and i think they need to keep going through to see where things take them

Kiss in a Bookstore

Prompt: Tim X Reader where they meet at a Barnes and Noble or other bookstore with a cafe, and really hit it off. So Tim finds reasons to keep going back to see the reader when they come back. He’s really awkward when asking them on a date and they find it adorable. Also please make it fluffy. I hope you like this request.

Words: 252

    You hide your smile behind your book. After six weeks of sitting and reading together, you can’t help but think that you know Timothy rather well. When he’s nervous he fiddles his fingers together, when he’s completely lost in a book he furrows his brow, and when he talks passionately about something his eyes light up.

    So the fact that all these things were now playing a role in his mannerisms, told you everything you needed to know. You take a moment to compose yourself before you set down the book, and focus on him.

    He stutters through the first half of his speech, and then his eyes screw shut and he blurts out, “Would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow night?”

    He says it a bit loud for the quiet of the bookstore. Loud enough the people are now staring. The minute his eyes flash open he takes in all the looks and turns bright red. He’s just so cute, you want to kiss him!

So, you do. You reach across the table, grab him by the shirt and kiss him square on the mouth. The two of you fall into the kiss until someone let’s out a whistle, that has the two of you pulling apart.

You simply say, “I would love to go out tomorrow night. Meet here at six?”

He just nods, with this dopey little grin on his face. You blow him one more kiss, before grabbing your book and walking to the cash register.