if I agreed or disagreed with this break from tradition)

There’s one other thing that was very powerful to me that is hard to phrase as a question; it’s the way that, sometimes, I was recognized by others as (almost a) Jew, and how that made me feel. One of the first times I thought of myself as almost-a-Jew was when I was at a Yom HaShoah vigil, when my school’s rabbi recited the Kaddish, and I responded at the proper points, with the proper words, automatically, as did every other Jew in the crowd. But all the gentiles there looked around, puzzled, and one of my friends asked me later what cue she had missed. That sort of made me think Oh, I’m really learning this. I’ve changed.

Then, several months later, just a few weeks before I ended up converting, similar things like that kept happening. I was walking to my synagogue, and a couple recognized me and called “Shabbat Shalom!” from where they were walking across the street. A girl in one of my classes said something casually antisemitic, and another Jewish girl in class made eye contact with me before we both tried to correct her. One of my dormmates said she was really happy that I lived in the same hallway as her, because “this would have been the first time I lived without any other Jews.”

And every time this happened, I felt a little shiver of this feels right. I didn’t feel guilty, or like I had to prove myself. I felt that, not only could I pray by myself and light candles for myself, but I could be a Jew publicly and be recognized by other members in my community.

So. yeah. That’s what being ready felt like for me. And this got kind of long, and I’m sure I missed out on some other things, but those are some suggestions. Also, before I went before my beit din, my rabbi had me journal four questions: What has been my path so far? What do I love about Judaism? What does living a Jewish life mean for me? What (if anything) is still holding me back? These are much broader than the questions I suggested, but if you’re really stuck, getting a few sheets of paper and really taking the time to write out thoughtful answers might help you decide. And it’s a great way to “study” for the beit din, too!

screw real life, only the internet understands me
  • real-life people i keep encountering today: *walks around just living their life as if this is a regular monday*
  • real-life person: "hey! what's new?"
  • me: (awkward pause) "oh . . . nothing"
  • real-life person: *tries to start conversation about work or the weather or bernie sanders or christmas or life in general*
  • me: *nods like i'm listening while wondering if kane's going to send bellamy undercover to spy on pike*
  • me: *flees to twitter and tumblr, breathes sigh of relief*
  • me: "HONEY, I'M HOME!"
An important definition

I try to stay pretty diplomatic but I’m about to get a bit salty so apologies in advance…

Subtext: “Subtext undertone is any content of a creative work which is not announced explicitly by the characters or author, but is implicit or becomes something understood by the observer of the work as the production unfolds”

For all the anons telling me I’m reading too much into things like why it’s significant Maya went to Lucas on the roof or that Lucas went straight to Maya when he entered the party or their conversation in Belief etc etc. Please please please think about subtext. It’s an important thing to understand, not just in visual mediums, but written work too, and even just in life in general.

Like back when I did theater in high school and college, we didn’t just memorize lines and blocking and then call it a day. Considering things like the character’s motivation and the subtext we were conveying was super super important!! I remember one of my drama teachers who used to make us write out the subtext for each scene because she wanted us to make sure we understood it. Like that’s how important it is to the final product.

And that was live theatre. With TV you also have things like camera angles and shots to consider!

Dialogue is just one portion of the overall product.

Okay sorry for ranting but I’m just getting annoyed being told that trying to understand the subtext is reading too much into things, especially with a show as meta as GMW.

In response to the discussion of toxic fandoms

on iridescentstone‘s blog, following the justified anger from caitriona-m-balfe (but I’m continuing it here because it was too tedious to reblog the poorly written anti-shipper screed that started the conversation):

For my work life and general movie fan life, I tend to use twitter more–I value its brevity, the way that an arbitrary form (140 characters) forces one to craft one’s thoughts more concisely. My one exception is now Outlander and Sam and Cait fandom, and I think I understand why. 

Fandoms are valuable insofar as they allow for creativity and community. The Tumblr Outlander community is composed of intense show fans and book fans, talented gifmakers, video editors, fanfic writers, fan artists, & brilliantly humorous recappers and masters of the bon mot (see: pufflander!) It is not a coincidence that many in the Tumblr Outlander community are shippers. How could one not–when confronted with all that rich visual material generated on screen and off by Sam and Cait? 

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Tumblr’s expansiveness allows for creative exploration of what we have seen. It is also what Sam and Cait want for fans to see: they are not shy, they openly display their love and affection, they ship themselves–and whether you take ‘themselves’ to mean their RL selves or just their Jamie-Claire personae or an increasingly blurred combination of the two, that is up to each individual fan’s interpretation and particular shade of shipping. 

It is not fake, it is not “for PR” (for the record, publicity and PR are distinct operations, yet they are thrown about interchangeably with wanton abandon in this fandom)

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Twitter’s value, on the other hand, is for its concision, for disseminating information quickly and widely–which is why it has worked so powerfully for activists and other calls to action when mainstream media has been slow to respond. BUT–it also allows for rumor-mongering, and for concealment. An aside: personally, I consider it a red flag when someone constantly abbreviates like mad as if they had more to say but just ran out of space, oops–I roll my eyes at this type of faux writing. It is easy to lie on Twitter, because there is no space to amplify or to use extensive visual evidence. Therefore, it is also not a coincidence that anti-shippers (note: quite different from non-shippers) almost exclusively use twitter and what essentially is twitlonger when they link to their page-length screeds. They use the medium to berate, to harrass, to issue monologues; to pretend to genuine community and conversation with the cast and crew simply because they also happen to be on the same SM. It is not a sharing of creative output.

Most of us are amphibious, and spread our lives out on multiple social media. So this is NOT a ‘Twitter bad, Tumblr good’ rant, but rather just some thoughts on why Outlander fan communities of positive appreciation (shipping, in essence, when it doesn’t breach privacy boundaries) thrive here more than elsewhere. We enjoy the visual evidence that Sam and Cait happily share with us.

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