and i think thats something all women understand

anormalregularperson  asked:

Do you ever think that you're being a little too sensitive, or maybe you have a bias that causes you to think something is misogynistic when it isn't? Also, I understand that talking in all caps is annoying, but the audacity to call it a trigger... don't you think that's at least a LITTLE (sorry, almost triggered you) ridiculous? I agree there are many valid issues out there - for example, we should be teaching men to not rape instead of teaching women to protect themselves.

Me: when you talk at me in all caps for a protracted amount of time I can’t read it because I have a visual impairment, also it feels like someone yelling at me which makes me feel mildly triggered, so I’d prefer it if you didn’t.

You: that’s ridiculous, also rape happens which somehow negates the fact that something makes you uncomfortable.